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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan


A Stretch of Mississippi highway is still haunted by the stories and ghost of it's haunted Motel.

Haunted Crazed Motel Guest Ghost still wanders a lonely stretch of a Southern Mississippi stretch of Highway.

A lonely strecth of Haunted Highway in Mississippi is all that is left of the Haunted Motel but it's  chilling story is very mush alive. This story might just give you a fright on a Rainy Mississippi Night.

Hal's ghost on a lonely Mississipi highway photo Eric Mayence

The story has often been told that a man named Hal. A Mississippi welder who had worked for several long hard years. With all the future plans he had made,"axed to pieces." Hal is said to haunt a lonely stretch of Highway in Haunted Mississippi where a Lone Motel once stood.

Back in the early 1970's a family checked in but did they ever really check out. This Gruesome story still haunts a community to this day.

By Eric Mayence Photos submitted By Meryl Krause


The story is told that a man named Hal, a welder who had worked for several long hard years at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Haunts a lonely stretch of Haunted Mississippi Highway. Many still see hom and several Gulf Coast Paranormal groups investigate the sightings to this day.

Old Photo show the hotel where guest checked in but never checked out.

Hal was laid off from his life long job. On a rainy dark Friday night just as he had arrived at work to start his shift. He left the shipyard lost, mad enraged and crying and upset because of all the future plans he had made were now dashed to pieces. That is what he told a co-worker as he left through the front gate. And what was supposedly the begining od the tragedy that filled that Rainy night.

Hal's wife, Susan and their 5 children had family drove the stormy highway from New Orleans. The little family planed to meet at a motel in Gautier, Mississippi. The Sugar Pine Tree Motel was old and cheap even for it's day back then.

Their eager plans were to visit with Hal that next day instead of having him make the drive back to visit with them as he so often did weekly. With plans to visit the coast and have a wonderful family day at the beach.

This is the story Susan told the young new Motel Clerk as she checked in with her five children ranging from the age of 8 years old to the youngest child just 6 months. Susan went on to tell the clerk how their lives were so brightened and that plans were made to buy a new home in the area and that they would put the deposit down in a few weeks when the bonus Hal was due would come.

Everyone who sees these photos, tells me there is a Ghost of a baby in the photo and 4 children, Says Meryl Krause, I keep this picture and sometimes think why do such horrible acts happen... And yes., When I look at this ghost photo I see more then just the Children.
Photo Submitted by Hotel Desk Clerk. Photo of Haunted Room with Rosary hanging on wall. Photo was taken day of the motels demolition. Photo by Meryl Krause 1992. Room A 6.

Sometime in his lonely ride to the Motel the poor man apparently lost control. he ran his truck off the road. He was not seriously hurt but the truck was immobile. so he got out and walked the lonely highway. Rain pouring hard and the full fury of a great storm growing even stronger around him.

He could not face the wife and kids they had been counting on his upcoming bonus to pay the deposit for a new home that was so badly needed. Some witnesses say, Hal walked the rainy highway screaming out loud... "Why did this happen to him". The lightening would flash and he thunder would crack. "Why is it every time he felt like he had what he wanted it is taken from him." The lightening would again flash and he thunder would crack. His insanity must have took fast hold and downright evil madness glazed his vision. for it was reported that he staggered and punched at the rain as if he argued with some invisible force.

Recently it was told by some witnesses that his secret voices told him what to do. And how to do it. A co-worker told the Mississippi authorities on how he always would seem to talk to some invisible friend. and how in the lunch room one employee walked in to find him in a deep conversation in a empty room.

The entire Family was  buried by members of the comunity. New Orleans style tomb in Mississippi Cemetery to house the entire family...
The only tomb of it's kind in this cemetery. The Remains of Hal his wife Susan and their 5 chidren entombed in this small roadside Mississippi Cemetery.


The family car sat in the parking lot for many years still packed with all the belonings of the family...
The family car stayed on the property for many years in the parking lot. Some locals say they had no family to take it away. Others said that the families ghost haunted it. And they were afraid to move it.


Hal returned to the little 20 room motel and greeted the family acting if nothing had changed and that he had just finished his long double shift and they sent him off early to be with his family in the storm. Hal had explained that the truck had gotten a flat tire a mile down the road . This is the story the Motel Clerk tells because Susan had called explaining that she needed the number for a two truck and some extra towels to be delivered to the room. They all settled for his answer laughed a bit about how he was soaked to the toes.

They must have shared stories of what had been happening since last they were together. Then off for bed sometimes before 10 pm it is reckoned. They all went and fell asleep quickly thinking of what tomorrow would bring and how the new home and new life would be what they always wanted, and how close this reality is to happening soon.

The hours ticked by Hal pretending to be asleep still listened to the haunted voices in his head. They told him to quietly get dressed and come with them to see what they had for him to make things change. This is what he told the front desk clerk as he bumped into him as he wandered past him in the rain.

Lost in his crazed depression he scoured the dark rainy highway again. Listening to his haunted inner voices. His horrible mental pain had taken him into lunacy. His overwhelming worry became madness. Hours passed and he sank deeper and deeper into the realm where sanity and reality no longer coincide. At 3:am in the morning Hal returned to his darkened room. His lovely young wife asleep, baby beside her.and their other 4 children all nestled in dreams of a bright new future. With a fire axe in hand, wild eyed Hal proceeded to mutilate his entire family while they slept in their beds. Killing them one by one as they dreamed their last sweet dream.

He might have gained control and realizing his horrible crime. or sheer panic? Hal wandered from t room to room knocking on each door and sobbing loudly. The bloody, axe in his tight hands. If some poor soul happened to answer the door their life might have ended it is conjectured.

Whether it was his mind lost because of shattered dreams or just madness. Some say it was the reality of what he had just done. Driven by his voices he then ran out onto the dark highway once more swinging the ax wildly in the rain. Where he was struck and killed by -- of all things -- a truck carrying a huge propeller for one of the vessels at the shipyard where he had been fired.

For many years well into the early 1990s many who stayed at the Haunted Mississippi Motel related the story of that rainy night. And how long loud hard knocks at the door happen often . The sound of a sobbing man was the only sound that would be heard on the other side of the motel room door. When braving their fears the Motel occupant would open the door to investigate. No one would be standing there only a cold, damp chill filled the air.

The Haunted motel is now long gone, a victim of hard times and progress. Many locals still drive the lonely strech and point out to a empty broken field, they say "thats where it was, and it still Haunts their memory even today." Many more say that the ghost of forlorn Hal still wanders out onto the highway on rainy stormy nights, frightening motorists who think they have struck someone, but to their surprise, on stopping to investigate, They find themselves alone on the road with only the chirping of frogs, falling rain and the ghostly glow of lights of nearby Ingalls Shipyard in the sky.


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