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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




"Researching and investigating the most scariest possibly real ghost pictures and strange haunted photos in the world"

  fort mifflin shadow person or ghost

Another image of what many call the shadowy ghost of Fort Mifflin. This awsome picture of the shaow ghost of Fort Mifflin was sent sent to us by David Richards. Photo taken March 3, 2010.



If your anything like me and many other paranormal investigators around the world you often find yourself studying what many report as being 100% proven as real ghost photos. What we in the paranormal community often deem as real ghost pictures show anomlous fogs, mist and sometimes actual faces and even body parts of what we presume to be that of a real ghost being captured on film or video.

Many today on all levels of the paranomal field often openly search to find what they think or believe to be "Real Ghost Pictures" on the internet to critique. The pictures of ghosts that you might find in checking out Ghost Research Society include both photographs that are actually faked or explainable. The "explainable" photographs all give details of the photographic mistake, and the reported as being 100% "real" photographs have extensive details about how and when they were captured.

But as all reliable sources such the well respected Ghost Research Society explains we can be fooled by tricks of light and or bugs and smudges on the lens. but that does not peove if a ghost photo is real or not. I don't believe that anyone is truly an expert in sorting out the difference between ghost and non-ghost photographs. The real ghost in a photo is often in the eye of the beholder

From a recent Email By Kerry A Jones

A friend and I visited The Whaley House last Friday, April 23, while out in San Diego to see another friend.  We happened to see the Whaley House in Old Town , so we went in to look around.  We didn’t have our camera with us (we didn’t expect to do any more sightseeing that day), so my friend said she’d take a picture with her cell phone as a memory that we visited there.  I decided that she take the picture in the dining room because it was darker and cooler in there.  

When we looked at picture later on, we immediately noticed this purple balloon-like thing floating in the center of the picture.  This would could be understandable if my friend’s phone had a flash on it…it doesn’t.  I wouldn’t call this an orb, but somehow it just doesn’t make sense to me.  It looks like this thing was moving and possibly connects to something that is also light purple, in front of the shelf of the china hutch.  But, with a camera phone and no flash, it’s pretty grainy.

Just thought I’d send this.  This picture is exactly what we took…no touch ups, etc.  Is this just a reflection ?

Whaley house ghost Photo

The Real Gettysburg Ghost Photos

Real Gettysburg Ghost Photos are said to happen all the time at   this the most Haunted Battlefield in America!



This picture was taken at the Devil's Den in Gettysburg... On 4-3-05 it was sent ot us by Laura.

There were not any reenactors there at that time.

I made for certain that during my trip, I did not take any pictures of anyone dressed in Civil War era clothing because I was there on a ghost hunting trip.

The first photo is the full size picture, the second is a close-up of the soldier.


  Geary Hoover
 Ghostly Image At Burnside Bridge           
I would like to submit a amazing photo of the
Burnside Bridge where several images have shown up.  It is now on display at The visitor center at The Antietam Battlefield.  Ranger Stephanie Gray and her
staff looked at the photo and was very pleased. The
photo is authenticated by Veripic and has run in severallocal newspapers.

  Geary Hoover

  Geary Hoover


Did You ever have a strange phot you just can't explain? Is it a   ghost or a trick of the light?

GALLERY PAGES 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5




Myrtles Plantation Ghost Photos sent to us by you!

Your Lalaurie House ghost photo submissions. Two gallerys' and growing

Your Real Ghost Stories, And Submitted Ghost Photos for your vote of real or not!

And : Real Ghost Pictures ...Are They Real? The Best Real Ghost Photos And Paranomal Ghost Pictures Of All Times By Peter Perry


Are rhwsw reak Ghost Phoros ? You Decide?

"A skeptic is one when faced with the handwriting on the wall, claims that it is a forgery."



About Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer. Please also see: The Psychomanteum "The Glass Spirit Or Ghost Booth" of Lisa Lee Harp Waugh, and Necromancy --- Rituals to contact the Spirits

Necromancer Lisa Lee Harp Waugh has been performing private and public séances for over 30 years. Her humble start in Marshall, Texas to her celebrity status of today did not come with it's pitfalls.

" Your life becomes not your own,"says Waugh. People seek you out and will go to any lengths to get you to call up from the grave a departed friend, lover or stranger." " It got so bad I went into seclusion and moved from Marshall.

Many paranormal investigators do all suggest that using the talents of The Great American Necromancer Lisa Lee Harp Waugh has brought them some interesting results and evidence. More and more actual Ghost Hunters and paranormal investigators are beginning to investigates mediums, psychics and individuals that communicate directly to the dead and spirits from other realms.




Annabel Lee welcomes you to Ravensbreath Castle

Ghost dolls that will haunt you forever


One of Annabel Lee's dolls is available (here). The primitive/antiqued ghost dolls are one of a kind hand made cloth creations.

Annabel and Ratgirl are 18 inches tall (46cm) and quite distressed due to a diet of rats, bugs, death and of course accidental singeing (by Annabel's Ogre's eyeball) in Ravensbreath Castle. The other ghost dolls vary in size but are similar. BABY is about 12 inches high and in a sitting position with movable arms and legs (and a full nappy).

Their bodies and faces are hand painted and disressed, as one would expect from fading ghost children. Some of them have ears made of clay. Baby's ears are cloth. In Ratgirl's case her ears are painted pink and her hair is white mohair. She also has a long pink rat tail and white whiskers. Her mouth was accidentally sewed shut in the Orgre's Eyeball incident.

All the dolls arrive in a grunged cloth sack with Ravensbreath logo patch.
(sack fabric varies as does the clothing of the dolls)

They come with a history card which has also been singed by the evil eyeball.

All dolls are signed, singed and dated.

All dolls are bendy and can sit on the bed next to you. You can see Annabel Lee in her deathday suit below.

Like all the ghost children's rag dolls, this is a collector's piece and only a very few will ever be made.
They have small parts so are not suitable for young children as toys.



Esoterikos Paranormal

To donate to ROLDA please visit: http://www.ROLDA.org

 ghost recon paranormal

Rosemary Ellen Guiley   Official website - Visionary Living

Rosemary Ellen Guiley Official website - Visionary Living

Aussie Ghosts



Welcome to my site. My name is John Zaffis. I have over 30 years of         studying and investigating the paranormal. I have the resources   and       experience to help people in need and to spread the word of   the   reality     of the supernatural. Within this site, you will find   many   sources of     information to help you understand the realm of   the   supernatural.

PRSNE do not charge for conducting an investigation. They will ask for travel reimbursement, which can include gas, airline tickets, phone and tolls. They generally travel by car whenever possible to keep the costs to a minimum. Due to the reality that there are always those who can not financially reimburse this amount, the fee will vary on case by case basis. If you would like more information please feel free to call 1-203-375-6083

The Haunted Boy - The Secret Diary Of The Exorcist. October 2010