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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




How can I tell if you are really haunted?

How can I tell if you are really haunted?

Did you ever stop to think the ghost that haunt this world are out to haunt just you !

By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Too many people today worry about haunted locations. they often Ponder how to find out if their house is haunted. but the truth is as a paranormal investigator I believe it is not the house that supports the hauntings but the individuals that inhabit it. Yes regaurdless of what many believe and preach certain individuals seem to be more haunted where ever they go. And the important paranormal fact of that, cannot be changed. I have over the past five years investigated individuals who say that the ghost always follow them where ever they move.

I firmly believe that locations and items such as dolls and furniture can have ghost attached to them. But I have seen through years of observations that real ghosts tend to dominate and show themselves more to certain para normally charged individuals. Some psychics and mediums that channel the dead will tell you that you might just have a certain aura around you that ghost are attracted to. Be it hereditary or a fluke of paranormal nature what makes a ghost haunt you to the most deepest degree has most like just to do with you. this paranormal force that you as a haunted individual possess seems to be undetectable to the living or any type of field test that we have at our disposal today.

Many of my personal findings suggest that beliefs about the evolution of an actual haunting and duration may be self-fulfilling. This effect is an example of how psychological processes shape a persona beliefs, in addition to the more widely known reciprocal dynamic, that culture can shape thoughts. And possibly effect how the dead can haunt you.

If you listen to others in the field who preach you have nothing to fear and that the dead can't hurt you. Then you just might be mistaken. One day the law of averages will allow you to befall the most terrifying haunting that one could imagine. And it might take a person being haunted in the littlest ways from time to time before the most powerfulness of paranormal forces take hold and drive you past the brink of sanity.

Deciphering The Signs

Are you regularly awakened from your sleep and don't know why, or you witness things that if you tell others they will think you insane? Both events are very common haunted or ghost encounter occurrences. Someone from the other side may be trying to get your attention alone. The rest of friends or family or unaware of what you might see, feel, smell or just sense that they don't. Some will adamantly tell you that most cases of haunting's , or just like a tape of the past being played in fact a very harmless event.

Where as others will tell you the real horror stories of being driven to madness by an unseen entity that haunts them day and night. Many People interject that those who have passed on before us are usually confused or upset. They want someone to connect to. Or openly acknowledge them and understand what they want. These same individuals will lightly tell you that a you should not to become overly obsessed with the strange paranormal phenomena.

It's a great warning until the thing in the dark turns nasty and haunts you for many years to come.

Not all ghosts are happy, shiny dead people with just a pleasant message to render from beyond the tomb. You have to think that when a ghosts comes rattling it chains their doing it for a reason. But only the ghost has it's reason and we are just it's pawns.

Many are under the false beliefs from such so called experts in the field that a true haunting usually resolves itself over a short period of time. Be if these are demons, Poltergeist or a normal haunting as some surmise. Don't worry it will all stop soon.

Their inept reason is usually associated with the thought that the ghost becomes bored or accustomed to you and moves on, or you become accustomed to the ghost and pay less attention to it.

But the statements of such friendly jovial happy ghosts does not apply to all cases. And in 8 out of ten hauntings it might just be true. But what about the other two cases where the dead or actually waging some type of paranormal warfare on the living.

The main rule of thumb is to take all ghosts hauntings and paranormal activity from the standpoint that it is dangerous to you. The old falling down house or the strange cemetery you bravely walk through is as they say an accident waiting to happen.

Paranormal Expert Gina Lanier just said in a recent interview I heard: " Just because it's Paranormal doesn't mean it can't hurt you ." "People say seeing is believing and when they can't see something. Well... they really should fear it." "And rightly they should."

If ghost hunting and paranormal exploration is the next frontier then those of us who study it need to be aware that what is out there is not the whole truth. Many who have seen the eyes of the dead staring at you through the mist know what I am saying. And don't forget the feeling of how close death is to you with ghost rent from their graves breathing down our necks and clawing at our eyes tongues and genitals.

The 10 Signs that you are truly haunted:

1. A strong feeling of uneasiness. And a overwhelming sense like you are not in your body and your life and grasp are slipping away.

2. Paranoia and worry over how others see you and what is happening to you A lack of trust in your judgment.

3. Emotional displays. Suddenly acting out with the feeling of a great depression overwhelming you r life. Fears arise tears suicidal feelings.

4. All is closing in on you . The room spins and dizziness.

5. You pass out for no reason. You wake up only to find and have the though's of , something is strange and does not feel right.

6. A sudden loss of hearing or vision. distortion of sights sounds and a strange iron taste in your mouth . also some report belching up bile for no reason and or the taste of something flat.

7. heaviness in the chest neck shoulders. Feelings close to that of having a heart attack.

8. Ice cold sweats, Nausea compounded with any of the symptoms of the above.

9. A want to leave run or flee because you know the further you get away the better your chances are at overcoming what is effecting you .

10. Panic attacks utter loss of all bodily movement a feeling like time is moving slow and all is blurred and weird is the best way to describe it. Actual frozen body or paralysis.

If you suffer from any of this when entering a home or a place of business that's when I suggest to you . Get help now! Don't even consider the fact that all this will go away and it is just your imagination running wild.

At this point you need to contact a professional in the field. That certain someone that is willing to work with you. Listen to you, And search out a cause and reason. You need to trust them your family, doctors and or clergy to help you. And in time you will overcome the thing that is truly haunting your home, house business and life.

The real truth is how much are you willing to go with getting to the source of your problem. Is it physical? Is a ghost sexually abusing you? Beating you? Making Love to you?

The big question is do you want this all to stop. Have it all just go away like a bump in the night.


About Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Call up spitiys is a normal daily occurence for Waugh Spitiy energy


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LISA LEE HARP WAUGH Is a necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial robes, draws magical circles on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire by A.E Waite, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.

She can often be heard on several interviews monthly around the world. Often discussing in depth everything from "SEX" with ghosts to the actual dead that she communicates with.

You can contact Lisa Lee Harp Waugh directly by email with questions or requests for media interviews or personal appearance request at: onthebaylisa@aol.com

You can contact Waugh directly by email with questions or requests for media interviews or personal appearances request at: onthebaylisa@aol.com

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Lisa Lee Harp Waugh is also the Founder of The Ghost Hunters Of America Web Site.

The Ghost Hunters Of America Paranormal Investigation




Brad Steiger Official Web Site Visit It Here Now: "www.bradandsherry.com"

Brad Steiger: Official Web Site

Of all the forlorn, countless souls awash in time, none reach out to us more than those of the dead at Gettysburg. They were young men, mostly, with hopes for a bright future and moved by sincere patriotic dreams, caught up and cruelly thrown down again, in the great, hot whirl of mortal combat.


Kenneth Deel

Kenneth Deel is a Demonologist of the Catholic faith, a Spiritual Warfare Counselor, and often a Catholic faith adviser (Catechism). He has over 28 years of research / experience on these topics, with his first experience occurring when he was about seven years old. He is near completion of his book which should be in print by 2009. And will begin a producing an educational documentary as a companion to his book, after the book is completed. Currently host and producer for his new radio show: “Demonology Today”, along with co-host Alan Glatzel, and Deborah (Glatzel) Johnson (“The Devil in Connecticut” Haunting survivors). He is also currently a Staff member of the IAMHAUNTED.com online paranormal community, and will also lend a hand as a contributing writer and art director for the upcoming IAMHAUNTED magazine.

Ken is also a graphic artist, and has provided high quality professional banners, logos and other media for PTF and other organizations.

Ken has returned to the MPR/PTF family after a brief absence. Ken has been an invaluable resource for both MPR/PTF team members and numerous clients in the past with closure brought to many of our cases. We are very proud to have him back as part of our family and am sure our current and future clients will also benefit greatly from his return.



Patti Starr

Certified Ghost Hunter

atti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, Ghost Chasers International, Inc.Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter

Gina Lanier's investigations have been the focus of many Paranormal Radio Shows and as a Paranormal consultant to those that seek her valuable advice and reasoning.


Gina Lanier

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