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Ghost Lady Walks Olivas Adobe

The adobe is rumored to be haunted by a woman ghost and is listed as one of Ventura County's few haunted locations.

By Richard Senate
Artwork Ricardo Pustanio © 2007

She was scared. One could see that in her eyes that night. I had seen that look many times in the past. It was the look of a person who had seen a ghost, a frightening ghost.

The young woman in question was a volunteer helping during one of the ghost tours offered at the historic Olivas Adobe in Ventura, California, and her job was to greet the public as they came in. Those who took the tour that night did see things and managed to take pictures of mysterious “orbs” in the old 1847 hacienda that night, but the poor volunteer got the worst of it. I doubt she will volunteer again.

She was alone at the gate to the parking lot with her clip board. Her job was to greet people and check them in from the sign-up list. She later said she felt odd as if someone or something was watching her. Then, something caught her eye. She turned and, by the flagpole, not ten feet away, she saw a woman standing there. The figure was wearing a long white dress and had long black hair that hung below her shoulders. The most startling thing about the woman were her eyes--she had none! The place were eyes should be were nothing but bloody pits, as if her eyes were cruelly ripped away by some fiend. The figure of the eyeless phantom then slowly vanished.

Over the years there have been many sightings of ghosts at the historic Olivas Adobe, but no one has ever told of such a horrific apparition. Not long after that encounter, one of the women on the tour inside the house asked who was on the site, because she saw a woman with long hair and a long white dress from the balcony. The woman was walking in the rose garden! Who is the mysterious Lady in White and what happened to her eyes?

An answer came from another group that visited the site months after the sightings of the mysterious lady.

They found the upstairs children’s room most active with cold spots and thing even moving. A sort of code was set up using dowsing rods. From this crude attempt at spirit communication a bizarre story came forth.

The ghost, spirit or essence called herself Maria and she confessed to be a Native American servant girl who once worked at the house. The house needed many servants to operate and many were former Native Americans from the California Missions. She said that she was murdered in the house and buried not far away. A Yankee visited the ranch and was a guest of the Olivas Family. He saw Maria and wanted her. He presented the young girl with simple gifts and fancy words. At last, he lured her into the storage room off the kitchen. When she complained, he took a knife and cut out her eyes! After he had his way with her, the Yankee strangled her, hiding the body under some bags of goods. He then left the hacienda, riding south toward Los Angeles.

The cook found the body not an hour after the killer had left and alerted the family. They were livid that their hospitality was repaid with such barbarism. The Olivas son’s mounted their fine thoroughbred horses and went in pursuit. Their fine animals caught up to the fleeing Yankee near Saticoy Springs. One of the sons, a skilled vaquero, lassoed the murderer by the neck and pulled him from the saddle. They dragged him back to the adobe where the victim’s father waited in tears. He ran to what was left of the Yankee and stabbed him in the heart. The killer was, most likely, dead at this time, but vengeance was called for. The murderer’s body was tossed into the quick sand of the near-by Santa Clara River and never found.

Not one bit of evidence exists that this story is true, but, justice was swift in old California and such a reaction seems in keeping with the times. The ghostly presence said that she was glad that justice was swift and her abuser and murderer was slain. Is this the answer to the story of the eyeless ghost woman? Who can say? Many times, when a ghost can tell their tale they just vanish away. Let’s hope the ghost woman has moved on to a better place, that place we all must go when our time comes.

Olivas Adobe History

The Olivas Adobe, located in Ventura, California, is an adobe built in 1837 by Don Raymundo Olivas.

Olivas received approximately 2,250 acres as part of land grant from Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado, which he named Rancho San Miguel, in recognition of his service at the Presidio of Santa Barbara. The land had originally been part of Mission San Buenaventura, but was appropriated during the secularization of the missions.

He expanded the building in 1849 to two stories, making it the only such building in the area. He and wife and their 21 children lived here until 1899. It later became part of Max Fleischman's holdings (of yeast and margarine fame), and it was he who donated the land and the house to the City of Ventura.

The adobe is rumored to be haunted by a woman ghost and is listed as one of Ventura County's few haunted locations.

The adobe is registered as California Historical Landmark #115 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NPS-79000570).

The Olivas Adobe is located at 4200 Olivas Park Dr. in Ventura. The grounds are open daily 10:00am to 4:00pm and the adobe is open on weekends 10:00am to 4:00pm For more information call 805-644-4346

Official Web Site: Olivas Adobe Historical Park

20 QUESTIONS WITH Richard Senate

One of the top ghost investigators of our generation. He is an "Historian And Ghost Stalker" author of several prominent books on ghosts and paranormal phenomenon, and has appeared on just about every paranormal television and radio show there is. PLEASE VISIT TO READ MORE HERE!

Also visit Richard Senates Web Site here now!


General Ghost Hunting Tips

Always go and inspect the area you wish to ghost hunt in daylight so you are familiar with the area. Look for dangerous places and obstacles that you will not be able to see in the dark.

Look for no trespassing signs. Make sure you are not trespassing. If you are on private property you are risking getting a ticket or arrested in some areas. You can get permission from many owners and or Cemetery or haunted building caretakers.You should by all means notify the local Police that you will be in a grave yard "taking pictures" so they are aware of our presence.

Make sure you bring you ID. (drivers license, etc.)

Never go alone. This is just common sense.

Find out all you can about the history of the locale. Newspapers, town historians, WWW and books. We have a haunted places in America listings here.

These are many "Haunted" places you can start your ghost hunting

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Books on Local Haunted Places -At HauntedAmericaTours.com we invite you into our Ghost Haunted Paranormal world Online Store where art, News stories, photography and the unexplained merge into a new landscape that will leave you truly spellbound. HauntedAmericaTours.com is a continuous work in progress; we will keep it updated for you on a regular basis, so that you can come back and see a ghost or two, and meet some new ones. Please browse here and find what your looking for. Check out the other Catgories also and enjoy your very haunted adventures safely. HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS: Essentials For Ghost Hunters And Paranormal Enthusiest.

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So Please read a collection of ghost facts and fictions surrounding these urban legends and haunted real ghost filled tales that hauntedamericatours.com has compiled from our readers as our Readers selection of the" Top Ten Most Haunted List in The United States of America ".

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