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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Anthony's Fine Dining has one of the few authentic Southern antebellum homes within the city limits of Atlanta, Georgia and the only one with resident ghosts! The 1797 Antebellum Mansion was rebuilt in the heart of Buckhead on 3 lush acres. They have 12 beautiful rooms, 2 wine cellars, 7 fireplaces and a glass enclosed porch, all of which are sure to delight you.



The halls of Anthony's Fine Dining are rich with a 200 year old history that is unique in Atlanta, Georgia.Anthony's Fine Dining restaurant is 15 minutes from Downtown Atlanta, 30 Minutes from the Atlanta Airport, 10 minutes from Midtown Atlanta. Anthony's is the best Atlanta restaurant and banquet facility; and they have a twist! An authentic antebellum Georgia house complete with resident ghosts!

Anthony's Fine Dining

3109 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30305


Asif Edrish - Marketing, Food, and Beverage Director aedrish@bellsouth.net

Mary Dean Aguirre, General Manager mary_aguirre@bellsouth.net

Private Luncheon and Banquet Dinners, as well as

Open for a` la Carte dining Monday-Saturday

6:00 PM to Till

History of the Pope - Walton House

About the year 1650, three brothers named Pope came to America from England and settled in three adjoining counties in the northern neck of Virginia. Third generation son, Burrell Pope, migrated to what is now known as Wilkes County Georgia in the year 1762. He brought with him his newly born son, Wiley Woods Pope. It was Wiley who started this house in 1797.

Wiley's granddaughter's husband, John Howard Walton, continued the construction of the house, but did not finish it because of his involvement with the war between the states. During the Civil War, John's Pregnant wife, Mary Elizabeth Pope Walton, lived alone in the house with only a young slave girl named Sarah to assist her. Sarah stayed on to nurse the newborn, Lulu Belle, and when Sherman marched through Georgia, it was she who helped to hide the silver. Sherman's troops rode through the hallways raiding and plundering, but the house was spared because of the newborn baby.

John Howard Walton was a meticulous dresser who was known more for his love of books and fine clothes than for his farming acumen. He was a kinsman of George Walton (one of Georgia's signers of the Declaration of Independence), George Walton II and Octavia Walton LeVert, both of whom played an important part in Florida's history.

It is written that John Howard Walton left for service in the war of "Northern Aggression" (as the Civil War is called by native Southerners) riding a fine horse, only to return in 1864 riding a mule. With no funds to pay former slaves for labor on the 2,500 acre plantation, he was forced to trade the house and lands to his father- in- law, Wiley M. Pope, who completed the house and lived there until 1891.

The house looked much the same then as it does now, except it had open hallways both downstairs and upstairs, which have since been enclosed. Hundreds of photos, sketches and measurements were made before the house was dismantled, catalogued and restored.

We shall remain forever indebted for this formidable accomplishment to the determination of Mr. Dayton Smith, the extraordinary engineer and dedicated restaurateur from Memphis, Tennessee who moved the Pope-Walton house from it's original site 117 miles east of Atlanta to our present site.

It took Smith three years to accomplish the feat, moving it brick-by-brick, board-by- board and restoring all it to our three lovely, wooded acres. So authentic is the restoration that wooden pegs and original lumber were used even in the attic.

In the early '70s the banquet hall was added to the house. We named it the Ladybug Room in honor of the very last, great hostess of the house who lived here until 1920. She was known, as "Ladybug" as a child and "Aunt Lady" in her older years.

The great-great granddaughter of Wiley M. Pope, Mrs. Melba Young Beale who now lives in Florida, said that it was fitting that the Pope-Walton House should now be dedicated to the cause of good food because the mistresses of this house had for over a hundred years been noted for the tables they set. Some of the most famous sons of Georgia were entertained in this antebellum home during its long history. We at Anthony's Restaurant are proud to continue the tradition.


Ghost Story by Alan Levine
Excerpted from The Vinings Gazette
October 26, 1998

For a Halloween issue story The Vinings Gazette, I wanted to spend a night alone in a haunted house. After some research, the name of Anthony's came up and I contacted the restaurant’s general manager, Mary Dean Aguirre who said I could spend the night but added that "You can't leave until the morning crew comes because you'll set off the security alarm." "Have you ever seen a ghost in the house?," I asked. She said, “Oh, no. I don't stay here at night by myself. But we’ve had pastry chefs hear chains rattling around. They usually refuse to work by themselves at night. You should speak to Sallie Cwik, a former manager now living in Ohio.” “Yes, the house is haunted,” Sallie said. “There's a main staircase at the front of the building. Near there is an old photograph of Annie Barnett who was married in the house in 1882. Some people sense her presence near the staircase, others have heard children singing there. We’ve even had employees quit after being in the house late at night because they thought it was haunted.

“Ms. Cwik, have you seen a ghost at the house?", I asked. “Not really, but one night my husband and I were closing up the house. After turning off all the lights we went to our car in the parking lot. All of a sudden we noticed the lights on the second floor were on again. But there are no switches up there to turn lights on and off, you have to unscrew the lights from the sconces to turn them off which we had done. Yet when we went back into the house, the bulbs were screwed in tight. So we unscrewed them again and went back to our car in the parking lot. We looked up at the house…and the lights were all back on again!”

I chose the night of September 22, the Autumnal Equinox, for my overnight visit. This was not a great choice since the next day was the two-year anniversary for my wife and I, but the uncanny often occurs during times of transition like solstices and twilight. Ghosts are transitional entities existing between this world and the next. Walking outside Anthony's I looked up at the black windows high above. The ancient air conditioning unit near the back offices rumbled. Inside the restaurant the night kitchen crew were finishing the dishes. I lay my sleeping bag down amidst the dining tables of the glassed-in front porch on the second floor. I could see a few of the lights of Piedmont Road flickering through the trees. “Hey! You still here?,” shouted the night manager. “Yeah,” I answered. “We're leaving. You know you can't leave until the morning crew gets here?” “Yes.” “Good luck.”

Now alone and locked inside, I listened to the creaks as the house settled. Annie’s portrait hung just downstairs from where I watched and waited. I could see the spot on the stairs where someone had said they’d seen a ghost cat. I couldn’t muster courage to get up and walk around. Then, I felt a warmth wash over me along with a sense of peace and well being rarely felt. But it didn’t last long. I shivered and finally managed to push myself out of the chair. With dismay, I realized my flashlight was in the car! There were some dim lights on in the house. Most of the house was in shadow or total darkness. I entered a room and groped for a light switch. Nothing. I found a candle and lit it. Then another, and another. I lit every candle I could find. In one room I found a TV. I switched it on. The static blared out like a buzz saw. I quickly turned it off and crawled back into my skin. Finding a three pronged candelabra and looking like the doomed adventurer in a B-movie, I continued on my walk. Down in the wine cellar, a sculpture of Bacchus' large stony head laughed mockingly from the wall, chilling my blood. Making my way towards the back office, I heard three raps on the ceiling above me. My mind went blank and my mouth bone dry. I was alone with something my mind could not understand and my soul feared. Some part of my brain commanded one foot to go before the other. I went back up to the second floor. There was another bang somewhere in the house. And then there were the sound of bells - high pitched and beautiful like an angel song. As I continued to walk the house, misplaced footsteps and the angel bells were my companions. I crawled into my sleeping blanket. My body was fatigued, but my eyes were open wide. The bangs and bells had disappeared. Like the captain of a ship lost in fog searching for a beacon, I sought out the distant city lights. I needed a reality check. Sleep began to come. Then I heard the sound of footsteps, soft but distinct and coming up the stairs. And rustling too. I huddled down deeper into my sleeping bag. The footsteps arrived at the top of the stairs and began to walk towards me. I poked my head out to see who was there. But nothing. Only the feeling of another presence. And the rustling. Someone invisible was just a few feet from me. I couldn't speak. My voice was gone. There we stayed for an uncountable duration. Me and my host. The presence slowly faded. I tried to relax. The soft footsteps and rustling began again. From the bottom of the stairs, up and to me, the presence came. And again I stared hard down the hall searching, but saw no one. Three times the presence came up the stairs but never went down. After the last visit, dreamless sleep thankfully came.

My next memory was of voices - real human voices. The light of morning shone in my eyes. I returned home to the loving arms of my wife. “Happy anniversary, baby,” she said. “I had a strange dream last night. We were together at Anthony 's. A woman I've never seen before in a dress unlike anything you'd see today came and brought me to you.”

Anthony's Fine Dining restaurant has been an institution in the Atlanta, Georgia area since 1967 when the authentic Southern plantation home was moved to Buckhead from Wilkes County, Georgia. The house is charming, elegant and unique, as there are not very many authentic antebellum homes within the city limits of Atlanta. Atlanta is rich with Civil War history; Union General William T. Sherman, made camp on the current grounds of the Georgia State Capitol and burned down most of the homes before making his way to Savannah. Therefore Atlanta is not rich with authentic antebellum architecture. However, you can still experience the beauty and charm of the Old South today at Anthony's Fine Dining.

Anthony's welcomes out of town and foreign visitors who want to experience the "Old South" in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are a local citizen, attending your high school prom, in town for shopping at Lenox Mall or Phipps Plaza, here for a convention or business meeting, or a tourist from this or another country; add that extra something that is difficult to find: transport yourself to a more gracious and elegant era with the finest food and service you have ever experienced. The Old South awaits you





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