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Paranormal Femme Fatale



When you think of ghost hunting many names come to mind as who is the most popular person in the field today. Many men top the list but what about the women who 'se devotion and contributions to paranormal studies have opened the doors to validating the existence of ghosts and all that is strange in the world. From the hunting of Ghosts, Bigfoot and UFO's many notable and well respected female challenge the secrets of the unknown looking for answers.

Linda Moulton Howe

Often called the first lady of paranormal research her web site www.earthfiles.com attracts many visitors daily. Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television and radio career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment. Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys and a national Emmy nomination. Those films have included Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison which compared smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver; Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels; A Radioactive Water about uranium contamination of public drinking water in a Denver suburb; and A Strange Harvest which explored the worldwide animal mutilation mystery that has haunted the United States and other countries since the late 1950's and continues to date. Another film focused on astronaut training in Denver.

Linda Moulton Howe

Linda was an honored medical producer in Boston's WCVB Station Excellence Peabody Award, received the Aviation & Space Writers Association Award for Writing Excellence in Television, a Chicago Film Festival Golden Plaque for A Radioactive Water, Colorado's Florence Sabin Award for "outstanding contribution to public health," and was Director of International Programming for Earthbeat , an environmental series broadcast on Turner's WTBS Superstation, Atlanta, Georgia.

In September 2003, Linda's science, environment and real x-files news web site, Earthfiles.com, received an Award for Standard of Excellence presented by the internet's WebAward organization. She also produces radio news reports for the nationally syndicated Clear Channel's Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and the internet's Dreamland Online .

In July 2003, Linda traveled to England to report about the proliferation of crop formations and associated small, mysterious lights seen there and in other European countries. In February 2003, Linda traveled to Corguinho, Brazil, to collect physical evidence related to unusual phenomena for scientific study. In August 2002, Linda traveled to Norway to join physicists and engineers in the study of "thermal plasmas of unknown origin" in the Hessdalen valley; in June 2001, Linda traveled to Hong Kong and Laos to do on-camera reporting for a new Discovery Channel television series, Modern Mysteries of Asia.

A few of her other television productions have included The World of Chemistry for PBS; creation of a two-hour special Earth Mysteries: Alien Life Forms in association with WATL-Fox, Atlanta; three documentaries for UNICEF about international child survival efforts; the documentary Strange Harvests 1993; was Supervising Producer and Original Concept creator for UFO Report: Sightings first broadcast in October 1991 which lead to the Sightings series on Fox. She has traveled in Brazil, Norway, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Australia, Japan, Peru, Venezuela, Canada, Europe, Mexico, the Yucatan, and Puerto Rico for research and productions.

Linda has written four books: Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles , 2nd edition, September 2002, about eyewitness accounts and scientific research of biophysical and biochemical changes in affected cereal crops by complex energy systems; An Alien Harvest about the worldwide animal mutilation phenomenon; Glimpses of Other Realities, Volumes I and II which concern U.S. military, intelligence and civilian testimonies about non-humans interacting with earth life.

Linda continues to write, produce and speak at national and international conferences and symposiums, including NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. She also produces, writes and reports for television segments and has been interviewed on a Larry King Live special, CNN; The O'Reilly Factor , FOX; Sightings and Strange Universe, FOX; NBC's The Other Side; cable's Montel Williams ; Britain's Union Pictures, ITN and BBC; The Discovery and Learning Channel special Evidence On Earth; and the NBC network special, Mysterious Origins of Man.


Gina Lanier

New Orleans native who has studied paranormal activities, the occult and haunting's for nearly thirty years. She has participated in and conducted large-scale location haunting's and recently has shifted her focus to include the investigation and study of haunted toys such as dolls, toy furniture, games and other hallmarks of childhood. Gina has also stated many times that she has actually met the Devil eye to eye figuratively and literally.

Gina Lanier

Gina’s paranormal studies stem from several childhood experiences with the unknown including witnessing full body apparitions and clairaudient encounters with deceased relatives. These experiences continued beyond childhood and this is when Gina resolved to learn as much as possible about psychic and paranormal phenomenon to determine what, exactly, was making contact with her and with others who claimed to have been contacted from the Other Side.

Gina owns and operates a construction and refurbishment company in the Greater New Orleans area and this has afforded her exposure to many allegedly haunted locations and people over the years; several of these clients welcomed Gina’s expertise and insight when it came to documenting and investigating their haunted homes and businesses.

Gina Has appeared on several Radio shows internationally and has appeared and been featured in many articles and stories. " My credentials mean nothing," says Lainer " I only want to prove to myself that what I discover is real". The fact that she discloses her findings is only because she wants someone to investigate the many encounters she has had, and verify them as facts not fictions.

Lanier is also a staff writer for Haunted America Tours. She has also consulted with many well known's in the field helping them to understand and explore deeper into paranormal research. Laniers web site www.ginalanier.com, Is also one of the most visited web sites on the internet. Lanier is also very accessible to the public and is more then willing to help all those that contact her with their personal paranormal problems.

Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter

Patti Starr is the President and owner of Ghost Chasers International, Inc., which is based in Lexington, Kentucky. She is an experienced and accomplished paranormal investigator with a goal to prove that life goes on even after death. Starr is a world renowned paranormal investigator who owns the Ghost Chasers International organization founded in 1996 based in Lexington, Kentucky. She is also owner of the Ghost Hunter Shop located at 835 Porter Place, Lexington, Kentucky. Patti is also the tour guide for the immensely popular Bardstown Ghost Trek which she started in 1997 in Bardstown, KY.

With over 30 years of paranormal research and ghost investigations Patti has captured many anomalies in photos, videos and audio's while investigating haunted locations. Her goal as an experienced and accomplished paranormal investigator is to collect evidence to support the premise that life goes on even after death. She is very active as a ghost researcher, author, lecturer, consultant, dowser, and teacher. Her book, Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond, is widely hailed as a must-have resource for all serious ghost hunters.

Patti has been teaching ghost hunting courses at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington, Kentucky since 2001. She is currently lecturing at numerous universities, colleges, and libraries throughout the United States.

Over many years of paranormal research and ghost investigations, Starr has captured many anomalies in photos, videos and audio's of haunted locations. Patti Starr is very active as a ghost researcher, author, lecturer, consultant, dowser, and teacher. She is also president of her own organization, Ghost Chasers International, Inc. in Lexington, Kentucky. Starr has been teaching ghost hunting courses at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College, in Lexington, Kentucky, for the last six years. Ghost Chasers International, Home of the Ghost Hunter www.ghosthunter.com

She is currently lecturing at numerous universities, colleges, and libraries throughout the United States. In 2006 Patti Starr was voted as one of the Top Ten Ghost Hunter Paranormal Investigators in America for 2008.

Patti has appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles as well as national television and radio, including BBC. Articles about Patti have appeared in numerous major publications, like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Patti is also the tour guide for the immensely popular Bardstown Ghost Trek.

She has been featured on national TV, Food Network, “The Best of Fright Food” filmed at the haunted Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, KY and on the A&E Network, “Airline” filmed in Birmingham, AL, at the haunted Sloss Furnaces and a film clip of the investigation on Airline featured on the Montell Williams Show. Patti’s work has been documented in numerous newspapers and magazines including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Oracle 20/20, Ghost Magazine and Southern Distinction.

Patti writes for the Lexington Herald-Leader online newspaper under the heading “Ask the Expert”. It is a forum for posing questions to certain professionals. Questions and answers are published for information and discussion purposes only. Patti is currently working on an event, ScareFest, which will be held at the Lexington Center on September 12, 13, 14, 2008. It is herald to be the biggest "Horror and Paranormal" conventions in the Southeast.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The American Necromancer

The first lady of conjuring the Dead. The ancient art pf Necromancy is still alive today with Waugh at it's main investigator. LISA LEE HARP WAUGH Is a necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial robes, draws magical circles on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire by A.E Waite, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley. www.ghosthuntersofamerica.com

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

A professional Necromancer and founder of the Sorcerers Guild of greater Houston, Texas. Waugh has been practicing and conducting rituals for many paranormal investigators for over 20 years. Waugh also paints many spiritual and common murals and lives in a small Texas town with her three dogs. She also over the years makes ceremonial candles and is active in ghost hunting in the deep South. Summoning the dead to communicate with the living is a natural daily occurrence for Waugh. "I have been doing this since I was a child." " When I lived in Galveston, Texas about 15 years ago, I was introduced to the ancient rights of ceremonial Necromancy as a ritual by a great shaman called Freebird, and because of him and his diligence to the art, I still practice it until this day." "However, if a spirit has something vital to impart to you, they will call upon you, not vice-versa and no ritual is needed".

She then Got involved with the local Hoodoo Voodoo's of the area and new doors where opened to her concerning communicating with the dead.

Waugh was baptized and trained in the secret dark religion by Bianca The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Waugh lived in New Orleans for 3 years until she learned all about spells, hex's and how to hoodoo voodoo people as she says.

Waugh also owned and managed the fantastic Candle Making Company in Galveston, Texas for many years that catered to the eclectic patrons taste of many of the states visitors and just curious. She then moved to Houston's Famous Vodoun area 5th ward. This now where she resides to this day. Her home today is a testimony to Necromancy and her new found religion of Voodoo Hoodoo.

Necromantic practitioners such as Waugh conducts, and entails respect and reverence not only for the spirits of the dead, but for the spirits of Hell, Heaven and all places in between. Waugh has a large home one room she has painted black where she calls the good spirits. Another painted all black where she calls the infernal spirits.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

We Investigate all types of Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena through Research and Documentation.

This is an adults only web site. If you are under the age of 18 or 21 depending on your states laws use your back button to leave now. The entry, viewing & use of this web site is governed by the terms & conditions, these can be viewed Here.


Waugh is often compared today in her facial features and many similar practices as being a modern Dr. John Dee. He of course was one of the most fascinating characters of the Elizabethan period just as Waugh is recognized as such in modern times. The events of Dee's life are filled with science, experiments, astrology and mathematics which he aligned with magic, the supernatural and alchemy! All of which is Waugh's personal passion and driven honest beliefs. These are also stead fast traditions she does and true in practicing openly. A few of her select followers say she is the actual reincarnation of John Dee. Waugh also practices astrology, and is very continuously studying the Black Arts.

Waugh, a real big hearted Texas gal does not comment on any of this privately or publicly ... for she is humble in her paranormal studies and research to the core. Gina Lanier a close friend of her's relates: "Waugh is a very outgoing friendly, charming and a downright loveable person, and gets along equally well with the living and the dead." Lanier and Waugh once investigated a real Haunted Texas Federal Prison together for close to two years in the early 1990's and had many startling paranormal adventures while there.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh's accomplishments have been achieved through hard work, persistence, and a goal-oriented attitude required to overcome obstacles and reach difficult goals. Waugh shares her approach to communicating with the dead's success in this motivational performance that's sure to inspire Paranormal Investigators to excel in their life.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Ph.D.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is one of foremost authorities on the paranormal and supernatural. With 32 books, 8 encyclopedias and hundreds of articles on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, she possesses an exceptional knowledge of the field. www.visionaryliving.com

Her popular encyclopedias on ghosts and spirits, angels, vampires and werewolves, magic and alchemy, dreams, mystical and paranormal experience and saints are considered essential sources for authors, researchers, film and documentary producers, and paranormal investigators. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and has been selected by major book clubs around the world. She appears in television programs, documentaries and films with paranormal themes, and makes numerous media and lecture appearances, including colleges and universities. She is an occasional guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, the leading nighttime talk radio show, and is the featured paranormal expert with a monthly report on the Richard Syrett Show, Toronto, and Scott Colburn's Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, Lincoln, Nebraska.

She is a columnist for TAPS Paramagazine, a consulting editor of FATE Magazine, an associate editor of JAR, the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, and a blogger for the Arts & Entertainment blog site, Paranormal Insider. She is a member of the League of Paranormal Gentlemen, a team of paranormal experts that works for Spooked Productions on docu-dramas about paranormal cases. Rosemary makes frequent first-hand investigations of haunted places, and is a featured investigator and presenter at many TAPS haunted weekend events, featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. She is the Maryland representative for John Zaffis's Paranormal Research Society of New England, which focuses on negative haunting problems.

Rosemary holds a BA in Communications from the University of Washington, Seattle. Prior to becoming self-employed as an author, she worked as a news journalist, magazine editor, and internal communications editor for IBM. In 2001 she obtained a PhD from the International Institute for Integral Human Sciences in Montreal in recognition for her work in the field. Visionary Living, Inc., formed in 2000, is her umbrella company for her publishing and media work. Rosemary lives in Maryland near Baltimore.

Documentaries and cable/television shows:

Children of the Grave, Spooked Productions, The Sci-Fi Channel,
Witchcraft in Salem, The Travel Channel,
The Secret Life of Vampires, A&E,
Angels: Good or Evil, The History Channel,
Dreams and Food, The Discovery Health Channel,
Divine Magic: The World of the Supernatural: The Restless Dead, Time-Life Films,
Divine Magic: The World of the Supernatural: Dreams of Gold, Time-Life Films,
The Quest: Lunar Mysteries, Discovery,
Adventures Beyond: America’s Most Haunted, Bob Schott Productions,
Creepy Canada, Ghost investigation at the USS Constellation and Poe gravesite in Baltimore,
Sightings, Vampires,

The Science and Power of Prayer, Hartley Film Foundation,
Numerous local and regional talk shows and newscasts.
Major radio talk shows:

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory,
Beyond Reality with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson,
The Richard Syrett Show (Canada) with Richard Syrett -- Rosemary is the special paranormal expert guest on the second Wednesday of every month,
Exploring Unexplained Phenomena with Scott Colborn -- Rosemary has a special segment every fourth Saturday of the month,
A.P.S.R. Paranormal Talk Radio with Dr. Jimmy Lowery,
Jerry Pippin Show,
Lou Gentile Show,
Magick Mind Radio,
Hilly Rose Show,
Laura Lee Show,
Exploring Unexplained Phenomena with Scott Colborn,
Spooky Southcoast with Tim Weisberg and Matt Costa,
The Headroom with Rob Simone,
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes (U.K.),
Charlie Wolf (U.K.),
The Edge,
21st Century Radio with Bob Hieronimous,
The Vortex with Beth Richards-Mastin (Canada),
Wisdom Radio,
The World of the Unexplained.
Publications Rosemary has written for or been featured in: TAPS Paramagazine (columnist), FATE Magazine (consulting editor), Atlantis Rising, Bite Me (U.K.), Mclean’s (Canada), Forbes.com, New York Times, Redbook, Dream Network, Dream Time, Numerous newspapers and local/regional magazines.

Filmography: The Larksville Ghost, Metro-Video Productions, Role: Self, paranormal investigator, The Haunting of Danbury House, Gold Castle Films, Role: Self, paranormal investigator.

Published Books

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits. Facts On File, 1992. Second ed. 2000. Third ed. 2007.
The Encyclopedia of the Strange, Mystical and Unexplained. Gramercy Books/Random House, 2001.
The Atlas of the Mysterious in North America. Facts On File, 1994.
Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience. Harper San Francisco, 1991.
Moonscapes: A Celebration of Lunar Astronomy, Magic, Legend and Lore. Prentice-Hall, 1991.

The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy. Facts On File, 2006.

Tales of Reincarnation. Pocket Books, 1989.

The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters. Facts On File, 2005.
The Complete Vampire Companion. Macmillan, 1994.
Vampires Among Us. Pocket Books, 1991.
The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft. Facts On File, 1989. Second ed. 1999.

The Tao of Dreaming. (With Sheryl Martin, OMD) Berkley, 2005.
The Dreamer’s Way: Using Proactive Dreaming for Creativity and Healing. Berkley, 2004.
Dreamspeak: How To Understand the Messages in Your Dreams. Berkley, 2001.
Dreamwork for the Soul. Berkley, 1998.
The Encyclopedia of Dreams: Symbols and Interpretations. Crossroad, 1993; Berkley, 1995.
Breakthrough Intuition: How To Achieve A Life of Abundance by Listening to the Voice Within. Berkley, 2001.

Angel Magic for Love and Romance. Galde Press, 2005.
Fairy Magic. Thorsons/HarperCollins, 2004.
The Encyclopedia of Angels. Facts On File, 1996. Second ed. 2004.
Ask the Angels. Element/HarperCollins, 2003.
I Bring You Glad Tidings: Inspiring True Stories of Christmas Angels. Pocket Books, 1999.
An Angel in Your Pocket. Thorsons/HarperCollins, 1999.
Angels of Mercy. Pocket Books, 1994.

The Quotable Saint. Facts On File, 2002.
The Encyclopedia of Saints. Facts On File, 2001.

A Miracle in Your Pocket. Thorsons/HarperCollins, 2001.
Prayer Works. Unity House, 1998.
Wellness: Prayers for Comfort and Healing. Pocket Books, 1998.
Blessings: Prayers for the Home and Family. Pocket Books, 1996 and 1998.
The Miracle of Prayer: True Stories of Blessed Healings. Pocket Books, 1995.

The Mystical Tarot. New American Library, 1991; Signet, 2001.
The Angels Tarot. HarperSanFrancisco, book and deck set,1996.
The Alchemical Tarot. Thorsons/HarperCollins, book and deck set, 1995.

Judy Myers

Judy Myers - First Vice President
Founding Director - Sensitive Investigator
Administrator ParaVoyance Division

Judy is considered a Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium by many, however Judy has considered this gift "a curse" since childhood. Judy has had a Near Death Experience (NDE) while she was a teenager, an experience which only heightened her gift with its full inclusion into all six areas of perception; Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairalience, Claircognizance and Clairgustance.

Throughout her life Judy has always been exposed to the paranormal against her own will which has given her a very different perception of both life and the after life. It was finally her husband whose interest of helping others experiencing the darker side of paranormal activity finally brought light to how Judy could apply her gift.

Judy became part of MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ in August of 2005 serving as an assistant administrator and sensitive investigator. Since serving in the paranormal investigative and research field, Judy has become an invaluable resource in assisting on investigations where her gift has been used partially to determine equipment placement resulting in concrete captures of the unknown. Her gift has also been very beneficial in the determination of haunting sources, potential dangers and allows closure to be brought to clients seeking such. Both research and evidentiary captures have validated her gift as both real and accurate to others.

"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"



Judy became an instrumental element in a case involving an extreme "inhuman" haunting and
possession. This Haunting was featured on the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" series as the Season 3 opener in October 2006. Judy then co-founded PARANORMAL TASK FORCE, Inc. in October 2006.

Paranormal Task Force, Inc. is a not for profit incorporation which educates and promotes the
awareness of paranormal research as well as other historical and paranormal related issues along with providing assistance to the public and other organizations. MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH now serves as its non-extreme investigative and research division.

In July 2007 Judy founded PARAVOYANCE™, a new division of PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™, Inc.,
devoted to the psychic and other metaphysical aspects of paranormal realms. PARAVOYANCE™ not only assists clients and other divisions of Paranormal Task Force, but also other individuals and organizations as well.

Judy completed filming as a sensitive investigator along with her daughter earlier with Keith Age and The Booth Brothers for "Children of the Grave" released October 2, 2007.

Ursula Bielski

Ursula Bielski is the founder of Chicago Hauntings, Inc. and his been writing and lecturing about Chicago's supernatural folklore and the paranormal for nearly 20 years. Ursula is the author of six popular and critically-acclaimed books, including Chicago Haunts, the first-ever book to document the city's rich ghostlore, and is the organizer of the first Chicago Ghost Conference of 2007. Ursula and her husband, author David Cowan, formed Chicago Hauntings, Tours in 2003, and the tours have emerged as the most respected and acclaimed in the city.

Ursula she also hosts Beyond the Veil events with Chicago colleague Edward Shanahan of the Unexplained World, escorting guests to intensely spiritual locations around the Midwest. Ursula's interests in Chicago ghost hunting began at a young age. She grew up in a haunted house near Wrigley Field on Chicago's north side and received an early education in Chicago history from her father, a Chicago police officer, who introduced Ursula to the ghosts of Graceland Cemetery, Lake Michigan and the old lockup at Chicago's storied Maxwell Street Police Station. Since that time Ursula has been involved in countless investigations of haunted sites in Chicago and around the nation, and has appeared in productions by the A&E Network, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, The Travel Channel, and PBS. In addition to her books, Ursula is the author of numerous scholarly articles exploring the links between history and the paranormal, including articles published in the International Journal of Parapsychology. Ursula is a past editor of PA News, the quarterly newsletter of the Parapsychological Association, a past president and board member of the Pi Gamma Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, and holds membership in the Society of Midland Authors. Ursula holds a B.A. degree in history from Benedictine University and an M.A. in American cultural and intellectual history from Northeastern Illinois University, where her academic explorations include the Spiritualist movement of the 19th century and its transformation into psychical research and parapsychology, and the relationships among belief, experience, science, and religion. www.chicagohauntings.com

Susan Sheppard

Not only is Susan Sheppard the creator of the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, she is also well respected for her abilities as a psychic medium. She has worked as psychic and a spiritualist medium since age fourteen and as a paranormal investigator for the last decade. This came about when her friends overheard a well-known psychic tell Susan that she, too, had "the gift" and should use her special abilities to help others. This was no surprise to Susan's family who had witnessed her uncanny abilities since early childhood. www.hauntedparkersburg.com

Susan Sheppard

Her West Virginia childhood might have some bearing on her interest in the paranormal. Sheppard is "Black Dutch," meaning she is descended from the less than 850 Shawnee Indians who remained east of the Mississippi River after the other Shawnee (during the "Trial of Tears" removal) were forced onto reservations out west in the 1830s. Susan, along with others in the Friend family, is a direct descendent of Shawnee Chief Big Thunder through his daughter, Bright Lightning, whose name was anglicized to "Anna Friend."

Susan grew up just a few hills away from the first sighting of the famous West Virginia Mothman. It was during this time that Sheppard’s family home underwent a great deal of paranormal activity sparking her interest in the unknown while tapping into her natural psychic talents. However, Sheppard has had direct communications with spirits of her Native American ancestors since around age four when she met the ghosts of two Indian braves on the hillside above her grandparent's house in broad daylight. Though very small, she understood the braves to be both her ancestors and her guides. Ms. Sheppard’s adolescence was spent partly doing psychic readings along with school work and sometimes working with local law enforcement on missing person cases. She later grew up with the aspirations of becoming a published author and an artist, both of which she achieved. Sheppard has authored a number of popular books which are sold worldwide and has continued with her art in many venues. Her poetry alone has won many prestigious awards.

Susan has never strayed from her interests in the spirit world and has continued to work in the field as a medium, as well as a practicing astrologer. In the last few years she has worked primarily as a psychic medium and a paranormal investigator on various ghost hunts and investigations. She also leads séances, does clearings and performs platform style readings before the public for which she is the most famous in her area.

Last year, Susan was featured on the ABC Family Channel’s popular show “Scariest Places on Earth” as a psychic medium at the Shawnee Amusement Park in Bluefield, West Virginia. She has previously taught “Be Your Own Psychic” classes at the Self-Health & Awareness Center and continues appear before audiences and live television as a psychic medium.

Not only is Susan an exceptional psychic, she is knowledgeable in the field of the unknown. She remains up-to-date on the latest developments in research concerning the paranormal.

Paula Jedi

Paula Jedi is the owner and operator of Poltergeist Tower, a series of paranormal message boards covering many paranormal topics.


What makes the Tower special is its Guardians. These are people, from all over the globe, who have a passion for the paranormal field and volunteer their time as paranormal reporters to try to capture entities on camera and voice recorder and report the findings back to you. The Tower isn't an investigation group per se. The people there take a more casual and fun loving approach and simply wish to share with you the mystery of the paranormal, allowing you to draw your own conclusions. Lastly, the Tower respects all opinions, even those that oppose their own, as they find that every opinion opens a new door and provides an opportunity to learn. www.poltergeisttower.com

ParaCharity was formed to help those in need. Whether by helping organizations that also help people or by assisting a homeless beggar on the street, I am here to serve God by helping mankind and animals. After 36 years of preparation, I have finally found my purpose and I am so greatful to have met some wonderful people along the way. I would also like to thank my mother for being a fabulous role model, helping disabled children and the elderly with her nursing skills for 40+ years. She gives endlessly and I feel that the world can benefit from more people like her! How you can help: You can help by purchasing the "Gentlemen of the Paranormal" calendar. All proceeds will go to organizations and individuals that I choose along the way. www.myspace.com/paracharity

Also, I'd like to thank John Predovan, Jason Hays, Chris Fleming, Robbie Thomas, Syd Schultz, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin, Pete Haviland, Patrick Burns, Jeff Belanger, John Oliver, and Todd Sheets for volunteering to participate in this project. They are all awesome people. Thank you so much!





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