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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Real ghosts!?!


In the book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Ron L. Hubbard describes techniques which he suggests can rid individuals of fears and psychosomatic illnesses. One basic idea in Dianetics is that the mind consists of two parts, the "analytical mind" and the "reactive mind". The "reactive mind" is also referred to as the "unconscious mind" which is said to act as a record of shock, trauma, pain, and otherwise harmful memories. Experiences such as these, stored in the "reactive mind" are dubbed "engrams". Dianetics is a proposed method to erase these "engrams" in the "reactive mind" to achieve what is referred to in Scientology as a state of "Clear". A "Clear" is one who is thought to no longer possess his reactive Mind.

Ghost bag

As a amall child I loved ghost stories. One of my favorites was ‘The Ghost Bag’.

It is a story of a young barber who cleans out a haunted house by tricking the resident ghost into believing the barber has a bag in which he imprisons ghosts. The lad has the ghost peer into his sack of barber tools. Therein resides a hand mirror for shaving. The ghost sees himself but believes the bag is ‘filled with ghosts’. In his plead ‘not to go into the ghost bag’ the ghost forfeits the house and the treasure and the lad is the hero.

Who says Real Ghost Don't come with bagage. Or at least Ghosts bags might frighten them.

Understand yourself.
How and why you search for the dead.
What do you want from them?
An answer to a question that is so trivial to everyone but you?

If a ghost is haunting us, it's because they want the focus on them. And if we so choose to hunt ghosts, then we want them to focus on us to collect the evidence.

Those of you reading the above statements must realize the greater depth of the meaning.

To be clear about yourself, first and foremost, is the only way you can hunt ghosts successfully.
Plain and simple.

Just ask the greats of the past and present. Have you ever wondered why so many paranormal investigators have come and gone from the public eye, like so many grains of sand between your fingers?

It was because they were not clear enough about what they were searching for!!!!

Let me start by giving some examples, such as in your personal day to day life.

You go to the grocery store to buy peaches. You pick them up one by one and see all the blemishes, and all the imperfections. But you do not want the ones with blemishes, you want that one perfect peach!!! But, guess what? There are no perfect peaches in the pile.

What do you do? Do you walk away and not buy a peach, or do you compromise and try to look for the almost perfect one?

So, the same in ghost hunting!!

Why do you think there are so many personal dating sites on the internet? How many old maids do you know that have been looking for that knight in shining armor to just come waltzing into their lives?

How many men do you know that have had 5 to 6 marriages under their belts?

Let me say to you, there is no perfect ghost hunt. You have to take the good with the bad, my friends, or either just give up the fight.

Do you really think you are going to get paranormal proof on your very first ghost hunt? Please............don't tell me you actually think this will happen to you?

You have to look for that proof, just as you look for that perfect peach at the grocers!!! So, I personally advise you to look into yourselves real, real deep.

Do not give up, do not wait for that perfect bit of information, documentation or that scared feeling running down your spine. Look for the little things and combine them if you must.

You might be looking at that perfectly formed four leaf clover and not even see it. If so, your being preverbally paranormally blocked.

Keep records, keep your head up, don't give up on any small bit of proof that you come across the spook. The actual factual ghosts just might have a few more tricks in his haunted "ghost bag" of tricks, because the great ghost hunters, do not.

If that were the case, there would be none of us.

Because as I see it, no one has come up with the meaning of the afterlife as of yet.

But we're still searching..............