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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan

Gina Lanier Often called the Ghost Hunter's, Ghost Hunter, Lanier strives to uncover the truth! Known to many as the Best and most knowledgeable ghost hunter in the field today, Lanier continues to explore many areas of the Paranormal that many others fear to tread.





Hungry Ghosts

by Mozelle McCoy

Artwork by Ricardo Pustanio

Visiting Hungry Ghost Month family ghost are expected to do what is best for the whole of society even if it will disadvantage themselves. Tradition is seen as extremely important to society and maintenance of tradition is expected of all real ghosts that have the powers this month to come and haunt us for each long day. The family is seen as the mechanism by which tradition is preserved. This holds true in whatever country or religion or beliefs in ghost you might have.

August around the world is when the dead seem to return in haunted hordes to scrutinize, correct and sometimes wreck our lives. If a family ghost does not like who we are married to or dating they will certainly break up your relationship. If they don't like how a family memeber is being they will teach them a hard lesson. And if you are a really bad person they will surely find the means to take you back to hell with them.

Ghosts of pets and animals that we have owned are said to return to us also. If a new animal or live pet is now living in your home and a ghost pet comes to visit and see's you have replaced them the new pet may day before the months end or run away.

Hungry Ghost Month Pet

Dogs are said to be howling the entire month and their restlessness grows. Dogs ten to get very spooked and tense from the 13th of August to the last day of the month.

Hungry Ghost Month ghosts Cats are said to be the bringers of the dead. When you see a home, a cemetery, or a location with many cats (over a dozen or more in one place at one time.)near it this might just be the portal of the other world where the dead do arrive from. If you find this then this where the haunted gates will or are open for the dead to travel through at will!

Hungry Ghost Month ghosts Cats are said to be the bringers of the dead. When you see a home, a cemetery, or a location with many cats (over a dozen or more in one place at one time.)near it this might just be the portal of the other world where the dead do arrive from. If you find this then this where the haunted gates will or are open for the dead to travel through at will! Some call them the Gates to Hell, Others: Gate of the Dead, Shaking Gates of God, The Black Doors of the Netherworld, The Portal of the afterworld, Or just "The Ghost Gate"

In some locations they are known as the Acrch of the lost hungry Souls, The Seven Gates Of Hell, The backdoor to Hell, The Ghost Vortex, The Devils Pipeline, The Ghost Hole and the Window to Hells deepest Pit. What every you might call it in your own locale the traditional name is usually Haunted August the month of Hungy Ghosts.

Many in Louisiana or memeber's in Afro-Caribbean syncretistic religions like Voodoo, Umbanda, Quimbanda and Santería, drawings are also used as amulets, such as with the veves of Voodoo; these religions also take into account the color of the candles they light, because each color features a different effect of attraction or repulsion to certain ghosts.

Perfumes and essences (like incense, myrrh, etc.) also serve the purposes of attraction or repulsion. Popular legends often attributed magical Ghost protection powers to certain unusual objects, such as a baby's caul, a chicken bone that has been cleaned by ants or a rabbit's foot; possession of these items allegedly endowed their magical abilities to keep evil ghosts and spirits at bay or stop bad things from happening upon their owners. When the haunted cemetery gates, the secret Gates of Guinee open all hell and the dead or let loose.

The exact location of the haunted cemetery gates isn't really ever told to outsiders of the Secret Societies. New Orleans Tour Guides and Haunted Cemetery or ghost tours will skirt around the issue, or just look at you like they don't know what your talking about, so never mention it (seriously). They say just to talk about the accursed cemetery gates spells doom to those that ask or search for it or speak of it openly to anyone.

Many believe that the gates to the other world or portal is actually a large white mausoleum. Once upon entering it you will be forever trapped in the unholy world of the voodoo spirits and the dead. Those who know ... feel it is inviting them , "The Ghede" to take you away. Only someone pure of heart with only one burning question to be answered by the dead is ever told the whole truth. If you are so unlucky to cross the threshold of these gates legend tells, then you are taken alive to the otherworld forever trapped but you do not die you become imortal. You then become one of the truly undead! Many say this is what happened to Marie Laveau I, Sanite Dede, Dr. John and many notable Voodoo leaders that just simply disappeared off of the face of the earth. (They passed unseen to the other side whole in body and mind to live imortal.)

A unnamed New Orleans Voodoo priestess says quite bluntly, search and you shall find them rusted shut, or worse they will certainly find you and be wide and opened. Its primary goal is to both enlighten and bridge the worlds of the dead and the living, considered the most sacred and the profane. The gates she says are sometimes those to a large Mausoleum that you enter. Inside you will see stairs leading up and down. No one who has gone and further then that has ever come back to tell what is above or below on the other side. Marie Laveau the first is the only person who is said to be able to cross over back and forth between the two world because she was so powerfully a Voodoo Queen. But she is only allowed to be in our world on 5 or 6 days of the year. Those days being -- Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Fat Tuesday, Carnival or New Orleans Mardi Gras day, All Saints' Day, or All Souls' Day, St. Johns Eve and her birthday. But the month of august the gates appear and swing open randomly. sometimes letting out hundreds of thousands of souls and sucking in before they close those that may stand to close to them.

"Real Voodoo Immortality has it's price." " You never die but you are no longer in the world of the living." Says Reese Smith. "To find the voodoo gates for eternal life one needs only to listen." "Inside or behind the gates there can be heard a strange sound, the rhythmic deep beat drums beckoning you to come to the threshold of a large old mausoleum." " It many be the Ghost of Your own Grand Mother Or Father that appear to you but their purpose might be harmful to your very life."

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What to do when the Ghosts of Hungry Ghost Month come to call on you!

What to do when the Ghosts of Hungry Ghost Month come to call on you!

Some sites, old houses and notably cemeteries, underground tunnels and old battlefields, generate many hungry ghost month ghost sightings. Widely known folklore has it that ghosts are most likely to appear between 2 and 3 a.m., the "time of the three oxes." Or "the Hour of the Devil." It has also been called "Dead Time" By New Orleans Voodoo's.

Most in New Orleans will set their clocks to wake them At 5 minutes to 3:AM they will stay awake for the one hour period each night of August. Alone sitting by their froont door and another family memeber at the back door with only one light black voodoo- hoodoo candle in the kitchen. Toilet lid closed and all pipes and sink drains closed tight so a hungry ghost family memeber cannot enter their home.

The Galveston Ghost fearing Voodoo Community also does this ritual but with a real Texas twist. They sometimes have been known to sit their youngest child or grand child in the front room of their homes with the front door wide open. They feel that if an family memeber ghost comes to call. they see the innocent child their awake waiting for them. And leave because they know this child does not need to see them or die. The rest of the family do the candle spell in the rest of the house. This is said to work well if the child is 6 months to 3 years old only.

In California Hungry ghosts are often warded off by hanging wind chimes made of chicken bones. The idea is that ghosts see this and realize that you mean business. The bones show that you are not afraid of the dead and they should fear you.

In the lonely haunted mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina to ward off the many malevolent ghosts of August. Mountain Magic dictates that you tie a live goat outside your door. If in the morning the goat is gone or dead then that was meant for you. The rest of the month you must leave food offerings outside your door so they do not come and exact their evil revenge on you.

In the state of Florida mainly Miami, Voodoo's will light candles and place them out side their front doors at midnight to dawn. Next to the blessed voodoo or Santeria Candle they will leave a plate of beans and a freshly cooked chicken. This they do each night of the month of August to ward off any harm and Hungry Ghost Month Spirit that might want to take of residence in their home.

In Salem, Massachusetts The month of August ghosts are warded off by placing a large pentagram on the front and back door. With charged wiccan holy water a Pentagram of Protection is drawn with the little finger of the left hand on every payne of glass. Chimneys are blocked inside and out. And drains and toilets are plugged when not in use.

Ways to be rid of Evil Family Ghost

O-fuda is a gofu or a talisman issued by Shinto shrine. It may also be called shinpu . It is made by inscribing the name of a kami, the name of Shinto shrine, or a representative of kami on a strip of paper, wood, cloth, or metal.

It is to be renewed yearly, typically before the end of a year, and attached to a door, pillar, or ceiling. It may also be placed inside a private shrine (kamidana). It is believed to protect the family in residence from general harms such as disease. A more specific o-fuda may be placed near particular objects such as one for kitchen to protect from accidental fire. A popular o-fuda called Jingu Taima or simply Taima is issued by Ise Shrine. It is made from hemp cloth but it should be noted that use of hemp as a clothing material was common from antiquity and no spiritual quality is assigned to its potential drug use.

A portable form of o-fuda, commonly called Omamori is typically given out wrapped in a small bag made of decorated cloth. This originates from Buddhism, but was subsequently adopted by Shinto. Both Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines give out these omamori. While an o-fuda is said to protect a whole family, an omamori allegedly offers support for personal benefits.

O-fuda in Japanese folklore and works of fiction such as in modern manga and anime, has a more specific appearance and meaning. In this context an o-fuda is a small piece of paper that has holy or magical spells, symbols or writing written on it, either by a powerful priest, sorcerer, or miko. An o-fuda is usually a talisman or even an outright weapon against those with evil or harmful intent such as demons or oni. The exact interpretation varies depending on the author or artist.

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O-fuda"

In the Christianized West, holy water and crosses may help ward off ghosts, but they won't keep their Japanese counterparts, buried under Shinto or Buddhist rites, at bay.

Instead, "ofuda" strips inscribed with Buddhist sutras are believed to be effective in keeping evil spirits away. Some Shinto shrines also provide "oharai," a purification ritual that removes bad omens with wooden wands and chants.

An amulet ( [Pliny], meaning "an object that protects a person from trouble"), a close cousin of the talisman (from Arabic tilasm, ultimately from Greek telesma or from the Greek word "talein" which means "to initiate into the mysteries") consists of any object intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner. Potential amulets include: gems or simple stones, statues, coins, drawings, pendants, rings, plants, animals, etc.; even words said in certain occasions—for example: vade retro satana—(Latin, "go back, Satan"), to repel evil or bad luck.

Amulets and talismans vary considerably according to their time and place of origin. In many societies, religious objects serve as amulets. A religious amulet might be the figure of a certain god or simply some symbol representing the deity (such as the cross for Christians or the "eye of Horus" for the ancient Egyptians). In Thailand one can commonly see people with more than one Buddha hanging from their necks; in Bolivia and some places in Argentina the god Ekeko furnishes a standard amulet, to whom one should offer at least one banknote to obtain fortune and welfare.

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About Mozelle McCoy

Mozelle McCoy

Mozelle McCoy is a paranormal Investigator Who loves to research folklore and urban legends. A resident of Atlanta Gerogia, McCoy Has a keen intrest in Civil War ghosts and Mountain Ghosts and Magic. McCoy Lives in a very haunted house and probally the most haunted in all of Gerogia. Her actual" Haunted Home, Sweet Home" is said to be haunted by over 40 ghosts. And has been recently investigated by one of the best Paranormal investigators in the world.




The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

We Investigate all types of Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena through Research and Documentation

LISA LEE HARP WAUGH, Founder Of The Ghost Hunters Of America is a America necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial white robes, draws magical circle and triangles s on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager growing up in Marshall, Texas she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.

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Gina Lanier has been a special featured guest many times on several paranormal programs that are nationwide on the radio and worldwide on the Internet. Lanier hunts ghosts or do they hunt her. Lanier has worked on many cases over the years from people who have strange encounters of the paranormal kind. Sex with ghosts haunted teddy bears, Dolls Lanier investigates the unknown.

Lanier welcomes your questions and will be glad to help you with your haunted encounters and problems. Please use the link below to visit her web site and learn more.

Often called the Ghost Hunter's, Ghost Hunter, Lanier strives to uncover the truth! Known to many as the Best and most knowledgeable ghost hunter in the field today, Lanier continues to explore many areas of the Paranormal that many others fear to tread.

Lanier's investigations have been the focus of many Paranormal Radio Shows and as a Paranormal consultant to those that seek her valuable advice and reasoning.

Lanier has in her own words; "Met with the devil eye to eye." And has had many personal paranormal encounters that would send the most salted Ghost Hunter packing. Her personal Stories of Ghosts and demons is enough to send a chill down anyone's spine.

Lanier is also considered to be the most accessible real paranormal investigator or ghost hunter in the world.

Gina Lanier



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