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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Chillingham Castle An Its Many Real Ghosts Encounters!

Chillingham Castle ghost photo.


A real Chillingham Castle ghost photo sent to us by Lavina.

I was on the haunted Chillingham Castle ghost tour and I took this picture my self from a balcony. There was nothing sticking out from the balcony and nothing next to me, can you please tell me what this light is? It was at Chillingham castle, I took the pic of a room below the balcony I was standing on. I took it randomly just to see if I captured anything. And there was absolutely nothing that was sticking out from the balcony , nothing next to me etc etc. I took pictures immediately after this one of the same room from the same place I was at and nothing unusual showed up on it.

Chillingham Castle

Awarded first place in the "Independent on Sunday" top fifty castles in Europe.
"The best ghost tour in England"

Chillingham Castle

English medieval castle continuously owned by the family of the Earls Grey and their relations since the 12th century. Offers holiday apartments, weddings ...
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Chillingham Castle web site http://www.chillingham-castle.com/

By Fallon Pirelli

Chillingham Castle is a medieval castle in the village of Chillingham in the northern part of Northumberland, England. It was the seat of the Grey family and their descendants the Earls of Tankerville from the 13th century until the 1980s. It is also celebrated as the home of the herd of wild Chillingham Cattle.


The Blue boy, poor, wandering, Lady Mary, a tortured child, the Royal procession and so many other famous stories. Chillingham retains them all because the Castle stays calm and unaltered ever since ancient battling days. With all its beauty and calm, Chillingham has many ghosts that seem to love to interact with the living. Many report a feeling of being touched or grabbed as they tour the castle grounds. some have even said that strange sounds and smells or more then just a common occurrence.

On my visit there I actually captured several EVP's and my dear friend Carole Grays said she felt a ghost slap her on the bum.

Many paranormal investigations and encounters does not keep many from attending weddings and galas. the ghost just seem to be one of the actual many hi lights to a perfect visit. Many new and strange ghost photos or often captured here when looking for ghost or just attending a actual function of some sorts. the real ghost here are very active.

The castle was originally a monastery in the late 12th century. In 1298, King Edward I, or "Edward Longshanks", stayed at the castle on his way to Scotland to battle a Scottish army led by William Wallace. A window was specially installed for the king, a rarity in such buildings at the time.

The castle occupied a strategically important location in medieval times: it was located on the border between two feuding nations. It was used as a staging post for English armies entering Scotland, but was also repeatedly attacked and besieged by Scottish armies and raiding parties heading south. The site contained a moat, and in some locations the fortifications were 12 feet thick.

The building underwent a series of enhancements, and in 1344 a Licence to crenellate was issued by King Edward III to allow battlements to be built, effectively upgrading the stronghold to a fully fortified castle, of quadrangular form.

In 1617, James I, the first king of both England and Scotland, stayed at the castle on a journey between his two kingdoms. As relations between the two countries became peaceful following the union of the crowns, the need for a military stronghold in the area declined. The castle was gradually transformed; the moat was filled, and battlements were converted into residential wings. A banquet hall and a library were built.

In the 18th and 19th century the grounds underwent landscaping, including work carried out by Sir Jeffry Wyattville. The once extensive park, now under a separate ownership from the castle, is home to the famous Chillingham Wild Cattle.

During World War II, the castle was used as an army barracks. During this time, much of the decorative wood is said to have been stripped out and burned by the soldiers billeted there. After the war, the castle began to fall into disrepair. Lead had been removed from the roof, resulting in extensive weather damage to large parts of the building. In the 1980s, the castle was purchased by Sir Humphry Wakefield, 2nd Baronet, whose wife Catherine is remotely descended from the Greys of Chillingham. He set about a painstaking restoration of the castle. Sections of the castle are open to the public, and holiday apartments are available for hire.

A reported as real Chillingham Castle ghost photo.

Chillingham Castle ghost photo and the close up below sent to us by Mary Chasse.

Chillingham Castle ghost looking out of a window. Photo by Mary Casse.


Its current owners market the castle as being the most haunted castle in Britain. It has been investigated on television and radio (namely, Most Haunted, I'm Famous and Frightened!, Scariest Places On Earth, Holiday Showdown, Alan Robson's Nightowls) and now Ghost Hunters International. Images of Chillingham Castle.

The most famous ghost of the castle is the "blue (or radiant) boy", who according to the owners used to haunt the Pink Room in the castle. Guests supposedly reported seeing blue flashes and a blue "halo" of light above their beds after a loud wail. It is claimed that the haunting's ceased after renovation work revealed the bodies of a man and a young boy bricked inside a 10-foot-thick wall. The owners also claim that the ghosts of John Sage, a former torturer, and of Lady Mary Berkeley haunt the castle. Guests have reported hearing screams for help and doors slamming mysteriously.

John Sage is most famous for being the Castle Torturer of Chillingham Castle circa 1200 AD. Sage, a minor celebrity of his time, was formerly a soldier of King Edward 'Longshanks' and was said to have succeeded in reaching the rank of Lieutenant before being injured by a spear to his leg. Subsequently, he earned the nickname 'Dragfoot' and was awarded the infamous torturer position for which he became known. He was known to of buried a young boy alive in the wall in the Pink Room, and then he placed bricks over him. He also hanged people inside of a cage until they starved to death.

Sage worked for Longshanks as the castle's torturer for three years, within which he was rumored to torture upwards of 50 people a week. His favorite torture device was said to be the cage, inside which he would enclose a victim and place over a fire. Other torture methods included boiling alive, the iron maiden and the use of an oubliette.

In the torture room, which still exists today, fully equipped, there is also a torture rack. It was upon this rack that Sage strangled his lover, Elizabeth Charlton, during intercourse in order to heighten her sexual pleasure, which consequently killed her. The father of Elizabeth was a Border Reiver, one of many clan leaders and local outlaws, who threatened Edward Longshanks with an allied attack with the Scots against the castle if Sage was not put to death.

Due to the tense political climate of the time, the Scots would be strong when rallied with the Reivers, and coupled with the fact that Longshanks had little money after fighting the Scottish, he called for Sage to be hanged.

The torture chamber in the castle is not the original torture chamber (the location is elsewhere in the castle) and the equipment and weaponry such as the axe that killed the children (an unproven unlikely event) are also nothing to do with the original castle.

He was hanged from a tree along the Devil's Mile (also known as the Devil's Walk) within the grounds of Chillingham Castle in front of a large crowd. As was common at public hangings, the crowd cut off souvenirs from Sage's body, including his toes, fingers, testicles, and nose, as he was still alive. It is not known how long Sage survived after the mutilation occurred.

According to American television show 'Scariest Places on Earth': "his body was dismembered and buried at a crossroad so his ghost wouldn't know the way to heaven, and would therefore choose the road to hell."


Haunted DVDs
Chillingham Castle has its own DVD, featuring Richard Felix from TV's “Most Haunted”. Cost £15.00, plus £2.50 postage. Please call 01668 215359, or email enquiries@chillingham-castle.com to purchase your copy.

A tour of the haunted areas of the Castle and grounds.

Tours all year round, by arrangement.

Price: £20.00 per person

Start: 8.00p.m.

Tours last approx 2 hours, depending on psychic activity.

Portrait of Lady Berkeley

The haunted portrait ghost photo of of Lady Berkeley Many believe that the faces of actual ghosts often appear when photos of it are taken. But you must ask permission of the ghost to take their photos.

This magnificent 12th century stronghold is located just twenty minutes from the Seaside and the home of Sir Humphry Wakefield and his family, became 'base-camp' for the 1298 conquering attack on William Wallace by "Hammer of the Scots", King Edward 1st. Wallace had raided the previous year, burning the women and children to death in the local abbey. The Castle was given permission to add battlements by King Edward III in 1344 . The Elizabethans added 'Long Galleries' and Capability Brown designed the park in 1752. The glorious Italian garden was laid out in the 19th century by Sir Jeffrey Wyatville, fresh from his royal triumphs at Windsor Castle. Royal visits from 1200s to this century, and winner of many architectural awards. The Castle is now open to the public and also available for weddings, private functions, tours and has self catering apartments. It is ideally situated for exploring the breathtaking Northumbrian countryside, located 10 miles from the coast and around 70 miles from both Newcastle and Edinburgh. 


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