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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Paranormal Nights In Chicago Area Capone Building

al capones ghost
by Edward Shanahan

The location has been through different owners and one thing that has not changed, is the Spirits remain.

The Stag's Head in Willow Springs, IL.

The Stag's Head in Willow Springs, IL.

The building known as one time being a Capone place right outside of Chicago, is today a fantastic Irish pub and restaurant known as The Stag's Head in Willow Springs, IL.

I have been around for all the past owners and the most recent and with the recent owners as with the past, I'm providing paranormal nights at the location, with the next being on Saturday March 28th, 2010

The place is haunted, two paranormal books 'Voices from The Chicago Graves' and 'Encylopedia of Haunted Places'
have included my findings as a Spirit Feeler and what I felt in many of the areas in location. Recently the A&E TV show 'Paranormal Cops' showcased the location now The Stag's Head and confirmed also that it is haunted.

The feelings that I was able to pick up where so strong back in 2004 near what used to be the old furnace and at times it was what the Capone gang used to do to get individuals to talk, that for the first time and only time, I was drained so bad, I ended up in bed for two days afterwards.

urnace area - photo from 2004 by Edward Shanahan

Furnace area - photo from 2004 by Edward Shanahan

Also back in the time of Capone, the basement of the building had tunnels running to the woods and allegedly
individuals not friends of the Capone's gang, would be dragged from inside through the tunnels and into the woods.
Also tunnels ran across the street of Archer Avenue to the Willowbrook Ballroom and also in an area of the basement, it is said a body was buried and covered over.

Covered area of what used to be one of the tunnels - photo from 2004

Covered area of what used to be one of the tunnels - photo from 2004
by Edward Shanahan

Also in the attic, when a TV crew from England filmed Chicago Paranormal Author Ms. Ursula Bielski and I for a TV show in England (this was the time span before the owners of The Stag's Head and after the last owner before Stag's Head), at
the haunted Capone building and we went in to the attic and I started to feel and then described how at times individuals would of been hung from a chain that was attached to a large wooden center beam running the width of the ceiling and they
basically where tortured. Plus you also have the brothel area that is on the 2nd floor and a area that is haunted.

As I said this was a gambling hall and brothel back in the day of Capone. When the book Encyclopedia of Haunted Places came out in 2005, I also had a page of information in the book about the Ashbary Coffee House, about a mile east of the Capone building and in the information about the coffee house, I mentioned the paranormal findings there, basically the spirits of a family that included a little girl.

After the book came out in 2005, the owner at the time of the restaurant at Capone's building, started what I felt as being a tale
of how the little girl 'spirit' from Ashbary Coffee House would come over and play with a little boy 'spirit' named Adam in the Capone building. My reaction was 'WHAT?'

Haunted Hallway of the Brothel area - photo from 2004 by Edward Shanahan

Haunted Hallway of the Brothel area - photo from 2004 by Edward Shanahan

How did a brothel and gambling hall come to have a little boy 'spirit' from the time of Capone's brothel and gambling, running around and never before was mentioned or even felt by others until the book and my information about the coffee house came out and the owner then read it. Many people visiting the location after the story of the little boy spirit started, felt it was just that.

That is when I pulled away from participating with that owner in paranormal tours there, as it was his story and one I refused to repeat, as more of what was being said I felt became stories and I expressed this when the TV crew
from England came out to film Ursula and I, and we went into the room that was being said to be Adam's bedroom. Anger came over me by way of the Spirits of the building, as the Spirits where very angry over this story of a little boy named Adam and I expressed it for the TV crew.

The place has paranormal activity as do the woods behind it, as the woods is the very first place I did my Circle of Energy, but that area is a Spiritual area once occupied by Native Americans and why I have always been drawn to the woods behind The Stag's Head.

I'm very happy that the location has new owners, The Stag's Head is a great place and I have had tours there already. The one on Valentine's weekend filled up in 48hrs. Individuals can have a paranormal night there with just there family and friends and I will do what I do on paranormal nights and tours. Also I will be holding more paranormal nights for the general public.

The next Paranormal Night at The Stag's Head is March 28th, 2010.
For more details just go to Haunted Historic Locations:
Edward L. Shanahan

A Paranormal Spiritual Observer / Psychic House Parties / Seances
Conscious Channeling / Readings In The Round / Palm Reading
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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan
Edward L. Shanahan
Spiritual Observer - Psychic Reader - Paranormalist - Chicago land area.
Above photo was taken during 18th Psychometry reading for the day.

A Chicago Psychic Reader that has been written about in four book, with two published in 2009.
Has been in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune's Red Eye Newspaper 'Best Bet' section,
Time Out Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune's Weekend section, Southtown Star Newspaper,
News Harold Newspapers, WTTW TV, Orland Park Prairie Newspaper and other local papers.

Listed on City Psychics - Chicago and on Haunted America Tours 'Paranormal People'
Edward Shanahan on the TV show 'You and Me This Morning'
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