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A haunted condo real ghost photo?

A Real haunted condo In Galveston, Texas. This ghost Photo was taken after hurricane Ike.

The electric lights turn on and off and constantly flicker. Strange sounds of someone in your home, noisy loud footsteps and no ones home but you. Crashes and bangs and the voices of mumbled whispers. Items that you just had in your hands seconds a go disappear only to be found in the strangest of places. Photos taken in all area's of the spacious floor plan usually show strange blurs and glowing orbs, and you know your never alone.

It's all natural when you live in a real haunted condo.


By Gregg Hampton

Condos yes can be haunted by real ghosts. many locations that have been turned into condominium cheap living quarters such as old factories hospitals or even apartment buildings do come with many ghosts and a few more stranger haunted phenomena's to boot.


A condominium, or condo, is the form of housing tenure and other real property where a specified part of a piece of real estate (usually of an apartment house) is individually owned while use of and access to common facilities in the piece such as hallways, heating system, elevators, exterior areas is executed under legal rights associated with the individual ownership and controlled by the association of owners that jointly represent ownership of the whole piece. Colloquially, the term is often used to refer to the unit itself in place of the word "apartment". A condominium may be simply defined as an "apartment" that the tenant "owns" as opposed to rents. but in a haunted condo it just might be a ghost that owns the spot where you live.

Luxury Condo Evicts 211 Deceased Residents - Gothamist: New York ...

A Brooklyn church yesterday cleared out the remains of 211 corpses that had been buried for more than a century in an adjacent crypt to help pave the way for a controversial luxury condo complex.

The 109-year-old United Methodist Church in Bay Ridge is under contract to sell its church and grounds along Fourth Avenue for $9.75 million to developer Abe Batech, who wants to replace it with a six- to seven-story condo project.

Luxury Condo Evicts 211 Deceased Residents ... but will any future residents dare sign a lease on what's certain to be a haunted condo? ...

gothamist.com/2008/04/25/luxury_condo_ev.php - 77k

Ghosts can haunt a location doing many things. From continue to work if the condo was once a factory. Or even relive it's death scenario over and over just where your bed happens to be positioned. Many individuals who buy today's condos are not aware that tragedy's have happened and often wonder why their newly designed digs might just be decorated with ecto mist, orbs and other strange paranormal phenomena.

In the recent months have you seen here in Canada several ads for haunted apartments, homes and even condos for sale or rent. I know I have and seems not to cause a decrease in the money one might pay. Which was once hard to move property is certianly becoming the most aought after.

The sale and search for haunted houses and condos to buy has really jumped in the last 5 years. As well as Haunted places, building, hotels and anywhere a real ghost may stay or haunt.


This is the whole account of my Black Ghost Encounter in a condo building in Pasay City. First, I took the video from where the lady ghost appeared in photos, and from that point at the end of the hallway turned back and took shots. Maybe you could see shadows or whatever image but listen carefully with the sound in the footage, steps in the background, wailing girl's voice and gasping breath. No alterations, no audio or visual effects, no modifications in the photos just circled the ghost and put some arrows pointing to the anomalous image. Recommended use of headset while viewing and listening the footage to hear the sound.
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The difference between a condominium and an apartment is purely legal: there is no way to know a condo from an apartment simply by looking at or visiting the building. What defines a condominium is the form of ownership. The same building developed as a condominium (and sold as individual units to different owners) could actually be built someplace else as an apartment building (the developers would retain ownership and rent individual units to different tenants).

Canada as many paranormal experts will tell you has many ex industrial locations turned to expensive condo's and very very haunted.

A recent Canadian Poltergeist Case pays homage to what a condo might have included in purchasing one. The occupants of an old factory turned condo often came home to having all their furniture rearranges as well as items disappearing and strange foreign items appearing in it;s place. Supposedly after several calls to the police a hand gun appeared in the condo's fridge as well as dead fish in their bathtub.

A condo can be a stigmatized property also. Many neglect when purchasing a condo to check into the building or areas haunted past. If You happen to live in a high rise condo in the middle of a great city. Then you should beware if your building is on a ghost tour. That's a sure sign that your condo is haunted says Henna Walters a condo owner in Canada. "I found this out coming home one night as 20 people stood out front and asked if they could come in and see the ghosts." She said.

Condominium is the legal term used in the United States and in most provinces of Canada. In Australia and the Canadian province of British Columbia it is referred to as strata title. In Quebec the term "divided co-property" (French: co-propriété divisée) is used, although the colloquial name remains 'condominium'. In England and Wales the equivalent is commonhold, a form of ownership introduced in 2004 and still uncommon in most places. In France the equivalent is called Copropriété (co-ownership), usually managed by the Syndic.

Many people usually don't ask if the condo is haunted when purchasing it. the older the building the more frequent buyers should know instinctively that their new digs might just be haunted by a real ghost.

Technically, a condominium is a collection of individual home units along with the land upon which they sit. Individual home ownership within a condominium is construed as ownership of only the air space confining the boundaries of the home (Anglo-Saxon law systems; different elsewhere). The boundaries of that space are specified by a legal document known as a Declaration, filed of record with the local governing authority. Typically these boundaries will include the drywall surrounding a room, allowing the homeowner to make some interior modifications without impacting the common area. Anything outside this boundary is held in an undivided ownership interest by a corporation established at the time of the condominium’s creation. The corporation holds this property in trust on behalf of the homeowners as a group–-it may not have ownership itself.

The primary attraction to this type of ownership is the ability to obtain affordable housing in a highly desirable area that typically is beyond economic reach. Additionally, such properties benefit from having restrictions that maintain and enhance value, providing control over blight that plagues some neighborhoods. Major American cities, including, Gettysburg, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Galveston Texas, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., have abundant condo development. And many might just be really haunted!

A close realtor I happen to know has actually said that more individuals seem to be wanting to rent buy or investigate haunted houses for sale. She says today many are afraid to say a home is haunted not because someone does not want to buy it. But because more people want to investigate the property for it's real ghosts. She told me she gets at least 3 - 4 calls a week asking if any houses or condos or for sale with a real ghost, and could they (the ghost hunters) on the other end of the phone could come and investigate it before it sells.

Those of you that live in a haunted condo know that the ghosts that effect your daily life or mortem then just the run of the mill casper types. From frightening apparitions that bay, moan and scream in death throws of pain. To the ghost that slap you or accosts you when you go to the bathroom. Many haunted condo owners often feel threatened or at dismay at what to do.

A real ghost in a condo in India has many individuals in fear of their lives. Condominiums are more commonly known as "flats" in India. This type of housing is very common in larger cities like Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Bangalore and Chennai (Madras) but are not commonly found in rural areas. In India, they are registered as "co-operative housing society" rather than condominiums in that the owners actually have a share of the co-op and not the actual real estate itself. Owners can sell the "share" in the open market, but they must receive approval from the co-op to complete the transaction.

Many who move into haunted India's haunted flats often seem to be stuck with the ghosts unless they can pawn it off to another unsuspecting buyer. The only worse thing that often then not occurs is the ghost moves with the owner.

Living with things that go bump in the night
A&E takes a look at paranormal activity in city condo building
By Lindsay Sauvageau Lsauvageau@leominsterchamp.com
"When you first realize something's going on, you're in disbelief and then you live in disbelief every day because you want to debunk everything, you hope you're not crazy. There's always a logical explanation and then, when there's not, it's probably paranormal."


In Singapore, "Condo" or "Condominium" are terms used for housing buildings with some special luxury features like security guards, swimming pools or tennis courts. Most Housings without such features are built by the governmental Housing Development Board ("HDB"), and such HDB units can be possessed for rent or individually bought from the government. Since the two categories Condo and HDB make up the overwhelming majority of available residential housing in the country, it often comes as a surprise to locals that other options do exist.

Haunted Apartment in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur Things started to get creepy as the weeks and months passed by. My personal experience was pretty creepy. Not being able to sleep one night, I sat outside watching television and playing a guitar in the dim light of the living room. Most of my friends were fast asleep by then as it was 3am and some of them had to go about their business the next morning. I took the decision to sleep outside seeing that my room was pretty stuffy and humid. My two other roommates were fast asleep inside the room I shared with them. I took my pillow and blanket out, arranged the guitar and leaned it against the side of the sofa that I was sleeping on. All of sudden while I was staring blankly, I heard the guitar strings make a sound. I thought it could be a lizard that dropped down, but the strings we’re playing like as if somebody was plucking them. It went on for a minute or so before I took off and slept in my own room, not even looking behind. That, was only the beginning.

The second incident happened to a visiting friend of mine during a house party we had a month after that. My room was empty and everyone else was outside the pool area. I was meanwhile pretty busy mingling around the swimming pool quite far off from the house. After a while, I went to my room to cool down for a bit and when I opened the door I realized my friend was there. The look on his face was pure shock. He looked pale. For a long moment he did not even utter a word and as I made my way in, he just kept staring at me. I asked him what was wrong and he just replied asking me to go out with him. He did not tell me anything for the next few days until I asked again. Apparently he was inside reading magazines with the intention of cooling himself off as well and when he entered the room he looked into the corner (where my bed was) and saw a figure under my blanket, which he immediately thought it was me. He told me he thought I had too much drinks and was probably sleeping it off and he didn’t mind accompanying me. In any case, that was what he thought until the time I entered my room. Who was that figure on my bed?

Nothing particularly interesting happened for a few months after that until one day my room mate who is also my classmate when to class with me looking pale. I asked him what was wrong. He told me not to be spooked out and told me that he woke up in the middle of yesterday night all of a sudden, and looked around the room and as he turned to my direction he saw a huge shadow at the foot of my bed. He had tried to scream to wake everyone up in the room but he said he was not able to utter a single scream and it lasted for quite awhile before he could physically get up.

The last incident that happened was when another friend of mine stayed over in my room. The foot of the bed that he slept on was directly facing the toilet and you could see the bathroom sink and mirror. He related to us that early in the morning around 5am he woke up suddenly and sat up, and to his horror, saw a reflection of an old lady staring at him in the mirror.

Curious, we decided to ask the security guards there about our little apartment, if they had experienced or had any information about anything at all. They weren’t surprised. They said since it was an old and hilly area the place is bound to be dirty. We found out that a few doors down from us, a man had committed suicide half a year ago before we moved in. No one has rented that particular unit or the surrounding unit, including the one we were staying in. All they advised us was not to walk alone at night, as it can get surprisingly dark even with the corridors lighted up.

Haunted Houses and Apartments are nothing new by any means . And the fact that a condo no matter how new it is still fits the bill as being one of the most haunted places to live anywhere in the world.

From the time of Roman apartments and even back to the days of The cave man the places where man decides to live is usually haunted by the unseen dead.

Also please see: The Significance of 3:AM by Demonologist Kenneth Deel


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You say You Don't You Believe In Real Ghosts And Haunting's?