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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan


A Hauntingly Good Time

Michelle Desrochers and Patrick Cross Cnada's Most Haunted Couple.

Canada's Most Haunted TV hosts, Michelle Desrochers and Patrick Cross

Story Posted Saturday April, 28, 2007

Story By Michelle Desrochers, Artwork Ricardo Pustanio © 2007

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you of a personal experience of mine with séances. I usually don’t submit any of my experiences online, and haven’t as of yet, but I felt this was for a worthy cause, mostly as there seems to be so much interest in séances nowadays. I have so many young people emailing me with questions, and that concerns me somewhat. I feel that you should be experienced before attempting any kind of spirit communication.

Canada's Most Haunted with Patrick Cross -- well credited paranormal researcher in the media with Michelle Desrochers -- sensitive, ghost researcher on many TV, radio shows, and magazines. We have been featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada, the Creepy Canada Series, Ghost Magazine USA, OutThere TV-Las Vegas, CTV Television investigates Canada's most haunted places for ongoing TV episodes already shown and also in production. Amazing ghost footage captured on video and EVP. Patrick and Michelle investigate places all across Ontario and Canada and bring the haunting stories to you with ghostly evidence. Patrick and Michelle also conduct the famous Burlington Ghost Walks at the haunted Emma's Back Porch in Burlington, Ontario. Lots of detailed ghostly accounts with amazing ghost photos and Burlington's history to explore.



People have been communicating with the spirit world going back to at least the 1800’s in America. Sarah Winchester consulted with her spirits on a nightly basis. Harry Houdini was obsessed with the spirit world. Of course there is the town of Lily Dale, which has been dubbed “The Town that Talks To The Dead”. There are Mediums all over the world that help people by bringing them together with their loved ones who have passed to the next level of life. Spirit communication is sometimes frowned upon in the paranormal world, but it is my personal belief, along with other colleagues in this industry, that these spirits are excited to make contact with the living, so why not try it, just so long as it is done SAFELY.

Conatcitng Ghosts! I am a medium, therefore have been very successful in contacting spirit people. I recently did a séance for my mother and sisters, as a gift for my mom who just lost her own mother this past summer. My mother's family is what I would call my "paranormal" family. We have a long line of mediums throughout many generations in my family. Our deceased family members are still very active in visitation state only. I knew they would come through with very little effort and indeed they did. I prefer to open the door to the spirit world, by inviting anyone who has come.

THROUGH the white light. This has also proved effective in minimizing the amount of negative spirits that try to come through. Well this séance went on for about three hours, with at least ( I stopped counting) fifteen family members and friends coming through, each giving me a full validation of who they were. It was an exhausting experience that left me tired for hours. Throughout the laughter and the tears, it brought peace to my family knowing that all of these people that they loved so dearly, were still a part of their daily lives, with all of their memories and emotions still completely intact. On some occasions, the spirits have been so excited, that they have started moving our table across the room, banging on walls, opening doors.

Once you open that door, it's truly amazing how many spirits come through to talk. Properly done, this can be a wonderful experience for all those involved. It is also very addicting, and can be dangerous especially if you are in a haunted environment. You are no longer dealing with a loved one. You could be dealing with something that will not be so kind, perhaps a being that is fighting for it’s space. I have encountered many spirits and even a couple of demons along the way.

It’s important to be respectful and on alert at all times. One must always remember to guard his/her energy. Energy must be treated like your most valuable asset when it comes to the spirit world. The spirits will use it to communicate. How much they take from you, is up to you. Spirits can literally meld with your energy while communicating.

Knowledge is the key. Learn all that you can before delving into the spirit world especially if trying to communicate. There are things that one must always remember. Any spirit can come in pretending to be a loved one, and tell you everything you want to know with great accuracy...especially if you are thinking it!!! I encourage those around me to keep their minds clear when asking questions, and I always ask for validation. Spirits can be helpful, as they do have the gift of “sight”, but be sure you have a good idea who you are really communicating with.

Patrick and I have helped many people realize that death is simply another level of life. We have always been successful with séances, first time around, except for one time only. I consider this a gift, and have to date, never charged for the service, only for the expenses that are incurred.

Happy Hauntings from Patrick and Michelle at Canada\'s Most Haunted.

(Patrick and Michelle can be reached for special guest appearances, interviews, talk shows, radio host, tv interviews, as speaker on ghosts for seminars, trade shows, ghost investigations and the "clearing of ghosts")-contact: For media and general inquiries please call 905-630-7256 for the Official ' Canada' s Most Haunted" Web site visit here now http://www.burlingtonghostwalks.ca/canadasmosthaunted.htm

(Patrick and Michelle can be reached for special guest appearances, interviews, talkshows, radio host, tv interviews, as speaker on ghosts for seminars, tradeshows, ghost investigations and the "clearing of ghosts")-contact: For media and general inquiries please call 905-630-7256

We investigate some places already known and even more places unknown, only we know about that have all kinds real hauntings and ghost activity. You have never seen Ghosts like this. There are things better left DEAD...Now WE are going to take you there! Be Scared...Be afraid as CANADA's MOST HAUNTED takes you with a group of every day people on a tv ghost investigation to the darkest, most haunted places only ghost tales speak about. YOU will experience GHOSTS, DEMON's, AMAZING VISIBLE ORBS, ENTITIES, VORTEXES, MANIFESTATIONS, VORTEXES, ECTOPLASM, INDIAN SPIRITS, SHADOW PEOPLE, SHAMAN's, LEGENDS and ANIMAL GHOSTS, CURSED OBJECTS, DEMONIC INFESTATIONS in places Unseen and Unknown and Unheard of never to be spoken about until NOW! The REAL WORLD of Ghosts is now to going to be Revealed.