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The Untold Rules Of Real Ghost Hunting

The Untold Rules Of Real Ghost Hunting


By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Ghost hunting be can dangerous and if you don't know the right frame of mind and the actual rules you should follow in preparation then all is lost or even worse your in real haunted trouble. The rules below are for men and women who search for ghosts!


We all really should become aware of when is the right time to ghost Hunt and when it's certainly the wrong time. We all known drinking and ghost hunting do not mix. But here are some specific rules that if you don't follow them you might just wish you did!

Many things can and do effect paranormal investigations. From dealing menstrual cramps to getting a boner and flirting with the owners of the haunted locations. We all should know these rules as a level of professionalism. Just like not brining fireworks, alcohol, or pit bulls to hunt ghosts with in dark cemeteries.

We all know not to ghost hunt alone, do drugs like marijuana, heroin, hashish, cocaine or crack while seeking out paranormal forces. But some medications one might take by doctors prescription seem to have a effect on paranormal evidence gathering. They should actually put a warning on some medications like please don't take EMF readings or operate ghost hunting equipment while taking these drugs.

We all know a woman should never ghost hunt while pregnant. Just a man should never ghost hunt when he's horny. Don't we?

10 Rules Women Should Follow When Ghost Hunting

1. You should always wear good solid shoes. A good pair of shoes can save your life.

Never wear sandals, flip flops or open toed shoes to a real ghost hunt. If your a lady then do not wear high heals or stilettos.When trying to run or maneuver in rough terrain this is an accident waiting to happen. Crocs are a definite no-no.

Many wear good walking comfortable shoes such as Doc Martians, Running shoes, loafers. ghost hunter Mallory Hoto says she wears pups or cha- cha heels. She feels that both are safe and worth the investment Her ghost hunting cha- Cha Heels are comfortable and able to match her outfits.

2. Clean Underwear! This is the real reason you should always wear clean underwear. Ghosts are often attracted to the smells and bacteria that these garments contain. Especially the panties of women. Yes they will actually haunt the garment.

There is nothing worse then a real ghost digging around in your drawers while trying to hunt for ghosts. Many ghosts are known to give Male and female ghost hunters alike wedgies, or a goat in your garden.

All of us should know by now that perverted ghosts are always attracted by body odors. This is why many male ghost hunters hate hunting with flatulent Paranormal investigators because these individuals are prone to being possessed by an anal ghost.

3. Never ghost hunt when on your menstrual cycle. Or if you have a yeast infection.

Don't ghost hunt if you have just given birth, miscarriage, hysterectomy or sexually active in the last 24 hours. Vaginal or womb ghosts are said to prey on woman with these pre existing conditions.

If you have recently had an abortion, cyst removed, or a vaginal piercing then you should wait at least 6-8 weeks before resuming the hunt.

The same goes if you had any type of major surgery - facelift, boob job or vaginal DNC.

4. Never wear dangling earrings.

Real ghosts have been known to rip them from persons ears causing a trip to the emergency room. The same for nipple peircings, tongue, navel and septum.

5. If you are a new mother leave your infant at home.

You should never bring small children under the age of 12 to a ghost hunt. Nor the elderly, criminally insane, or mentally impaired. If you must bring a new born with you on a ghost hunt never breast feed your infant While collecting EVP's.

6. Leave your pets at home unless they are trained to hunt for ghosts.

Never bring nursing kittens, puppies or pregnant pets on a ghost hunt.

7. Never dress like a tramp or a haunted ho' when ghost hunting. Always where solid under garments, no halter tops, mini skirts, hot pants, or daisy dukes. It's better to dress like your going to church or a funeral.

Provactive attire attracts ghosts and spirits and even demons that might try to possess you and use you.

And the same goes for dressing up like Grandma Deisel Dyke.

Lesbian ghost Hunters and Paranomal Investigation teams will tell you out right that wearing your normal look can attract ghosts to you if your a trangendered or drag king styled indvidual.

8. Never bring personal firearms or weapons on a ghost hunt.

Hand Guns, Machete's, knives over 6 inches, Glass containers or assault riffles. Real ghost have been known to use them and turn them on their owners.

9. Personal hygiene is import!

You should never wear colognes, perfumes or flavored lip gloss on ghost hunts. Don't use Vagisil, many believe this products attract womb ghosts. If you need to be using it stay home!

If you need to or must douche before a actual Paranormal Investigation use vinegar and water only.

10. Never ghost hunt if your pregnant!

This is a big no-no! The phernomes and quality of your hormones is often thought to cause ghosts to react wildly or even harm an unborn child.


10 Rules Men Should Follow When Ghost Hunting

1. Make sure that you are not thinking of sex. Many ghost hunting guys will tell you that they usually toss one off an hour or two before the investigation to relive the tension. One should never have a sexual relations or masturbate at a real haunted location, before, during or after. Many ghosts often will follow you home or even use the energy for their own purposes.

Besides it is not polite to have sexual acts performed on the property of individuals you do not know. Never ghost hunt when your dating another person on your team or sexually attracted to them.

Sexual tensions have been known to create or even aggravated paranormal phenomena that is not usually connected to the haunting. Many ghosts are said and thought to feed off this type of special sexual energy.

Weak ghost get stronger evil ghosts get meaner. Sexual tension between male and female Investigators can ruin an investigation in many ways.

Actual gay or Lesbian ghost hunters seem to be prone to finding more intense hauntings then their heterosexual counterparts.

Many in the field today believe it is because of the sexual tensions between the investigators feeding the spirits ghosts are demons. But this is not the actual reason that many think this happens. Some state that homosexuals or those with these tendencies are more apt to witness strange phenomena on a higher level then those individuals that are hetro.

A bi-sexual ghost hunter is more apt to have ghost encounters more frequently then a straight man at the same location. Many believe it is their sexual tenseness that brings the ghosts out to play.

Chatter at Tapscon a year or two ago was that many are begining to believe that "Real Gay Ghost Hunters" make the Best ghost hunters in the world!

2. You should always ghost hunt with a full stomach. Men seem to be more prone to suffer from ghosts infesting their stomachs. A hungry ghost hunter can also be a distraction on a investigation also.

If eating before ghost hunting causes you flatulence, then you might want to hunt with someone who can stand your farts. Or at least like they way the smell. Or you could always play my favorite game. "Guess What I ate?"


3. Never ghost hunt in your underwear!

No matter how comfortable it makes you, please keep your clothes on! Nude ghost Hunting should be left to those that are adept in the field.

The "New ghost Hunt Naked" fad of nude or naked ghost hunting is not new. Yes it goes back to the days of the Romans. Many do not publicly endorse it as a way to discover real spooks. But the idea persists that ghosts are nude. And since they are nude they do not see you unless you are too!

If you practice "Naked or Nude Ghost Hunting", then make sure your clients and others in your group are aware of it and know that it is part of your investigation.

3. Never use the haunted clients restroom facilities or toilets to defecate in unless it's an emergency. Urination is cool and always lift the seat and wipe up the splatters.

4. Never go ghost hunting with new Piercing. Genital, Lip, Septum, or Nipples. Many ghosts will find you fascinating and often choose to follow you home.

Some ghosts have been known to rip them out of the ghost hunters flesh just to get across the point that your in their territory.

5. Never ghost hunt with a fresh tattoo!

Many ghost are aware of the smell of blood, and often will be attracted to the inked individual and haunt them more then the actual location. Sure you get evidence but this is not the usual actions or type of encounters the ghost usually do.

6. Never take off your shoes at a haunted locations.

Foul foot odor is said to attract ghost as well as dispel them. But the call is yours but if your feet really stink bad then you might offend others on your team.

Foot fetish ghost often are attracted to dirty socks sweaty feet and toe cheese. If this is the particular ghost your searching out then by all means do so.

7. Never wear wife beaters, or tank tops to hunt ghosts in it is un professional. And always take off your hat if you wear one when entering a Haunted location. It shows your serious about the investigation as well as polite.

8. Don't wear STRONG smelling deodorants, colognes or foot powder or balms. Jock itch medicine is a definite no-no.

If you are suffering from atheletes foot, crotch rot (Jock Itch). It is better to stay home and treat it first then go out and hunt for ghosts. Many spirits will see a person itching and cause the individual to itch more.

The same goes if you have head lice, or a bad case of crabs. Medications to treat these problems have odors that often will incite ghosts to haunt you in ways you don't want to have happen to you.

9. Never ghost hunt if you have been recently possessed by anal, mouth stomach or ear ghosts.

If you have been recently possessed or thought you were then stay home. You might be ripe for another overpowering encounter that might just take it's toll on you this time.

10. Never ghost hunt after a major surgery, dental work, or Dermalogical procedures.

And if you don't know why then please don't try it ! Yes you have been fore warned!


Here is Ghost Trackers www.ghost-trackers.org best list for common sense items when Ghost Hunting:

1. Keep a clear head. This means no alcohol consumption or use of any controlled dangerous substances.
2. No smoking. The possibility of it being photographed and mistaken for ectoplasm is high. In addition, if you're too busy inhaling that acrid tobacco smoke, your nose is dead to any paranormal smells you might encounter.
3. Don't trespass. Always have permission to conduct an investigation.
4. Don't jump to conclusions. You always want to make sure you consider all possible explanations, natural or otherwise.
5. Be open-minded. If you think there are no ghosts, then obviously for you, there won't be. Skeptics bring negative energy that could compromise an investigation.
6. Research. Always make sure you try to find some information on the place you are investigating before you investigate. The history of a place, be it a town or a single home, can shed some light on why a place may be having paranormal activity.
7. Either remove the camera strap or wear it around your neck. It's amazing how many times camera straps have been mistaken for ghostly photos. In keeping with that theme, make sure long hair is pulled back, and all fingers are away from the camera lens. Simple, but important.
8. Make sure all of your equipment is in perfect working condition. Dust and dirt buildup can cause problems. It saves you money overall to maintain clean equipment.
9. Bring a flashlight with extra batteries. You never know when that flashlight, camera, recorder, scanner, (you see where I'm going) is going to run out of juice.
10. Bring along a notebook so you can write down your observations. It is also a good idea to keep a log of your investigations. I recommend keeping track of moon phases, weather and solar weather.
11. Never go alone. Having more than one person insures that nothing will (hopefully) go unnoticed. It is also good to compare notes on an investigation and because you have more to fear from the living, there is safety in numbers.
12. Write down your observations before sharing them. This insures that your story is not subconsciously altered by what someone else tells you.
13. In cold weather, hold your breath while taking a photo. I've seen so many photos of "ectoplasm" that was nothing more than breath in cold air.
14. Do not take photos while walking or driving along a dirt road or path. This can lead to photos of dust particles and not orbs.
15. Do not take photos in rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, or fog. It may also be a good idea to keep track of the pollen count in spring and summer and avoid photos when the count is high.
16. Remember you are out there to record paranormal activity and to have fun. But DO NOT be disrespectful in areas such as graveyards or old buildings. No horseplay or loud obnoxious behavior. Remember, this is not YOUR home.
17. No Ouija boards.
18. Talk to the spirits and ask for their permission to take their photo. I also try to explain that I'm not there to be disrespectful but that I am trying to understand them.
19. Do not take photographs with the camera pointing directly at the sun. This can create "sun dogs" (hexagon shapes) that are sometimes mistaken for orbs. This will also create "sun flares" where the red lines in your picture may occur that are confused for spirit energy.
20. Don't take photos of reflective surfaces. This would include mirrors, glass windows, and even still pools of water.