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Ohio’s Haunted History

Ohios Haunted History

By Sherri Brake-Recco

Artwork Ricardo Pustanio

Normally when one hears of haunted locations, the state of Ohio does not make the list. Ohio truly has its share of spooky buildings, odd destinations and ghostly towns. Many years ago Ohio was considered the great Northwest Territory, an unknown land of rolling fields, meandering rivers, and dense forests. Many settlers had not pushed west of the boundary lines imposed by our young growing country. Those that did were often met with Native America Indian resistance, frontier slayings, massacres and vicious diseases that crippled the growing population.

Ohio has been home to 7 Presidents, the Wright Brothers, and Thomas Edison. The Buckeye state is also home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Pro Football Hall of Fame . Ohio has supplied the nation with cars, steel, rubber, various crops and dairy products. Ohio has also supplied us with whispered legends of Cry Baby Bridges, vacant orphanages where children are still heard and seen, headless horses and horsemen, haunted cemeteries ,UFO sightings and even Bigfoot. The Buckeye State also boats the highest concentration of Pagans in the nation. It’s a state full of oddities, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night!

Ohio boasts 24 Cry Baby Bridges where the legends are basically the same. Stand on a bridge late at night and listen for the baby to cry. Most of the legends mention a woman, usually a local witch, who drowns her baby on purpose. Some legends state you must stand on the bridge at night on the stroke of midnight- others are not so precise and any time of the night suffices but it must be a full moon.

Bigfoot sightings and UFO report also grace the buckeye state by the hundreds. Ohio is mentioned in many Top 10 lists as one of the most active UFO states and Bigfoot sightings in America. As a matter of fact Director Stephen Spielberg used an Ohio UFO sighting report as a scene in the movie “Close Encounters”. Remember the scene where the cop car followed the UFO and drive off a cliff in a curve?

Any curious person is probably asking the question “Why is Ohio so odd and haunted?”. The answer can probably be attributed to the fact that Ohio has many Ley Lines which are invisible lines of earth energy. The Native Americans could feel this energy allegedly and therefore put burial grounds, villages and the main trails upon these areas of energy. It’s a popular theory in the paranormal field that energy enhances paranormal activity. If so would Ohio’s multiple Ley Lines help paranormal events to occur and influence haunting in may areas?

Next time that you travel across Ohio, take time to get off the well traveled paths of the concrete highways. Jump on a back road and head into the outskirts of any town. Pull off the road and wait till the sun sinks and shadows deepen. You never know what you might experience! Ohio, the HAUNT of it all!

Sherri Brake-Recco


Sherri Brake-Recco owner of Haunted Heartland Tours in NE Ohio, leads a yearly average of 110 haunted tours. Haunted Heartland Tours is Ohio's only year round haunted tour company. Events offered are Haunted History Walks of Canal Fulton Ohio, haunted dinners, paranormal classes, nighttime cemetery walks, and haunted bus tours. She is the official instructor of Ghost Hunting classes at the West Virginia Pen in Moundsville West Virginia as well as instructing classes in various Ohio locations. Sherri's events and tours take people thru Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Sherri is featured in John Kachuba's Ghosthunters book by New Page Books and Haunted Ohio by Emmis Books. She has filmed with PBS and the Travel Channel and is currently working on 2 paranormal themed books while living in an unhaunted house. (Too bad!)

Haunted Heartland Tours www.HauntedHistory.net

Welcome to Ohio's only year round haunted history and ghost tour company! We average 100+ events per year. We base our tours and events on history and take pride in the fact we were voted into the                 nations Top 10 Best Ghost Tours for 2007 and 2008.

Rated in the Top 10 Best Ghost Tours of America 2007 and 2008 By Haunted America Tours