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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Warning Radio


You Reap What You Sow



The following review represents the views of the author Reap Sow. The opinions are those of the author alone and do not represent the views of any other party or this web site. Unless the party is a surprise party with some cake and ice cream. In that case the author reserves the right to have some cake and a little ice cream because he hasn't had dinner yet and doesn't want to spoil his appetite.

Warning Radio

Warning Radio

I am listening to Warning Radio. As always it is a fun and informative show the guests are Brian Brushwood, Andrew Mayne, and Justin Robert Young from http://weirdthings.com

Warning Radio is the definition of progressive thinking, investigating the paranormal while using a true scientific approach and common sense. Bryan, Baxter and Nitor provide an entertaining and real show that is a good example of where the paranormal should be heading in my opinion.The guests are always interesting (kudos to Carol for that) and the hosts don't play to anyone but offer their opinions and thoughts which are always backed up with sound thinking, a rare thing these days.

The three hosts have a closeness that is obvious and it makes the listener feel like they are listening to a group of close friends.

As members of The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society, Baxter, Bryan and Nitor share real life presentations, investigations, and events they have taken an active part in all the while keeping common sense and realism by their side their sense of humor only adds another positive aspect to an offering that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

This show is recommended for all ends of the paranormal spectrum and that includes you skeptics.
Warning radio can be heard Mondays at 6pm pacific on http://warningradio.info and the archives are also easily found, another rare thing when it comes to radio these days but expected from this group, they know how to do it right.
4 out of 4 skulls...easily.


Warning Radio 4out of 4 SKULLS

Warning Radio

There was a time when Bryan was viewed as a close-minded, non-believing, arrogant bastard by some of the “ghost chasers” in the Denver, CO area. When Baxter, who had already been researching the paranormal since 1993, joined a group called FPI* in 2002, he was thought to be the perfect weapon with which to battle the evil Bryan. After all, Baxter did own his own EMF detector thereby solidifying FPI’s “scientific” status.

When Baxter kept de-bunking all of FPI’s paranormal evidence, he was given the boot after only a month or two.

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. Bryan is still an arrogant bastard and Baxter still owns an EMF detector. They now have teamed up and now use their powers for paranormal truth and justice.

More complete bios can be found HERE.


1 Skull- The podcast makes noise but that's it -Don't bother
2 Skulls-Catches your attention but never keeps it-Let the listener beware
3 Skulls-Worth listening to most times- Check it out
4 Skulls- Great broadcast- Don't miss it EVER!





Reapsow first emerged into the paranormal in 2007, when he stepped in to defend a friend who was being attacked by the late Paranormal Police. This is where his gift to write, along with his ability to bring stupidity to the surface with a comedic flare, that he began to build a name for himself. He stood up for those being unjustly crucified, and spoke his mind, and people liked this new insight into the community. People quickly learned that Reap had a way of capturing your attention that no one had ever done before. People had begun to flock to his blogs, and his popularity grew in the community. This opened up the door to Reapsowradio which had begun to air in October of 2007.


As he learned more about the paranormal, and the community he found himself questioning some of the methods and theories that were being used, by what were considered big name investigators. Using common sense, as well as reading up thoroughly on some of the claims that were being made, he found himself speaking out against those that he felt were doing more harm then good in paranormal investigations.


 The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters,broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.


The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7  stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters, broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.

  We mix quality talk radio with a variety of quality music to
make for always enjoyable Internet radio.


The Reap Radio Network is a 24/7 stream that is comprised of some of the best podcasters,broadcasters, DJs, and listeners you will find on the net.