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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Questionable Danger 

Questionable Danger BY REAP

dan·ger (dnjr)
1. Exposure or vulnerability to harm or risk.
2. A source or an instance of risk or peril.
3. Obsolete Power, especially power to harm.

Pronunciation:\?pa-r?-'no?r-m?l, 'pa-r?-?\
1. not scientifically explainable : supernatural

Let me first say there are many dangers when you consider all the aspects of the paranormal. There are what I would consider real-life dangers and then there are dangers that are not real, those could be called imaginary dangers. I have many times heard about people being pushed, shoved and touched by spirits. I have some trouble with those types of claims. Some people will tell of being followed or even taken-over by ghost. I even read where Chris Flemming tells about almost possibly falling into some sort of body of water and most surely would have were it not for a couple strokes of luck. The first being he wasn't very close to the water. The second being he fell backwards instead of forwards. The third lucky circumstance was that Chris had a chair directly behind him into which he fell. Thank god or whoever for Chris' luck, otherwise he could well have been drowned or eaten by dinosaurs.

Yes I know I am making fun of Chris but he did tell the story and he is an adult after all.

Now there is a certain web site that I would like to bring to your attention, it is called The Dangers of the Paranormal http://thedotpproject.com.

The following is just one sample of a transcript from a video posted on that site which may be used as long as credit is given to The Dangers of the Paranormal, I give them credit for being irresponsible.

DAN: What was the scariest thing that’s ever happened?

DAWN: Scariest thing. Well, the scariest thing was we had been in a room called the Smoking Room at Rolling Hills. We had gone in the night before the whole group could investigate because we had won this auction and everything. So it was only about 15 of us to roam the entire place all night. So that first night we were in there and it was all lit up. It was the smoking room because all the windows were open there so everyone could go in there if they needed to smoke or something. This woman was using a Frank’s Box and it was cursing at her and stuff like that and the one girl said she that got touched. The next night we’re all in there as a group and the Constantino’s are there doing an EVP session. They get crazy EVPs. I’m just sitting there listening to them asking questions and every single question they had, I kept, in my mind, thinking of something really nasty to say back to them. I just felt angry and angry and angry. Every single question they asked.

Then suddenly someone goes, “Can you touch one of us?” And I was touched in a very inappropriate way. That’s what I felt. It wasn’t good. I was angry in the first place and then I feel like I’m being touched inappropriately. It wasn’t cool. Then they started listening back to the EVPs and it’s cursing, it’s growling, it’s screaming and I burst out crying because I started tearing up in the first place but then I burst out crying and then they’re like, “Oh, no. Oh my god, oh my god let’s get her out of here.” Then when they took me to a lighted room which was the gift shop in the center of the building, well, Dave, the leader of the group, he took me over he put his blessed mantle on me and he blessed me with holy water and I just felt something come out of me. It felt like … I was quivering. I was closing my eyes. I couldn’t see. I was quivering. After that I felt so much better and I was like, “I’m not going back out there.”

Dan, I am assuming, so forgive me if I'm wrong, (i'm not) is from the group who seems to be in charge of the site and the content http://socalprs.com and Dawn was a 17 y/o girl at the time the video was made.

You can see the whole video here-


Like I said there are some real dangers involved in the paranormal and if the DOTP would have stuck to that then this would have been a site possibly doing a service. As it is now the site is foolish and irresponsible. There is a very good possibility that Dawn is using her story of being touched to help her deal with a real event that she has been through. The producers tell us that her mother was present when she was touched by this ghost but at no time does she speak about her mother doing anything to help her and besides that who is to say what kind of mother she has. The fact is all parents are not good parents. Also absent is any talk of Dawn getting any type of help dealing with her feelings about what has happened. This video is so disturbing I can not even begin to cover all of the reasons it bothers me to watch it.

As an insult to injury in another video Chip Coffee tells us about the water demon or some shit that follows him home and pokes a hole in his water heater because he is white. Is it me or does it bother anyone else that when you die angry the only way you can deal with your anger is to make sure your enemies have to take cold showers? Not that Chip couldn't use one. And once again we see Chip Coffee involved in a project that seems out to exploit children. I am not accusing him of anything I am simply stating the facts. Another couple of things kinda seem wrong about this DOTP project. Darkness Radio is all over the site and when I contacted Dave Schrader to find out what his involvement with it was his response was this.

"Reap, I was simply asked to do an interview for the DOTP, I have no hand in it, I have not spoken to them since. I am in no way affiliated with them and truthfully only watched my video to make sure they didn't change it in any way."

Now if I was Dave I'd be pissed, but Dave didn't even ask for a link to the video to see exactly what he was being associated with. I sent him the link anyway just to be helpful.

I have also sent an email to SOCALPRS to see if there is some explanation that I am not thinking of. Maybe they were too afraid of being eaten by dinosaurs to think straight.


Reapsow first emerged into the paranormal in 2007, when he stepped in to defend a friend who was being attacked by the late Paranormal Police. This is where his gift to write, along with his ability to bring stupidity to the surface with a comedic flare, that he began to build a name for himself. He stood up for those being unjustly crucified, and spoke his mind, and people liked this new insight into the community. People quickly learned that Reap had a way of capturing your attention that no one had ever done before. People had begun to flock to his blogs, and his popularity grew in the community. This opened up the door to Reapsowradio which had begun to air in October of 2007.



 The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters,broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.


The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters, broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.

  We mix quality talk radio with a variety of quality music to
make for always enjoyable Internet radio.



As he learned more about the paranormal, and the community he found himself questioning some of the methods and theories that were being used, by what were considered big name investigators. Using common sense, as well as reading up thoroughly on some of the claims that were being made, he found himself speaking out against those that he felt were doing more harm then good in paranormal investigations.