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 Haunted Bed keeps Mary Cole and Fiance' Steve Watson up all night. She says she is not sleeping alone. Ghost do make strange bed partners says Steve Watson. see his chilling  ghost photos.
A Haunted Bed
time story?


by Mary Cole Photos by Steve Watson


First I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed your site. My fiance and I are planning a honeymoon trip to New Orleans after our wedding this coming August, and your site has really helped us put together just the kind of off beat trip we enjoy.

I have an interesting story that I would like to relate to you and hope you also find it interesting and maybe your staff or one of your readers might have some input.

When my fiancé and I became engaged this past February we began looking for a place to make our home. We both grew up in the suburbs but have always talked about finding a nice place in the city that has a more bohemian feeling.

When we found the house on Spruce Street we were sure we had just what we wanted. It is a duplex with an upper and lower. When we went to see it, only the upper was available. We fell in love with the place right away and liked it’s stucco walls and the wooden floors.

When the landlord showed us the apartment we could rent we were surprised to find some furniture still in it. Now that I think about it the landlord sounded like he was apologizing about this, but the moment we saw the furniture we were both thrilled. In the kitchen was one of those 50’s style dinner tables, with the metal rims and a set of four chairs covered in the most garish yellow vinyl they could find. We loved it! There was also a huge sideboard type of thing, it looked like it had once belonged to a whole dining room set and was very overdone. But there was nothing else in the room that seemed to fit it.

But the best surprise was finding a beautiful burled wood bedroom set in the bedroom. The bed was huge, one of those big head board affairs with carvings. It had actual ivory inlays and the designs looked kind of like something you’d see in African furniture or Indian, maybe. In addition to the huge bed there was a colossal stacked chest of drawers that looks like two whole pieces on top of each other.

We do not have pets, and no matter how often I make the bed, the bottom right cornor my side in fact becomes un made! I know it's the ghost that does it!


This is when the landlord explained that the previous owner had left all this furniture because it had been too hard to move. When he had taken over renting the house, he just left the stuff in place hoping that whoever rented the house would like the style and keep it there.

We looked it over and looked at each other and agreed that we would take the duplex with the furniture too, and we went about getting settled in.

We weren’t in long when we began to notice some strange occurrences. First it was little things like lights being on in different places after we’d go out and come home, sometimes I’d pour a glass of tea and next go to reach for it and find it on another countertop or on the other end table. Stuff like that. But soon it began to get really weird, especially in the bedroom.

My fiancé had been working the day shift and when he was put on the night shift about a month and a half after we moved in, the problems began to really start for me.

Ghost writtings and strange haunted drwings. I see the letter E writen by a ghost!
I can see a face at times are the shape of a person. I know this is just the flash of the camera but I still see more then just that here!

When I would settle in to sleep at night I was usually uncomfortable without my fiancé there but could eventually drift off to sleep. Once in my sleep I distinctly heard the sounds of him coming home, undressing in the dark and FELT the sheets moving as he got into bed with me. Then, literally hours later I would be awakened when he ACTUALLY came home!

One night I was particularly rattled by sharp knocks on the headboard of the bed. I sat up in bed and then jumped out. It took me some time to settle down and when I finally did, I thought I had dreamed it but something kept telling me in my mind to keep to my “own” side of the bed - I had been sleeping where my fiancé usually sleeps!

Lately the problems have been getting worse. We decided to rearrange the furniture and believe me that was a chore. Now we know why it was left! Now that the bed is in a new place, there is actually more noise coming from the corner where it used to be. There’s a scratching and a sound that sounds like sniffing, as if something is hunting for what used to be there. But I think they’ve found it now, since the knocks are back on the headboard - my fiancé heard them himself, and more than once we have both watched the edge of the bed depress like someone is sitting there, and once my fiancé said his foot was lifted right off the bed and held in the air by something totally invisible.

The latest incident is that there looks to be writing on the headboard. I usually wax the bed whenever I do my housework and it takes on a great shine, but I noticed what I thought were streaks and when I went back across the room to wipe over them I distinctly made out letters. First I wiped them away, but they immediately came back. Nothing is spelled out, but I can clearly see the letters S and R and what looks like an I and an E.

The face over the bed ! look carefully and you shall see it to says Mary Cole.


I have contacted a local psychical research society and have even posted to various chat rooms about this problem. The psychics came out and were able to determine that someone had died in the house and they said it was the feeling that the person was an invalid and spent all of his or her time in the bedroom. Suggestions from other sites about burning sage or white candles only seem to annoy the presence and I get a night of no sleep out of it.

It’s becoming more frightening than curious and I want to find a way to put a stop to this. I have contacted Mickey of Miami and am waiting for a reply from her. In the meantime, I don’t know what to do and have thought of moving or selling the furniture. We can’t afford to move and would end up sleeping on the floor, but this seems better than what we’re going through now!


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(Also look at the ghost in the photos below.) The bed is very beautiful the kind of bed that you'd die for. But, I  often wonder who died in it?
The so very haunted bed came with the home we rented. I think the bed is haunted not the house .I hear knocking on the head board, and scratching. Says Steve Watson.

I realize that when you inherit old furniture more then history, or a story may be attached. A ghost may move in with the furniture or be attached to it I've so been told by Ghost hunters and Psychic researhers.
Even the photos came out strange it was in the middle of the day where the different colors came from I do not know.

Even these photos the colors and even ghostly images appear to be in them. I took these pictures in the middle of the day. I was not this afraid before I saw them.
I do not know what that glow is in this picture. it frightens me, makes me want to sleep on the sofa.

I can actually make out a face in this one. Its over the bed in the curtains. I did not see it until I had the film developed. Now I am very afraid. I know it's a Ghost!
I noticed the strange face looking from the drapes in this photo it is over my Fiance's side of the bed.

Ghostly writing appears out of no where on foot board and headboard. I am really frightened says Mary Cole who sleeps alone in the bed. I am at my witts end.
Just polished and ghostwriting appears from no where. What appears to be the letters S,R I,E.

Three different investigations have taken place and no one can explain anything to me. I am waiting for a reply from Mickey of Miami. I hope she woill have an answer for me.
The ghost knocking from the head board keeps me awake all night

Ghostly apparitions can be seen in the curtains behind the bed. I never saw this until I took the photos. I wish I had the answers for all this Spooky ghostly apparaitions. I am ready to move out or sell the bed.
I have felt a ghost in bed with me I am afraid to sleep now alone .I see a ghostly face in the photo in the drapes.












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