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Hopkins talks about new memoir and UFOs -- Wicked Local Truro

In pursuit of the supernatural - Katrina Weidman has a starring role in the A&E reality series "Paranormal State," but the Doylestown native's otherworldly encounters extend beyond the show. --phillyBurbs.com

Of ghosts and ghost stories -- Daily Camera 

Ghost Hunters” team pays visit to Brentsville -- Richmond Times Dispatch

Animated Mona Lisa Talks, Waves
Thanks to cutting edge technology Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is now able to speak and interact with visitors at Beijing's Planning Exhibition Hall. The multimedia exhibition also gives voice...More-- coast to coast am

'UFOs' Transported Down Dallas Highway
Recent online stories allege that UFOs were carried through Dallas, Texas on flatbed trucks under police escort. UFO Casebook has published two photos and a report of the incident submitted by...More -- Coast to coast AM

New Zealand exorcism killers escape jail - Five siblings from a New Zealand family escaped jail Friday after being found guilty of the manslaughter of their niece during an indigenous Maori exorcism ceremony. Janet Moses, a 22-year-old mother of two, died from drowning in October 2007 after members of her extended family forced water down her throat during a ceremony to lift a curse known as a makutu. The High Court in Wellington imposed a curfew order and work sentences on the five, ranging in age from 36 to 52, although prosecutors had sought prison sentences of up to five years. -- breitbart.com


Downtown spirits aren't alive, but they are well - ALBANY - The old train depot and a warehouse on the 100 block of Roosevelt Avenue have ghosts inhabiting them, according to paranormal investigators. -- Albany Herald On-line 

Eerie occurrences at naval museum attract ghost hunters - Ghost hunters from Alabama to investigate museum for paranormal activity. -- Ledger-Enquirer

Ship Vanishes In European Waters Bizarre Mystery Has Officials Baffled 'Never Heard of Anything Like This'

'Being Human,' Where Fashion is Undead -- New York Times

Country Reports Mermaid Sightings Town Offers $1 Million Reward for Pic


Taking A Vampire Weekend Vacation - The latest interesting trend in paranormal tourism is visiting film sites where vampire flicks or series were made – especially in the Pacific Northwest.-- Beach Connection

Haunted train depot - The Dougherty County paranormal investigators recently explored the train depot downtown and they say they spoke with numerous ghosts. onathan Luke, a founding member of the Dougherty county paranormal investigators says they don't find paranormal activity everywhere they investigate. "Some locations we have no activity and they are supposed to be haunted. Other places we expect to get no paranormal activity and we’re getting an abundance" says Luke. -- WFXL Fox 31

Ghost Hunters International (GHI), Season 2, Episode 6 Recap -- Realitywanted 

Supernaturally Southern: Kentucky Ghost Hunter Calls Lakewood Home - In the tradition of American ghost hunting an apparent tie exists between the civil war and the nation’s most notorious hauntings. Southern places and southern-born writers seem to dominate the scene. Adam Keith comes from this rich history with his birthplace, Louisville, Kentucky situated squarely within its geographic and cultural boundaries.-- Lakewood Observer -

Season finale of 'Ghost Hunters International' is a Wednesday TV pick -- Seattle Times 

Poland ghost, part deux - As far as I can tell, the town of Poland is crawling with ghosts. In fact, there may be more ghosts out there than there are registered voters and potholes. -- SUN JOURNAL

Man Shines Light On Unexplained Phenomenon - On July 11 an amateur mythbuster, along with a group of seven friends, set out to learn the truth behind the legend of the “Dover Lights,” a series of flashes Arkansas locals have claimed for years to see in the valley.-- Courier News

Eerie Occurrences At Naval Museum Attract Ghost Hunters --Ledger-Enquirer


Poll: One-third believe in ghosts - Put Conrad, a homemaker from Hampton, Va., firmly in the camp of the 34 percent of people who say they believe in ghosts, according to a pre-Halloween poll by The Associated Press and Ipsos. That's the same proportion who believe in unidentified flying objects - exceeding the 19 percent who accept the existence of spells or witchcraft. Forty-eight percent believe in extrasensory perception, or ESP. But nearly half of you knew we were about to tell you that, right?-- SunJournal.com

Who ya gonna call? -- Malaysia Star 

Peterborough lift lock lures tourists seeking a ghostly thrill or a history lesson- -- googlenews - The Canadian Press

Real Ghosts at the Mytrles Plantation From Frank Lee

"Real Ghosts" In Your "Dreams and Nightmares"

"IRS HAS placed liens on the very real " Most Haunted Number 1" Most Haunted House In America Or Maybe The World!" Nicolas Cage owns this the most haunted stgymatized house in America Next to the Amytiville house." "And it is For Sale ."

Criss Angel Is Still Alive But Internet Rumor Over the Weekend Suggested He Died: How It Got Started

Grieving father finds 'dead' baby son ALIVE in coffin --dailymail


Looking for paranormal - "This stuff doesn't happen on cue," says Keith Age, a television paranormal investigator. "I wish it did."-- Sarnia Observer

Potty Mouths, 'Ghost Hunters' Make Pit Stop In N.Ky. - -From 3-6 p.m. Hawes and Wilson, who have been plumbers for about eight years in Rhode Island and "Ghost Hunters" since 2004, met with fans, signed autographs to photos, copies of their books, "Ghost Hunter" books, T.A.P.S. T-shirts, "Ghost Hunters" memorabilia as well as fans’ personal laptops and K2 meters. - kypost.com 

Wales' favourite haunts - ANY castle that can boast a drowning pit, whipping pit and torture dungeons is, quite frankly, asking to be haunted. -- WalesOnline

Deaths raise fear, superstition - AMLOHA VILLAGE, India - Some say it was the prayers, others the all-night vigils, still others the three days without meat or alcohol. Whatever it was that foiled the angry god, residents in this village of about 600 people breathed a huge sigh of relief Thursday when the day passed without another death. -- Boston Globe

Ghost hunters arrested for entering old school - Rumors have long stood that the old Summit Elementary School in Amarillo is haunted and home to ghosts of long-ago murders. While break-ins at the school are not uncommon by thrill-seekers looking to catch paranormal activity, Amarillo police say the problem has increased in recent weeks. They arrested or detained 14 people for trespassing or burglary in the former school in July alone. -- Amarillo.com

The Vampire Diaries and Being Human Offer Vampires and Werewolves and Ghosts … Oh My! - Since Twilight, there seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of Vampire mythology and nowhere was this more evident than at Comic-Con. Not only did rabid Twi-hards camp out almost two days just for Summit’s New Moon presentation, a couple of panels featuring TV series about vampires were also big draws. --ReelzChannel.com 


Paranormal investigation planned in Farmington cemeteries - When Bettylou Macie and her husband were driving through Farmington a few months ago, she said she developed strong feelings of "other people and how they died."-- SunJournal.com

Are ghosts and evil spirits just hogwash?- In a candid interview with Post, Sathiya Naidoo, 34, a businessman described his family's chilling experience.-- Independent Online

Scary stories are an honored tradition -For as long as there's been storytelling, there's been the scary story - macabre, sci-fi unexplainables, tingling horror, nightmarish mysteries, the uncanny, the fantastic. From Edgar Allan Poe to newbie Benjamin Percy, the Gothic in American literature remains vibrant, attracting legions of readers. -- Centre Daily Times

Amanda Crew Helps Zac Efron See Ghosts - -- Cinema Blend

Ghost Hunters International: Skeleton in the Closet -- SF Universe

Has Michael Jackson's Ghost Come to Your Town? -Oh, don’t stop there. You’re forgetting the spooky apparition that apparently moonwalked through a wall at Neverland Ranch before appearing on tape in front of millions of bowing and scraping CNN viewers. -- Celebritygossip.ie

Scary music is spookier with eyes shut - Neuroscientists have discovered that a brain center called the amygdala icks into action when volunteers listen to scary music. -- New Scientist

Sadler introduces "Vampire LSA" airplane - True Blood fans are certainly familiar with the Anubis Airlines from Club Dead which offers ultra secure transportation for its more light-sensitive passengers. However, it would seem that the Sadler Aircraft Company has seen the marketing potential behind the current vampire craze and is planning on announcing its next-generation Vampire LSA at EAA Airventure 2009. Yes, this is an actual company and the Vampire LSA will be a real, functioning aircraft, though its passengers will no doubt be mortal. In fact, from the looks of it, there would barely be room for two human passangers, let alone a coffin.-- Examiner.com

Nordstrom to sell 'Twilight' clothing line -- United Press International

Paranormal Pleasure- BANGALORE: The supernatural always draws attention — fear, cynicism, doubt, curiosity, it is sure to evoke some response from everyone. So are you ready for some experience of the occult, of ghosts and the unexplained? BIG 92.7 FM is offering radio listeners of Bangalore a brand new experience in the aural entertainment space, with radio’s first ever paranormal show. Aptly titled Yecherikay, which means Caution, touching upon the supernatural, occult, ghosts and more, the show airs each day between 11 p.m.-- Express Buzz 

Technology and TAPS- The fact that TAPS is scientific in gathering evidence and critical in its analysis appeals to many viewers. The team is known for its professionalism and it is clear that validity and reliability are of critical importance to TAPS’ philosophy in the field of paranormal research, even if it means the occasional boring episode. -- Examiner.com 

Scientists: Humans Naturally Glow in the Dark - The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal. Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought to be a byproduct of biochemical reactions involving free radicals. - -foxnews

Most Haunted Places in America: Fort Delaware - Fort Delaware is an imposing building located along the Delaware Bay in Delaware City, Delaware. Its construction was completed two years before the start of the Civil War. This massive structure covers six acres, has 32 foot high walls, 7 to 30 feet thick in some places, the complex is surrounded by a 30 foot wide moat and it is entered through a medieval looking drawbridge at the entrance.--www.ghosteyes.com/

Obsession with the Vampire -- Richmond.com 

The clawing appeal of werewolves -- there's something about hairy-- Los Angeles Times

Zombies to show up at Comic-Con -- cnn

'Twilight' fans bring frenzy to conventions --cnn

Mackinac Island, known for fudge and history, is fast becoming famous for its numerous ghostly tales.

Maybe we are not alone -- Last month, UFO enthusiasts around the globe waited with bated breath for French officials to announce to the world, “We are not alone.” However, the promised announcement date, June 6, produced a postponement, then another, and nothing concrete has developed since. What went wrong? -- Jamestown Press 

History, ghosts, lighthouses and more make up a Cape Cod, Mass ... -- The Express Times

Paranormal Researcher Offers Ghost Tours of the London Bridge -- PRWEB

Miley Cyrus' haunted hotel shock -- Stuff.co.nz 

Ghost Tours and Idling Buses - Here We Go Again -- Gettysburg Time

The Haunting Truth Behind The Haunting in Connecticut -- ShockTillYouDrop.com 

A century later scientists still at odds on Tunguska Event explanation - More than 100 years have passed since the Tunguska Meteorite Event and the mystery of its occurrence remains unsolved, but scientists have not given up on solving the riddle. This July, an international research group from Italy and the United States ventured into deepest Siberia to investigate the most likely explanations of the mysterious event, and RIA Novosti correspondent David Burghardt joined them. -- RIA Novosti

My 1969 UFO Sighting -- UFODigest

UFOs and 'visitors' linked to souls and the afterlife: a Christian ... -- UFODigest


Leonardo DiCaprio Producing 'The Twilight Zone' Movie -- TheCelebrityCafe.com

Sam Raimi to direct 'World of Warcraft' film (AP)

Recession? Not in the world of Real Ghosts and the Paranormal! By Chase Mason

Shark rides train, ends up dead in Miami street

Massive glacier in sub-Antarctic island shrinks by a fifth -- yahoo

Old Rawlins prison seeks grant for marketing plan LocalNews8.com

TV: From the BBC, a new vampire comedy -- Scripps News

Ghosts Much In Evidence -- Volume One

Call the Realtor! It's Our Ultimate Amityville Horror Quiz-- AMCtv.com

THE TRUE STORY OF THE MARSHALL, TEXAS VOODOO ZOMBIE QUEEN ... And of her many tall tales. By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Massive earthquake moves New Zealand closer to Australia -- yahoo news

'Angels All Around Us - video '-- foxnews

Congress contemplates bill banning weird science-- onenewsnow


Sleeping Farmworker Killed by Ants --foxnews

Home Burials Offer an Intimate Alternative - The number of home funerals has soared in the last five years. -- NY Times

Inmates still haunting old jail? Paranormal group says 'yes' -- Greenville Herald-Banner 

Total eclipse shrouds Asia in darkness -- Some Indian astrologers had issued predictions laden with gloom and foreboding, and a gynaecologist at a Delhi hospital said many expectant mothers scheduled for July 22 caesarian deliveries insisted on changing the date.-- Ottawa Citizen

Here and Beyond ... the Paranormal -- Salina Journal

Ghost hunters hope Dillinger anniversary, gun trigger paranormal ... - JOHN J. WATKINS | THE TIMES Crossroads Paranormal member J.C. Rositas uses a K-II meter to measure electromagnetic fields around a body basket that was used to carry John Dillinger's body.-- nwitimes.com

Solar eclipse excitement sweeps - In India, an eclipse is considered inauspicious. Women forbid pregnant daughters-in-law from going outside out of the belief that their children could be born with marks. Some temples won't offer any prayers on the day of an eclipse -- such as the one next to the planetarium in Mumbai, which said it won't even light a stick of incense.

In Chinese tradition, there is a story about a heavenly dog eating the sun. As the story goes, people would make noise to scare off the dog and rescue the sun, said Bill Yeung, president of the Hong Kong Astronomical Society.

"In ancient China, we shared the same impression with our Indian friends that a solar eclipse was not a good thing," he told CNN. -- Asia -cnn

Truths About Death Revealed New Study Says We Can Die of Broken Heart or Happiness: Fascinating Facts--aolnews

Prophet Margin What does the future hold for the sale of Jeane Dixon's possessions? -- Washington Post


New Ogopogo Sighting -- Cryptomundo

'Shining' Hotel Denies Evil Infestation -- BlackBook Magazine


Real Vampires, Night Stalkers and Creatures from the Darkside (P... Cover Art

Buy it here now!

Real Vampires, Night Stalkers and Creatures from the Darkside (Paperback) BY Brad Steiger (Author)

This great new book is soon to be released it has already become the #1 Bestseller (See Top 100 Occultism Bestsellers) at Tower Books



Availability: Pre-Order: This Paperback is scheduled to be released on September 1, 2009. A chilling chronicle of the often ignored history of vampirism as it has surfaced repeatedly in news articles, historical accounts, and first person interviews, this shocking account of occultist rituals and the inhuman forces that influence them shines a light on the horrifying truth. Revealing that real vampires are not immortal, do not have fangs or sleep in coffins, and have no fear of sunlight or crucifixes, the examination dispels many myths but also confirms the truth behind several traits of real vampires, such as the insatiable thirst for blood and the dream of an eternal soul. Complete with 30 spine-tingling tales of the hideous wraiths and creatures that lurk in shadow, this fascinating collection includes the stories of the Mexican prostitute who mesmerized an entire village, convincing them she was an Incan goddess who required human sacrifice for her magic; the three teenagers who left a trail across the South as they conducted blood-drinking rituals with animals; and the mysterious Lady in Black who draws psychic energy from men who dare approach her as she wanders through city streets and parks.

About the Author

Brad Steiger is an award-winning writer with more than five decades of experience exploring unusual, hidden, secret, and strange occurrences. He is the author of Conspiracies and Secret Societies; Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Houses; and The Werewolf Book. He lives in Forest City, Iowa.

Brad Steiger Official Web Site Visit It Here Now: "www.bradandsherry.com"

Brad Steiger: Official Web Site


Eclipse spooks superstitious Astrologers are predicting turmoil as a result of this week's total solar eclipse. » Terror attacks, disasters

Why Girls Have BFFs and Boys Hang Out in Packs-time

Time: The great blob of Alaska


Syfy announces fall schedule- The fall season will open with the third season premiere of Destination Truth on September 9 following Ghost Hunters. -- C21Media 


Does the MoonHave a Smell? Astronauts Found Out 40 Years Ago 11 Apollo Facts You May Not Know-- AOLNEWS

America's Best (and Most Bizarre) Miniature Golf Courses - Death is part of life, so there's no point moping around and not playing miniature golf when a loved one passes away. Instead bring that fresh corpse to Ahlgrim's Acres, a Palatine, Ill., funeral home which offers a free round of mini golf in their mortuary-themed basement course with every standard funeral package. -- Asylum.com

REAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: "People need to do their own paranormal research and not just believe what they read."

Photo Provides ' Definitive Proof' May End 40-Year Conspiracy Theory See What It Reveals on the Moon -- aol news

Python Hunt Nets Nearly 10-Foot BeasT -- AOL



Octomom – Nadya Suleman Update – Ghosts, Toddler Emergency – and ... -- Best Syndication 

The mural is gone, but what about the ghost? -- Belleville News Democrat

Yes, I see spirits... -- Times of India

Seeking 'The Real Cujo' in St. Louis -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Séance: An Adventure In Ghost Hunting

Odd News Video: Virgin Mary Seen in Bird Poop? ABC News

Legendary Ufologist Dick Hall has died
Hall was an icon in ufology, former assistant director of NICAP, and author of The UFO Evidence. — Cryptomundo

Woman Catches On Fire Outside Peoria Rehabilitation -- Center Arizona Republic

Jumbo Squid Menace San Diego Shores

Jumbo flying squid — aggressive 5-foot-long sea monsters with razor-sharp beaks and toothy tentacles — have invaded the shallow waters off San Diego, spooking scuba divers and washing up dead on tourist-packed beaches.

The Right Time To Hunt For Real Ghost
Steve and Tango Of ghost hunters begin their investigation at the right place and the right time.



Please also see: There's no place like home. The Ghost Hunters International crew helps TAPS investigate their newly purchased property.

HAUNTED DOLLS: "How To Tell If A Doll Is Really Haunted"

"And the Top 15 Most Haunted dolls In the World"

Advance listings released by the network today confirm "Truth" will roll out on Wednesday, September 9 at 10:00/9:00c following "Ghost Hunters." "Hunters," as previously announced, returns with new episodes on Wednesday, August 19 at 9:00/8:00c.

Watch: “Weird Al” uses the Internet to summon the ghost of the Lizard King. -- Consequence of Sound 

Cartoon Network Goes Ghost Hunting - Every network has a few reality shows and now Cartoon Network is getting real on Wednesday nights. They’ve got a new line-up of teen-oriented reality shows including The Othersiders, which is Ghost Hunters for the junior high crowd. -- SF Universe : Also check out The Othersiders here now!

Family comes face to face with naked Witch

A Zimbabwean man was stunned to silence after he came face to face with a naked old woman - vampirically sucking his daughter's breast in the middle of the night, The Zim Diaspora can exclusively reveal. 

The shocking incident has left people in headman Masunda’s area, Chivi district, Masvingo dumbfounded and horrified.

How can I tell if you, your House, your home and your life are really haunted?

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh knows how to tell if You, Your family, your home is really haunted. Learn more here now!

You Don't Have To Be Afraid Of No Ghosts Thanks To Today's eBay ... -- MTV.com

REAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: "If Its Paranormal, Always Expect Skepticism"

Haunted Riddle House in Florida

Giant puppet will lead parade of ghosts -- Press and Journal

Ghosts of Staunton Ghost Tours -- Staunton News Leader

This house certified as haunted

Hunting for a haunt - Local paranormal study group investigates Greyhound Bus Museum-- hibbingmn.com

Ghost Hunters Recap Episode 2.2: Skeleton in the Closet -- 411mania.com


Florida May Organize Python Hunts

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson called Tuesday for organized hunts of thousands of pythons believed to be living in the Everglades to kill the snakes and prevent potential attacks.

Nelson requested permission in a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who got a close-up look at a 15-foot python found in the swampland during a May visit hosted by the senator. The request also comes weeks after a 2-year-old central Florida girl was strangled by an unlicensed pet python that escaped from a terrarium in her home, drawing further scrutiny to the issue- - aol news

"PARANORMAL DOWN TIME" ~ Is there such a thing?

Man caught in the buff at N. Indiana cemetery -- ELKHART, Ind. -A 51-year-old man told a police officer he was naked in a northern Indiana cemetery because he had taken off his wet clothes after checking on his in-laws' grave and then wanted a closer look at some flowers. The officer was off duty and jogging through Rice Cemetery in Elkhart Sunday afternoon when he saw the naked man get into a truck and drive away. The officer later tracked down the Mishawaka man from his license plate number . -- aol

Cold Spots: Rotherwood Mansion -When most folks think of the proverbial "Haunted House," they picture an enormous structure out on a lonely hill, filled with one sort of ghost or another. Most frequently it is a single presence that gets all the attention. But the longer a house stands, the more owners it has had, the more likely that there will be multiple entities within its walls. We've all heard of places haunted by malevolent spirits or by weeping women in white, but it isn't often that one encounters both in the same place. -- Dread Central

Teen Survives 12 Days Lost in Australian Mountains -- aol news

Ghost Walk is proud to be chosen to host " The Doll House Cam" in association with Knight Paranormal Investigation.

Boy, 13 'Beaten Up By Ghost'

PRIEST has been called in by a distraught mum after her teenage son told her he had been attacked by a ghost in the family home. Terrified mum Beverley Wilkins turned to the church after son Daniel was left bruised and bewildered by what his family say could only have been a ghost or poltergeist. The 13-year-old had finished school and was alone in their home in York Road, Hartlepool, when he claims he was suddenly pulled upright, dragged across the living room, taken to the front door and thrown out into the street. - - Hartlepool Mail

Dark Wings - The Mothman Chronicle Trailer

In the new documentary Dark Wings: The Mothman Chronicle, directed by Charles McCracken, the mysterious creature known as Mothman is re-created with stunning digital imagery. Watch the trailer video, and a slow motion effects sequence.

On eBay, someone is trying to sell the Ghostbusters Ecto-1.

Just six blocks from the French Quarter, a 15 minute stroll to the non-stop energy of Bourbon Street. Fine restaurants, famous jazz clubs and sidewalk cafes are literally a short walk from our front door. Royal Street Courtyard, where you're at home

Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies-- fox news

'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' captures the films' attitude -- Tribune Review 

Silbury Hill 'Quetzlcoatl Headdress' and Mysterious Tall Blonds - Documentary filmmakers were first to discover the extraordinary pattern. -- Earthfiles


5,000-pound shark washes ashore - cnn

Searching for Bigfoot in Alabama - -- Times Daily

Spooky Spots in Manhattan - Read More: Manhattan, Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ghosts New York, Central Park, Phantoms, New York Haunted, Morris Jumel Mansion, New York, Roosevelt Island, Local, New York City, Hotel Chelsea, Morris Jumel Mansion Haunted, Ghosts, The Ramble, New York News-- Huffington Post

Burglar Says She Was Looking For Ghosts -- UC Daily News

Famous LIFE Photographers' Roswell Crash Revelation
Cameraman's portrait of the Roswell crash in 1947 illustrates that the event was of urgent importance to the military.
— The UFO Iconoclast(s)


NEW JERSEY BIGFOOT - Includes Nancy Bradley's Personal Bigfoot Photo.


TOP TEN MOST HAUNTED WEB SITES YOU NEED TO VISIT! - These Top Ten Haunted Paranormal Phenomena - Web Sites were voted and chosen by you our readers to be the very best to visit on a regular basis. These "The Top Ten Most Favorite Web Sites" Or consider the best for updated cutting edge investigation techiniques, Articles and researched material, and news of upcoming events.

Californians' eye old county house in Bethany for paranormal ... Sharon and Jerry Coyle of Huntington Beach met with local officials two weeks ago to discuss buying the now-closed Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center and turning it into a place that could attract tourists worldwide. -- The Batavia

Ghost Haunting Frat House Files Sex Abuse Charges - The Delta Chi house has long been swirled in controversy. For years there has been a rumor that the house is haunted by the ghost of a 24 year old female that hung herself in the 1800's. The frat house has been there for forty years and is known to be the notorious 'party fraternity' of the entire campus. The Delta Chi house is now in hot water after an incident that took place last week. Apparently after a long weekend of hard drinking was winding down, four Delta Chi brothers decided to summon the ghost of Anjelica Delica in the hopes of sleeping with her. They thought it might be hot to "bang a ghost" after they watched a porn called 'Ghost Whores 7'. Legend has it that if you say Anjelica's name three times in the mirror in pitch black dark, her image will appear. The boys did this and when she appeared they allegedly began to behave very inappropriately towards the ghost, calling it degrading names and being very aggressive, trying to pour alcohol down its throat.


Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch "Ghost" Mystery Solved By CNN - 07/06/09


Ghost Hunters International (GHI), Season 2, Episode 1 Recap ...

Realitywanted - ‎Jul 8, 2009‎
It's parent show, Ghost Hunters, often shows investigators, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, clowning with each other and often making boring shows a little ...
Ghost Hunters International - S02E01 - Wicklow's Gaol - HDTV Infos Jeunes France (Communiqué de presse)

Ghost Hunters International Recap Episode 2.1: Wicklow's Gaol

411mania.com - Ron Martin - ‎Jul 9, 2009‎
Season Two of Ghost Hunters International kicks off in the motherland as our team intitiates yet another new member at a haunted prison

TV ghost hunters to investigate 'haunted' Carlisle Castle -- News & Star 

Jennifer Love-Hewitt Wishes She's Real-Life 'Ghost Whisperer' -- BuddyTV


ON COAST TO COAST WITH GEORGE NOORY - Tuesday July 14, 2009 - Filmmaker and paranormal researcher Travis Shortt will discuss his extensive work on Mothman sightings around the world, as well as different cultural/religious interpretations of winged creatures, messengers, and the appearance of other seemingly supernatural entities.

Saudi 'genie' sued for harassment
Court to investigate family's claim of supernatural attacks.
— BBC News

Massive Squid Washes Up on Beach in Quake Aftermath
CA residents baffled by emergence of dozens of squid following 4.0 earthquake.
— NBC Bay Area

ALSO SEE: Real UFO Evidence: UFO'S THE REAL TRUTH IN WHAT MANY SAY AND BELIEVE ... And What Do We Really Think We Know!

If you pay clse attention you can see how the ghost actually Mooonwalks - and glides with the style and grace that only the real ghost of Michael Jackson Could do.


This was during the cnn interview and the feed was LIVE. So their is no way anyone could have edited this I have only shortend it down, for full video see below. For the Skeptics (It;s interesting there was no noise, the person wasn't in full body, and no shadows cast)


Is this the First Images Of Michael Jacksons Real Ghost!

Many Paranormal chat Boards and blogs are repoting that the ghost of Michael Jackson is actually haunting Neverland Ranch. The above photo from a video screen captures is reportedly the real Ghost of Michaels Jackson Haunting the magnificent home he once lived in. Several Paranomal Investigators are hoping to get a crack at docimenting Jacksons's ghosts as CNN Larry Kings film crew did on a live broadcast of Larry King Live.


Miko Brando gives an exclusive tour of Neverland many of the curious are going over the tape of the show and pausing it to see if he appears in any other spots of the property or footage.

Many believe that his giant haunted mystical magical Oak tree is the spot where Michael;s Ghost actually hangs out.




Michael Jackson's Ghost that haunts Neverland Ranch



People are sighitng the real ghost of Michael Jackson breaking news:

A taping of "Larry King Live" with the host and Michael Jackson's brother Jermain shows an apparition walking across a room!

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch "Ghost" Mystery Solved By CNN - 07/06/09

Many Paranormal chat Boards and blogs are repoting that the ghost of Michael Jackson is actually haunting Neverland Ranch. The above photo from a video screen captures is reportedly the real Ghost of Michaels Jackson Haunting the magnificent home he once lived in. Several Paranomal Investigators are hoping to get a crack at docimenting Jacksons's ghosts as CNN Larry Kings film crew did on a live broadcast of Larry King Live.


Miko Brando gives an exclusive tour of Neverland many of the curious are going over the tape of the show and pausing it to see if he appears in any other spots of the property or footage.

Many believe that his giant haunted mystical magical Oak tree is the spot where Michael;s Ghost actually hangs out.

NOTE: At the 8:22 mark, an apparition 'walks' across the room at the far end of the hallway during an interview and tour of 'Neverland Ranch' on the Larry King Show.

Lakritz: Michael Jackson is with Elvis Presley now

Calgary Herald - Naomi Lakritz - ‎Jul 3, 2009‎
... seen in a pattern of rocks on the surface of Mars, Elvis's ghost saved a woman from a marauding Bigfoot, and on and on it went. Poor Michael Jackson. ...

Ghost of Michael Jackson cures fan of fatal illness? Video

Allnewsweb.com - Jadyn Cassidy - ‎14 hours ago‎
One rather expected consequence of the passing of the 'King of Pop', Michael Jackson is a rash of alleged sightings of Jackson's ghost. ...

Ghost hunters seek out theatre spirits
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph - Kate Cronin - ‎Jul 3, 2009‎ Dennis Binks and members of his Northamptonshire

TAPS crew from the SCI FI Channel's "Ghost Hunters" at historic Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia on Saturday, June 27, from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

POLICE BEAT: Ghost hunters creep along Zombie Road --

6/22 GALLERY: Ghost hunters seek mystery

Bradenton Herald - Paul Videla - ‎Jun 22, 2009‎
The ghost hunters are ultimately searching for signs of psychic and paranormal activity in and around the center, using an array of recording and metering ...
Ghost Hunters visit jail Standard Freeholde


If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood ... Who ya gonna ...- -- Youngstown Vindicator - Jon Moffett 

SIGHT will look for spirits at historic Civic - The Spiritual Insight Ghost Hunting Team of Ohio and Mystical Creations are hosting a unique paranormal exploration July 18 at the Akron Civic Theater. -- Hudson Hub-Times

Ghost gathering canceled - Organizers of the NorCal Paranormal Conference said poor ticket sales and a struggling economy have forced them to cancel the Monterey event.

The conference was to feature guest speakers such as Brian Harnois and Donna LaCroix of "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International" television shows, and offer ghost tours, paranormal investigations and psychic readings.

"We may decide to attempt this again if the economy gets a bit better in California" wrote E. Gossard, an agent for NorCal Paranormal Investigations, the company organizing the event. "I know the celebrities from the paranormal shows were excited about coming to the West Coast."

For more information on NorCal Paranormal Investigations visit norcalghosthunters.co


'Storm of the Century'

"Mother Of All Storms''


Hurricane Gustav is being called the Storm of the century and mandatory evacuation has been called by the Governor and several Louisiana Parish Officials.

Due to the imposing threat of Hurricane Gustav, hauntedamericatours.com staff and Bachigraphics staff will be evacuating New Orleans on Sunday Morning. As of this moment we are suspending all operations except our webserver which is housed in Seattle. As with Hurricane Katrina, we expect no downtime.


Thank you for your patience during this time.

Hirst Sellls Skull, Sort Of

 damien hirst, DamienHirst, diamonds, for the love of god, platinum, skull

Last year, artist Damien Hirst exhibited his diamond skull piece "For the Love of God" while he was shopping for a buyer. Hirst eventually bought the piece along with a group of investors for its $100 million asking price. Now the piece is on the road again. The Netherlands' national museum will exhibit the diamond and platinum skull for six weeks starting November 1. The piece is decorated with 8,601 diamonds and allegedly takes its name from Hirst's mother's exclamation when she heard what her son was up to. -- Luxist.com

Participants Needed for Online Study - The Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths College is currently collecting data online for a study investigating the possible relationships between handedness, certain personality factors, anomalous experiences and paranormal belief. If you could spare around 20 minutes to complete four questionnaires relating to the above (plus a few demographic questions), the APRU will be eternally grateful. More details and a link to the actual questionnaires can be found at: www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/apru/handedness.php. -- Public Parapsychology

Vatican Warns of Rising Persecution - "Christianophobia" is a growing problem around the world and it must be fought with the same determination as anti-Semitism or Islamophobia, the Vatican said on Friday. Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, the Vatican's foreign minister, spoke in the wake of attacks against Christians in India that have left at least 13 people dead this week. -- Aolnews

Paranormal conference begins in Parkersburg

Listen Now (4:24)

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!- Ex-Files David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction. Duchovny starred as the conspiracy-minded Fox Mulder on "The X-Files" TV series and in two films. "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" opened in theaters earlier this summer. He and his wife, actress Tea Leoni, have two children. The couple married in 1997. --Yahoonews (AP)

Bark if you see Mary - Christopher Moreau noticed the tree growing in his yard had a traditional likeness of the Virgin Mary. "Some of the neighours have seen it and they just started shaking," Moreau said. (John Hanley/Sun Media)

Neighbors amazed by likeness of Virgin in a tree. - Toronto Sun

Zodiac Killer's Identity, Murder Weapon Found?
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ? The Zodiac Killer attacked at least eight people, terrorizing the Bay Area and taunting police in the 60's and 70's. -- cbs13.com

Paranormal is paramount at library - Through the month of August, the Main Library is home to an exhibit on the paranormal and occult sciences. According to the exhibit's Web site, the occult collection contains more than 16,000 items relating to occult sciences and parapsychology and was originally endowed by Merten J. Mandeville in 1966, a retiring professor of commerce. "(The exhibit) is everything 'X-Files,'" said JoAnn Jacoby, former selector for the Merten J. Mandeville collection. "It includes works on paranormal phenomena, werewolves, the possibility for occult powers, witchcraft, astrology and 19th century spiritualism," she said.-- Daily Illini, IL

40 Die After Deliverance Prayer - Sources also said since he built the house, he had not slept there because of alleged spiritual attack, hence his decision to invite church members and relations for the service. It was also learnt that the prayer session, which began at about 11:00 p.m. on Friday, came to an end at about 2:00 a.m. on Saturday before tragedy struck. -- Nigerian Tribune

Dead Sea Scrolls Set for Posting Online - NYtimes

GHOSTS OF GETTYSBURG . . . AND BEYOND Sunday, August 31, 2008 Lily Dale Assembly Hall, Lily Dale, NY. America's Civil War battlefields are laboratories for paranormal investigations. Mark Nesbitt has collected over a thousand stories that appear to show evidence of spirit entities lingering on battlefields, as seen on The Ghosts of Gettysburg series on the History Channel. Dr. Emmons has collected similar accounts of hauntings in China as well as in the town of Gettysburg and on the Gettysburg College campus. Using this data, as well as photographs, videos and audio recordings, Nesbitt and Emmons will present evidence of ghosts and theories to explain them. 1:30 - 4:30 P.M. PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS ON BATTLEFIELDS How does one research a battlefield for historic information germane to the investigation site? How does one even find a Civil War site (they're not all national parks like Gettysburg) and how does one get permission to investigate there? What is the proper use of the two types of equipment, “detecting” equipment and “recording” equipment? What does each piece of equipment do? And finally, what is the proper way to document all the data gathered? With Mark Nesbitt

Scary speakers on the way to Haunted Hickory Paranormal Conference - The conference aims to connect researchers, paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics. Events include midnight ghost hunts in the old high school at the S.A.L.T Block, a hearse contest and a meet and greet dinner with presenters including a member of Sci Fi channel's Ghost Hunters International, Sylvia Shannon and Patrick Burns, who stars as the paranormal investigator on Tru TV's series "Haunting Evidence" and founded Ghost Hounds, the largest paranormal research network in the southern U.S.
Another six presenters will fill two full days of conference talks. -- Hickory Daily Record, NC

Making a living of bullshit detecting - In Randi’s 30-plus years of paranormal investigations, debunking fraudulent claims has been an uphill battle brimming with countless lawsuits and struggles to get backing for his books amongst a paranormal-loving market. He has, though, also enjoyed numerous triumphs by exposing faith healers, mentalists, psychic surgeons and other contemporary snake oil salespeople. -- VUE Weekly, Canada

Is Asheville High Haunted? Paranormal Expert says No! - Joe Wright is a P.S.I. That’s Paranormal Scene Investigator. He says for more than twenty years he has been investigating paranormal activity. “It’s the thrill of the hunt,” and most of the time, he says images -like the one in the video captured by a camera at Asheville High School- can be explained. -- News Channel 7, SC

Who ya gonna call? - Unlike earlier television shows about ghost hunting, "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International" use scientific instruments to try and measure or document activity. While they do talk about "weird feelings" and their hair standing on end during the shows, they emphasize what they can record as evidence. I think this scientific approach to the paranormal is fascinating to watch - and it makes what they find even scarier. -- The Turlock Journal, California

Beliefs and African intellectuals - Paranormal beliefs refer to those modes of explanation and interpretation of the natural world or phenomena using as a part element or ingredient things that violate scientific principles or accepted scientific explanations. A characteristic of all paranormal claims is that, they lack evidence. And where such exists. it is flimsy or based on ignorance, hearsay or fallacy. Paranormal claims include witchcraft, ghost, astrology, faith healing, demon possession, exorcism, telepathy, clairvoyance, alternative medicine, ritual money, communication with spirits etc. -- Nigerian Tribune, Nigeria

Samurai sword boy had 'satanic ghost' vision - "Patient (Harmse) alleges that he had seen a ghost in a field on a farm that he and his parents rented," the doctor's report read. "He alleges that the ghost instructed him to be a Satanist." -- Independent Online, South Africa

Last 'Witch' Executed in Europe Is Cleared - A woman beheaded after she was accused of causing a girl to spit pins and convulse was exonerated Wednesday, more than 200 years after she became the last person executed as a witch in Europe. The decision to clear Anna Goeldi's name came after long debate in the eastern Swiss state of Glarus, and was taken in consultation with the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. --Aolnews

Scream GB - Britain's spookiest cities have been pinpointed in a new survey by Lionel Fanthorpe. --The Sun

Ghost conference planned in W.Va . -Things that go bump in the night and a whole lot more will be discussed in Parkersburg this weekend. Conference attendees will have a chance to win tickets to an all-night private ghost hunt at the former Weston Hospital.-- Huntington Herald Dispatch, WV

Unusual creature roaming Solvay - Some folks living in Solvay spotted something unusual lurking around the village’s streets over past few days. It looks somewhat like a fox mixed with a jackal and a dog. ”The creature was so weird,” explains Tyler Avery, who saw it with his friends. A few days ago, Tyler and his buddies spotted the creature near Charles Avenue in Solvay. With video. -- NewsChannel 9 WSYR, NY

Another chupacabra? - Fannin family reports sighting the ‘dark grey and hairless’ animal. A suspected chupa cabra was shot on Wedneday in Kemper City by Louis Marbach who thought it was a coyote. Frank Marbach brought it to Victoria to take it to the Texas Parks and Wildlife on Thursday. --victoriaadvocate.com

Ghost conference planned in W.Va . -Things that go bump in the night and a whole lot more will be discussed in Parkersburg this weekend. Conference attendees will have a chance to win tickets to an all-night private ghost hunt at the former Weston Hospital.-- Huntington Herald Dispatch, WV

Unusual creature roaming Solvay - Some folks living in Solvay spotted something unusual lurking around the village’s streets over past few days. It looks somewhat like a fox mixed with a jackal and a dog. ”The creature was so weird,” explains Tyler Avery, who saw it with his friends. A few days ago, Tyler and his buddies spotted the creature near Charles Avenue in Solvay. With video.

New York Chupacabra

-- NewsChannel 9 WSYR, NY

MCC offers classes about ghost-hunting - The Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group will offer classes at McHenry County College about detecting ghosts.-- Northwest Herald, IL

Lawman Aims To Find His Quarry, Dead Or Alive - PLANT CITY - Hillsborough County sheriff's Deputy Landon "L.T." Cochran is founder of the Plant City Center for Paranormal Research. Since the Sci-Fi hit series "Ghost Hunters" took paranormal mainstream, dozens of groups have emerged across the nation. Cochran, however, says he has been interested in paranormal activity his entire life.-- Tampa Tribune, FL

Poltergeists, vampires or ghosts.... all mean city is most spooky - DERBY is the most haunted place in Britain with more reported sightings of ghosts, poltergeists and other supernatural ghouls than anywhere else in the UK. There have been 315 reported sightings in Derby over the past 40 years, according to a new study. This averages at 14 sightings per 10,000 people of the city's 233,700 population, making Derby the best UK city to visit if you want to spot a spook or glimpse a ghost. --thisisderbyshire.co.uk

Ghosts amid the wreckage in Myanmar - And there are the stories of wandering ghosts, whose cries for help can be heard at night in haunted places that no villager dares to enter. Among these phantoms and traumas, international relief workers have become the survivors' lifeline, delivering aid to all but the most remote parts of the delta. -- International Herald Tribune, France

TV's 'Mythbusters' Tackle Moon Landing Hoax Claims - In 2005, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, special effects experts better known by the title of their popular Discovery Channel series, "MythBusters", were asked during an interview about the myth they would most like to test provided an unlimited budget. "Jamie and I have done the research, and figured that the only way to end the debate about the 'myth' of the Apollo moon landing is to go there," Savage replied to Slashdot, a technology news website, about the belief held by some that the United States faked the lunar landings. -- yahoonews

Egypt's Ancient Pyramids at Giza Get Makeover - he monuments may be glorious, but visiting Egypt's famed Giza Pyramids has long been a nightmare, with hawkers peddling camel rides and pharaonic trinkets hustling tourists relentlessly at every turn. But now the hustlers are gone, as Egypt unveiled on Monday the first stage of an elaborate project to modernize the site and make it more tourist-friendly, complete with security cameras and a 12-mile fence with infra-red sensors surrounding the site. -- Aolnews

`100 Things' co-author Dave Freeman dies in LA - "This life is a short journey," the book says. "How can you make sure you fill it with the most fun and that you visit all the coolest places on earth before you pack those bags for the very last time?"--Yahoo! News

How to be a ghostbuster - Have you ever lived where you've seen weird things, or have you ever been to a graveyard with peculiar visitors? You may just have a ghost in your midst! Many people claim to see ghosts. Most of them are just flat out lying. Some have made honest mistakes, and very rarely some occurrences simply can't be explained. -- Newsday, NY

Supposedly Smart College Students Believe in Ghosts -December in the Review of Religious Research, shows that those who go to church "are much less likely to consult horoscopes, visit psychics, purchase New Age items," and so on, Mencken said. "However, among those Christians who do not attend church, there is a much higher level of participation in these phenomena." -- CollegeOTR, NY

So what ghosts did they find in Pentucket Burial Ground? - Do ghosts really haunt the old Pentucket Burial Ground in Haverhill? Experienced ghost hunters who visited the cemetery recently think so. -- Eagle Tribune, MA

Local Expert in War of Words Over Windigo- Carlson is one of the world's leading experts on what he calls Windigo phenomenon, a condition where people believe they have been possessed by a Windigo, a mythological native monster with an appetite for human flesh. -- Edmonton Sun

Chupacabras Explained in Children's Picture Book
Fictional tale depicts the cryptid as a friendly vegetarian. --New West

TOPS Paranormal Seminar at Secrest - The Ohio Paranormal Seekers (TOPS) presented its first Paranormal Investigation Seminar at Secrest Auditorium. -- Zanesville Times Recorder, OH

Ghost stories revolve around life, love - Ghosts, the netherworld and eternal love are some of writer Thuong Hong’s favourite subjects. Minh Thu finds out more. -- Viet Nam News, Vietnam

Teacher at a 'haunted' school in Calapan City captures 'evil attacks'on camphone - A student in a state of 'evil possession' is being watched over by classmates as another group nearby lends a hand to another victim in a public high school in Calapan City. Teacher Edwin Acedera captures on his camera phone the paranormal phenomena that have been haunting the school community since last month. Video -- Inquirer.net

GHOST KNOCKED ME DOWN -- BECAUSE I CALLED HIM A WUSS - Tom Carr knows ghosts are real -- Because a ghost once tossed the hefty Salt Lake City ghostbuster across a room! And over a dozen witnesses saw it happen! -- weeklyuniverse

Group probes strange goings-on - The group investigated the famous photo taken during the Wem Town Hall fire in 1995 which apparently showed a little girl standing among the ruins of the burning building. Shropshire has been at the forefront of the mystery surrounding big black cats and UFOs and now the county has become a hotspot for ghosthunters. -- Shropshire Star, UK

Gossip Lady goes ghost hunting at Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse - Gossip Lady goes ghost hunting with Jeremy D'Entremont, historian and Ron Kolek who take her to the Portsmouth Lighthouse based at the coast guard station in New Castle, NH -- Portsmouth Herald News, NH

Ghost Hunting At Heritage Junction - Things are getting a little spooky over at Heritage Junction. The home base of Santa Clarita’s historical reference has started fielding a lot of questions lately asking if the antique buildings on the lot are haunted. -- KHTS Radio, CA

Stalking the spirits of The Nugget - These local ghost enthusiasts spend their weekends inspecting supposedly haunted sites as though they are ghostly home appraisers. They takes pictures, make recordings, research the history of each building and then determine just what kind of spirit, if any, you have. So after I finished interviewing their friendly founder, Holly Prince, I invited her to come by for a meet-and-greet with our toilet ghost. -- Dahlonega Nugget, GA

Stillwater medium links the dead with the living - Since the age of three, Georgia (Czechowicz) O'Connor has been conversing with the dead. -- Troy Record, NY

Does Fort Sewall hold spooky secrets? - Is Fort Sewall haunted?

Teenaged ghost hunter Nicholas Smith is not ruling it out, having previously detected sufficient evidence to request permission from the Marblehead Board of Selectmen to investigate further. -- Marblehead Reporter, MA

A high-tech search for spirits - Rumors of unexplained incidents run rampant in the Town Hall that is over 150- years-old, and some Town Hall workers believe its move than just the leaky pipes ––they say it’s ghosts. Colleen Beltramini, the director of the New England Society of Paranormal Investigators in Hyannis, along with a team conducted an electronic voice phenomena investigation at the Town Hall and the Central Cemetery on Saturday night. -- East Bridgewater Express, MA

Why do people believe weird things? - Is there extraordinary evidence for the extraordinary claim? Evidence is key. Normal claims need normal evidence, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. -- ABC Online, Australia

Spook sleuths hunt for haunted - The CEO of local independent production company D-Mentd Films, Roberts said his team of trained ghost hunters, Infinitus Paranormal, has worked since 1999 to explain unusual occurrences in old buildings and homes across Southeastern North Carolina. They use special equipment and the scientific method to prove or disprove any acts of reported paranormal experiences. He calls it a service to the community. If you have a fire, you call the fire department. If you have ghosts, who you gonna call? Infinitus Paranormal. -- StarNewsOnline

Ghosts I Have Known - It could have been a scene out of "Ghostbusters," only instead of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, it featured Alan Lowe, 55, of Roland, Ark., and his volunteers from Spirit Seekers Paranormal Investigation Research and Intervention Team. ("Where the Here and the Hereafter Meet," to quote his business card.) -- Town Hall, DC

Bigfoot Hoaxers Say It Was a 'Big Joke' - In an exclusive interview with CNN affiliate WSB, the two hoaxers -- car salesman Rick Dyer and now-fired police officer Matt Whitton -- said the whole situation began as a joke and then got out of hand. "Well, we told 10 different stories," he said. "Everyone knew we were lying." --CNN

Bigfoot hoaxers Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton are back in the limelight — and they're blaming Tom Biscardi, the California promoter who trotted them out for a nationally televised press conference last Friday. Bigfoot a Joke Video here - It got legs and ran! -- wstb2

Ghost hunters set sights on Theodores' tavern in Springfield - Paranormal investigators from the popular SciFi Channel TV series "Ghost Hunters" spent the past two evenings looking into what goes bump in the night at Theodores' and Smith Billiards at 201 Worthington St. -- The Republican - MassLive.com

Corpse Kept Upright for 3-Day Wake - A Puerto Rican man has been granted his wish to remain standing — even in death. A funeral home used a special embalming treatment to keep the corpse of 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina standing upright for his three-day wake. -- Aolnews

Bigfoot Finding A Fraud, Whitton Terminated - Clayton County Files Termination Papers. As soon as he learned it was a hoax, Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner moved to have Whitton fired. He's been an embarrassment. This is basically a disgrace to be in law enforcement. You must have integrity. He has none,” said Turner. -- cbs46

GHOSTLY THEATRE TV PILOT TO SHINE AT NEW YORK TELEVISION FESTIVAL" - "PROJECT GHOSTLIGHT" the new series pilot from SchoonerScout Productions has been named an Official Selection in the fourth annual New York Television Festival (NYTVF) held September 12-17, 2008 at New World Stages in New York. "It's a huge honor, and also an excellent opportunity. We're proud of what we created, and we're excited to share ‘Ghostlight' with the public. We think TV audiences will be surprised by what we found," say Steve Maihack and Michael Todd Cohen, the show's creators and hosts.

Investigative club seeks to document evidence of paranormal activities - Paramount in any paranormal investigation is the group members trusting each other. Jamie Woods found that out around 2001, when he was involved in another paranormal group called the Henderson County Paranormal Society. -- courierpress.com

Hoax Revealed

Hoaxers’ Video Confession & Apology - -- Cryptomundo

Bigfoot Body Revealed to Be Halloween Costume - In a long statement on SearchingforBigfoot.com, Kulls reveals what he found early Sunday morning Eastern time as the body thawed out. "I extracted some [hair] from the alleged corpse and examined it and had some concerns," Kulls writes. "We burned said sample and said hair sample melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair." --Fox news

Shroud of Turin stirs new controversy - A Colorado couple researching the shroud dispute radiocarbon dating. --LA Times

Premature baby 'comes back to life' - The baby girl, who was in a cooler at the hospital, suddenly showed signs of life and was being treated in the premature baby unit. Five-month-old baby that 'miraculously' began breathing after doctors assumed she was dead. -- Jpost.com

Bigfoot in Georgia? Michiana? - America has caught an acute case of Bigfoot fever. With video -- fox28.com

NW Bigfoot hunter: Georgia find is a hoax - A Northwest Bigfoot researcher is adding his voice to the growing chorus denouncing this week's claim by two Georgia men that they have found an actual Bigfoot corpse and stuffed it in a freezer. Cliff Barackman of Portland, who started researching Bigfoot 15 years ago, says the pair's claims and "evidence" are nothing more than an elaborate hoax. -- katu.com

Symposium speaker pledges continued forum for UFO facts - With adoration in her eyes and a hitch in her breath, one Bakersfield woman waited in anticipation for national radio show host George Noory to arrive Saturday at the first Central Coast Science-UFO Symposium -- Lompoc Record

Ex-Salem cop finds fulfillment channeling spirit world
- A retired Salem cop who swapped his badge for a crystal ball is still sleuthing - with backup from his friends from beyond the grave. Professional psychic medium Chuck Bergman, 57, spent 32 years pounding the beat in the Witch City, but says that since retiring five years ago he is finding old habits die hard. -- Boston Herald

2008 Haunted West Virginia Ghost & Paranormal Conference -- August 29th/30th at the Old Sumnerite School in Parkersburg - During the ghost & paranormal conference, ghost hunts will take place at three different haunted sites. Friday night will feature guest speakers and a trip into the haunted regions of Parkersburg on the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, -huntingtonnews.com

Remains From 1948 Crash Identified - The frozen arm and hand of Francis Joseph Van Zandt were discovered near a crash site in 1999 on Alaska's Mount Sanford, located about 200 miles from Anchorage. His flight from China to New York crashed in 1948, killing 24 merchant marines and six crewmen. Above, Van Zandt is seen on his merchant marine application. -- aolnews

Cult prayed for lifeless boy's resurrection - After denying Javon Thompson food and water for two days because he wouldn't say "Amen" after meals, the 1-year-old's caretakers waited for a divine sign that their message had been heard: a resurrection. --cnn.com

Ghostly goings on at Dudley Castle --Dudley News, UK

Monsters, Ghosts and Gods: Why We Believe --LiveScience.com, NY

Obama Says McCain Uses 'Antichrist' Imagery - While it is unclear from the comment whether Obama was referring to the Antichrist conspiracy theories or the general attempt by the McCain campaign to "pigeonhole" him. -- AOL News Newsbloggers, VA

Doctors debate when to declare organ donors dead - A report on three heart transplants involving babies is focusing attention on a touchy issue in the organ donation field: When and how can someone be declared dead? -- Aolnews

Bear Attacks Put Alaskan City on Edge -- aolnews

Come join Steve Kulls, Billy Willard and Becky Sawyer as we discuss the hot topics in the Bigfoot world with a special 2 hour show! "Bigfoot on Ice" A lot of controversy over the alleged find of a Bigfoot body has stormed the Bigfoot Community. Tonight we delve into the allegations and have some shocking new revelations about two guys from Georgia claiming to have a Bigfoot body in a freezer. As the Squatchdetective has been doing his homework .-- www.blogtalkradio.com

Bigfoot in Georgia? Michiana? - America has caught an acute case of Bigfoot fever. With video -- fox28.com

NW Bigfoot hunter: Georgia find is a hoax - A Northwest Bigfoot researcher is adding his voice to the growing chorus denouncing this week's claim by two Georgia men that they have found an actual Bigfoot corpse and stuffed it in a freezer. Cliff Barackman of Portland, who started researching Bigfoot 15 years ago, says the pair's claims and "evidence" are nothing more than an elaborate hoax. -- katu.com

Chupas – Mysterious Flying Menace in Brazil's Countryside - In 1977, the Brazilian government heard complaints of a phenomenon attacking locals. Witnesses describe the phenomenon as small square metallic objects, a few feet on each side, that flies 20 to 30 feet off the ground, hovers, and emits a hum most describe resembling that of a refrigerator. These objects fly through the treetops at night and seem to aggressively attack locals. -- American Chronicle

Symposium speaker pledges continued forum for UFO facts - With adoration in her eyes and a hitch in her breath, one Bakersfield woman waited in anticipation for national radio show host George Noory to arrive Saturday at the first Central Coast Science-UFO Symposium -- Lompoc Record

The Northern Georgia Bigfoot Carcass Controversy - Loren Coleman has made some very positive statements about the Georgia carcass: “'It certainly looks like the real deal… The gorilla-like facial features, the robust lack of canines, and the grinding surfaces shown in the teeth suggest a bulky vegetarian with a mixture of higher primate characteristics.” However, it’s unclear whether he has actually seen the body in person or is merely drawing conclusions based on the photographic evidence. Not everyone in the Bigfoot research community has such a positive view of the find. -- OpEdNews

Ex-Salem cop finds fulfillment channeling spirit world
- A retired Salem cop who swapped his badge for a crystal ball is still sleuthing - with backup from his friends from beyond the grave. Professional psychic medium Chuck Bergman, 57, spent 32 years pounding the beat in the Witch City, but says that since retiring five years ago he is finding old habits die hard. -- Boston Herald

2008 Haunted West Virginia Ghost & Paranormal Conference -- August 29th/30th at the Old Sumnerite School in Parkersburg - During the ghost & paranormal conference, ghost hunts will take place at three different haunted sites. Friday night will feature guest speakers and a trip into the haunted regions of Parkersburg on the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, -huntingtonnews.com

Ghost hunters search Putnam, again - Matthew Sweet, left, from Blue Grass, Iowa, and Kent Amerine from LeClaire, Iowa, both members of IPART, use red lenses on their flashlights while investigating a mummy Friday night and early Saturday in the Egyptian room at the Putnam Museum. (John Schultz/Quad-City Times)-- Quad City Time

Bookies Slash Odds After Yeti Found - Following the possible discovery of Yeti in America, bookmakers William Hill have cut the price of a Yeti being found alive from 250/1 to 66/1. -- Casino Beacon, UK

Sightings of 'Wolf-Like' Creatures in Stafford, UK
A tribe of subterranean creatures who surface to hunt for food could be behind the 'werewolf' sightings. --Sundaymercury.net

Elvis fans ignore rain for graveside vigil --yahoonews

Voices Recorded at Kiii-TV Studios during Paranormal Investigation - -- KIII TV3

Ghostbusters scour old prison - Who Ya Gonna Call to make sense of things going bump in the night at the old Napier Prison? Ghost Hunters of course. -- TVNZ, New Zealand

Go To Lexington, Get Scared - Do you believe in ghosts, the unexplainable and paranormal activities? Scare Fest might be right up your alley, especially if you like meeting filmmakers, directors, ghost hunters and other true believers in the spirits. -- kypost.com, KY

Price hikes also hit hungry ghosts - KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - The bulging red eyes of the one-storey high effigy of the God of Hell glowers over the spread of roast pork, fluffy pink pau and bottles of beer offered by devotees. The offerings are the same every year as Taoists and Buddhists celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival. This year, however, the offerings are noticeably less generous. -- AsiaOne, Singapore


Big foot Mania

Bigfoot Mania Has Hit The News. The news confrence is today Friday, August 15, 2008 Time: From 12Noon-1:00pm Place: Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto (A Crown Plaza Resort) 4290 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California 94306. Will the real truth finally revealed? Haunted America Tours Will keep you posted and informed as News is realeased. --HAUNTEDAMERICATOURS.COM

Yowie Man 'excited' by Bigfoot claim - Adelaidenow, Australia

Bigfoot is alive and well.... and living in Birmingham
Sunday Mercury, UK

Bigfoot almost made me lose my baby - Police chiefs have hit out at the dangers posed by the spoof ‘Bigfoot’ craze after a teenager almost lost her baby when a joker clad in a gorilla suit jumped in front of her car. -- Sunday Mercury, UK

100% Definitive Proof Bigfoot Lives - World's second most important question: What does Bigfoot taste like? Yet to be answered, but soon people. Soon. --Jawa Report, TX

I’m excited about Bigfoot - Philadelphia citypaper.net, PA

Doubt thrown on Bigfoot discovery - Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

UPDATE: Georgia Gorilla, Skeptically Yours - Of course, we all will see this unfold or unravel some more on Fox TV News at 10:45 am/7:45 am this Wednesday morning, August 13, 2008. And then on Friday, if it gets that far. I will continue to update Cryptomundo with new postings or any visuals obtained. -- Cryptomundo

The Searching for Bigfoot website offered the following "vital statistics" on the body:

It is said to weigh more than 500 pounds
The creature appears to be part human and part ape
It is male
It has reddish hair and blackish-gray eyes
It has two arms, two legs, five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot
The feet are flat and similar to human feet
Its footprint is 16 ¾ inches long and 5 ¾ inches wide at the heel
From the palm of the hand to the tip of the middle finger, its hands are 11 and ¾ inches long and 6 and ¼ inches wide
The creatures walk upright (several are said to have been sighted on the day the body was found)
The teeth are more human-like than ape-like

Cuero Chupacabra Capital of The World, South Texas, Police Video (CNN) El Chupacabra Video? South Texas Sheriff captures a real chupacabra on video. Are all the Cryptids finally coming out to play? --Yahhonews

Evidence That Bigfoot is real? Georgia Gorilla: Bigfoot Body’s First Photo! -

A Real 'Bigfoot Body' Photo


Whitton, a Clayton County, Georgia police officer and Dyer, a former corrections officer, will hold a press conference Friday August 15th in conjunction with renowned Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi. The pair will announce preliminary results of DNA testing on the Bigfoot body at the press conference. An initial picture of the Bigfoot body can be seen here. This photograph has not been authenticated by the Whitton team but more photographs will be released Friday.

August 12, 2008 BIGFOOT BODY FOUND DNA evidence and photo evidence to be presented at a PRESS CONFERENCE to be held on Date: Friday, August 15, 2008 Time: From 12Noon-1:00pm
Place: Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto (A Crown Plaza Resort) 4290 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California 94306 -- cryptomundo.com

It's Ghost Season in Japan - Who You Gonna Call? - How can one stop being haunted by ghosts? In the Christianized West, holy water and crosses may help ward off ghosts, but they won't keep their Japanese counterparts, buried under Shinto or Buddhist rites, at bay. Instead, "ofuda" strips inscribed with Buddhist sutras are believed to be effective in keeping evil spirits away. Some Shinto shrines also provide "oharai," a purification ritual that removes bad omens with wooden wands and chants. -- Japan Times 

First Photo of Bigfoot Body Leaked - Despite the recent calm regarding the Georgia Bigfoot body story, more details appear to have just been released today, in bits and pieces, about the body, straight from the Georgia gentlemen, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer. -- Cryptomundo

Pirate ghosts and hidden treasure - One intriguing claim has been made which states that, at one point, Portland Creek was so haunted by pirate ghosts that it was nearly impossible to keep a dog in the community. Apparently the dogs, sensitive to the phantom menace, were driven wild by paranormal visitors and would keep owners up with their nightly howling. -- St. John's Telegram, Canada

Gettysburg 'witness tree' falls - Tree witnessed the Battle of Gettysburg and President Lincoln's speech. Huge honey locust tree on Cemetery Hill stood in Gettysburg National Military Park. "Union soldiers sat under it for all three days of the battle," historian believes. Park maintenance officials will decide what to do with the remains of the tree -- Cnn.com

JP DEVINE: It's a family thing - Yes, I talk to ghosts. Not Mamie Eisenhower or James Dean. I mean, I'm not nuts. It's just a family thing. There are things we learn as children that stay with us all of our lives, even when we grow old and get smart and know better. -- Morning Sentinel

Did someone say ghosts? - For those who do not yet know, the Cheshire Cat Brew Pub in Arvada is gone. In its place, the Yak and Yeti moved in to give local diners a new and different treat, and a haunted experience. Apparently, sometime between when the old occupants left and the new ones moved in, ghosts appeared. - -Examiner.com

Taiwanese search for info about ghosts during Ghost Month --Monsters and Critics.com Are ghosts on this hill pushing us around?- This place would make Sir Isaac Newton cringe .-- The Patriot-News - PennLive.com

Losing the yeti in forgotten nation of Bhutan - The creature has always been out there, and it's out there still," says Sonam Dorji, 77, sitting on the pockmarked wooden floor of his small farmhouse. It's a cold Himalayan morning, and he warms himself beside a wood stove. The smell of burning pine fills the room. "If you travel the ancient trails, even today, there's a good chance you'll meet him." -- Yahoonews

38 dead after being bitten by vampire bats -At least 38 Warao Indians have died since June 2007, and at least 16 have died in the past two months, according to a report the Berkeley researchers and indigenous leaders provided to Venezuelan officials this week. --cnn.com

THE spooky antics of a poltergeist which terrorised a young family for months have been caught on camera and released exclusively to -- The Sun.

Haunted High School - A mysterious image shows up on surveillance footage at one North Carolina school. WSPA's Connie LeGrand reports. --cnn.com

German scientists dig for their own Stonehenge - Archaeologists have discovered traces of a Bronze Age place of worship in Germany in what they say might be the country's answer to Stonehenge. -- reuters.com

Montauk Monster Mystery Goes Hollywood
A movie production crew claims to have the 'kidnapped' carcass. --Fox News

Spooky Waverly Hills may return as hotel - Old Waverly Hills Sanatorium could become Louisville's next luxe lodging. The rooms may be standard, and the location is a bit out-of-the-way, but Charlie Mattingly thinks his planned hotel in southwest Jefferson County will have a unique draw: Mattingly and his architect, Kevin Milburn of Urban Designz, are dead serious about turning the old Waverly Hills Sanatorium into a 78-room boutique hotel with a spa, fitness center and meeting space for business groups. --Courier-journal.com

Spooky sighting at waterways museum - Staff at the National Waterways Museum at Gloucester Docks believe recent refurbishment work has disturbed a ghost. -- mbmclub.com

Blocked-up drain or a ghost in the attic -- who ya gonna call? - Jason Hawes admits that he's probably the last guy you'd expect to be an expert on the paranormal -- and that may be why he seems to have so much credibility. -- The Lindsaypost

Ghosts and Haunted Houses Class to be offered. The Ventura Community Services will offer Mr. Senate’s Class on Ghosts and Haunted Houses. The Class will be offered every Wednesday night in October from 7 to 9. The class will include a field trip to a haunted location and a ghost hunt. This class will fill fast so sign up as soon as you can. Contact the Ventura College Community Education 805-654-6448. “This year I have some real surprises in store for my students,” commented Mr. Senate.

'Leprechaun-alien' snapped - When I took the picture I’m sure there was no one there,"-- The Sun

George Noory will be appearing at a number of conferences this summer and into the fall. -- Please Visit here for the schedule.

Ghost Hunters: Ashland landmark searched for paranormal activity - A team of paranormal investigators searched Stone's Public House in Ashland for signs of ghosts Monday night. -- MetroWest Daily News

Paranormal expert seeks Fort Sewall ghosts - If there's something strange in the Fort Sewall neighborhood — who you gonna call? No, not Ghostbusters. It's CPI, Crypto Paranormal Investigations, and its director of operations, Nicholas Smith. He's only 18, but he ain't afraid of no ghost. --The Salem News, MA

Friendly Neighborhood Ghosts? - If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? None other than the Ghostbusters of 2008: The Ohio Paranormal Seekers (or TOPS). --WHIZ, OH

Skeptics Throw in Towel - How Did Meier Beat NASA by 32 Years -Topix

Do Mythic Creatures Exist? Show Me the Body. - Is it possible that a real Bigfoot lives despite the posthumous confession by the Wallace family that it was just a practical joke? Certainly. After all, although Bigfoot proponents do not dispute the Wallace hoax, they correctly note that tales of the giant Yeti living in the Himalayas and Native American lore about Sasquatch wandering around the Pacific Northwest emerged long before Wallace pulled his prank in 1958. --sciam.com

Haunted High School - A mysterious image shows up on surveillance footage at one North Carolina school. WSPA's Connie LeGrand reports. --cnn.com

German scientists dig for their own Stonehenge - Archaeologists have discovered traces of a Bronze Age place of worship in Germany in what they say might be the country's answer to Stonehenge. -- reuters.com

Montauk Monster Mystery Goes Hollywood
A movie production crew claims to have the 'kidnapped' carcass. --Fox News

Spooky Waverly Hills may return as hotel - Old Waverly Hills Sanatorium could become Louisville's next luxe lodging. The rooms may be standard, and the location is a bit out-of-the-way, but Charlie Mattingly thinks his planned hotel in southwest Jefferson County will have a unique draw: Mattingly and his architect, Kevin Milburn of Urban Designz, are dead serious about turning the old Waverly Hills Sanatorium into a 78-room boutique hotel with a spa, fitness center and meeting space for business groups. --Courier-journal.com

'Leprechaun-alien' snapped - When I took the picture I’m sure there was no one there,"-- The Sun

George Noory will be appearing at a number of conferences this summer and into the fall. -- Please Visit here for the schedule.

Ghost Hunters: Ashland landmark searched for paranormal activity - A team of paranormal investigators searched Stone's Public House in Ashland for signs of ghosts Monday night. -- MetroWest Daily News

Paranormal expert seeks Fort Sewall ghosts - If there's something strange in the Fort Sewall neighborhood — who you gonna call? No, not Ghostbusters. It's CPI, Crypto Paranormal Investigations, and its director of operations, Nicholas Smith. He's only 18, but he ain't afraid of no ghost. --The Salem News, MA

Friendly Neighborhood Ghosts? - If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? None other than the Ghostbusters of 2008: The Ohio Paranormal Seekers (or TOPS). --WHIZ, OH

The American Chupacabra Is Alive And Well ... And It Lives In New Orleans.

The American Chupacabara

Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier explores the urban legend of the Grunch! --ginalanier.com

History In The Making: Bigfoot Body Taken? - The “Bigfoot Trackers” claim they have a Bigfoot corpse, frozen in a freezer, killed by a .30-06. --cryptomundo.com 

Sing Along With Galveston, Texas Ghosts "REAL GHOSTS CAN SING!" - The Great American Necromancer Lisa Lee Harp Waugh has a good ear for paranormal music and songs and the ghost of Rock and broadway Stars. Sometimes even late sppoks specters and ghosts of singing stars come and serenade her to sleep .--Ghosthuntersofamerica.com

Indonesia executed a man convicted of killing 42 women and girls in a series of ritual slayings he believed would give him magical powers, his lawyer said Friday. Belief in sorcery and the supernatural is common across Indonesia. -- CNN.com

Pyramid Cave May Solve Ancient Mystery - Researchers in Mexico are probing a cave buried beneath the Pyramid of the Sun, shown here. The archeologists hope the cave, which had been sealed since the 1970s, will help explain why inhabitants of Teotihuacan abandoned "The Place Where Men Become Gods" in around 700 AD. --Aolnews

Local and national outbreak of grave robbing - Grave robbing has become an above-ground affair-- ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

The lunatic fringe Is moonlight the miracle cure? - Deep in the Arizona desert, a bizarre machine is offering new hope to sufferers from conditions ranging from eczema to cancer. How does it work? By the light of the silvery moon... Words & pictures by Jason Oddy --The Independent

My Strangest UFO Abduction Case
Brad Steiger recounts a case in which a man was apparently able to dematerialize his body. --UFO Digest

Man Auctions His Life for $380,000 - A man who put his life up for auction on eBay found it wasn't worth quite as much as he thought when he settled for around $100,000 less than his target price. --Aolnews

Texas High Court Says Exorcism Protected - FORT WORTH, Texas (June 28) - The Texas Supreme Court on Friday threw out a jury award over injuries a 17-year-old girl suffered in an exorcism conducted by members of her old church, ruling that the case unconstitutionally entangled the court in religious matters. --Aolnews.com

Gina Lanier Ghost Hunter Paranormal Investigator

Chris Portwood writes in with a photo to Coast To Coast AM with Geroge Noory with a story and photo of a friend who may have been possessed by a demon. --coasttocoastam.com

A Mystery? It Must Be Witchcraft. - Flying rocks - hundreds of them. Some the size of apples; some weighing as much as 8 pounds; others blazing hot, as if retrieved from a fire. -- BOSTON.COM

UFOs invade Australian town - A small Northern Territory community is still reeling with shock after four UFOs descended on their Outback homes. Families spent hours in fear as what appeared to be three spaceships hovered in the distance with another just metres above their houses. --Northern Territory News

UFO lights seen over the Brecon Beacons - Dr Simon Griffey saw lights loom over a mountain village – before they disappeared (with photo). --The Sun

Normal or paranormal? - Ghost hunters explore the supernatural. --Richmond Register

Alien army - Corporal Mark Proctor was among three squaddies who spotted the objects while out on night patrol. Ministry of Defence experts were studying his report and video yesterday — after ordering Mark and his pals NOT to say anything else about the incident. -- the Sun

Things that Go Boom in the Night Brad Steiger, indefatigable investigator of high strangeness and author of over 160 books, takes on the Fortean task of reporting on the many strange explosions happening through the years across the United States and other nations, and for which no one has ever offered an acceptable explanation.-- Rense.com

Ghosts From Asbury Park - Some say spirits, and that’s one reason why Kathy A. Kelly has chosen Asbury Park as the site of her newly opened store, Paranormal Books and Curiosities. The shop, on happening Cookman Avenue, looks like a Victorian parlor, complete with a working fireplace, mahogany bookshelves filled with an eclectic collection of titles and unusual objects like a plaster cast made of the face of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. -- New Jersey Monthly, NJ

Hunting For Ghosts At The Old South Mountain Inn: Part 2 - BOONSBORO, MD - NBC25 introduced you to a local ghost hunter team, and showed you how they use scientific methods to seek out supernatural and paranormal happenings in our area. -- WHAG, MD

A dark figure haunts visitors to Oxford Castle Unlocked! - A photograph, which has captured a dark figure taken in the foreboding underground Crypt at Oxford Castle Unlocked, has revealed the paranormal does exist and confirms beliefs that the Castle is haunted. The photograph was taken on Friday 16 May by a member of the public at a ghost hunt organised by Fright Nights, the UK’s leading ghost hunt specialist. The brave ghost hunter, who was alone in the Crypt at the time, took the photograph with his digital camera. -- easier.com

Independence Dai sightings - Hundreds of UFO sightings over Wales were reported yesterday after a mystery craft threatened a police helicopter. --The Sun

Pagans mark longest day at ancient Stonehenge - Thousands of partygoers, pagans and self-styled druids cheered and banged drums Saturday to greet the dawn at Stonehenge on the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. -- CNN

Who you gonna call? Why, the plumbers, of course - "Some of those other shows could find a cardboard box haunted," says Jason Hawes, the Rhode Island plumber and lead investigator on Ghost Hunters. "Plumbing is a problem-solving field. You're called in for a problem, you diagnose the problem and then you fix the problem. That's what you're doing in the paranormal field as well." -- Globe and Mail, Canada

More ghost busters to investigate ‘haunted’ town hall- Selectmen voted this week to allow a second group of paranormal investigators, Enfield Paranormal Society of Enfield, Conn., to probe accounts that the building is haunted. -- Wicked Local Middleborou

Haunted stay will raise cash for campaign - WANNABE ghostbusters have the chance to spend a night in a haunted house and help raise money for The Press's Guardian Angels Appeal. -- York Press, UK

Ghost hunters claim Civil War fort is haunted - Ghost Hunters from a Sci-Fi Channel TV show of the same name say they have found evidence of ghosts at Fort Delaware. -- Daily Record

British Police Reportedly Chase UFO - "Stunned police gave chase to a UFO after it attacked their helicopter near a military base," the Sun tabloid breathlessly recounted in its Friday edition. "The mystery aircraft zoomed straight at the chopper as the three-man cop crew prepared to land." --FoxNews

Is It Really Paranormal? Questioning The Unknown Side Of Ghosts And Demonic Possession - With tales of being raped or beaten by ghosts, to stories of even a ghost giving a person a loan of some cash. I ask myself do these things really happen? --Ginalanier.com

What is killing the moorland lambs? - Sightings of a mystery creature have been reported in the Examiner over many years – with a strange big cat being spotted in Hade Edge, Denby Dale, Skelmanthorpe, Scissett and even Birchencliffe, on the fringe of urban Huddersfield. --Huddersfield Examiner, UK

Jacob the ghost fails to foil pub burglary -- Rye and Battle Today

Apocalypse Now: Floods, Tornadoes, Locusts - Weather of Biblical proportions sets off debate among theologians and scientists. God's wrath seems at work these days, as the heavens and Earth have unleashed earthquakes in China, a cyclone in Burma, killer tornadoes and record floods across the U.S. and even a plague of locusts (cicadas) in New England. --ABC News

‘Ghost tours’ still not following boro rules- Ghosts of Gettysburg owner Mark Nesbitt added: “The whole point of the new ordinance was to standardize the industry. I just wish everyone would cooperate, because it reflects poorly on the companies that have been cooperating.”--Gettysburg Times

Ghost hunters find Florence fascinating -n February of this year, Meghan, 27, started Dirty South Ghost Hunters. Her husband, Curtis, 32, is a member, and the name Dirty South is also the name of their mixed martial arts gym at the Copper Basin YMCA. The group has a total of five members and they're working on recruiting a sixth. The group wants to be of service, whether it's to unseen entities, living people, or both. -- Casa Grande Valley Newspapers

George Noory Ponders 2012 White House Run. - Popular late-night radio host George Noory says that with many issues of concern to him and his vast audience not being addressed, he's once again pondering a run for the White House in 2012. "With the millions of listeners to Coast to Coast AM, I get constant feedback from people who are not happy with the current candidates," Noory told WND. --worldnetdaily.com

Leeds paedophile: Psychic unlocks girls' sex abuse memories VIDEO --yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

Stoned & buried alive for witchcraft - Four persons of a family were stoned and buried alive at a village in Upper Assam’s Sonitpur district last night after a kangaroo court found them guilty of practising witchcraft and sentenced them to death. -- telegraphindia.com

Is Bobby Jindal -- Who May Be On McCain's Veep Shortlist -- An Exorcist?

Sci Fi renews 'Ghost Hunters' for fifth season, to air Halloween ... - Sci Fi Channel announced it has renewed Ghost Hunters for a fifth season, with 25 new episodes of the reality series currently slated to debut in 2009. Ghost Hunters' fifth season will continue to follow The Atlantic Paranormal Society members and real-life plumbers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson as they investigate hauntings and bizarre occurrences around the country. -- Reality TV World, MA

Christian Theologians Prepare for ET Life
Little green men might shock the secular public. But the Catholic Church would welcome them as brothers. --Wired

'Unicorn' Deer Found in Italy -This is fantasy becoming reality," Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, told The Associated Press. "The unicorn has always been a mythological animal." -- Aolnews

Looking for the most haunted. the best place to encounter a real ghost? Ghost Tours. Haunted Hotels. Haunted Houses, Chupacabra, and much much more!


Christian Theologians Prepare for ET Life
Little green men might shock the secular public. But the Catholic Church would welcome them as brothers. --Wired

'Unicorn' Deer Found in Italy -This is fantasy becoming reality," Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, told The Associated Press. "The unicorn has always been a mythological animal." -- Aolnews

"Most Haunted Live" to air from Gettysburg - "Most Haunted Live: Gettysburg" will air on the channel from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 10, and feature several historical and paranormal spots in the town, such as farms, historical homes and taverns, according to a statement announcing the visit. -- The Evening Sun, PA

Spooks, Specters, Ghosts & Ghouls - Sounds Like a Good Time - ince 1830 people have died there. During the Civil War, people were imprisoned and died there. A couple of people were buried there. Apparently, some of them want revenge, or at the very least are not real happy about the way their lives ended. --thebaynet.com

Ghost hounds - Thanks to TV shows, spirit-seeking groups are piquing interest, gaining members. The airwaves are populated with series such as Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters. Viewership of Ghost Hunters, a reality show on the Sci Fi Channel that chronicles investigations by the Atlantic Paranormal Society, has doubled since it premiered in 2004 -- growing from 1.3 million viewers to 2.6 million. -- columbusdispatch.com

Hunting for a haunting MC group on the prowl for ghosts- A ghostly figure gliding across a floor or disembodied voices wafting through the night air would rattle most people's nerves. However, a new group in Mini-Cassia is on the hunt for such occurrences. -- magicvalley.com

Satellites Or UFOS Over San Jose?
Two fast-moving shining objects were seen in the daytime sky. -- KTVU.com

Ghosts keep life interesting for local family - House believed to contain three distinct ghostly visitors. David Harrill and Joe Wright are members of a team that recently investigated paranormal activity at the home of Kim and Steve Etters.
--Salisbury Post

Zombie caterpillars controlled by voodoo wasps - Parisitic wasps shown to direct caterpillars' behavior. --New Scientist

'Beast of Breton' spotted again - The famous English Big Cat returns. IT is said to be 4ft long, 3ft high with a 2ft tail and a black shiny coat, and it has made a hair-raising return to the city. --Peterborough Today

Hollywood, UFOs and the Occult: The Impending Something - Coast to Coast AM radio host George Noory wafted over a packed conference room at Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn last Saturday night as he a moderated a panel of out-there researchers engaged in a radical examination of Hollywood’s covert use of occult symbolism and alien agendas — the same week that the Vatican’s chief astronomer told an interviewer that belief in alien life does not contradict belief in God. As Noory told the audience, “There’s definitely a sense of an impending ... something.” --LA Weekly

Bark from Skokie holds religious message - Markings made by insects allegedly show 'Muhammad' in Arabic. --Chicago Tribune

There's a Price on Bigfoot's Head - See Who Offers $1 Million Reward--aolnews.com

Lehi is haunted - and thrilled about it- Not only is the museum haunted, the ghosts can be rather, er, physical, said Michelle Lowe of Key2rip.com, one of the teams that spent the night investigating: "It was interesting," she said. "We didn't expect much to happen, but we had a couple of experiences." -- heraldextra.com

Factory shut after attack by ‘ghosts’- Majority of the workers of the factory were of the opinion that there were some "ghosts" present on the premises, an assumption rejected by experts who believed that the cause of the incident may be the sudden release of chemical used in the factory. --khaleejtimes.com

Ashes of Pringles can designer buried in his work - The man who designed the Pringles potato crisp packaging system was so proud of his accomplishment that a portion of his ashes has been buried in one of the iconic cans. --Baytownsun.com

'Alien' Sighting Now Made Public - More than 30 journalists gathered in Denver on Friday to see a homemade video shot in 2003 that purportedly shows an alien peeping through a man's window. Resident Jeff Peckman, who held the press conference, argued that it showed definitive proof that Earth has been visited by alien life. -- News Aol.com

Thinking of Death Can Change Behavior -Social psychologists have already shown that thoughts about death can spur buying behaviour. For example, in the months following 9/11 shops in the US noted a spike in purchases of luxury products, canned goods and sweets. -- newscientists.com

Alien video: Puppet or real E.T.? - Denver, Jeff Peckman presented a video purportedly showing a real live alien (pictured, enlargement). The grainy, black and white video shot by Stan Romanek shows what appears to be a creature with a balloon-shaped head, white face and large black eyes peeping into a window. -- Denver Post.

Uncontacted Tribe Photographed Near Brazil-Peru Border. --www.survival-international.org

Stonehenge Was 'Domain of the Dead' - England's enigmatic Stonehenge served as a burial ground from its earliest beginnings and for several hundred years thereafter, new research indicates.
-- aolnews

Purported UFO video to be shown Friday Footage is said to depict a living, breathing space alien. --Rocky Mountain News

Physicist Reveals in New Book Evidence of Life After Death He Experienced Himself. - Author Jan Vandersande, Ph.D., is one of a growing number of scientists who has witnessed hard evidence of life after death. In his book, Life after Death: Some of the Best Evidence, readers are taken into the fascinating world of séances and sittings where Vandersande, his wife, and close friends experienced other-worldly phenomena first-hand with genuine trance mediums and channelers. -- Pr-Canada.net

Stonehenge Was 'Domain of the Dead' - England's enigmatic Stonehenge served as a burial ground from its earliest beginnings and for several hundred years thereafter, new research indicates. -- aolnews

Purported UFO video to be shown Friday
Footage is said to depict a living, breathing space alien. --Rocky Mountain News

Shakespeare's Gravesite To Be Fixed Despite Curse -- newschannel5.com 

Inter-Paranormal Relationships - SEX WITH REAL GHOSTS - I have met some very interesting people in my life. From those that believe they have seen a ghost. Been touched by a ghost. Kissed by a ghosts, and had an sexual intercourse or a sexual encounter with a ghosts all on regular occasions. Are these people for real? I am currently doing research into the phenomena of Spectrophilia and Paranormal Sexual encounters, so please anyone who has this paranormal phenomena happen to them on a regular basis please get in touch with me as soon as possible. --ginalainer.com

Ghost Hunters Interational: Debunking Europe's Legends - On Ghost Hunters International, a team of paranormal investigators seek out the legendary haunted locations of Europe and conduct their scientific studies to debunk some of the continent’s legends. The series is a spin-off of Sci Fi Channel’s popular Ghost Hunters. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters were set to speak at Comic Con 2008 in San Diego last week, but had to cancel at the last minute. Donna LaCroix, who has worked with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and both teams since before there was a series and Robb Demarest from GHI filled in. The audience listened intently as they laid out the details behind upcoming shows, and some of their most frightening experiences to date. -- MediaBlvd Magazine

Florida Man Selling Ghosts - Entrepreneur claims to have captured spirits in bottles. A St. Augustine man is selling containers filled with what he describes as ghosts. --WKMG Orlando

Ghosts of Gettysburg: Civil War changed ordinary town, ordinary people - Oh, you may not find the ghouls and ghosties of Hollywood. You may not even experience the paranormal as sought by TAPS on SciFi's "Ghost Hunters." But Gettysburg is haunted, nonetheless. -- .herald-review.com

Kenya mob burns 15 women to death over witchcraft - The gang of about 100 people moved from house to house late Tuesday, tied up their victims and set them ablaze, the official said. -- breitbart.com

Accused 'thought ghosts controlled him'- A man on trial accused of murdering a student with a cricket bat told doctors two ghosts were communicating with him, a jury heard.-- Bradford Telegraph Argus, UK

Learn About the Paranormal and Mingle with Celebrities at TAPSCON .. -S uperstars and ghosts will converge upon the city of Clearwater, FL on July 19-20, 2008, as celebrities from film and television, join paranormal enthusiasts for a weekend of fun and education. The first annual TAPSCON is being held at the Belleview Biltmore Resort Hotel & Spa in Clearwater and will be an annual event unlike Central Florida has ever seen. Features of the event include autograph sessions with celebrities like Linda Blair, of “The Exorcist,” the cast of “Ghost Hunters” from the SciFi Channel, cast members from CBS’s “Survivor” reality game show, as well as numerous other movie and T.V. Stars. The weekend will feature lectures on ghosts, demons, psychics and weird creatures, by the world’s leading experts on such topics. -- California Newswire, CA

Ghost Hunters Check Out Tri-State Haunts - Members of the Ohio Paranormal Exploration Society are not GhostBusters, they're just out to test ghost stories. -- WKRC TV Cincinnati, OH

James Van Praagh: Spirits in a material world- hosts Among Us, famed medium James Van Praagh takes the reader on a journey that answers many questions about the spirit -- Windy City Times

Ghosts of the cyclone haunt survivors, soldiers - Similar ghost stories surfaced after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, as most Buddhists in Southeast Asia believe strongly in ghosts. They say the spirits of those who died accidentally have trouble moving on to the next life, and can get stuck temporarily in this world. -- Seattle Times

Murder trial ordered for man who says he's haunted by ghosts -- KMPH Fox 26, CA

The Dead Can Hear You! Can You Hear Them? FRANK'S BOX --- EVP GHOST BOX AND A NECROMANCER - A lot of talk goes on now more often about owning and operating the new paranormal toy called Frank's Box. This box carries a lot of controversy across the paranormal community. Frank Sumption came up with the idea that spirit voices can be created through fragmented radio pieces. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh is a American Necromancer Who Just tuned into the Mysteries Box-- ghosthuntersofamerica.com

Dateline NBC recently did a special on UFOs, mixing together analysis from both serious researchers and dyed-in-the-wool skeptics. Video excerpts are available on a page titled 10 Close Encounters Caught on Tape, which includes images from such cases as the Belgium Triangle, Gulf Breeze, and Stephenville. --msnbc.msn.com

Celebrated medium James Van Praagh will share incredible true ghost stories and surprising details about how ghosts actively participate in our lives. Tonight live -- CoasttocoastAm

Nothin' like a real New Orleans Voodoo Jazz Funeral to put you in a good mood! - The Jazz Funeral in New Orleans dates back to the early 1800’s. It emerged as a collaborative effort among slaves and free people of color. For these events, people would pool their resources in order to provide a family or community member with a proper burial. But little do those outside of New Orleans realize the Voodoo Hoodoo significance of a second line parade. --Ginalanier.com

The Saturday Strangeness: A Stone's Throw... -Unexplained cases pertaining to the sudden appearance of mystery objects from seemingly nowhere have, most certainly in the past, been blamed on the eerie aspect of the poltergeist, or 'noisy ghost' – an unseen phantom energy said to throw objects and make others appear. -Londonist

Cemetery's Scary Reputation Leads to Stepped-up Patrols. - Officers have been told to check the graveyard during all shifts, according to a Dodge County Sheriff’s Department log. -- fdlreporter.com

MPR Members Ready to Take on Local Spirits - No longer must anyone call "The Ghostbusters." Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR), the non-extreme research division of Paranormal Task Force Inc., currently serves the Midwest regional area. --emissourian.com

Top Ten Most Haunted Places in Franklin County Missouri - Ghosts are lurking in your neighborhood - maybe even right next door! MPR (Missouri Paranormal Research), a paranormal investigative team, has investigated these places around Franklin County -- emissourian.com

Ghost hunter - Meet a expert on things supernatural. Boy, does he have some Halloween tales to tell. --lancasteronline.com

A New Orleans Halloween Parade--Travelnola.com

Does your house have ghosts?
Find out how to rid your old house of its specters and spirits. --This Old House

Ghosts who don't know they're dead--Kankakee Daily Journal, IL

Poll: One Out of Three Believe in Ghosts --The Associated Press

Fright-seeing in America: Looking for a sleepless night?--Knoxville News Sentinel, TN

Ghost Chicks Two women use paranormal talents, modern equipment to explain hauntings Two upcoming investigations will be held in Ocean Springs-- The Mississippi Press

SpellBound Tours Of Salem will be featured on The Travel Channel Oct. 28, 2007

Trick R Treat!

Come discover the many supernatural happenings in San Francisco with the San Francisco Ghost Society's SUPERNATURAL SAN FRANCISCO PODCAST! --sfgs.podomatic.com

Ghost hunters go high-tech to prowl for spirits - Troy Wood is in the business of animal services, conducting special investigations for Salt Lake County. By night, the 43-year-old founder of The Utah Ghost Organization, a group of six including his wife and some of their closest friends, is prowling for spirits. --The Salt Lake Tribune

NASA to search files on '65 UFO incident Government agency fought the move in federal court. --MSNBC.com

Ghost haunts kids' playground - A ‘HAUNTED’ playground swing that rocks backwards and forwards on its own for days has scientists baffled. Parents and children are convinced a ghost is to blame. They were so spooked they reported the swing to cops after it began moving four months ago. --TheSun.com

Who you gonna call? - If you have creaks, rattles and chills in your house that can't be explained away, it might be time to call in a ghost researcher. Troy Taylor is the author of more than 40 books on all things paranormal - most notably haunted houses. He's also the founder of the American Ghost Society, a network of ghost hunters who collect stories of sightings and hauntings, then use investigative techniques and equipment to track down evidence of the supernatural. Here he explains how you can find the right ghost buster to rid your old house of its specters and spirits.-- CNNMoney.com

Rock 'n' Roll Ghost Tales - Alice Cooper got spooked!--Broward New Times, FL

'Tis the season -- for ghost stories - DWI offices People who work in the DWI offices, located in the old part of Alamogordo, claim there is a ghost haunting it. This used to be sheriff's office and cell block. People who work there claim they see and hear doors open, hear footsteps and occasionally see a young man dressed in an old-style... --Alamogordo Daily News, NM

‘Ghost-hunting’ isn’t for the meek, especially me - I think it’s human that we all like a good ghost story, but to actively seek out a ghost is just plain stupid, or downright dangerous depending on your perspective. --Wadena Pioneer Journal, MN

Ghost Hunters - Hooked On A Feeling- --Reality TV Magazine, AZ

Ghost hunters: Interest in the paranormal raises profile of Mississippi ... here are at least 10 paranormal investigation groups in the state, from Biloxi to Ripley, and more than 300 in the U.S. and U.K.--Jackson Clarion Ledger

In Gettysburg --ghost tours 'not just squeaks and creaks.' Steve Anderson brings to life the personalities of the people whose haunted lives he describes. He is one of 25 guides working for Mark Nesbitt's Ghosts of Gettysburg, Candlelight Walking Tours which the public is welcome to attend this week and weekends in November.--Frederick News Post

Our Own Ghost Stories - Forget big-screen scares — from phantom pirate ships to women in white to spirits brandishing spectral guns. Several local towns have ghost stories they can call their own. --aap.com

Probing the supernatural world - Real-life ghostbusters investigate paranormal phenomena and lead tours of spooky spots--Toronto Star, Canada

Dracula's cloak found - The cloak worn by Christopher Lee in his first role as Dracula has been discovered in a fancy dress shop. Its owners unwittingly hired it out to the public - on one occasion it was even rented for a children's nativity play. The black cape was part of Lee's costume for the 1958 Hammer Horror film Dracula. It was made by London firm Angels, which runs a fancy dress shop on Shaftesbury Avenue, but its history was only discovered during the store's annual pre-Halloween inventory check. --halifaxcourier.co.uk

Haunted house: would you buy a home with a ghost? - Many people would be more than happy to share their des res with a ghost. And research by Yorkshire Bank reveals that buyers in Calderdale are more keen than most to buy a haunted house. More than 50 per cent of all buyers in Calderdale would put in an offer on a haunted house; 30 per cent of first time buyers want to view a home with a ghost, while another 30 per cent would try to negotiate a less scary price for a potentially ghoulish retreat. --halifaxcourier.co.uk

Visiting Daisy, The Sweet Briar Ghost - mherst Co., VA - If you like getting spooked, there's a ghost tour you should check out. Each Halloween, Sweet Briar College shows folks around campus and guides tell haunting stories of strange appearances. But are they true? We did a little investigating. --new.wset.com

4-Hour UFO Sighting Over the Canary Islands --ufodigest.com



City Plans Halloween-Mask Crackdown In Wake Of 30 Robberies - COCOA, Fla. -- Residents wearing masks in certain public areas this Halloween could be arrested as part of a police crackdown in the wake of dozens of robberies committed by men in disguise. --local6.com

Downtown Houston can be a real ghost town - Business owners welcome friendly spirits --as long as they behave! --chron.com

Valley Rife with Unexplainable Occurrences - Frightening Corners of the Flathead - Be it a haunted museum or a haunted bar, the settings of paranormal activity in the Flathead are many. The following stories and legends might not be an exhaustive list of every spook, but they serve as a starting point for aspiring ghost hunters out to scare themselves silly this Halloween. Be afraid. Be – sort of – afraid. --flatheadbeacon.com

Some hotels have very spirited guests - Check in to one of these creepy accommodations across the U.S. ormer guest, Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel del Coronado, in Coronado, Calif., on Thanksgiving Day 1892 and never checked out. Kate is said to be responsible for plenty of paranormal occurrences, including items flying off shelves in the gift shop and ghostly breezes and cold spots. Some guests report hearing footsteps and lots of activity above them — but their rooms are on the top floor. --MSNBC.MSN.COM

The Missouri Paranormal Research Society's Paranormal Task Force conducts a ghost hunt at the purportedly haunted Club Moxy. - Download video here. Ghost Hunt by Aaron Eisenhauer--semissourian.com

100 of the most haunted spots in the world to encounter a real ghost!

Supernatural speaker to hold ghost hunt at William Woods- paranormal and supernatural investigator Chris Fleming, Fleming will talk about his experiences in researching the paranormal and show video, audio and photographic evidence of his work. Following the presentation, he will lead the first 50 in attendance on a ghost hunt around the campus.--Fulton Sun, USA

That's the spirit - A couple of paranormal explorers share their ghost-hunting tip - "People say, 'We want to do what you do,' " says paranormal explorer Ben Myckan, who, along with his partner Rona Anderson, has been hunting ghosts for a number of years. "What we generally tell them is to have an open mind and to basically record what you've got, even if it doesn't seem like it makes any sense at all." --Edmonton Journal, Canada

Ghost Hunters draw big crowd to STL library- Jason Hawes' and Grant Wilson's ghosts don't moan scarily, fly like Casper or show up once a year on Halloween. No, their ghosts' movements can be captured by infrared cameras and their voices picked up on high-tech electronic gadgets, they say. "Most are friendly,'' Hawes said. "They just want to be noticed." --St. Louis Post-Dispatch,

What Would You Ask a Ghost? - All Hallows Eve is rapidly approaching. What better time to discuss ghosts, ghouls, and goblins; how they communicate with us; and, more importantly, why? -- Llewellyn Journal, MN

They ain't afraid of no ghosts: paranormal experts speak at UNH - Ghost hunting is becoming so popular, that the University of New Hampshire has decided to fill the craving for it on campus. On Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 8 p.m. in the Granite State Room, UNH will host a free, open to the public lecture when they welcome two men who have been part of the driving force that has catapulted ghost hunting to popularity. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, known for their hour long show on the Sci-Fi Channel called "Ghost Hunters," will becoming to UNH as part of the MUB's 2007 Current Issues Lecture Series. They are expected to give an hour and a half long presentation, talking about what they do and how they do it. -- UNH The New Hampshire

Paranormal Investigation at Clovis Mansion - A research group tries to capture voices and apparitions while streaming the search live on the internet. Investigator Donna Raymond says this is one of the few places that always has activity and wears protective crystals around her neck after she says two spirits followed her home. "There are so many spirits here, there are at least over 22 spirits here that roam these halls, that used to be residents here, when it used to be the asylum, and never left." --ABC30.com

Vatican Official Confirms the Existence of Extraterrestrials. - Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a demonology consultant to the Vatican and insider close to the Pope, has stated publicly that Extraterrestrials(ETs) are real. "The existence of other inhabited planets is highly probable. Their existence might very well be correlated with the Salvation through Christ," stated Balducci. Dr. Bruce Goldberg, author of Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment, reports that time travelers from our future utilize ETs as part of their team when traveleing back in time to ancient Egypt, for example. --sbwire.com Also To Find More REAL... UFO's in the News Please visit here!s

Haunted Salem - For Donna La Croix, it started with the House of the Seven Gables. La Croix was 11 years old and visiting the Witch City with her family from Scituate, R.I. During a tour of the historic home, she entered a room and felt another presence, sending her into a trancelike state. --salemnews.com

Presidential Speeches Confirm Reagan Concerned About ETs - Soon after his election as U.S. President, Ronald Reagan demonstrated an apparent "rigid" belief of the nature of an Extraterrestrial (ET) threat, and laced many of his public statements referring to the ET presence and its threat to humanity. -- The Canadian

Ghost stories - The New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society, does what the name implies. "We train people who want to do paranormal investigations or need paranormal investigation," L'Aura Hladik said, "by collecting evidence and researching the areas."--Dailyrecord.com, NJ

Some seek ghosts, spirits, magic -Spirit hunter Katie Kintner, center, takes a group of Northwestern reporters, including education reporter Amanda M. Wimmer, right; for a "ghost walk" in Riverside Cemetery. Kintner belongs to an Oshkosh-based group called the Fox Valley Spirit Hunters. --Oshkosh Northwestern, WI

Flashback 1997: The Ghosts of Music Hall- Built in 1878, the landmark is said to be haunted by the ghosts of some of the city's poorest residents, who were once buried on the site. Others who work at Music Hall also report seeing visions of well-dressed men and women from the early 1800's... and the ghost of a beautiful singer who fills the lobby with music. -- WKRC TV Cincinnati, OH

Ghosts in Lobby Bar building? Many say 'yes' - A ghost named George, a former Lobby Bar patron who likes to wear a white baseball cap, messes with the television in the casino, according to Alan Watts. --Great Falls Tribune, MT

With its rich heritage as one of Oklahoma's oldest settlements, Tahlequah is a prime spot for believers in the paranormal to look for occult phenomena. Many believe they have experienced them, whether in old buildings such as Seminary Hall or the Murrell Home, or even outdoors. As the days grow shorter and the leaves fall, thoughts of spirits surge. --tahlequahdailypress.com

Woman 'raped by ghost' » A WOMAN who claims she was "raped by evil spirits" as a youngster is having a new spooky experience. Mandy Russell, who now runs the Charnock Hotel on St Annes Street in Preston, Lancashire, said she had to be excorcised three times to remove the spirits she believes possessed her. --halifaxcourier.co.uk

UFO sighted in Nakhchivan - A UFO has been sighted in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. APA’s Nakhchivan bureau reports that UFO was observed in Nehrem village of Babek region in the evening on October 15. --Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan --- Also To Find More UFO's in the News Please visit here!

Ghost Detector Cellphone Strap - With Halloween just around the corner and numerous scary movies coming out, you need a bit of security to help you sleep at night. This cellphone charm is created to let you know when ghosts are lurking about.--SlashGear, AZ

Haunting the Loch Ness- As a paranormal investigator, Chad Lewis has, over the years, tracked the elusive chupacabra, toured the infamous Loch Ness, hunted vampires in Transylvania, and visited the standard haunted house. He organizes the Unexplained Conferences and is the host of The Unexplained TV and radio shows. He found a moment in this busy Halloween season to talk to City Pages.-- Minneapolis City Pages

No special effects: This city is haunted - New Orleans' ghosts do not wait for Halloween to roam the streets and playfully torment the living - the city's rich cultural history has long incorporated the dead (and undead) as a cultural constant. Coffins do not make it into the ground and, fittingly, spirits linger well past their deaths. Supernatural activity remains omnipresent, and in most cases it's welcomed. Tourists and locals brag and gossip about their chilling encounters with the paranormal. -- the Tulane hullabaloo

World's Spookiest Spots- If you're looking for ghosts and ghouls this month, chances are you'll get a better fright in Romania than you will trick-or-treating down Elm Street. --Forbes, NY --- And also see: the 100 most haunted spots in the world here!

Burlington's Ghosts Come Out to Play - "A lot of people walk these streets day after day," said Thea Dion. "You don't think about ghosts and hauntings when you're on your way to work or to grab a bagel." But inside, these eerie haunts are anything but normal." --wcax.com

SPIRIT looks to bust ghosts - Paranormal investigators Greg Hiser, Warren McCrary, and Chris Knaup, SPIRIT, the acronym for Southwest Paranormal Information Research and Investigation Team, adding technology to a series of studies into such matters, and with a local twist, this is a fitting time of year. --Alamogordo Daily News,

Finding hotels where ghosts roam - Love goosebumps and the idea of ghosts? Plan a night or two away with your favorite squeeze at a hotel with ghost stories. --ajc.com

Analyzing things that go bump in the night -Glenwood n It’s possible the voices you’re hearing are not in your head. They might be evidence of paranormal forces — you know — ghosts. --strausnews.com

Housing Update - Ghostly spirits may haunt some homes - In honor of the upcoming Halloween festivities, it seems appropriate to share some of the history of hauntings in our very own Fort Leavenworth homes. --.ftleavenworthlamp.com

Faculty, staff experience campus hauntings - As the time of year quickly approaches when curiosity of the paranormal and mystifying is at its peak and supernatural folk tales are rehashed and reborn with greater frequency, the UTC community looks to its own share of ghostly enigmas. --utcecho.com

Spooky Discoveries on the Central Oregon Coast- From lighthouses, spirits wandering the beaches and bars, to hauntings of restaurants, Oregon’s central coast is stuffed full of creepy tales. --Beach Connection, OR

Corpus Christi ghost house? - One family was chased from home that Discovery Channel takes a look at Friday - “We couldn’t get out of that house fast enough,” said Judy McCarthy, 61, a retired telephone company worker. “Everything in my daughter’s room felt eerie and the room was always cold,” McCarthy, said. “It started with knocking sounds on walls that got louder, and every morning at 7 a.m. our TV came on with no one in there.” -- Caller.com

True or False? Newly-taken Photo of "Extinct" Tiger Sparks Controversy - --A newly-released photo, which Chinese forestry authorities say proves the continuing existence of wild South China tigers which have been thought to be extinct, has sparked heated controversy from Internet citizens, questioning its authenticity. --english.people.com.cn

Uri Geller: "Phenomenon" of CIA Interest - Long before the new NBC TV reality show "Phenomenon," featuring psychic Uri Geller and "illusionist" Criss Angel, there was the CIA. Although it happened many years ago in a land that today seems far, far away -- the early 1970s -- it remains a tale of great significance for our time. --American Chronicle, CA

Local business owner cast in 'Ghost Hunter' spin-off - When Shannon Sylvia was a little girl, all her friends wanted to grow up and become veterinarians or teachers. But according to Sylvia, when she was little, she didn't want to work with children or animals. She wanted to work with the paranormal - with ghosts. --Leominster Champion, USA

Paraforensic team to visit Missourri Southern University - ver wonder whether ghosts and spirits haunt the world of the living? For those who want to find answers, and for skeptics who just want satisfy their curiosity, "ghost hunters" John Zaffis and Chris Moon will be at Missouri Southern at 7 p.m. Oct. 24 in Taylor Auditorium. -- thechartonline.com

Conference to explore paranormal encounters - The sixth annual national paranormal conference, dubbed UNIV-CON, will bring out vampirologists, demonologists and exorcists at University Park this weekend. --The Daily Collegian Online, PA

Ghost encounters in the Hudson Valley - Tony Porta Jr., manager of Smalley's Inn, has grown accustomed to the bangs, footsteps, apparitions, mischief and plain old scary events since the Putnam County bar/restaurant was purchased in 1968. --Times Herald-Record

Developer mistake haunts Oak Brook family - The Salazars built the house in 1979. However, they only learned their address resided on cemetery property in 2001, when a DuPage County road crew discovered a human skull in her backyard. --Chicago Suburban News, IL

'Capone House' still haunts - Legend has it that a ghostly figure sometimes appears in the windows or doorways. -- St. Petersburg Times, FL

Curious educator on the trail of Bigfoot -David Raygoza, principal at Central Unified's Pershing Continuation High School near Fresno, Calif., uses a handful of cameras and video equipment in his quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot in the Sequoia National Forest. --Pueblo Chieftain, CO

Sci Fi Channel to air Prosser story tonight - It's been nearly three months since the Sci Fi Channel sent their ghost hunters to Prosser, and tonight the results of their research will be revealed. Debora Jennings, pastor at Prosser's St. Matthew?s Episcopal Church, contacted the show in April after experiencing some strange things in the vicarage where she lives. Jennings said she's heard footsteps in her hallway and children crying in her study. She said she also has heard the doorknob on her guest room closet jiggle and the latch release 27 times. --Mid Columbia Tri City Herald, WA

Spirits beguile - Sam Tyree, lead investigator of Great Plains Paranormal Investigations in Wichita, began researching unexplained activities at the Kansas Aviation Museum . --Kansas.com

Journey into the unknown at The Paranormal Show - The Paranormal Show, featuring Scott McClelland, is a spectacular assortment of inexplicable feats that will make the audience question everything they thought they understood about reality. Non-stop audience participation makes this show a unique experience for everyone. -- huntsvilleforester.com

Searching for spirits: Mid-Ohio Valley ghost hunting group - Whether it’s a mysterious man in a brown felt derby at the Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theatre, a former politician playing in the “sink room” of a Marietta College sorority house or a forlorn lover walking the stairs at the Buckley House Bed and Breakfast, the Pioneer City has its fair share of ghostly residents and spooky tales that have been passed down through the years. --mariettatimes.com

Ghost stories - Filipinos love to listen to ghost stories. I don’t know where this interest in gothic tales started, but I remember when I was growing up, my grandmother would always regale us kids (perhaps to make sure we don’t stray out till late night) with tales about the supranormal creatures. --manilastandardtoday.com

BOO: Things that go bump in the old underground jail - What's a more appropriate way to kill time on a gloomy, gray October afternoon than a tour of an abandoned underground jail? Nothing, that's what -- especially when it's supposedly haunted and you've got two psychics and a suitcase full of utensils for tapping into the other side in tow. --signonsandiego.com

A Haunting Perfume Queen Marie's fragrance said to haunt castle in Romania. Nearly ten years after her death, in May of 1948, a committee of communist officials from Bucharest arrived at Pelisor, intent on cataloguing the decadent monarchy’s treasures, planning to remove and sell them to liberate the funds for the good of the people. On that day, as they opened the doors to the Gold Salon, the walls began to ooze with the heavy scent of violets, which then drifted down to fill every floor of the castle. --Sniffapalooza Magazine

What makes Galveston a haunted city? - Dash Beardsley said he also thinks the water surrounding Galveston contributes to its ghost-friendliness. He’s talked to people who say they saw visions of ghost ships on the horizon in the fog. --galvestondailynews.com

Bigfoot and the repugnance of truth - This year marks the 40th anniversary of the infamous 16mm footage shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Bluff Creek, Calif., on Oct. 20, 1967. --sltrib.com

Ghost Stories -As a member of South Jersey Paranormal Research, Karen Spring has heard children's voices in homes where no children live and also heard a woman's voice in a male dominated firehouse. --Jersey News Online

Real-life ghostbuster to tell of paranormal experiences- Lorraine Warren sees colored lights around people. Warren and her late husband, Ed, built their abilities into a cottage industry. The Warrens made a career out of evicting demons from so-called haunted houses and giving speeches to university students. --star-telegram.com

Roman Ghost Baffles Club -George Gunn, a member of Outwood Community Video, captured the mysterious figure while filming on a local footpath. It was not until he got home to edit the footage that he noticed the figure, which he said seemed to resemble a roman soldier.Mr Gunn, 75, said: "It's too weird. I can't explain it. With Video --Wakefield Express

Spirits move us - Readers love -- and occasionally fear -- ghosts that share their homes "Ghosts haunt places because there is a connection to their past or present," said Guillermo Fuentes, director of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations in Texas. --goerie.com

A dummies guide to Salem witches: From witchcraft school to vampire balls, and everything in between --salemnews.com

NBC has announced a new show show starting October 24th called "Phenomenon". It features Mind Freak Illusionist Criss Angel and mentalist Uri Gellar. During it's 5 week run, the home audience will get to vote on which performer will ultimately win the $250,000 grand prize and be named the next great mentalist. The show will be broadcast LIVE each week with a special 2-hour episode for Halloween on Wednesday October 31st. Check your local listings for times and channels. --NBC.com

Guest speakers for the Haunted Hickory conference will include Donna LaCroix, case manager and investigator for SciFi Channel's popular TV show, "Ghost Hunters;" Keith Age, founder of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society and host of "Spooked," also airing on the SciFi Channel; Tim Yancey, paranormal radio personality, writer and Web master for the site www.amityvillehorror.com; and Angela Moore, a spiritual psychic from Marion. --charlotte.com

Ghosts; real or not? Story tourists decide - You don't have to believe in ghosts to enjoy a good ghost story." At least that's what Kristen Clay, professional storyteller of Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours, said. Ghost Tours is guided by a professional storyteller who tells ghost stories accounted from first or second-hand experiences. The stories are taken from interviews or have been historically documented, Clay said. -- utahstatesman.com

Mining ghosts subject of talk - Tommyknockers, ghosts and other legends of the Comstock will be the subject of a presentation by Nevada’s Historic Preservation Officer this month. -- nevadaappeal.com

Southeast offering ghost hunting class - The department is offering a two-night class on ghost hunting and will be investigating the South Sprigg Street location along with a few other infamous addresses in Cape Girardeau on the second night. This is the second year for the university to offer the ghost hunting class. --semissourian.com

Ex-military Officer to Speak at UFO Fest - Former Air Force officer Robert Salas will never forget his first UFO experience while on active duty at a nuclear missile site. "While a UFO was hovering over my site and being observed by many airmen, all my missiles were disabled; in addition, there was another site where other UFOs were observed and its missiles were disabled," recalled the Ojai resident and retired captain, a featured speaker in August at the 38th annual International UFO Symposium in Colorado. "It is a true and important story because the public is not being informed about these events."--Vemtura County Star

Vatican releases secret archives on Knights Templar - The Vatican has published secret documents about the trial of the Knights Templar, including a parchment — long ignored because of a vague catalog entry in 1628 — showing that Pope Clement V initially absolved the medieval order of heresy. --yahoonews

Zombie Road- Next Monday, October 15, the Paranormal Task Force takes to the small screen in a straight-to-DVD release of Children of the Grave, an "action-oriented hard-documentary" about child ghosts. - riverfronttimes.com

Tales from Michigan's past that are sure to make you shiver - GHOST STORIES - When Nicole Bray was 7, her family moved to an unusual home in Ionia. • "Lights went on and off by themselves and I always felt like someone was in my room," Bray says. "My dolls would get moved, and I slept with the hall light on until I was 16." • Most terrifying to Bray was a perpetually cold corner of the garage, an area she would avoid at all costs. • As Bray grew up, her childhood trepidation gave way to a fascination with ghosts when her father validated her fear of the garage by admitting a previous owner of the house had committed suicide in the cold corner. --lsj.com

Ghost hunters slated to return to jail - Nearly a year after their initial investigation of DeRidder's Gothic Jail, the paranormal investigation team Louisiana Spirits will return to the jail to do a follow up investigation of the site.-- DeRidder Beauregard Daily News

Spirits among us: A ghost hunter's encounter on campus - Every year, ghost hunters visit Fairfield's campus and talk to students about their experiences with the supernatural. They bring psychic photographs and pieces of evidence and tell stories about their encounters with ghosts and spirits. --fairfieldmirror.com

PREDICTIONS FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD 2008 - Many spirits during Necromantic rituals when they appear often speak of times to come when questioned. Some believe that ghosts and otherworldly beings can step through the fabric of time and space and bring news of the unseen to us future. -- ghosthuntersofamerica.com

Talk on Oregon coast paranormal legends given in Newport - "Oregon Coast Ghosts and the Paranormal," an interactive talk about coastal legends and weird tales given by BeachConnection.net editor Andre' Hagestedt, will take place at Oct. 27 at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The presentation will include spooky stories about lighthouses, the legends that are simply laughable, and a host of tales that defy category, covering ghosts, poltergeists, UFO's, spiritual spots, conspiracy theories, sea monsters and myths that were debunked, as well as unusual historical tidbits and weird science that relate to the subject. --newportnewstimes.com

Haunted Richmond - I believe in haunted houses, evil possessions and ghosts that refuse to crossover. What can I say? I'm a part of the "Poltergeist," "Halloween" and "Pet Sematary" generation – ghost stories were just part of the package.-- richmond.com

MCFLY will prove to their hoardes of female fans they really do have balls of steel - when Ghost Hunting With... McFly airs later this month. The pop sensations will be seen taking a trip into the darkest places of Northumberland, where leading ghost hunter Yvette Fielding will take them into the spooky unknown. --thesun.co.uk

It's the ghosts groping women, says pub owner - The crew also picked up voices on the recordings that Wimberley and Jackson claim are ghosts speaking to the crew. --NEWS.com.au, Australia

More People Haunted by Ghosts, According to Blockbuster Survey - Do you believe in ghosts? According to a recent Blockbuster Inc. survey, more of us (67%) believe ghosts might be real than other Halloween ghoulies like demons (52%), aliens (56%) or vampires (15%). In response, Blockbuster dares movie lovers to spend the night with one of the season's Most Haunted Movies.--CNNMoney.com

The Search for the Next Elvira - Elvira, the vampy, campy horror hostess with the enormous, um, following, envisions an America ruled by an army of her clones, one in every shopping mall and car wash. And when she held tryouts, 2,000 women (and men!) applied for the job. --miamiherald.com

Indians May Have Help in Otherworldly Season - Ray Chapman’s spirit could be floating the Cleveland Indians through a season unlike any other in their history. Strange, unexplainable, head-scratching events have surrounded this team for months, beginning almost from the moment the Indians rediscovered a lost piece of Chapman’s legacy. --newyorktimes.com

The Bell Witch: a Tennessee ghost tale - Tennessee is home to one of the most disturbing ghost stories of all time: the Bell Witch. There are several books about the witch, but many Americans heard the story for the first time in the movie An American Haunting, which was released two years ago and based on actual events. --tennessean.com

Befriend a Ghost in California's B&B Inns - The California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns (CABBI) recently surveyed hundreds of inns throughout the Golden State … and unearthed some spine-chilling stories.--hospitality-1st.com

BUCKHURST HILL: Mystery over ‘UFO’ sighting STRANGE "yellow balls of light" have been reported over Buckhurst Hill.Jenny Cooper-Rendu, of Chiltern Way, Woodford Green was returning from a meeting at Chigwell School at 8.20pm on Saturday, October 5, with her son William, 13, when she noticed the lights as she drove along Palmerston Road. --guardian-series.co.uk

Popular Halloween destinations --Here are some popular Halloween destinations around the country and what they have to offer this year. --mercurynews.com

A plane? A UFO? No, it's probably Venus. - You are probably seeing a bright star or planet, and the #1 candidate is usually Venus. Reported “UFO sightings” go through the roof whenever Venus is at a good, visible position in the sky. In fact, our former president Jimmy Carter, while he was governer of Georgia, once reported a UFO sighting that was actually Venus! --wral.com

Haunted house: The Marshall family say a poltergeist scared them away - People who don’t know what they are doing can let demons in the house. A demon can only come into the house if it’s enticed in. Ouija boards in particular are very dangerous. It’s no good getting your ordinary run-of-the-mill vicars round if they don’t really know what they are doing. A lot of vicars know as much about demons and possession as the ordinary man in the street. --newsandstar.co.uk

Experts' museum call to would-be ghostbusters - Lead investigator Rachel Murphy from Paranormal Tours in search of ghouls and ghosties. --peterboroughtoday.co.uk

Country hotel has plenty to say to ghosthunters' group - A TEAM of ghost hunters say they have uncovered some interesting findings in the region. Wrexham paranormal research group Spirit Quest UK conducted an investigation at the Pwllgwyn hotel in Afonwen, which members say was a big success, and are now returning to their favourite haunt, a three-storey house in Llangollen. During the time they spent at the hotel in Afonwen, members recorded a voice saying "help me" and captured images of orbs which they say could indicate paranormal activity. -- Wrexham Evening Leader, UK

Do You Believe in Ghost Hunters? Premiere of ‘14 Degrees - A Paranormal Documentary’ - On October 17th, 7:00 p.m. at Showcase Cinemas in Revere, New Gravity Media will release their latest production “14 Degrees - A Paranormal Documentary.” Hosted by Mark Veau (Oldies 98.9 WORC), the film touches base with some of the most respected names in paranormal research. The film features such notables as Steve Gonsalves, Keith Johnson (Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters) and John Zaffis (ABC, Discovery Channel, TV Land, World News Now, Unsolved Mysteries) to present an informative “behind-the scenes” look at the history and modern methods of paranormal investigation. --enewschannels.com

100 of the most haunted spots in the world to encounter a real ghost!

Haunted Hotels - all is such a great time to travel and what better excuse is there than to check out a few haunted hotels in person? Nicole Hockin of Hotels.com shares a few of her favorite ghost stories and top recommendations for some of the most haunted destinations. There's still time to make your plans and maybe even catch a ghost or two. --abclocal.go.com ...Also See: Top Ten Haunted Hotels Hotels in America

Haunted America Tours Names America's Top 10 Ghost Hunters -The vote is in for the 2007-2008 Top 10 Ghost Hunters Paranormal Investigators in America. Before we meet America's Top 10 Ghost Hunters -- Associated Content

A spectre calls as crew investigates museum - Try telling that to the 16 city ghosthunters and crew members from Paranormal Tours who descended on Peterborough Museum on Saturday night. The company specialises in staking out haunted buildings and collecting evidence to prove spirits are not just to be found in bottles behind the bar. They decided to hold their latest vigil at the Georgian building in Priestgate, which is renowned for its ghostly goings-on. It is said to be home to a gaggle of spectres, including that of First World War soldier Thomas Hunter, who died there in 1916. --peterboroughtoday.co.uk

Sci Fi orders 'Ghost Hunters International' spinoff, to debut in January - Veteran TAPS members and Ghost Hunters investigators Andy Andrews, Robb Demarest, Brian Harnois and Donna La Croix will participate in Ghost Hunters International. In addition, Barry Fitzgerlad -- who previously appeared in Ghost Hunters when Hawes and Wilson ventured to Ireland -- and newcomer Shannon Sylvia will also be members of Ghost Hunters International's crew. --realitytvworld.com

Travel Channel's Upcoming 'Most Haunted Live' To Take Place At Winchester Mystery House - After their successful investigation at Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary, the 'Most Haunted Live' team returns to the United States to investigate the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Calif. on Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel. --Starpulse.com

Ghost hunters check things out - Terri Musgrave and her partner, Shawn Halpenny, visited the Council Bluffs residence where these events allegedly occurred. They operate the Metro Area Paranormal Society, and the home's owner called them in to investigate after the woman and the college friends all moved out.--Council Bluff Daily

Ghoulish: The ghost of Tom Fool is said to be still causing ... Scientists have been researching the ‘ghosts’ of Muncaster Castle since 1992 and are still unable to explain some of the strange occurrences --News & Star, UK

The spirit(s) of Chicago -Ursula Bielski has devoted her life to ghosts. She has written books about ghosts and cemeteries, all richly detailed and embellished with history and a sure sense of place, which is Chicago. Along with her husband, writer David Cowan, she operates Chicago Hauntings tours. --ChicagoTribune.com

Woman tries to hang herself at hospital - She claimed to be haunted by the ghosts of three of her children who were hacked to death by their father earlier this year. --Independent Online, South Africa

Brisbane's 'a Hotbed of Ghost Activity' - Brisbane has been called many things in its time, but haunted is probably not a common classification. Yet one paranormal enthusiast believes our sleepy little town is a hotbed of ghostly activity. --brisbanetimes.com.au

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Secrets of U.S. flying saucer recoveries revealed? - For the first time these documents seemed to officially confirm that the U.S. government did recover a crashed saucer at Roswell in the summer of 1947 and that the Majestic 12 committee was formed by President Harry Truman on Sept 24, 1947, to investigate the implications of this incident. Since then more MJ-12 documents have surfaced that indicate the United States has secretly worked with aliens and utilized their technology. --Paranormalreport.com

WALES SEEKS SOLUTIONS FOR CEMETERY - Town of Wales officials and residents alike vented their frustration to a representative of the Erie County Sheriff's Department over the continuing problems of "ghost hunters" and partiers regularly visiting Goodleburg Cemetery in the town's southern half. --zwire.com

Library to host UFO event - For those looking to step into a world of unknowns, look no further than the Columbia Public Library. This is because they will host UFO expert David Marler. --monroecountyclarion.stltoday.com

DNA discoveries linked to paranormal? Russian researcher Dr. Vladimir Poponin is said to have put DNA in a tube and beamed a laser through it. When the DNA was removed, the laser light continued spiralling on its own, like it would through a crystal. This phenomenon is called “Phantom DNA Effect”. --Paranormalreview.com

Shannon McCabe and her paranormal outfit, H.P.I. are making big things happen in the paranormal world. Mcabe and H..P.I (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern CA) are making their way up the paranormal ladder. Shannon has been speaking at paranormal conferences, doing radio shows and T.V. interviews letting the world know just who she, and her ghost group, H.P.I. really are… --Haunted America Tours

Halloween events around the United States. -'Tis the season for haunted houses, ghost stories and pumpkins. Here are some Halloween happenings around the country. -- The Canadian Press

Ghost Stories Haunt American Culture - About half of Americans believe in ghosts, according to a 2003 Harris poll. Since the scientific evidence for ghosts is shaky at best—and since relatively few people claim to have personally seen a ghost—most people get their information about them through the media.--LiveScience.com

Are you brave enough to take the ghost tour in Owensboro, KY? ANYONE brave enough is invited to take a journey around the haunted City of Owensboro, Kentucky with you ghost tour host David "The Wolfman" Wolfe. The Ghost Tour starts at The Executive Inn (Lobby) 1 Executive Blvd. Prior booking is recommended and the tour is not suitable for children under seven. --Hauntsofowensboro.com

HBO Family picks up Ghost Trackers - CCI Entertainment has sold its spooky reality Ghost Trackers to HBO Family. The U.S. channel plans to roll the series out in January, but will give audiences a sneak peek this month among its Halloween-themed programming. --playbackmag.com

Pub is named as most haunted - FOR many years customers at the Red Lion pub in Avebury have realised that the spirits are not all in bottles behind the bar. Others like Florrie the pub's famed ghost wander freely in the bars and the guest bedrooms upstairs. Now its reputation has won the Red Lion the title of the most haunted country pub. --Gazettehearld.com

Local ghost stories give DSC students creeps - Urban legends, ghosts and haunted graveyards might be for the superstitious, but even the non-believers are bound to be curious when it comes to haunted places close to home.--DSC Dixie Sun Online Edition, UT

Former British Spy Claims Mystic Powers
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A renegade former British spy who was jailed after blowing the whistle on alleged wrongdoing in the intelligence services has claimed to have new-found powers as a mystic. David Shayler told British cable channel More4 News that he had visited a psychic who he believes channelled the spirit of Mary Magdalene and anointed him as the Messiah. --e.sinchew-i.com

Ethnic Voodoo Dolls
Three young entrepreneurs discover a market for voodoo dolls in Taiwan after observing voodoo doll sales in Thailand. Is this voodoo doll fad about to spread to the West? --Taiwan Journal

Psychic probed for Queen Mary spirits
Peter James, who spoke to ghosts at a young age, died July 31 of heart attack. --presstelegram.com

A man accused of an arson attack on his Northampton home because he was being "raped by ghosts" is to be assessed by a psychiatrist. --northamptonchron.co.uk

Mystery of the Black Triangle UFOs
UFOs apparently come in all shapes and sizes. Lately, however, more and more reports of black triangular objects are being received. Here are some of the triangle UFO reports. --theparanormalreport.com

Taiwan police are investigating the death of a Thai worker who died mysteriously in his sleep in a suspected case of Nightmare Death Syndrome, common in Thailand, the Central News Agency (CNA) said Thursday. --bangkokpost.com

"Boiling Bodies" - An Alternative To Burial And Cremation
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A company has introduced a new eco-friendly alternative to burial and cremation – resomation, that boils bodies into dust.In this process, the body is encased in a silk coffin before being submerged in water mixed with potassium hydroxide (alkali). After that, it is heated to 150C (302F). The body will rapidly turn into a pure white bio-ash that can be returned to loved ones, the Daily Mail reported. --e.sinchew-i.com

Fatter corpses cause hazard for mortuaries ...More than two-thirds of Australians living outside major cities are overweight or obese, and extremely obese corpses are creating a safety hazard at mortuaries, according to two studies released Sunday. Specially designed mortuaries would soon be required if the nation failed to curb its fat epidemic, providing "larger storage and dissection rooms, and more robust equipment," said Professor Roger Byard, a pathologist at the University of Adelaide.--Yahoonews.com

China tells Tibet's living Buddhas to apply for reincarnation ...Tibetan living Buddhas are no longer allowed to be reincarnated without permission from the atheist Chinese government, state media reported Friday. The new rules are "an important move to institutionalise the management of reincarnation of living Buddhas," the Xinhua news agency said.--yahoo.com

The Real X Files
John Greenewald Jr. has been digging for the truth about extraterrestrials since he was a kid. His online "Black Vault" may be the biggest UFO database in the world. --potw.news.yahoo.com

Organizers of a San Antonio Halloween tradition, "Nightmare on Grayson Street," were battling their neighbor, the Pearl Brewery, Friday over the closure of nearby streets, News 4 WOAI learned. Haunted house workers want the city to close streets near downtown, so families can be safe during the event. They were holding a petition drive at Voodoo Lounge Friday. --woai.com

Is Old Amusement Park Haunted?
PRINCETON, W.Va. (AP) -- Halfway between Princeton and Spanishburg, travelers can see the rusty tower of a Ferris wheel. ake Shawnee owner Gaylord White worked at the park as a youth and then bought the long-vacant amusement park in 1985. White began examining the property, White says Indian artifacts and graves started turning up. --wvva.com

Ghost hunters appeal for information ... HAVE you been pestered by a poltergeist or gasped at a ghoul? Organiser David Thomas said: "Seeing as we are travelling to Cheddar it would be good to investigate other villages nearby. Anyone who has had ghostly goings on in Wedmore, Axbridge and Shipham should contact us so we can get a picture of hauntings in the area. --thewestonmercury.co.uk

Ghost hunters inundated with new recruits ... A team of ghost hunters have been inundated with people wanting to join the search for the secrets behind Swindon's hauntings. The Paranormal Site Investigators conduct scientific experiments to uncover the truth behind ghost stories and could not believe their popularity at an induction session for potential new recruits last week. --gazetteandherald.co.uk

Inn at Carnall Hall scares up some ghostly phenomena ... As the chief engineer for one of Fayetteville’s biggest and most historic hotels — the Inn at Carnall Hall — Chad Ross has witnessed his fair share of unexplained phenomena. “ I’ve actually seen a full-body apparition, ” Ross said. To put the ghostly rumors to rest, Reddecliff phoned the Central Arkansas Society of Paranormal Research Western Arkansas Division. --nwanews.com

Children who visited Samlesbury Hall got more than they bargained for when they captured ghosts on their mobile phones. The pupils from Walton-le-Dale Arts College and High School, near Preston, were on a trip to the 14th century manor house on the outskirts of the city when they noticed the 'orbs'. Teacher, Joy Elliott, said: "They couldn't believe it when they looked at their phones. --lep.co.uk

Of ghostly legends... Lori Cox hasn't been in town long, but her name probably will get around fast as a paranormal investigator poking around some creepy old houses and buildings throughout the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia. Schiffer Publishing, based near Lancaster, Pa., has contracted Cox to write a book about the area's ghostly legends, hauntings and paranormal activity.--newsleader.com

What's Haunting Home? Ghosts or Armadillos?
Peace River Ghost Tracker team takes on happenings in Fort Meade home. Saturday night in June, the self-styled Peace River Ghost Tracker team investigated whether the old Reid House at 401 E. Broadway had spectral residents as well as living ones. --theledger.com

Researchers Spend Night In Haunted Clovis House ... A group of paranormal researchers spent the night in an old Clovis building looking for activity. The owner of the Wolfe Manor says there has been a lot of activity in the building, especially since renovation projects removed the back wing. --abclocal.go.com

Note to self: If ever employed as Marilyn Manson's keyboardist, demand payment up front. Stephen "Pogo" Bier wishes he'd heeded that advice, as the former ivory-tickler for shock rocker Marilyn Manson claims he's owed money because his boss squandered the band's payroll on morbid Nazi memorabilia. The musician plans to file a lawsuit against the shock rocker on Thursday, the New York Post is reporting, alleging employee money was spent on, among other things, the skeleton of a young Chinese girl. --Nypost.com

Company Now Sells Real Flying SaucersRight now, only $90,000 stands between you and ownership of your own flying saucer. Except it won't take you to Venus—it looks like flying saucer but it's really a car-sized hovercraft intended to fly no higher than 10 feet. --Livescience.com

The Paranormal Investigation Community loses Peter James a "Super Star".
Peter James best known for the television show "Sightings" and years of research work on the Queen Mary passed away in his sleep on July 31, 2007 --Parahubradio

A hunt for ghosts led a documentary film crew to Mitchell in search of a piece of history that appears to be as elusive as the apparitions that brought the ghost hunters to Lawrence County. --tmnews.com

Mitchell home is source of spooky stories Five graves reportedly fill the backyard while eerie voices and mysterious happenings greet visitors. It’s all a part of the charm of Whispering Estates, a bed and breakfast located in the heart of one of Mitchell’s most desirable neighborhoods. And it’s part of what has ghost hunters and others coming back, time and time again. --tmnew.com

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! (Well, after detecting ghosts on your mobile first). Free from the Discovery Channel if you sign up to their Most Haunted newsletter, it'll supposedly work like some Ghost Busters kit and turn your phone into an Electromagnetic field (EMF) fluctuation detector and measure variations in data transmissions. Strange occurrences and patches of energy detected will send an alert to your mobile so you can then dial 555-2368 for the Ghostbusters! --techdigest.tv

Krystal Slaten column: Ghost-hunting skeptic remains curious, but cool to concept --tmnews.com

Chupacabra caught in South Texas?
A rancher from the town of Cuero says she has the evidence in her freezer. Meanwhile, the creature’s head, which is in Canion’s freezer, will go on her home’s wall. “This one hands down will draw the most attention. Because they’re gonna say you got zebras, you got this, you got that, what is this thing here? That’s what we call the South Texas taz devil

They aren't "ghostbusters," psychics, or mediums - but the idea of possible paranormal activity is one intrigue several county residents are willing to explore. While they are novices to the world of paranormal investigations, members of the newly-formed Eastern Oklahoma River Valley Paranormal Society are hoping to chase down the paranormal in the hopes of dispelling or confirming ghostly happenings in the area. --sequoyahcountytimes.com

The "Beyond Bizarre" tour, operated by Portland Walking Tours, combines the hustle and bustle of " The Blair Witch Project" with the technological tools of "Ghostbusters" in the pursuit of Portland's paranormal. --seattlepi.nwsource.com

Ghosts, Ghosts and More Ghosts' A wise seasoned parapsychologist used to say, 'some of my best friends are ghosts!' 'Really?" I thought to myself. That is quite a statement and one showing bravery and understanding of the unknown. To have come to a point in one's investigative and curious life to feel that way, must have an underlying hidden meaning. --ufodigest.com

National Paranormal Conference Unveils Historic Lineup UNIV-CON, the national paranormal conference, will once again be held at Penn State. Conference guests include legendary author John Keel ("Mothman Prophecies"), Sci Fi's "Ghost Hunters" Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, demonologist Lorraine Warren and dozens more! UNIV-CON is considered the largest paranormal conference in America and is the only paranormal conference held at a university. --emediawire.com

EXCLUSIVE: Courthouse 'Ghost' Video Mystery Solved SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO—Over the past week, a glowing, fuzzy white blob became an unlikely international star. It was captured on videotape early Friday morning, June 15, by a security camera at a courthouse here. The “ghost video” has been seen over 75,000 times on YouTube; what started as a local curiosity soon became a national, then international, story. --livescience.com


Ghost hunters sniff out paranormal activity
The Orange County Ghost Hunters are at work."There have been stories," says Hilber Graf, standing in the Evergreen Cemetery in Riverside County. "People claim they have heard things, seen a figure – typical cemetery stuff."
--Orange County Register

We warned you about these Ohio hotels: They're haunted ... Innkeeper Elaine Crane defends the kindly spirit in a white nightgown that sometimes greets guests of Crane's historic Painesville establishment .-- The Plain Dealer

This Sunday, the NorCal Paranormal Investigators from Sacramento will stay at the U.S. Hotel all night to record whatever they may see. "We're probably the biggest skeptics," lead investigator Doug Carnahan said. "That's why we do our documentation, and we debunk a lot of stuff." One of the NorCal Paranormal team members is Teresa Dell, a psychic who became interested in the U.S. Hotel after allegedly running into spirits at the B&B during a stay last December. -- TheUnion.com

'Haunted' house featured on TV show ... The MacLeans described a range of odd phenomena in the house, from rooms shaking at the walls and windows to Mrs. MacLean's purse being inexplicably flung across a room, landing at Mr. MacLean's feet. The events became more frequent and more noticeable as time went on, and the fear began to wear on Mrs. MacLean. The conclusions of the investigation, aired during last night's episode of "Ghost Hunters" on the Sci-Fi channel, verified their experience. -- telegram.com

On June 16, a team of paranormal investigators from the group Southern Paranormal Researchers (SPR) of Prattville, Ala., visited the church to experience any form of anomalous phenomena. St. James Pennington Church was founded by Brother Jimmy Lawrence in 1927. The church is a log cabin that has been relocated and restored by the Andersonville Guild. The SPR learned of the church from the website of the Shadowlands Haunted Places where numerous stories have been recorded of different encounters with the supernatural in Andersonville. -- henryherald.com

These unnerving sounds and shapes can be found among the old buildings and cave at Mountain Village 1890 in Bull Shoals. But the Oates family, who owns and operates the tourist attraction, says they have experienced the supernatural there as well. -- baxterbulletin.com

IF THERE'S something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Well, how about picking up the phone and getting in touch with Moray's very own team of Ghostbusters? Shane Hull, a former crew member of the cult television show 'Most Haunted', has just moved to the area and has set up a team of paranormal experts to investigate spooky goings-on. --northern-scot.co.uk/news

Ross Hemsworth, 49, from Glastonbury, has placed a £100 bet with odds of 10,000/1, that he will provide evidence of an afterworld beyond reasonable doubt. --metro.co.u

John Cusack Creeped Out By 'The Shining' Hotel
Ironically, King wrote the short story, on which Cusack's new film - in which he plays a cynical ghost hunter locked in a haunted hotel room, is based on. --Starpulse.com, CT

So you want to be a ghost hunter???
I have received e mails from people who are interested in learning how to be a ghost hunter, but does not want to join a group. --Chanhassen Villager, MN

In search of a Tasmanian treasure
Hans Naarding, the last man to see the Tasmanian tiger, lives at Tarraleah. Originally from Holland, and armed with a degree in Zoology, ... --Kiwi Collection, Canada

Ghost Tour tells tales of downtown Shreveport
Katee Fountane, a tour guide with Shreveport Spirit Tours, shows a group how to use their dowsing rods to help find ghosts. --Shreveport Times, LA

Paranormal investigators Melody Phillips, Paula Schermerhorn, and Lisa Olive say a quick prayer before starting their hunt for apparitions at Cowtown Coliseum. --fwweekly.com

The 12 men, women and children walking through Swift Cemetery in Foley are members of the growing Bon Secour Paranormal Investigations (B.S.P.I.) team, and for the past seven months, they have spent their Saturday nights hunting spirits in Baldwin County and Mobile. --lagniappemobile.com

Things that go bump in the night
... been rumoured to be haunted, and charity supporters braved the darkness with experts from Haunting Experiences, a South West-based paranormal group. ... --BBC News, UK

Cable television is serving up summer scares tonight
... Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson lead their team from The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) through cases to determine if places are haunted or not.-- phillyBurbs.com, PA

Paranormal conference returns to Lincoln Theatre this weekend
Hundreds of ghost and paranormal enthusiasts are expected to descend on Decatur this weekend to take part in the 11th annual Haunted America Conference -- Herald & Review, IL

Hunting Midwest haunts
About a third of Americans say they believe in ghosts and haunted houses, according to a 2005 Gallup poll. Such findings underscore the spiritual attraction ... Enter Alex Felix, paranormal investigator. Felix, 35, of Glendale Heights leads a team of about 30 ghost-busters who chase reports of the supernatural ...-- Chicago Tribune, United States

Conjuring hair-raising ghost stories
Main Street Kent and the Kent Historical Society are documenting that story and others as part of an effort to gather tales about haunted houses. --Akron Beacon Journal, OH

Some say friendly spirit looks over house
The yellow-and-white structure was recently described by passerby as “like a wedding cake,” Jody said, but it looked a lot like a haunted house a few years ... --Seguin Gazette-Enterprise, TX

Marie Laveau Voddoo Head Washing ... On June 23rd, 7 pm: Sallie Ann Glassman and La Source Ancienne Ounfo celebrate St. John’s Eve with their annual ceremony on the footbridge over Bayou St. John (New Orleans) -- Travelnola.com

Mysterious courthouse image draws nationwide response It seems everyone likes a good ghost story. Skeptics, believers all have 'ghost' theories. -- freenewmexican.com

Newton Papers Reveal Apocalypse Calculation
Documents Shed Light on Scientist's Religious Beliefs n one manuscript from the early 1700s, Newton used the cryptic Book of Daniel to calculate the date for the Apocalypse, reaching the conclusion that the world would end no earlier than 2060. --usatoday.com

The FBI is hunting 'zombies'
The FBI will call a million people whose PCs have been turned into spam "zombies." » What it means --YAHOO.COM
Also see: FBI tries to fight zombie hordes

While families elsewhere in the world mourn the deceased, in many countries in Africa people say the dead don't die - they watch the living and require tender loving after-care. --e.sinchew-i

A surveillance camera at the First Judicial District courthouse downtown captured a strange image Friday morning that left sheriff’s deputies, lawyers, clerks and judges scratching their heads as to what it might have been. --freenewmexican.com

Death Row Inmate Holds Joke Contest For His 'Last Words' --e.sinchew-i

Ghosts and other supernatural beings One of the things I missed about Bali was openly talking about ghosts and the supernatural. -- thejakartapost.com

Lore says hotel a hangout for Gable and ghosts
... where the rooms don't look like carbon copies of themselves and where ghosts have been known to congregate in the third-floor windows - here it is. --The Register-Guard, OR

Jeff Dwyer's ghost stories aren't just for Halloween
So how did this Dwyer go from normal to paranormal? Dwyer says he has been fascinated by ghost lore since childhood. --Long Beach Press-Telegram, CA

Tour treks through city’s haunted history People like paranormal researcher Dr. Thomas Hamilton and the forlorn immigrant children of Union Station.“I have seen guests run and the footwear go flying,” said Kristen Verin-Treusch, a guide on the Haunted Winnipeg Tour. -- Winnipeg Sun, Canada

This Just In: Apply for a role in paranormal TV series
... for a new TV series in development. The series, "Out of the Static," is an hour-long show "reenacting eyewitness accounts of paranormal events." --DesMoinesRegister.com, IA

A Spirited Search of Ghostly Haunts
The heavy moon, just two nights removed from full, lurked behind the patchy clouds that slid across the ebony sky. Occasional explosions of yellowish hues sent flickering shadows across the old, sun-bleached gravestones in this place that is, many believe, haunted. -- Denver Post

Photos Show Mystery Skeleton Sticking Out of Iceberg Off N.L. East Coast Marine scientists in Canada and abroad are puzzled by bizarre photographs that appear to show the skeleton of a large mammal jutting out of an iceberg that recently drifted past Newfoundland's east coast. -- Canada.com

'Ghosts Are Real': Book on the Haunts at Capay Cemetery Patty Zloczewski at the Capay Cemetery. It was early evening and there was no reason to be scared. -- Davis Enterprise

Mansion May Reach Back
Werribee Park Mansion in Melbourne, AU, There will be photographs, film and audio representing years of field research from respected paranormal investigators including Ghost Hunters of Australia.. --Star News Group

Bone riddle may not be solved soon
KOLKATA: The mystery of the bones of an unknown animal unearthed in the Sunderbans may not be unravelled for some time to come. Although forest department officials claim that the bones are on their way to the laboratory of the Zoological Survey of India, the officials of the latter are in
the dark about any such development. --ISTlTIMES NEWS NETWORK

Ghost Hunters Searching For A New Member
When Ghost Hunters returns to SCI FI on June 6th at 9 pm (ET/PT), America's favorite paranormal plumbers will be looking for a new Ghost Hunter who will appear in an upcoming episode of the show. On Wednesday, May 30th from 7 to 10 pm (ET/PT) a special marathon of Jason and Grant's all time favorite episodes will kick off promotion for the Hunt for the Hunter, a national search for the newest member of the Ghost Hunters team. --Reality TV Magazine, AZ

Eastern State Penitentiary, considered by many to be America's most historic prison, will host an unprecedented seven hour live and interactive broadcast on the Travel Channel, Most Haunted Live USA on Friday, June 1st, 2007.--Earthtimes.com

Ghost hunters strike out at SJ building
Since we didn’t actually make contact with any spirits who’ve spent considerable time in the building, no ghost busting took place. ... --Milton Daily Standard, PA

Hunting ghosts, saving history
Mark Nesbitt, owner of Ghosts of Gettysburg, suggested the association, Belanger said. Proceeds from a silent auction to be held during the conference will ... --York Daily Record, PA

Fright-seeing tours across the globe
New Orleans has enjoyed a colourful history that encompasses ghosts, vampires and voodoo. This tour includes a visit to a haunted bar. ... --Easier Travel , UK

Ghost writer explores 'other side' of Old Town
A BOOK on communicating with spirits has been launched to coincide with the Edinburgh Ghost Festival.--Scotsman.com

Namibian-born clairvoyant, Marietta Theunissen, says she has a hotline to heaven and that she wants to make a positive contribution to the world through her "light work". New Era caught up with her to talk about "the other side". --allafrica.com

The ghost of Julia Markham... According to legend, she appears at night near the corner of a country back road, roaming fields she likely worked in more than 100 years ago. At Rose Dale Cemetery, a mile east of this quiet Cambridge back road, Mrs. Clarence B. Markham, the former Julia A. Johnson, is buried in an unmarked grave. Qconline.com

Ghost Hunters Evicted?
The Aurora (Ohio) Landmark Commission has recommended that ghost hunting investigations, part of a ghost hunting class offered by the city's community education program, should be discontinued. The ghost hunting class is led by instructor Sherri Brake-Recco, owner and tour guide/researcher for Haunted Heartland Tours and Haunted History Walks of Canal Fulton.. --recordpub.com

Hunting Ghosts, Saving History
There's no way to study the paranormal without studying the past. So the organizers of an event aimed at spirit-seekers will give back to another group working to preserve history. The Ghost World Conference 2007 comes to Gettysburg, PA, July 20 - 22. Several hundred ghost hunters are expected at the event. -- The York Daily Record

Hundreds Flock To Nepal Shrine
A "sweating" idol of of the Bhimeshwor god is seen as a sign of impending turmoil or natural disaster in this religious nation. -- Reuters UK


'Killing Fields' Ghosts Offers Treasure To Destitute Cambodian Peasant" .... In a recent dream, he recalls, the spirit of a long-dead Khmer Rouge victim showed him a gold necklace and instructed him to dig it out from her grave. "The ghost told me her grave was near a dead big tree stump, so I dug down half a meter (1.6 feet) and found the gold," he says. e-sinchew.i.com

The Ghost Whisperer
Hans Holzer's daughter weighs in with her own paranormal abilities. For Alexandra Gargiulo, author and paranormal expert, just because someone has died doesn’t mean she can’t still stay in touch. Soon after her aunt RoseMarie passed on three years ago, she started hearing her voice. “She told me I had to write,” says Gargiulo, “and the conversation went from there.”--The Chronicle

A political row has blown up around an $8 million Auckland estate purchased by the Tahiti Government, complete with the original owner's ghost.(with Video)--www.stuff.co.nz

Ghost Hunters Among Us
For about two years, Sparks resident Bert Tilson, 52, has developed a hobby few people dare to undertake. He is a self-described ghost hunter. --Reno Gazette-Journal

Ghost spooks fire station
10 Downing Street is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including a man in Regency-style clothing who makes fleeting appearances. --Islington Gazette, UK

Scaring up a different kind of vacation' Some turned on digital recorders to capture "electronic voice phenomena," known to aficionados as EVPs. Others snapped photos, seeking the fleeting image of a spirit. --Post Gazzette

There have been various sightings of ghosts at the popular watering hole and now a team of ‘ghostbusters’ called in to investigate. They set up recording equipment in the bar’s cellar and captured an unknown voice declaring: “Get out, this is my pub.”... --Paisley Daily Express, UK

Village Lights An Earthen Lamp For 17 Years To Avoid Deaths
The village is Chhattisgarh in India. No unnatural deaths in 17 years in this village with a population of 3,500. Apparently superstition works. --Andhra News

Russ Woolcock did not believe in God or an afterlife, and had no time for Christians or the Church. So when this Christchurch businessman “died”, he got a huge shock to discover that that was not the end.-- spcm.org

WABASHA -- About 20 people went hunting for spirits Saturday night at the historic Anderson House inn and found that spirits don't have to be scary. -- Newspostbulletin.com

The A-Team Reunites To Contact George Peppard... The former stars of 1980s action series The A-Team will reunite for a reality TV program, in which they will attempt to contact their deceased co-star George Peppard. --Starplus.com

'Monster Mash' Singer Bobby 'Boris' Pickett Dies at 69 --FoxNews.com

'Mind-Reading' Device for Video Games
Sensors touch the user's forehead and read the brain's electrical signals. --AP


Working Replica of Noah's Ark Opens... The massive central door in the side of Noah's Ark was thrown open Saturday - you could say it was the first time in 4,000 years - drawing a crowd of curious pilgrims and townsfolk to behold the wonder. --upi.com

Dead man travels unnoticed on train
A dead passenger traveled unnoticed for at least half a day on an executive passenger train, an Indonesian newspaper reported Friday. - - USATODAY.com

Who knew? An old law shuts psychics
Alerted to a forgotten state ban, Phila. authorities have closed at least 16 storefront fortune-tellers. --Philadelphia Inquirer

Scotty beams up
Fans gather to see the ashes of "Star Trek" actor, James Doohan, rocket into space. (Video)--YahooNews

Touring the Spirit World... New Age-style sacred travel, or metaphysical touring, is a growing branch of tourism, particularly in countries like Egypt with strong ancient-civilization pedigrees. --New York Times

For Just $495 US Dollars, You Can Become Space Dirt! The ashes of "Star Trek" star James Doohan will be blasted into space on April 28th when a rocket carrying a symbolic portion of the late actor's cremated remains is launched in New Mexico. --e.sinchew. i

Men to share paranormal experiences in Waverly
Jason Gowin, of Sayre, and Nick Foust, of Troy, who are members of Ghost Hunters Inc., a local paranormal exploration group, are slated to visit the Waverly ... --Towanda Daily Review, PA

Ghost hunters to unlock mystery
It is midnight and Mark Lunn is stood in the dark at an old Mecca Bingo Hall in the Black Country with a team of ghost hunters. ... --Express & Star, UK

Ghost-hunters of France
But some intrepid ghost-hunters say France does have its share of spirits. Find out about some looks at haunted France and a soon-to-launch ghost tour of ...--Expatica France, France

Statue draws crowds but poses a dilemma
Catholic leaders are wary of stories about a figure of the Virgin Mary that weeps.--Orlando Sentinal

SUNY Maritime Ghost Ships?
An anomalous image from Google earth stirs a debate over ghost ships and photographic technicalities. --MetaFilter

"Gene explains why people are night owls' A genetic mutation has been named the 'after-hours gene.' --Telegraph

The Chupacabras Returns
Earlier this month a series of strange events involving the presence of a strange creature took place in Pan de Azúcar. Witnesses seem more willing to come forward and talk to researchers than in the past, maybe because the media has become bored with the subject, which means less ridicule. --Inexplicata

The Ghost of Wilson Library
The Wilson library can send chills down anyone's spine. Built in 1928, the library is rumored to have a ghost that haunts the six-story building located northwest of Red Square. --The Western Front

Hero Pilot Complains Of Hotel Ghosts
Pilots for Indian Airline claim that something has been going bump in the night at Sharjah’s Holiday Inn. And the frightened men, including celebrated pilot Captain Devi Sharan have written to the hotel to complain about the hauntings. XPRESS sent its ghostbusting team to look around the hotel and try and capture a rare sighting on camera.. --Xpress

Catholic Officials Say 'Crying' Mary Statue Phenomenon Is Natural
Local Catholic diocese officials think that the 'tear' found on a statue of the biblical Mary in an Orange County store is a natural--not spiritual--phenomenon, according to a statement released Wednesday. The statue, which had been on sale at the luxury furniture store Castle Designs, is a life-sized replica of Michelangelo's Pieta, which depicts Mary holding Jesus' body after the crucifixion.--Orlandosentinal.com

Guatemala awaits the 'Antichrist'
A former evangelical priest attempts to expand his following in Central America. --AP

Ghost Ship Relatives Say Crew Are Alive
Relatives of the skipper of a catamaran that was found drifting empty off the Great Barrier Reef said today that they had been in "spiritual" touch with him and believe that he is fighting for his life "somewhere dark". --Times Online

Second "Ghost Ship" Found Off Queensland Coast
Another unmanned vessel has been discovered floating off the coast of Queensland. The 6m barnacle-encrusted fibreglass boat, which was yesterday spotted in waters off the Sunshine Coast, is the second mystery vessel to be found in Queensland waters in less than a week. --West Australian

Demon' bewitches still, 30 years later... The dover Demon, This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the alleged sightings of the mysterious creature, described by several witnesses as about 4 feet tall with a thin body and arms, glowing eyes, and a huge, egg-shaped head. --Boston.com

Spooky 'customers' causing a stir at country pub
Bar's security camera captures ghostly figure inside building. --Bridgnorth Journal

The cell phone and e-mail you can't live without may be masking a fear of death. Joe Hill, author of the best-selling horror novel "Heart-Shaped Box" and son of famed horror master Stephen King, came to Sundance on Saturday to speak about his first novel. --Daily Hearld

Keeping watch on ghosts of Alcatraz
By John M. Glionna. ALCATRAZ ISLAND, Calif. // Each day at sundown, when the last tour boat departs this desolate, wind-swept outpost, one lonesome soul is ...--Baltimore Sun, MD

Island Sorcerer Draws Casts Spells For Cash... Unlike others who practice black magic on the island, Baroro is not ashamed of his vocation although he does not go around advertising his services. --e-sinchew.i

Carlson: Exhibit highlights messiness of history
Then again, some people out there would tell you Booth escaped, that Cassidy slipped away, that Bigfoot exists and the saucer was real. - DesMoinesRegister.com

Catholic Church ends Limbo
Sweeping away centuries of tradition, the Church scraps the concept of Limbo. »Infants in Heaven? --YahooNews

Fortune for a fortune-teller
The last will of Asia's richest woman left her wealth to her fortune-teller in her last known will, Hong Kong media reported Thursday, predicting a costly legal battle to control her multi-billion-dollar estate. --YAHOONEWS

'Ghost Ship' Puzzles Rescuers
Australian rescuers were on Friday trying to solve the "Mary Celeste" style mystery of a yacht found floating off the coast with its engine running, food on its table ready to eat, but no crew.--CNN

Science or supernatural: Bowling Green haunts
For Woodyard, it was her experiences with seeing ghosts as a child that led her to writing about - and investigating - the paranormal. "When I see ghosts, ... --Bowling Green News

'I've seen proof of the afterlife' accept the cynics will label me as deranged, but they've never seen tables tip over of their own volition, glass tumblers move around untouched and a CD holder lift off the floor and hang in the air for several seconds. --Dailymail.uk

Group of ghost hunters scours for signs
... for closed-circuit video, replacing batteries and testing electromagnetic field meters, a tool used by electricians and widely adopted by ghost hunters. ... --Stockton Record, CA

County Says 'No Thanks' To Ghost Hunters
That's what a Biloxi-based group of ghost hunters were told after requesting to look for spirits at a Harrison County cemetery. ... --WAPT, MS

Do ghosts really exist?
This incident in my life has made me start believing that there are abstract things like ghost Satan and jinn in this world. So, I think ghosts do really .. --Merinews, India

Tourist Boat Hopes to Find Nessie
A cruise company is to fit sonar equipment to its flagship boat in case it passes over the Loch Ness Monster. The equipment will be fitted to the Jacobite Queen which takes tourists on cruises around the loch. . --BBC NEWS

Do you think you might have a ghost in your house? It's not so bad if you do, because a ghost will not cause you any harm, and it's fairly easy to get rid of it. --kingssentinal.com

The latest on Van Damme is that he’s going to try and get in on the whole supernatural thriller craze. Moviehole says he’s starring in a movie called Holy Blood.--cinemablend.com

Apparitions and Superstitions
"I go ghost hunting just for rush of the things you sense in the dark!" says Ryan Hanson, sophomore at UWG and creator of West GA Ghost Hunters, a group on Facebook.com, where he and his friends share their ghost hunting pictures and ideas for the next ghost hunting activity. --The West Georgian

A Cursed Painting?
In 1985, UK newspapers reported on a series of unexplained house fires that destroyed almost everythng except, in each case, a mass produced painting known as the "Crying Boy".-- UFO Area

The Ghosts of Alcatraz
Security guards report creepy sounds, sensations at long-closed prison: “This is one creepy place after dark,” one said. “It can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight.” --FortWayne.com

A South African man desperate for a visit from the spirit of his dead mother was convicted by a court on April 16th of violating her grave by extracting teeth from her skull.-- e.sinchew.i

“Haunted Tree” in Orissa Village Creates Panic
Panic-stricken residents of an eastern Indian village say a killer ghost that lives on a tree stalks them, bringing true the prophesy of a possessed girl. Some of the braver ones in the hamlet pulled down the tree.-- Zee News

Backwater Bayous Give Rise to Cajun Folk Tales
From loup garou werewolves to fairies to frights to monsters and shadow men, Louisiana is never short for a monstrous local tale. --Arizona Republic

Theater Ghosts
Ghosts seem to favor theatres and opera houses as a place to hang around. Theatre ghosts interact with patrons and can seem to act as a good or bad omen for the theatre's current production. Different types of paranormal phenomena are reported when theatre ghosts are present. --Bella Online

Erebus crash blamed for Antartica 'ghosts'
A supernatural experience in Antarctica on Friday the 13th has left a winter worker convinced of the existence of ghosts on the frozen continent. --Stuff.co.nz

Ghost Exhibit Shut After Clerics Protest
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - A Malaysian state has closed down a museum exhibition on ghosts, ghouls and supernatural beings after Islamic clerics claimed it was detrimental to Muslims' faith, newspapers reported Saturday. --ABCnewsinternational

Spirits specialty of house Maine restaurant former mortuary When Rick Glencross and Jenny Murphy tell you they serve fine food and spirits at the Fountain House, their restaurant on Main Street in Winterport, they bring a whole new meaning to the word spirits. --telegram.com

New Rash of Mothman-Linked Deaths
A new wave of deaths and near-misses are tied to the Mothman researchers, museum staff and festival people in Point Pleasant. --Cryptomundo

Ghostly Charity Hunt
Is it true? Has the world of ghosts and spirits been completely monopolized now by those profit-makers in tours, etc and philanthopical fund-raisers? Or perhaps it always has been. --County Times

Local Residents Claim Paranormal Sightings
Michigan. College co-eds, the ghost of a little girl, and items vanishing and appearing elsewhere make for good paranormal shenanagins. Ashleigh Parrish, a college sophomore, spent six years living in a home at 903 W. Grand River Ave., who believes the little girl's spirit was "roused by me calling my cat,'' was never afraid. She has since moved, but believes the spirit was friendly and looking to play. She often had items vanish from her bedroom, only to reappear elsewhere in the house.
-- MLive

Group of Ghost Hunters Scours for Signs
"Our approach is not exactly scientific," concedes Tiffanie Helbling. Cristl Phillips, 33, a self-described "psychic sensitive," is the exception. Though she is as determined to collect hard evidence as the others, she's open to other signals. Phillips, who dates her first supernatural encounter to early childhood, says she suffers painful headaches when ghosts are present. --RecondNet

Ghosts haunting Bihar
Sources also say that various supernatural activities have been felt by the lady members of the minister's family but the minister refused to utter anything on the camera. --Sahara Samay, India

The first college course on exorcism is being offered at a Catholic university in Italy. Already, priests from around the world are flocking to Rome to participate and study psychology, law and a history of satanism. -- UFODIGEST.COM

An English holidaymaker thinks he may have taken the first picture of the season of the elusive Loch Ness Monster. Sidney Wilson was in the city with his wife Janet when they decided on a cruise down the loch to take in the sights. --highlandnews.co.uk

Titanic's Passenger List Goes Online
LONDON (April 14) - The names, ages and professions of passengers listed on the Titanic 's fateful journey have gone online for the first time, 95 years after the luxury ocean liner sank on its maiden voyage. Stuff.co.nz

The Grim Reaper has a phone number: ‘Death call from the dark side’ spooks Karachi .... Rumors of a ‘supernatural’ killer call on mobiles phones, that supposedly kills the person receiving the call by damaging their central nervous system and splattering the brain, have swept like wildfire among Karachiites. --Karachi Daily Times

Mixing Friday and the 13th creates many superstitions Some see it as a black day, others as merely a bad rap --insidebayarea.com

Haitians Make Yearly Voodoo Pilgrimage
SOUVENANCE, Haiti (AP) - Every year in early April, scores of Voodoo followers flock to a dusty village and surrender themselves to the spirits in a pilgrimage marked by drumming, chanting and animal sacrifices. --ABCNews

Pupils open ghosts project
PUPILS swap their books for spooks as they take part in the opening of Edinburgh Dungeon's newest attraction, Ghosts of the City. The children helped advise organisers on the new project. --The Scotsman

Thailand hopes holy sour candy will stop road accidents
Thai police on Monday started distributing "super sour" sweets blessed by a Buddhist abbot in the hope of curbing road accidents by keeping motorists awake.-- yahoonews

Man cuts off tongue for Hindu goddess
A man sliced off his tongue at a Hindu temple and offered it to the Hindu goddess of revenge, police said on April 11th. Suresh Kumar, 24, told police in a written statement late Tuesday that he had seen visions of the goddess Kali - the most fearsome of Hindu deities - in his dreams. e.sinchew.i

Florida's governor may pardon Jim Morrison for one of the most infamous events in rock history. Gov. Charlie Crist is being asked to pardon the late Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, 38 years after he was convicted of exposing himself during a Miami concert.-- yahoonews

Haunted by old tales of ghosts
I told him, yes, I was interested in ghosts, and he said, "I was wondering why you never write anything about them." The fact is I've written quite a bit ... --Houston Chronicle, TX

Castle's Ghostly Reputation Leads to Expansion Plans
CHILLINGHAM Castle is increasing its guest accommodation to cater for the growing number of ghost seekers visiting the medieval fortress. " Now every castle will suddenly have ghosts. --Berwick Today

Ghosts haunt only girls
Call it the fear of ghosts haunting the site or an excuse to avoid working in 'graveyard shift' but IPH employees refuse to run the water pump at night. --Hindustan Times, India

'Ghosts' halt Himachal water supply
... the water supply was hit in the night as an Irrigation and Public Health (IPH) employee refused to run the water lifting pumps due to fear of ghosts. ...
Fire tender ploughs into 11 vehicles, shop in Himachal Indian Muslims e» Indian Muslims, CA

Ghost Hunting Aboard the Queen Mary
A collegiate journalist attends a ghost hunt aboard the Queen Mary, formerly the royal flagship of the sea, now the flagship symbol for the city of Long Beach CA. --Daily 49er

Ghost-Hunting Team
Jan Richardson, manager of East Coast Ghost Nights, said: "The reason the Londesborough [Pub] was picked is they heard a barrel being dragged across the cellar floor and no-one was down there."--Bridlington Today

A British man has met and married a 22-year-old woman after, by his own account, dreaming of her phone number and then sending her a text message. --Aol News

If you've never heard a sand dune rumble, listen up. Marco Polo in the 13th Century said the singing sands -- which he ascribed to evil desert spirits -- "at times fill the air with the sounds of all kinds of musical instruments, and also of drums and the clash of arms."-- livescience.com

Joe, an employee of Sara Lee Bakery Group, and Fleshia Patterson, an operations manager, have been obsessed with ghosts ever since they had a spirit haunt their own home. --Sentinel-Echo

A Ghostly Stay at the Stanley
Frequently cited as one of the country's most haunted hotels, the Stanley is the creepy antique inn that inspired author Stephen King to write "The Shining," pretty much the scariest hotel-based horror book ever written. This sprawling hotel draws ghost hunters, psychics and, like us, curious guests hoping for a good scare. --Chicagp Tribune

"Na Tuk Tree" " Defies Bulldozer But Yields To Prayer" For about an hour, a tree growing near a Na Tuk Kong shrine defied a bulldozer operator’s efforts to uproot it with his machine, yet the same tree gave way easily when the operator tried again after praying at the shrine. --e.sinchew.i

Dead Marriage? How About A Wedding Ring Coffin? Talk about burying the past. A New York divorcee has come up with a solution for failed marriages - a miniature coffin to lay those unwanted wedding rings to rest. Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place," the company offering the miniature caskets says on its website.-- Yahoonews

University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Neihardt Hall
Ghost stories and folklore of the residence hall are lasting traditions. This hallway in Neihardt leads out to the courtyard of which many stories have been told. One story involves a shadowy figure of a partial man being seen on stormy nights. The other is of a beautiful woman-in-white dancing in the courtyard. - NewsNetNebraska.

Bloody, satanic, amnesia case baffles Italian police... Police and prosecutors in northern Italy are wrestling with a mystery that brings together a man with memory loss, evidence of devil worship and a blood-drenched apartment. --guardian.co.uk

Lecture, film at HCC to look at culture of ghost stories
"The Other Side: Giving Up the Ghost," is set mainly in Gettysburg, Pa., and is an exploration of the culture associated with ghost stories and paranormal --Hagerstown Morning Herald, MD

Hilary Swank spooked
The Oscar-winning actress revealed the film set was rife with unnerving paranormal activity. She said: "A lot of strange stuff happened. --Life Style Extra, UK

Curse at bloody haunt:Old hangout can’t escape ghosts of Whitey’s past
... and too many ghosts, haunting this joint for it to be anything else but bad news to any pilgrim unlucky enough to wander in after last call. --Boston Herald, United States

Chinese cemeteries are selling paper replicas of Viagra pills to be burned for dead relatives as a wish for satisfying sex in the afterlife, state media reported on March 21st. Customers are snapping up the paper Viagra, as well as images of condoms and heavily made-up bar girls ahead of the annual Tombsweeping Festival on April 5, the Nanjing Morning News reported. e.sinchew.e

A New Zealand artist is planning to exhibit his father's ashes, saying he was "much more useful dead than he ever was alive", a report said on March 22nd. e.sinchew.i

Sci Fi orders fourth 'Ghost Hunters' season, extends third season
The Sci Fi Channel has announced that it has extended Ghost Hunters' third season and renewed the reality show for a fourth season. ... --Reality TV World

Mysterious Beast Attacks Bangwe Woman
A mysterious “animal” with the shape of a dog with two legs and hands with long nails attacked a woman in Bangwe in the early hours of Wednesday. --Nation Online

Haunted South Dakota
Visitors to the Bullock Hotel may have the opportunity to experience a visit from the hotel’s founder, only he passed away in 1919. -- Post-Searchlight

Procter and Gamble Co. does not worship Satan, according to a US court ruling that revolves around a decades-old urban myth targeting the world's biggest consumer goods company. --e.sinchew-i.com

Houdini to Be Exhumed, Death Investigated rumors that he was murdered have persisted for decades. Eighty-one years after Houdini's death, his great-nephew wants the escape artist's body exhumed to determine if enemies poisoned him for debunking their bogus claims of contact with the dead. --wtopnews.com

Actor TIMOTHY HUTTON was such a special child that a team of ghostbusters once used him as a conduit to the dead. --pr-inside

"Bleeding" Jesus Portraits Draw Crowds In India
Thousands of people are flocking to a policeman's house in India's remote Andaman Islands to pray in front of two portraits of Jesus Christ, which are said to have been "bleeding" for the past two weeks. --Reuters

A South African prophet was seriously injured after being stoned by a group of angry villagers who paid her for protection from a tornado that never arrived, police said on March 16. --e.sinchew.i

Ghost Hunters in Search for 100% Proof Spirit at the Bar
Skeptics would dismiss the shadow that traversed Glasgow's oldest bar at 3:35 am yesterday as no more than a trick of the light. But to paranormalists this moving figure was the latest proof that ghosts are among us. --Scotsman

This week’s new lineup at FANGORIA TV
Join the spook-hunting team to see and hear what they find at Lizzie’s house as part of our ghost-themed week. • This Week in Horror History has Fango ... --Fangoria

Bumps in the night? Most of the reported spirit sightings at La Borde House have been all too tangible — a whack on the head in an empty room, the smell of perfume in a stairwell, a chill in the hallway, the horrifying glimpse of a floating cadaver; flickering lights, stolen lipsticks and reorganized closets. --THE MONITER.COM

Hotel Embracing its Turbulent, Ghostly Past
Staff and guests at Historic Hotel Bethlehem have been saying for years it is haunted, and the time has come to talk about these ghostly experiences in the daylight, to embrace the hotel's turbulent past to ensure its future, hotel historian and special events manager Natalie Bock said. -- NJ.com

Ghosts Come Out to Meet the Hunters
Ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon feel right at home in Northwest Arkansas, communing with spirits from the Trail of Tears and the Civil War battlefields, says Lori Arhangelsky, founder of Northwest Arkansas Ghost Connection. -- Morning News

An Indian man's family almost cremated a dead body that resembled him but stopped when they got a telephone call from him, a report said on March 7th. --Sinchew-i

A woman who went into a vegetative state more than six years ago woke up this week for three days, spoke with her family and a local television station before slipping back. --CANADA.COM

Infamous Hauntings of Oregon Coast Lighthouses
Odd isn't it? There are so few lighthouses left, and so many of them are allegedly haunted. --Beach Connections

Astral projection with Robert Bruce
Audio podcast: Renowned mystic and astral projector, Robert Bruce discusses the use of binaural beats to induce out-of-body states. --Nearthwort Obtain

Making Their Way in the World of Gnomes
Von Lahr, 57, insists that everyone is accompanied by at least two gnomes at all times. Because he and co-researcher Chris Valentine are more attuned than most to the nature people around them, they have thousands of gnomes and leprechauns in their lives. -- News-Observer

IBM wants to help you find out if UFOs are real. Well, sort of. With UFO sightings seemingly on the rise, Big Blue is teaming with The Anomalies Network to offer UFO Crawler, a new search engine specifically tuned to search for information about the paranormal, unexplained or just plain bizarre. --pcworld

Vandals did in by fear of legendary ghost
But, like generations of teens before them, they feared meeting the legendary ghost on Woodcliff Road where a bridge runs across railroad tracks below in ... --Cookeville Herald Citizen, TN

Restaurant owners say ghost exists
DERRY - Frank the ghost exists, at least according to a group of ghost hunters and the staff at the FireHall Pub & Grille. --Eagle Tribune, MA

While Long Island may not be known as a ufological or cryptozoological hotspot to most, if there's one thing that the island does have plenty of, it's ghosts. The most famous case from Long Island would without a doubt have to be the "Amityville haunting", spawning a series of movies and national interest in the events that took place in "High Hopes" despite the case eventually being exposed as a hoax. --UFODIGEST.COM

Milosevic Grave Attacked To Expel Evil Spirits ... The action by the former member of Otpor, the student movement that for years protested against Milosevic, was a medieval ritual used in eastern Serbia to kill off vampires or expel evil spirits. --e.isinchew-i.com

Wash your demons down: Bottled holy water for sale ... Sinners beware: Taking a swig of the newly bottled Holy Drinking Water could cause burning, sweating, skin irritations, rashes, watery eyes and a pale skin color. --Oakland Tribune

Ghost Hunters Investigate Derry's 'Haunted'
Hall and her husband, Bob, bought Derry's century-old downtown fire station in 2005 to turn it into a restaurant. She said some people chuckled when they made the purchase and said the couple would find out why later. Now they have. --Eatery Eagle Tribune

Ghosts spook high-end homes
The twilight Zone. Paranormal activity. These words suggest utter drivel to rationalists of every hue. And maybe a settle-down on the sofa to watch a creepy ... --Economic Times, India

Canyon Ferry Mansion full of history, ghosts
Over the years, the Roses have pieced together the home’s history, including the identities of several ghosts, with the help of visitors, Cook descendants ... --Helena Independent Record, MT

Gandhi was scared of ghosts and spirits: Book ... He gave the Britishers many a sleepless night, but few know that Gandhi was scared of ghosts and spirits so much so that as a teenager, he "did not dare to stir out of doors at night and could not sleep without a light near him." --HindustanTimes.com

Back in February, 2003, “psychics” Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh were consulted by the parents of missing 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck – Pam and Craig Akers. That young man just recently turned up – very much alive and well, in rather sharp disagreement with the prognostications of the humbug artists. --http://www.randi.org/

Uri Geller Accused of TV Trickery
A hit Israeli TV show starring celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller has come under fire from magicians for being full of "tricks and stunts". --BBC News

Uri Geller
James Randi Educational Foundation

Do You Believe in Magic?
Well, do you? Penny, rabbit's foot or clover? What is your lucky charm? A look into society's superstious attitudes. --New York Times

Mexico: Video of Chupacabras Attack in Hualahuises
"Strange Animal deaths are occurring in the region of Hualahuises, Nuevo Leon. It is not known at this time what type of animal is causing them." --Inexplicata

Do You Believe that Ghosts are Real?
While 32% of Americans believe in ghosts, according to a 2005 Gallup poll, there is a distinct and deep divergence of opinion as to what constitutes a ghost. --ThothWeb

Teackle Ghost Hunters Find Unexplained Event
A group of paranormal investigators think the legends of the Teackle Mansion ghosts could be true, particularly in a part of the house where their equipment batteries died and they felt a cold spot. --Daily Times

Dark Visitors: Puerto Rico’s Moca Vampire
Hispanic ufologist/cryptozoologist Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, shares his article about the Chupacabras-like Moca Vampire. --UFOMystic

There’s a Ghost in Our Jam
A series of spooky goings-ons have led managers at Jam Street Cafe in Chorlton UK to believe that a ghostly spirit began playing pranks after being disturbed by the refurbishment of a basement to turn it into a lounge area. --Reporter

Mystery of Napoleon's Death Said Solved
Putting to rest a 200-year-old mystery, scientists say Napoleon Bonaparte died from an advanced case of gastric cancer and not arsenic poisoning as some had speculated. --Yahoo News

Missing Boy: Psychics Get it Spectacularly Wrong
Two of America’s best known psychics have some explaining to do. Both stated that the missing boy of four years--recently found--was dead. --Paranormal Review

Mind Games
New on the Internet: a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. They may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that. --Washington Post

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Sleep Paralysis Happens All the Time
Doctors explain how this phenomenon featuring immobility and hallucinations can seem like a nocturnal ghostly encounter. -- Herald-Leader

Photographing Phantoms
Alan Murdie reevaluates one of the best ghost photos of all time. --Fortean Times

Campaign to pardon the last witch
Salem experts support appeal to overturn 'ludicrous' conviction. --The Guardian

Ghosts Found in Park Cafe
After a series of extensive tests involving temperature and filming, experts are convinced the centre's cafe is a hotbed of ghostly activity. --Evening Post

Darkness on the Edge of Town: Todd Bates
A podacast interview with Todd Bates, the host of Haunted Voices radio and an expert in the field of Electronic Voice Phenomena. And one with Tom Netzband, the founder of the San Francisco Ghost Society, which investigates claims of the supernatural in San Francisco. -- Planet Paranormal Radio

Ghost Hunters Draw A Crowd
One we missed. During one of the investigative sessions, the group asked how many spirits were present -- one member said he heard a woman say, "There are five," and another said she heard a woman say, "There are four." So things are no different on the other side. Also Schoolgirls Troubled By ‘Ghost’ and Being In Touch With The Realm Of The Dead. --Payson Roundup

Living With Things That Go Bump In The Night
The events and experiences that have been recorded in what was formerly the Pierce Street School in Leominster, PA, have attracted the producers of "Paranormal U," a new reality show for the A&E network. Also "Destination Truth" Gets Green Light. --Leominster Champion

Couple Captures Curious Orb On Film
A ghost? Or is the strange floating orb Allan and Joyce Faust captured on their digital camera nothing more than a lens flare or a trick of light? Also Haunted Halls? --The Register-Mail

Italian Police Set Up Elite 'Sas' Squad To Take On The Devil Himself
Vatican officials have given Italian police help to set up a special unit, named the Squadra Anti Sette (SAS) Anti Sect Squad, to deal with the growing tide of Satanism sweeping the country. --Scotsman

Ghostly Face Has Commuters Guessing
A humble railway station on Sydney's North Shore could become the city's next religious attraction as some commuters are convinced they are seeing an apparition of Jesus Christ on the side of a platform. With photo. --Daily Telegraph

Man Bat Tale Tops 2006 for Weirdness
A Wisconsin newspaper names the local "Man Bat" sighting the oddest story of the year for the area. A look back on the enigmatic incident. --Coulee News

Mysterious Mr. Booth
How did John Wilkes Booth really die and does his ghost haunt the Ford Theater? --Mysterious Expeditions

25 Years After Women Died, Psychics Shed a Little Light
Two psychics wanted to come to Park County, visit the spots where two young women were killed 25 years ago, and possibly shed some paranormal light on the unsolved double homicide — all with television cameras rolling. -- Gazette.com

Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove
Jeffrey Mishlove holds an accredited Ph.D. in parapsychology and answers questions on a wide range of topics. --Mind-energy.net

Touch of Supernatural
Come visit Hopkinsville, Kentucky, birthhome of Edgar Cayce and site of the now infamous 1955 alleged alien invasion. --Courier-Journal

See the Future by Concentrating on the Past
Our ability to recall the past, may be the key to our ability to see the future. --ABC News

City Office Haunted?
Something strange in Rio Grande City, Texas: "They say they hear the front door open and close with a clatter of Venetian blinds, but find no one there. Friends call their names from adjacent rooms, but don’t admit to speaking. Occasionally, the ghosts will wash some invisible dishes in the kitchen sink... And there’s the smell." --The Monitor

'Haunted' Fla. Cemetery Vandalized
About 60 tombstones and grave markers were damaged at a historic cemetery known for some of its famous residents and alleged paranormal activity. - -Associated Press

The face of Jack the Ripper?

Using modern profiling techniques, experts from Scotland Yard have created a portrait of Jack the Ripper's face, using 13 witness statements from the time of his attacks in the late 1800s. Click here for further details.-- METRO.CO.UK

Cal U professor investigates the paranormal Rene Kruse has performed more than 450 ghost-hunting investigations in the past 30 years.--Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Open to Anomalies University of Virginia Magazine
Prof. Charles Tolbert is president of the Society for Scientific Exploration, a 25-year-old group dedicated to providing a forum for researchers who use scientific methods to study the most irrational-seeming topics. If you want to publish a study on UFOs, dowsing, parapsychology or reincarnation, the society’s journal is the place to do it. --University Digest

White dots caught by security camera led to discovery of corpses A Taiwan cemetery caretaker claims he can prove that ghosts exist, because white dots caught by the cemetery's security camera led to the discovery of 18 unclaimed corpses, a newspaper said Friday. According to the Liberty Times, the No 1 Cemetery in Changhua County, west Taiwan, installed a security camera in June 2005. On September 9 and October 11, it caught several white dots jumping through the night but vanished at dawn. --therawstory

Not all guests at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' eagerly anticipated wedding might be invited, or even human for that matter, for the Italian castle the couple are getting set to hold their nuptials in, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a murdered legend. --yahoo.com

Is it ghost story or fish story?
Hazleton man: Spirit visible in photos of ‘Haunted Couch’ --timesleader

Animal baffles Johnson County residents Some people say it's a cross between a wild dog and coyote. --5NewsOnline.com

Apparent Voice Of Dead Woman On Audiotape Crew investigates house after reports of strange occurrences. --Local6.com

What if EVP are just multidimensional recordings? So are all of the voices recorded in EVP of these trapped spirits? If so, there are a lot of them out there. Ghost hunting groups and other researchers all over the world are capturing these voices wherever they go – haunted buildings, graveyards, even locations that have previously had no reputation for being haunted. These spirits are everywhere. --about.com

Vampire’s locks ‘grew’ at museum! THE hair of an exhibit that apparently “grew” while it was on show at the Asian Arts Museum in Universiti Malaya has become a topic of discussion in a KOSMO! The hair, purportedly that of a female jenglot (vampire), measured 17cm when it was first exhibited on Aug 1. --TheStar.co

Family Planning Doctor 'Told Patient She Needed Exorcism'
A doctor at a family planning clinic told a patient that she needed an exorcism because there was something sinister moving around inside her stomach, a medical tribunal was told yesterday. -- The Times

Pop Culture Boosts Paranormal Profession Cape Cod Times
Ellie Pechet doesn't need to watch the ''Ghost Whisperer'' on television. She claims to be one. --Cape Cod Times

Idea of heaven for pets gets scholarly look Festival of Faiths sheds light on views about death. --Louisville Courier-Journal

The house on a quiet, tree-lined Modesto street where police believe Scott Peterson killed his pregnant wife, Laci, is being sold again for nearly $350,000, a real estate agent said Wednesday. --aol.com

Animal Apparitions
Stories of paranormal pet activity spark some spirited discussion. --Daily Southtown

Exploring a Prison at Night
Eastern State Penitentiary's Terror Behind the Walls Launches a Haunted Attraction Lit Only By Flashlights --Yahoo.com

Hunt for a ghost with a haunting snore Ghost Hunters looking for a phantom snorer at the old Lime Kiln House. --Swindon Advertiser

Ghost hunter comes to town
BY DAVE BENJAMIN. JACKSON - If you're looking for a ghost in the Jackson Library, Oct 5 at 7 pm may be the time to find out how to track one down. --Tri-Town News, NJ

Britney Spears always knew she would be famous - because a psychic predicted it. A New Orleans well Known 'clairvoyant' grabbed her on the street and predicted her future. --Pr-inside.com

A tree in Thailand has roots resembling "fingers" growing in its' trunk.
One of person claims that when he had prayed to them, the 3 "fingers" seemed to move. --e-sinchew-i.com

Scientists discover 'shadow person'
Electrical stimulation repeatedly produced a feeling of the presence of another person. --Cosmos Online

Man inhabits dog? stray dog which refused to budge from the home of a recently deceased rabbi has finally moved on after a "redemption ceremony" at an Israeli cemetery. Rabbis expert in Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism, concluded the animal could be possessed by a tortured soul seeking redemption. Ultra-Orthodox Jews traditionally do not keep dogs as pets. -- YahooNews.com

The Lou Gentile Experience STEVE VOLK tries to recreate a British author's paranormal awakening—and succeeds in failing. --Phillidelphiaweekly.com

Spooky surveyors tour Hartland — See video of a ghost hunt
... The Warren man came to a stop in front of the grave of Mary Larsen, where a fellow ghost hunter had earlier picked up some electromagnetic field, or EMF ... -- Livingston
Daily, MI

Haunted Minnick Manor
The house underwent renovations when it was purchased by the owners and the owners began to note strange sounds from the first night they stayed in the house: sounds including the laughter of children and footsteps.
--Unexplained Mysteries

Déjà Vu Research Is Outta Sight The first case study of a blind man suffering déjà vu has overturned traditional theories about how the effect occurs. It was previously thought that déjà vu was triggered when images from one eye arrived in the brain a few microseconds after images from the other eye - causing a feeling that something was being seen for the second time. But University of Leeds researchers have just reported about a blind person experiencing déjà vu through smell, hearing and touch.--scienceagogo.com

The Importance of Paperwork on a Paranormal Investigation
Jill O'Malley explains to young, upstart paranormal investigatiove groups why "Will you please sign these forms?" is perhaps the most important question they must ask. --associatedcontent

Will sue to avoid goblins
Håkon Robertsen has refused to tear down a condemned barn for fear of reprisals from 'little people' and is ready to sue local authorities to protect the building.--aftenposten

Pharaoh's Curse or Coincidence?
Scientists insist they don't believe in the "Curse of the Pharaohs." Still, some awfully strange things happened when a recent team X-rayed the boy king's body with a medical CT scanning machine,-- Sun-Times

Ghosts and necropants Museum of Sorcery & Witchcraft in west Iceland, where visitors can observe obscure magical objects and learn how to scotch ghosts, is steadily growing in popularity. --Iceland Review On Line

Georgia man investigates paranormal
William A. Lester was standing in a driveway, talking to a couple. They had seeing things, they said, paranormal things. That’s why Lester was there. ... --News-Daily.com, GA

Top 10 Haunted Lighthouses
Owls Head Park, open year-round, provides lovely views of Penobscot Bay. The pretty little lighthouse and keeper’s residence are ... --Coastal Living

Kabbalistic Rabbi Called in to Lift a Curse, JERUSALEM - Employees of Israel's National Insurance Institute (NII) asked a Kabbalah sage to remove a curse hanging over their heads after several inexplicable events, rabbinical sources said. --SUNDAYTIMES.CO.ZA

Witches In South Florida
CBS4 took an in-depth look into the world of witches and found that many search area cemeteries in search of ghosts. Really? --CBS4

Rural Assam haunted by witch-hunts
Guwahati: Witch-hunts are rampant in many parts of rural Assam and north Bengal and more than 400 people have been killed due to suspected witchcraft in the ... --CNN-IBN, India

began their first live broadcast radio show on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2006.

Hearing voices not always negative, Researchers at Britain's Manchester University have said hearing voices is not necessarily a sign of mental illness. --Physorg.com

West Virginia boasts ghosts, guided tours
... Most of the ghosts appear to have ties to the Civil War, when the town changed hands eight times. Harpers Ferry is a very neat, outdoorsy place. ... --Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC

No ghosts on roads, say Police
By Daniel Edyegu. KAMPALA extra Police chief Grace Turyagumanawe has dismissed claims by some drivers that ghosts cause accidents. ... --New Vision, Uganda

Watch Celebrity Paranormal Exclusives!
See what happens when celebrities are left alone to explore the paranormal. Watch exclusive extras plus a bonus misson right now on VSPOT! --

What's The True Meaning Behind 'Spirit Numbers?'
Psychics believe the number eleven is symbolic and meaningful. --CBS4.com

Ghost hunters bring Eastern Connecticut lore to small screen, "Ghost Chat New England," broadcast 7:30 p.m. Fridays on TV 14, will take viewers on location to local haunts with paranormal investigators, historians, mediums and more, according to Cindy Corriveau, co-producer, co-host and investigator for 11 years. "The purpose of our show is to educate," Corriveau said. "We want to give the audience evidence they can see, and they can choose to believe or not." --Norwich Bulletin, CT

Threats after murder home becomes tour stop
... and "heartless and mean-spirited" are some of the verbal barbs thrown at Diane Ladley after she added a real-life murder scene to her Naperville ghost tour. --Chicago Sun-Times, United States

Ghost tours: Haunted South Florida, If a haunted house isn't enough for you, why not try a haunted city?--SouthFlorida.com

One Bite, 20 Years Of Weeping When she was seven, Sila was bitten in the back of her hand by a cobra. She hasn't stopped crying in the 20 years since the incident, even though her tears have long since run dry.

Psychic Van Praagh sees fugitive's hideout
According to his vision, Bucky Phillips is hiding out in a white house with cellar doors. --AP

Peterborough Museum Haunting
Is the museum haunted by the ghost of an Australian soldier? --Peterborough Today

Thousands Want To Sleep In Coffins, Bangkok NGO donated several coffins to a charity event for the underprivileged, thousands of participants were eager for a chance to sleep in one of them as they believe that doing so will help them ward off bad luck. -- ISINCHEW- I.COM

Kevin Patrick Thomas ... on making his music into a movie
Find out how this guy rented a ghost town to make his Italian western film. --The News Journal

'Bad feeling' leads passenger to cancel trip
North Carolina Sen. Larry Shaw can’t explain exactly what made him so anxious about Comair 5191. --Louisville Courier-Journal

Rockabilly singer and songwriter Jumpin' Gene Simmons, who worked with Elvis Presley and had a top 20 hit in 1964 with the bouncy "Haunted House," has died. He was 69. -- Rockford Register Star

Paranormal investigator gives spirited talk
Mary Ann Winkowski speaks to a packed house in North Ridgeville. --Chronicle-Telegram

Hitler & Stalin possessed, says Vatican exorcist
Pope Pius XII attempted a 'long distance' exorcism of Hitler. --Daily Mail

Do you believe in ghosts?
It was a bright and sunny day. Yet, by all indications, the spirits were out in full force. The absence of a full moon or a star-lit sky were not the only reasons to suspect that this was not your typical ghost tour.--Daily Southtown

New director, buildings for downtown ghost tours
MACOMB - Tim Weaver, the new director of the Haunted Ghost Tour, has plenty to smile about. The tour's opening night is on Friday and he has few new buildings to excite participants.--Macomb Journal

Ghost hunters gather
Laura Weldon, a teacher from Cambridge, Md., has always believed in ghosts. In fact, she's sure the home in which she grew up was haunted. A firm believer in the paranormal, she's a big fan of the Sci-Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" show, featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson as plumbers by day who investigate reports of paranormal activity in their spare time. --Centre Daily Times

Mystery of the Waterville spooklights By JOHN STOFFLET / Evening Magazine


Fantasy writer to enter realm of real-world book sales, Kelly Link's house is not haunted, although she wouldn't mind if it were. Instead, it is as bright and bookish as the author herself, a great place to walk around and browse through the shelves or chat with Link in her kitchen as she enjoys a cup of tea and ponders the fantasy life.

AFTER the Great Fire of London a mysterious story started being whispered across the charred city. People began claiming they had seen an angel floating above the Thames. --SOUTHLONDONPRESS

Pope to inspect 'image of Christ' on veil. Pope Benedict will journey to a remote Italian monastery to view a mysterious cloth known as Veronica's Veil, which is said to depict the face of Christ, and date back to the time of his crucifixion. Scientists have determined that the image was not painted or embossed on the veil in any way that could be explained. For more. --Daily Mail

Paranormal exhibit: It'll have you under its spell - Newsday, NY

Hertzberg hauntings marked by voices, steps, clanking keys - San Antonio

Hellfire Poltergeist


Late QUEEN frontman FREDDIE MERCURY has spoken out about his concerns for the modern world, according to celebrity medium PSYCHIC SALLY MORGAN.-- PRINSIDE.COM

Expert Calls 'Hybrid Mutant' Just a Dog
Creature May Be Subject of Longtime Local Legend --All Headline News

Psychic's plan for ghost tours runs into wall - Atlanta-Journal Constitution, GA

Ghost census took place in Czech Republic
The ghost census was carried out in Liberec region of Czech Republic. This region was chosen because it teems with ghosts, spirits and other paranormal phenomena. --Pravda

The nexus of scientists and psychics, When it comes to matters of faith, Americans always have been complicated folk. Other countries might have internecine religious disputes, but the United States has full-bore splinter movements: Its religious history is dotted with theosophy, Scientology, neo-paganism, UFO cults, Satanism, Unitarianism, Mormonism and New Age sects of all stripes. Science is too clinical to have all the answers, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

The alligator's skin that spells God -- Daily Mail

Malaysian museum to let Ripley's Believe It or Not determine if ghostly exhibits are real. The exhibition has drawn tens of thousands of visitors. Officials say the approximately 100 items on display include a preserved mermaid; the shriveled skeletal remains of a half-woman, half-snake; a goblin trapped in a bottle; and other creatures from Malay folklore. -- msn news

Mystery beast blamed for killing 3 dogs. People on a northern Manitoba reserve are avoiding a lake after three sled dogs were gutted amid reports that a strange creature is on the loose. --CBC

Strange holes in the Russian ground
Several tunnels of unknown origin were discovered in the Krasnoyarsk region. --Pravda.Ru

125 years of history makes for good stories
Ghost accounts at the Cincinnati Art Museum.
--Cincinnati Enquirer

Haunted hospital renovation brings artists’ inspiration to Houston - Affordable Housing Finance

Paranormal investigation conducted on the Morgan - SouthCoastToday (MA)

Ghost month card game seen as portent of Death --The China Post

Ancient pyramids found in Ukraine
Gigantic ancient pyramids discovered in Ukraine.

Ghost-hunters descend on whaling ship
Sightings reported aboard Mystic tourist attraction --MSNBC.COM

Infrasound linked to spooky effects,Scientists say low frequencies may spark ghostly sensations Mysteriously snuffed out candles, weird sensations and shivers down the spine may not be due to the presence of ghosts in haunted houses but to very low frequency sound that is inaudible to humans. --MSNBC.COM

Lawsuit Claims Thousands Of Graves Lost CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Thousands of burials at a Miami cemetery were not properly recorded, making it nearly impossible for relatives to locate graves of the dead, a lawsuit claims. Graceland Memorial Park South.-- local6.com

Crime-solving psychic reaches TV-star status
John J. Oliver, one of the stars of Court TV's new "Haunting Evidence," doesn't slouch or fidget in his chair during an interview, not even after more than an hour of Q&A .--TIMESDISPATCH.COM

Cricketers confront 'hotel ghost' But recently the players experienced perhaps the biggest scare of the tour while staying at a hotel that has a reputation for being haunted. --BBC News

Belief Can Have Physical Effects According to New Book on Salem Witch Hysteria
[Press Release] PR Web via Yahoo! News
Richmond, VA (PRWEB) August 29, 2006 -- Self-help authors have sold millions of books touting the power of positive thinking. --Web via Yahoo! News

Murder for hire
An eerie feeling has settled over the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie - thanks to the popularity of TV shows about hauntings, people are horribly interested in the house's past, but actual ghost-hunting guests are failing to materialize. --NewsChannel 4

Marilyn Monroe Reincarnation?
Sherrie Lea Laird, a Canadian singer, believes she is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, and a Malibu psychiatrist named Adrian Finkelstein backs her claim. Read the full story. --LA Times.

You Decide: Ghosts Caught On Tape?
Paranormal investigations at the Phoenixville Library yields images. --NBC10.com

Circles of light in photographs
JAIME T. LICAUCO - WHAT do you think are these circles of light appearing in my photos?” Jean [not her real name] recently asked me in a text message. One picture only has two or three of the circles but some pictures have dozens of them. They sometimes cover the entire frame. --INQ7.net

Real-Life Werewolves
A condition called hypertrichosis causes the body to produce an abnormal amount of hair everywhere. 'Werewolf' Condition Baffles Doctors
The legend of the werewolf may be fueled by a rare genetic disorder. --ABC News

Ghost world
Torn between the spiritual and the rational, William James and the Society for Psychical Research sought to document the supernatural -- and found some spooky evidence."Some society members rented what was reputedly 'the most haunted house in Scotland' --Salon Media Group

"HAUNTED HOUSE" GETS NEW LIFE --Fayettvilleonline.com
The portraits of Dr. Victor Small and his wife, Suzanne, hang in separate rooms in the couple’s old home on College Street. Legend has it whenever the photographs are hung together, one of the oval pictures will mysteriously be taken off the wall.

New England Hurricane Could Cripple Economy
Experts say direct hit on NYC could cost $200B — and is not unlikely. --CBS News

Rosslyn Chapel ghost sighting spooks actors
Actors claim to have spotted two ghosts in the famous building. --Scotsman.com

Opening the door on the Paranormal
The three ghost hunters knew who to call. They just didn’t know what they’d unearth once they got there.
--New Bern Sun Journal

Houdini Was a Covert Agent, New Book Claims
The famed magician Harry Houdini guarded the secrets behind his legendary escapes from handcuffs, chains, jails, milk cans, mailbags, and water chambers. But the authors of a forthcoming book on Houdini will be disclosing that he had another secret: his role as a spy.This claim is already causing a stir in the magic community and will create more buzz on October 31 — exactly 80 years-- The New York Sun

Transforming the Alchemists
Four centuries later, they may have something to teach scientists. --New York Times

And you thought your job stunk
Cleaning crime scenes can be a very lucrative trade, but it can be pretty creepy and HAUNTED. --Toronto Sun

The Warrens


10 great places to go on a haunted hike
Author Andrea Lankford (website) shares some of her favorite haunted national parks. --USA Today article here

From the Dark Side
The Cult of Cthulhu: Who Wrote the Necronomicon? --Phenomena Magazine

Mayor Says Building Is Too Dangerous For Ghost Hunters - WUSA9.com

Boulder Developer to Spiritually Cleanse Former Mortuary Site - NewWest.net

Haunted police station? Though he tried to convince everybody that nothing would happen to him, the chair started shaking all of a sudden and he was thrown out of the chair by some invisible force. --ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK

Air museum may have its own friendly ghost
His name may not be Casper, but it seems the Mid America Air Museum may have its own friendly ghost. --SOUTHWEST DAILY TIMES

No sympathy for the devil
An herbal healer from Fort Worth keeps faith and tradition alive with potions, amulets and spiritual counseling. --Star-Telegram

Haunted House For Sale In Central Florida
Ghost Of woman slams cabinets, moves items.

Puzzling 'silent' quakes may hint at big temblors
If the tremors can be pinned down they might provide insights into how the Earth behaves just before huge quakes. --San Francisco Chronicle

So-Called Indigo Teen Says She Can Read People
Children are said to have psychic powers (with video). --ABC News

Nun's wounds possibly satanic
Investigators say stab wounds on the chest of a nun slain in a hospital chapel in 1980 formed an upside-down cross, a symbol that an expert on Roman Catholic law and the occult testified Monday has been used in satanic worship... -- Cincinnati Post

Live death freeze show
Footage of a person being cryonically frozen after death is to be shown on TV. --Metro.co.uk

Chinese X-file excites spotters
An unusual man-made landscape has been spotted on Google Earth. --Sydney Morning Herald

Roberts collects ghost stories - WilsonDaily.com

Cardinal says commission to review apparitions
Alleged Marian apparitions at Medjugorje will be examined. --Catholic News Service

The interest to the werewolf phenomenon will never fade away - Pravda.Ru

Bigfoot Search In Lamar County --
Has a team of investigators found actual proof of "bigfoot"? (with video) --KLTV

Comic-Con Draws Superheroes, Sci-Fi Fans
When you see Darth Vader and Superman strolling through the city, you know you're getting close. -- Yahoo News!

Va. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine Pardons Witch
Nash asked the governor to exonerate Grace Sherwood, Virginia's only convicted witch tried by water. --Washington Post

Curse of the Devil Wears Prada
You could call it the curse of The Devil Wears Prada. While the hit movie about a fashion editor from hell showcases dozens of high-end and mainstream brands, the sweet smell of success isn't rubbing off on Wall Street. -- Yahoo News

Paranormal packs halls, sells books
Psychic mediums' popularity on the rise. --Newsday

Carved stone still mystifies scholars
No ones knows who carved on the dark, odd-looking, egg-shaped stone. --Associated Press

Cats and Dogs Make Way
It rained live fish in Kerala town. --Deccan Herald

Things that go bb-bump in the night
Spooked Imogen is convinced the Big Brother house is haunted after being woken by a "ghost" in the early hours. -- MIRROR.CO.UK

Official: Jack the Ripper identified
Scotland Yard has taken possession of a policeman’s memoirs which names the serial killer.
--Times Online

Cryptozoology Exhibit: Mysterious & Kooky
Art show at the Bates College Museum reviewed.
--Strange Maine

Cryptozoologist mulls theories on ‘Big Bird" --The Brownsville Herald

Where Orlando ranks
9th: Ghost tours (Orlando Ghost Tours) --Orlando Sentinel

Psychics aid police in crime fighting, but skepticism abounds
-- Santa Barbara News Press, California - National,

--Glasgow Daily Record, UK

Chicken Lays Mystery Allah Egg A chicken in a Kazakh village has laid an egg with the word "Allah" inscribed on its shell, state media reported Thursday. --The Scotsman

Stones are living creatures that breathe and move French geologists conclude that stones have vital activity. --Pravda.Ru

Dark Visitor


Malevolent ghosts stealing your chickens and torturing you in the night? Who you gonna call? Indian cops called to investigate ghosts
--AP via Yahoo

Flood of claims for 'Noah's Ark'
Legendary vessel of Genesis story goes from nowhere to everywhere. --WorldNetDaily

Afraid to Give Up Ghosts
Mainland China may have left otherworldly beliefs behind, but in Taiwan...well, you'd better just do what the spirits say. -- L.A. Times

L.A. Dodger Spooked By Milwaukee Ghost
... A third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers claims that a ghost at an historic Milwaukee hotel kept him awake for three ... -- local6.com

Mysterious crystal skulls of Maya
'Skull of Doom' said to possess supernatural capacities.

The Boy Who Sees with Sound
Blind since age 3, Ben Underwood skateboards, shoots hoops and plays video games (with video). --People

Crime-solving psychic reaches TV-star status
John J. Oliver, one of the stars of Court TV's new "Haunting Evidence," doesn't slouch or fidget in his chair during an interview, not even after more than an hour of Q&A .--TIMESDISPATCH.COM

Tom Cruise is planning a new dream home in California. Reported that Tom's Beverly Hills home is haunted. - Chinadaily.com.

"HAUNTED HOUSE" GETS NEW LIFE --Fayettvilleonline.com
The portraits of Dr. Victor Small and his wife, Suzanne, hang in separate rooms in the couple’s old home on College Street. Legend has it whenever the photographs are hung together, one of the oval pictures will mysteriously be taken off the wall.

 TAPS Ghost On Thermal Camera

Butt pinching ghost on prowl! Getting pinched on their bottom, especially at a workplace, is something women've always made much hue and cry about, but if such a thing is done by an invisible spirit, there is harldly anything one can do. A lecherous 'ghost' at the Cornish Arms in St Blazey, Cornwall is reportedly getting cheeky with women at a pub, by pinching them on the bottom. -- HTTabloid.com

Ghosts in the Machine
The author of "Ghost Hunters" considers what science can't tell us about the supernatural. -- New York Times

People Seeing Saddam’s Ghost in Baghdad Public Areas
Is it really Saddam or are people mistaking Saddam look-alikes for the real thing? "It is also possible that Saddam was such a threat that people just cannot believe he is dead and not coming back."--India Daily

Livestock Predator Still a Mystery, Two Months After Its Death
Even after wolves were hunted, trapped and poisoned out of existence in most of Montana, lone predators continued to haunt sheepherders. They were, however, wolves. Only, wildlife officials are not sure what this latest phantom livestock killer is. -- New York Times

'Is There a Ghost in the house?'
A paranormal investigative group, the Wessex Ghost Hunters, spend the night in the historic Kings Theatre. --The Portsmouth News

Spirit Trackers Take on Idle Hour 'Ghosts'
How about a haunted juke-box that plays 'I'll Fly Away' even when it is unplugged? Ok, throw in some moving items. Call in the ghost-busters. -- Times-Herald

The Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken -- Part 1
If seeing is believing, then these photos will convince you of the existence of ghosts. Here are some incredible ghost pictures and the equally remarkable full stories behind them. A must read for ghost enthusiasts. --About.com

Can a Psychic Help You Find Your Soulmate?
A skeptical reporter turns to an "out-there" psychic for tips on using one's own latent psychic abilities to find love. -- New York Post

As part of his studies at the Marine War College, in 2001 a Navy SEAL officer submitted a paper on the interesting phenomena often called “remote viewing,” a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). --American Chronicle

After over a month of careful analysis of audio and video collected at the DeRidder Gothic Jail, the Louisiana Spirits paranormal investigation team has determined the investigation to be inconclusive.-- Beauregurd daily news

'Ghost' stalking SKIMS, Theater Ransacked
Following the recurrence of the incident, the rumours of the presence of a ghost inside the operation theatre have started making rounds in the city. --Kashmir Observer, India

Nepal's Mystery "Buddha Boy" Reappears
Remember the boy who lived in a tree for almost a year sans food and water? Many claimed him to be the Buddha until he mysteriously disappeared. He'a back and now he's wandering. -- Reuters

Selling Haunted Land? Don't Spread Ghost Stories
A real estate advisor counsels a couple trying to sell their home...a house they believe to be haunted/cursed. --Bankrate.com

This Medium Has a Message
Over a decade ago, Clevelander Susan Averre was searching for something to tell her that there was more to life than what we could see, hear and experience; she felt contacting the spirit of her dead father would prove that. --Jewish News

Premonitions Registry
Ever have a premonition, have it come true, but are unable to prove that you felt it before it occurred. The new 'Premonition Registry' is for you. --Public Parapsychology

Courthouse Ghost Caught on Tape?
A video report worth viewing. The ghostly woman's image was so convincing it sent security guards scrambling in suspect of an intruder. Video ... --WPTZ

Molested by a Spirit
A young lady's letter leads an advice columnist to suspect an incubus attack.--INQ7

Apparition of a Bride Registers on Video-film in Novorossijsk: ‘My friends and I were driving back home late at night. Out of boredom I was shooting the empty road by my mobile. Suddenly we saw a woman all in white standing at the roadside. She was somewhat semi-transparent. I froze but continued shooting by inertia’, Anna Lapina, 17, recounts. No video or pics. -- Interfax

Psychic Animals
While the article is somewhat flippant, it does contain a link to the fascinating original report from US Army study on psychic ability in animals.--Omni Brain

Unicorn Spotted In New York? The closest things to unicorns a herd of white deer were spotted in Seneca Co. New York on land belonging to the U.S. Army. Bianca Solorzano reports.-- aolnews

What Makes a Place Get Haunted?
Why do ghosts tend to stay in certain locations and keep far away from others? --UFO Digest

Society Interpretive Historian Ellen Baumler wrote the book, which is based on her years of research into local historic properties and sites across Montana. It is a follow up to her also popular “Spirit Tailings” book, which was based on stories from early Montana mining towns. --billingsnews.com

Pub Haunted by Ghosts of Christmas Present
The apparitions of a man, a woman and a dog have been seen by customers, the landlord Paul Whitmore and his wife, Marlene. They say glasses are mysteriously thrown from behind the bar when there is nobody there and a former chef at the pub was singled out by the spirits who constantly threw pots at her when she entered the kitchen. --Observer

Ghost Hunters Busted For Trespassing
Four people hunting for ghosts in a supposedly haunted church got busted on charges of criminal trespassing, property damage and theft. ... --WCCO, MN

Society Interpretive Historian Ellen Baumler wrote the book, which is based on her years of research into local historic properties and sites across Montana. It is a follow up to her also popular “Spirit Tailings” book, which was based on stories from early Montana mining towns. --billingsnews.com

Couple explored ghost towns for more than 30 years
The couple, married 39 years, devoted a week or more almost monthly between 1971 and 2003 visiting ghost towns.--Kingman Daily Miner, AZ

Psychic Helping Police Solve Murder of Lawyer, Son
“We are doing our best to solve the case. We have also sought the assistance of psychics in solving the mystery,” Southern Police District director Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales told reporters Thursday.--INQ7

Ghost Hunter
Vince Wilson, author of two books on the technology of ghost hunting, believes ghosts are a misunderstood part of the natural environment--phenomena that can be discerned and explained through the careful application of science. -Wired


Nearly three-quarters of Americans believe in the paranormal, which includes extrasensory perception (ESP), communication with the dead and channeling spiritual entities, according to a poll last year conducted by the Gallup Organization. That's up from the half or more Americans who said they believed in the paranormal, according to a similar Gallup Poll done in 1990.

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Ghost-hunter wants to scare up local stories - The Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society is seeking Pocono-area hauntings to investigate and possibly incorporate into Halloween ghost tours. Stories from Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg are especially sought. --poconorecord.com

A ghost tour like no other - Perhaps the most interesting thing to occur on this tour was the interruption by a skateboarding neighbor. As our guide was telling us about the home of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Lowe's parents, the neighbor appeared out of nowhere and told the guide he and his group were not supposed to be on the steps of the house. --ocala.com

This Halloween Get A Shiver (or a giggle) From "The Ghostman of Galveston" -- “I was drawn here,” said Beardsley. “I’ve always been passionate about Galveston. I learned a lot of lore as a child and I came here often, not just for ghosts but for peace and solace. Then, in 1994, I moved here and now I know more than anyone on the island on this subject of ghosts. I have made it my life.” --theislandermagazine.com

Tibetans challenge China over reincarnation law -Its purpose is to ensure that future “reincarnations” of “Living Buddhas” – such as the Dalai and Panchen Lamas – are puppets of the Chinese Communist Party rather than independent individuals who support Tibet’s political and religious freedom. But the Tibetans are fighting back.--paranormalreview.com

UFO news stories- Each Day Cory Jester will Post the latest News Stories of UFO's--Haunted America Tours

Driskill Hotel offers ghost tour package - he Oct. 31 offer includes one night's accommodations and a haunted-hotel tour led by paranormal specialists from Austin Ghost Tours. The cost is $229 per person. --dallasnews.com

Take A Dark Journey With Grand Theatre - The Grand Theatre's Ghost Tours' exciting expedition on Thursday 13th December hopes to unlock the spooky secrets of Derby Gaol – one of the most visited haunted sites in England and now owned by paranormal investigator and historian Richard Felix from TV's Most Haunted. --huliq.com

Gina Lanier Ghost Hunter Paranormal Investigator

Get into Halloween spirit with a ghost hunt- Camp Nelson tour is spooky, chilling... The family team of Starr and Ed Chaney and their daughter, Jessi Chaney, operates PsyTech Kentucky Ghost Hunters in Nicholasville. The team leads ghost hunts to various haunted sites around the state, including Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park, five miles south of Nicholasville. --Courier-journal.com

Athletes get in the spirit - Tales of hauntings, curses and other hair-raising phenomena are rife among baseball insiders, said Dan Gordon, co-author of Haunted Baseball (Lyons Press, $14.95), a book that explores otherworldly events and their role in the grand old game. Perhaps it's because baseball is a game in which superstition is rampant and tradition is revered, Gordon suggested. Or perhaps it has something to do with veterans playing mind games with impressionable young players. --Ohio.com

Ghosts of the past haunt historic Maryland - There are plenty of good reasons to visit Maryland in the fall. The changing leaves are fantastic, and the crisp air loses the sogginess of summer humidity. And as Halloween approaches, Maryland's long dead - and those who believe in them - creep out of their holes. --Salt lake tribune.com

Victorians exude spookiness-"That's the quintessential haunted house image," Elsey Hamilton, a historian with St. Louis County Parks, says of homes with mansard roofs and iron cresting that always seem to be built among overgrown trees with crawling limbs. "It's (an image) historic district homeowners have been trying to dispel for years." Advertisement --ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

Ghost Hunting: An Increasingly Popular Interest - "Ghosthunting" has an undeniable appeal as a word, but it probably isn't the best description for those who investigate the undead in earnest. --Salem-news.com

Ghost folks -" Mysterious Journeys". Each episode opens by introducing the featured locale and explaining local legends, ... Mark Nesbitt, a former National Park ranger and historian. He owns Ghosts of Gettysburg, which are tours of the city based on his books on Civil War ghosts. Nesbitt has co-authored several books with both Crownover and Wilson, including ‘‘Haunted Pennsylvania: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Keystone State’’ and ‘‘Historic Haunts: Ghostly Encounters with Mark Nesbitt.’’ --altoonamirror.com

Where to go to get your haunt on - " Mr. Terry Boyle's latest, Haunted Ontario Revisited, describes in eerie detail the presence of apparitions in the bedrooms and hallways of well-known Muskoka establishments, and features photographs in which ghosts are seen as phantasmagorical orbs of light. Recently, we caught up with him in mid-spook and asked him to tell us where to find the best ghosts in Muskoka. --theglobeandmail.com

'Ghosts' haunt Howrah school - KOLKATA: The scare of ghosts is haunting 345 Class V students of Degri Girls High School in Domjur, Howrah. On Saturday, the school authorities were forced to suspend classes for the day after terror-struck students claimed seeing poltergeist activity. -- timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Historic funeral home to be reborn as a bookstore - Borders has leased the former Bultman Funeral Home in New Orleans, Louisiana on St. Charles Avenue with plans to gut the iconic structure and convert it into a 24,000-square-foot bookstore. This Might just be a new hot spot to ghost hunt when it opens. --nola.com/times-picayune

Ghostly, and ghastly, places to visit - This Halloween season you can hit the usual ghost-and-evil-clown haunted houses, or you can delve into the pseudo-real: Curses, creepy captains and claims of ghost sightings. The Delaware area has got 'em all and then some.-- Delewareonline.com

Making The Most Out Of Your Ghost Tour... Ghost Hunting Trade Secrets - As a paranormal investigator it is great to learn of these changes in stories and finding out the differences in what you already have gathered is the perfect thing that could happen. Comparing your facts and those of a real haunted ghost tour could in some cases open a new twist on your paranormal investigation. --Haunted America Tours

Ghost hunters visiting historic building in Butte - The Dumas Brothel in Butte has long been said to be haunted, and now some visitors this weekend are getting a look at the para-normal from inside the historic Butte building. --montanasnewsstation.com

Egyptian god floats up Thames - In ancient Egypt Anubis was known as the god of the dead who would guide them in the after-life and judge their sins. Tutankhamun And The Golden Age Of The Pharaohs --bbc.com.uk

Haunted Libraries - George Eberhart at the Britannica blog has his second installment (covering Florida-Maryland) of his "fairly comprehensive list of allegedly haunted libraries, or at least ones where patrons, staff, or local folklorists have associated with paranormal happenings." --seattlepi.nwsource.com

Ghost Hunting 101 with Interactive Investigative Tour PTF/MPR Greg Myers and MPR Founder & Extreme Haunting Specialist Steven LaChance will be teaching a Ghost Hunting 101 course at the SEMO Campus in Cape Girardeau, MO on October 12th & 13th. nThis will feature a 2 hour class on Friday October 12th from 6 to 8 p.m. and a 4 hour investigative tour on Saturday October 13th from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. of known haunted places on campus including the Rose Theatre and off campus places such as the famous Haunted Pike Lodge. --semoed.com

Watch out! Your cute and cuddly teddy bear might have some dark, dangerous powers. That's the word from Gina Lanier, a lead investigator with the paranormal website HauntedAmericaTours.com, who says that the cherished childhood plush toy often holds sinister energies that are passed on from their former owners. -- PeterAntonyHolder.com

GHOST HUNTER SPOOKS LOCALS WITH HAUNTED TALES - “Ghosts are people. They were people when they died and they’re people now,” Anna Borick said. She said ghost hunting isn’t like TAPS, referencing Ghost Hunters, the popular show aired on the Sci Fi Channel, and that people should not try to instigate spirits. “Always treat them with respect,” cautioned Borick. --the Pall-Times.com

Ghost hunt planned in Glo. Twp. - From 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 27, the Gloucester Township Historic and Scenic Preservation Committee and South Jersey Ghost Research hold a ghost lookout at the Gabreil Daveis Tavern House, 4th Avenue, in Gloucester Township. --courierpostonline.com

Ghost Hunters Recap 10.03.07: Episode 314: Spirits of San Francisco --411mania

Ghosts and demons and vampires: oh my! - Hot young actors Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam), plus the show's emotional, relationship-focused story lines have made it a cult classic with an active, predominantly female, online fan presence.--PensacolaNewsJournal.com

No Ghosts Here - The Providence Ghost Tour skips telling convincing ghost stories for gossipy stories about violent suicides and unsolved neighborhood murders. --thecowl.com

Searching for spirits - Paranormal investigators say the haunting truth is out there, but skeptics say there isn't a ghost of a chance it can be proved--The Salt Lake Tribune

Getting spooky in Niagara Falls - Creepy crawlies, ghosties and goblins, spooks and witches — it’s October in Niagara and the air is alive with mystery and intrigue. --eurekareporter.com

James Randi Posts $1M Award On Speaker Cables- --Gizmo.com

Fox is dipping back into the realm of the paranormal with "Fringe," a new television series from J.J. Abrams (1-18-08), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Said to be a mix between "The X-Files" and Altered States, the show will focus on brilliant but possibly crazy research scientist Walter Bishop, his estranged son and a female FBI agent who brings them together. --shocktillyoudrop.com

RI plumbers plunge into the paranormal - Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson They have become the most unlikely TV stars. Over the last three years, they have brought their paranormal search to television as the stars of Sci Fi's popular reality series "Ghost Hunters," which kicked off its new season a week ago with a visit to two haunted areas in Seattle. --Boston.com

Haunted America Tours own in house Ghost Hunter Gina Lanier will be a guest on Canadian Radio show to talk about the paranormal and teddy bears on Friday, October 5th at 1am central time, 2am eastern (which of course is in actuality early Saturday morning). Please read more here. --Haunted America Tours


The Top Ten Most haunted In America, Houses, Cemteries, Ghost Hunters, Spook Houses, Haunted Radio Shows... find them all here now!

The legend of Bessie - Tales surface of monster living in Lake Erie When Bob Bartolotta sailed on Lake Erie, he often saw what appeared to be a long, thin creature swimming through the water. Bartolotta, a student in the 1970s at Ohio State University Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island near Put-in-Bay, watched the object hopefully, waiting to see if the snakelike head of a sea monster would emerge. --CentralOhio.com






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Americas' Most Haunted Top Ten List


Though the battles have long ago ended and the sound of cannons and muskets is but a distant memory, there are some souls who are still waiting for the call to “Retreat” – and for them, it may never come!

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Top 10 Scariest Most Haunted Cemeteries in America. From a compilation of your Haunted Cemetery Ghost story submissions.

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Is your city a real haunted city? Did your city make our Top Ten Haunted Cities in the United States list? Find out here who has the most ghost! Haunted Americas Most Haunted City!

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Some people check into a nice hotel not knowing what secrets and haunted tales are told in hushed tones in these magnificent haunted buildings... . Find out more here about what Haunted Hotels has made the list of the Top Ten scariest most haunted ghost filled accommodations in the United States.

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The United States of America is a country often associated with all kinds of scary ghosts and haunted houses and haunted mansions, and Plantations. Many often a few make the claim of being "the most haunted house in America." And there's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to support those haunted ghost filled claim.


Americas' Best Haunted Ghost Tours in the United States. Voted by Reader submissions as "The Best or Most haunted Ghost Tour in America for you to take and to investigate.

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Many haunted web sites on the internet claim to be the most haunted. Our visitors have chosen the Top Ten Most haunted and scariest Sites on the web. Did your Favorite haunted internet Site make the cut?

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Haunted places around the world, The World's Most Haunted Places may make you a real believer in ghosts. here is a collection of true ghost stories from the world's most haunted places.

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