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Time and the Paranormal

by Martin Burns


Time is one of the more difficult concepts that theoretical physicists deal with. No one, not even the astrophysicists and astronomers who describe the cosmos can adequately describe what time is. Most of the scientists who adhere to the “Big Bang” theory believe that not only space, but time itself began at that moment, the instant when the singularity began to expand and create the universe as we know it today. On the other hand there are other theoretical physicists who believe that time is infinite and existed before the “Big Bang” and to them, M-theory describes how the universe was created, the M meaning membrane. It’s a theory that states, in its simplest form, that our universe was created by a collision between two membranes which ultimately caused the “Big Bang” and that our universe may only be one of an infinite number of universes or as they, the scientists like to call it, the multiverse.

It was Albert Einstein, who with his now famous theory of general relativity, stated that time is relative to the motion of objects in space and also to an observer, and that time and space are essentially the same thing. Space cannot exist without time and time cannot exist without space, hence the term space-time continuum which describes our 3 dimensional universe with time itself is the 4th dimension. Dr. Einstein also believed that the past, the present and the future all exist simultaneously. I’m not a physicist nor do I have the educational background to fully understand or wrap my mind around these concepts and theories, but if what Dr. Einstein believed to be true about the relativity of time is actually true. And most, if not all of Albert Einstein’s theories have been validated and proved to be true, then this, I think could help explain, some, if not most paranormal phenomena.

If it is true that the past, the present and the future do exist simultaneously then every event that has ever happened in the history of the cosmos is happening right now. Your birth, your first day of school, and even your death would all be happening in the now, at this moment, but in another dimension of time and space. I know this may sound bizarre, but if true then what you may perceive to be a ghost or apparition may only be a fleeting image of a past event that is happening in the now of the person you perceive to be a ghost, and by the same token that person may also perceive perceive you to be an apparition or ghost of some sort. In my view this would probably happen, perhaps in some part of space itself where the veil that separates the past from the present or future would be at its thinnest. The reason that some sections of the veil that separates the space- time dimensions may become thinner is because of some extreme energy generating event, perhaps something akin to a murder, suicide or perhaps even a battle site in war.

I’m not a physicist nor am I a parapsychologist or paranormal researcher of any sort. This is not my theory or my hypothesis. It is theory I have read about elsewhere. But if ghosts do exist then I am more inclined to believe that a theory of this nature is more likely to explain what ghosts are or may be, then a theological belief system would be, where ghosts are the souls of those who have died and are now earth bound for some reason. I make no claims to know what ghosts are, why they’re here, whether these theories are valid or not. This theory just represents one explanation as to the possible existence of the ghosts and the paranormal. I know there are many other theories and religious beliefs and one of them or perhaps the above theory may hold the ultimate answer.

Martin Burns




Martin Burns


I’ve lived in California most of my life, but was born in Michigan.  I’m 64 years old and just recently became interested in the paranormal after several unexplained paranormal type events happened in my own home.  I am somewhat of a skeptic and I am still not totally convinced in the reality of ghosts or any other paranormal type phenomena, but I am open-minded on this subject and that is why I created my website Ghosts!   Are they real?  The URL of the website is http://www.openmindedskeptic.net/ .