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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan



Your True Ghost Stories And Ghost Photos

A collection of Ghost stories, photos of the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true.

Stories of spooks, spirits and shadowy shapes abound in the nation; do you have one of your own? If so, we want to hear about it. Tell us your own personal spooky or ghostly, experience, keep it to about 250 words. Or send us your Ghost photographs to post.




A real Halloween ghost photo !?! That is not cigarette smoke or a special effect what it is I do not know... Anyone got any ideas?



April 10 at 8:31am. Photo taken at Chickamauga battlefield park. 12th South Carolina Infantry. There is an Image of a man in a dark cloak behind the tree to the left of the monument and next to him on his right another image of a man, but not as distinct.


Click Here or on Photo above to see defined shapes

enlarged view he is also holding a rifle



I took this picture in the Lily Dale Pet Cemetary on June 12 ,2006. If you look at the lower left side of the picture you will see the head of a brown dog looking right into the camara.


SUBMITED BY: Adam Griffith

Childs Play Cemetery
The legend has it that you need to wash your car
then drive down the gravel road heading into Childs Play Cemetery.
After you go through the giant arch over the gateway, park your car for
about five minutes. You might here a loud thud on the back of the car.
Then drive off and check the back of your vehicle and there will be
handprints all over it.

Now I didn\'t beleive this, but I thought it would be a good
friday the 13th scare for a few of my female friends. So we went through
the ritual. Never heard a thud, but when we got back to town, my car
had little handprints all over the back. The reason they say this
happens is because in the early 1900\'s there was a murderer. He only
killed children, and they are all buried in this Cemetery. After so many
years the murderer died, and was buried there too. The childrens spirits
always try to push the car out of the cemetery in order to save the
occupants from the murderer. I don\'t know if this is true or not, but I
do know that my car had handprints ALL OVER the back. Little ones!


I recently visited the beautiful Victorian Rose B&B in Ventura California. I stayed with a friend in the Timeless Treasures room. The place is a 110 year old church where a woman fell from the choir loft and there is a ghost of a preacher that tucks you in to bed in the room we stayed in. There is a little sitting area in the back of the room with a door. At about 10 o'clock after reading journals of previous guest that had experiences we heard a loud noise from that corner of the room as if someone had moved the door itself. I went and checked and nothing was in the closet. Then we started to hear banging and walking noises from over in that area but we were the only ones checked in. Then after going to sleep my friend awoke to the bed shaking violently beneath her. After that we didn't get much sleep but plan to go back A.S.A.P. This is a picture of me sitting in front of the sitting area where all the odd noises were coming from.


I was taking pictures to sell my great grandmothers Sacred Heart Mary print on Ebay. When I pulled the pictures to to get them ready I found two with what I feel is my great grandmother's ghost.

i really don't remember her, but I have been told by several older family members that she treasured this above anything else. (She always felt God's and Mary's presence when she looked at it). Now, I don't put much stock into things that are based on a feeling, do you think she is telling me not to sell it or to sell it?

I feel that it may have been conected to an evil spirt when she owned it that may have tricked her into believing it was Holy intervention and now she is warning me about it's evil.

SUBMITED BY: laurie jon griffiths

The old bakery in brosely, england, was a
mysterious old place. the small doors and windows made you feel cramped, but
it was a huge place considering.but one day, my mother and my
grandfather were putting a new floor in in the kitchen, when my mother saw two
feet with very nice shoes on them, and when she looked up, all she saw
was the ceiling.also, when my grandmother was getting ready for work one
day, she stuck her head around my mothers door, to tell her that she
would be late for college, my mother didnt reply to her speech, so my
grandmother went downstairs.my mother was sitting at the table eating her
breakfast, so who was the woman at the dressing table??


there was a train that passed by a couple of
years ago by cerritos park. every time at about 9-11:30 pm you can
hear the trains Horn or wistle. the thing is the tracks aren't there
anymore. this is betten target and reginal park at Cerritos,California

SUBMITED BY: Alice Birch

I was walking down a lonely path one day when I
saw a horrible scary boy he had a egg shaped head ghost and said his name was
Mark Tanner I have no idea why he chose to communitcate with me, but
one things for sure I\'ll never walk down that path again.


I do not know if this is where you can send ghost pictures but I thought I'd give it a try.
The first picture was taken when my mom went to visit india. It was in a temple and when she gave me the doubles of her tour pictures. I notice a indian man dressed like an old time holy man praying. It totaly freaked me and my mother out!


The second picture was taken of a farm house that two of my sisters rented in Wisconsin. The property was for sale and I lived in Maryland at the time. I asked my sisters to take some pictures of the interior and exterior of the home for me and when got them there was a couple different things that stood out. This picture looks like a man, if you zoom in on it you can see that he is a old bald man with facial hair. Needless to say i did not buy this house.

If your interested there is also a picture of a woman with long dark hair parted in the middle. She is comming out of the floor....or at least that's what it looks like. Also in the same set of pictures there is a cat in the same room as the woman.



i actually have 2 stories that i recall really
clear. my first story, the witch, i dont know if it was a coinsidence
but it just happend to be a halloween night and i was about 10 years old.
It was my mom, brother, sister, and i. we where havin a little fun
arguement, when my sister tells everyone to \"shut up!\" i look at the
window and what i thought i saw and right through the curtains was an all
dark shadow with glowing eyes, from about its chest up. i dont remember
if anyone else saw it but i remember locking eyes with it, i stood
stuck while it (the witch) looked rapidly to the left and ducked. the next
morning i went to the front of the window to see if there was anything
there. nothing. . . just a perfect spider web.
another day i was in the living room with my mom and by that time my
sister was already married, so she was out. anyway her room was never
locked, but always closed. it was raining that day, when i heard a noise
when i was walking towards the bathroom, wich happens to be next to my
sisters room. i run back to my mom in fright to ask her to hear the
noise. what we both heard was the sound of someone typing on the keyboard.
i didnt sleep for the night. today im more afraid of the noise, i think
its because i never found out what it was


SUBMITED BY: David Perez

I believe I encountered real ghost of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau of New Orleans, one night in October of 2005 post hurricane Katrina. I was walking on Rampart Street in New Orleans. I am a Fema employee, I was heading south at about 3 or 4 am. I was alone and very tired from dealing with the problems of the day so I decided to do late night sightseeing, i was weary but not drunk, though I had two drinks at a bar called Cats Meow erlier that night.

I saw what seemed to be a black Creole woman in a red turban, she was dancing, singing and had a snake round her neck in front of the haunted St. louis Cemetery Number One graveyard and she saw me. then she ducked inside the still open Haunted Cemetery Gates.


As I walked up I pulled out my cell phone and snaped a picture. When I looked up I realized she had just vanished right before my very eyes. Then I walked into the area near her haunted large voodoo cursed grave area and and I took this ghost picture, the first one did not show anything but the cemetery wall. the tomb photo i took I got this picture... It is Her Marie Laveaus real ghost, I believe it!

SUBMITED BY: Alisha Zarrillo

Orbs Caught On Camera.


One day my sister and I were watching TAPS and we decided to take some pictures. So we got the camera and started asking questions like, "If there's anyone here show yourself", & what we caught were orbs. These are the pictures..