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A Real Ghost Haunting In New Orleans?

"This Is Just Eerie"

Visit Haunted New Orleans where Mardi Gras spirits rule the streets and the world famous "Cities of the Dead" are as active as that of the living. Haunted Tours, And Urban Legends abound.

Stroll beneath shady, 400 year old oak trees draped in Spanish moss. Come and explore for yourself - see why so many spooky old Haunted Plantations along the levees of the Mighty Mississippi River never quite give up all their ghostly secrets.

True ghosts stories told from around the world.

Real Ghost Stories and Voodoo legends, vampires, pirate ghouls and Zombies are all waiting to haunt you in every part of New Orleans. Come and learn why Louisiana is considered by many to be one of the most Haunted States in the Nation.

Story By Will Sabo

I lived in New Orleans,La back in 1991-1993. I rented from a little elderly woman whose maiden name was Mithoff, My apartment was on the first floor under the stairwell to the second floor. This house, located on Napoleon Ave, had been converted into five apartments, some many lost years before.

My first strange what you might call paranormal experiences were of food flying across the room. My kitchen was a small long hallway that used to connect the old houses original kitchen with the main dining hall (Now my living room). I didn't have a lot of cabinet space, so I would keep my bread and cookies on top of the refrigerator.

One day after getting off work, I was attempting to relax, when I heard the sound of plastic hitting the floor. I opened my kitchen door to find my bread on the floor, 9 feet from my refrigerator. Thinking my wife may have set it on
the stove, I put it back on the fridge. Within five minutes, I heard the sound again. When I opened the door, I found the bread on the floor again, a
little further than the last time." Strange I thought." Eventually I just found another place to put my bread.

My wife on more then one occasion would wake up complaining of someone grabbing her in her sleep, which may have just been wishful thinking, but, "I believed her."

There was also an incident in the living room when we had some close friends over. We were all sitting around talking about getting some IHOP breakfast, when my front door opened fully and then shut behind itself. We all completely freaked and decided it was time to go get food (or just get out), but when we stood up apparently whatever was moving through the room got startled by our sudden movement and my dog just had a seizure right there staring fearfully into the center of the group. This freaked us even more, so we sat back down. The dog's eyes followed whatever the entity was until it left the room through the kitchen door (which also swung open by itself).

Shaken, we all went out to get our breakfast and slowly over coffee and eggs we stopped speaking of the strange incident.

But when we got home, our upstairs neighbor in the attic apartment had apparently committed suicide. Ambulances, police cars, and his hysterical widow seemed to take my mind off of the evenings events.

My wife spoke to the widow a few nights later. She said her husband had been hearing voices. Two weeks later, we left New Orleans.


Will Sabo, a professional musician, and the father of four girls, ranging in age from 8-14.

Sabo generally considers himself a skeptic."Not in that I don't believe, but that I don't see every unusual anomaly as supernatural." " To me, it seems some people tend to force it, and if it is a speck of light,"it must be a ghost." I just wanted to share my story, because it happened." Says Sabo, "I don't have any cool photos, just my word."

Will Sabo

Will Sabo