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Haunted America Tours does not necessarily endorse any of the groups or web sites listed, and cannot be held responsible for their views or actions or content. We also do not necessarily endorse any of their evidence, opinions, or claims in any manner whatsoever.




So your bored or interested and searching the web for "Real haunted information"? Looking for real ghost photos? Real Scary Haunted Houses? Or a haunted Book to Read about "real ghost documented hauntings"? Or you are looking for a Haunted Organization or Ghost hunting Group to join... or just search our web site or the internet try this... >>>>>>>http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/gsearch/<<<<<<<<<<<

Haunted Web Sites such as our own and others regularly acknowledge that they'd be nothing without their fans. Dedicated devotees buy DVD's, Ghost Investigation books, watch Haunted and Ghost Filled Horror movies, Read Haunted Investigations, and attend Ghost and Paranormal events and buy Ghost / Paranormal Investigation Tools . That's where Haunted Ghost Groups and Ghost Meetup Organizations and Ghost Hunter fan clubs come in. Things have certainly evolved since the old ghost stories told around the camp fire and on cold dark winter nights.








The Arizona Paranormal Society

The Arizona Paranormal Society enters into all investigations with
the general idea in mind that, we
are looking for the truth behind
what makes up the Paranormal.
Once we have eliminated what the
paranormal "is not", we look at
what remains, and draw our
conclusions based on the evidence
collected. http://www.thearizonaparanormalsociety.com/

Frank Madrid - Founder and President
Lori Marshall - Co-Founder and Vice President
The Arizona Paranormal Society





American Paranormal Investigations




www.ravensbreath.com/ghosts/ghostorphans.html - alt="The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle"

Join the P.I.T.T. (Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa) team as we take you on a 3-hour tour of Tulsa's Most Haunted! We will board the old time trolley for an evening of rich Tulsa history and the stories it left behind.


All Things Paranormal
A site to cover all things paranormal. Including ghosts,
cryptozoology, U.F.O.s, psychic abilities, etc.


An Entertaining and Enlightening Trip into the Spirit World, Presented by
Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter




Drs. Dave Oester and Sharon Gill directs the largest Ghost Research Society on the Internet, with over 18,300 members in 88 countries. Membership in the IGHS is FREE.
Over Five Million Visitors to Ghostweb.com!

Send e-Mail to: GhostWeb@Direcway.Com
Our Order Line is 505-494-0026

Dr. Dave Oester & Dr. Sharon Gill
848 N. Rainbow Blvd., #592, Las Vegas, NV 89107

We welcome unsolicited ghost photos or EVP ghost voices.

Please send them as jpg or wav files attached to your email.


OFFICIAL WEB SITE ww.ghostweb.com

Ghost Tours of San Antonio Texas

"Ghost Tours of San Antonio Texas" are about ancient secrets and "true ghost stories about the haunting's of San antonio Texas". True ghost stories told over and over is what has become the "lore and legends of this San Antonio Ghost Tour." Our early citizens told any body who would listen, about the secret "ghost of San Antonio."




Catch Ghost Hunters

WEDNESDAYS 8 & 9pm EST on SciFi
Over 30,000 hits daily Worldwide!

The Atlantic Paranormal Society

official web site www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com






Jeff Rense Radio Talk Show Program - Jeff Rense - Sightings
Rense.com - World's Most Revealing News Service ... Ehrlich: Rense Radio Interview -- Reflections Thereon ... Jeff Rense - Editor-in-Chief ...

Top 100 Host

Peabody Award

Listen to over 1,000 Ghost Voices
Current and past EVP programs with Jeff Rense
on the syndicated nationwide GCN Radio Network
















Ghosts, history, folklore and the distinctive culture of the Mid-Atlantic region are featured in the award-winning books offered by Myst and Lace Publishers. www.mystandlace.com

Official Web Site
www.mystandlace.com Home of Award-winning noted author

Ed Okonowicz


MYST AND LACE PUBLISHERS INC. offers chilling tales and legends in his ghost books, fascinating stories shared by residents of the region in the oral history volumes and suspenseful fiction in the popular DelMarVa murder mystery series.




From a tiny, bead lined, nest hidden under a shotgun double house in Haunted New Orleans, emerged a fledgling rag tag flock of ducks....

Ducks of Dixieland

See and investigate one of New Orleans Mardi Gras best kept secret traditional marching krewes

Official Web Site www.ducksofdixieland.com

Laid In 1985, co-workers Anthony Eschmann and Phil Martin shared their love of Mardi Gras and good times with New Orleans and the world.


Feeling they could provide satiric and imaginitve costumes to New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition, the "Ducks" have become one of the most anticipated Duck costumed Mardi Gras marching organizations of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Carnival season.

" A New Orleans Original you won't to soon Forget""

Visit The Official (INTERNEST) Web Site www.ducksofdixieland.com


Internet Links Compiled By Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier


T.A.P.S. The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Over 50,000 hits daily Worldwide!

Alabama Foundation for Paranormal Research
This site has investigation pictures, equipment and videos, and more.

Alberta - Entity Seeker
Formally part of Paranormal Explorers, this group has reorganized to utilize over a decade of experience to delve further into paranormal phenomenon with the goal of being able to provide resources and information to persons reaching across all borders.

California - San Gabriel Valley Paranormal Researchers
SGVPR offer results of their paranormal investigations on this site, plus true ghost stories, photos from area graveyards and definitions of terms.

Colorado - Paranatural Investigations
This group investigates things, beings, or activities that occur outside the norm of our accepted reality.

Connecticut - Smoking Gun Research Agency
SGRA is comprised of a staff that is highly knowledgeable and qualified in the investigation of the paranormal, UFOs, cypto creatures and government conspiracies.

Florida Ghost Chapter
Includes investigation photos, member photos, calendar of events, equipment and more.

Florida - Spirit Investigations
This Jacksonville-based team investigates unexplained phenomena in residential properties, commercial properties, and historical landmarks – basically anywhere paranormal activity has been reported.

Georgia Ghost Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to ghost research, the investigation of phenomena associated with hauntings of paranormal, and offering assistance to those experiencing these unwanted and frightening events.

Georgia - Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation
This group, based in Atlanta, investigates hauntings and also focuses on the historical aspect of a haunting. The site includes investigations, haunted locations, stories, photos and more.

Georgia - Paranormal Investigators of North Georgia
PING is a non-profit organization that has a keen interest in paranormal science. They primarily do research in the North Georgia area; however, the location is not a limiting factor. PING will consider any location to investigate.

Idaho - Idaho Paranormal Society
This is a group of like-minded individuals who volunteer their time in an effort to research and investigate terrestrial paranormal phenomenon and help educate and comfort those affected by it.

Illinois - Haunted Chicago
Paranormal Research and Investigation. Conducts investigations and experiments, and offers photos, stories, FAQs, news and more.

Illinois - Northnern Illinois Ghost Hunting Team
Known at N.I.G.H.T., this team conducts investigations into any and all paranormal activities using scientific equipment to help identify hot spots and record their activities.

Indiana - Crossroads Paranormal
Crossroads Paranormal is an exclusive group of seasoned paranormal investigators based in Indiana, whose main focus is to educate and empower individuals who are dealing with paranormal occurrences.

Indiana - The Force
"Bringing ghost information to Indiana and beyond," this group conducts investigations, offers ghost stories, has a forum and more.

Indiana - ProofParanormal
This group investigates using night vision surveillance, conventional as well as digital video and photography, various recording devices to capture EVP recordings, EMF detectors, digital thermometers and more.

Iowa/Illinois - Small Town Ghosts
Providing investigations of western Illinois and eastern Iowa, this group's site offers photos taken at local cemeteries and information on ghost hunting.

Kentucky - PsyTech - Kentucky Ghost Hunters
This ghost hunting team located in Nicholasville, Kentucky believes that consideration and respect to the living and the dead are essential in ghost hunting and the field of paranormal research and investigation.

Kentucky - Louisville Ghost Hunters Society
Founded in 1996 by President Keith Age as a way for the general public to have their questions answered regarding possible hauntings and paranormal activity they may be experiencing.

Kentucky - S.I.G.H.T.
Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team - research and investigations are conducted in a scientific, non-metaphysical manner, with emphasis on site-based environmental data collection.

Louisiana - Louisiana Spirit Hunters ParaScience Investigators & Paranormal Investigations
This group seeks evidence on any energy anomalies, ghost activity, poltergeist activity, apparitions, paranormal activity, orbs and the Unexplained.

M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Research Society
Founded in 1998 Official web site www.majda.net we gather to seek the answers to questions concerning the paranormal. What are spirits? What are ghosts? It is unknown at this time. We are trying to obtain scientific evidence that there are indeed events and everyday occurrences that do not conform to our beliefs in an everyday existence.

Maine's Investigators of the Unknown
Plenty of weird stuff here, including EVPs, investigation photos and how to request assistance in the investigation of a haunting.

Maine's Paranormal Research Association
The MPRA's website offers a field manual, investigations information, photos, EVPs, a roundup of haunted places in Maine and more.

Maryland - Baltimore County Paranormal Research
This group's mission is to apply of scientific research of the paranormal, provide education, assistance and resources to new and existing paranormal organizations, the public and the media.

Maryland - Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research
Established to research and document paranormal activities of the supernatural and occult in the Baltimore area.

Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association
Lots of information here, including Maryland hauntings, investigations, photography and ghost hunting tips, and much more.

Maryland - Middle River Paranormal Investigators
This website offers haunted areas in Maryland, paranormal definitions, pictures, ghost stories and the "toolbox" they use for their investigations.

Massachusetts - New England Paranormal Ghost Investigations
NEP is a team that investigates paranormal events in and around New England to help people with their paranormal problems. Steve Gonsalves from SciFi's Ghost Hunters.

Massachusetts - ORION
Which stands for Otherside Research & Investigations Of New England, seeking scientific identification and validation of the phenomena you may be experiencing.

Massachusetts - Scientific Investigation of Ghosts 'n' Spirits
Their mission is to research paranormal activity, and to help others gain a better understanding of what they are experiencing through scientifically based research. Currently serving Massachusetts and the surrounding area.

Mississippi - Orbservations
Paranormal research group in Meridian, Mississippi. Do you have unusual activity you would like us to check out? Do you want to learn more about our paranormal investigation work? Would you like to join the team? Feel free to request an investigation or apply to join the Orbservations Investigation and Research Team! All of our services are always FREE OF CHARGE! We want to hear from you!

Mississippi - Southern Paranormal Investigations
SPIRE is a non-profit paranormal investigation group located in North Mississippi, investigating hauntings and other paranormal activity.

Missouri - Ghost Hunters of St. Louis
The Ghost Hunters of St. Louis, Transcendental Society are commited to solving the questions of the paranormal. They perform free investigations in your home or office.

Missouri Ghost Hunters Society
This site has photos, EVPs, ghost stories, haunted places, even "ghost weather." They also give details on the investigations they've conducted.

Missouri - Ghost Vigil Investigations
This group provides a comprehensive approach to paranormal investigations using historical research, witness interviews, the latest sensor and photographic technology, and investigative patience. Services are always free-of-charge.

Missouri Paranormal Research
This team of experienced paranormal investigators and researchers combines a unique blend of both humanistic values and scientific techniques which result in a well-formulated, balanced approach to paranormal investigations and research.

Missouri Paranormal Research Society
This group is committed to finding answers for those who live or work around paranormal activity on a daily basis, and help temper fears of the unknown.

Missouri - Tripar Paranormal Activity Research
A St. Louis-based group of scientists and researchers who investigate ghosts, following reports of strange lights, apparitions, unnatural noises, voices and unexplained cold spots.

Missouri/Kansas - Miller's Paranormal Research
Paranormal investigators searching for the truth - the how's, what's and why's in the paranormal field of investigations.

Montana - Umbria Paranormal Research Team
Dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal incidents. Umbria is based in Missoula, MT and focuses primarily on ghost and spirit investigation.

Nebraska - Great Plains Paranormal Research Society
This privately funded group in the Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa assists property owners in determining what paranormal activity is occurring in or around their property using science and state-of-the-art technology.

New England Paranormal Ghost Investigations
NEP is a team that investigates paranormal events in and around New England to help people with their paranormal problems. Steve Gonsalves from SciFi's Ghost Hunters.

New England - Paranormal and Research Society of New England
With over 30 years of investigating the paranormal, John Zaffis has the resources and experience to help people in need and to spread the word of the reality of the supernatural.

New England Society for Psychic Research
This is the home page of Ed and Lorraine Warren, perhaps the U.S.'s most well-known investigators of ghost and psychic phenomena. Includes photos and current investigations.

New Jersey Ghost Invesigations - http://newjerseyghostinvestigations.com/

New Jersey - South Jersey Ghost Research
SJGR is a professional research group with years of experience investigating ghosts and hauntings in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and NYC.New York, Central, Ghost Hunters Society. This Syracuse-based organization conducts investigations and offers on its website photos, news, events, links and more.

New York - Central - IMOVES
IMOVES is a small group of paranormal investigators located in Central New York which documents of paranormal activities. New York Ghost Chapter This organization of ghost and haunting investigators covers the New York City region. The website offers investigation photographs, member photos and membership information

New York - Long Island Ghost Hunters
New York Ghost Chapter Dedicated to the study of all forms of the paranormal.

New York - Mohawk Valley Ghost Hunters
Seekers of paranormal activity associated with ghosts, based in the Mohawk Valley in Central N.Y. where the atmosphere is rich with ghostly lore of long past wars.

New York - Supernatural Paranormal Agency
Based in Rochester, this dedicated group of professional psychic medium researchers and volunteers study and explore reported occurrences of the unknown.

New York - Western NY Paranormal
A Western New York-based paranormal research team investigating ghost and demonic activity throughout New York. Website has intriguing photos, evps, video, thought provoking articles, and news.

North Carolina: Seven Paranormal Research
Dedicated to the investigation of haunting and ghost phenomenon, as well as providing support to those experiencing these things.

Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network
A database of personal investigations in conjunction with various reports and documentations on ghosts or other paranormal activity.

Oklahoma - GhostGadgets.com
This group's goal is to research paranormal occurances (mainly "ghosts"), and use this knowledge to help the community and further parapsychological/paranormal research.

Ohio - Ancient Tones & Haunted History
Investigates ghosts and hauntings in the northeast Ohio area.

Ohio - Clermont County Paranormal Investigators
This group brings people together in the studies of the unknown, based in southern Ohio doing tri-state investigations of personal residences, businesses, cemetaries, historical sites and abandoned places.

Ohio - Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team
Ghost hunters based in central Ohio. Evps, photos, videos, ghost stories investigation and ghost hunt results.

Ontario - Society of Paranormal Encounters of Canada
Includes articles on demons and ghosts, photo analysis, how to photograph ghosts, and a photo album.

Ontario - Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society
Includes details of many reputedly haunted places in the Toronto area. They will also conduct investigations.

Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society
Founded in 1997, this group investigates and does research on haunted sites in the state that are rumored to be haunted. They have conducted more than 200 investigations.

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance
Professional organization of paranormal investigators serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to research, document and investigate ghostly phenomena.

Southern Ghosts -
Our goal is to provide you with information about our exciting special events and overnight investigations in which you can participate. We also want to share our experiences with you as certified American Institute of Parapsychology (AIP) Field Investigators.

T.A.P.S. The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Over 50,000 hits daily Worldwide!

Tennessee - Adsagsona Paranormal Society
The Adsagsona Paranormal Society was formed in September 2003 by a group of researchers and investigators who have quite a few years of collective experience among them.

Tennessee - Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters
This group's goal is to obtain indisputable scientific proof of life after death while helping people understand and cope with possible paranormal activity in their homes or businesses. Investigations are confidential and free.

Tennessee - Memphis Paranormal Investigations Team
A group of Memphians who document, both in film and audio forms, proof of paranormal activity.

UK - Phoenix Paranormal Investigations
Dedicated and committed to the investigation, documentation and sometimes removal of paranormal phenomena across the British Isles.

Utah Ghost Hunters Society
Good site with photos, videos, EVPs and information on Ouija boards and psychic phenomena, ghost maps and more.

Utah - Paranormal Investigations Team
A small but professional group of men and women whose goal is to research and record paranormal activity in the Northern Utah area.

Virginia Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society
This organization's site offers case files, editorials, reports, EVPs, theories, famous Virginia ghosts, chat and more.

West Virginia Ghost Hunters
Includes information about haunted places in West Virginia, EVPs, photos, video, ghost hunting tips – and of course they do investigations.

West Virginia Paranormal Researching and Investigation
The WVPRI's website has listings of haunted WV places, stories, facts, a picture gallery, videos, ghost sounds and information on investigations.


Gina Lanier Ghost Hunter

GINA LANIER is a New Orleans native who has studied paranormal activities, the occult and hauntings for nearly thirty years. She has participated in and conducted large-scale location hauntings and recently has shifted her focus to include the investigation and study of haunted toys such as dolls, toy furniture, games and other hallmarks of childhood.

Gina’s paranormal studies stem from several childhood experiences with the unknown including witnessing full body apparitions and clairaudient encounters with deceased relatives. These experiences continued beyond childhood and this is when Gina resolved to learn as much as possible about psychic and paranormal phenomenon to determine what, exactly, was making contact with her and with others who claimed to have been contacted from the Other Side.

Gina owns and operates a construction and refurbishment company in the Greater New Orleans area and this has afforded her exposure to many allegedly haunted locations and people over the years; several of these clients welcomed Gina’s expertise and insight when it came to documenting and investigating their haunted homes and businesses.

Gina Lanier has been selected by Haunted America Tours as one of the lead investigators for its soon-to-be-launched Haunted Investigations Team (HIT). If you would like to contact Gina, please submit your request and as much information as possible about your situation to her care of the Haunted America Tours website.

Be sure to check back to visit Gina and all the HIT members in the HIT Forum section, COMING SOON!



A few interesting Haunted Ghost links we suggest you should HAUNT!


Bardstown Ghost Trek (a guided walking ghost tour)
Every Saturday Night
8:00 - 9:30 pm
June 3, thru October 28, 2006
No Ghost Walk on Halloween
Join us as we go on a ghost trek down the shadowy streets of old
historic Bardstown and hear about its ghostly activity from Certified
Ghost Hunter, Patti Starr.
Private Bardstown Ghost Trek tours for convention groups, business groups, bus groups, school groups, and others can be arranged by emailing Patti Starr. Click Here mailto:patti@ghosthunter.com> to contact her by email or call 859-576-5517,

Hello, my name is Patti Starr and I would like to welcome you to Ghost Chasers International, Inc. The content on our website is based on theory and conjecture that we have concluded through our research and our experiences. We offer you possible explanations but they are not the only ones. Ghost Hunting is not an exact science and we do not have absolute proof but we do have enough circumstantial evidence to support the possibility of the existence of ghosts. We ask that you keep an open mind and enjoy your visit while having a little fun learning something new. www.ghosthunter.com

American Paranormal Investigations is dedicated to
investigate, document and provide help & intervention with
paranormal & supernatural phenomena to clients in need.


PMB #286 203 WASHINGTON ST. SALEM, MA 01970 (978) 745 – 0138
Join supernatural expert and professional ghost hunter, Mollie Stewart, or her paranormal investigators, for our nightly interactive ghost hunt tour. Don't miss ths riveting supernatural adventure! We'll escort you to fully documented and researched haunted sites, investigated by our own team of paranormal guides. Spellbound Tours has been featured nationally, as well as from Great Britain to Australia, for our outstanding tours and award winning ghost photography. Please join us for an eerie, yet entertaining, evening ghost tour. We don't make any bogus "claims" to be the #1 tour....we prove it.....every night... on every tour!

"Appalachian GhostWalks"

"Appalachian GhostWalks" cordially invites you and your family, friends, or tour group to join us as we explore the mysteries of our mountain heritage. Together, we will travel back in time to visit and learn about the "People Of The Past". As we stroll down Main Street in each of Appalachia's oldest towns, you'll enjoy tantalizing mystery, legend, intrigue, and fun family adventure.

Our "lantern-led" tours will bring our region's Cherokee Indian, Frontier, Revolutionary and Civil War history to life for all ages. Each guide is a highly trained and certified ghost hunter presenting a unique blend of science, history, and folklore. Your choice of "Haunted Historic GhostWalks" include:

Jonesborough, Tennessee's oldest town founded in 1779 where you'll learn about the former President, Andrew Jackson's encounter with the infamous "Bell Witch" of Adams, Tennessee - the subject matter of the new motion picture currently in theatres entitled "An American Haunting"; in addition, we offer Historic Erwin and the Nolichucky Settlement beginning 1760; in Johnson City we have three tours including the East Tennessee State University campus, Tipton-Haynes Historic Site, as well as a hiking adventure entitled "Legendary Buffalo Mountain"; our Historic Blountville, Rogersville, and Greeneville Tennessee GhostWalks detail ghostly true stories from the Civil War. Also available is our tour of Historic Abingdon Virginia GhostWalk just a few minutes drive from Bristol.

Take a haunted vacation! Discount accommodations for our tours are provided by several area hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, RV Parks, and campgrounds. Special Discount Vacation Planning Packages called "Spook and Save" Packages are available which offer discounts on many other recreational venues including area caves, museums, whitewater rafting, and parks. Please visit the website at www.AppalachianGhostWalks.com for more information. All tours run 365 days a year and tours can be presented on any given day with just a 3 hour advance reservation by calling (423) 743-WALK (9255)...

Abingdon, Virginia
Erwin, Tennessee
Blountville, Tennessee
Rogersville, Tennessee
Greeneville, Tennessee
Jonesborough, Tennessee
Johnson City, TN - Legendary Buffalo Mountain
Johnson City, TN - East Tennessee State University

Northeast Tennessee Visitor's Guide

Take a Haunted Vacation! You can order a copy of the Northeast Tennessee Visitor's Guide in which we are included at http://www.netta.com/request_info.asp

HAUNTED HAIGHT GHOST TOURS Official Web Site www.hauntedhaight.com

Haunted New Orleans Tours presents New Orleans Haunted Tour Information www.hauntedneworleanstours.com

The Bell Witch Patrick A. Fitzhugh, One such haunting that has come to light in recent years is the so-called “Bell Witch,” a sinister entity that tormented a family on Tennessee’s frontier between the years of 1817 and 1821. Dr. Nandor Fodor, a noted researcher and psychologist, to label it "America's Greatest Ghost Story." www.bellwitch.org

Metaphysics www.realghost.com

RadCon was started in January 2000 by Robin J. Tregle. Robin has been providing nuclear gauge services for the past 16 years and has been working with nuclear systems for 22 years. He is considered one of the best nuclear gauge service providers in the industry.

RadCon is fully licensed and insured. We pride ourselves in a superior level of service. We are committed to providing fast, efficient, knowledgeable nuclear gauge services in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.

You now have a superior choice for your nuclear gauge service needs. That choice is obvious!

RadCon Offers the Following Services:

Industrial Nuclear Gauge Services
New System Commissioning
Existing System Repair Assistance
Annual Radiological Inventory/Inspection
Field Radiation Surveys
Installation and Relocation
Preparation for Shipment

Leak/Wipe Test Services
Field Leak/Wipe Tests
Leak/Wipe Test Kits
Leak/Wipe Test Analysis *

Industrial Nuclear Gauge Training
Basic Radiation Safety Training
Basic Nuclear Gauge Safety Training
RSO Training *
RSO Review SeminarRadCon LLC
12430 River Highlands Dr., Unit X
Saint Amant, LA 70774
Phone/Fax 225-698-6710

P.R.I.S. Paranormal Research & Investigation Society There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. By building freindships, we hope to get our message out to a larger audience of people interested in the Paranormal & UFO's. http://home.earthlink.net/~sandjent/index.html

Official Web Site Dale Kaczmarek Ghost Research Society Official web Site www.ghostresearch.org

London Tours Daily London tours in old fashioned bus, small bus,only eleven seats, see more in more style with classic london tours.

Official Web Site Southern Ghosts Jack Roth and Ray Couch, Southern Ghosts www.southernghosts.com

www.historiesandhaunts.com Histories & Haunts was established in 2001 by author and historian, Al Chewning. Al, retired after 27 years with the Virginia Beach Fire Department and a Virginia native, shares his love of history in a way that is both educational and entertaining; ghost walks through the resort city

WINTERSTEEL wintersteel.homestead.com

M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Research Society
Official web site www.majda.net

Chicago Supernatural Tours Richard T. Crowe, the Midwest's original full-time, professional Ghosthunter, has devoted himself to uncovering Chicago's rich history of hauntings, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena. He pioneered the use of luxury buses and sightseeing boats to include the public on his adventures into the supernatural so you can come along and have as much fun as he has. www.ghosttours.com

BACHIGRAPHICS Official Web Site www.bachigraphics.com

Visit Mark Nesbitt, Ghost of Gettysburg Official Web Site www.ghostsofgettysburg.com

GECKO GRAPHICS www.gecko-graphics.com Screen printing, T- shirts discounted prices

HAUNTED Fort Lauderdale, Florida Official Web Site Brian Roesch http://hometown.aol.com/liondog96/page7.html

Halloween Unseen Official Web site www.halloweensunseen.com


GHOSTCATTER.COM A 24 hour ghost and paranormal chat room where people from around the world share their true stories and experiences without fear of ridicule, and can seek advice if needed. www.ghostchatter.com

American Ghosts is an ever-growing compendium of locations around the United States that are believed to be haunted. These locations have been reported as haunted by numerous individuals and in some cases the locations have been investigated by ghost hunting organizations. www.americanghosts.com

Ghostvillage.com the Web's most popular paranormal destination according to Google.com and Amazon.com; and the largest supernatural community and resource (we receive over 150,000 hits daily). We're also home to author Jeff Belanger and his books.

KREWE OF MID CITY Official Krewe Members Web Site www.kreweofmid-city.org

KREWE OF MID CITY PARADE Official Web Site KMC Main Mardi Gras Den www.kreweofmidcity.com

DUCKS OF DIXIELAND Visit The Official (INTERNEST) Web Site www.ducksofdixieland.com

WINTERSTEEL www.wintersteel.homestead.com~*YOUR*~

ALAMO CITY GHOST TOURS Official web site: www.alamocityghosttours.com

MYST AND LACE PUBLISHERS INC. www.mystandlace.com

Haunted Las Vegas Tours www.hauntedvegastours.com

TRAVALNOLA Official Web site www.travelnola.com


Haunted Ghost Tours

Ghost Tour of Asheville for a hair-raising ninety-minute tour into the spirit realm of this mountain town.

Ghost Tour of Nashville for a hair-raising ninety-minute tour into the spirit realm of Music City USA.

Step into the world of the unknown with the Haunted Ghost Tour of Gatlinburg for a hair–raising ninety-minute tour into the spirit realm of Gatlinburg.

Haunted Ghost Tours www.hauntedghosttours.com



HAUNTED EXPERIENCE Our aim is to offer you the chance to spend an incredible and memorable night in one of the UK's most haunted locations. www.haunted-experience.co.uk/

Miss Cellie's Spa Orleans Official Web Site www.spaorleans.com

CHEZ VOUDON Official Web site www.chezvodun.com

Visit Michael Grosso OFFICIAL WEB SITE www.parapsi.com/

MARDI GRAS PARADE SHEDULE OFFICIAL WEB SITE 2006 www. mardigrasparadeschedule.com

Official Phunny Phorty Phellows Web Site www.phunnyphortyphellows.com

Haunted States Of America Official Traval Web Site www.hauntedstatesofamerica.com

Jules Richard CPA Official Web Site www.julesrichardcpa.com

The House Of Voodoo Official Web site www.thehouseofvoodoo.com

Mineral Springs is a very haunted place.Many people say it is the most haunted building in Alton (and experts in the paranormal say that Alton is one of the most haunted cities in the world.) Official Web site www.altonmineralsprings.com

Official Web Site www.iexploreghosts.com

Arlette Gerhold, Realtor... Whether you're trying to get the best price for your property or looking for the home of your dreams. Providing professional property management, leasing, and consulting services for residential, investment, commercial, industrial, retail, and multi-family real estate. www.arlettegerhold.com

Colonial Lantern Tours www.lanterntours.com

Ghostvillage.com Jeff Belanger still runs Ghostvillage.com with the help of a great team of message board moderators. He's the author of multiple books on haunted places and the supernatural (with several more on the way), and is a lecturer on the subject at conferences and speaking engagements around the country. He's been a guest on more than 40 radio programs and has been featured on television programs related to haunted places.

Haunted America Tours - http://www.hauntedamericatours.com
Information on haunted locations and ghost tours across America.

"Haunted Heartland Tours"
Ancient Tones and Haunted History

History, Ghosts, Legends, Spirits and more!
Explore the Haunted Heartland of Ohio and beyond! Join us for one of our Haunted Heartland bus tours and experience it for yourself. Hop on the luxury bus and tour through several counties seeing haunted and historical places along the way.

Tours are led by Paranormal Investigator Sherri Brake-Recco. Local nighttime walking tours of historical Canal Fulton Ohio are offered as well on one of the Haunted History Walks of Canal Fulton. Paranormal classes are offered as well as presentations, private tours, cemetery walks, and home psychic parties with Angel Reader Laura.
View the schedules, see photos of past tours and read guest comments at www.hauntedhistory.net

Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau - http://www.gettysburgcvb.org
Gettysburg's best source of information for visitors.

Ghost Hunts and the Ghosts of Gettysburg - http://www.ghosthunts.com
More information/background on the GHOST HUNTS CD offered for sale at the Ghosts of Gettysburg store.

Pennsylvania Tourism - http://www.visitpa.com
Website for everything you need to know about visiting Pennsylvania.

A Great Travel Information Site - http://www.travelbrains.com

Civil War Ghosts - http://www.freewebs.com/civil_war_ghosts/
A website dedicated to the topic of Civil War Ghosts.

Buck's County, PA, Ghostly Connection - http://www.ghostsintheville.com
Excerpts and photos from the book "Ghosts in the Ville" by Jeff Wargo. Stories are based on happenings in Riegelsville, PA.

Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania - http://home.supernet.com/~rfisher/pghs.html
Paranormal Society founded by Rick Fisher. Rick also conducts ghost tours in Marietta, Pa. and Columbia, PA.

Candlelight Ghost Tours of Frederick Maryland - http://www.marylandghosttours.com
Ghost Tours of Maryland’s Most Haunted City - Ground Zero for Paranormal Activity – Epicenter For Maryland’s Bloody Past! (Only thirty minutes from Gettysburg!)

Louisiana Spirit Hunters If your interested in participating in a Ghost research project, then you came to the right page. We're simply looking for scientific evidence to explain what happens in a"Haunted" setting. We pursue this for proof, and to satisfy our intellectual curiosity.
Everyone 18 or older is welcome to join this group just Email me at ParaScienceTeam1@Aol.Com ParaScience:Investigations of Ghosts, Haunting's, Spirits, Poltergeists or Supernatural activity. Louisiana Spirit Hunters seek to find evidence on any Energy Anomalies,Ghostly Activity, Poltergeist Activity ,Apparitions, Paranormal Activity, Orbs, and the Unexplained . We have a Chat room so we can chat about the Investigations or any ideals people may have for a Hunt.
If you are in need of help with any type of situation you find on this web site just click the HOME Link for all the info on us and to see if we can be of assistance to you.

Mid-Atlantic Ghosts - http://www.midatlanticghosts.com
Website sponsered by MATPRA - Mid-Atlantic Tourism Public Relations Alliance to promote Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C. They promote common threads and offer saleable stories to journalists about the Mid-Atlantic destination.

Ghostly stories and haunted histories - http://www.iexploreghosts.com
Ghostly tours of haunted castles, plantations, homes and other ghostly information

Paranormal Investigators & Research Association (PIRA) - http://www.Parainvestigator.org
Dedicated to Paranormal Research and Investigation Investigating Sites in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Surrounding Area

American Battlefield Ghost Hunters Society - http://www.americanbattlefield.com
The ABGHS is a group composed of experts in Ghost Hunting and Battlefield History. The ABGHS is the investigative group used by Mark.

Harry Price and his work - http://www.harryprice.co.uk
A site dedicated to the life & work of Harry Price (1881-1948), the pioneering psychical researcher, ghost-hunter & author. Contains the most detailed information on the net about Price's famous case, the notorious Borley Rectory.

New Jersey Spirit Searchers John & Nancy Wilton - http://www.spiritsearchers.homestead.com.

Washington Walks - http://www.washingtonwalks.com
walking tours of the nation's capital

Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research - http://www.bsprnet.com

Spirit Society of Pennsylvania - http://www.spiritsocietyofpa.com
Kelly and John Weaver's paranormal group

Katherine Ramsland - http://www.katherineramsland.com
Katherine - author of books on subjects where the rest of us fear to tread!

Pamela Saylor - http://www.questforhealth.com
Pam is a top notch psychic. She also has a special interest in animals and animal communication.

Ghostly Talk Internet Radio Talk Show - http://www.ghostlytalk.com
The show is broadcast live over the Internet on Sunday nights from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Check their website to see who their upcoming guests are!

Haunted Mid-West - http://www.midwesthaunts.com
TV show out of Indiana focusing on hauntings in the mid-west.

New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society - http://www.njghs.net

WEIRD U.S. http://www.weirdus.com/index.asp Based on the best-selling book of the same name, WEIRD U.S. is a deliciously demented weekly tour of offbeat American history. Host/authors Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran scour the country in search of the bizarre, the unexplained, and the really strange historical stories that never got into the history books, because, as they say, ‘history is full of weirdos.’ http://www.historychannel.com/

Pioneer Lines - http://www.gettysburgrail.com
Explore Gettysburg by train during the day or experience Gettysburg during the twilight hours on "The Gettysburg Ghost Train"!

The Original Fell's Point GhostWalk - http://www.fellspointghost.com
Join us under the cover of night to explore the many haunted pubs, shops, and residences in Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland.

Metaphysical Center of Gettysburg - http://www.spiritnetwork.com/mcg/
The place to go in Gettysburg for Clairvoyant Psychic Readings, Spiritual Circles & Groups, and Classes and Workshops.

GHOSTS AND LEGENDS OF THE QUEEN MARY Ghosts & Legends of the Queen Mary encompasses a 25,000-square-foot area and takes guests through locations not accessible to the public, blurring the line between reality and imagination. www.ghostsandlegends.com

Troy Taylor's website - http://www.prairieghosts.com
Travel guide to the history and hauntings of Illinois and beyond.

Southern Ghosts - http://www.southernghosts.com
Our goal is to provide you with information about our exciting special events and overnight investigations in which you can participate. We also want to share our experiences with you as certified American Institute of Parapsychology (AIP) Field Investigators.

The Historic Gettysburg Hotel - http://www.hotelgettysburg.com
Established in 1797, the Best Western Gettysburg Hotel has played host to prominent national and international figures. Distinguished names such a President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Carl Sandburg, Henry Ford, General Ulysses S. Grant and Daniel Webster have enjoyed their attentive hospitality. During the Civil War, the Best Western Gettysburg Hotel witnessed the thunderous Battle of Gettysburg. Oh, and did we mention that it is haunted?

Rosemary Ellen Guiley - http://www.visionaryliving.com
Check out the amazing and fascinating work in the paranormal that Rosemary has been involved in for most of her life, and full-time since 1982. She has written 31 books and hundreds of articles on a wide range of subjects, including the paranormal, psychic, spiritual and mystical. Rosemary's driving purpose is to help further our understanding of our place and role in the cosmic scheme.


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