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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan


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Gallow's Hill Ghosts

A Spellbound Tours™ Exclusive!


SPELLBOUND TOURS, See rare, authentic and fascinating supernatural curious and oddities from around the world! We're Salem's most unusual and mysterious museum...catering to "savvy" travelers!

Official Web Site www.spellboundtours.com.


I live in the "Witch City" Salem, Massachusetts. I have been doing professional paranormal investigations since becoming a licensed ghost hunter, while living in New Orleans, back in 1999.

Now that I'm in Salem, I do a lot of my own personal night ghost hunts up at Gallow's Hill. This is where, back in 1692 they hung 19 innocent people as "witches". Many people associate the city with the Salem witch trials of 1692, which the city embraces both as a source of tourism and culture -- police cars are adorned with witch logos, a local public school is known as the Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, the Salem High School football team is named The Witches, and Gallows Hill, a site of numerous public hangings, is currently used as a playing field for various sports.

The original witches hanging tree does not exist anymore, and the deep crevasse where they tossed the dead bodies of the poor wretches has closed in upon itself.

Apparently the Witch Hysteria was just a way to get even and settle old grudges with your enemies, get rid of competitors, take over someone's property and destroy political opponents.They even hung two dogs for giving people the "evil eye", crushed one old man to death under heavy stones, over a period of several days, and hung the other unfortunates from a tree, on the highest spot overlooking old Salem Towne.

Witch Ghost
Several years ago, under a full moon, I was able to capture this picture of a ghost walking by me, very closely. I did not see this with my eyes, only the camera picked it up. You can see the torso, legs and head and one arm starting to take shape.


Ectoplasm at Gallows Hill Park

gALLOW'S HILL GHOST. You can see the torso, legs and head and one arm starting to take shape.

According to many professional ghost hunters when a person dies a violent sudden death, they tend to stay "earthbound" for a very long time, sometimes centuries. I am going back tonight....wish me luck!


Why do ghosts linger? Why don’t they move on? Are all ghosts only here if they are hostile? Or are they here to protect loved ones? Do suicide and murder victims tend to stay “earthbound” more often than other spirits? What causes poltergeist activity? These are the questions we try to answer during our investigations. On our nightly ghost tours in Salem, Massachusetts, we’ll answer those questions, as well as explain paranormal theories regarding ghosts. You might even photograph spirits at various locations during this tour. (We have actually had tour guests experience ghosts touching them, pulling their hair, or sending them screaming into the night!) We also have a “Guest Ghost Gallery” of ghost photos taken by our guests during these tours. These are also posted on Official Web Site www.spellboundtours.com.

If you feel you have an unwelcome “guest” living in your home or place of business, call us at (978) 745 – 0138 and we’ll listen to your story, conduct an in-depth telephone interview and see if it warrants a follow-up investigation. No quack calls please! We take this very seriously, conduct our research scientifically and don’t like to have our valuable time wasted! Our clients are assured complete privacy and actual locations will be kept secret at the request of our clients.

Mollie Stewart

Is a licensed ghost hunter through the International Ghost Hunters Society, a member of the International Society of Paranormal Investigators, and the head of Paranormal Investigators of New England, which specializes in paranormal research and investigations and scientific documentation of such. Using EMF meters, infra-red non-contact thermometers, tape recorders and cameras, she has recorded ghost voices, (also called Electronic Voice Phenomena) and documented various ghosts in action! ).

Mollie travels to locations locally as well as nationally to conduct paranormal research and investigations. She has conducted investigations at haunted cemeteries, haunted houses, a haunted prison, haunted plantations.

Mollie Stewart: Since 1626, when Roger Conant arrived with the first settlers, Salem, Massachusetts has been attracting people from all points of the compass. Many who come to visit and some as myself have stayed and make Salem our home.


A Spellbound Tours™

www.spellboundtours.com Owned and operated by Mollie Stewart, who created Absolutely Fabulous! Tours in New Orleans. She has conducted Voodoo, Cemetery, Ghost & Vampire tours in New Orleans for over four years. Now she is offering the most unique tours in Salem! Our New Orleans tours have been featured in national publications including Arthur Frommer’s Travel Guide. Our tours are rated “Five Stars”!

Mollie Stewart, the "ghost lady of Salem", or her tours or her museum, have been featured on "Good Morning America", The Travel Channel, Showtime's "XY TV-New England", London's "Dead Famous" tv show, Australian Entertainment TV, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, , Where Magazine-Boston and dozens of other publications as well as paranormal talk radio shows across America.

Come join your knowledgeable tour guides, for a great afternoon or night tour. Experience Salem’s history as if it was happening to you! Folk history and fact, woven together with great storytelling, makes for an unforgettable adventure...
"Where Salem's history meets her spirit!"

Mollie Stewart is a certified parapsychologist, a licensed ghost hunter with the International Ghost Hunters Society and has written the chilling book "Ghosts Among Us" about her personal ghost investigations in New Orleans, Salem and Alcatraz Island. You can now order this book on-line! You can also order Mollie Stewarts' Video/DVD "Ghosts of Salem" on-line. This fascinating video features footage from Spellbound tours ghost tour, ghost hunting equipment, Gallows Hill and more.


Spellbound Museum

Spellbound Museum : See rare, authentic and fascinating supernatural curious and oddities from around the world! We're Salem's most unusual and mysterious museum...catering to "savvy" travelers!


See rare, authentic and fascinating supernatural curious and oddities from around the world! We're Salem's most unusual and mysterious museum...catering to "savvy" travelers!

190 Essex Street Salem, MA 01970
(978) 745-0138
Hours: October 1 through 31, Opens 10:00am

Visit Salem's only museum featuring authentic supernatural curios and oddities from around the world! See a rare Vampire Killing Kit, America's only "Ghost Gallery", Voodoo artifacts from Africa and New Orleans, the bizarre "Feejee Mermaid", chilling medical oddities, Voodoo and Day of the Dead altars. You can also purchase the book "Ghosts Among Us" by Mollie Stewart, at our museum. and much more. Don't miss Salem's most unusual and mysterious museum!

Join licensed ghost hunter and supernatural expert, Mollie Stewart, or her professionally trained ghost hunting investigators, for a nightly tour in search of the ghosts in Salem!

We offer Salem’s ONLY authentic supernatural and paranormal tours. Our tour guides are also members of “Paranormal Investigators of New England”, a private company that researches and documents haunted sites.

On our “Vampire & Ghost Hunt Tour” in Salem we visit documented haunted locations that we have personally investigated, successfully capturing ghost images on film. We visit a haunted graveyard, an old, extremely haunted jail and the jail keeper’s house. We will take you to the site of the original “witch dungeon” from 1692, where those accused of witchcraft were incarcerated. We’ll also go by the house where the mysterious “woman in black” has made appearances for decades. And if time allows, we’ll stop by a notorious murder site from the 1830’s. We cannot enter these buildings as most of them are closed at night or privately owned. You will however have plenty of ghost photo opportunities at each location.

We encourage our tour guests to bring cameras (loaded with 400-speed film) to take your own ghost photos during this tour. We have posted some of our guest ghost photos on our web site. Many people have had strange and terrifying encounters with ghosts on this tour, including fainting, crying, throwing cameras at ghosts, or even screaming and running off into the night! The only guarantee we can give you is that all of the places we visit on this tour are still haunted and they continue to have a lot of paranormal activity!!!

Part of this tour includes the origin of vampire folklore and legends, the historical character known as Dracula, the superstitions about vampires in early New England settlements and burial practices to prevent vampirism in New England. We’ll tell you about the real “Dracula”. We’ll also tell you about documented early New England vampire cases. Are there really modern vampires? What is a true vampire today? Who are these “creatures of the night”? What about “vampire crimes”? You’ll find out on our nightly “Vampire & Ghost Hunt Tour”!!!

Please join us... If you dare... on a real hunt for the ghosts of Salem!!!

Warning: People have fainted on this tour! (and we don't mean from boredom!)
Beware of cheesy imitation tours and copycat advertising!

Tours meet 8PM
Monday – Sunday
(April 15th through October 31st only)
Tours meet at 5:30 PM in November

At Visitor Center
2 New Liberty Street
(across from public parking garage located on New Liberty Street)
Pre-paid tickets not required until October

You can purchase tickets at the Spellbound Museum
190 Essex Street or the Ghostly Parlour, 131 Essex Street

$13 Adults, $10 Students/Seniors
$7.00 Children 12 yrs and under

Order Tickets Online - Click Here


(978) 745 – 0138 (in Salem, Massachusetts)
For more information please contact
Spellbound Tours™

Ghostly Parlor

We invite you to visit our spirit-filled Victorian parlour. Watch in amazement, as we lift the veil between the physical and spirit worlds! Listen as world-renowned Ghost Hunter, Mollie Stewart, enthralls you with a ghost story, full of horror and mystification. Journey back in time, to a night that plunges two friends into a terrifying world of the sinister and supernatural. It will give you the shivers and shakes! You will wonder if you really are alone in the dark...See ghosts materialize before your very eyes! It's spine-chilling, hair-raising, flesh-crawling, unearthly fun!!!

This 25 minute show runs every hour on the hour beginning at noon daily. Additional show times are added in October. Please be in front of Spellbound's Ghostly Parlour about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the show. Purchase tickets to our 8PM nightly "Vampire & Ghost Hunt Tour' at:

Spellbound's Ghostly Parlour
31 Essex Street
or at the Spellbound Museum
190 Essex Street
(978) 745 - 0138

Admission Price: Adults $10.00

Students/Seniors/Military $7.00

Children under 13 years $5.00

***Purchase Combination Discount Tickets for a two-way or three-way pass at either location***



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by Mollie Stewart

Mollie Stewart’s Spellbound Tours is your choice for Number 9 on Haunted America’s TOP TEN BEST AND MOST HAUNTED GHOST TOURS of 2007!

Read about how it all began in Mollie’s fascinating book,