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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





The Paranormal View



You Reap What You Sow



The following review represents the views of the author REAP SOW only. The opinions are those of the author alone and do not represent the views of any other party or this web site. Unless the party is a surprise party with some cake and ice cream. In that case the author reserves the right to have some cake and a little ice cream because he hasn't had dinner yet and doesn't want to spoil his appetite.

The Paranormal View


Join hosts Henry and Beth, along with their panel of listeners and guest experts, for a lively discussion of paranormal topics from ALL points of view! The View is certainly not limited to ghost talk - instead, the show strives to cover all things that fall into the category of "unexplained", including Cryptozoology, Out of Body and Near Death Experiences, Extrasensory Perception, Medium ship, Alien Abduction and UFOs, Telekinesis, and much more.

The Paranormal View comes on Saturdays at 8pm eastern time on http://para-x.com.

To be fair The Paranormal View is relatively new and I know there is a learning period involved, that fact has been taken into account.

This show is another offering from para-x which seems to be a kind of factory churning out mediocre content in order to fill all their time slots.I listened to the 1st half of Spooky Tennessee.The guest was Georgiana Kotarski, author of Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley..

The pod cast seems to be very proud of the fact it is 'powered' by CBS but the only power I have seen CBS demonstrate is to attack listeners with advertisements. There was 12 minutes of banter between the hosts and then 5 full minutes of commercials. This 12 minutes of content habit seemed to be a constant during my listening.For those of you bad at math that equals 1/4 of every hour devoted to advertising. I wonder how CBS plans to keep people listening to that with so many other commercial-free pod casts out there.

The chemistry between Henry and Beth is just not there. Beth seems to be the stronger of the two. Henry seemed too overcome with the thought of 'millions of people' listening to stay on task.The guest Georgiana Kotarski was a pleasant enough lady but her story of a ghost kitty cat just didn't grab my interest. Much of the information was of history about a place i had never heard of  and really had no interest in learning about. I can go to any of the thousands of local historical landmarks and get the same type of information and be getting some fresh air at the same time.

I thought maybe I was just catching a bad spot so i listened to another of the PV pod casts called Secrets in the fields with guest Freddy Silva.

The pod cast was about crop circles.I have done a show on crop circles in the past so I know a little about them. Again the guest was a pleasent enough guy but I had some trouble following exactly what point he was making. It is a known fact that some guys have been caught making these crop circles and though they are very nice to look at, they offer very little that is any mystery to most people.

As I listened to the PV I kept thinking about the show description which says "discussion of paranormal topics from ALL points of view" I did not get the impression that either of the host were looking at all points of view at any time. There was some mention of a 'debate' show that had been on sometime in the past. I would have liked to listen to that but the pod cast was nowhere to be found.

In the end The Paranormal View left me feeling, well bored and irritated. I kept waiting for some substance but the hosts were unable to get any spark of interest going. It seems this is just another pod cast with nothing that sets it apart from any of the other thousands of pod casts except it has more commercial breaks.

REAP SOWRATING: The Paranormal View

Ratting of 1 1/2 skulls out of 4



1 Skull- The podcast makes noise but that's it -Don't bother
2 Skulls-Catches your attention but never keeps it-Let the listener beware
3 Skulls-Worth listening to most times- Check it out
4 Skulls- Great broadcast- Don't miss it EVER!


Listen to ReapSowRadio- It's Radio That Helps You Help Yourself




Reapsow first emerged into the paranormal in 2007, when he stepped in to defend a friend who was being attacked by the late Paranormal Police. This is where his gift to write, along with his ability to bring stupidity to the surface with a comedic flare, that he began to build a name for himself. He stood up for those being unjustly crucified, and spoke his mind, and people liked this new insight into the community. People quickly learned that Reap had a way of capturing your attention that no one had ever done before. People had begun to flock to his blogs, and his popularity grew in the community. This opened up the door to Reapsowradio which had begun to air in October of 2007.


As he learned more about the paranormal, and the community he found himself questioning some of the methods and theories that were being used, by what were considered big name investigators. Using common sense, as well as reading up thoroughly on some of the claims that were being made, he found himself speaking out against those that he felt were doing more harm then good in paranormal investigations.


 The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters,broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.


The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters, broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.

  We mix quality talk radio with a variety of quality music to
make for always enjoyable Internet radio.


The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7 stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters,broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.