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Overnight ghost hunting?

by Martin Burns


Overnight ghost hunting?


If you watch any of the paranormal related programs on television, like "Ghost Hunters" on the SyFy channel, "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel, or any of the other ghost hunter programs on TV, then you might come away with the idea that these paranormal researcher teams can do a complete and thorough paranormal examination and investigation, in only one, single night. I'm not a ghost hunter or paranormal researcher myself, therefore I can't say with any degree of authority or certainty, that this is not possible. But somehow, to my way of thinking, I just can't understand how it would be possible to really do justice to a paranormal investigation in such a short period of time.


If ghosts are real, and I'm going to make an assumption for the sake of this article that they are, then these spirits are most likely the disincarnate souls of people, people no different than you or I, people who once walked the earth with a physical body.  Some of these ghosts or spirits, especially if they are newly deceased are probably confused as to their state of being, where they are, and what they are supposed to do next. I don't know anything about this realm of reality, and if it is real, then I don't think any other living human being does either.


To really research a supposedly haunted location and, to do a complete and thorough job of it in my opinion would take not a single night, not even a couple of nights. But could conceivably take a week or longer. I sincerely believe that it could take that amount of time to really investigate and get to the bottom of any potential paranormal activity or phenomena that may be present. I would think that the initial part of the investigation might be, as portrayed by these television ghost hunters, with a walk through by the investigators, using their hand held EMF meters and other instruments. But after that initial portion of the investigation is completed then I think that the next phase of the investigation would be to allow all the equipment, that is at the disposal of the paranormal research team to be set up, and let run continually, day and night for at least a week, with no interruptions, except only to change batteries or tapes and to perform any service the equipment may require. This would help prevent any human contamination, whether that contamination be accidental or intentional. And I do mean even in the day! Who says that paranormal activity happens only at 3:00 AM, or the witching hour?  If ghosts are real, then I believe they would most likely be active day and night. After all, I don't think they need to sleep, do they? I suppose it is possible that we may be more aware of them at night, simply because of our own brain activity and senses. Our brains and vision may have evolved, as a defense mechanism by primitive man to be more aware of any potential dangers or threats at night, and consequently our own senses may be more acutely aware of any unusual or paranormal type occurrences. However the problem is, our senses, in my opinion cannot be fully trusted at night, simply because the human body and brain evolved to be more alert and aware during the day. Human beings, by nature are not nocturnal creatures.


The biggest problem I see with doing an extended investigation of this sort, would be with the analyzing of all the video and audio evidence. Looking at many hours and days of audio and video evidence could be rather problematic for the persons actually doing the analyzing. To help prevent zoning out by the analyst or analysts, the amount of time actually viewing this evidence would need, by necessity, to be cut into many short sessions, and could possibly take several weeks in itself. But this just may be the price to be paid, to obtain a complete and thorough investigation. And I also believe that any evidence obtained in this manner would be much more compelling and credible.


Martin Burns




Martin Burns


I’ve lived in California most of my life, but was born in Michigan.  I’m 64 years old and just recently became interested in the paranormal after several unexplained paranormal type events happened in my own home.  I am somewhat of a skeptic and I am still not totally convinced in the reality of ghosts or any other paranormal type phenomena, but I am open-minded on this subject and that is why I created my website Ghosts!   Are they real?  The URL of the website is http://www.openmindedskeptic.net/ .