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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






Ghost hunting has grown into an international industry with high tech gadgets aimed at not only catching images. Ghost Mania has made us all more aware of what a ghost and paranormal activity is supposed to really be. Well Haunted America Tours Visitors you have voted and picked these shows as your most and best favorite shows to watch!

1. Haunting Evidence

Haunting Evidence

Haunting Evidence intro

This bold series takes the paranormal and crime-solving phenomenon one step further by following psychic profiler Carla Baron, medium John J. Oliver and paranormal investigator Patrick Burns as they visit the frightening scenes of the most baffling criminal mysteries of recent history, including the cases of JonBenet Ramsey, Madeleine McCann, George Allen Smith, Natalee Holloway and the "Zodiac Killer." Working together, can this unconventional team of experts find clues that will provide new insights into these investigations?

Patrick Burns Demo Reel A

Haunting Evidence is an American documentary television series following the travels of a psychic profiler, a medium, and a paranormal investigator. The trio travels the United States investigating "cold case" homicide and missing persons cases. The series began production in October 2005 and premiered on Court TV in mid-June 2006, with a run of nine episodes. Season 2 began on June 20, 2007. Episode 107 "Mystery in the Desert" from season one has been closed, with the perpetrator of the crime Gabriel Avila linked to Sepich via DNA evidence.

Season 1

Mystery on the Appalachian Trail (Julianne Williams & Laura Winans) (December 21, 2005)
Mystery in the Ashes (Tara Baker) (December 21, 2005)
Forgotten Fiancée (Amanda Tusing) (June 14, 2006)
The Missing D.A. (Ray Gricar) (June 21, 2006)
Hidden Truth (Timothy Stone) (July 5, 2006)
Missing Teacher (Tara Grinstead) (July 19, 2006)
Mystery in the Desert (Katie Sepich) (July 26, 2006)
Abduction at Comins Pond (Molly Bish) (August 2, 2006)
Lady of the Dunes (August 9, 2006)

Patrick Burns investigates the Queen Marys engine room

Season 2

Missing in Paradise (Natalee Holloway) (June 20, 2007)
Women of Calder Field (June 27, 2007)
Long Journey Home (July 4, 2007)
Buried Secrets (James Lacouture) (July 11, 2007)
Dupont Circle Mystery (Joyce Chiang & Chandra Levy) (July 18, 2007)
The Ruins at Land's End (July 25, 2007)
Five Hundred Miles Away (Judith Smith) (August 1, 2007)
Deep in the Desert (August 8, 2007)
Wiregrass Murders (August 15, 2007)
North Carolina Burning (August 22, 2007)
Haunted in Villisca (August 29, 2007)

Season 3

The JonBenet Mystery (October 4, 2008)

The cast is currently comprised of psychic profiler Carla Baron, medium John J. Oliver, and paranormal investigator Patrick Burns. The premise of the series is to shed new light on unsolved crimes utilizing this "team of unconventional investigators

Many feel the show could be carried by the great patrick Burns alone. the man knows his stuff and is very passionate about what he does. This deep intensity and serious altitude is what makes may love the show and why they voted it to number 1.

Official web site http://www.trutv.com/shows/haunting_evidence/index.html




Today when you say the word Supernatural. It is as if you are only referencing to an American horror television series regarding the paranormal. US TV series.

Supernatural - The Complete First Season

Supernatural - The Complete First Season Buy it here now!

Bound by tragedy and blood to a dangerous otherworldly mission two brothers travel in mysterious back roads of the country in their '67 Chevy Impala searching for their missing father--and hunting down every evil supernatural force they encounter along the way. Bring home all 22 episodes of the first season of the thrilling new show Supernatural along with must-own bonus features. Supernatural is a completely new kind of thrill ride that takes viewers on a journey into the dark world of the unexplained .Running Time: 936 min.Format: DVD MOVIE


The American series follows the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who travel across the country in a black 1967 Chevy Impala investigating and combating paranormal events and other unexplained occurrences, many of them based on folklore, myths, and American urban legends as well as classic supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. Eric Kripke, the series' creator, cites Neil Gaiman's The Sandman and American Gods as influences on Supernatural, along with American Werewolf in London and Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey.

"Supernatural"  Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester - Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Main characters Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Supernatural - The Complete Second Season

Supernatural - The Complete Second Season Buy it here now!

Twenty-two years ago Sam (series star JARED PADALECKI) and Dean (series star JENSEN ACKLES) Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. As a result their father John (recurring guest star JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN - "Grey's Anatomy") raised the brothers to be soldiers. He taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America...and he taught them how to kill it. Sam however wanted nothing to do with this violent and dangerous life and he left it behind until the day Dean appeared on his doorstep with troubling news. Their father had gone missing on a "hunting trip." Sam and Dean have spent the last year cruising the highways of the United States in their 1967 Chevy Impala searching for their lost father and encountering creatures that most people believe exist only in folklore superstition and nightmares. Along the way they have battled the various supernatural threats--and each other as well for their sibling rivalries and conflicts were never far from the surface. Finally they found their father just as he was closing in on the Demon who claimed their mother


The plot of the series has evolved over time, beginning initially with the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, looking for their father throughout most of season one. Once they find him, the show becomes about killing Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon responsible for the death of their mother. This is accomplished, but not until after Azazel's plans are completed and a door to Hell is opened, although only momentarily, releasing a horde of demons into the world. This event also sees the death of Sam, who is subsequently resurrected by Dean selling his soul at the end of season two. In the third season, the plot of the show focuses on trying to save Dean from his deal. Along the way, they meet a demon named Ruby, who has an interest in Sam and claims to be able to help save Dean, as well as Bela Talbot, an "acquirer" and seller of occult objects who is constantly a thorn in their side. The brothers eventually manage to track down the demon who holds Dean's contract, a powerhouse named Lilith who also wants Sam dead. However, Sam and Ruby ultimately fail to save Dean, who is killed and sent to Hell. Season four begins with Dean, miraculously returning from Hell, awakening dazed and confused in a grave. He was apparently rescued by a supposed angel named Castiel on orders from God. Sam on the other hand, has further developed his abilities with the help of Ruby during the months that Dean has been dead. It is soon revealed that Dean was revived to help stop Lilith's plan of breaking the 66 seals, which would let Lucifer walk free once again.

Supernatural - The Complete Third Season buy it here now!

Supernatural - The Complete Third Season buy it here now!

The yellow-eyed demon is vanquished, but at a terrible price. The battle that brought him down released hundreds of demons from Hell into an unsuspecting world. And it cost Sam his life. But a grief-stricken Dean made a deal with the Crossroad Demon – his soul for Sam's resurrection. Now Dean has just one year to live. One year to fight the unholy, the twisted, the ghoulish. One year to say farewell to Sam. And one year for Sam to search desperately for some way to save his brother. Mind-bending adventure awaits as the Winchester brothers continue their astonishing odyssey into the supernatural...and their personal odyssey into destiny.



A Haunting is an American television series that airs on the Discovery Channel and Discovery Science channel. The series' episodes are comprised of narrations and dramatic reenactments based on various accounts of paranormal encounters and experiences. A Haunting originally aired in 2005 and has since produced four seasons totalling 39 episodes.

DVD Release Date: September 9, 2008


A Haunting - Seasons 1-4

A Haunting - Seasons 1-4 Buy it here now!

Timeless Media Group, in cooperation with New Dominion Pictures, is proud to present this 9 DVD set of the first four seasons of A Haunting, 39 episodes in all. As seen on the Discovery Channel, each of these one-hour episodes explore the most mysterious and baffling true cases of haunting's, visitations and ghostly, ghastly doings ever assembled. These stories of demon possession, the unquiet ghosts of the dead, and many more tales of the supernatural will take you to the edge of reason and beyond. Each episode is complete with interviews of the victims of these eerie and unexplainable paranormal events. Teams of parapsychologists try to discover the roots of these strange happenings and to put the demons to rest, with exorcisms, cleansing rites and strange incantations, sometimes having unexpected results! As you explore the darker regions of the unseen and unsettling world of spirits, poltergeists and phantoms, you may find yourself becoming convinced that things are not what they seem, and indeed, are much more sinister and scary than you ever thought possible.


Fans of the show enjoy the cinematic effects and the actual terrifying true stories of the paranormal told by those who experienced real-life horror tales. The reenactments at times leave al little to the imaginations but in whole the show offers what is considered paranormal truths.

A Haunting is an American television series that airs on the Discovery Channel and Discovery Science channel. The series' episodes are comprised of narrations and dramatic reenactments based on various accounts of paranormal encounters and experiences. A Haunting originally aired in 2005 and has since produced four seasons totaling 39 episodes.

A Haunting began as two feature-length specials, "A Haunting in Connecticut" and "A Haunting in Georgia", that were developed by Allison Erkelens, who also served as head writer. The specials were executive produced by Tom Naughton and Nicolas Valcour for New Dominion Pictures. Based on strong ratings, A Haunting became a one-hour series on The Discovery Channel produced by Larry Silverman.

Most episodes present several accounts of paranormal experiences through cinematic reenactments which are accompanied by commentary from eyewitnesses and investigators themselves. According to Silverman, the show's writers search for stories and then filter out accounts with enough substantial content. He has further added that the episodes are strictly based on the accounts of victims, although the Discovery Channel did compel the show's producers to sanitize certain case histories due to their graphic sexual content. A Haunting has covered several incidents, including traditional haunting's, demonic attacks, possessions, and cryptic visions. The series covers incidents from various locations across the United States, as well as three episodes that were set in England, Ireland and Taiwan. Episodes are usually set in houses or apartments, and also farms, commercial areas, and even vast outdoor regions.

Episodes within the series follow a frequently recurring pattern, in which victims of hauntings begin noticing peculiar incidents that gradually become more frequent and bizarre. Denial is most often the first reaction. As the situation escalates, however, and every possible conventional explanation is explored and found wanting, they either contact a paranormal investigator, a member of the clergy, or a spiritual medium for assistance. In some cases, victims are able to successfully resolve their paranormal issues, while in others, victims are forced to vacate their residence. Certain episodes have also featured commentary from famed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have actually investigated some of A Haunting's cases. The episode, "The Dark Side", was dedicated to the memory of Ed, who passed away in 2006.

4. Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures The premiere season is under way. Watch all-new episodes of "Ghost Adventures" every Friday night at 9 ET. http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Ghost_Adventures

From Florida to Edinburgh, the "Ghost Adventures" team travels the world seeking the ultimate spiritual experience. Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans and his crew, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, search for haunted locations both domestically and internationally.


During their investigations, Zak and crew acquaint themselves with the general area; interview locals about the hauntings; and go face-to-face with the evil spirits who reportedly haunt these locations.

Zak Bagans
Host and Lead Investigator Bagans, along with his paranormal investigation team, travels to both domestic and international locations rumored to be haunted in search of evidence proving the existence of the supernatural.

After graduating from film school in Michigan, Zak moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking. There he met "Ghost Adventures" co-host Nick Groff and cameraman Aaron Goodwin. Their first paranormal investigations as a team took place all over Nevada, and the footage they captured led to an award-winning, nationally-televised "Ghost Adventures" documentary.

Nick Groff
Investigator With his detecting equipment and an expertise gained through experience, Groff will be locked in some of the most sinister locations from dusk to dawn to investigate and capture evidence of the paranormal.

Bagans and Groff co-founded the paranormal organization Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC). Its members support one another's quest to investigate possible paranormal activity first hand. Their biggest event to date was held at the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada.

Aaron Goodwin
Cameraman and Equipment Technician Goodwin travels to both domestic and international locations alongside his paranormal investigation team in order to prove the existence of the supernatural. An Oregon native, Aaron moved to Las Vegas where he fell in love with film and taught himself how to edit and operate a camera. Aaron gained experience by working as a cameraman on numerous TV shows over the past nine years. He has worked on projects ranging from red carpet movie premieres to sporting events. Filming is a passion for Aaron, and he's always armed with a camera.

Many love this show for the exacting realness and honest emotions and intensity of Bagans and the crew. Many hope this show has a very successful long run. And Aaron Goodwin is the stand out Team member everyone just loves!


Mystery Hunters is a Discovery Kids program. It is also seen on YTV in Canada.

Teenaged hosts Araya and Christina investigate real-life reports of mysteries such as ghosts, monsters, vampires and UFOs. They use scientific rigour to try to find plausible explanations for the sightings and eye-witness accounts that trigger their investigations. In another section of the show, Doubting Dave, a scientist played by David Acer, attempts to explain mysterious personal experiences that have been emailed in by viewers, in a feature called "V-Files".

Mystery Hunters - Beastly Beings and Monstrous Mysteries

Mystery Hunters - Beastly Beings and Monstrous Mysteries

Buy it here now!

Mystery Hunters - Alien Encounters

Mystery Hunters - Alien Encounters

Buy it here now!

Produced by Apartment 11 Productions, four seasons and 78 episodes of the series have been made, and it has garnered awards and accolades from around the world, including eight Gemini Award nominations, a 2006 Parents' Choice Award, and a 2007 Japan Prize (sponsored by the Japanese television network NHK) for the "Stonehenge" episode, awarded the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Prize in the Early Education category.


Most Haunted is a British paranormal television programme based on investigating purported paranormal activity, although a 2005 OFCOM ruling stated that Most Haunted was "not a legitimate investigation into the paranormal, and should not be taken seriously". It is shown on the satellite and cable channels Living, Living2 and Virgin 1 (Formerly Ftn), primarily for the UK market. It is also shown in the United States on the Travel Channel, on the W Channel in Australia and Canada, TV4 Plus in Sweden, Sub (TV channel) in Finland and Stöð 2 in Iceland. It is produced by Antix Productions, led by Yvette Fielding and her husband Karl Beattie.

Most Haunted: The Collection

Most Haunted: The Collection

Buy it here now!

Could you lock yourself in a haunted location for 24 hours? Well that's just what the Most Haunted team does. The crew investigates some of the scariest places in Europe, attempting different methods and experiments to try and communicate with the dead, and prove the existence of life after death. Ancient Ram Inn - Witchcraft, human sacrifice, and an incubus await the Most Haunted team at the Ancient Ram Inn. Feeling far from welcome in these new surroundings, their apprehension will ultimately turn in to terror - with violent repercussions.



Ghost Hunters | SCIFI.COM

Ghost Hunters | SCIFI.COM

Ghost Hunters is a reality television series featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who work a day job as Roto-Rooter plumbers and investigate places that are reported to be haunted.


The show debuted in October 2004 on the American Sci-Fi Channel. It should not be confused with the original 1996 Inca Productions show Ghosthunters produced for the Discovery Channel. The format was sold to the US to become Ghost Hunters. The only remaining link between the two shows is presenter Ian Cashmore who anchored the UK/Europe show. Cashmore piloted the U.S. show, but chose not to remain part of the US venture after he filmed the promos

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, along with other team members who belong to the group they founded, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), investigate locations of interest by using electronic equipment which they believe is capable of detecting paranormal activity. TAPS' equipment includes digital thermometers, EMF (electromagnetic field) scanners, infrared and night vision cameras, handheld digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, and laptop computers.

Other gear not typically shown on screen are an Ion Generator — a device that charges the air with electricity and theorized to help spirits manifest, and the White Noise Generator — an audio device that makes a static background noise and theorized to act as a catalyst for assisting entities in making EVPs

DVD Release Date: February 15, 2007

Ghost Hunters: Live from ''The Stanley'' Hotel

Ghost Hunters: Live from ''The Stanley'' Hotel - Buy it here now!

Jason, Grant and the 'Ghost Hunters' team revisit the notoriously haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado for a live Halloween-night investigation! Stephen King took up residence at the Stanley while writing his best-selling novel The Shining and the spooky goings on at the hotel reportedly served as the inspiration for his best-selling tome. Viewers will be sent on the ultimate Halloween adventure, joining the 'Ghost Hunters' in as they investigate the infamously haunted hotel. Also joining the investigation is a special guest from 'ECW' (Extreme Championship Wrestling); ghost hunting novice CM Punk!



Ghost Hunters is a reality television series featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who work a day job as Roto-Rooter plumbers and investigate places that are reported to be haunted.

The show debuted in October 2004 on the American Sci-Fi Channel. It should not be confused with the original 1996 Inca Productions show Ghosthunters produced for the Discovery Channel. The format was sold to the US to become Ghost Hunters. The only remaining link between the two shows is presenter Ian Cashmore who anchored the UK/Europe show. Cashmore piloted the U.S. show, but chose not to remain part of the US venture after he filmed the promos.

The 'Ghost Hunters' originally investigated the Stanley in February 2006 and were met with a flurry of unexplainable occurrences including a hotel room that was a veritable hotbed of paranormal activity. Continually intrigued by the locale, our 'Ghost Hunters' will return to the Stanley for the show's first-ever live investigation, spending more time exploring some of the hotel's most notorious hot spots and enlisting viewers to help expand their search for spirits.


Ghost Hunters has garnered some of the highest ratings of any Sci-Fi Channel network programming. From the start, the show has found an audience for its mix of paranormal investigation and interpersonal drama. It has since been syndicated on NBC Universal sister network Oxygen.

In the early shows, TAPS was headquartered in a trailer located behind Jason Hawes' house, and they drove one white van to investigations. Within one season, they had moved the entire operation to a storefront in downtown Warwick, RI, and acquired several new TAPS vehicles equipped with surveillance instrumentation.

In addition to their successful television venture, TAPS operates a website where they share their stories, photographs, and ghost hunting videos with an ever-growing membership list. Because of the popularity of the show, TAPS cast members have signed contracts with at least two talent agencies, Escape Artistry and GP Entertainment, to manage their appearances at lectures, conferences and public events.

In addition to the success of the television show, TAPS have ventured into the venue of radio broadcast hosting a 3 hour weekly show called "Beyond Reality". New episodes are broadcast every Saturday from 7 - 10pm EST, though sometimes may skip a week with possibilities of the hosts being busy with other ventures. The radio show goes into topics in a vast array of areas such as cryptozoology, spiritualism, UFO's, and ghosts. The show is hosted by Grant Wilson & Jason Hawes and includes guest appearances from other TAPS members and special guests like John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Chris Fleming and others which specialize in certain fields.

Ghost Hunters has attracted various critics and skeptics, such as Joe Nickell who has criticised their methodology in the Skeptical Inquirer. Many other authors, such as Joe Nickell and Lynne Kelly question the scientific validity of the investigations conducted by the TAPS team, its methodology, and particularly its use of instrumentation, as there is no scientifically-proven link between the existence of ghosts and (for example) cold spots or electromagnetic fields (which Hawes and Wilson say are not necessarily paranormal). As Grant and Jason say "If you set out to prove a haunting, anything will seem like evidence. If you set out to disprove it, you will end up with only those things you cant explain away.". Others, such as Allison Smith contend that the show's claimed evidence of the paranormal could be easily hoaxed. With each new season, critics of Ghost Hunters continue to publish skeptical analysis and theories on the Internet, often employing frame-by-frame analysis of episode footage which they believe debunks the show's findings.

Ghost Hunters International the spin off series which premiered Wednesday, January 9, 2008 and features investigators Robb Demarest, Shannon Sylvia, Barry Fitzgerald (who appeared in the Summer 2007 Ireland episodes of Ghost Hunters), Andy Andrews, Brian Harnois, and Donna La Croix. The format is similar to Ghost Hunters but features investigations in various locations around the world. In mid season one, Donna, Brian and Shannon have departed the show and have been replaced by Dustin Pari and newcomer Brandy Green.


2005 Halloween Special - aired October 31, 2005, TAPS went to Savannah, GA to investigate the Moon River Brewery and The Sorrel Weed House, a historic museum that conducts Savannah tours.

2006 Halloween Special - Ghost Hunters Live - aired October 31, 2006 at 11PM EST. It was a six hour broadcast originating from The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. ECW Superstar CM Punk joined the Ghost Hunters throughout the investigation. The viewing audience was able to interact with the team via PDA/cellphone text messages.

2007 Halloween Special - Ghost Hunters Live - aired October 31, 2007 at 9PM EST. It was a six hour broadcast originating from the Waverly Hills Sanatorium near Louisville, KY. Joining the team was guest ECW Superstar Elijah Burke. The episode was hosted by paranormal investigator Joshua Gates from the show Destination Truth who was stationed in an on-site "interactive center" which posted real time photos to SciFi.com. Also employed was a "Panic Button" message feature where viewers could alert the investigators of any strange happenings as they occurred. Simultaneously, SciFi.com ran an online poll, "The Hunt for the Hunter", Where viewers picked the new TAPS member who chosen among three finalists, Patrick Clark, Mark Fusetti, and Deanna Hoffman. Mark Fusetti was picked as the new TAPS member during the review of the Halloween Special on November 7th.
Return to St. Augustine Light - aired January 9, 2008. TAPS conducted a special follow up investigation at St. Augustine Light in Florida. It aired before the premiere episode of Ghost Hunters International.

Elijah Burke Freaks Out on Ghost Hunters Live


2008 Halloween Special - Ghost Hunters Live - will air October 31, 2008. TAPS conducts a seven-hour, live, return investigation of Fort Delaware with guest host Joshua Gates of Destination Truth. Other guests are Robb Demarest and Donna La Croix from Ghost Hunters International and Amanda Tapping from the Sci Fi show Sanctuary and Stargate SG-1 television series.

Blog Critics of the show all wish Brian Harnois would return to the show and people like Dave Tango - Investigator/Evidence Analyst Kris Williams - Investigator/Evidence Analyst/Historical Researcher/Case Manager Heather Drolet - Investigator/Case Manager Mike Dion - Investigator/Director Kristyn Gartland - Investigator/Case Manager Jen Rossi - Investigator Joe Chin - Investigator-in-training Dustin Pari- Investigator/Film tech should leave the show. Many feel that they are not ghost hunting material.



PSYCHIC KIDS: CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL is the intense journey into the lives of children who live with gifts they frequently see as burdens. With the help of caring experts, they begin to understand and manage their powers, realizing their potential both as psychics and human beings.



DVD Features: Psychic Kids Biography Special


Psychic Kids is a paranormal television series broadcasts on the A&E television network, by Chip Coffey, and debuted in summer 2008. The first episode is titled "Fear Management." Later episodes feature content in correlation with another A&E paranormal series, Paranormal State with Ryan Buell. Some years before the series' development, A&E aired an episode of Biographies called "Psychic Kids" about children and young people with the same abilities described in the show (e.g. crystal children).

DVD Release Date: October 28, 2008

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal DVD Set

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal DVD Set - Buy it here now!

Many Blog Critics feel that Chip Coffey's magnificent talents are being wasted on this show and they would love to see him join the Most haunted team. This is where many feel he would do his best and make the show a bigger success then it currently is.



Paranormal State is a docu-drama reality television series for A&E about a student-led college club, the Penn State Paranormal Research Society. The show depicts the students' investigations of paranormal activity and supernatural phenomena. http://www.aetv.com/paranormal-state/

Paranormal State is the very first series that explores paranormal investigations through the eyes and minds of college students. This series follows the dramatic life of Penn State University college student Ryan Buell and the other student members of one of the first university sanctioned Paranormal Research Society (PRS) as they seek to find the truth behind terrifying real life mysteries. Although the members of PRS are your basic college kids - dealing with the problems of school, dating, and finding their way in the world - they are definitely looking into other worlds as well, working on cases that include poltergeists, haunting and the darkest areas of the unknown. Each week they are contacted for help by outside parties ranging from The Catholic Church to ordinary families who are terrified by something supernatural happening in their lives.

Paranormal State show depicts the students' investigations of paranormal activity and supernatural phenomena. Though many die hard's disagree with their tactics, explanation and advice the show is very popular. Each episode of the show is outlined by the production team first, co-executive producer Tina Gazzerro has said, to ensure that a producible episode will result. "We try to identify where we get our discovery moments, our 'Ah-ha!' moments," Gazzerro told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Information about the event under investigation may also be held back from the students in order to create dramatic tension, and only situations which will have a conclusive outcome are investigated. "We may have information we don't give to [the PRS team]," Gazzerro said, "but we need to make sure [the episode is] producible." Story arcs are also outlined for each "character" on the show, and the production team has publicly expressed its hope that a romantic relationship will develop between Buell and one of the women on the series. The production team and the show's researchers say that no pressure is put on the research team to act in certain ways or make paranormal discoveries.

A&E had high hopes for the new series. Cable television reality shows about the paranormal require only about a quarter of the budget for a scripted show of the same length. They also draw much-coveted younger viewers, and skew slightly more female than male (a difficult demographic to draw for most cable networks not explicitly targeting women).


The show debuted on December 10, 2007, with 2.5 million viewers watching the first two back-to-back episodes, making it the third-most watched show on A&E since 2004. The cable network reported that this included 1.6 million people aged 18 to 49 (a highly coveted demographic by broadcasters and advertisers). It also included 1.5 million viewers in the 25-to-54 age range, A&E's target demographic.

The show's second season began on July 28, 2008 on A&E.

Its visual, musical, and editorial style, was inspired by MTV's Fear

Some reviewers have strongly criticized the high production values which others praise.[16] As one otherwise positive review noted, "The biggest drawback to the series is that it's over-produced, with too many eerie sounds and visual effects. Is the heavy breathing something picked up by PRS microphones, or is it a sound effect added after the fact by the show's producers?"


Critics have also pointed out that the show lacks visual punch. People interviewed in the show declare that they "feel" a spirit next to them, but nothing is shown to the TV viewer. In the series debut, the audience is told that a young boy sees ghosts, but the audience is not able to see any evidence of this. "The most compelling footage seems to come more from the editing room than beyond the grave," noted one industry trade publication. Reviewers say the show also fails to effectively integrate and utilize the team's (apparently) sophisticated audio and video equipment to heighten tension or help support their claims of paranormal activity.

As of January 3rd 2008, Ryan Buell claims the demonic entity is no longer following him. In a Q&A section of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society's forums, he responded to a question on the topic by stating, "I haven't been troubled by any bunnies (the PRS calls demons "bunnies") as of late. There came a point in my life where I let go of some of that baggage. When it comes to that whole side, there's a back story that involves my group dealing with a case three years ago. I kind of reached a resolution with that. Coincidentally, the bunny tried to make another cameo appearance when we were filming the final investigation of the season, but we just told it to go to you-know-where. I hope it makes the cut!"

Paranormal State has been the subject of several controversies. Such as the Christian influence of the show, or whether the show is depicting real or faked paranormal activity, and whether the show is documentary or scripted entertainment.


In the episode entitled "School House Haunting," which first aired on January 28, 2008 the "client" whose home the team investigated Shannon Sylvia, a cast member of another paranormal show, Ghost Hunters International. On January 29, 2008, Ryan Buell posted an entry to his blog[ on the Official Penn State Paranormal Research Society Web site concerning his view of psychics and, in particular, the inclusion of psychic Chip Coffey on the show. In the comment section of the blog, several people questioned Shannon Sylvia's inclusion in the series, asking why a high-profile paranormal investigator would hire the Penn State Paranormal Research Society to investigate her property when she essentially has a team of her own. In his blog, Ryan mentions that it was his visit which brought Shannon Sylvia into the study of the supernatural as an investigator, herself.




Ghost Hunters International, (aka GHI), is a spin-off series of Ghost Hunters that airs on the Sci Fi Channel.


Current Team
Robb Demarest - Lead Investigator
Andy Andrews - Lead Investigator
Barry Fitzgerald - Investigator/Tech Manager
Dustin Pari - Investigator
Brandy Green - Case Manager

Ghost Hunters International - Robb Demarest Q&A - Part 1

Former Team Members
Brian Harnois - Tech Manager
Donna La Croix - Case Manager
Shannon Sylvia - Investigator

Ghost Hunter Brian Harnois Haunted Hickory 10/20/07

Many fans of the show love Brian Harnois and would love to see him return to either GH or GhI. Of course he is sadly missed.

Blog Critics feel that s far as Donna Lacroix and Shannon Syliva many wish they would actually leave the ghost hunting to people like Jason, Grant Brian, Steve and Robb Demarest. Many Blog Critics of the show felt they were there just for the female factor.

The series debuted on January 9, 2008. The show follows a new team of paranormal investigators as they travel internationally, applying their principles of scientific debunking to some of the world's most legendary haunted spots.

Ghost Hunters International - Banffy Tour Extras



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Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

LISA LEE HARP WAUGH Is a American necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial robes, draws magical circles on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

A professional Necromancer and founder of the Sorcerers Guild of greater Houston, Texas. Waugh has been practicing and conducting rituals for many paranormal investigators for over 20 years. Waugh also paints many spiritual and common murals and lives in a small Texas town with her three dogs. She also over the years makes ceremonial candles and is active in ghost hunting in the deep South. Summoning the dead to communicate with the living is a natural daily occurrence for Waugh. "I have been doing this since I was a child." " When I lived in Galveston, Texas about 15 years ago, I was introduced to the ancient rights of ceremonial Necromancy as a ritual by a great shaman called Freebird, and because of him and his diligence to the art, I still practice it until this day." "However, if a spirit has something vital to impart to you, they will call upon you, not vice-versa and no ritual is needed". Waugh labels her self as paranormal investigator, occult researcher, and contemporary Necromancer.

Necromantic practitioners such as Waugh conducts, and entails respect and reverence not only for the spirits of the dead, but for the spirits of Hell, Heaven and all places in between. Waugh has a large home one room she has painted black where she calls the good spirits. Another painted all black where she calls the infernal spirits.

Waugh is often compared today in her facial features and many similar practices as being a modern Dr. John Dee. He of course was one of the most fascinating characters of the Elizabethan period just as Waugh is recognized as such in modern times. The events of Dee's life are filled with science, experiments, astrology and mathematics which he aligned with magic, the supernatural and alchemy! All of which is Waugh's personal passion and driven honest beliefs. These are also stead fast traditions she does and true in practicing openly. A few of her select followers say she is the actual reincarnation of John Dee. Waugh also practices astrology, and is very continuously studying the Black Arts.

Have The Dead Spoken To You Lately?

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer


LISA LEE HARP WAUGH, Founder Of The Ghost Hunters Of America is a America necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial white robes, draws magical circle and triangles s on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager growing up in Marshall, Texas she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.


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