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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





"The Devil's Chair", in the actual well kept Mary Immaculate Cemetery of Kirksville, Missouri (above) is said to be haunted by the devil on Halloween night. From this chair it is said he appears to those present each year. Or so the urban legend goes.

There are thousands of actual Devil's Chairs around the world and many have strange legends and tales that still defy explanation. Some are located in cemeteries in the United States As the one above from Kirkville, and or associated with terrifying urban legends. THE DEVIL'S CHAIR" are often referred to as huge irregular boulders that are found around the world.

And yet there are many chairs, benches and spots that he has been said to have sat in that some will tell you are actually the seat of his demonic powers.

Devil's Chair can refer to:

  • The Devil's Chair, a 2006 British film
  • a geologic formation in the Stiperstones, Shropshire, England
  • a geologic formation, Silla del Diablo, within the Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument in Patagonian Chile
  • a geologic formation, recently destroyed, in the Interstate Parks on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border
  • various so-called Devil's Chairs and cemetery benches in cemeteries, associated with urban legends


By Fallon Pirelli

We have all heard tales of the Devil's Chair. Some believe to this day that furniture can become possessed by strange forces. Be it from the dead, Death himself and even the lord of hell Satan himself. These infamous seats of evil power are said to be all over the world and many newspaper and oral traditions will tell you of these horrid wooden wrought iorn or stone seats to avoid.

I remember seeing a story on this on Unsolved Mysteries years ago. The owners of the tavern had a chair that who ever sat in it died on the spot. The owners have since hung the chair from the wall so no one else will sit on it. I remember the one story they told about the town tough guy who didn't believe in the curse and sat in the chair against the protestations of other patrons in the place, and died on the spot. Whether the chair was under a curse, posessed or just coincidence it is not really known.

Death chairs have long been associated with a reportedly real urban legend that whom ever sits in them will either die on the spot or within hours of doing so. Some of these haunted chairs often surface on ebay or in antique shops where they are most often discovered because someone just sits in them and dies on the spot.

Haunted actual Ghost chairs are said to be chairs that are haunted by a ghost. These chairs are said to be able to move or tip over the person who sits in them if the ghost that haunts them does not like you. Many will also tell you that if you sit in such a chair you run the real risks of becoming possessed by the ghost who haunts it.

The Devil's Chair is a 2006 British horror film. It premiered at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. The main character, Nick West, kills his girlfriend and has a hallucination that a chair in an asylum did it all. A psychology teacher takes a group of students to the abandoned asylum with Nick, where they become the victim of their experiment.

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The Devil's Chair
Directed by Adam Mason


The Devil's Chair 

You'll be sorry if you don't buy it here now


This actual haunted chair resides in Aida, Oklahoma it reportedly moves on its own, and a cold chill is felt by everyone that sits in it. One recent story tells of this chair being haunted by the ghost of the man who originally owned it died sitting in it. So did my uncle and Grandfather, says Gail Steelman who now has it in her home. I can also tell you that others who have sat in it have gotten news the very day that they did of someone death or a great tragedy befalls them.

Many have tried to sit on the chair over the years but it soon starts shaking. Vibrating softly at first then noticeably faster until it starts shaking. Cold chills and hot sweats usually affect the sitter then a feeling of nausea.

"The chair was shaking all of a sudden and I was thrown out of the chair by some invisible force." Says Gail Steelman who inherited it from her mother."And this real haunted chair has been passed down in our family for many years."

Investigated by many paranormal researchers, and the curious over the years the first reports of it started in the 1960's. The chair has passed through the Steelman family relatives and has traveled from cousins to even a few ex-in-laws. The chair has been to more then just the 50 states, it has also been shipped abroad and through out Europe when an aunt moved to Scotland, then it was shipped back when she died sitting in it. Always staying within the families tight grasp.

"Grandma always told us that if the Haunted chair left the families soul possession then our line would end so no one including myself is willing "no pun intended" to give up the ghost!" "Several members of my family have died sitting in it, usually of natural causes." Says Steelman. "And from what she knows the chair will not let a family member sit in it until it is their time to die."



The Haunted Chair

The real haunted chair sits alone no one dares sit in it no matter how inviting it looks once they have heard it's story...

Cursed? Haunted? Who Knows who dare to find out the answer.

Gail Steelman who now has it in her home is afraid to part with it, she worries that it might hurt those that least expect it.



Stories of haunted or cursed chairs are nothing new, sitting in one and tempting the fates is all part of what the curious and the debunkers consider all part of the game. A story over the years that circulates once in a while is about a chair that whom ever sits in drops dead.


And please also see: Would You dare sit in the Chair of Death?

Satan's throne is said to be made of the living souls of those that he punishes. And it is made of the most horrid of people that are so deemed to barr his evil and imense weight and despair.

To sit in a Devil Chair and nothing happens to you when witnessed by other means that you are a disciple of the devil. Only those in his fold are granted immunity from the evil that befalls the innocent who sit upon it.


There are many stories of what and how a Devil Chair must be approached. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh studied many of these cemetery oddities over the years and has related to me many of the do's and don't that she has collected over the years.

Ten Reasons Not To sit in a Devil's Chair

by Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

From what I have gathered over many years of personal research into Devil chairs I have collected all the myths and urban legends I could find from around the world and here or my top ten.

1. Never let a single drop of your blood fall upon it. To do so means that the Devil can and will drag your soul to hell when he wants.

2. Never sit upon a Devil chair for it can cause you to become emotional and mentally incompetent in the blink of an eye. Stories tell of people sitting on such chairs and being struck dead or robed of all their mental faculties.

3. Never defy a Devil Chair or cuss the Devil to appear. Old tales say he will come to you in a short time after and collect your soul. Your body will then be possessed by a demon or a ghost that will murder your family one by one.

4. Never sit a infant or small child, Mentally challenged individuals, elderly or sick family member on a bench or chair in a cemetery. To do this they will become possessed by the dead in a short time. Or live a forever a very cursed life.

5. No woman should ever sit on a Devil chair if she is having a menstrual cycle. Blood is supposedly in any form should not to touch or come near such a chair. To do so spells danger and great loss of all you love and hold dear.

6. Pregnant woman should never sit in a Devil's Chair because their child will be either one of the devil's disciples when they grow or forever cursed. It is said by in hushed tones that the Mother of a serial killer once sat upon a Devil Bench. And this explains his demonic behaviors.

7. What ever you do never have sexual relations of any type on top of a Devil's chair. The child you might concieve might just n=be the Anti- Christ incarnate. One should also not change a baby, or put eletronic equipment on top because the berson will be hurt by that item in the future either physically or their reputation! Never deficate on the Devil's Chair. If you see a woman sitting upon a Devi'ls chair then you know they are his concubines. And she will surely lure your ass to hell!

8. Young men should never sit on a Devil chair for any reason. If an under aged male sits on such a devil Chair they will die before they reach 21 years of age.

9. If you sit on a Devil chair and Mock the Devil you will die with in 7 days. A deep depression immediately will take you over. Many people have been found dead after committing suicide in such Devil chairs around the world.

10. To sit in the Devil's Chair on a dare will not curse the person who does but it will curse the person who dares them. And most of all never have your photo taken while sitting in the Devil's Chair to do so means it will be the last photo of you ever taken.

Roaming Cassadaga in search of the ever elusive Devil's Chair. Alas it was not to be found this night



The Devil's Chair in France is said to be just a pile of old tombs tones stacked for the Devil to sit upon. Many believe it is in the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery, Others believe it is his thrown in the Catacombs under the busy Streets of Paris and is made entirely of the millions of human bones that lay there. But only from those of pure innocents.

Some people might tell you untruths that Nostradamus sat upon the Devil chair to make his many predictions of evil's to come. But there is no found truths that he ever acknowledged it existence. The tales of the great Devil chair in France might just be pure imaginative thinking as are the others that are supposedly existing in this world.

Le "Devil's Evil Trône d'Or" n'est pas en enfer. Dès qu'il se trouve le roi des damnés. Sur la place se trouve taché de sang de ne pas le diable, Lucifer, mais un homme mortel, lui qui sera la règle et nous détruire tous!

English translation:

The "Devil's Evil Golden Throne" is not in hell. Upon it sits the king of the damned. Upon the blood stained seat sits not the devil Lucifer, but a mortal man, He who will rule and destroy us all!


Many believe the Devil's throne is made of actual human bones of such notable evil people who lived in this world contribute their skeletons to it whether they wanted to or not. The Bones of Nero, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler, and a host of other great historical evil do' ers that crosses many centuries. They believe that are the likes of such people of Aliester Crowley and devil worshipers or not worthy of such and honor and or discarded.

The Devil's thrown in France is said to be made of Human bones and that they are gilded with the biggest evil of mankind gold. The golden throne of Satan is also covered with the blood of the innocents who were killed in the devil's name. Such as those burned as witches or sacrificed to some unnamable god.

There are many haunted Devil Chairs that are said to be still hiding in one of the many antiques stores in all the regions. Researchers who seek Haunted Devil chairs should always start their hunt in Paris first.

Napoleon supposedly had found the ancient Throne of the Devil while excavating Egypt. The actual throne which is said to be made of real skulls covered with pure gold from the great pharaohs is said or believed to hold great power. And the previous owners are alleges to be Nero, Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. Much of the info on it was said to have been lost when the great library of Alexandria burnt to the ground under roman rule.

Guides will tell you that the evil Devil Chair of Satan is hidden away possibly at the Louvre in some deep basement. While other sorted tales believe it was guarded by the nights Templar and who ever sits in it becomes one of the living dead.

Vampires are thought to also have been in possession of this evil throne at one time and their Lord of all Vampire kings was thought to hold court from it deep in a lost catacomb under the busy city streets.

The last tale that was ever openly told was that it was whisked away in the night and is held in a secret room in the Vatican.

To possess the Great skeleton Throne of Satan is to control the whole world, And be ruled by he who sits in it. Many believe the anti-Christ will sit upon in the last days.


New Orleans Devil Zombie Chair

As told By reigning b Voodoo Queen of New Orleans Bianca

New Orleans Devil Zombie Chair

In old New Orleans cemeteries as the legend goes there are several devil's Chairs through out the 23 cemeteries in the olde city itself. But there is only one Devil's throne. Many locals will tell you it is where the Voodoo's and the witches and those seeking to make a pact with the devil go to meet with him eye to eye.

The actual wrought iron chair is reportedly in St. Louis Cemetery Number 1. Many old tales say that Marie Laveau learned of the chair from her voodoo master Dr. John. Laveau's many followers today tell a tale of how Dr. John would go and sit in this chair on dark of the moon nights and converse with the devil for answers about the secrets of zombifications. It is believed that The good doctor amassed over 100 plus rituals or hex's to turn a living or dead man into a real zombie from the devil himself.

It is often called the Zombie making chair because many old tales tell that it was while sitting in this chair Dr. John was actually turned into the first immortal living Zombie to ever walk the earth. This of course was done by some great power that only the Devil can bestow upon a living person.

It is believed that if the Devil makes you into a living zombie while sitting in this chair you will live a healthy immortal lie life and will not die, age or be able to be hurt or maimed. The only bargain made is that when Satan is thrown into the firey pit on judgment day, it is you he will sit upon for a thousand years in the dark bottomless pit.

There are also a many other Devil chairs in the several cemeteries in New Orleans each with a specific purpose or reason for being there. To sit in any of them is supposedly marking you for danger or something that many say is even worse. A big rule of thumb when visiting a New Orleans Cemetery is to never sit on a bench or chair in a cemetery.

Australia's Devil Chair

A great gold rush began in Australia in the early 1850s, A group of individuals are said to have constructed a great throne made of real gold and fashioned as the thrown or great Chair of The Devil. Many believe this Chair was built and constructed as a thing of great power. The Devil himself was thought to sit upon it at witches sabbaths and Holy Days.

The actual throne is thought to be still in existence and is hidden deep buried in the vast desert somewhere. That's what a tour guide might tell you. Still those that research the paranormal in the down Under say that's just an untruth to stop curiosity seekers from finding out it's real where about's.

The throne is thought to be the brainstorm of a few evil characters who were brought from England in the early days. This group were supposedly Satan worshipers and made a pact with the devil to set them free of their prison. In homage to him they killed and stole gold and forced several craftsman to construct it. By the way, all of whom were murdered and their blood stained skin makes up the human skinned seat that was made stuffed with the entrails of a Tasmania Tiger. A kangaroo head and a crocodiles smile, (meaning his teeth).

The power of this great Devil chair is said to be able to bend time, and bring who ever sits upon it to any location they choose. Its also told that the throne calls out to all that will do the Devil's work. To look upon this golden Chair is said to drive a man insane if he is a devote man of god.

The Throne was said to be in the great city of Sydney in the 1960's but it where about's today are unknown.


The Devil's chair in Bonaventure Cemetery is one of the most foul that any can seat themselves in. This evil chair is thought to bring whom ever seats themselves straight to hell to meet the lord Satan eye to eye. This evil cursed throne is said to be an elevator straight to hell.

Bonaventure Cemetery- bench at Johnny Mercer area- all the songs are engraved in it

Falsely many believe it to be that of the Bonaventure Cemetery- bench at Johnny Mercer grave- the one with all the songs are engraved on it.

The actual Devil's bench in Savannah is said to have a special incantation to be said to get the bench to bring you straight to hell. And the clues to what to say or often thought to be hidden in one of Mercer's songs.

The Conrad Aiken Bench, Bonaventure Cemetery

Conrad Aiken Bench, Bonaventure Cemetery

Famous bench at grave site of Savannah poet Conrad Aiken. The bench and Aiken's selected epitaph, "Cosmos Mariner—Destination Unknown" are discussed near the beginning of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" when author Berendt goes to sit on the bench to have martinis with one of Savannah's in-the-know society ladies.  Many believe this bench holds the clues to finding the real devil's throne.

Conrad Aiken Bench ghost photo

Conrad Aiken Bench Ghost Photo sent to us by Glenn Daily.



Many believe that the Chair of Satan belonged to Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. And from sitting in this chair he made a evil dark pact to the Devil to give him his powers and control over the Royal Russian Tsar Nicholas II, his wife the Tsaritsa Alexandra, and their only son the Tsarevich Alexei. Rasputin had often been called the "Mad Monk", while others considered him a "strannik" (or religious pilgrim) and even a starets (ста́рец, "elder", a title usually reserved for monk-confessors), believing him to be a psychic and faith healer.

Grigori Rasputin, the famous Russian mujique (1864-1916)

Grigori Rasputin, the famous Russian mujique (1864-1916)

Some believed him to be the Devil incarnate himself. Rasputin was wandering as a pilgrim in Siberia when he heard reports of Tsarevich Alexei's illness (it was not publicly known in 1904 that Alexei had haemophilia). This disease was widespread among European royalty descended from the British Queen Victoria, who was Alexei's great-grandmother.

Rasputin soon became a controversial figure, becoming involved in a paradigm of sharp political struggle involving monarchist, anti-monarchist, revolutionary and other political forces and interests. He was accused by many eminent persons of various misdeeds, ranging from an unrestricted sexual life (including raping a nun) to undue political domination over the royal family. Many believe it was because he [ossessed the Devil chair as to why he was comelled to commit such evil crimes.

When Doctors could not help Alexei, the Tsaritsa looked everywhere for help, ultimately turning to her best friend, Anna Vyrubova, to secure the help of the charismatic peasant healer Rasputin in 1905. He was said to possess the ability to heal through prayer and was indeed able to give the boy some relief, in spite of the doctors' prediction that he would die. Every time the boy had an injury which caused him internal or external bleeding, the Tsaritsa called on Rasputin, and the Tsarevich subsequently got better.[citation needed] This made it appear that Rasputin was effectively healing him.

Skeptics have claimed that he did so by hypnosis. However, during a particularly grave crisis at Spala in Poland in 1912, Rasputin sent a message by telegram from his home in Siberia, which is believed to have eased the suffering. His pragmatic advice include suggestions such as "Don't let the doctors bother him too much; let him rest"). This was thought to have helped Alexei to relax and allow the child's own natural healing process might take place. Others have made the less likely suggestion that he used leeches to attempt to treat the boy. As leech saliva contains anticoagulants such as hirudin, this treatment would most likely have exacerbated his hemophilia, not helped it. Diarmuid Jeffreys has pointed out that Rasputin's healing suggestions included halting the administration of aspirin, then a newly-available (since 1899) "wonder drug" for the treatment of pain. As aspirin is also an anticoagulant, this intervention would have helped to mitigate the hemarthrosis causing Alexei's joint swelling and pain.

The Tsar referred to Rasputin as "our friend" and a "holy man", a sign of the trust that the family placed in him. Rasputin had a considerable personal and political influence on Alexandra , and the Tsar and Tsaritsa considered him a man of God and a religious prophet. Alexandra came to believe that God spoke to her through Rasputin. Of course, this relationship can also be viewed in the context of the very strong, traditional, age-old bond between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian leadership. Another important factor was probably the Tsaritsa's German-Protestant origin: she was definitely highly fascinated by her new Orthodox outlook — the Orthodox religion puts a great deal of faith in the healing powers of prayer.

The legends recounting the death of Rasputin are perhaps even more bizarre than his strange life. According to Greg King's 1996 book The Man Who Killed Rasputin, a previous attempt on Rasputin's life had been made and had failed: Rasputin was visiting his wife and children in his hometown, Pokrovskoye, along the Tura River, in Siberia. On June 29, 1914, he had either just received a telegram or was just exiting church, when he was attacked suddenly by Khionia Guseva, a former prostitute who had become a disciple of the monk Iliodor, once a friend of Rasputin's but now absolutely disgusted with his behaviour and disrespectful talk about the royal family. Iliodor had appealed to women who had been harmed by Rasputin, and together they formed a survivors' support group.

Guseva thrust a knife into Rasputin's abdomen, and his entrails hung out of what seemed like a mortal wound. Convinced of her success, Guseva supposedly screamed, "I have killed the antichrist!"

After intensive surgery, however, Rasputin recovered. It was said of his survival that "the soul of this cursed muzhik was sewn on his body." His daughter, Maria, pointed out in her memoirs that he was never the same man after that: he seemed to tire more easily and frequently took opium for pain. Others will tell you it was because the Devil Chair that protected him was stolen in the night. and because his precious Devil Chair was stolen he lost his great seat of power.

As many Devil chair stories of old go. As long as the cursed chair is in your power the owner can never die a death by the hands of another man.

The murder of Rasputin has become legend, some of it invented by the very men who killed him, which is why it becomes difficult to discern exactly what happened. It is, however, generally agreed that, on December 16, 1916, having decided that Rasputin's influence over the Tsaritsa had made him a far-too-dangerous threat to the empire, a group of nobles, led by Prince Felix Yusupov and the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, and the right-wing politician Vladimir Purishkevich, apparently lured Rasputin to the Yusupovs' Moika Palace, to the basement , where they served him cakes and red wine laced with a massive amount of cyanide. According to legend, Rasputin was unaffected, although Vasily Maklakov had supplied enough poison to kill five men. Conversely, Maria's account asserts that, if her father did eat or drink poison, it was not in the cakes or wine, because, after the attack by Guseva, he had hyperacidity, and avoided anything with sugar. In fact, she expressed doubt that he was poisoned at all.

Determined to finish the job, Yusupov became anxious about the possibility that Rasputin might live until the morning, which would leave the conspirators with no time to conceal his body. Yusupov ran upstairs to consult the others and then came back down to shoot Rasputin through the back with a revolver. Rasputin fell, and the company left the palace for a while. Yusupov, who had left without a coat, decided to return to grab one, and, while at the palace, he went to check up on the body. Suddenly, Rasputin opened his eyes and lunged at Prince Yusupov. When he grabbed Prince Yusupov he ominously whispered in Yusupov's ear "you bad boy" and attempted to strangle him. As he made his bid to kill Yusupov, however, the other conspirators arrived and fired at him. After being hit three times in the back, Rasputin fell once more. As they neared his body, the party found that, remarkably, he was still alive, struggling to get up. They clubbed him into submission and, after wrapping his body in a sheet, threw him into the icy river Neva, and he finally met his end there — as had both his siblings before him.

Three days later, the body of Rasputin, poisoned, shot four times and badly beaten, was recovered from the Neva River. An autopsy established that the cause of death was drowning, due to the presence of water in his lungs. His arms were found in an upright position, as if he had tried to claw his way out from under the ice. In the autopsy, it was found that he had indeed been poisoned, and that the poison alone should have been enough to kill him. Yet another report, also supporting the idea that he was still alive after submerging through the ice into the Neva River, is that after his body was pulled from the river, water was found in the lungs, showing that he didn't die until he was submerged.

Subsequently, the Empress Alexandra buried Rasputin's body in the grounds of Tsarskoye Selo, but, after the February Revolution, a group of workers from Saint Petersburg uncovered the remains, carried them into a nearby wood and burnt them. As the body of Rasputin was being burned, he appeared to sit up in the fire. After being poisoned, shot, beaten, drowned, and officially verified as dead, he thoroughly horrified bystanders in his apparent attempts to move and get up. This legend is attributed to improper cremation. Since his body was in inexperienced hands, his tendons were probably not cut before burning. Consequently, when his body was heated, the tendons shrunk, forcing his legs to bend, and his body to bend at the waist, resulting in it appearing to sit up. This final happenstance only poured fuel on the fire of legends and mysteries surrounding Rasputin, which would continue to live on, long after he had truly died.

Actual Picture of the murdered body of Rasputin. When Rasputin was murdered by a group of noblemen in 1916, some accounts say he was also sexually mutilated and his penis was severed. Since then, a number of people claiming to be in possession of his severed penis have come forth, although none of them have been able to prove it definitively.

Many believe that in his pact with the devil that his sexual conquest were very much a part of his deal.

Some histories of the Russian Revolution comment on Rasputin's sexual skills and on the reputed size or other unusual characteristics of his penis. One author writes:[

One woman confessed that the first time she made love to him her orgasm was so violent that she fainted. Perhaps his potency as a lover also had a physical explanation. Rasputin's assassin and alleged homosexual lover, Felix Yusopov, claimed that his prowess was explained by a large wart strategically situated on his penis, which was of exceptional size.

In another recounting of Rasputin's assassination, his member is described as "notorious in Petrograd", but "disappointingly, the conspirators apparently found [the dead] Rasputin's penis of ordinary size and character."

Russian noblemen feared Rasputin’s significant and increasing influence on the tsar’s wife, and so, on December 29, 1916, he was murdered. Some accounts say that his killers also sexually mutilated him, severing his penis. The official report of his autopsy disappeared during the Stalin era, as did several research assistants who had seen it.

According to some, a maid discovered the severed organ at Rasputin’s murder site, keeping it until it was somehow acquired in the 1920s by a group of female Russian expatriates living in Paris. The women worshiped the organ as a fertility charm, storing it inside a wooden casket. Upon learning of the women, Rasputin's daughter, Marie, demanded that the item be returned to her. She maintained custody of the object until her death in California in 1977.

A man named Michael Augustine purchased the object, along with a number of Marie Rasputin's other personal items, at a Santa Cruz storage-locker sale following Marie Rasputin's death. Augustine consigned the artifact to Bonhams auction house, but officials quickly realized that the item was not a penis, but was in fact a sea cucumber. It is unclear if the sea creature was the same item worshiped by the Russian women in the 1920s. Augustine accepted the conclusion of the expert from Bonham's. The auction house later auctioned the manuscripts, letters, photographs and the strange looking 'penis cucumber' from Marie Rasputin's estate. Excerpts from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rasputin%27s_penis

The actual Devil Chair of Rasputin was said to be a modest chair. The only thing sinister about it in appearance was that the seat was made of the skin of a hanged man.


Casadaga's Haunted Devil Chair

The Devil's Chair in Cassadaga, Florida is a graveside bench in the cemetery that borders Cassadaga and Lake Helen. This haunted Devil Bench is said to hold many secrets that only a true Devil Worshipper can understand. To sit on this bench proves to all that witness you doing it that you actually worship the devil.

Casadaga's Haunted Devil Chair

Cassadega has a reputation as a haven for occultists, mediums and other spiritualist sorts. Local legend perpetuates the Devil-as-good-ol'-boy image: one of the stories insists that if you leave an unopened can of beer on the chair, it will be empty by morning. Accounts vary; in some of them, the can's opened, in others, the beer is simply gone, like magic, through the unopened top. Furthermore, if you yourself sit in the chair, you run the chance of having a heart-to-heart with the Prince of Darkness, who is rumored to show up anyone who dares to wait for him there.


The Devil's Chair in Guthrie Center, Iowa, is a cement-cast chair located in Union Cemetery. And this evil sitting spot is said to be very active when it comes to haunting's and communications with the dead. Many groups today will tell that the urban legend goes that if you ar truly psychic and sit in this chair you can and will hear the dead speak to you aloud.

The Devil's Chair in Guthrie Center, Iowa

The Devil's Chair in Guthrie Center, Iowa. http://www.unexplainedresearch.com/media/spirit_quest.html

It's situated between two graves and is unmarked as belonging to either. Local legend attaches bad luck to it, intimating that to sit in the chair courts that bad luck for oneself. While the cemetery itself was established as a private burial ground in 1885, the legend of the chair only goes back for approximately thirty years. the tales often tell of encountering strange smells when the actual devil is near.

Many believe that he only sits upon it on Friday the 13ths, and Friday the 17th of any given year. The legend goes that if you go to this cemetery he will appear sitting on his chair at 3:am.

To sit in this chair many tell that the devil if he likes you will convey to you magic or psychic powers. But only if he has a great use for you.


The Devil's Chair in the Mary Immaculate Cemetery of Kirksville, Missouri is the work of a marble cutter, John C. Baird, and is involved in "numerous legends of a type widely replicated across the U.S., especially in rural and small-town communities, and beloved of young people.... Some versions say that something dreadful will happen to the person so bold as to be seated in it at midnight (or on a particular evening, such as Halloween) -- a hand will emerge from the grave and drag the impious one down to the underworld."


John C. Baird was a marble cutter and an officer of the Baird and Grassle marble dealership; he was also the founding superintendent of the Highland Park Cemetery Association (in which property his grave is situated). Baird and his wife, Eva J., lived at 214 N. High in 1892, and at 516 N. Franklin in 1908. The Kirksville Weekly Graphic noted on March 6, 1891:

But mostly the stories tell of the Devil appearing to those that dare visit this chair on any such given evil night. From Walpurgis to Halloween the devil is said to be close and will appear only to those who's soul he wants to take.

And this the actual chair has been investigated many times by paranormal groups into the area. And many have tried it because the legend tells if a true psychic sit in it they will loose their powers on the spot.

there is also a story circulating in recent months amongst paranormal researchers that a well known Medium and Psychic sat in the chair and is now in a mental hospital unable to speak. They say they went into a strange trance sitting upon the chair and have never recovered.


In a city on the bay in Galveston, Texas there is the most evil of Devil Chairs to found many state. To sit in this chair brings great horror to the person who does so. If you sit upon it you will watch all the member of your family die a horrible death or so the story goes. You might want to ask the Famous Ghost Man of Galveston Texas Dash Beardsley his take on this tale. He might have more to say then you could imagine.

The Devil Chair in San Antonio is said to be the twin chair to the one in Sacramento, California. To sit upon either of these concrete benches is a very disturbing adventure. First you will feel your legs grow tingly. You then will feel your butt starting to hurt then you begin to become weak. If someone does not pull you from the bench in the next few seconds they say you will be dragged to hell alive.

The Devil's seat in Marshall, Texas is said to be a very strange spot in deed. This the most horrific of all Devil Chairs in the great state of Texas, it is supposed to hold many secret powers. If two lovers sit upon it and a one ask the other to marry them. Then they will have a marriage that lasts to the day they die.

A Cemetery known as Colonial Park on "Elysian Fields" Highway in Marshall,Texas has a real nasty Devil's chair that one should avoid at all costs. they say if you want trouble don't even mention that seat of danger. This Devil's Chair is called "The Devil's Hot Seat. They say who ever sits on it cannot lie. for the devil and God made a bargain. If you sit here you cannot lie a lie. All your dirty secrets will be revealed. All your dirty laundry will be spread through the Harrison County all the way to Hell and back.

This Devil Truth Tell Hot Seat is said to have been a called the truth telling stone and is highly feared by local politicians, Layers, Criminals and all those that lie on the Good names of those who live and die in Marshall, Texas. It is near a headstone with the name of Simmons.

Others say if a married woman sits upon it her husband will cheat on her. If a man sits upon it who is married his wife will leave him for another man. This devil seat is also supposed to have the power to heal or inflict severe evil on a person if they come to it and do not believe in it's magical properties. To mock this Devil Chair by sitting in it, in disbelief brings a great tragedy to someone's life before then can arrive home. Bad news awaits the person who does so in a matter of minutes.

The Devils Chair in Jefferson, Texas is said to be a foul seat to sit in. Who ever does so will loose control of their bowels and lower limbs in a matter of time. The urban legend states that if you want to spend the rest of your life in a wheel chair, loose a leg or be an invalid the rest of your life this is the baby to sit upon.

The Devil Bench of Houston is said to be located in many cemeteries cross the area. Which one no is quite certain. This evil is often referred to as the Devil's foot stool. It is a low bench that looks like a child only could sit upon it. to sit upon it means that you give your soul to the devil in exchange for popularity. Many they say have searched for the mysterious bench because it will make you famous. But many believe that the famous ones who sit upon it die early deaths in the most tragic of ways. One Tour guide from Texas - High Spirits Tours tells that celebrity Anna Nicole Smith searched for the magic Devil Bench once. And by looking over her life I think she actually found it they stated.

New Jersey

Ghost Tour of Ocean City a tour guide on the candlelight walking tour down the avenues of Ocean City told a story about a Haunted Devil Chair that was once in cemetery and was actually stolen. No one cared until they found the person who stole it sitting on it dead in the middle of the street.

New Mexico

Santa Fe's Devil Chair is said to be a evil stone creation. the man who made it actually lost both his hands when making it. the chair was then finished by his son who lost 3 fingers in the final completion. The men who delivered it are said to have lost an arm and the other crushed their hands in the accident after it was delivered. The man who put it in it's final resting spot supposedly sat upon it to see if it was sturdy and died at the very moment he did.

They say who ever touches this bench will lose the finger they touched it with. And many laugh and say idle hands in New Mexico are the devil's doing.

Warning if you find this Bench don't touch many warn.


Gettysburg is said to be home to nine Devil chairs. One is an actual wooden chair that is said to haunt it's owner. this chair will not let anyone sit in it except who owns it.

Yet another bench or Devil chair in a local cemetery is said to make woman who can't get pregnant become fertile and have a child in a year from when they sit upon it.

The third Devil chair is said to be an evil chair that dates back to the great war between the states. It seems a soldier died in it and he haunts it to this day. The old wood chair is kept under lock and key. If you can find this chair which is owned by a local. For the right fee and finding the person who owns it is a risk you need to take if you want to see it. They say to sit upon will grant you a long life, Great wealth and happiness until the day you die, but that's if you swear your soul to Satan.

The fourth Devil chair is thought to be one that Lincoln sat upon at the Gettysburg Address. To sit in this chair means you will die by the hands of another. Many believe it is the actual chair Lincoln was shot in brought here from Washington. The chair is in a private collection in one of the local hotels.

The Fifth chair is Called the Devil's stool. It is a low small child's chair. Stories of this ghost chair seem to be very strange indeed. The chair is said to be able to move or slide across the floor. The owner said she always heard something shifting in her attic and one day found the haunted chair. Believing it a great small chair to put one of her prized antique doll in she cleaned it up. the next day the doll was destroyed. The owner tells that who ever she shows the chair to and they touch it they will be overcome with a great evil that will drive them mad. Because her husband is the one who touched and he is now locked up.

The sixth Devil chair is actually a bench in the park. Many locals say the Devil himself will sit upon it at full moon night planning the next great battle in the Americas with his demon generals.

The Seventh Devil Chair is a unspeakable abomination in the eyes of god. This evil chair is said to be of fine hand carverd black wood with the Devil's face and all his demons carved into it. the seat is said to be made of the flesh of murderer. The chair is said to be able to transfix all that look upon it. The chairs evil history goes back to when it was brought to the America's from Europe in the late 1700's. It has been or traveled to several states. But it ended up in Gettysburg just in the past year when it was bought through an auction in New York. The chair is said to be able to take it's owner straight to hell and back.

The Eighth Gettysburg Devil Chair is said to be some what just a strange tall old high back yellow painted chair. Nothing much too look out but looks are deceiving. This haunted chair is said to be the actual chair that the Devil appeared in when he came to steal the souls of all the good people of Gettysburg. The Chair which still belongs to the original family who owned it once was in a fine Hotel. The local legend goes that the Devil appeared in one night and told the owners that if you walked around the chair 3 times and spat upon the seat he would come to grant who ever does it ... a wish. When the devil comes he appears at your door with three loud raps. you open the door to a strange person you have never seen. He his a normal man in appearance. He will come into your home sit in the chair and make a bargain with you that he can abide by.

The Ninth Devil Chair Of Gettysburg. To talk of this Chair spells evil, death destruction and great, great loss and possibly to even write about it . I will say no more... but it does exist.

Loch Ness

The Devil Chair of Aliester Crowley. This chair is said to be the one that he called forth the Devil satan himself to appear in. The Chair is in a private collection. It's origins are traced only as far as Egypt where Crowley stole it from.The Great work was reveled to him from this chair in 1904, while on holiday in Cairo, Egypt. This very simple period chair is reportedly the one that from it was dictated the Great book Of Works. Crowley only let one person besides his wife Rose sit upon it.

Crowley was notorious in his lifetime a frequent target of attacks in the tabloid press, which labeled him "The Wickedest Man in the World" to his evident amusement. At one point, he was expelled from Italy after having established a commune, the organization of which was based on his personal philosophies, the Abbey of Thelema, at Cefalù, Sicily. And this evil chair never left his possession.

Crowley, along with Leah Hirsig, founded the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalù (Palermo), Sicily in 1920. The name was borrowed from Rabelais's satire Gargantua, where the "Abbey of Theleme" is described as a sort of anti-monastery where the lives of the inhabitants were "spent not in laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their own free will and pleasure." This idealistic utopia was to be the model of Crowley's commune, while also being a type of magical school, giving it the designation "Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum," The College of the Holy Spirit. The general programme was in line with the A A course of training, and included daily adoration's to the Sun, a study of Crowley's writings, regular yogic and ritual practices (which were to be recorded), as well as general domestic labor. The object, naturally, was for students to devote themselves to the Great Work of discovering and manifesting their True Wills.

In 1923, a 23-year-old Oxford undergraduate by the name of Raoul Loveday (or Frederick Charles Loveday) died at the abbey sitting some say in the Devil Chair. His wife, Betty May, variously blamed the death on his participation in one of Crowley's rituals (allegedly incorporating the consumption of the blood of a sacrificed cat) or the more probable diagnosis of acute enteric fever contracted by drinking from a mountain spring. (Crowley had warned the couple against drinking the water, as reported in biographies by Lawrence Sutin, Richard Kaczynski and others.) When May returned to London, she gave an interview to a tabloid paper. The Sunday Express included her story in its ongoing attacks on Crowley. With these and similar rumors about activities at Thelema in mind, Mussolini's government demanded that Crowley leave the country in 1923. After Crowley's departure, the Abbey of Thelema was eventually abandoned and local residents whitewashed over Crowley's murals. Mussolini's Fascist government expelled Crowley from the country at the end of April 1923 and he took the Devil Chair with him.

In his later years many believe the chair was still in his possession. But after his death the chair disappeared. Only those close to him knew of it's existence and that fact that the Devil could and would appear in it often. the Chair is thought to be in the possession Of Led Zeppelin fame, Jimmy Page, and sits in the home Crowley once owned on Loch Ness that Page now owns.


The Devil's Boulder Throne

The Stiperstones is a very distinctive hill in the county of Shropshire, England. It is a quartzite ridge formed some 480 Million years ago. During the last Ice Age the summit stood out above the glaciers and was subject to constant freezing and thawing which shattered the quartzite into a mass of jumbled scree surrounding several residual rocky tors. At 536 metres above sea level it is the second highest hill in the county, surpassed only by Brown Clee Hill (546 m). Stiperstones' five-mile (8 km) long summit ridge is crowned by several rugged, jagged outcrops of rock silouetted against the sky. It is Know as the Devil's Chair or throne by many in the area. he area around the Stiperstones is rich in myths and folklore relating to the rocks of the Devil's Chair. According to one legend, the ghost of Wild Edric, a Saxon earl who held lands that were confiscated after 1066 and successfully defied the Normans, for a time at least, rides the hills whenever England is threatened by invasion.

The Devil's Chair on the en:Stiperstones, Shropshire, England. Photo by Blisco, 14 May 2006.

Haunted Devil Chair urban legends perpetrate a type of folklore, endlessly circulated by word of mouth, repeated in news stories and distributed by e-mail.