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Are the walls around a Haunted Cemetery to keep the living out or to keep the dead in?

America's Most Haunted Cemetery

1. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 Haunted New Orleans, Louisiana

Considered by locals, visitors and paranormal investigators world wide as actually the most haunted cemetery in the world and the No. # 1 haunted Cemetery in all the United States. Multiple ghosts are said to haunt this famous New Orleans cemetery, You can also visit the haunted tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

GHOST PHOTOS OF NEW ORLEANS CEMETERIES Ghost Pictures Haunted New Orleans Cemeteries



New Orleans Cemetery Ghost Photos 2006

Before the introduction of modern drainage, the high water table of New Orleans made burials impractical: you could dig into the marshy ground and inter a corpse, but it would probably float past you after the next heavy storm. The solution was to bury people above ground, in tombs and mausoleums. In doing so, the people of New Orleans created some of the most evocative, and hauntingly beautiful, locations anywhere in the world. These sprawling and maze-like necropoli have been the home of many ghost stories, but one location dominates: Cemetery St Louis No. 1. is the most haunted.

The oldest cemetery in New Orleans, is a grand European mixture of ornate marble tombs, crumbling memorials and narrow, winding footpaths. Some visitors have heard weeping and groaning from inside the crypts, while many have seen a range of spectral phenomena, ranging from unusual mists to fully fledged transparent figures. An old male face is reputed to manifest on the walls of one particular tomb, but one ghost dominates all others: the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Real Marie Laveau Tomb Ghost Pictures VISIT HERE


Although the truth of her life is firmly obscured by folklore, there most definitely was a Marie Laveau and a Marie Laveau II (buried in St. Louis Cemetery no.2), Voodoo Priestess'. Whether she really did live to over a hundred while retaining the lithe, sensual, body of a young woman is entirely open to debate, but this Voodoo ‘Queen’ certainly left her mark on New Orleans culture. People still visit her tomb to seek assistance in their hoodoo voodoo rituals, leaving small tributes and marking signs with powdery stone. Disturbingly, Laveau also appears to frequent the cemetery, as the stream of sightings which began after her death in 1881 have never actually ever ceased.

( A Marie Laveau Ritual is held every year by local Voodoo Priestess Manbo Sallie Ann Glassman visit here for more info.)

This old New Orleans' graveyard is said to be haunted by the ghost of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau. Her spirit has been reported inside of the cemetery, walking between the tombs wearing a red and white turban with seven knots in it, and mumbling a original New Orleans Santeria Hoodoo Voodoo curse to Cemetery trespassers. Her Voodoo curse is said to be very loud and very audible, heard often by passerby's on nearby Rampart Street. Locals say this has started in recent years for she is alarmed by the many vandals and state of the cemetery.

Voudon Believers, Tourist and locals still come to Marie Laveaus' tomb daily to leave many, many Voodoo offerings. (candles, flowers, the monkey and the cock wish statue voodoo hex curio good luck charm, Mardi Gras beads and parade Krewe dabloons, Gris Gris bags, money, Voodoo dolls, Zombie bottle wish dolls and food) All in hopes of being blessed by her supernatural powers from beyond the grave. Many make a wish at her tomb marking three X's. while others say they have her Ghost, or that of a large Boa constrictors ghost draped over the tomb, on film emerging undead from her tomb.

Voodooist of her very own New Orleans Secret Hoodoo Voodoo Society ( still active in New Orleans in the 21st century) say her soul appears here often as a shiny large black Voodoo cat, with fire red eyes. If you see this Werecat run! One New Orleans Voodoo Manbo suggest upon seeing this Devil cat, cross your self three times and back away. One should never let the cat see your back. If Marie's spirit, or Devil cat sees it... you will be cursed for ever to do her bidding.

Others say Marie Laveaus' familiar, her large snake that she called Zombi, (or spelled Zombie, or Zomby) is buried in the tomb with her body. One voodooist says he was placed in the coffin alive with Marie's dead body by her daughter Marie Laveau II . A story or two have been told over the years of people seeing a large dark boa constrictor, or black anaconda over 12 feet long slithering amongst and between or through the tombs tight small allies. Always close to Marie Laveaus' tomb is Zombi, guarding it night and day. local New Orleans Voodooist say this is a great ghost snake spirit, her voodoo familiar and not a real live snake. A few young teenaged boys on a recent Haunted cemetery tour tried to catch Zombi, they said they chased him down a tight alley and Zombi just disappeared. Zombi's ghost has been said to be seen high atop Marie Laveaus' tomb basking in the noon day Sun. He protects her tomb from those that mock her, says many of the Voodooist of Marie Laveaus secret Society. One tale of this ghost snake tells that Zombi followed a recent New Orleans visitor back to her hotel room who made fun of the tomb and her legendary Voodoo magic. He appeared in bed with her as she slept and began to wrap his coils around her as she slept, Zombi frightened her out of her wits. The reason, she spit on Marie Laveaus grave.

Often stories or told of Ghostly nude Voodoo Pracaticioners in an eternal dark secret Voodoo hoodoo Ritual. Always after midnight voodoo drumming and screams well into the early morning hours. With Marie Laveaus' ghost dressed in white presiding over the ritual. Nude Voodoo Ghost dancers, male and female can be seen and heard in an orgy of spiritual Voodoo calling down the great powers.

Many times fine china plates and cups and saucers and ornate silverware or found through out St Louis No.1 graveyard often. Paranormal Investigators say this is part of the ancient wiccan practice of the occult. It is called the" Dumb Supper" or Feast la morte. This is an old ritual, a mock table setting of a meal set on the ground before a tomb or atop of a grave. Two empty plates filled with invisible ghostly food. It is usually a setting for the ghost and the a setting for the person who questions the ghost. This is to call the dead to answer your most sought after questions. Sometimes wine glasses or even bottles of rum and or wine, cigars or packs of cigarettes, bags of chips, or candy or even many times a loaf of french bread. All this can be found placed before many of it's tombs. Visitors think it's litter, but if you look at how it is placed you then realize it is a special ghost offering to the spirits of the cemetery.

Other know and un known ghost haunt this cemetery, there is a ghost called by some Henry. This haunted Cemetery Ghost story tells that he gave his tomb to the lady who owned a boarding house to keep the papers for him if he died. Local workers for the cemetery say she sold the tomb when he was away at sea. When he returned he died and was buried in potters field. Every day his ghost is said to walk up to someone visiting the cemetery asking if they know the where about's of the Vignes' tomb. Many a tour guide has related the tale of Henry and have said how he appears ragged and lost. And his blue eyes will look right into yours. The tall white shirt dressed man seems very real. Until he walk away into thin air. Sometimes he will tap you on the shoulder, or lead you to a lone tight alley between tombs asking " Do you Know anything about this Tomb here?" Then he disappears. Henry has also been known to have walked up to people at burials and asked if they think there's room in the tomb for him! His voice often appears on EVP's saying I "I need to rest!" And in ghost Photos he appears in a Dark suit with no shirt.

Another well known ghost of Sr. Louis No.1 is that of Alphonse he is a lonely young man and will take you by the hand telling you his name and asking can you help him find his way home. He is also known by some to be seen carrying flowers and vases from other tombs and placing them on his own. Those who have seen him say he is afraid of a tomb with the name Pinead on it and is said to warn visitors to stay away from it. He always has a smile on his face but is said to start crying then just disappear. Alphonse has been Known to turn up in many of a ghost Photo.

Ghost cats and dogs are said to prowl the cemetery daily. Very near the great walls of oven tombs. None of these ghost animals have ever shown signs of meanness. Several Tour guides say these are the animals of an 1800's cemetery keepers guard dogs and pets. Often they lurk the cemetery waiting for their owner who was buried in St. Louis No.2 to return to feed and care for them.

Many a strange tale tells of Madame Delphine Lalaurie being secretly buried here. a placque was once found stating that she was may not be far from the spooky truth. Many noble New Orleans society tombs and other notables lie here in eternal un-rest.

Mary Onieda Toups the witch queen of New Orleans once said, "The Dead walk the allies of St. Louis number1 more often then the living!"( Her remains are said to be buried here in a secret tomb.) " And when I passover I'll certainly Be one of them!"

Other ghost or that of a lost man that ask in help in putting flowers on his wife's grave then to only to fade into a mist. Jimmy, as he is often called is a large heavy set man with piercing blue eyes. He is said to smell bad or stale, and has a few missing teeth. His ghost's apparition is said to look very real and alive. Fagen has also been known to ask people for a ride home or even offer to carry small children for people. One Fagen ghost tale tell of him being a drunk ghost and that he sings off color songs and tells nasty jokes on EVP's.

Orbs, ghost photos, EVP"S, strange paranormal phenomena and ghost activity, Voodoo rituals, witchcraft, and haunting's to many to mention all happen in this the most haunted Cemetery in America. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.

Haunted America's Most Haunted Cemetery


2. Stull Cemetery - Kansas City, Haunted Kansas

It's infamous nicknames are The Seven Lost Gates of Hell, The Cemetery of The Damned, Satan's Burial Ground and most notably The Seventh Gate to Hell. Stull cemetery is often said to be where Satan the Devil himself holds court with his lost worshippers.

The devil's only half human haunted child is reported to be buried here in Haunted Kansas. They say he appears as a 9 -11 year old boy, he was believed to be able to turn himself into a dog, a cat or a wolf. Basically a werewolf or just plain shape shifter. Many stories say he was born covered with long red hair and a full set of two rows of double teeth. His story is sad. He was an out cast chained under the house, and thrown scraps of food like a wild animal, since he was an infant.

One day when he was about 10 years old he chewed off his left hand and escaped and tore through the town killing someone who he met. He was finally killed after a 11 month killing spree by a lone farmer.

Ghost stories state he was a hermaphrodite. At the spring and autumn equinoxes evil forces, orbs and lights are suppose to materialize in this Haunted Cemetery near or over his grave, which is unmarked.

And don't forget that of Witch a awful lady ghost who is said to curse at you for stepping on her grave. She is said to appear as a tall lady with white hair. EVP's of her can be heard to say "Keep Away From My Bones." and " Watch Your step." They say she hated her last husband who is buried next to her and often the soil seems pushed up where he is buried. Many say she is trying to get him to move elsewhere.

Stull Cemetery, and the abandoned church that rests next to it, is located in the tiny, Kansas town of Stull. There is not much left of the tiny village, save for a few houses, the newer church and about twenty residents. However, the population of the place allegedly contains a number of residents that are from beyond this world!

In addition to its human inhabitants, the town is also home to a number of Haunted legends and strange tales that are linked to the crumbling old church and the overgrown cemetery that can be found atop Stull’s Emmanuel Hill.

These stories have been linked to Stull for more than 100 years. In November 1974, an article appeared in the University of Kansas student newspaper that spoke of a number of strange occurrences in the Stull churchyard. According to the article, Stull was “haunted by diabolical, supernatural happenings” and the asserted that the cemetery was one of the two places on earth where the devil appears in person two times each year.

But such stories have a strong hold on people, as evidenced by the reaction to the article that claimed that the devil would appear in Stull Cemetery on the night of the Spring Equinox and again on Halloween. On March 20, 1978, more than 150 people waited in the cemetery for the arrival of the devil. The word also spread that the spirits of those who died violent deaths, and were buried there, would return from the grave.

The legends also say that the Devil has been appearing here since the 1850’s and insist that the original name of the town was “Skull” and that the later corruption of that into “Stull” was simply to cover the fact that the area was steeped in black magic. It was said that the witchcraft-practicing early settlers were so repentant about their past deeds that they changed the name of the town. In truth, the town was called “Deer Creek Community” until 1899, when the last name of the first postmaster, Sylvester Stull, was adopted as the name of the village. The post office closed down in 1903, but the name stuck.

In 1980, an article appeared in the Kansas City Times, rumors about Stull Cemetery and the abandoned church. The article states that the Devil chose two places to appear on Earth every Halloween. One of them was the “tumbleweed hamlet” of Stull, Kansas, which occurs simultaneously at midnight, is someplace on the “desolate plain of India.” From these sites, according to the article, the Devil gathers all the people who died violent deaths over the past year for a prance around the Earth at the witching hour.

The article adds that he appears in Stull because of an event that took place in the 1850’s, when “a stable hand allegedly stabbed the mayor to death in the cemetery’s old stone barn. Years later, the barn was converted into a church, which in turn was gutted by fire. A decaying wooden crucifix that still hands from one wall is thought to sometimes turn upside-down when passersby step into the building at midnight...” The story neglects to mention that, historically speaking, neither the Deer Creek Community nor Stull have ever had an official mayor.

Author Lisa Hefner Heitz has collected numerous legends that have added to the mythology of Stull Cemetery. Some of them include the “fact” that the Devil also appears at Stull on the last night of winter or the first night of spring. He comes to visit a witch that is buried there. Coincidentally, an old tombstone bearing the name “Wittich” is located fairly close to the old church. It should also be mentioned that there are rumors that an old tree in the graveyard, which was cut down a year or so ago, was once used as a gallows for condemned witches. There is also said to be a grave in the cemetery that holds the bones of a “child of Satan”, who was born of the Devil and a witch. The child was so deformed that he only lived for a few days and the body was buried in Stull. Some say that his ghost may walk here, as there supposedly was a photo taken a few years ago that shows a “werewolf-like boy” peering out from behind a tree.

One of the strangest stories about Stull supposedly appeared in Time magazine in either 1993 or 1995 (depending on the version you hear). This story claims that Pope John Paul II allegedly ordered his private plane to fly around eastern Kansas while on his way to a public appearance in Colorado. The reason for this, the story claims, was that the Pope did not want to fly over “unholy ground”.

The legends grew and by 1989, the crowd at the graveyard on Halloween night had become so overwhelming that the Douglas County sheriff's department had to station deputies outside to send people on their way. They handed out tickets for criminal trespass to anyone caught on the property. It was believed that nearly 500 people came to the cemetery on Halloween night of 1988, doing damage to the church and gravestones, prompting a police response the following year.

As time passed, the local residents grew more irritated that vandals and trespassers were wreaking havoc in the cemetery where their loved ones and ancestors were buried. Finally, a chain link security fence was installed around the grounds and although the area is still regularly patrolled, the visits have died down somewhat, at least outside of October. In addition, there have been the signs posted against trespassing here and locals have made it clear that visitors are not welcome.

We have no idea and local residents are not talking. Strangely, although property owners have spoken out against both vandals and the macabre stories, they have done little to try and end the legends for good. For example, as so many of the paranormal events supposedly involve the ruin of the old church, why not tear it down? The building has been standing vacant 1922 and it has been badly damaged by vandalism over the years. In 1996, the remnants of the roof blew off and once exposed to the elements, the interior walls have been damaged by both weather and graffiti. Recently, a large crack also opened in one of the stone walls after the church was struck by lightning. So why not tear it down before it falls down on its own? Wouldn’t this bring an end to the demonic tales circulating about the place? To make matters worse, why chase away those who come to the cemetery at midnight on Halloween to see the Devil appear? Why not simply “control the chaos” and allow the curiosity-seekers to see that no spirits will run rampant on that fateful night? On Halloween night of 1999, reporters from a local newspaper and a television news crew joined a group of onlookers at the cemetery. Sheriff’s deputies were on hand, but did not ask anyone to leave until 11:30pm.

At precisely this moment, an unknown representative for the cemetery owners appeared and ordered everyone to leave the property. The officers had no choice but to go along with their wishes and the reporters and spectators had to leave. As Stull Cemetery and the land around it is private property, there was no option but to comply. The owners stated, through the representative, that they did not want media attention brought to the graveyard because it attracts vandals.

According to the Lawrence (Kansas) newspaper, the Journal-World, the old stone church was mysterious torn down on Friday, March 29, 2002. A man named Major Weiss, who owns the property, along with two other people said that he did not authorize the abandoned church to be destroyed. Those who live nearby stated that they were also unaware of the demolition, although one of them did say that a wall of the church had collapsed about two weeks before.

The spooky church is no more... although the reputation of Stull Cemetery still remains!

The town of Stull is located about ten miles west of Lawrence, Kansas in the northeast part of the state. It can be found by traveling west on Route 40 and then traveling straight west to Stull. The town can be found on the northwestern edge of Clinton Lake and close to the Clinton State Park. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.


3. Western Burial Ground, Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard,Maryland- Haunted Baltimore


It is called the Old Western Burial Ground and it holds the remains of people like Edgar Allan Poe, the son of Francis Scott Key, the grandfather of President James Buchanan, five former mayors of Baltimore and fifteen generals from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.



The catacombs of this cemetery are located beneath Haunted Westminster Hall, and have long been the subject of ghostly tales. Many tell the tale of people buried alive and their ghost trying to show others of their plight. Don't forget the unexplained mystery of Poe himself. Many say they have seen him felt him and talked to him. Dressed completely in black, including a black fedora and a black scarf to hide his face, he carries a silver cats head walking stick and strolls into the cemetery every year on or around January 19, the birth date of Edgar Allan Poe.

Legend has it that the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe has been seen near his grave and in the catacombs of the church. The author died mysteriously in Baltimore and thus came to be buried there. He had lived in the city years before, but had only been passing through when he perished under mysterious circumstances. At the time of his death, Poe had been on his way to New York to meet his beloved mother-in-law.

He was bringing her back to Richmond, Virginia, where the author was to marry his childhood sweetheart. His first wife had perished from tuberculosis years before. The trip came to a tragic conclusion when, four days after reaching Baltimore, Poe was found barely conscious and lying in a gutter on East Lombard Street. He was rushed to a hospital but he died a short time later. The entire time in the hospital was spent with Poe crying and trembling and he once screamed the name "Reynolds"... although who this could have been also remains a mystery. He died on October 7, 1849.

A very old ghost story about the cemetery tells that this is where a skull known as the screaming skull of Cambridge, Maryland is buried. The haunted skull is said to be of a murdered minister. The Skull screams all night and day. That's why they hey buried the skull bound and gagged in a block of cement. To hear it scream they say will drive you mad!

Leona Wellesley the ghost of a wild crazed Lunatic buried in a straight jacket straight from the asylum is here too. Locals say her mad laugh and the feeling of being followed through the cemetery by her is ever present. And if you don't respect the well kept graves in this haunted cemetery then old Valence a long dead Western Burial Ground Cemetery Keeper and Gravediggers ghost will chase you out of this haunted Cemetery with a shovel in hand. Valences ghost is said to be a drunk ghost and will cuss you out or try to bury you alive .Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.

4. Garden of Hope Cemetery Haunted Gautier, Mississippi

A lone tomb dating back to the late 1970's. Along the far side of the cemetery, there is one Haunted New Orleans style tomb, buried in it or mother, father and five children all of whom were murdered one rainy night. It has been reported that these murdered children have been seen playing among the tombstones.

Particularly a young lost ghost girl named Cheryl Ann the daughter of Hal and Susan who are buried in the large tomb. She wears a blue 1960's style dress, and appears to be 10-12 years old. She will walk up to you smile and introduce herself ask if you are here to see someone special... She will follow you around and even help you find a particular grave. hold your hand even offer to carry your flowers and place them for you at the grave....then she just simply she is gone. An EVP of Cheryl Ann is said to say " Hope you'll come back and see me soon." She has been photographed many times and always appears real and solid as anyone alive.

Other ghost haunt this small Cemetery. There has been often seen a man who climbs out of his grave and steals flowers and wreaths from other graves and carries them back to his own. One story relates that he accosted a mourner at a funeral to take a bouquet from her hands and when investigating where they were found the woman recognized the photo on his tombstone telling the Cemetery worker that is the man that took them!

Another well known ghost is that of who they call bloody Sarah, Sarah is a ghost of a Middle aged woman with bright red hair. Often she is seen wearing house coat cover with blood and fluffy white bedroom slippers. Sarah is said to run out before cars on the highway from the cemetery gates in broad daylight. Quite often a started driver thinks he has hit a real live person. She can be heard laughing insanely as they get out of their car to investigate, and of course find they have run over a ghost.

A few ghost Photos of this haunted Mississippi Cemetery from Ghost investigators have shown many orbs. and a few have captured what they call the red Cemetery ghost light. This light is said to hover over the tombs then fly high into the sky then dive down fast and chase you from the graveyard if you dare enter it at night.

Some tell the tale of a Mississippi werewolf that is buried here. They say you can hear him howl from his chained and cemented coffin in the earth on a full moon night. Always trying to get out he lies there neither dead or alive. at other times the muffled calls for help can be heard if you are near his grave.

The only New Orleans style tomb of it's kind in this cemetery. The Remains of Hal his wife Susan and their 5 children entombed in this small roadside Mississippi Cemetery. Many say Hal haunts the cemetery looking for the children and his wife. But the story of why he haunts it may chill you to the bone. (Please read the whole story here. Back in the early 1970's a family checked in but did they ever really check out. This Gruesome story still haunts a Mississippi community to this day.) Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.



Other ghost here in this Mississippi Haunted Cemetery or that of Gus a lone grave digger who still tries to help intern the dead. Very often seen by workers and locals who knew him. He always appears with a smile on his face and dirty hands and knees. He can be often seen leaving the cemetery each day at 5 and walking down the highway where he was killed. He glares at strangers but waves at locals and the people who knew him. Gus has been haunting the Cemetery roads since 1965 and hasn't stopped yet. He is often known to hitchhike and when picked up by a car or truck driver in the early evening hours, He tells the driver " You Know, this is where I died," then he just disappears.

Another cemetery ghost here is that of Joanna, she is a horrid specter that haunts the cemetery at night. they say one dark night she followed her husband here to find him in a torrid secret love affair. They say she murdered her husband and his lover then shot her brains out just inside the front gate. Many say she will chase you and even hit you. many say they have felt the blows quite solid.

5. Resurrection Cemetery - Chicago, Haunted Illinois

The ghost of the girl who has come to be known as "Resurrection Mary" or Bloody Mary Smith is one of the most famous ghost stories and urban legends of Haunted Chicagoland.

She is believed to have been killed along Archer Avenue (near the cemetery) after leaving a funeral wake of her lover, Mother brother, or father, no ones quite sure, one cold rainy night. She was buried with no funeral mass or last words in Resurrection Cemetery.

Bloody Mary tours the highway always hitchhiking, dressed in black and has spent the last 90 years traveling the Haunted Chicago roadways and asking haunted truck drivers and lone people to drop her off at the cemetery gates. Only to disappear before their eyes.

Another ghost just as well known is running Andrew Holcomb, he appears as a boy around the ages of 12- 17 years of age. He is said to run in front of passing cars and is struck. With a loud thud and impact is felt against the car or truck. People tell of the horrid sound and the blood on the windshield. When the hapless driver gets out to investigate he is not there, the boy is no where to be found. But the sight the sound of his body hitting the traveling drivers will haunts the driver their entire life. As they look around the road the only visible thing they see is the haunted cemetery gates.

Andrew was said to be at the cemetery one dark night and something scared him. Frightened he bolted out and was struck and instantly killed. Many say they witness this every night for the past 12 years.

Then there here is also the stranger ghost story of Caroline. Caroline was a southerner and moved her with her family and hated the chill and cold. They said she was also very afraid of the dark and buried with many candles and matches. On dark moonless nights a single candle flame is said to be seen moving through out the cemetery. Others tell of Caroline being a mournful crying ghost on EVP's. And of her are heard to say I'm caroline." and" It's a lonely cold chill." A stranger story about Caroline's ghost tells of how she has been seen in the daylight summer hours sunbathing atop her grave wearing a bathing suit laying on a large beach towel..

This cemetery is home to many a well known ghost story. It's the story of Thomas A. Milners and also haunted by his sister Marlene Milners Straub, She appears as a a young Blonde girl 24- 28 yrs of age with a thick accent, They say they were both killed when car ran them down t in 1959 while going home from family burial. They say both ghost are seen on the side of the road hand in hand and covered with blood. They say you can see steam coming off them in the cold night air. When you stop to see if you can help them the young girl looks at you and says.. in a thick polish accent " No I'm dead and waiting now only for the Good Lord!" then they just disappear.

Thomas has been known to visit with others at funerals in this Cemetery. Often showing up even asking if he can help be a pallbearer. One story related to us was that he showed up at a families memorial funeral service and jumped into the grave at the end and disappeared.

A un dead vampire is said to be buried here with all his vast treasure. Locals say he was just to old, this vampire gave up on being undead. One tale tells he still can be heard scratching from deep in the earth or his mumbled cries heard as the Sun sets.

His Vampire Bride is said to be buried here to but she is now just a ghost and her body searches for her lost head. A old story tells that she was destroyed and beheaded and her head was buried in another spot far from her body. the body can bee seen roaming the cemetery and her head can be heard screaming" Please, Please, help me, help me!"

Also the ghost of a young woman dark haired woman with green eyes called Rita Mae Taylor is said to haunt the central part of this graveyard. Often they say she tells you that something is wrong with this particular grave please come and investigate she's frightened. She tells you her name is Rita Mae Taylor and that she is not crazy....then pulls you by your hand to come investigate. Many when reading the tomb stone as they investigate the grave say she says" Well it's wrong just not right, that's not me!" and disappears before your eyes!

Another well know haunting is that of Malcolm, he is a old man of ghost in this haunted cemetery. Malcolm he will tell you his name and how worried he is... , he appears to be in his late 70's in a dark suit and can hardly walk. He ask you kindly for help in leaving the cemetery telling you the car that dropped him off has left him. Many say he lingers near the front gate and sometimes waves. But always he will say, if you offer to take him to where there is help "I'd better wait someone soon will show up to collect me!" then that quick he is gone. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.

Resurrection Mary Read more here! http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/ghosts/ResurrectionMary/

6. Chestnut Hill Cemetery - Haunted Exeter, Rhode Island

A young girl, Mercy Brown, died on January 18, 1892. Her father, said she visited him each night after that saying she was hungry. A month later he dug up her body after many strange haunting's and occurrences happened to him. And in his madness thinking that she had become a living vampire or a hungry ghost. With local officials and friends and family at his side to help, they removed her body from it's haunted grave and the local medical doctor drained her organs of the remaining blood at her fathers insistence. Many people over the years have said that this violation of her body and grave has caused Mercy to appear, and haunt in the graveyard at all hours of the day and night. Many witnesses report seeing strange blue lights moving in the graveyard near her grave. And that Mercy appears dressed in a torn black dress disheveled and dirty. Recent EVP of a woman's voice has been heard to say clearly."Please Leave me to now, rest in peace!"

Another frequently sited ghost is that of Daniel Faye a 42 year old man that follows you as you visit always behind you never drawing near. But some say he can be heard mumbling like a crazy man and shows up always on film, video and EVP's. His ghost is Know by many as Mr. Personality of ghost by ghost chasers and paranormal Investigators of late and he will most always make his presence known. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.

7. Bachelors Grove / Batchelors Grove Cemetery Chicago, Illinois

There many haunted ghost Bachelors Grove Cemetery stories and eerie tales and legends told about this , abandoned cemetery than any other place in the Chicago. It is located on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, near the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. This haunted cemetery is said to be filled with ghosts. Many Tales of Paranormal reports of strange phenomena have been collected about the place. but now it is abandoned and in ruin, but still very haunted by the living and the dead.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Near Haunted Chicago: Said to be the most scariest haunted cemetery in the U.S.A. Bachelor's Grove is located in the suburbs of Chicago. It gained its name from the number of single young men buried there during the creation of Illionois-Michigan Canal. The graveyard was taken out of commission in the mid 1960's but it still maintains its haunted status. The Ghost of George Harwell Federman, and Janet Lorraine Logan or said to be the most seen ghost in the graveyard and that their tombstones have been removed to keep people from finding them. They are said to materialize quite solid and real ... then just disappear before your eyes. People say the ghost of a child can be heard crying in the evening hours violently. And that many say it's sounds too, to real to mark off as an animal or a hoax.

Today, a section of the Cook County Forest Preserve (at 143rd Street and Justamere Road) bears the name Bachelors Grove in recognition of the early history of the area. The last remaining section of roadway known as Bachelors Grove Road, which ran between 135th Street and 143rd Street, was closed in December 1994. Cook County and the Forest Preserve District have followed through with their intended removal of the road, and another reminder of this piece of local history will completely disappear in time.

The following was written by Brad L. Bettenhausen, President of the Tinley Park Historical Society:

The settlement at Batchelors Grove began as early as the late 1820s, with larger numbers of immigrants arriving in the 1830s and 1840s. The initial settlers were generally American "Yankees" of English, Irish, and Scottish descent, most of whom came here from New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. The second wave of settlers arriving from Europe, primarily of Germanic origin, began in the late 1840s and became the predominate nationality for immigrants to the area for better than the next fifty years.

Ghost Photos of actual solid apparitions are common , and even glowing balls of light appear in the trees in broad daylight, unexplained audible ghost sounds. EVP's have been recorded and many in in the German language.

There have been no burials here for years . But ask any ghost investigator where to go to find a actual ghost or real haunting's in chicago,Bachelors Grove will be Number 1 on their haunted Cemetery list! Access to the cemetery is gained by way of a narrow road,(The Cemetery is not open to the public or appears on any haunted Cemetery tour) many visitors, Investigators to the area have reported seeing a phantom ghost farmhouse that seems to appear and disappear at random. The house is always described in the same way, as a white house with porch pillars, a swing and a soft light burning in the window, but it is never reported in the same place. As witnesses approach the house, it always disappears. A number of completely independent witnesses have reported the house, not realizing that it was unnatural (until it vanished) and all of them have pointed to different locations when they spotted it.

The house has been reported during both daylight hours and at night but historical files show no record of a house ever existing here!

Favorite dumping ground for Chicago gangsters during the years of Prohibition. A number of bodies were said to have been found here. Even the turnpike near Bachelor's Grove is said to be really haunted. For a number of years, witnesses have reported many a phantom car that always disappear along this road. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery has often been called the most haunted graveyard in the Chicago area.


8. Greenwood Cemetery - Haunted Decatur, Illinois

Long believed to be one of the most haunted spots in downstate Illinois (if not the Haunted Midwest), Haunted Greenwood Cemetery is filled with legends and stories of ghosts and haunted paranormal experiences that they say defy explanation. Among them are the ghost of a young small boy who has been seen walking among the graves. Many investigators say he limps and is wearing torn to big for him overalls. At times very angry and he will throw things at you some say he will run up to you and try to knock you down. One well known writer, Paranormal Investigator states, he and his wife were both punched very hard by him twice, And has the photo of a ghost fist mark on his face. Michael is what he is called. Many a person tells of the times they say Michael has appeared near the cemetery gates and flung rocks at passing cars. And many drivers they have the shattered windshields to prove it.

Many ghostly spectral lights have been witnessed, that are said to be the spirits of flood victims. And the specter of a little girl carrying a small doll is often seen hiding behind a headstone weeping. Maggie Jane, she is called will actually follow you and wave goodbye as you leave. She is Known to remove flowers from others graves and place them on her own. Investigators in recent months say they bring flowers ,candy and toys and leave them on her grave. And in a remarkable recent EVP they say you can hear her say " Thank you!" and giggle. Yes and as clear as an actual person would sound. Maggie Jane is said to like babies. One tale tells that a mourner brought her young child to the cemetery with her and her family. Suddenly this little girl just showed up and wanted to hold the baby and play with the 10 month old. The young mother of the child even asked Maggie her name. when ready to leave the cemetery the young mother asked her where are you parents. Maggie said to her, "Well, they don't come to my grave in a long time." The startled young woman just turned and ran.

Lost ghost Confederate soldiers who were buried here in unmarked graves after being taken from a derailed prison train are said to walk the cemetery day and night. Many have been said to be seen hiding along the road and behind tombstones with bloodied gray clothes no shoes and large heavy chains seen on their ankles.

A great old witch is said to be buried here. Hilda is said to haunt the cemetery and if a young married girl wants to give birth to a son they say she should bring red roses to her grave. And if she wants to have a girl she should bring candy and place it on her grave. One tale of Hilda tells how she will chase people out of the cemetery after dark. and she has been known to throw things at people. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.



9. Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery Central, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The grave of the "Greatest Boxing Champion" to ever live ROCKY MARCIANO and his wife Barbara or here and many orbs and ghost photos of him and his lovely wife's ghost have often been seen here.. by visitors and ghost hunters alike. Many ghost are seen daily haunting the tall mausoleum. EVP's have recorded voices saying."leave me alone." to " Please, come back."


The haunted Cemetery has only been around since 1953 and many of the ghost or of recent burials and internments. The ghost of a young hippy type guy with long light hair haunts the outside graves. Running bare foot in bell bottoms and a tied dyed shirt. or seen sitting alone smoking. He just walks up to cemetery visitors and usually asks for a light. Many startled mourners say he will attend a funeral and walk up at the end of services tap you on the shoulder ask for a light. Simply it has been said that, you turn and he's not there. Many call him by Grover, because he is often seen all "over" the grounds.

Brian Roesch He has been investigating paranormal phenomena since 1995. He has gathered an intense amount of information, facts, and methods to achieve hunting ghost and how to get involved with the ghost hunting, paranormal investigative world. Methods of Ghost Chasing: Hunting The Dead, was written by his desire to prove that ghost or real. Through his very own efforts and research documentation of such, in Haunted Fort Lauderdale Haunted Cemeteries.

Visit Brian Roesch here to learn more... and see his Haunted Florida Ghost photos.


Official Brian Roesch web site http://hometown.aol.com/liondog96/page3.html

Another Ghost here is called by many Diane. Often the story of this lone specter tells of a woman dressed in a pink long gown with beautiful long hair and very over made up face, and that she pays no attention to cars and will walk out in front of your car from nowhere as you drive in to the haunted cemetery. Then to simply disappears before she is hit. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.


10. Haunted Salem Cemetery Salem Ridge Road , Egypt Valley Wildlife Hendrysburg, Ohio (Kirkwood Township, Belmont County)

Salem Cemetery is also known as Salem Church and Salem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery. The Salem Methodist Episcopal Church was located across the road from the cemetery until it burned down in the 1960s. There are lots of old gravestones, and it is growing since it is still an active cemetery. It is extremely well taken care of by the Kirkwood Township Trustees.

Salem Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox, the first person murdered in Kirkwood Township. She is buried at Salem Cemetery, her gravestone is located at the bottom of the hill in the older section of the cemetery near a creepy old tree.

Many people have claimed to see Louiza weeping at her grave. She also haunts her murder site. Although the ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox is the most popular haunting at this cemetery, there are also a few other stories. One legend has it that if you walk around the outside of the cemetery six times you will disappear. There are also stories about several old, unmarked graves that belong to witches. The ghost of one witch is said to help reunite broken hearted lovers if an apple is placed on her grave. The other will help you gain quick cash if you sprinkle pennies and sugar water over her head stone. And the last will curse you if you do not bring her sweet chocolates.

Many people claim to see packs of large black and red ghost dogs, hell hounds or devil dogs, running through the Haunted Cemetery area. You can supposedly hear them growling and howling. Others say they guard the many cemeteries in the area from letting the ghost escape.

One haunted Ghost story tells of alvin a lonely young man around 39 years of age who died of a broken heart.Many a tale tells he chases after young woman who visit and has been known to pinch them on the butt.

There is also the interesting haunted story of a truck driver who crashed into the cemetery, when he fell asleep at the wheel. The truck driver was not killed, but he did lose his arm. The arm now haunts this cemetery, and the nails can be heard clicking over the gravestones on quiet nights.

And finally, the last story about this Haunted Cemetery has to do with a mysterious Ghost house that appears at night in the middle of the cemetery. There are always seven red candles burning in the windows, but it disappears when people approach it. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.

Ahavas Chesed Cemetery, Mobile
Church Street Graveyard, Mobile
Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham - Bear Bryant, Eddie Kendricks, Sun Ra.
Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile
Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville
Oak Hill Cemetery, Birmingham - Louise Wooster
Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery - Hank Williams
Old Catholic Cemetery, Mobile
Sha'arai Shomayim Cemetery, Mobile
Pine Hill Cemetery, Auburn

Boothill Graveyard (Tombstone, Arizona) - Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury, and Tom McLaury.
Greenwood Memory Lawn (Phoenix, Arizona) - Walter Winchell.
Mesa Cemetery (Mesa, Arizona) - Waylon Jennings, and Ernesto Miranda.
National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona (Phoenix, Arizona)
Paradise Memorial Gardens (Scottsdale, Arizona) - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.
Pioneer & Military Memorial Park (Phoenix, Arizona) - Darrell Duppa, and King Woolsey.
Railroad Park (Willcox, Arizona) - Rex Allen and his horse, KoKo.
Wittmann Cemetery (Wittmann, Arizona)

Mount Holly Cemetery, Little Rock - known as Westminster Abbey of Arkansas;

Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles;
Calvary Cemetery, East Los Angeles;
Centerville Pioneer Cemetery, Fremont;
Chapel of the Pines Crematory, Los Angeles;
Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma is the burial site of William Randolph Hearst and other members of the Hearst family plus prominent citizens from the San Francisco area.
Eden Memorial Park Cemetery, Mission Hills, Los Angeles.
El Camino Memorial Park, San Diego, California.
Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland - Final resting place of Black Panther co-founder Huey P. Newton.
Forest Lawn Cemetery (Cathedral City);
Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills Cemetery, Los Angeles - resting place for Stan Laurel, Buster Keaton, Charles Laughton, Marty Feldman, Lee van Cleef, Telly Savalas, Liberace, Andy Gibb, Ricky Nelson, Bette Davis; Lucille Ball was originally interred here, but her remains were relocated to Jamestown, New York in 2002.
Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale - satirized in Evelyn Waugh's novel, The Loved One.
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego County, California.
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Los Altos - Final resting place of historian Iris Chang.
Grand View Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale - Edna Purviance, Chill Wills, Leo G. Carroll.
Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno.
Hills of Eternity Cemetery, Colma (known as the "City of the Dead"), burial place of Wyatt Earp;
Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, Culver City - Al Jolson, Jack Benny and Milton Berle are buried here.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, Los Angeles - burial place of Mel Blanc, Rudolph Valentino, Bugsy Siegel, John Huston and the Chandler family of Los Angeles Times fame. Jayne Mansfield and Johnny Ramone have cenotaphs.
Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, (suburb of San Francisco) - Joe DiMaggio, California Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, Bank of America founder, A.P. Giannini, musician Vince Guaraldi, and Abigail Folger.
Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City - Bing Crosby, Lawrence Welk, Sharon Tate, and Bela Lugosi are among the Holy Cross residents.
Home of Peace Cemetery, East Los Angeles - two of the Three Stooges were interred here;
Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood;
Los Angeles National Cemetery, West Los Angeles;
Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles;
Mount Tamalpais Cemetery, San Rafael, California is the burial site of Bessie Barriscale, Howard C. Hickman Ernie Nevers, and Diane Marie Antonia Varsi.
Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland - burial place of many important people from Californian (and American) history, including Elizabeth Short, Henry Kaiser, Julia Morgan, and 3 California governors.
Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery, Chatsworth, Los Angeles;
Old City Cemetery (also known as Sacramento Historic Cemetery), Sacramento
Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, Riverside County, California.
Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier - the largest cemetery in the world; resting place of Alvin Ailey, Jr., Haing S. Ngor and others.
San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, Los Angeles;
Stanford Mausoleum, Stanford University - Leland Stanford, Jr., and his parents Leland Stanford and Jane Stanford.
Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery, North Hollywood, Los Angeles;
Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Westwood, Los Angeles - Marilyn Monroe, Frank Zappa, Billy Wilder, Natalie Wood;
Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery, Santa Monica;

All Saint's Cemetery, North Haven;
Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven;
Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport;

District of Columbia
Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
Holy Rood Cemetery, (on the grounds of Georgetown University), Washington, D.C.
Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington D.C.

Limona Cemetery, Brandon
Geneva Cemetery, Geneva is where Lewis Paine, a/k/a Lewis Thornton Powell, co-conspirator in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, is buried.
Ocoee Cemetery, Ocoee, FL

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, made famous by the Bird Girl sculpture featured on the cover of the book, and in the movie of, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil;
Forest Lawn Cemetery, College Park - Final resting place of Whitman Mayo (actor who played Grady Wilson on the 1970s hit sitcom "Sanford and Son").
Lincoln Cemetery, Atlanta - Final resting place of Theodore "Tiger" Flowers (first African-American middle-weight boxing champion) and Rev. Hosea L. Williams (civil rights leader who worked with Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change, Atlanta - Final resting place of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr.
Morehouse College, Atlanta - Final resting place of Dr. John Hope (President of Atlanta University) and wife, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays (President of Morehouse College and mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr.) and wife Sadie
Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, is where Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind, Maynard H. Jackson (first black mayor of Atlanta), Bobby Jones (famed golfer) are buried. It is also known for its Victorian memorials to the Confederate cause and Confederate dead.
Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, is where numerous Georgia politicians, Confederate soldiers, University of Georgia (UGA) presidents and other notable UGA and Athens people are buried. Dean Rusk, former United States Secretary of State, and Ricky Wilson, guitarist in the rock band The B-52's, are buried in this cemetery.
Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, is where Allman Brothers Band guitarist Duane Allman and bassist Berry Oakley are buried.
South-View Cemetery, Atlanta- Final resting place of Alonzo F. Herndon (Atlanta's first black millionaire), Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. and Mrs. Martin Luther King, Sr. (mother and father of Martin Luther King, Jr.).
Westview Cemetery, Atlanta- Largest Cemetery in Southeastern United States. Final resting place of Henry W. Grady, Joel Chandler Harris (Author), Asa Candler(businessman) and Rev. Dr. Corneilus L. Henderson (United Methodist Church Minister/Bishop).
St. James Episcopal Cemetery, Marietta. The final resting place of both JonBenet Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey.

Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery, Kane‘ohe, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, official state veterans cemetery for those who served in the United States Armed Forces
Honolulu Catholic Cemetery, 839A South King Street, Honolulu. Notable persons interred here include the Roman Catholic bishops of the Vicariate Apostolic of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as other famous persons such as Congressional delegate Robert Wilcox and Tahitian princess Eugénie Ninito Sumner.
National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Punchbowl, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, official United States Armed Forces cemetery comparable to Arlington National Cemetery, final resting place of Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and Gulf War dead. Also interred are the former Governors of Hawai‘i, influential American statesmen, Challenger disaster victims, among others.
Royal Masoleum at Mauna‘ala, Nu‘uanu, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, official resting place of the Kamehameha and Kalakaua dynasties who reigned over the Kingdom of Hawai‘i
USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, official resting place of those killed during the attack on Honolulu on 7 December 1941
Valley of the Temples, Kane‘ohe, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, home of the Byodo-In Temple and final resting place of Walter F. Dillingham. Former Philippines dictator President Ferdinand E. Marcos was also entombed here for a brief period, and his mausoleum was open to public visitation, until his body was returned to the Philippines where it remains until today on permanent display in a shrine specially built for him in the family's home province of Ilocos Norte.

Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Idaho - Burial place of Ernest Hemingway

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a small, abandoned and reportedly haunted cemetery.
Graceland Cemetery - resting place of many members of Chicago's architectural, political, and industrial elite. Marshall Field, Cyrus McCormick, Carter Harrison, Potter Palmer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, and Daniel Burnham are a few famous people buried here.
Mount Carmel Cemetery - the final resting place of several Bishops and Archbishops of Chicago, as well as organized crime figures such as Al Capone. The cemetery is located just west of Chicago in Hillside, Illinois.
Rosehill Cemetery - Julius Rosenwald, Oscar Meyer and others.
Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago - burial site for Enrico Fermi, Cap Anson, Jesse Owens and other notables.
Westlawn Cemetery - Jack Ruby, Abe Saperstein.
Burr Oak Cemetery and Restvale Cemetery, Alsip (near Chicago) - are the final resting places for many prominent African-American musicians and other personalities including Muddy Waters, Dinah Washington, Candy Jim Taylor, Ezzard Charles.
Chippiannock Cemetery, Rock Island. Listed on the cemetery National Registry in 1994. Memorials created by significant artists, including Alexander Stirling Calder and Paul de Vigne.
Evergreen Cemetery in Bloomington - resting place of former Vice President of the United States Adlai E. Stevenson I, former U.S. Ambassdor to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson II, and former U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Davis, among others.
Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield - resting place of former President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, and members of his family, as well as notable state of Illinois politicians.
Forest Park
German Waldheim Cemetery - Including several anarchists and socialists, including the Haymarket Martyrs, Emma Goldman, and others.
Jewish Waldheim Cemetery
Altenheim Cemetery
Woodlawn Cemetery
Showmen's Rest - circus performers
Concordia Cemetery
Virden Cemetery
Maplewood Cemetery Rantoul Holy Sepulchre Rantoul

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis - third largest cemetery in the United States (by area) and burial place of John Dillinger, Charles Fairbanks, Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling, President Benjamin Harrison, James Whitcomb Riley, eleven Indiana Governors and fourteen Indiana Mayors.
Flanner and Buchanan, with 5 locations.
Heady Lane Cemetery, Fishers, Indiana-small cemetery which dates back to the early 1800s and has many members of the Heady family in it.
Park Cemetery, Fairmount - burial place of James Dean.
Beech Grove Cemetery Orange County, Indiana. Very Large, originally a Quaker Cemetery
Hunt Cemetery Orange County, Indiana

Linwood Cemetery, Dubuque. One of the main cemeteries for people living in the Dubuque area. Originally it was the cemetery for the city's Protestants, but now it serves people of all faiths. A number of prominent Iowans are buried at the cemetery.
Logan Park Cemetery, Sioux City- burial place of cartoonist, Jay Darling and of notable historical figures.
Mount Calvary Cemetery, Dubuque. This cemetery was originally the main burial location for the German Catholics of Dubuque. It is presently one of the two main Catholic cemeteries in Dubuque.
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Dubuque. This cemetery, along with Mount Calvary Cemetery, is one of two main Catholic cemeteries in Dubuque.
Oakdale Cemetery, Davenport. Burial place of jazz legend, Bix Beiderbecke.
Oakland Cemetery, Centerville. This cemetery is the city owned cemetery for Centerville and is the burial place of former Governor of Iowa, Francis M. Drake.
Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City. This cemetery is home to the Black Angel, a burial monument surrounded by mystery and superstition.
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Earling.

Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth. Founded in 1862. Burial place of Civil War and Indian War veterans, including eight Medal of Honor recipients, and the Fort and town's namesake, Brigadier General Henry Leavenworth.
Sunset Cemetery, Manhattan. The first cemetery in Manhattan, founded in 1860. It is the burial place of the fourth Governor of Kansas Nehemiah Green, Earl Woods, scientist Samuel Wendell Williston, anthropologist Solon Toothaker Kimball, and other local notables, including one Medal of Honor recipient.

Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville - burial place of President Zachary Taylor.
Cave Hill Cemetery and Arboretum, Louisville - burial place of Colonel Sanders.
Moffitt Cemetery, Milton - a part of the film Some Came Running, starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine, was shot on location here.
Lexington Cemetery, Lexington - established 1849. Burial place of Henry Clay, John Hunt Morgan, and John Cabell Breckinridge.

Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans - grandest of the city's cemeteries, it is the burial site of notables such as Al Hirt, P.G.T. Beauregard and others. Because of the high water table (parts of the city are below sea level), graves in New Orleans cemeteries are above ground.
St. Louis Cemetery #1,#2,#3, New Orleans - burial place of Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, and many notable pirates and politicians.

First Parish Cemetery, York

Antietam National Cemetery, Sharpsburg
Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, Timonium
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Silver Spring - Mattie Stepanek,
Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore - final resting place of Samuel Arnold, John Wilkes Booth, Allen Dulles, Johns Hopkins, Benjamin Chew Howard, Joseph E. Johnston, Sidney Lanier, and many other important Marylanders
Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Suitland
Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore - final resting place of Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Frederick William Nicholls Crouch, H. L. Mencken, Ottmar Mergenthaler, Mary Pickersgill, and many other important Marylanders.
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick - Barbara Fritchie, Francis Scott Key
Old Saint Paul's Cemetery, Baltimore - Lewis Armistead, George Atzerodt, Samuel Chase, John Eager Howard, and many other important Marylanders.
United States Naval Academy Cemetery, Annapolis
Saint Mary's Cemetery, Rockville - F Scott Fitzgerald
Westminster Hall and Burying Ground, Baltimore - James McHenry, Edgar Allan Poe, and many other important Marylanders.
U.S. National Cemetery

Assonet Burying Ground, Assonet - burial site of John M. Deane, Civil War era Medal of Honor recipient.
Copp's Hill, Boston - 17th century
Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, garden cemetery, founded 1848.
Granary Burying Ground, Boston - 17th century
Greek Theology School of Boston, Iakovos, Archbishop of America.
Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline - Joseph P. Kennedy, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (first resting place of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, later reinterred at Arlington National Cemetery)
King's Chapel, Boston - 17th century
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, first garden cemetery, picturesque landscaping; bird, plant, and tree sanctuary, featured in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968).
Salem Street Burying Ground, Medford, founded late 1600s.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord - Henry David Thoreau,
Swampscott Cemetery, Swampscott - Burial site of Anthony M. Pizzi and Lydia T. Pizzi

All Saints Cemetery, Waterford
Eden Cemetery, Mason, Michigan
Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, burial place of Lewis Cass, Zachariah Chandler, Coleman Young, and many other notable people, especially from the 19th century.
Evergreen Cemetery, Muskegon
Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, Michigan
Great Lakes National Cemetery, Holly, Michigan
Guardian Angel Cemetery, Oakland Township
Hawley Cemetery, Mason, Michigan
Holy Cross Cemetery, Detroit
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield
Knapp Cemetery, Northville
Lakeside Cemetery, Muskegon, Michigan
Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron, Michigan
Leek Cemetery, Mason, Michigan
Maple Grove Cemetery, Mason, Michigan
Maple Ridge Cemetery, Holt, Michigan
Michigan Memorial Cemetery, Flat Rock, Michigan
Mona View Cemetery, Muskegon Heights, Michigan
Mount Carmel Cemetery, Wyandotte
Mount Elliott Cemetery, Detroit
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Detroit
Norton Cemetery, Norton Shores
Oakwood Cemetery, Muskegon
Pine Tree Cemetery, Corunna
Restlawn Cemetery, Muskegon, Michigan
Resurrection Cemetery, Clinton Township
Rural Hill Cemetery, Northville
St. Hedwig Cemetery, Dearborn Heights
St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Claybanks Township, Oceana County, Michigan
Thayer Cemetery, Northville
Waterford Cemetery, Northville
White Chapel Cemetery, Troy
William Ganong Cemetery, Westland
Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit
Yerkes Cemetery, Northville
Pine Grove Cemetery, Millington. Final resting place of Kayla Rolland.

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, burial place of Orville Freeman, Hubert Humphrey, Muriel Humphrey, Frank C. Mars, Karl Mueller, Floyd B. Olson, Rudy Perpich, John S. Pillsbury, Tiny Tim, Paul Wellstone, and many other prominent Minnesotans involved in it's founding and development.

Bellefontaine and Calvary Cemeteries, St. Louis, are the final resting place for William Burroughs, Sara Teasdale, Tennessee Williams, Kate Chopin, William Clark and others.

Prospect Hill Cemetery in North Omaha, Nebraska is the pioneer cemetery of Omaha, Nebraska, and is home to almost all of Omaha's founding fathers and mothers.

New Hampshire
Merrill Cemetery, Manchester - "Commodore" George Washington Morrison Nutt, promoted by P.T. Barnum.
Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester - Composer Horace Johnson, Governor Person Colby Cheney
Valley Cemetery, Manchester - 20-acre garden cemetery, founded 1841, final resting place for many New Hampshire congressmen, U.S. Senators, governors and Manchester's mayors.

New Jersey
Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, New Jersey - burial place of General George B. McClellan.

New York
Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands -- President Chester A. Arthur
Bayside Acacia Cemetery, Bayside, Queens
Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens;
Cemetery of the Gate of Heaven, Hawthorne - Babe Ruth, James Cagney, Anna Held, and others;
Cemetery of the Evergreens, Brooklyn
Cold Springs Cemetery, near Carlisle Gardens, New York
Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn
Salem Fields Cemetery, Brooklyn
Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale - Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, Malcolm X, Aaliyah, and others;
Flushing Cemetery, Queens - Louis Armstrong
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo - Millard Fillmore, Rick James, Red Jacket
Forest Park Cemetery, Brunswick -- a famous "haunted" cemetery
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Westchester County, New York
Gerald B. H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery, Stillwater
Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn - Samuel Morse, William March "Boss" Tweed, F.A.O. Schwarz and Jean-Michel Basquiat are among the burials here;
Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla - Ayn Rand, Tommy Dorsey, Lou Gehrig and other personalities are interred here
Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery, Middle Village, Queens
Machpelah Cemetery, Queens - Harry Houdini is interred here.
The Moravian Cemetery in New Dorp on Staten Island is the final resting place for several members of the Vanderbilt family.
Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester - Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Lewis Henry Morgan, John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb, Frank E. Gannett, Hiram Sibley, Dr. Hartwell Carver, Myron Holley, George B. Selden, and many more.
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Maspeth, Queens
New York Marble Cemetery, East Village, Manhattan is the oldest non-sectarian cemetery in New York City.
Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, New York
Oakwood Cemetery, Troy - Samuel Wilson aka Uncle Sam
Saint Anthony's Lutheran Cemetery, Sanborn
Saint Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale - Interred here are Peter J. Brennan, Clarence Williams, Vitas Gerulaitis, and others.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow - Washington Irving, Elizabeth Arden, Walter Chrysler, William Rockefeller, Samuel Gompers, Andrew Carnegie, are among notables buried here. Cemetery named by Washington Irving.
Trinity Churchyard, New York City - Astor family members; Blair family members
Witmer Road Cemetery, Niagara Falls, New York
Woodlawn Cemetery, The Bronx - Duke Ellington, Herman Melville, and Joseph Pulitzer are among those buried at this Woodlawn.
Union cemetery,Fort Edward final resting place ofKen Varney

North Carolina
Old Chapel Hill Cemetery, Chapel Hill
Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington.
New Bern National Cemetery
Raleigh National Cemetery
Salisbury National Cemetery
Wilmington National Cemetery

Brock Cemetery, Greenville, Ohio - Annie Oakley
Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus - William Dennison, Jim Rhodes, Eddie Rickenbacker, and James Thurber.
Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland - burial site for President James A. Garfield, John D. Rockefeller, Eliot Ness and others.
Mansfield Catholic Cemetery, Mansfield, Ohio. Famous architect F.F. Schnitzer buried here.
Rose Hill Cemetery in Massillon, Ohio - Paul Brown
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum, Cincinnati, Ohio - largest non-profit private (second largest overall) cemetery in the United States (725+ acres) - Bob Braun, Salmon P. Chase, and Levi Coffin.
Union Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio - Moses Fleetwood Walker, Dave Thomas, Woody Hayes.
Woodland Cemetery, Dayton - gravesites of Wilbur and Orville Wright, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Erma Bombeck and others.
Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo - gravesites of Samuel M. Jones, Edward Drummond Libbey, Morrison Waite and others.

Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, OK - burial site for comedian Sam Kinison, controversial religious figure Susan Alamo, major league baseball player Carl Morton, religious figure Evelyn Roberts and musician Bob Wills.
Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK - burial site for noted aviator Wiley Post
Ross Cemetery, Park Hill, OK - burial site for many noted Cherokee leaders including that of Cherokee chief John Ross.

Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville neighborhood) - Stephen Foster, Josh Gibson, and other notable personalities from the Pittsburgh area.
Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia - Burial site of Benjamin Franklin and four other signers of the Declaration of Independence.
East Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Easton Cemetery, Easton-Burial site of George Taylor a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Fairview Cemetery, Pen Argyl - burial place of Jayne Mansfield.
Gettysburg National Cemetery, at the dedication of which in November, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address
Greenwood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - August Wilson and other African-American notable personalities from the Pittsburgh area.
Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Squirrel Hill
Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, garden cemetery founded 1836.
Mikveh Israel Cemetery, Philadelphia, oldest Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia; founded 1738.
Mount Moriah Cemetery (Philadelphia)
Mount Peace Cemetery [1], Philadelphia, also known as Odd Fellows Cemetery - George Lippard
Resurrection Cemetery, Wescosville--Cemetery for the Diocese of Allentown (Lehigh Valley).
St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburgh - Burial site of Andy Warhol
Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport--one of the largest in the Eastern United States

Rhode Island
North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island, oldest cemetery in Providence, many notable Rhode Islanders are buried here.
Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island, established in 1846 on a 60-acre tract of land bordering the Neck Road and extending easterly to the shore of the Seekonk River.

South Dakota
Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis
De Smet Cemetery, De Smet- burial place of members of the family of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Fort Meade National Cemetery, Sturgis
Hot Springs National Cemetery, Hot Springs
Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood- burial place of Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, and Seth Bullock.
Saint John Cemetery, Beresford- burial place of United States Senator, William J. Bulow.

Nashville & area:

Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Goodlettsville has a "Music Row" where a number of country music personalities are interred, including Lefty Frizzell;
Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Hendersonville - burial site for Johnny Cash, Sheb Wooley, and other country music stars;
Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville - Roy Acuff, Hank Snow and other country music personalities;
Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Nashville - burial site for a number of country music personalities, including Otis Blackwell, Webb Pierce, and Johnny PayCheck;
Mount Olivet Cemetery (Nashville) - burials include a significant number of politicians and country music stars
Memphis & area:

Graceland, Memphis - burial place of Elvis Presley;
Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis - burials include Shawn Lane, Sam Phillips and Charlie Rich;

Hawley Cemetery, located in Matagorda County - beautifully maintained, contains the burial place of [3]Abel Head "SHANGHAI" Pierce, early Cattleman.
Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas - burial place of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rock & Blues musician and J.D. Tippit, Dallas police officer allegedly killed by Lee Harvey Oswald on the day of the Kennedy assassination.
Meadowlawn Memorial Park, San Antonio, Texas - senior citizens and civil rights activist ZerNona Black
Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Dallas - cosmetics tycoon Mary Kay Ash, baseball great Mickey Mantle and Academy Award winning actress Greer Garson, among others.
Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Texas - burial place of many prominent Texans and their spouses.
BabyHead Cemetery, Llano, Texas

Hope Cemetery, Barre, Vermont

Arlington National Cemetery, U.S. military cemetery established during the American Civil War on the grounds of Robert E. Lee's plantation at Arlington House across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. in Arlington.
Hollywood Cemetery, located in Richmond - a large, hilly burial place of two US presidents, the only president of the Confederacy, and many soldiers from the American Civil War.
Alexandria National Cemetery (VA), in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, is a dense and sprawling necropolis dating back to the US Civil War.
National Memorial Park / King David Memorial Gardens; Falls Church, Virginia.
Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia; burial site of the Confederacy during the Cival War. There are also burial sites predating the American Revolution.

Calvary Cemetery, located in the Ravenna/Bryant neighborhood of Seattle.
Lake View Cemetery, one of Seattle's first cemeteries contains many local dignitaries and celebrities.
The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery is on land adjacent to the Lake View Cemetery and contains the graves of many who served in the U.S Civil War.

Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee
Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee
Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee

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