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Where have all the real ghosts gone?

Where have all the real ghosts gone?

The decline of real ghosts and Ghost Hunting in the 21st century



I think we all have been afraid of the closet monster, Ghosts or spook at one time or another. But it seems less children today cry out in the night about monsters, spooks spirits ghosts and the boogeyman then in past generations. Some believe it is because so many young children or exposed to the supernatural world so early in life that they are immune to it and it's many pitfalls.

Blithe Spirit (1945) is a British fantasy comedy film directed by David Lean. The screenplay by Lean, Anthony Havelock-Allan, Ronald Neame, and Noël Coward is based on Coward's 1941 play of the same name. Its title is derived from the line "Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! Bird thou never wert" in the poem "To a Skylark" by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Seeking material for his fictional exposé of a criminal psychic, novelist Charles Condomine (Harrison) invites eccentric medium Madame Arcati (Rutherford) to his home to conduct a séance. As Charles, his bride Ruth (Cummings), and their guests the Bradmans restrain their laughter, Madame Arcati performs peculiar rituals and speaks with a propensity for clichés. Upon its conclusion, Arcati obviously is concerned about an unexpected turn the session has taken, although the author and his guests are dubious anything extraordinary occurred.

Unknown to everyone, Madame Arcati has accidentally summoned the spirit of Charles' first wife Elvira (Hammond) during the séance, whose voice Charles can now hear, and Arcati faints during her trance. After Madame Arcati and the Bradman's have left, and Ruth has retired for the night, Elvira takes visual form. Charles, who is the only person capable of seeing Elvira, becomes both dismayed and amused by her sudden and unexpected presence. Complications ensue when Ruth becomes aware of the presence of the ghost; Elvira behaves as a poltergeist.

Eventually, the author’s fascination wanes – especially when he learns Elvira has been plotting his early demise. But the spirit miscalculates and ends up dispatching Ruth instead, after which Charles is haunted by both wives.

Though initially unable to help, and offended when Ruth tells her of Charles motives, Madame Arcati uncovers a means to rid his household of both spirits. She appears to be successful, with the aid of the maid Edith, who turns out to be psychic and can see both deceased women. It soon becomes obvious one or both spirits have remained in the house. He quickly decides to escape the premises, but the plot to bring Charles into the spirit world has continued; his escape fails and he joins Elvira and Ruth as a spirit.


Ghost sightings are in some famous haunted destinations are becoming more or less, ... less haunted! Ghost Hunters from around the world have been reporting that the number of actual hauntings that they are usually asked to come and investigate in many areas of the world or down by 28%. Many Paranormal investigators believe it is caused by the general economic woes and the fear of 2012 and what it may hold. Could a polar shift, Sunspots or galactic center alignment or 2012 doomsday approaching.

In Aztec and Mayan mythology, the Cihuateteo were the spirits of human women who died in childbirth. They haunted crossroads at night, stealing children and causing sicknesses, especially seizures and madness, and seducing men to sexual misbehavior. That might be effecting ghosts their world and us being able to document them?


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Ghost hauntings in Peoria, Illinois seem to have dropped off states Ray Holstead. "I have been hunting ghosts in the community for several years and it I have found that 3 out of 4 ghosts seem to have just disappeared." "I have tried to document them just rechecking past haunted data and these spooks seem to have bitten the dust."

Georgia ghost sightings seem to be on a steep decline. The state seems to be having a higher percentage of tourist but less ghost encounters at all the reported hot spots. Or so many paranormal groups and those that just haunt ghosts on once an a while basis state.

Less and less in the past year several Paranormal research Groups have alerted me that they seem to be running out of locations in their area to find real ghosts to investigate. When checking back with past cases the answers are always the same. " The ghost stopped haunting us after your investigation". Says Glenn Fergeson of Georgia Coastside Ghost hunters. He and partner Thomas Jennings have hunting ghosts for 5 years and have found that news ghost hunts are become harder to find. And those that have really haunted locations in the past are being closed mouth today about them, possibly wanting less haunted visitors and exposure.

Some researchers, such as Professor Michael Persinger (Laurentian University, Canada), have speculated that changes in geomagnetic fields (created, e.g., by tectonic stresses in the Earth's crust or solar activity) could stimulate the brain's temporal lobes and produce many of the experiences associated with hauntings. This theory has been tested in various ways. Some scientists have examined the relationship between the time of onset of unusual phenomena in allegedly haunted locations and any sudden increases in global geomagnetic activity. Others have investigated whether the location of alleged hauntings is associated with certain types of magnetic activity. Finally, a third strand of work has involved laboratory studies in which stimulation of the temporal lobe with transcerebral magnetic fields has elicited subjective experiences that strongly parallel phenomena associated with hauntings. All of this work is controversial; it has attracted a large amount of debate and disagreement. Sound is thought to be another cause of supposed sightings. Frequencies lower than 20 hertz are called infrasound and are normally inaudible, but scientists Richard Lord and Richard Wiseman have concluded that infrasound can cause humans to experience bizarre feelings in a room, such as anxiety, extreme sorrow, a feeling of being watched, or even the chills. Carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause changes in perception of the visual and auditory systems, was recognized as a possible explanation for haunted houses as early as 1921.

According to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry to date, there is no credible scientific evidence that any location is inhabited by spirits of the dead.

Critics of "eyewitness ghost sightings" suggest that limitations of human perception and ordinary physical explanations can account for such sightings; for example, air pressure changes in a home causing doors to slam, or lights from a passing car are reflected through a window at night. Pareidolia, an innate tendency to recognize patterns in random perceptions, is what some skeptics believe causes people to believe that they have seen ghosts. Reports of ghosts "seen out of the corner of the eye" may be accounted for by the sensitivity of human peripheral vision. According to skeptical investigator Joe Nickell:

...peripheral vision is very sensitive and can easily mislead, especially late at night, when the brain is tired and more likely to misinterpret sights and sounds

Common ghost haunting attributes

Another widespread belief concerning ghosts is that they were composed of a misty, airy, or subtle material. Anthropologists speculate that this may also stem from early beliefs that ghosts were the person within the person, most noticeable in ancient cultures as a person's breath, which upon exhaling in colder climates appears visibly as a white mist. This belief may have also fostered the metaphorical meaning of "breath" in certain languages, such as the Latin spiritus and the Greek pneuma, which by analogy became extended to mean the soul. In the Bible, God is depicted as animating Adam with a breath.

In many traditional accounts, ghosts were often thought to be deceased people looking for vengeance, or imprisoned on earth for bad things they did during life. The appearance of a ghost has often been regarded as an omen or portent of death. Seeing one's own ghostly double or "fetch" is a related omen of death.

A White Lady were reported to appear in many rural areas, and supposed to have died tragically or suffered trauma in life. White Lady legends are found around the world. Common to many of them is the theme of losing or being betrayed by a husband or fiancé. They are often associated with an individual family line, as a harbinger of death. When one of these ghosts is seen it indicates that someone in the family is going to die, similar to a banshee.

Legends of ghost ships have existed since the 18th century; most notable of these is the Flying Dutchman. This theme has been used in literature in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge.


Some like (Marshall, Texas's own) Lisa Lee Harp Waugh, speculate it is just a matter of a ghost and ghost hunter fulfilling each others destiny's. The lost is found and validation sets the spirit free.

"Marshall Texas has always been a hot spot for hauntings of many kinds." "The city is still very, very haunted and new reports come in often about new ghosts and sightings almost weekly." Says, Waugh.

Each year The great American Necromancer, has personally investigated and actually documented her findings and research on the most haunted States in America. Waugh does this personally by ranking them on all the info of actual paranormal activity and research going on in a particular State of the Union. Her Personal encounters, Emails from friends and those that seek her out help her keep an eye on the paranormal front.

This year many locations it seems have kept solid positioning on the list. A few locations have actually jumped into the haunted spotlight. And others held solid to their documented paranormal experiences. And still others have faced a huge decline.

After doing a lot of searching on different ghost hunting sites I have come to the conclusion that none of these sites provide guidance, evidence that many hauntings have stopped. But many groups do not go back and do follow ups. they focus on doing an investigation then leave it alone. They all have a lot of real good recent and past ghost stories and pictures. but usually the haunted individual usually reports back if a problem is persistent but many don't. They don't have anything telling the Investigator the ins and outs to ghost hunting and why their hauntings just stopped.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is reportedly very haunted as we all know. But many tell me the ghosts no longer come out and play. Milwaukee is another example of 21st century paranormal urban blight in America. this once great haunted site has failed. Like Camden and Buffalo, Milwaukee faces the ravages of high unemployment and a high poverty level. Burnt out haunted buildings and abandoned factories dot the landscape but no one is investigating them and reporting it. They also have lousy weather. Could it be just the lack of people in a location hunting ghosts being gone?

Louisiana holds it's number one haunted location status in the United States once again. News of haunting's, The Devil Baby, Loup Garous, Bigfoot type Swamp creatures, Grunch (American Chupacabra) and Vampire and zombie activity keep it in the number one spot. Haunted Cemeteries, houses, Plantations, and buildings. So it seems everything is haunted by some type of spook in this great haunted state. Arizona, Alabama, North Carolina reports and investigations seem to be leveling out. As what seems to be a unfortunate move Georgia seems to be fast becoming one of the least haunted states only beating out West Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Vermont and North Dakota as the least haunted State in America.

Many psychics have said recently that many spirits are ghosts seem to be moving to the larger cities. This paranormal migration might alarm some but the percentage of ghost per person in major cities seems to be a 2- 1 ratio.

A few reasons why many believe ghosts are stopping their hauntings.

Over inundation of paranormal investigations of a location. Many ghosts have stopped performing their ritualistic hauntings. Haunted Hotels, and several locations around the world have privately said that actual ghost encounters seem to be on a decrease.

These ghosts might just be over exposed to performing or just bored with spooking individuals who are searching for them out right.

Just because a ghost now recognizes the paranormal investigator or groups or just the procedures. These paranormal entities have stopped performing for those to document them. The ghosts are still their haunting the unsuspected of course but not the group or trained individual who goes in to hunt them.


Haunted dolls seem to disappeared of of ebay also. And many of those that own them have reported that their dolls are haunted items are not performing their usual tricks when strange individuals come to call.

"There are some ghost hunting individuals that just have a bad vibe about them. "Also many ghosts as well as living individuals might be repelled by such a persons intrusion into their haunted landscape." States Gina Lanier. " Might ghost be in hiding because they don't like a certain group person or way a paranormal investigation is preformed." If I was a ghost I would get tired of making an EVP or Emf reading occur just to have living people say do more!" As a living person I get bored." " And just think, I might get bored the same way in a eternal haunting if I was dead. "

Another school of paranormal charged thought is that many hauntings have reached an expiration date. Or they happen in yearly or even decade and longer then thought lunar or solar cycles. Jan Gilbert of Knoxville, Tennessee Ghost Seekers thinks that ghosts come in different levels of hauntings as a generation passes us by. The same ghost that haunted a location may be now being haunted by a new ghost taking over for the old ghost. These spirits may be weak and require training and guidance from the ghost who's place they are taking. Gilbert believes ghost need training to just as we need training in learning how to haunt them.


At a recent ghost seminar I was part of a discussion group that believed that ghosts are becoming aware of us searching for them and are reacting to this by boycotting their hauntings to lead us astray. Psychics Ghost Hunter David Roland of New York tells me that he knows that ghosts are really giving up trying to impress the living. He told me that ghosts are just getting bored with us and want to distance themselves from all the publicity Jason and Grant have put on them.


This worldwide boycott of haunting the living is just the tip of the iceberg says Roland more will start or stop happening soon in the paranormal realm of study. Roland calls it the Casper Conspiracy where said ghosts would rather be friends now a days rather then haunt the living. One thought is that these ghosts are now meek from over exposure to human contact or just wanting a real paranormal vacation of their own.


Still Ghost hunters like Frank Mann believe and preach that many individuals are just learning to live with the ghosts that haunt them and like it. "They (the really haunted) would rather not part with their dead friends or exploit them." Says Roland. " Many ghost hunters are starting to preach the ethical treatment of ghosts as being a fundamental of ghost hunting worldwide."




Think you know what a real ghost won't or can't do? : http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/ghosthunting/Thinkagain.php


Casper the Friendly Ghost is the protagonist of the Famous Studios theatrical animated cartoon series of the same name. As his name indicates, he is a ghost, but is quite personable. According to the 1995 feature film Casper, his family name is McFadden, making his "full" name Casper McFadden.

Given that Casper is depicted as a ghostly little boy, there is a controversy among fans of the series about whether or not he is a dead child. Early Casper cartoons seemed to suggest this, as they portrayed him "living" beside a gravestone. Specifically, the short There's Good Boos To-Night featured Ferdie, a fox befriended by Casper, coming back from the dead as a ghost. Casper's death (as well as the reason why he became friendly) has become disputed since then.

This somewhat macabre premise was later abandoned in favor of the idea that ghosts were merely a type of creature, similar to ghouls, goblins, etc. He was thereafter portrayed with feet and shown to have ghostly parents. In the 1960s and 1970s, the stock answer provided by Harvey Comics in response to those wondering how Casper died was that he was a ghost simply because his parents were already ghosts when they were married.

The 1995 feature film Casper, however, revived the notion that Casper was a deceased human and provided a brief account of his death. According to the film, Casper was sledding in the snow and stayed out for too long, dying of pneumonia. The first direct-to-video film to follow the feature, Casper: A Spirited Beginning, showed Casper's early days as a ghost, not showing how he died and ignoring the story provided in the previous film.




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