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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan







"Many believe this is absurd in the highest degree!" But there are many loving ghosts in this world. Just as there are ghost that want to have sexual encounters with the living. The experience of real sexual paranormal contact have undergone in pursuit of the paranormal would make anyone a believer.


By Greg Ashford

There are of course many haunted locations around the world where one can go to experience real paranormal sexual activity. There are and I have investigated them personally places such as haunted hotels, B&B's, Cemeteries, and a few public locations around the world where sexual encounters with ghost are more then common and happen daily. In well known haunted cities like Gettysburg, San Francisco, New Orleans, Sacramento, Portland and most of Oregon, Paris, Rome and Tokyo Charlotte, NC to name a few. Sex with ghost can happen to those unaware of these weird perverted sexual paranormal activities. Until it happens to them. And it is something that just does not make the news or haunted paranormal television shows that often. But today many ghost hunters and paranormal researchers are aware of it but choose not to open let the public know because of dubious reasons.

Some ghost hunters and those in the field tend to shove it under the carpet. Either because it has not happened to them yet or because it has and they are too embarrassed to speak of. Still others might, (Ahemmmmmmmmmmm!), enjoy the not so apparent paranormal sexual activity and not want their spouse's or group to know what is happening to them.

I also have known in my life and am still meeting many, many new Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators that go out purposely looking for real ghost to have real sexual encounters with them. I often wonder are these particular ghost hunters cheating on their wives and partners with the dead intentionally? I don't know if having sexual haunted affair with a ghost will hold up in divorce court? Probably the next proof of this occurring would be photos of the act of sexual intercourse between the living and the dead. And I don't mean necrophilia, I liken it more to what I call Spookaphillia (Spook -a-Feel You)!

My First Sexual Encounter With A Real Ghost!

Paranormal Oral stimulation by a real ghost of my nipples was the first actual sexual encounter I had with an unseen entity. I was very astounded, freaked out, and when this went on underneath my close in a public location in 1967. I really thought I was going nuts. Yes I know it really happened to me but to document it and "How" I do not have a clue.

It wasn't until 1978 that I realized I was not alone in this world. and that people do get sexually molested by real ghosts. I found the book Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World BY Brad Steiger. It opened up my yes to a world that really was not before shared with the public or those few that existed in the small close knit paranormal community at the time.

There are of course many haunted locations around the world where one can go to experience real paranormal sexual activity. There are and I have investigated them personally places such as haunted hotels, B&B's, Cemeteries, and a few public locations around the world where sexual encounters with ghost are more then common and happen daily. In well known haunted cities like New York, Houston, London, Gettysburg, San Francisco, New Orleans, Sacramento, Portland, Miami, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. And Yes! Real Paranormal Sex with a ghost can happen to those unaware of these such activities. Until it happens to them.

In my travels over the years I have had severally sexual encounters with ghost. I guess it happens to me because I do go looking for it. I guess I invite it to happen to me. No I am not a person sexually attracted to ghost. I do it to prove to the people I am researching to tell them yes it happened to you because it just happened to me.

My First Sexual Ghost Hunting Case And Research

The first case I ever dealt with was of a Old Shongaloo, Louisiana woman. She was the now deceased Marguerite Harp who lived in Hawaii. At the time had her bother Buddy Harp got in touch with me and let me know when she would be visiting family in Marshall, Texas so I could meet up with her personally. And this case occurred in early 1983.

It also became apparent to me that her brother told me that when you or anyone got around his sister the ghost would perform Paranormal intergluteal sex with anyone she got to know. And because of this other family members were very affairs to be around her. What many experienced was ghostly sexual outer-course. This which is a type of irrumation, this is where the ghost places his penis into the live partner's buttock cleavage or gluteal cleft. And Buddy Harp said it had occurred to him personally on many occasions when his sister was present or not. Note: [The Harp's were the the Aunt and Uncle of Lisa Lee Harp Waugh who has now went on to be a well known Necromancer and psychic medium who hunts for ghosts in Fort Worth, Marshall, Denton, Galveston, Houston and Dallas, Texas area.]

The sex crazed ghost Marguerite was having trouble with was performing paranormal axillary intercourse with her several times daily. This is where the ghost rubbed his penis in her armpit forcibly, even when she was in public, or attending church services. Today paranormal axillary intercourse is also known as being bagpiped or paranormal ghost bagpiping. Frightened she really did not know who to contact or even tell of this strange encounter to. A mutual friend of ours put her in touch with me. So I traveled from my home in the hills North Carolina to Marshall,Texas where they would be staying to the to investigate the haunted activity myself first hand.

I interviewed Marguerite Harp at the Barnett Hotel on April 3rd 1983.

The Harp's grew up in Shongaloo a village in Webster Parish, Louisiana, United States. Marguerite said the actual ghost had started having this type of paranormal intercourse with her since she was 17 years of age. And that other family members who lived in the area had had the same types of encounters when ever she got close to them. She said her life had been a living hell for many years. And she was always frightened to say anything to anyone. And more so was her brother Buddy who the ghost he said, would sexually have paranormal irrumation with him when the two were together no matter where they were.

Buddy the younger of the two siblings said the ghost would often "Frottage" with him when he was in school in his younger years and during business deals and meetings as he grew to adulthood. Both the Harps moved around the world many times running from these unseen haunted molesters. they both ended up moving to Hawaii before their deaths because they said it was the only place in the United States that this ghost could not attack them.

Frottage, more commonly known as dry humping, is the act of achieving sexual pleasure with a partner or partners, whether naked or clothed, without penetration. This can include using almost every part of the body, including the buttocks, the breasts, abdomen, thighs, feet, hands, legs, and sexual organs. Frottage can include mutual genital rubbing, sometimes called genito-genital or GG rubbing and most of the other forms of non-penetrative sex.

I began my experiment by challenging their ghost to attack me. At the time of the exploration (1983) of ghost EMF's and other familiar ghost hunting gadgets of today were basically unheard of. Still as of today and, the only way to document a situation such as a sexual encounter with a real ghost is to have it happen to you personally. Otherwise you have no proof except to take the word of the individual that tells you that it happens to them.

There are many reasons a ghost may choose frottage. The most common reasons are as a form of foreplay before intercourse or as a method to achieve sexual gratification without the more sexually explicit (and in some circumstances, forbidden) oral, vaginal or anal sexual intercourse.

The ghost descended upon me when I was alone in my room hours after the initial interview. As I laid on the bed I felt something grab me. It was really physical as it flung me from lying on my stomach to a face up position. I felt two large hands on my shoulders pinning me down. I could not move. I fought at first then thought to myself what is going on is this real or am I dreaming.

Often though some unseen specters will use frottage as an earlier stage of sexual intimacy before more explicit contact is desired, or as a substitute to intercourse to maintain a higher degree of control over the person they are haunting. Also, paranormal frottage can be done without a person being undressed, and perhaps this is preferable or just happens because ghost can penetrate thing such as walking through walls. Invisible sex partners can easily penetrate through Panties, bras, pantyhose, socks, or stockings and full clothing with no problems. and yes this does happen. But a ghost that just will not go all the way with you seems to be a matter of choice on the ghosts part. Or the fact that to the ghost this can aid in sexual arousal and stimulation. But who really knows. The term frottage derives from the French verb frotter, "to rub."

Sudden through my clothes I felt something in my genital region. And the two hands still holding my shoulders to the bed forcibly. Then it moved against my penis slowly at first. I was in a panic now I started to yell but an unseen hand heavy and seeming very solid went over my mouth. I then realized that the pressure of what wad that of feeling like a large man was now on top of me and his ghostly penis was now diving in between my tightly closed legs.

In truth I never had thought of paranormal frotteurism prior to hearing of this case. Now I know it is a paraphilia involving obsession with frottage or performing frottage nonconsensual (e.g., pressing one's invisible ghost genitals against a stranger). This behavior was once called "paranormal frottage" but that use is no longer accepted.

Paranormal Intercrural sex (from "inter-" and Latin "crura", legs), also known as femoral/interfemoral sex/intercourse, is a type of intercourse variously regarded as penetrative and non-penetrative sex, in which a male partner places his penis between the other partner's thighs ( without lubrication), and thrusts to create friction. It is therefore a type of paranormal irrumation.

The feelings stopped abruptly after about 20 minutes had gone by as I felt the heavy body collapse on top of me. And then abruptly it was gone. And I was shaken and shaking from this ghostly homosexual contact. The fear was that I was raped in essence by a very real unseen strong malicious force. I am not homophobic or was not even at that time in my life. But if to me forcible sexual contact with someone living or dead is not pleasant unless that's your personal fetish. At the time I personally asked the ghost to have sexual contact with me to see if the Harp's were telling me the truth of their haunted sexual experience's.

Over the years I have come in close contact with many who have experienced this type of sexual behavior with real ghosts. And recently I have been in contact with many groups that have had this happen to their members repeatedly. Many do not know how to stop such activities from happening to them I tell them seek out an exorcism. Others have told me that the ghost s would have these non penatrative sexual acts with them with a high frequency for over a year or two then they would just stop as fast as they started.

The fascination with sexual contact with real ghost is what many in the paranormal community are worried about today. There are several groups in my opinion that are walking on dangerous haunted ground. The unsuspecting poor ghost hunters that think that what is shown on television is all that can happen to you and that's all there is to document. But when a ghost takes them to the level of sexual pleasure and pain what will they do then? And their in my opinion or to too many new ghost hunters that might end up being permanently harmed or mentally scarred for life unless they become aware of the dangers of what a sexual predators ghost can and will do.

Ms. Harp often in years of correspondence's with me said the biggest fear was thinking sooner or latter the ghost would move on to penetrating her and she feared that more then what she was experiencing at the time.


About Greg Ashford

Greg Ashford is a paranormal investigator who has been researching real ghosts and haunted sexual activity across the united states since 1976. His in depth studies have brought to him many startling revelations about the world of ghosts and things that really do go bump in the night. His personal interest in the subject began when he read Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World BY Brad Steiger.

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World by Brad Steiger

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World


THE GREATEST POWER OF ALL Of all the forces that move men and women, none is more powerful than that of love and sexual desire. This primal impulse apparently extends into the other world and is responsible for some of the most astounding chapters in the literature of psychic phenomena. Here are amazing yet absolutely true stories of - apparitions of lovers seen at their moment of death, - jealous lovers who have sought vengeance from beyond the grave, - sexual molesters from the other world, - warnings and advice from lovers who have passed over, - passionate liaisons between psychic mediums and their contacts, - seducers from UFOs, and even more extraordinary tales. Originally published as HAUNTED LOVERS, this book contains a multitude of actual case histories, many of which were recorded here for first time. BRAD STEIGER has been writing about the paranormal for more than four decades, during which he has produced more than 160 books on the subject. He regards this work, which was certainly ahead of its time, as one of his best books on the paranormal.

Customer Reviews

Best Book on the Controversial Subject5
Brad Steiger's OTHERWORLDLY AFFAIRS is a controversial tome, instantly engaging. His seasoned storytelling gripped me from page one. I know how difficult it is to probe this subject, and Steiger has produced another classic. It's truly incomparable, delving into love and sex on all dimensions, including with visitors from space. But be warned: some of the descriptions were graphic, and even disturbing. It's by far the best book on this subject I have ever seen or read. Only Steiger could have kept such a weird topic in the proper parameters.

Joshua P. Warren

Definitely Recommended!5
As someone who is basically agnostic on the issue of life-after-death (but also as a person whose views sometimes veer towards general acceptance of the idea, and sometimes towards the theory that physical death is, quite literally, the end) I'm always cautious about reading books on the afterlife.

And particularly so when it involves the denizens of the spirit world coming back to visit us, and for one prime reason: generally the author (whether they are a firm believer or a hardened skeptic) has a viewpoint that he, she or they are trying to make us accept as the definitive truth.

I have, however, had a couple of genuinely odd experiences myself that may be indicative of an afterlife (one, ironically, involving not a person; but our pet dog who died in 2003). So, for the reason cited above, it's with a slightly wary mind - yet, I must stress, always an interested mind - that I approach such books.

Fortunately, there's no need to have such concerns about Brad Steiger's new title, Otherworldly Affaires - originally published in 1971 as Haunted Lovers, and which is as relevant and as vital today as it was nearly forty years ago.

Steiger's book is, as you might have already deduced from its title, a study of such issues as (A) lovers who returned from the grave; (B) ghostly wives and husbands who came back to warn their loved-ones about their future relationships - sometimes out of concern about the people they were getting involved with, and other times out of near-homicidal jealousy; (C) those whose lives were tragically cut short (such as military men on the battlefield) and who returned to say a final goodbye to their partners; and (D) much more, including stories that range from the uplifting and the thought-provoking, to the downright sinister, malevolent and utterly crazed.

Yes, it seems that if the afterlife is a reality, then at least some of the many and varied character traits and emotions that dominate relationships, marriages and affairs in this world continue on into the next.

Or do they?

To his credit, Steiger does not force any particular scenario upon his readers. For example, he gives much intriguing space to the idea that perhaps many encounters with deceased loved-ones might not actually provide evidence of life-after-death.

Rather, he reveals, there is a possibility that at the moment of death it may be possible for a person to transmit a final, loving message - and one that perhaps even results in a spectral manifestation of the person in question - to their spouse or partner, before death takes them forever.

Steiger also discusses the possibility that perhaps it is within the confines of the mind of the surviving partner that the game really begins. By that, I mean he offers the idea that maybe - overcome by grief and intense emotion - the person left behind is so devastated by the passing of their loved one that they create an image in their mind of their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.

He goes a step further, however, and muses upon the idea that perhaps this same image can be unconsciously externalized and seen. Of course, the person has no idea that they are actually viewing something they may have unwittingly created.

The important factor that Steiger notes, however, is that visions such as these (whether created by the human mind or the result of an actual return from the grave) generally provide a great deal of comfort to those left behind to pick up the shattered pieces.

And in a field that often portrays the after-life as one of purely love and light, Steiger does not omit those accounts and reports demonstrating that sometimes deceased lovers might not have our best interests at heart, and that occasionally display symptoms of violent poltergeist-like activity.

So, having now firmly digested Brad Steiger's Otherworldly Affaires, where do I stand?

Well, I'll tell you: as was the case before I read the book, I remain firmly convinced that something significant occurs at the moment of death; and that - at times - that same something of significance can continue to manifest itself in the weeks and months that follow a passing - whether it's a human-being or, in the case of me and my wife, a loving, devoted dog.

But, I'm just not sure whether the experiences are external or internal.

I can, however, say that whatever your views on the idea of an afterlife, Otherworldly Affaires is a book that will provide a great deal of food for thought for anyone who wonders about what, if anything, awaits us when we die; and if we can come back and be with those we love.

And for presenting, without prejudice, a varied and fascinating range of theories to account for the stories that he relates, Steiger is to be applauded. Unbiased, informative, and definitely fascinating!

everything you ever wanted to know about scary things!5
This is a very old and explicit book! It must be true, because nobody could have made this stuff up. It contains a lot of stories that i have never heard before. Amazing things! Completely believable!


Geg Ashford

Ashford has seen things and documented many strange anomalous accuracies that at one time had him thinking he was going mad!

In his pursuit for the paranormal truth he has set his sights on finding out what makes certain ghost do what they do. Ashford and his Paranormal Research Team call themselves "The American Paranormal Search Team" T.A.P.S.T and have called themselves that since 1976.



Gina Lanier

Also read: Is It Really Paranormal? Questioning The Unknown Side Of Ghosts And Demonic Possession - With tales of being raped or beaten by ghosts, to stories of even a ghost giving a person a loan of some cash. I ask myself do these things really happen? -- Ginalanier.com




A lifelong resident of Louisiana, Michael Frederick Korn (MF Korn)writes sort-of-surreal dark fantasy, mostly 'quiet' horror and strange science fiction. He is the author of twelve novels, two screenplays and two hundred and forty five short stories.

Three of Michael Korn's books, CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES, and ALIENS, MINIBIKES AND OTHER STAPLES OF SUBURBIA, and SKIMMING THE GUMBO NUCLEAR were mentioned in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Fifteenth Annual Edition.

CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES and RACHMANINOFF'S GHOST were mentioned in The Mammoth Book of New Horror.

A story "The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Cafe" cowritten with D.F. Lewis and Jeff Vandermeer was mentioned in the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Twenty First Annual Edition.

Here is his Myspace page.

Here's his Facebook page.

Here is his Blog.

Korn's twelfth novel, CREATURE FEATURE cowritten with David Mathew of Britain is going through required rewrites by a publisher. The cover has not been chosen yet. Currently they are at work on another novel via correspondence. He just finished writing a screenplay with another writer who just got a movie deal on another project. He turned over the first draft to his coauthor who is to do a second draft.In other news, Korn's four books with Silverlake press are out of print in paperback but available in Kindle or as ebooks at Fictionwise and most ebook outlets.