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A Haunted Gettysburg First Account



Gettysburg Haunted Ghost Report

Submitted by: Dawn Blair


During a routine visit to Gettysburg in August 2004, my best friend and I decided to take one last drive through the battlefield at approximately 9pm one night.


It was a clear and warm night and as we approached Culp's Hill we felt compelled to stop and get out of the vehicle: There was no one around. Not knowing it at the time, we had parked our vehicle on the edge of what apparently had been a Union flank. We walked about 45 feet or so into the surrounding wooded area. It almost seemed like we were in another dimension, and for two fairly young women in the woods at night we were really not afraid in the least!


Being novice ghost hunters we decided to give our infrared thermometer and digital recorder a try. We began asking questions slowly out loud, waiting 30 or more seconds in between questions for an answer. (I had read up on ghost hunting a bit so I knew that 30 seconds to a minute was about the appropriate amount of time for a response to occur.)


About 10 minutes, maybe less into our questioning we noticed that it started to feel chilly. It was a strange kind of coldness though. We held out our infrared thermometer and couldn't believe what we were seeing. The temperature readout was 34 degrees. We thought that surely we must have made a mistake, so we tried it again. This time it read 32 degrees! We looked at each other and knew that we were now in the company of something strange. We continued asking questions and the temperature continued to drop. At this point I felt that we were definitely having a paranormal experience and no one will ever make me believe different.


It came time to leave, for after 10 pm no one is permitted to tour the battlefield, but it could have already been after 10 pm for all we knew, because time seemed to stand still while we were at Culp's Hill. When we got back into the vehicle it was 9:47pm and I said, "Let's hurry and drive to Spangler's Spring for maybe a possible glimpse of the Lady in White." (She is a famous ghost, known to appear on the hill by the spring.) As we pulled away from Culp's Hill I dropped the infrared thermometer, although it seemed to me more like something abruptly took it from my hand. I felt sure that it landed on the floor by my feet because I hadn’t gone far.


Anxious to pick it up, I stopped the vehicle about 100 feet from Spangler's Spring and my friend and I both got out and searched the vehicle with flashlghts and interior lights. The infrared thermometer was nowhere to be found. I couldn't understand what could have happened to it. I thought, “Well maybe when it hit the floor it went under the seat or bounced and landed somewhere.” My friend searched carefully behind the panel, and we searched, and felt and searched some more, and still no thermometer. At this point I became irritated because I knew now that the thermometer had not gone missing by accident, but that “something” had deliberately taken it from me. But why?


My friend was eager to calm my frustrations and said, "Let's just go back to the hotel room and listen to the recorder, maybe we got something.” I reluctantly agreed, but was still very upset over what had just occurred.


Once back inside our hotel room we propped ourselves up on one of the beds and began reviewing the recorder. We listened intently and heard nothing in response to the questions we were asking. Then, suddenly, my friend said, “Did you hear that?' And just at that same moment we both looked at each other. I had heard it too: It was the voice of a soldier!


The voice said that he was a "Union soldier" in response to my friend's question: Are you Union or Confederate? We were elated and at the same time astonished. We played it over several times just to confirm in our minds what we were hearing. But we both heard it at the same time, while neither of us expected it.

The next day, still upset over the "missing thermometer" my friend said that she felt that maybe a spirit took it as if to say enough was enough---two young girls shouldn't be out in the woods alone in the dark summoning ghosts--- there could be crazy people lurking in the bushes! It was almost as if these words just flew out of her mouth. Almost like they were someone else's words (Her Dad maybe? Her Dad had just died 10 months prior to this event and she was very close to him. He also loved Gettysburg.) My friend then jokingly said, "Dad, I know you took the thermometer. Give it back. It was expensive!” Sure enough, when she looked again in the vehicle, there it was, right on the floor behind the panel -- in the same place she had looked and looked the night before. She just chuckled and said, "I knew it would be there today!”

We left Gettysburg the next day, knowing we would never be the same again.





All Haunted Gettysburg information Ghost stories and haunting's is/are Submission actually submitted by you our readers. Misinformation or personal reader knowledge of these exact happening are subject to their personal belief and reference.

Many Haunted Gettysburg ghost stories are considered Urban Legends or ghostly haunted retold tales.

www.hauntedamericatours.com suggest you plan on investigating or touring Haunted Gettysburg on your own and find out the paranormal or normal truth for yourself.


Gettysburg National Military Park and Visitor Center

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Gettysburg National Military Park
United States Department of the Interior - National Park Service

Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours®

Ghosts of Gettysburg, 271 Baltimore Street ,Gettysburg, PA 17325

(717) 337-0445

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