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Ghost Research Society investigates ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal.

By Gina Lanier

In the field of paranormal research one must question everything. From what a person see's. To what another person believes in.

We who investigates ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal often loose sight of how haunted individuals really feel and what reactions the ghosts have on them once the said investigation is done. It seems like too many investigators start with certain assumptions about what 'ghosts are spirits' can and cannot do. But what we find are always exceptions to the rules.

We should be aware as living beings that we effect the world around us. We also effect the ghosts we come in contact with as well as they effect us to different degrees. Often people search out others believed to be true Ghost Stories. This we know offers people the opportunity to relate their own ghostly experiences. But we must realize that what stories we hear might be muddle with a persons fears or imaginative narratives.

We are all out for the strange thrills and chills but so are the ghosts. The haunted paranormal roller coaster ride they take you into is in what one might expect a real excursion into the twilight zone.

But the problem with any ghost hunting is, it is, an emotional intense situation. People full of fear, hard edged skeptisism. And of course ego's of the living and the dead.

Facts are that many paranormal explorers quicly brush off the seriousness of the matter at hand if the haunting does not haunt up to their expectations. Many paranormal groups will tell you it is hard to discern the really haunted from those that are just pulling your leg at times. So they trust no one. From this, the only effectiveness is often a paranormal group or team relying more on solving local haunted urban legends then helping those that really need help.

The first question a good Paranormal research should ask themselves the team and their clients and the ghosts is... "Are you on drugs?"

After that is established, this, then so begins the journey to pure evil and hell. Many paranormal groups fall apart because of all the Alpha ghost hunters struggling for dominance.

How many times do you disbelieve someone and think they are playing games on you, or, are they just sick in the head?

Paranormal Research has become very popular over the past few years and whether we believe it or not there or those ghosts or spirits that openly do what they can to perpetrate what we might take as a fraud on the living people they come in contact with. That is to say that the real ghosts we hunt are punking us. And sometimes even the members of your own team is doing the same to you.

We as what we call real paranormal investigators, are the ones who must openly strive to prove the existence of ghosts. We do this by using scientific methods and to educate ourselves and the general public on the paranormal. By mounting today many many paranormal investigation and research into the same haunted places. New light is being shed on these urban legends and the stories that have told by those before us. We might be finding out someone faked it or that therir is more there in this real haunted house then meets the eye.

Most ghost haunted individuals feel alone. They believe that it is their imagination playing real tricks on them. As you may surmise they wonder if madness or insanity is taking hold. So they search for answers that fall into the category of paranormal research. Usually today they contact you by phone or email. Think about the haunted person who is telling you something that they really fear to state. how weird things are goin on in what they believe is the most horrible scariest paranormal event ever to take place. Do you deem them legit by a sorted email that that you receive?

I have found over the years that usually 2 out of 10 consecutive investigations that's more often just a case of an over active imaginations. 1 in 15 is someone out to play you off as a joke.

3 in 10 Or just those the lack common sence or maturity. They just seem to be people who have convincened themselves that since they saw it it on TV it is happening to them. Or boarderline mental problems beging to surface. so these we need educate that the none common sense is to see and realize it's not ghosts.

And we know always that stranger things can always go wrong.

But the strange weird truth of it is, what if the ghost has become dormant? Or is in some way fully aware of the investigation and wants no part of it.

The rules of paranormal investigations should not change from case to case but as we all know the actions of ghosts will vary from haunting to haunting. No two ghosts ever react or respond to the same tests or techniques you might use. Though from what we see on television that becomes irrelevant.

As does the credo we hold to that is to help individuals, families and businesses who are experiencing what they believe to be real hauntings and make it stop or help them understand what's going on if not to just dispel their personal fears. It seems too many groups just verify locations so the business or the person becomes the center of attention. Ghost hunting is making celebrities out of ghosts and vise versa.

The Lalaurie house here in New Orleans is the most realest haunted house in America. It has doomed all it's owners some say and is cursed. But the curse is it brings you notoriety. It keeps the ghost in the public eyes. It keeps them famous and their name always in the publics eye. the bigger the mysterious the haunting the more curiosity grows.

There are ghosts that love to talk and those that don't. Ghosts often try to give messages through EVP's or so the belief is put forth.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh in her Paranormal testing and reviews of such things as Frank's Box, and many other supposed EVP or equipment to communicate with the dead, has come to the early conclusion she believes "If your going to hear ghosts in all that you research." Then you might just begin to believe the lies they tell."" "So then that's when the paranormal becomes normal to them."

She goes on to relate:

"In many cases the ghost is just vocally grabbing attention.""It will say anything to disturb you." "Then again there or those that won't talk or make sounds." "These ghosts are often just a known presence or intense feeling of real dread associated with the haunted location."

"Talking to the Dead and they Talk Back!"

To often people realize that the strange ghost stories told by children are more truth then just an imagination gone wild. If you listen carefully to their stories you might see patterns of how the haunting takes hold or reacts to different situations. A child tells you an invisible friend says no to something, or tells you through the child a special message. Do you believe that a ghost is really communicating through them to you ?

Some up standing individuals will tell you how they hear the dead speaking clearly to them in their ears or thoughts transfer in their own heads. They are not psychics, just their dead loved one started talking to them and has not stopped.

Do you deem them crazy as they tell you what the ghost says to tell you ? Do you think this person is nuts?

Yes we all must stand up and challenge things with a solid degree of skepticism about paranormal activity that others report to us. Not all those that report ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal occurrences that they experience are true. And the proof they offer us as evidence is always debated in long discussions. It seems everyone today in the supernatural community have often have had what they thought were their own extensive personal encounters. Many today only will hunt for real ghosts until it finally scares them to the point of running away from it. What is meant by this is they either get bored because the cannot find or prove to themselves that what they first encountered expeirenced was better then what they are discovering now. Still others push on trying to reach the ultimate haunting of all times.

And don't forget the other teams that scrutinize their vids on Youtube or Paranormal Investigation Team web sites.

You get to a point where you look at so many ghost pictures, listen to EVP's and watch hours of video of haunted locations that they either start all looking real or you believe them all to be faked. Even though you might just take a complete professional scientific approach. Trusting your own gut feelings must be taken into account.

And that is because you realize that the persons who tell you they have encountered a real ghost, or had a paranormal experience that is all their very own. You understand that's when the real research begins.

You must start by questioning someone and getting to know them intimately. Because if you don't you will never know the real ghosts that haunts them.





Rosemary Ellen Guiley Official website - Visionary Living

Aussie Ghosts




Welcome to my site. My name is John Zaffis. I have over 30 years of         studying and investigating the paranormal. I have the resources   and       experience to help people in need and to spread the word of   the   reality     of the supernatural. Within this site, you will find   many   sources of     information to help you understand the realm of   the   supernatural.

PRSNE do not charge for conducting an investigation. They will ask for travel reimbursement, which can include gas, airline tickets, phone and tolls. They generally travel by car whenever possible to keep the costs to a minimum. Due to the reality that there are always those who can not financially reimburse this amount, the fee will vary on case by case basis. If you would like more information please feel free to call 1-203-375-6083

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