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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





"And The Ghost Of Myrtle Mary The Goatwoman"


The haunted wooden troll Bridge is said to be one of the most strangest and haunted locations in Marshall Texas.

Do you dare to search Marshall, Texas deep woods to find the legendery blood stained haunted bridge to hell?


Off the old Sue Belle Lake Road in Marshall, Texas there is a bridge that leads to no where. there is no road this very haunted bridge just sits in the middle of the thick over grown woods. This bridge does not cross a creek or a deep gutter it just sits there in the woods waiting to claim it's next victim.


By Tamilia Easter Jackson

This the most haunted and strangest bridge existing in Marshall is an oddity into itself. A distance of more then a mile off the actual Sue Belle Lake road deep in thickets of sticker bushes stands this very haunted old wooden bridge. It's mysterious purpose is often shrouded in myths of ghosts, trolls and the idea that if you cross over it at midnight you will enter Hell alive. And of course if you walk across it at this time you will never return.

Finding the GoatwomanTroll Bridge is never a easy feat. You have to come "upon" it, or it has to find you, because as the old urban legend goes, it changes places. The nearest I can get you to it is this, Go up North Grove toward the Loop. Once you cross the Loop It turns into Sue Belle Lake Road. In the woods off the right of the street is what many believe to be the actual remains of the haunted Troll Bridge.

Troll bridge because of references to the old tale of Three Billy Goats Gruff (Norwegian: De tre bukkene Bruse) is a famous Norwegian fairy tale in which three goats cross a bridge, under which is a fearsome troll who wants to eat them. The fairy tale was collected by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe in their Norske Folkeeventyr..

The story introduces three male goats named Gruff of varying size and age, sometimes identified in the story as youngster, father and grandfather, but more often they are described as brothers. There is no grass left for them nearest where they live, so they must cross a river to go a "sæter" (a summer farm in the hills) to eat, but the only way across is by a bridge and it is guarded by a fearsome troll who eats any who pass that way. The youngest goat, knowing nothing of this, crosses the bridge and is threatened by the troll but is spared when he tells the troll that his brothers are larger and more gratifying as a feast. The middle goat sees that the youngest one has crossed and reaches the conclusion that the bridge must be safe after all, but when he crosses and the troll challenges him, he too tells him of his eldest brother. When the eldest and largest of them attempts to cross, the troll comes out to seize him but is gored by his horns and knocked into the river. From that time on the bridge is safe, and all three goats are able to go to the rich fields around the summer farm in the hills.

This area is well known also for it's association with the goatman as well as his wife Myrtle Mary Kendall who is also said to haunt the bridge to this day. Also please see: The Real Goatman And His Kin ~ UPDATED!

Many years ago the area was known for the wild goats that grazed in the area as well as sightings of the evil of the Goatman and his red and green eyed spawn. The goats are their ghosts and are often spoted as one nears the bridge. Many EVP's are said to be of the goats bleating and those of Myrtle Mary screaming for you to leave or loose your life.

Many said that Myrtle Mary was found dead near the train tracks of the T&P railroad. It seems they found her dead one day along the tracks near Woodlawn and Marshall in the woods. Many tells tell that she was found wearing an outfit made completely of goat hides. They towns people who wilol talk of it , say she smelled really bad and her face was frozen in a grimace of a horrid death. the towns folk buried her in or near the old Algoma cemetery in an unmarked grave. This was done on a rainy Friday, where a a person came to morn their dead on a mMonday morning, it is said they had found evidence that she dug her way out of the hard packed ground within hours of her burial.

Myrtle Mary's ghost is said to haunt the Troll bridge because many in the town of marshall will tell you her husband Jack built it special for her to teach her goats that she kept to learn how to cross over this magic bridge that would transport any traveler to the location of their dreams.

Lisa Lee harp Waugh has studied the mysteries of the Goatman and the Goatwoman of Marshall, Texas since she was a small child. Her Grand mother, Granny Ada Lee would tell her and her friends tall Texas tales of how the Goatwoman would steal babies and carry them across the bridge to only survive and be the concubines of Satan in Hell as they grew older.

Myrtle Mary is said to have been a very ugly woman. The Marshall, Texas towns folk of the day would often say she was so ugly you could not easily tell if she was a man or a woman by her strange appearance. She was always covered in a self styled goat skin outfit from hat to boots. With long goat fur lining it outside and in. Many say she only got a bath when it stormed, she was a very strange person to encounter.

Many tales relate how she had a peculiar smell and when she would herd her large flocks of 600 goats to slaughter in Denton, through town, the lingering strong stench would get there before her and not leave for several days later. And this the haunting smell many say was not of the goats, but of this short troll looking woman Myrtle Mary herself.

Today the kin of Myrtle Mary are believed to still live in Marshall, but they will not talk of her except to tell you they think she is immortal. This of course is for when crossing over the bridge one day. The old urban legend says she ended up in hell, where the great devil Satan himself made her the shepherdess to his souls and to ferry them to hell by crossing over her magic bridge.

When you near the bridge and you smell a stench like nothing you ever smelled before. Run! Yes, run for your dear life because the Ghost of the Goatwoman is after you.

Ghost Photo of the GoatWoman Trolol Bridge

This above photo is supposedly an anomalous image of the haunted Goat Woman's Haunted Troll Bridge sent to us by a paranormal ghost Hunter from Henderson, Texas who wishes to remain anonymous. the actual bridge is supposedly blood stained with the blood of the victims that the goatwoman's ghost has supposedly gutted and ate.

Many who have found the haunted Troll Bridge usually turn and walk the other way when they see it, says Lisa Lee Harp Waugh the Great American Necromancer. I have found the bridge on several occasions in my life relates Waugh. I thought it was just a tale many told just to scare their children when I was young to keep them from getting lost in the woods.

My Granny Ada told me once that her friend Curtis had found the cursed bridge to hell once, and the evil stench haunted him for many weeks and months. Till finally one day he turned up dead on South Washington Street and his body was gutted from head to toe. The night before they were to bury him his corpse was stolen from the funeral home in the middle of the night. My Granny as many in town will tell you they believed the Goatwoman took his dead lifeless body to hell or to the bridge for her evil goats to feast upon. Because the stench in the funeral was all that was found after his corpse mysteriously disappeared in the night.

I too have smelled that odor of Myrtle Mary the Goatwoman. That odor of recent death, sweet smelling and foul when I discovered the bridge while out shooting guns with my ex- husband. Said Waugh. As soon as I did I told Big Boy (the name I called him) we needed to leave now. The smell filled my 1968 hard top convertible electric blue corvette and stayed in it for a month till it finally vanished on it's own. My ghost hunting best friend Kerry Von Erich would not ride with me until it went away. He told me girl this car stinks like death. So I told him the story and he said he had recognized the smell because he smelt it before in the area. He said it wa the same horrid smell he smelt in Denton near Goatman Bridge.

Marshall, Texas Version of the Troll Bridge Ghost Tale

Once upon a time there were three little children, there names were Thadeus, Marcus And Zechariah Gruff. One day the three boys herding their little flock of goats set off to the deep woods off of Sue Belle road where the sweet tall grass grew. Many believed at the time that these grasses where the best to be found and that's why Myrtle Mary Kendall the goatwoman of Texas kept her sheep and goats to fatten them up. There they would eat and eat until they were fat.

When they suddenly came upon a strange bridge in the middle of nowhere. What made it so weird was that was not over a over a stream, it was built flat on to the ground with pilings running deep and and a cave like entrance to the left side where many believed the old Troll woman Mary Myrtle slept. The many who knew her as she had lived in the area for many years said she had large strange gray green eyes and a face that could not be describable as a man or womans. Many told of how she wore clothes made entirely of goatskins all the way down to her undergarments. And this long haired outfit was dirty and she or it smelled from high hell to heaven.

The boys are said to have encountered the goatwoamn troll Mary Myrtle, and she took them straight to hell. With the exception that the youngest Zechariah escaped the devil and Myrtle Mary's clutches by sneaking out dressed in the skin of of one of his dead goats.

When the boy of 9 was found they say his hair was turned white as the new snows of December icey chills. And he could not speak for 10 years. and when he spoke he told the tale of how Myrtle Mary had killed his oldest brother and fed his remains to her prized goats. What ever happened to his middle brother is not really known. Many say he was taken straight to hell. Still others will tell you he is dead and buried under the bridge where Myrtle Mary is said to have cooked him into a fine stew and picked his bones clean. They say it is the ghost of Marcus that warns many to stay away for it is his ghost that is most encountered when you go searching for the bridge.

This ghost boy is said to be seen crying and often will come up to you dressed in rags and tell you please leave and run the other way now!

Ghost lights and strange sounds are said to haunt these sticker bush filled woods. And the many haunted supernatural , paranomal dangers that lie there or more then enough to drive a grown man to insanity.

The actual Goatman monster is thought to prowl the woods or possibly one of it's half-ling children. These goat people are similar to the Grunch of New Orleans and lower Louisiana swamps. Many believe they are a form of the American Chupacabra. And are part goat part dog like creature that suck and live off the blood and entrails of the living.

These the cryptid descendents of the Actual Goat Man Jack Kendall of Denton, Texas are thought to be half human half goats that he personally fathered. Many also believe inMarshall they are that which Dirty Myrtle Mary gave birth to. They also say she is the actual mother of the first goatman thing that attacked horses, people and supposedly still eats dogs and cats in the Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas area to this day.

Victims are said to be gutted from throat to bowls, and everything that is inside them is totally missing. And no sign of of blood is ever found. These goat creatures possible the great grand children of Myrtle Mary or Old Jack are though to be very aggressive in their thirst and great non stop sexual desires. Some old tales tell how persons either Man and Woman or often raped brutally goat style by these creatures if they do not kill and eat them.

The creatures that Mary supposedly gave birth to are said to be small no larger then 3- 4 feet,and have either green or red human looking glowing eyes. As whereas those spawned by Jack or very tall over 9- 10 feet in stature.

And tales of both species are said to have a definable stench that warns it's victims of them being near. Some of those in Texas who hunt for the strange beasts will say it has a coffee and sulfur smell others describe it as a rotting dead smell.

About Tamilla Easter Jackson

A graduate of Wiley College has lived in Marshall, Texas all her life. As the founding member of Marshall, Texas Ghost Finders she and her group of 35 other students have hunted for ghost and paranormal activity through out the City of Marshall, TX. " Growing up haunted inn Marshall is a common thing." says Jackson. Since she was a child she has had over 30 or more encounters with the White Lady of Marshall, Texas.

Tamilla Easter Jackson

Each year during the STAGE COACH DAYS Jackson holds several private ghost tours. Plan to join MTGF for a real ghost hunt of the cities downtown area during the 38th Annual May 2010. Come enjoy the Haunted ghost filled fun!

Marshall, Texas Ghost Finders 8th Paranormal Workshop

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