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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan







Bowling Centers haunted? If you know me then you will also know I am not one to slam personal claims when it comes to paranormal events unless they defy logic or seem to be for the plain and simple attempt to make money by being fake or to help feed some need for attention.You may be asking yourself "what the hell does this guy know about bowling" .

Answer- I grew up in bowling centers, my parents were avid bowlers and I bowled myself for years. These days I work in a bowling center and have for over 20 years. I have been in bowling centers across the country, hundreds of them. I have seen what people would consider paranormal activity and at one time I believed it was.

 My mechanics would tell the story of a ghost who walked behind the pinsetters, a ghost named Chris since there was no way to know if it was male or female. It was a vision seen in their peripheral vision and when they turned to see it the figure would disappear. There was no one killed in the center where I work and the old fairy tale of the mechanic who was killed by a bowling ball to the head is rarely if ever true, Usually mechanics are crushed by the moving machinery.That had never happened here either, unless you count fingers.


I am one of the people who saw this "ghost" I had seen it in several centers, it was always the same. Something would appear to be moving towards me from the corner of my vision. When I looked to see who or what it was the figure would be gone, the feeling of being in some kind of danger would pass though a little bit sloweR. After seeing this ghost so many times in so many centers it became something I would mostly ignore.

Doing an Internet radio show has allowed me to learn a great many thing on a great many subjects. One subject that has always fascinated me is the way sound effects people's feelings. We have all heard about the brown note ( look it up please this is a clean story) There are Celtic hallways that were said to be designed to produce a low sound that would cause any visitors to feel as if they were in danger or being watched or just a general sense of uneasiness.It was a type of theft prevention system.


When I read about that it reminded me of the feeling that came with the sighting of my bowling center spirit. Looking into the subject further I discovered not only can certain sounds make you feel strange, vibrations which often accompany such sounds can cause you to get the impression of some kind of figure just out of your normal line of sight. Air conditioners are notorious for causing deep bass and strong vibrations which are often echoed because of the unit being located on the top of the building. Bowling Centers can have 30 units sitting on the top of the building. When entering a bowling center you will notice the large, open area it contains. The space between the lanes and the ceiling is void of any material that would dampen those sounds and vibrations in a retail or other type of building.

Pin-setting machines are also known to have many parts that cause vibrations. Vibrations sometimes will actually cause nuts and bolts to un-thread themselves so a special type of lock-nut must be used which has a slightly oval hole instead of perfectly round.The design helps stop the machine from vibrating apart.

The open-air environment which can be found in almost every bowling center causes even the slightest sound to echo and or become distorted and strange.When you hear a sound that you have never heard before it often will turn on the switch in your brain that causes you to try and imagine where the sound came from. If that same sound caused your fight or flee response your brain is most likely going to imagine something bad as the creator  of the ominous sound, something scary like say, a ghost.


I was almost disappointed when I learned of this natural response which had been causing me to see what had kind of become my harmless haunting friend, Chris. The reasoning made too much sense and had been proved true in too many instances for me to discount it though.

Now I would have to improve my game without any help from beyond the grave.

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Reapsow first emerged into the paranormal in 2007, when he stepped in to defend a friend who was being attacked by the late Paranormal Police. This is where his gift to write, along with his ability to bring stupidity to the surface with a comedic flare, that he began to build a name for himself. He stood up for those being unjustly crucified, and spoke his mind, and people liked this new insight into the community. People quickly learned that Reap had a way of capturing your attention that no one had ever done before. People had begun to flock to his blogs, and his popularity grew in the community. This opened up the door to Reapsowradio which had begun to air in October of 2007.



 The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters,broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.


The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters, broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.

  We mix quality talk radio with a variety of quality music to
make for always enjoyable Internet radio.





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