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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Doobie Brothers - "Listen To The Music"

Are the actual dead playing yours or their favorite song just to get your attention?   

By Sandy Cooper

From the one hit wonders to the song you just can't get out of your head many believe that it is a ghost trying to tell you something!

It has come to an understanding in our lives that music and songs that they play a very important part in everyone's life. A melody or emotional lyrics can create strong communications between living individuals just by hearing a few notes. Thus by conveying a thought an emotion that we just can't put into words. Many today who listen to the sounds from a Frank's box often report hearing snippets of music that mean something to them alone. And they believe the song has special meaning for them that conveys a message.

Music touches our psyche and man can actually tell you where they were or who they were with when they first heard a song being played. So it was believed that during actual victorian Séances that the songs or melodies played drew actual ghosts to the sitting.

SEANCE MUSIC How it works.

This may be a strong point in the plot that music was the key to calling the ghosts of Elvira to appear. For the most part of the movie Blithe Spirit is accurate but with comedic over tones. But please watch closely it actually tells you the true Victorian Music assoiciation with ghosts hearing music and coming to the source. So it seems here that melodies songs plays a big part in summoning the dead.

Blithe Spirit (1945) is a British fantasy comedy film directed by David Lean. The screenplay by Lean, Anthony Havelock-Allan, Ronald Neame, and Noël Coward is based on Coward's 1941 play of the same name. Its title is derived from the line "Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! Bird thou never wert" in the poem "To a Skylark" by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Seeking material for his fictional exposé of a criminal psychic, novelist Charles Condomine (Harrison) invites eccentric medium Madame Arcati (Rutherford) to his home to conduct a séance. As Charles, his bride Ruth (Cummings), and their guests the Bradmans restrain their laughter, Madame Arcati performs peculiar rituals and speaks with a propensity for clichés. Upon its conclusion, Arcati obviously is concerned about an unexpected turn the session has taken, although the author and his guests are dubious anything extraordinary occurred.


Unknown to everyone, Madame Arcati has accidentally summoned the spirit of Charles' first wife Elvira (Hammond) during the séance, (by playing her favorite song, Always, at which he flinches everythime it is stressed it be played) whose voice Charles can now hear, and Arcati faints during her trance. After Madame Arcati and the Bradmans have left, and Ruth has retired for the night, Elvira takes visual form. Charles, who is the only person capable of seeing Elvira, becomes both dismayed and amused by her sudden and unexpected presence. Complications ensue when Ruth becomes aware of the presence of the ghost; Elvira behaves as a poltergeist.

Eventually, the author’s fascination wanes — especially when he learns Elvira has been plotting his early demise. But the spirit miscalculates and ends up dispatching Ruth instead, after which Charles is haunted by both wives.

Though initially unable to help, and offended when Ruth tells her of Charles' motives, Madame Arcati uncovers a means to rid his household of both spirits. She appears to be successful "AT FIRST" when the Edith, the maid CLARKE, Jacqueline, comes in the room in a deep trance and sings "Always" and they seem to fade away , who turns out to be psychic and can see both deceased women. It soon becomes obvious one or both spirits have remained in the house. He quickly decides to escape the premises, but the plot to bring Charles into the spirit world has continued; his escape fails and he joins Elvira and Ruth as a spirit.



Director David Lean's delicious adaptation of Noel Coward's comedy stars Rex Harrison as celebrated novelist Charles Condomine, a newly married man haunted by his long-dead first wife. When a medium and Charles' new wife try to send her back, they don't realize she has devised a scheme to keep Charles with her forever.

Charles Condomine HARRISON, Rex
Ruth Condomine CUMMINGS, Constance
Elvira Condomine HAMMOND, Kay
Madame Arcati RUTHERFORD, Margaret
Mrs Violet Bradman CAREY, Joyce
Edith, the maid CLARKE, Jacqueline
Dr George Bradman WAKEFIELD, Hugh

Noel Coward's favorite play was certainly a departure for David Lean, best known for adapting Dickens in the '40s. While it's the director's only comedy, the result is a delightful gem. Rex Harrison is an acerbic author haunted by the ghost of first wife Elvira (Kay Hammond), who tries to seduce him all over again. This throws his second wife (Constance Cummings) into a panic, second-guessing her lack of passion. It's a celestial sex romp that hasn't lost its bite. Margaret Rutherford, as always, steals the show as the sardonic medium. --Bill Desowitz

DVD features
This DVD edition was mastered from a mediocre film element, depriving us of the original Technicolor hues. Too bad, since the film won an Oscar in 1946 for its dazzling special effects (Elvira glows in green!). --Bill Desowitz

As with most of Coward’s work, Blithe Spirit is renowned for its dialogue. During an argument with Ruth, Charles declares, "If you're trying to compile an inventory of my sex life, I feel it only fair to warn you that you've omitted several episodes. I shall consult my diary and give you a complete list after lunch." The line, considered extremely risqué by censors, was deleted from the US release.[1]

Although it received positive critical reviews, the film was a box office failure on both sides of the Atlantic. Coward himself was dissatisfied with the result, reportedly asking Lean, who initially had resisted directing a comedy, "How the hell did you fuck up the best thing I ever did?" The film though, is widely regarded as a classic now.

1 Vermilye, Jerry, The Great British Films. Secaucus, New Jersey: Citadel Press 1978. ISBN 080650661X, pp. 79-81

Many haunting's today are governed by special paranormal laws that many still do not fully understand but often fully noted. The fact that ghosts sounds often fill recorders of those searching for EVP's might just contain a small piece of music or words to a song often go to far over looked. Many have reported over the years of hearing their piano's or guitars playing in the other room only to discover that no one is playing them. And that is no one that is really alive.

We have all heard of the many reports told over the years of haunted piano's mysteriously playing out old tunes. My neighbors Piano can often be heard playing old tunes in the middle of then night. Not only are they frightened by the haunted piano they are at wits end at what to actually do about it. The baby grand piano was a Christmas gift for their daughter who so wanted one. An aging Aunt gave it to her. The history of the piano is unknown because it came from a thrift store. I myself have heard it and plan to investigate it very soon with a group of paranormal investigators from a nearby town. But the only thing the ghost does is play 5 noted. that to as song we do not know. Basically the ghost is playing a game of name that tune. So we have recorded the notes and are trying to match them up to old song.

The notes are G - C - D -C - G. The the not so random notes are played sometimes one every 10- 15 minutes apart. But the piano regardless always plays these notes loud sharp and clearly.

In music we hide our souls at times believing that a song we hear has a special meaning to us. Be it the words or just a part of the lyrics or the sound of a song and how it makes us feel. I personally see this as

Many during the Victorian era played solemnly old dirges or the favorite music of the deceased to entice them to come and communicate with them. As of today I as well as many others in the field have witnessed many paranormal sensitive people that say the place they are investigating brings a song to mind. Or they hear faint music they cannot understand.

A recent theory I have been researching is that if ghost are attracted to the electrical equipment we are carrying around us with us. I have debated with a few over the years that the lack of sunspot activity we have right now is effecting actual haunting's and ghosts. In many cases the lack of great electrical energies from the sun are turning them the ghost that haunt us in to electrical seeking vampire entities

Because of this ghosts are using everything they can at their disposal to lure us as prey and suck us in and get the attention and electric magnetic energy they need to survive as ghosts, and not transcend to being full spirits.

I believe that once a ghost sheds it's earthly bonds it then becomes a spirit and rises either to better rewards or the pit of endless suffering. I also believe that the sounds that vibrations that music causes is also a tool ghosts use to lure us to them. Ether by really playing the piano or just by causing us to think we heard the sounds.


Many stores that sell DVD's and Music seem to be more haunted then others. where a large store would be haunted it seems more strange things happen in the music section then any other part of the store. I have a friend who has worked in small music stores and large retail ones as well. He told me that it seems the music department always has more drama occurring then any other part of the store. More thefts and more even strange individuals haunt the isles.

He even worked in the music department of a couple of book stores and tells me that Ghostly goings on seem to occur their and might be more noticeable because book stores are like library's when it come to quiet. Dvd's seem to jump out of the racks as do music CD's. \Also things have a way of disappearing and showing up when least expected.

BlockBuster Ghost - The best bloopers are a click away 

Birthday Ghost

Here's the Jason Hunter Core song he wrote to a ghost that forever haunts him on her birthday. The song tells of her 30th birthday, the actual day she passed into the other world, and what he does to celebrate it each year. Core's song has been said by many to attract the ghost it is written about to them also where ever they live... Core wrote the song to her and she started haunting him to this day.

Colleen the ever beautiful blond ghost girl in the song is said by some to make her presence felt when ever or where ever it is played. Especially on her birthday July 3rd and if you don't have a present for her they say look out because she will haunt you until you to get her one.

Click here to listen to it NOW or download it here.



Jason Hunter Core - Guitars, Vocals, Song Writer
Jason Hunter Core- Bass
Jason hunter Core- Drums
Jason Hunter Core- Keyboards

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We might as well finish out with the Doobie Brothers it's only fitting.



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