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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan







Modifying Your Own Ghost Box Or Franks Box

This video will show you how to take a cheap $25 radio and turn it into a working Ghost box or Franks Box. I like to call it an am/fm radio that just scans non-stop.

Some of today's' communication with the dead happen with the use of EVP's from a Franks Box, (Please see: The Dead Can Hear You! Can You Hear Them? - FRANK'S BOX --- EVP GHOST BOX -- AND A NECROMANCER) an Olivus (also see: “I Hear Dead People” - A Review of the Ovilus - Spirit Communication Device") or just a simple digital voice or video recorder.

And: Unique New Ghost Hunting Equipment: For Actual Communicating with the Dead

By Maggie Tracy Phelps

Frank Sumption is the original creator of the ghost box, otherwise known as "Frank's Box". He created the device as a means of communicating with higher-level spirits such as angels and spirit guides. But the device is being tested by paranormal investigators around the world and is creating a buzz within the paranormal community.

"Frank's Box" is a controversial new tool within the paranormal field. Developed by a man named Frank Sumption, this box is also known as the real "Telephone to the Dead," a device of normal construction that can allegedly communicate with the other side.

Devices like Frank's Box are useful in research in the field of ITC, or instrumental transcommunication, dedicated to real-time, two-way bridges for voice and image.

One of the newest in the field is Frank's Box, created by Frank Sumption of Colorado.
EVP-ITC · EVP and ITC discussion Group Frank Sumption
Visit here now.

This is a group for the discussion, promotion, and development of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, and Instrumental Transcommunication methods and technologies as used in the communication with spirit, and other entities.

The owner of the is group has been doing work in this field since 2000, and has been working with home made systems developed for both audio, and video ITC.

I invite anyone interested to join. I am not really scientific, I just take the approach, try different methods, see what works. I go on the results I get.

Try not to get too religious, some discussion will be tolerated as long as no one is offended. There is a "banned" button for those that get too obnoxious. I don't mind a good argument as long as it's not taken too serious, and people get pissed off, or hurt feelings. Try to be considerate of others! If I detect attempts at debunking, I'll ban immediately! It's one thing to be skeptical, it's another to ignore and deny all evidence.

Frank Sumption


The box entered national mainstream when it was specially featured on an episode of "Paranormal State." And that's when I knew I had to build one for myself. I got the schematization from watching youtube. In a matter of a few days I had my own version of a franks box. I call my box Phipps' Crypt Box for lack of another name. And I cal it hat only because it is mine.

On line you can find information on how to construct one and people are even offering to make one for you for a small fee. Some even will charge you for asking questions or having a session for you to ask your questions of the dead who so apply want to talk to you.

So what is Frank's Box and how does it work? Is an inexpensive Ghost Box you can make and use. It is said to capture EVP's and stores your session in a .wav file for later review of sharing.

Frank’s Box allows for two-way communication with the other side, in a way that is more interactive than typical EVP's. Frank’s Box or the Ghost Box as it has come to be known is an electronic system, or method of sprit communication, also known as instrumental trans-communication, or ITC. Simply put Frank’s Box scans AM/FM and low band frequencies to create a noise matrix from which the dead — as well as other entities — can use to modulate for messages.

No need for costly Ghost Box session charged by people in the paranormal field. Build this a do your own! Works similar to Frank's Box, Joe's Box, and Mini Box.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP's are traditionally used to describe unexpected sounds or voices sometimes found on recording media. (electronic media such as radios and tape recorders)

Recording EVP's has become a regular practice of paranormal investigators, who attempt to contact the souls of dead loved ones or during ghost hunting investigations.

A Real ghost box based on Frank's and Mike's box.



WHERE YA GOIN"? -- Ashley

Are you still mad at me? -- Keith

Hans Holzer was right! -- Jude

Ninguém visita meu túmulo os bastardos! -- Bastan

Pray for yourself it helps. -- Connie

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Does my Butt look big? -- Kendal

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I'm a man! -- Gilbert

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I'm waiting for Zas Zas to come. -- Perry



I hurt still -- Mary Beth

Time to make up my mind and do something daring. -- Anthony

I got no plans. -- Michael

I need a fix of somthin good! -- Candy

My dreams are all of what I never wanted. -- Clark

I wish I knew who I really was. -- Trent

I could just kill myself over this. -- Johnny

To many dead people clog up the channels. -- Georgia

Truth about ghost hunting is we are hunting them. -- Forest

I took a poll recently and we think there are no such thing as real living human beings. -- Benny

I was a whore in life so what am since i'm dead? A Sexy Hot Saint?-- Brandy

Please, don't speak ill of the dead we can hear you! -- Guy

I want to be a ghost on a haunted TV show, do I need an agent. -- Aaron

Who says the dead don't eat. -- Natalie

Big brother is watching you from beyond the grave. -- Earl

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I really don't miss my wife. I do miss my dog more. -- Bobby

If you were in my position you'd be happy too. -- Carlen

Try to be more like Me. Give a shit. -- Clayton



Highlights from last nights ghost box session.

Sorry for the mess and shaky camcorder, but the EVP's started appearing very clear, and the camcorder was the nearest to capture. Reason for the mess? Sideboard was taken out that day, and still had items to put away LOL.


I feel there was a negative spirit present at the time, and the boy Jason was here again. I am starting to get a idea who jason is, but need a few more details from him to confirm.


It is all just a big scheme to get people to think they are alive still. -- Kerry

We'll have to do lunch sometimes. -- Vic

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Random voices of the dead. How novel! -- Lee

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I got the message you didn't. -- Jeff

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Thanks to all those that loved me. And that you "Big Guy" cared enough and paid for my funeral and head stone. And big kisses to you my special man Booker T. -- Sherrie

Try me! -- Linda

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IT'S 11:14 AND I'M GOING TO BED!!!! -- Lisa


A Few Words From The Great

Frank Sumption


Necromantic Box ... Now I've never heard it called that! I make the boxes, still can't mass produce the stuff, and rarely take requests, nor do interviews. It has to do with time, nothing else. As far as not producing the boxes, all attempts at mass production have been blocked so far.

I'm #39 so far, and the box continues to evolve, now using a linear scan system that results in more consistent messages. 36, 37, 38, and 39 are AM and FM linear scan boxes. 36, 37 and 38 are based on the Radio Shack 12-469, but instead of doing the hack in it, I use it as a tuner module. 39 uses an AM/FM car tuner module as the radio. 35 is a home made AM radio tuner. I started using home made tuners in #24, but still use pre-manufactured tuners when I can get them, as they eat up less board real estate.

Here's a cell phone video of #39 done (visit here) on Monday, you'll need quicktime to view it. At about 2 seconds in " Oh God- Please help me", then at 11 seconds "Earthquake---China". I don't run these as others do, I don't ask questions, I announce I'm doing an EVP recording, and let it run. I don't do "investigations" either, I use this stuff at home, "they" come to me. Not only does it get spirit, but other entities as well, like Ets and etherics, but they rarely announce who they are, except for the human spirits.

The box is only one method of supplying the raw audio sprits/entites use to form voices, there are a number of other ways to accomplish the same thing, the box only automates the process.

See also: http://purplealiengirl.tripod.com/