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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




The saga of the Antebellum South and a lifestyle that will be forgotten lives on at The Myrtles Plantation, a 205-year-old home that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A first glimpse of the home with its magnificent double dormers and lacy grillwork of the 125-foot-long front veranda envelops one with a complete sense of peace and tranquility.


The Myrtles Plantation,circa 1796
"One of America's Most Haunted Homes"

Saint Francisville is located in West Feliciana Parish Louisiana. A small town on the Mississippi River. Once the Capital of the Republic of West Florida, it is here that John James Audubon (Birds of America Collection) created over 80 of his beautiful watercolors. There are seven Magnificent Plantation homes opened for public tours. And The Myrtyles Plantation is the one you would not want to miss. And with all the recent investigations by TAPS is now fast becoming the most famous ghost filled haunted house in America.

Exploring the myrtles you will see grand fine antiques and architectural treasures of the old South and you personally might discover why The Myrtles has been called "America's Most Haunted Homes".

"The actual haunting hour at the Myrtles Plantation is said to be at three AM.

At that exact hour each dark night, Chloe's restless ghost roams the great dark haunted plantation,

The Myrtles isn't an ordinary plantation. It's supposed to be one of the most haunted houses in America. "

"Whiskey Dave" Bradford--former leader of the whiskey rebellion-- built the great haunted house on a Tunica Indian burial ground in 1794. He was actually the very first to see a ghost at the Myrtles Plantation, a naked Indian girl wandering lost on the grounds is what he is said to have observed. But Many of the locals state it is Bradford's' many ghostly children and grandchildren that haunt the Myrtles today.

Sara Matilda, Bradford's' daughter, married Judge Woodruff. Woodruff was said to have kept a slave mistress named Chloe or so the haunted tale goes....

When Woodruff grew tired of Chloe, and she was afraid she would be sent to the fields she is said to have started eavesdropping on him to learn of her future fate.

When Woodruff caught her, he cut off her left ear and sent her to work in the kitchen. From then on, Chloe wore a green turban to hide her disfigurement. She devised a plan to regain the affection of him and the family. She boiled poisonous oleander leaves and baked them into a cake.



Chloe believed the children would become ill and need her to nurse them back to health. But she used too much. Sara Matilda and two of the children died that night from the poison.

When the other slaves heard about Chloe's actions, they hung her from a tree. They then weighted her body with stones and threw her into the Mississippi river.

Chloe still wanders the house and grounds of the Myrtles Plantation. She sometimes shows up in photos. The Woodruff children are also heard playing and laughing on the veranda on rainy nights.

The Chloe story is the most popular haunting tale at the Myrtles, but many more people met their untimely demise on the premises and can be seen and heard wandering.

A Civil War soldier died on the floor near the front door from battle wounds. He was an avid cigar smoker who stayed at the house before his death. The smell of cigars sometimes fills his room. ( And smoking isn't allowed at the Myrtles...)

William Winter was said to have died on the 17th step of the staircase after a mysterious man shot him through the study window in 1871.

The steps heard on the stairs in the middle of the night are attributed to him. Those who count claim the footsteps stop at the seventeenth step.

Another young girl died of yellow fever in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Her parents called on a voodoo priestess to help her, after all traditional medicines had failed. When the little girl died, the parents hung the priestess from the chandelier.

In 1927, the caretaker was murdered during a robbery attempt. The owners claim that he can sometimes be seen at the plantation gates telling people to leave.

The Myrtles is now a bed and breakfast, so guests can stay in these rooms and see if the ghosts come out and play. The proprietors, John and Teeta Moss, claim that the Best Western loves the Myrtles, because so many guests get spooked in the middle of the night and run to the other hotel.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it's fun to be scared. This house has a creepy vibe. Bursts of cold air come from nowhere. Former owners have had church stained glass installed in the front doors to keep out the evil spirits. Also, the keyholes of every door have a small cover over them. In the nineteenth century, people thought ghosts came into a house through its keyholes, and these covers were designed to keep them out.

People also believed that the ghosts would hide in the corners until nighttime, when they would come out to pester the living. The Myrtles contains custom plaster work nun and cherub charms specially designed to keep the spirits away from the corners. Every resident has painstakingly tried to protect himself from wandering spirits.

Ghosts or not, everyone who has owned the property has either seen ghosts, has turned into a ghost, or tried to keep the ghosts away. Mysterious figures and spheres often show up in ghost photos.


The Myrtles has been featured in New York Times, Forbes, Gourmet, Veranda, Travel and Leisure, Country Inns, Colonial Homes, Delta SKY, and on the Oprah Show, A & E, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic Explorer, and GOOD MORNING AMERICA. It was also featured in The Hauntings of Louisiana. And recentlyon the Sci-fi chanal Ghost Hunters show featured by TAPS.

Historical tours are conducted daily from 9am - 5pm.
Mystery tours are conducted on Friday and Saturday evenings.
All bed and breakfast reservations include a complimentary tour of this National Historic Register home filled with hand painted stained glass, open pierced plaster frieze work, Aubusson tapestries, Baccarat crystal chandeliers, Carrera marble mantles and gold leafed French furnishings. Guided tours include the history, the architectural significance, and the enchanting stories of mystery and intrigue.

Relax in the giant rockers on the 120-foot verandah or stroll through the lush ten acres filled with majestic live oaks. The 5000 square foot old brick courtyard is the perfect place to unwind before enjoying a delicious candlelight dinner at our Carriage House Restaurant.

Located in the Legendary Plantation Country on U.S. Highway 61, 30 miles North of Baton Rouge between New Orleans, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi.



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Official Web Site THE MYRTLES PLANTATION HOUSE B&B www.myrtlesplantation.com

The Myrtles Plantation
The Myrtles Plantation, circa 1796, invites you to step into the past to ... Click angel for the General Bradford Gift Shop at the Myrtles Plantation. ...


GHOST HUNTERS Myrtle's Plantation
Episode Number: 11 Season Num: 2 First Aired: Wednesday July 27, 2005 Prod Code: 201Originally aired: Wednesday July 27, 2005 on SciFi
Show Stars: Paula Donovan (Herself - Research & Development), Steve Gonsalves (Himself - Technical Advisor and Evidence Analyst), Donna LaCroix (Herself - Case Manager), Brian Harnois (Himself - Technical Advisor and Case Manager), Kristyn Gartland (Herself - Field Researcher), Jason Hawes (Himself - Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator), Grant Wilson (II) (Himself - Co-Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator)
Production Code: 201


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This plantation bed and breakfast an hour outside of New Orleans is home to several ghosts.


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Plantation Homes Near New Orleans

Madewood Plantation
Madewood Plantation, one of Louisiana's majestic antebellum plantations, operates a Bed and Breakfast, allowing visitors to sleep in the plantation home on genuine antiques. Open for tours daily:

10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.(last tour).
For information, please call 1-800-375-7151, daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or write to us at 4250 Hwy. 308, Napoleonville, LA 70390.
Our fax # is 985-369-9848. Official Web Site www.madewood.com

Oak Alley Plantation
Truly the quintessential Greek Revival Antebellum Plantation, it is one of the most visited of the plantations and antebellum homes along the river. Oak Alley Plantation, Restaurant & Inn
3645 Highway 18 (Great River Road) •- Vacherie, Louisiana USA 70090
Phone: (225) 265-2151 or 1-800-44ALLEY •Fax: (225) 265-7035
E-mail: ContactUs@OakAlleyPlantation.com

Official Web Site www.oakalleyplantation.com

Nottoway Plantation Home
Nottoway Plantation is a great bed & breakfast, and its grand white ballroom is a favorite for weddings. At the edge of sugar cane fields, Nottoway stands overlooking the Mississippi River. This enormous mansion, completed in 1859, reflects an unusual combination. Greek revival architectural elements blend with innovations that were the fanciful desires of the original owner. Not only is the floor plan irregular, but the house contained many elements that were innovative and rare in the mid-19th century, such as indoor plumbing and hot and cold running water.

Today Nottoway is open daily to the public.
Take a guided tour, stay overnight, have dinner,
perhaps even get married in this magnificent plantation!

Official Web Site www.nottoway.com

Beauregard House at Chalmette Battlefield
Site of the Battle of New Orleans in 1814–1815, (the last battle of the War of 1812), the Civil War Chalmette National Cemetery, and Beauregard House.

Also located on the Chalmette Battlefield grounds, and serving as a museum and visitor center, is the Beauregard House. Beauregard House was never used as a plantation, and was built in 1830. It is named for René Beauregard, its last owner, the son of the Civil War Confederate General, P. G. T. Beauregard (whose monument is at the entrance to City Park, at the north end of Esplanade Avenue). While many visitors arrive by automobile, many also arrive by riverboat, the Chalmette Battlefield being part of the tour.

Destrehan Plantation

Destrehan Plantation was built in 1787, originally of West Indies architecture, but later renovated to the then popular Greek Revival Style. It is the oldest documented plantation house left intact in the lower Mississippi Valley.

The plantation bears the name of its builder, Jean Noel Destrehan, who acquired the estate from his father-in-law, Robin de Longy. It was here that the process of producing granulated sugar was perfected, and helped to establish sugar cane as the major crop of the area, replacing indigo. After years of neglect, restoration is now continuing. Today, the house is open for guided tours, and is available for dinner parties, wedding receptions and special events.

Destrehan Plantation
13034 River Road
Destrehan, Louisiana 70047

Phone: (985) 764-9315 (Local from New Orleans)
Fax: (985) 725-1929 E-mail: DestPlan@aol.com


Ormond Plantations
Two historic Antebellum Plantation Homes within 30 minutes of New Orleans are Destrehan and Ormond Plantations.

Claiming to be the oldest French West Indies style plantation in the lower Mississippi valley, Ormond was also built in the late 1700's. Like most of the early plantations of the area, it began as a farm for indigo, but later switched to the more profitable sugar cane crop.

Originally acquired as a French land grant, the plantation stretched from the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain. During its long history, it was the focal point for parties and celebrations, a prize to be captured during the Civil War, makeshift housing for troops heading to the Battle of New Orleans, and more.

Today the estate is but a mere 16 acres, but is restored, as closely as possible, to the way it was during its prime. It is privately owned, and the owner lives in the house. Several rooms are available to guests as a Bed and Breakfast, allowing visitors to savor the atmosphere of the 19th century, with a view of the mighty Mississippi River from the upper gallery. It is becoming quite a popular place to have weddings and honeymoons. For added intrigue, Ormond, also, has its own ghost story. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Circa 1787
13786 River Road, Destrehan, Louisiana 70047
Phone 985-764-8544 | Fax 985-764-0691 or info@plantation.com


Laura Plantation Home
Laura, a French Creole Plantation Home, claims to be the American Home of Br'er Rabbit. Despite a devastating fire on August 9, 2004, Laura Plantation has continued to offer visitors
what Lonely Planet calls "The Best History Tour in the U.S."
The morning following the fire, guests continued to come. And they still do.

Laura Plantation
2247 Hwy 18
Vacherie, LA 70090

tel: 225 265 7690 / fax: 225 265 7960
info@lauraplantation.com www.lauraplantation.com


La Branche Plantation Dependency House
La Branche Plantation Dependency House on the River Road in St. Rose, LA is what we call a Garconniere.

La Branche Plantation Dependency House, on the River Road in St. Rose, LA, is an interesting stop on the Southeastern Louisiana Plantation tour, because it is a visit to a plantation home that no longer exists. All that remains is the Dependency House, which had a function that is pretty much what the name implies. It is what we usually call a Garconniere (French for bachelor quarters). La Branche is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Zweig family, of Germany, built the plantation in 1792. Because of neglect, the effects of the Civil War, the economics during and after Reconstruction, and the division of the property among heirs, there is little left to indicate what was once there, save for "an alley" of Oaks. The site of the main house is on private land, and is not accessible to anyone, without the permission of the owners. The Dependency House is on land currently owned by the Lentini family, and is open to the public. Included in the inventory is the actual bathtub of Zachery Taylor.


Houmas House Plantation
One of the most visited Antebellum Plantation Homes near New Orleans. It was used as the filming location for the film "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charolette," starring Bette Davis.

Not only do tourists come by the busloads, but locals may make the drive to spend a couple of hours on the grounds, followed by lunch in nearby restaurants, before returning home. Houmas is a home with the architectural style that most people envision when they think of the old plantations. It was used as the filming location for the film "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charolette," starring Bette Davis.

Located in the small river community of Darrow, LA, it sits on a few acres on the Mississippi River, much smaller than the 20,000 acres that it once had. The present Houmas House was built in 1840 by Col. John Smith Preston, on land originally owned by the Houmas Indians, hence the name.





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