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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Haunted I Dream of Jeannie Bottle

I Dream Of Jeannie Bottle

I bought it on ebay and have had it in my home for over a year now. Of course there's no genie inside but i's haunted! The things that happened to me since I got it made a believer out of me. I really don't know if it is haunted or cursed... But I am seriously spooked!

Story by Janice Fazio, artwork Ricardo Pustanio ©2006


In 1964 I Dream of Jeannie was a popular American sitcom with a fantasy premise. Produced by Screen Gems, it aired from 1965 to 1970 on NBC. The show starred Barbara Eden as Jeanie and Larry Hagman as Captain (later Major) Anthony Nelson.

My Jeannie bottle is painted differently from the actual Golden Vines design from the first season. In appearance it's almost a negative version of the original. I think thats what attracted me to it because I felt I wanted a one of a kind bottle. The ad even said pop the the cork you never know what's hiding inside, and they were right.

I've read about spirit bottles, and New Orleans real Zombie Bottles and I think thats just what I have here. I really don't know if the artist who painted it knew it was haunted or made the bottle haunted. After buying the bottle the person just disappeared off of ebay never to be found again. I felt at the time this was just hype to drive up the price of the Jeannie bottle. But in time I begin to think I had judged the ad wrongly. And this I dream of Jeannie Bottle is really Haunted possessed or cursed.



This one of a kind “I DREAM OF JEANNIE BTTLE” brings the legend back to life with its official contributing mystique and ambiance with its authentic 1964 Jim beam smoke glass charm. This Bottle is similar to the actual 1st season Golden leaves bottle but the style slightly differs enough to call it a one of a kind. I painted it just to see if I could do one . I found it very hard to do so I did it my own way.

There isn’t a person alive today that doesn’t value and cherish the days of our past: where the mystique and magic of “I DREAM OF JEANNIE” filled us as American’s with exciting entertainment and endless mind wandering hours of dreaming about finding a bottle on a deserted beach and activating a true Jeannie for ones self. (as tantalizing and beautiful as: Barbara Eden) This bottle is Smoke color. With the 1st season golden leaves design in my own version. I call it the Haunted cursed Jeannie Bottle.

This auction is for one spirit - inhabited genie bottle. This item includes instructions on how to “feed” the spirit and entice it to “talk” to you. If properly taken care of, the spirit will help enhance spirituality, promote health, and bring peace to the home. What kind of spirit is in this bottle? Call it a ghost, spirit, Loa, Orisha, fairy, pixie, djinni, elemental - WHATEVER. There is a life force inside this bottle, most likely an air spirit. The bottle has black dust in it and is sealed with a page from the Bible.


Yes this bottle was shipped to me as described and it is strange, and strange things happen when it is in ones possession. The feelings you get when it's just in the room are enough to send chills down your spine. I really don't know who painted it if it's cursed or haunted. But the things this bottle does have made me think twice about buying another to replace it. I would hate to pass it on to another unsuspecting fan and have the horrors of the haunted Jeannie, Genie bottle spook them. If I had to say anything I would say Jeannie's Evil sister is at the root of it.

This haunted genie bottle moves by itself. I have actually watched it move a few inches on the desk I keep it on. The bottle stopper has actually shifted before my eyes and for some reason it seems to get stuck some days and is easy to pull out the next. I have also seen strange shadows dancing around inside the bottle and sometimes tiny lights.

People who hold it say they feel strange vibrations, as do I. Never do I tell them anything I just say here what do you think. At first they say wow... ! Then they say this is giving me a weird feeling. Or please get that thing away from me.

I slept in the living room one night where I keep my Jeannie bottle. However this night I turned the light out and turned over to sleep when i heard a moaning noise in my ear which really frightened me as it would anyone. I decided that it might just be me being tired and my brain playing tricks so i turned the light off again and once again I got a loud moan in my ear. So turning the light on I sat up for a bit tried again this time I got the moan but i decided to try and sit through it even though I was still really frightened but this time I started to feel freezing cold.

Anyway next night I stayed there I was sitting in my room feeling calm and happy not scared etc... and for no reason at all I felt a feeling of extreme fear and sadness but it wasn't like my feeling I still had my thoughts and was thinking oh my God what is this feeling and thought to my self no I am not scared and then felt fine almost like as if a blanket of fear had been lifted off me this happened a couple of times and then everything was fine again.

Is this possibly something to do with the bottle or maybe me becoming more aware of the spirit beings/world etc. I have been trying recently to open my mind though out of body experiences and also trying to contact my spirit guide.

I really was very concerned so I called a local Paranormal investigation group to check it out. I certainly will let everyone know what their findings are soon.





The Bottle

Jeanie's famous bottle was not created special for the show. It was actually a 1964 Jim Beam liquor decanter containing 'Beam's Choice' bourbon whiskey.

The studio prop department painted the bottle to look like an antique. For years it was said that Sidney Sheldon received one as a gift and thought it would be a perfect design for the series. Several people in the Screen Gems art department also take credit for finding the bottle. There is strong evidence, however, that it was first season director, Gene Nelson who saw one in a liquor store and bought it, bringing it to Sidney Sheldon.

The first season bottle had a clear glass stopper that Tony took from a 1956 Old Grand Dad Bourbon bottle in his home, as the original stopper was left behind on the beach where Tony found Jeannie. The color seasons (and the movies) used the original bottle stopper, painted to match the bottle. (During some close-ups, you can still see the plastic rings that hold the cork part of the stopper in place!) Jeannie's bottle was painted mainly in pinks and purples, while the bottle for the Blue Djinn was a first season design with a heavy green wash and Jeannie's sister's bottle was simply a plain, unpainted Jim Beam bottle. The movies again used Jim Beam bottles, but with a new, more dramatic paint job. The TV movie "I Still Dream of Jeannie" showed for the first time and for less than a minute what has come to be known as the sister's bottle in a two tone black and green bottle with gold and pink accents.

Jeannie's bottle was left its original dark, smoke-green color with a gold leaf pattern during the first season. In the first episode, it also looked quite rough and weathered. Since the show was originally filmed in black and white, a lot of colors and patterns were not necessary. When the show switched to color, the prop people came up with a brightly colored bottle to replace the original. On the last day of filming the final episode of the television series Barbara Eden got to keep the color 'stunt' bottle. Several of each season bottles were made, as they did occasionally get broken during production. In the DVD release of the first season, during the first episode commentary, Bill Daily also claims to own an original bottle.


From I Dream of Jeannie - the first episode "The Lady in the Bottle", Larry Hagman's supposid favorite scene from the series...which was one of the very first, when Capt (later Maj). Anthony Nelson rescues Jeannie from her bottle!

The bottle itself was designed in 1964 by Roy Kramer for the Wheaton Bottle Company.
No one knows exactly how many bottles were used during the show, but members of the production have estimated that from six to eight bottles were painted and used during the run of the series. The stunt bottle used mostly for the smoke effect was broken frequently due to the heat and chemicals used to produce Jeannie's smoke. In the pilot episode several bottles were used for the opening scene on the beach, one was drilled through the bottom for smoke and another was used to "walk" across the sand and slip into Tony's pack. Two bottles were used from promotional tours to kick off the first season and one bottle was used for the first season production.

Over the past ten years, merchandise based on the series has been produced including numerous dolls, ceramic pieces, lunchboxes, a board game and a series of Instant Scratchit cards. There is even an officially licensed slot machine with Jeannie sound effects, new animations and voice samples recorded specifically for the machine by Eden herself.


Official I Dream Of Jeannie Website http://www.sonypictures.com/tv/shows/sgn/jeannie/


From haunted furniture to haunted Furbies, if you're looking for it, you'll probably find it online.


I no longer pick stuff up I find of the street or road. Personally I don't fear the supernatural too much but there are two reasons for not picking things up that you find. Firstly it could still belong to someone else, probably everybody loses stuff in public places and is happy to find and annoyed when it been taken.

But from the supernatural perspective it can apparently be a way of being cursed. It does seem that spirits will through chance put certain things your way and are entitled to getting something of you if claim them as your own.

Objects that had sentimental or personal value to a deceased person can still have some of their energy and sometimes after death, if things were thrown away or given away against the deceased wishes, their energy comes through as negative vibes to the current owner.



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delphine Lalaurie's haunted painting.

Some are haunted by Divinci's Mona Lisa, others by something in a painting that bothers them. Can contemporary Paintings be actually haunted? Are is it just imagined?

A gifted Norwegian painter and printmaker, Edvard Munch not only was his country's greatest artist, but also played a vital role in the development of German expressionism. His work often included the symbolic portrayal of such themes as misery, sickness, and death. The Cry, or The Scream probably his most familiar painting, is typical in its anguished expression of isolation and fear. And often called the most haunted painting in the world because of the direct affect it has on so many who view it.


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Perhaps no childhood companion is more familiar or more revered than the Teddy Bear. Friend, companion, confidante, protector, playmate – these are just some of the roles the loyal, loving Teddy Bear has assumed over the years. Since its introduction to the world in the early 1900’s, the Teddy Bear – named after American President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt – has been the indisputable image of a happy childhood.

But is it possible that the beneficent Teddy Bear, like many other childhood toys, has a darker side, less often seen, but once experienced, impossible to forget? Is it within the realm of reason that the fuzzy friends of our childhood, living and sharing every moment with their adopted children, might take on a life all their own once the innocence of youth has worn away? Can it be possible that the beloved Teddy Bear is actually the most haunted (and haunting!) toy of all time




Tales from a truly creepy toy chest. There is probably no one reading this who has not had a disturbing experience at one time or another involving that most simple and supposedly benign object, a child’s doll.

Ask around at any party where the conversation turns to the supernatural and someone will inevitably pipe up with a creepy story about an encounter with a doll that seemed to have a life and will all its own. Invariably, the doll was the object of fear and loathing in someone’s home until the children were old enough to abandon such things. If they were lucky, the doll was given away – maybe it was passed on to some unfortunate cousin; if they weren’t so lucky, the doll was relegated to storage in the labyrinthine darkness of the attic where it often became to object of even more terror








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