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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Haunted Alaska

Golden North Hotel

Compiled by Goldi Beals

Golden North Hotel Ghost Story

3rd and Broadway St , Skagway, AK (907) 983-2451

Built in 1898, the oldest operating hotel in Alaska was a two story hotel, moved in 1908 by horse and capsten to its present location. A third story and the world famous golden dome was also added at this time.

Corrington's purchased the property in 1997 and spent more than one million dollars renovating the Crown Jewel of the Gold Rush. Now solid and up to code, each of the 31 rooms are dedicated to gold rush families and filled with their momentos and antiques.

The first floor offers a 60 seat pub, 80 seat Victorian style restaurant, 30 seat outdoor patio and Southeast Alaska’s first microbrewery.

Two ghosts are often said to haunt thishaunted Alaska hotel. Many employees of the golden North Hote l have so often had to explain the haunting that they have named one of the many Ghost " Scary Mary."

Scary Mar , is the spirit or ghost of a young lost little lady who sadly died all alone in her room of what some believe was pneumonia or tuberculosos, while waiting for her fiancé to return from his long gold-prospecting expedition. Locals and visitors and staff believe her ghost still haunts everyone who stays in her room.

She is said to still haunt actual Room 23, where her body was discovered dead one fine day long agao. Scary Mary's misty ghostly images has appeared as well as is heard quite often. Several recent guests have complained of hearing choking as well as having the sensations themselves. She can be heard coughing in the middle of the night.

Room 14 is haunted also some staff and haunted hotel gurest say is a strange "light form" orb like manifestion or ghost, but not, it slowly moves around in the room night and day and has been captured on video and ghost photos.


by Ron Wendt

Ghost Stories from the Far North
They are watching us, these ghosts of the North. They cook breakfast, play cards, mine gold, turn on radios, and play the piano. HAUNTED ALASKA is a collection of ghost stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. These astonishing stories tell of miners terrorized by spirits wandering their claims, of roadhouse owners visited daily by ghosts, and of reindeer herders who run in fear as one of their own departed comes back in spirit form to continue his duties after death.

" 'When my company took over Circle Hots Springs Lodge, people could hardly wait to tell me about the ghosts,' said owner Susan Knapman. These included the fur coat hanging on a wall in the basement that reached out and touched people, things flying off shelves, and a ghost who was apparently unhappy with the way things were run in the kitchen. One night during the winter, a worker looked outside and saw the ghostly image of a man playing a piano. It was 50 below zero! Knapman herself lost sleep several nights when something kept knocking on her door. But no one was there."

--Excerpt from HAUNTED ALASKA
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lifelong Alaskan Ron Wendt is a gold miner, teacher, and book publisher who has traveled extensively throughout the North by air, water, and road. He was raised in Fairbanks and lives in the Wasilla area.



Source: Unsolved Mysteries profile. http://www.unsolvedmysteries.com/usm360534.html

The Golden North Hotel in Skagway Alaska, claims their hotel is haunted by two ghosts. The first is a strange light form that haunts room fourteen . The light is said to move around the room and no one seems to know why or what it is.

This weird effect is not the only thing that has scared or alarmed guests. Some time ago, a young lady who was staying at the hotel in room twenty-three became very ill with pneumonia during her stay. So her fiancé went off to work in a gold digging expedition hoping to make enough money to take his sick love to a hospital. She waited anxiously for her fiancé to return, but the longer she waited the more ill she became. Eventually she gave up hope that her love would return .

It was too late by the time he came home, she had died. Their love story came to a tragic end. Now, the hotel says that guests who have stayed in room twenty-three claim to have seen a ghostly figure of a woman reaching out to choke them or felt someone choking them in the middle of the night.



Addresses and Websites of Haunted Alaska Locations Mentioned in Dennis William Hauck's HAUNTED PLACES

Directories. Dennis William Hauck is an author, consultant, and lecturer working to facilitate personal, institutional, and global transformation through the application of the ancient principles of alchemy. He writes and lectures on the universal principles of physical, psychological, and spiritual perfection to a wide variety of audiences that range from scientists and business leaders to religious and New Age groups. Hauck's interest in alchemy began while he was in graduate school in mathematics at the University of Vienna, and he has since translated a number of important Latin and German alchemy manuscripts dating back to the fourteenth century.



Old Theater, Anchorage.
See below for location.

4th Avenue Movie Theater is the home to a lady who can be spotted in the long, double mirrors hung on the walls here.

The Little Karaoke Place, Anchorage.
No location listed.

Murdered by Chinese weightlifters, the spirit of a previous owner can sometimes be seen peeking from a window here.

Corner of Arctic and C Street, Anchorage.
See below for information.

A visitor writes, "At about 4:00 A.M. everyday you can see a lady in a white dress standing in a park."

Eklutna National Park - Native American Cemetery , Anchorage.
The spirits of several Eskimos buried here as said to haunt the grounds.

Courtyard by Marriot - Room 201, Anchorage.
Haunted by a man who died there, and his body was not found for several days according to the staff. Plus there is a ghost by the name of Ken who wanders the parking lot, and courtyard, in and around the gazebo. There is also what appears at times to be a cat walking around the hotel. It's very evident in rooms 103 and 107.

Dimond Center, Anchorage.
It is said that when the Dimond center was first built, the grounds under it were sacred burial grounds from thousands of years ago, dating back to when natives first roamed the lands. While digging up the grounds to build the mall, workers came across a few graves, but due the fact they were so old and small they continued digging. Now the ghosts roam the areas and like to appear in front of lone people in the bathrooms and smaller hallways in the mall.

Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage.
Some say they have seen a young girl walking around the location of Hanshew Middle School. They story s that this young girl died there during construction of the building. It seems that the young girl only comes out during the early morning and late at night. Janitors say they have seen the young girl and so have a couple children. They say the girl looks sad and shouts for help. Some say they've seen her crying.

Historic Anchorage Hotel, Anchorage.
Anchorages oldest hotel is haunted my many things. Several guests have reported seeing a young girl walk the second floor hall. Also rooms 215 and 217 the TV's will turn on and off at will also the water in the tub and sink will run by itself. Employees have reported to hear people coming down the stairs when the hotel is empty, and few have seen a man walk past stairs.

West High School, Anchorage.
It is said that in the basement, auditorium and in the area where it links to the Middle School, that there are restless creatures that are only semi-humanoid in the area that takes out the anger on a lot of students and young teachers. Rumor has it that West High and its neighborhood was once a elusive swampy forest area and the creatures there hate how their land has became so polluted and contaminated.

Eklutna Village National Park
www.alaskaone.com/eklutna Email: ehp@alaska.net

Eklutna Village Historical Pk Eklutna Village Road, Chugiak, AK (907) 688-6026


Denali National Park


www.denali.national-park.com Email: dena@us-national-parks.net




Gakona Lodge and Trading Post

Gakona Lodge and Trading Post - The original lodge was built in 1900, and additions were added on in the 1920's as well as the 1940's. The older parts of the building are haunted by a prankster ghost who enjoys opening and closing doors, playing the stereo and jumping on beds. Occasionally, pipe smoke can be noticed floating in the air. People have also heard footsteps as well as unexplained voices. Most of the happenings occur in the lobby as well as the nine upstairs rooms of the lodge.
Located on the Tok Cutoff, 200 miles northeast of Anchorage on Hwy 1.

www.alaskaoutdoors.com/Gakona Email gakonalg@alaska.net

Mile 2 Tok Cutoff Road P.O. Box 285 Gakona, Alaska 99586 (907) 822-3482


Illiamna Lake
Katmai National Preserve

Illiamna Lake
Illiamna Monster - A mysterious 60 foot long serpentine creature has been seen swimming in the waters of Illiamna lake. It was first sighted in 1929, and sightings have occurred sporadically ever since. On September 7, 1975 several people witnessed the creature surface in the isolated lake.
The lake is located on the southwestern tip of Alaska, in the Katmai National Preserve 200 miles southwest of Anchorage


www.katmai.national-park.com Email: katm@us-national-parks.net


Cape Krusenstern

Cape Krusenstern National Monument P.O. Box 1029 Kotzebue, AK 99752 (907) 442-3890

City Municipal Building - Built in 1899, it was used as the first territorial court in Alaska, the building now serves as City Hall and the Tourism Department. Unexplained noises have been reported on the second floor, but no one has been able to pinpoint the source.

From White-horse in the Yukon, follow Hwy 2 south into town. The Municipal Building is the only stone building in town.




Golden North Hotel - "Mary" still haunts Room 23 where she dies of pneumonia, occasionally choking guests in the middle of the night. Room 14 is haunted by a "light form" that moves around the room.
100 miles North of Juneau, most easily accessible by boat or plane

Eagles Hall - The second floor of this old building is said to be haunted, and several people have literally been run out of the building due to strange goings-on, and a lot of people report an odd coldness that moves through the halls.
At the center of Skagway. Contact Fraternal Order of Eagle, P.O. Box 181, Skagway, Alaska 99840

White House - An abandoned building that used to be a hospital, a day care center and a hotel. It is the home of a ghost known as the Lady in White, who has been reportedly seen by several people. It is thought that she is the ghost of the woman who ran the day care center for many years.
In 1988 the building was damaged by fire, and lies abandoned at the edge of Skagway

Eagles Hall Fraternal Order of Eagles PO Box 181, Skagway, AK 99840 (907) 983-2234

www.foe.com/skagway Email: Poufy42@ptialaska.net


Red Onion Saloon 205 Broadway, PO Box #271, Skagway, AK 99840


Golden North Hotel 3rd & Broadway PO Box 343 Skagway, Alaska 99840

www.alaskan.com/goldenorth Email: gnhsbc@eagle.ptialaska.net


Mulvihill House
Skagway Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 194, Skagway, AK 99840

www.skagwaychamber.org Email: coc@ptialaska.net

HAUNTED PLACES: THE NATIONAL DIRECTORY (Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, and Other Supernatural Locations) is an illustrated guide to over 2,000 real locations in all fifty states where paranormal activity is taking place or has been reported in recent years. As a highly respected explorer of consciousness, the author believes paranormal experiences are part of the inauguration of human beings into a more encompassing reality. “Hauck's book, while piquing my curiosity enough to make me think about buying an RV, also reassures me, because I already know what I might see. For the first time in my life, I can open myself safely to the Other Side.” - Lily Warner in “Fate Magazine.” Penguin 2002. ISBN 0-14-200234-8. 100 photos; 486 pages. Index and bibliography. $17.95.





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