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Your only site for all your "Haunted Florida" destinations

Haunted Florida is well known for its long and glorious Haunted History. Let Haunted America Tours be your "Ghostly Travel Guide" to one of America's most fascinating and paranormal destinations.

From Florida's charming Gulf Coast and "Miracle Mile" to the booming urban sprawl of Miami and the sands of the Keys, this haunted excursion has only just begun. Florida's paranormal stew is filled with something for everyone.

How about a trip to a city where everyone is a medium or psychic? Visit them at Cassadaga, where the dead go on vacation. Seances, readings, and clairvoyant advisers can make your Haunted Florida vacation something to share with the entire family -- living or dead.

Visit Haunted Florida's mysterious rock circles, said by some to be the sites of alien visitations and called by others the true "American Stonehenge." Stay for a while in Gulf Breeze, Florida, the beautiful coastal town that has become infamous for having the highest concentration of UFO sightings of any place in the United States.

St. Augustine, Florida is not only America’s Oldest City but possibly its Most Haunted City. Founded by the Spanish at the height of the Age of Discovery, St. Augustine has seen the panoramic history of America pass before its eyes. Pirates and Buccaneers once tramped the streets and crowded the bars of the this old town; generations later the same hovels were crowded with Federal soldiers at the height of the Civil War. The ghosts of the military men of many centuries haunt the forts of St. Augustine, while civil servants of a different kind still guard the shore from Haunted Lighthouses. Or try a modern take on this old town and perhaps visit a Haunted Hospital once crowded with the broken and damaged of WWII and Korea. Stay here for a while and suddenly the Sunshine State takes on a whole new aspect, one filled with dark mystery.

Come and explore the Florida Everglades, if you are not faint of heart and don't believe the tales of the screams of plane crash victims still piercing the night or the garbled gulping and slow death of those torn to bits by the alligators who call this swampy enclave home.

Or come and walk in the footsteps of famous Ponce De Leon in search of the location of the fabled Fountain of Youth. Many Floridians insist the fountain is no myth, and there are some who know the secret way and who can help you past the dangers in search of this legendary link to eternal life.

There's more to the Atlantic Coast of Florida than just the well known Daytona Speedway and Spring break. For those in search of a more historic atmosphere, take a tour following in the footsteps of the famous 54th Massachusetts Infantry, who fought their way down the eastern Florida coast, leaving dead Confederates in their wake. Follow the path of these famous Soldiers of Color and stay for a while at the bed and breakfast where the Commander of the 54th, Col. Edward Needles Hallowell, planned the strategy the famous regiment would use at the Battle of Olustee. Tour the battle site and visit the graves and monuments, where numerous visitors have reported orbs and ghostly mists developing in their souvenir photos.

And there's more to Central Florida than just a shrine to a mouse. What goes on behind the scenes at some of the most fabulous family destinations might chill your bones. The tales of the mechanics and engineers who have lost their lives keeping the wheels of fantasy running are too numerous to tell here, but just ask anyone who's been victimized by one of the many amusement park poltergeists and you might get the idea. Also disturbing is the child who perished in a famous gondola ride but never left it, seemingly joining the cast of mechanical characters, and the parents who "never want to hear that song again!" Then there are the numerous stories of the haunted hotel rooms, and the Spring break students who check in but sometimes never check out.

Haunted Tales from Florida’s sun kissed beaches abound and would not be complete without the treasure of all haunting's, Haunted Key West. Where else might generations of ghostly cats try to steal your soul or Robert the Haunted Doll try to follow you home?

From artists who still linger in Victorian era homes, and long dead morticians who still attempt to practice their craft on less than willing victims, or the unrelenting spirit of Elvira who likes to hang around the famous Hanging Tree in the middle of Captain Tony's famous bar, Key West is brimming with the unusual and the unexplainable.

There are the ghosts of famous writers and famous seafarers, of light housemen and soldiers, of rum-runners and Cuban refugees, and the disturbing but true tale of the eye doctor who had an eye for necrophilia and kept the body of his paramour around long after she should have been peacefully at rest.

Not resting very peacefully either is the little stuffed doll called Robert who long ago lost his owner, but is always looking for a new one. Those of you in the market for bringing home a little "souvenir" might get more than you bargain for when you visit Robert at his museum home.

The Ghosts of Key West truly rise to the occasion and help make any visit to Florida's second oldest city one that you will never forget. Ghosts of cigar makers, pirates, wreckers, and Voodoo practitioners all await you. While their ghostly journeys continue through time, yours is just about to begin courtesy of Haunted America Tours.

You won't be sorry if you travel this haunted road into the unknown reaches of Haunted Florida. So the next time you find yourself humming that little tune about the "sunshine and sea breeze of Florida" you might want to add a verse or two about ghosts and haunting's! Come now and bask in the paranormal phenomena that is uniquely Haunted Florida.

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