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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Ghosts: my passion, my calling, my life...

Ghosts and Paranormal Investigator PETE HAVILAND has been invited to speak at many local Texas colleges, libraries, business events and conferences focused on the paranormal world. Haviland so teaches classes on the subject.

With his conversational style, high energy and humor, he has always been a hit. If you would like to book Pete Haviland for your next engagement,or to speak to him about hauntings or ghost talk please call him directly Today: 281-446-2276 for availability on his 24 hour Ghost Hunters hotline.

Haviland is also a weekly co-host on Parahub Radio (parahub.org).

By Pete Haviland Founder of Texas' Lone Star Spirits

I drove my parents crazy when I was a child. I was always able to see and sense things of a paranormal nature. I drove them crazy with questions of which they had no answers.

My first significant experience occurred when I was 11 or 12 years old. I was watching a monster movie with my dog, I think the show was Frankenstein. My dog alerted and began to growl. I felt the chill in the air as a cold breeze drifted into the room. By this time my dog's hair was standing on end and she was growling at something on the stairs. I looked up the stairs to see my grandfather. He had a smile on his face like he was coming down for breakfast, but why was my dog acting like this? She knew him. My grandfather continued down the stairs and walked towards the hall closet – then vanished.

The significance was, that my grandfather had been deceased for about a year when he visited me that day. I was never scared of him in life and contrary to the cold air, seeing him again was a warm, welcome feeling for me, and I don't think my dog was too thrilled with it…..

Pete Haviland

My unanswered questions began to gel that night and that's when I began to seek out and learn everything I could about haunted areas and ghost stories. There was never a place I did not go, that I wasn't reading about the paranormal, ghost trains, murderous locations and all the while absorbing the ghosts viewpoint first and then the persons perspective on the event. I entered High School with a knowledge base that most might not have had (or didn't speak about.) A knowledge base of demonology, possessions, candle magic, psychic dreaming, mediumship, haunting's and about the people that studied them. Peter Green, D. Scot Rogo, Hans Holzer, Peter Underwood, The Warrens, Houdini and Harry Price to name a few. These were my teachers on what would develop my passion, my calling and my life.

I began to get together with friends with similar interests and we would try to help people that were having these issues. And at that point in my life, the only thing I could offer was to be a witness. Then an opportunity presented itself. I had heard about a house in our neighborhood where an elderly lady had been experiencing items being moved and sounds of items being dropped in her library. When she went to see what caused the commotion, she would find a book on the floor. I had heard through the grapevine of the activity and researched where the house was located. I figured, why not! I should put into practice what I had been studying and off I went. I introduced myself to the lady, that I will call Mrs. Smith, and we talked for a while. She originally thought I was asking to cut the lawn, but what saucers she had for eyes when I asked her about the rumors of her house. She was very receptive and we became really good friends. I would stop by after school and visit and we would talk about the bumping's. She would make me a glass of tea and a tuna sandwich and we would have a great time. This went on for a few weeks until I was looking for a job to make some extra money. So I could not spend as much time with Mrs. Smith, but we did see each other occasionally. The bumping's, she told me, were more frequent when I left! Well Mrs. Smith was on in years and I knew she was moving to her son's place up north, so we made it a point to visit when we could before she moved. We were both kind of upset with this turn of events, as we both knew the friendship was going to change. Neither of us wanted it to, but it had to.

The afternoon before the moving van was to arrive, Mrs. Smith invited me over. She knew I collected ghost books and such and wanted to see if there was something in the library I would like to have. We both knew that this was our final get together as I looked through her collection. I found a book that I liked - a second printing of Alice in Wonderland, man that was cool! I went back into the kitchen to wish her a safe trip, when I heard noises up stairs. All my aged friend would say was, "The bumping's are back." I went up stairs heard the noise again. I opened the door to her guestroom and got smacked in the head with a book! There were no books in there, the room had been emptied and the furniture sold off. I picked up the book and started to laugh. I brought it down with me and Mrs. Smith asked me if I was okay, I told her what happened and showed her the book. We both laughed some more. The title of the book? GONE WITH THE WIND.

I learned a lot that day. I learned that strong emotions can trigger paranormal responses - Psycho Kinetic energy bursts, that I would later learn are the cause of most poltergeist activity.

All along my path, I learned lessons such as these. When I entered college, I was blessed with a psych professor that would allow me to write on parapsychology or haunting as long as it was in the scope of the lectures. It was here that my passion began to branch out into other forms of paranormal energy studies and how it has been documented. I started learning about EVP studies at this time and the work that Raymond Bayless, Friedrich Jurgenson, Sarah Estep, Spiricom and Meeks were doing. I found it fascinating that communication with the dead had happened and people had been documenting this for a long time. I realized that it was not at all as had been advertised and discovered many other aspects of the phenomena. Sarah Estep's name was familiar somehow, so I searched the internet for the name. I learned that she was a school teacher and had been was recording voices in her home in Maryland, on her reel to reel. Suddenly I had Déjà vu', I knew this name! I searched some more and heard her spectacular EVP's at Point Lookout. I read excerpts from a book she wrote, VOICES of ETERNITY. I was onto something and all the while I felt that I knew her. I found more information - she was an English Teacher in Severna Park, Maryland, where I grew up. Now I really wanted to speak with her. I read that she had founded the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena and it was here that I emailed Directors of the AA-EVP, Tom and Lisa Butler, which they forwarded to Mrs. Estep. One day I got home to find an email waiting in my inbox from Sarah Estep! Confirming in fact that indeed I had known her, she was my first grade teacher! We have enjoyed correspondence ever since and the bond we have now will never leave. My only wish is that I would have known about her interests when I was growing up. How enriching it would have been to be influenced by her experience.

Another path that was introduced to me was meeting author and paranormal researcher, Loyd Auerbach. The experiences and knowledge I have gained from him over the years has been phenomenal. It was September of 2000 and Carolyn and I were on our honeymoon. I had always been a fan of ghost shows and I saw a story about The Moss Beach Distillery in California. Carolyn and I decided to pay it a visit. While we were sitting at the bar, waiting for our table, I gave my business card to the person taking reservations and had asked if they had any ghost stories and such. When our table was ready, they sat us at a table for two by a window with an incredible view of the sunset. What a perfect evening is was becoming. I had just placed my order when a man approached our table and introduced himself. "Hello, I am Loyd Auerbach with the Office of Paranormal Investigations." Well at this point, I didn't know whether to be star-struck, shake my head because I was hallucinating, or just be me. I chose the latter and he explained that he got my business card from the restaurant and wanted to introduce himself to a fellow investigator. We chatted for a few minutes and he told us a little about the Moss Beach haunting and told me to call if I ever had any questions. And I have many times to this day.

A Couple of years later, Loyd was putting together a conference to discuss the state of paranormal investigation, parapsychology and regulatory ideas and I was asked to fly out to Oakland to be apart of it. I was so honored to be able to add my opinion to this meeting.To I met people I had only read about, Like Kerry Ganor, Al Rauber,and seeing Loyd Again wasa dream come true. We discussed everything from Ghost Enthusiasm to watching Case presentations….I could die now!

Throughout the years I have witnessed people play off the paranormal for lots of things: monetary gain, attention, enthusiasm and knowledge. Which brings me to how I became involved with Lone Star Spirits. It was in October of 1997 when I heard that Katie Phillips in Houston was looking to form an investigative team. She had experiences in her life that she wanted to confirm and further her knowledge base as well. I contacted her and we met on Halloween in Old Town Spring, Texas at Wuenche Brothers Saloon. There were 7 people at that meeting, each with a talent and that evening I hold close to my heart. The team has changed from those days, but they helped bring Lone Star Spirits to the heights that it has accomplished 11 years later. Members have come and gone, but we have now become technologically advanced, mediumistically accurate and we are forever searching for the truth, no matter what. So, as I age and my path grows, I will follow my passion, my calling, my life.

One of Texas' oldest paranormal teams, having been formed in 1997 and gained a web presence starting in 1998.

PETE HAVILAND has been invited to speak at local colleges, libraries, business events and conferences on the paranormal, and also teaches classes on the subject. With his conversational style, high energy and humor, he has always been a hit. If you would like to book Pete for your next engagement, please call: 281-446-2276 for availability.