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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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And sometimes ghosts linger...

Real ghosts!?!

Have you ever seen a real ghost group?

Story by Michael Anton, Artwork Ricardo Pustanio

Ghost (1990) - Memorable quotes
Oda Mae Brown: He's stuck, that's what it is. He's in between worlds.

Real ghosts linger because so many seem to have died violently or so many oral traditions say. It appears as though ghosts just want to tell their own story. Maybe it is the ghosts of some lost soul that leads an archeologist to their final resting place. If you think of how many people have lived on this earth, there's probably not a place where someone or something isn't buried.

Many nowadays link "believing in ghosts" with believing in an after live? I'd like to think, that since their is really NO REAL paranormal evidence that an afterlife exists "except for our faith of course" that IF ghosts exist it may be a sign that after life does exist? Make sense?

People in general from groups. In sociology, a group is usually defined as a collection of humans or animals, who share certain characteristics, interact with one another, accept expectations and obligations as members of the group, and share a common identity. Using this definition, society can appear as a large group. Can spirits form groups and have emotional feelings, communicate with other ghosts without a physical body? Investigators, parapsychologists, scientists and novice ghost hunters are trying to prove or disprove everyday that there are ghosts that walk among us. Are real ghosts and spirits trying to prove to themselves that they are still alive?

Haunted Investigators Patterson Tower


Think about Disney's haunted mansion over flowing with ghost that interact as if still alive with each other and the living. Imagine if that was real. The perfect haunted mansion building or house where the dead could communicate with us an openly and with each other. Today that does not exist but only in the movies. But, I believe in ghosts, as I've had encounters.

While an aggregate comprises merely a number of individuals, a group in sociology exhibits cohesiveness to a larger degree. Characteristics that members in a ghost hunting group may share include interests in the paranormal, proof of the afterlife, a person who has just experienced a real ghost or haunted house experience, Paranormal, wiccan or mediumistic background, and kinship ties to the ghost that haunt individuals.

Several haunted intersections dot all the world, or so the old told ghost story goes, were these just a portal site of a tragic accident or just the crossroads to times gone by. Some stories tell of several school-aged children who were killed in a bus accident- Or memorial Crosses mark the spot where someone died... but do their ghosts really linger on? Are they all here waiting to get to their homes? I believe every case is different, every ghost has it's own reason for haunting. Collective hauntings I believe spand years not just an instance where multiple people have died at once in most cases. I'm not saying it is not possible but in life everyone is different and everyone makes different choices. Not all ghosts cross over, some do stay. But do they collectively form a haunted real ghost group? Or would we say a haunted spooked filled team going out to hunt the living to make contact with them. This might sound absurd but really think about it.

Territory and Dominance are basic, primitive, and well studied social behaviors in many animals, including humans and other primates. So when a place is haunted, a house, a hotel, cemetery or even a city street, could it become a refuge for wandering ghosts looking to connect to other ghosts?

Several news agencies including the BBC, the Agence France Press and the Bangkok Post have done stories in the last few months on how superstition is keeping many Asian tourists away. Most recently, CNN picked up an Associated Press story examining the issue.

The Thais believe in ghosts. Their religion, Buddhism, has a clear place for ghosts in its cosmology. Like most Americans and Europeans, Thais think of ghosts as the spirits of dead people - stuck here on earth to wander around without a body for some indefinite period of time. Why? I'm not a Buddhist theologian; but like most things, it seems to have to do with karma - bad karma, in this case.

People who die violently and unexpectedly are also more likely to become ghosts (or at least stay ghosts longer) - so many Asians believe, anyway. Put simplistically, Buddhism teaches that each time someone dies their spirit spends an amount of time as a ghost, seeking to be reborn. The dead person must become emotionally detached from former loved ones before that rebirth can take place.

Whatever the reason for becoming a ghost, ghost stories are surfacing throughout Thailand.

The Most Haunted Place To Be

Territory was initially identified as a physical space which may be staked out by individuals singly or as mating pairs. The space is subsequently defended, sometimes quite vigorously, and when left by the owner there is the strong tendency to return to it. Territories may also be claimed by various aggregates of individuals such as families, tribes, or nations. Since ghost stories go all the way back to ancient Egypt, I feel that there is something beyond this life. I have witnessed some unexplainable things but I am still a skeptic in what others say.

The Thais may have a slightly more developed fear of ghosts than most Asians, but they are not alone in believing in ghosts. When Buddhism entered Chinese culture the status of ghosts had to change slightly to accommodate ancestor the worship of Confucian religion. But annual events like the Hungry Ghost Festival are not mere formalities.

Each species has well defined patterns of when, and how territory is defined and defended. Nesting behavior in birds, hunting territory in wolves, or home ownership in humans are easy phenomena to identify. However, this initial definition was elaborated to include not only other human objects such as friends, spouses, children, but domestic animals, pets of all kinds, and physical objects such as toys, jewelry, automobiles, and golf clubs. It can also mean, in a much broader sense, anything that has been claimed for a person or group. This includes intangible things like areas of business, market share, areas of research, social sceanes, contacts and how a person or groups presents itself. Could actual ghost be doing this?

Territories are strongly defended. When they are lost, sold, stolen, intruded on or captured, there may be in humans an intense sense of loss, very much akin to depression, and a sense of anger. Animals also have analogous reactions, but are naturally devoid of the expressions of emotion in language. Territory is functionally related to the survival behaviors of seeking food, shelter, sex, and reproduction, but there is no effort here to establish the survival value of territory or dominance. The universal presence of these principles in a wide variety of species would seem to argue for survival value, but there is, as yet, no scientific methodology to establish either validity or falsification of survival value after death.

Over the long period of evolutionary time, humankind has developed a most complicated array of territorial behaviors that range from personal social relationships, to possession of land, property, and physical objects. Through the intermediation of spoken and written language, territory can be extended to abstract and symbolic objects and ideas such as religion, school, value systems, and jobs. The most obvious human territorial behaviors are the establishment of a home base, and home ownership. This extends to the ownership of many objects considered as property such as furniture, car, clothes, golf clubs, paintings and so on. The use of the possessive pronouns (mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs) is a valid signal of territorial behavior recognized in self and others. Could this be why items become haunted. Ghost trying to hold on to what they think they still possess.

Real Ghosts Hunters Today

Ghost Whisperer is an American television drama-fantasy-thriller about a young woman who can communicate with the spirits of the dead. The show was created by John Gray and is produced by Sander/Moses Productions in association with ABC Television Studio & CBS Paramount Television. It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aisha Tyler (Seasons 1-2), David Conrad and Camryn Manheim (beginning with the second episode of Season 2, which began on September 22, 2006). The series is based on the work of James Van Praagh, who is a co-executive producer and posts to a blog about the show hosted by CBS. The stories are also said to be based in part on the work of Spirit Communicator Mary Ann Wintkowski.

The following opening narration airs at the beginning of ever episodes, spoken by Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays the show's main character:

“ My name is Melinda Gordon. I am married. I live in a small town and I own an antique shop. I might be just like you, except that from the time I was a little girl I knew that I could talk to the dead. Earthbound spirits my grandmother called them. They're stuck here because they have unfinished business with the living and they come to me for help. In order to tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs.

Usually ghost stories tell of a solitary ghost doing the haunting. Like most people, I've always been curious about ghosts. I wouldn't call myself a " 100% believer," as many ghost hunters refer to themselves, but I do think it's pretty arrogant to insist that we're alone in the universe, or that we have any clue what might or might not happen after we die.

Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, Medium, John Edward and Ghost Whisperer have made ghost tracking a fixture of popular culture. The use of psychics, however, has been a mainstay in ghost hunting and communication with them since the beginning.

Ghost Hunters begins a new season on cable’s Sci Fi Channel, and the Rhode Island duo at the heart of the series, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, have turned the show into a mini-empire. There is now a Taps Paramagazine; they host a popular radio call-in show Saturdays night from 8 to 10 p.m. on radio station WPRO-AM (630), and now they’re looking for a new member of the team. A national search begins today as wannabe Ghost Hunters can visit www.scifi.com for information on entering the Hunt for the Hunter. Three finalists will compete live on the annual Ghost Hunters Halloween telecast. Viewers will weigh in with their choice, but Hawes and Wilson will have the final word.

Many of the largest ghost-hunting groups listed on Meetup.com proves evidence that the craze is still growing. describe a world that is alive with the no longer living, I wonder why, if the spirit world is real, there's no conclusive scientific evidence to prove it. And if it in fact does not exist, why have people always created stories about it?

Efforts to document supernatural phenomena began in the 1850s as part of the Spiritualist movement. An exhibit at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art includes 120 spirit photographs, including a famous one of Mary Todd Lincoln, who appears with the supposed ghost of her assassinated husband hovering behind her. The movement's séances, theatrics and photography were hotly debated, drawing famous intellectuals such as psychologist William James and author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Ghost Hunters’ captures the TAPS team as they search people’s homes for “uninvited paranormal visitations.” Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this show can get pretty creepy. Check out this clip:


Today, the proof of real ghosts, hauntings and encounters with the paranormal debate still features photography, but there are new gadgets too—tape recorders, Geiger counters and electromagnetic field detectors. And the Ghost meetup groups draw several of the true believers and the curious to the ranks each day. Often hoping as a collective that maybe someone will realize it is time to seek outside help from a ghost investigator or psychic ghost hunter group , and open that particular group up to the haunting ghost proof of a lifetime. You can always ask yourself is it a genuine haunting or a clever hoax?


What if someone told you the piece of ground you were standing on was known as the "Most Haunted Scariest Spot in the world"! Would you believe them?


Whitechapel, Sloss Furnace, Spittalfields, London East End, London, England, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Oswiecim, Poland, Amityville, NY, or the Waverly Ghosts of the Kentucky Sanatorium, Bachelor's Grove, Bald Mountain Or The entire Haunted City of New Orleans. It's all up to conjecture... Haunted America Tours lets People who visit the site vote to see what they believe is the most haunted location, other paranormal sites, and television shows pick and choose their haunted places for you.





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