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People are sighitng the real ghost of Michael Jackson Breaking News:

CNN: Ghastly Gaffe or "Ghost of The King Of Pop? Michael Jackson"?

Last night during the news network’s coverage of the death of Michael Jackson, a ghoulish image appeared over the shoulder of Anderson Cooper. Close up of the Ghost Of Michael Jackson Ghost video .

Michael Jackson's ghost image on CNN behind Anderson Cooper?

At first we were completely freaked out, but the image later appeared again, leading us to believe that the producer of the show was asleep at the wheel and was allowing ghoulish images of MJ to appear on the flat panels behind Cooper. We captured some video, so give it a watch and decide for yourself.

Michael Jackson's Ghost Haunts CNN

REAL GHOST PHOTOS OF THE "PARANORMAL LANDSCAPE" 'Real Ghost Photos' Can Or Will They Ever Be Really Fully Explained?

4 charged with digging up graves, reselling plots -- CNN

Country Singer Has 'Cheated Death' --aol news

Worker Falls Into Giant Vat of Chocolate, Dies --aolnews

Britons Say They've Made Human Sperm --aol.com

6 New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet --cracked.com

Michael Jackson Tree Stump, Ghost and Other Dead Celebrity Sightings -- ASSOCIATED CONTENT

Arkansas Earthquakes Could Portend Something Big Rumblings in central Arkansas called "abnormal."

'Buddha Boy' reappears after year in jungle - Thousands of jubilant devotees trudged to the remote jungle spot where he returned. -- The Independent

Robbie Williams Uses His Tattoos to Make Contact with Aliens. - The singer has the ancient Egyptian symbol the Eye of Horus - also known as the Udjat which represents the Cosmos and is a symbol protection from evil forces - etched onto the back of his neck. -- allheadlinenews.com

Sands of Egypt Hid Royal Tomb - 4,300-Year-Old Pyramid Discovered. -- aolnews

Reap Sow Radio Program Tuesday November 18th at 6 P.M. eastern time, 3 P.M. Bobby Zoeller and Tim Yancey. -- reapsowradio.com

In Troubling Economic Times, Consumers Flock to Online Psychics - While it doesn't take a psychic to see that tough times lay ahead for the economy, online practitioners of the divination arts say they're seeing a marked sift in the questions posed by their clientele, with anxious consumers increasingly asking what's in store for them financially in the months ahead. Believers who normally seek psychics for advice on a cheating spouse are now asking whether a pink slip is in their future, and internet psychics across the board saw a spike in traffic in the days following the initial market crash. -- wired

Seeing but not believing: The photography of Susan Hiller - The auras, dreams and paranormal visions in Susan Hiller's photography make for a thrilling show that's pretty strange, says Tom Lubbock, if not exactlytrue -- Independent, UK 

Mythical Place Finally Found? - Scholar Claims It's the Real Deal Evidence Unfolds Before His Eyes -- aolnews

Verdict in: Middleboro Town Hall deemed haunted - The Enfield Paranormal Society, of Enfield, Conn., the second paranormal group to investigate the building, claims it has found evidence of ghosts in the building, which was built in 1873. -- Enterprise News, MA

'Spy' used voodoo to shield general from Taliban, court hears - A British Army translator accused of spying for Iran was a voodoo priest who used black magic to protect the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan from the Taliban, a court heard. -- TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

'Jurassic Park' author Michael Crichton dies at 66 - boston.com

Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor - Ocean levels rapidly rose in Boothbay, Southport, and Bristol in a matter of minutes. --Boston Globe

On Sun. Nov. 16th through Thurs. Nov. 20th, don't miss the 5 pilot episodes of Unexplained with George Noory, airing on the Sci Fi Channel at 11p (ET/PT). Topics include reincarnation, witchcraft, cryptozoology, UFOs, and strange tales.

12,000-Year-Old Grave of Female Shaman Found - An ancient grave unearthed in modern-day Israel containing 50 tortoise shells, a human foot and body parts from numerous animals is likely one of the earliest known shaman burial sites, researchers said on Monday. -- aolnews

Frozen mice cloned - are woolly mammoths next? - Japanese scientists have cloned mice whose bodies were frozen for as long 16 years and said on Monday it may be possible to use the technique to resurrect mammoths and other extinct species. -- reuters.com

Nostradamus Writings Predict McCain Victory - "Conventional wisdom picks Obama. Nostradamus, four and a half centuries ago, picked John McCain," said Dr. Hubert Evans, professor of Renaissance Studies at Yale University and author of the best-selling Nostradamus: Prophesize This! -- Crystalair.com

Obama campaign tries lucky charms - Obama openly embraced superstition in January when he began correlating basketball with victory. He played on the day of the Iowa caucus, which he won, but did not shoot hoops on the day of the New Hampshire primary, which he lost. With rare exception, he has corralled aides, friends and occasionally members of the media to indulge his superstition on every primary election day. -- yahoonews

Video: Ghosts communicating with the living? - A look at what some say are pictures of ghost writers. (Video)-- ABC7 Also see: Real Ghost Pictures... Are They Real Proof Ghost Are Real?

Ghost Hunter Visits Lexington Mansion - LEX 18 set out with a certified ghost hunter to see what could be found on what some say is the most active day for spirits - Halloween. Ghost hunter Patti Starr visited the Griffin Gate Mansion in Lexington. It's supposed to be one of Kentucky's most haunted places, and the nursery is supposed to be one of the most haunted rooms in the entire place. (With Video) -- wlextv.com

Hot haunts in the Midwest - Halloween always means a full house at Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn. All six rooms book up a year in advance at the historic St. Louis property, where three descendants of the Lemp brewery empire killed themselves in the early 1900s. -- Joliet Herald News, IL

Ghost Hunters - BILLINGS - With the lights off at The Western Heritage Center mysterious things have been known to happen. Karen Stevens, a Big Sky Paranormal Investigator said, "there have been a variety of different ghosts noticed here." Some believe the historic building is haunted by several ghosts. -- KULR-TV, MT

Peruvian shamans make Obama their president - Nine of the 11 faith-healers from the Apus-Inka healers' association said they foresee Obama winning the election -- Pravda.com

Biggest women in politics and their weird hobbies-The former First Lady Hillary Clinton, who never became a presidential candidate, has a very unusual hobby. When she has free time, she communicates with another former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. It is worthy of note that nearly all American presidents and their wives indulged in magic and astrology, and stories of presidential spiritual sessions do not surprise common Americans anymore. -- pravda

Indonesians appease volcano gods with sacrifices -MOUNT BROMO, Indonesia – Indonesian legend has it that six centuries ago, a princess hurled her youngest child into a fiery volcano to appease mountain gods who had granted her fertility. Today thousands of pilgrims flock to Mount Bromo on East Java each year to offer the spirits food, live animals and money and ask for prosperity and health. Bromo, a 7,641-foot volcano, is one of Java's most popular tourist attractions. -- Yahoonews

Mexico City's 'water monster' nears extinction - Beneath the tourist gondolas in the remains of a great Aztec lake lives a creature that resembles a monster — and a Muppet — with its slimy tail, plumage-like gills and mouth that curls into an odd smile. -- yahoonews

Rockledge Ranch EVP recordings produce sounds - COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. -- FOX21 News reporter Meaghan Collier visited Rockledge Ranch on Friday, and sat in on a paranormal investigation of the historic home on the site, said to be haunted. -- KXRM, CO

Ghost hunter yearns for some close encounters -Craig Cady's never seen a ghost, but he would like to, and he's going to great lengths in his pursuit. -- Joliet Herald News, IL

Late-night paranormal radio personality and Detroit native George Noory returns to cable's Sci-Fi Channel with five episodes of "Unexplained with George Noory" set to air at 11 p.m. Nov. 16-20. Each half-hour episode will feature interviews with experts on compelling subjects such as reincarnation, witchcraft and alien abduction. Noory is host of "Coast to Coast AM," a radio program nationally syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. It's the place to go for discussions on paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abductions, conspiracies and all other things curious and unexplained.

The Famous 'Brown Lady' Photo - When did it become fashionable to hate on paranormal teams, shows etc.? This is the month of being thankful and forgiving right? However, my mind thought here is that this is the way it should be each and every month. Sadly that is not the case in the past year or so in the field of the paranormal. -- UFODigest, Canada

Paranomal experiences not coincidences - Flashlights turn on and off by themselves, invisible voices softly whisper through the night, and chills run up the spine. These are not coincidences but some of the experiences Cris Dennison, director of the DeKalb Area Ghost Researchers, said are acts of ghosts and the paranormal. -- Northern Star Online, IL

Some say no, ghost hunter says yes - While I never arrived at any firm conclusions about the existence of ghosts, John Zaffis believes very firmly that ghosts exist, and he certainly has the anecdotal evidence to back it up.-- aolnews

Dallas-Fort Worth area groups are on spirited hunt for paranormal ... - Think you might have a spirit or two hanging around? Several local groups are willing to look into just about any ghostly sighting.-- Dallas Morning News, TX

Paranormal Researchers Out and United in Diversity (P.R.O.U.D.) is a networking community created as a safe haven for GLBT paranormal investigators and enthusiasts. This site promotes interaction and open communication among paranormal investigators of various sexual orientations in an effort to better understand how we identify ourselves and what we do. Many GLBT 'ghost hunters' may feel alone in the field, but P.R.O.U.D. offers a new alternative for finding others like yourself around the globe. Feel free to discuss your own paranormal experiences, paranormal evidence, news, questions, concerns, problems/conflicts, beliefs, queer ghosts, GLBT-owned and/or -operated haunted establishments, or anything else! -- P.R.O.U.D. glbtghosthunters.ning.com

Factoring Fear: What Scares Us and Why? Other researchers find fear to be a vastly personal experience. Whereas some people become terrified watching a scary film, others may be more afraid to walk back to their cars in a dark parking lot after the movie ends. --Scientific American

Real Ghost Pictures ... Are They Real? The Best Real Ghost Photos And Paranomal Ghost Pictures Of All Times By Peter Perry -- hauntedamericatours.com

Corning man restores Villisca's ax murder house - ILLISCA - Corning resident Darwin Linn doesn't like to admit that he's a historian. He just happens to own a museum and a house in Villisca where an entire family and two neighbor children were brutally murdered in 1912. -- SW Iowa News, IA

Tapping Into the Supernatural to Crack Crimes - Law enforcement agencies, perhaps understandably, are reluctant to talk about the use of paranormal experts. But in a rare revelation, Investigative Committee chief Alexander Bastrykin said earlier this year that investigators had used hypnotists in several recent cases, including the bombing of a Moscow-St. Petersburg train. -- The Moscow Times, Russia

Science Of Ghost Hunting - Gary Puffenbarger of Elkton, a member of Supernatural Investigators of Virginia, takes readings around the Turner Ashby Monument. Many ghost hunting groups use digital recorders, electromagnetic field detectors, Geiger counters and infrared thermometers to look for anomalies that might support evidence of a supernatural presence. -- Harrisonburg Daily News Record, VA

'Ghost hunter' looks to understand paranormal - For the past seven years, Steven Smith of Bennington has been stopping by local cemeteries with his camera and tape recorder. Smith said he is trying to collect photographic evidence of the paranormal. He said he first got the idea in the 1990s when shows about supernatural investigations and "ghost hunting" first became popular. He said he began his hobby by photographing cemeteries in Arlington. Smith said that what his pictures mainly showed, if they showed anything, were small orbs or drifts of what he referred to as plasma. He said he would take many photos at a time, and on some occasions would get nothing in the same location he had got something before. -- Bennington Banner, VT

Paranormal center first of its kind in Mass. - For decades, residents in Greater Taunton have heard tales of such paranormal activity everywhere from Bridgewater to Freetown. Well, now a group is going to study this paranormal activity — right here in the city. The center is the first of its kind in the state to offer a wide variety of classes and services for the paranormal enthusiast. -- Taunton Daily Gazette, USA

Surprise-based group investigates the paranormal - The group's founder, Christy Necaise, 37, does not want people to confuse their group with "ghost hunters" on television, who play up frights for the cameras and openly taunt spirits. "We don't get involved in the drama of the situation," Necaise explains. "We're trying to collect the evidence." -- Arizona Republic, AZ

Brothers are forces behind a paranormal network - -- Para X Radio started with just two shows and four people: a couple in Texas and the Jones brothers in Kentucky. "They'd listen to us; we'd listen to them," says Tom Jones, who formed the network with his brother, Dave, to share podcasts of their paranormal investigations. A year later, Para X, an online radio network, boasts 30 live shows a week, with dozens of different presenters as hosts, and more than a million visitors. The podcasts have become shows with guests and topics, some of which now air on CBS Radio and Para X. -- Kentucky.com, KY

Haunted? Ghost hunters can help - Ghost hunter Michael Roa uses a video camera to track down a ghost inside a home. See video. -- Chicago Sun-Times, United States

Who Needs Halloween? Estonia Has Real Ghosts - Residents of the tiny Baltic republic of Estonia have a reputation for being practical, down-to-earth, and forward-looking. The country boasts one of the world's highest rates of mobile phone and computer use. The coding for Skype was written here. But allow the conversation to turn to the supernatural and the stereotypical, and the sober-minded Estonian disappears in an instant. "Of course we have a ghost! This is Tallinn!" Anne Orro, a gray-haired receptionist in the medieval capital, exclaimed one rainy October evening recently. "It's not normal not to have a ghost." -- Time

Paranormal Investigations and Technology: Where Ghosts and Gadgets Meet - Meet one type of specialist whom you may never have hired or outsourced—ghost hunters. Whether you've got a ghost in the machine or in the house, these paranormal investigators can bring a technology tool chest with everything from thermometers to blimp cams. -- cio.com

When ghosts attack - Strange things seem to happen when Grant Wilson enters a room. Every day is Halloween for Wilson, co-star of the Sci Fi Channel's hit show, "Ghost Hunters." Close encounters of the paranormal kind would drive most people to look for another hobby, but Wilson says he ain't afraid of no ghosts. -- CNN

Local family learns to live with haunting house stories - The Schwartz family's East Toledo house is ready for Halloween. Among its many decorations is a sign above the front door: "Enter if you dare."Like others who've transformed this time of year into a $5 billion-plus annual seasonal bonanza, Ron and Cyndy Schwartz and three daughters still living at home go all out - but that sign may be more fair warning than decoration. Tolerdo Blade

'Most Haunted' New Orleans French Quarter Home For Sale - Current Owner actor Nicolas Cage Asking $3.9 Million. -- wdsu.com

UPDATE: Spirits lurk at Caledonia Wine Cottage - Video -- dailyjournalonline.com


Why I believe in ghosts - Paranormal proponent grew up fascinated by the unexplained. -- Southcoasttoday.com

Supernatural Cleaning Methods - Google Internet search for getting rid of ghosts yielded nearly two million hits. By comparison, a search for cleaning rain gutters yielded 191,000. -- New York Times

Catacombs - Paris, France — The Most Haunted Place in the World -There have been hundreds of reports of people being “grabbed” or “touched”, and many people have snapped photos with very odd “ghostly” images in them. For these reasons, Haunted American Tours has named the Catacombs the most haunted place in the world. -- travelbrook.com

Former park ranger becomes premiere ghost hunter - Nesbitt also was voted top paranormal investigator in the country, based on the work he has done and the 17 books he has published about paranormal incidents, most in and around Gettysburg. He has been on about 130 investigations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania.

Did you ever get the feeling that you were being watched? Ever swear that you witnessed something that just couldn't be there? -- Weehawken Reporter

The Haunted Home of Joan Crawford - When asked if there were manifestations or hauntings that she could remember as a child living there, (daughter) Christina recounted the following: I have vivid memories of some things, but when you are severely abused, you tend to block out other things. I'm positive that there were manifestations occurring when I was little. I saw them! There were places in the house that were always so cold that nobody ever wanted to go in them. -- alienseekernews.com

Group Goes Ghost Hunting at Eldridge Mansion - Down a long, grass-lined driveway off Eldridge Avenue is a house that looks like it was built for Halloween. Ivy creeps up its graying stucco exterior, and a dramatic circular turret stabs into the ruddy sunset. But it's what's inside the house that interests Sherry Mulholland, the founder of BOOO, Bellingham Observers of the Odd and Obscure. On Saturday, Oct. 25, she and two other group members met at the house, owned by Mike and Cis Kennard, to search for evidence of the spiritual world. -- The Bellingham Herald

Ghostbusters: Are military bases haunted? -Military bases appear to be a popular haunt for wandering spirits, with several attracting the attention of ghost hunters seeking evidence of paranormal activity.
-- Scientific American

Ghost Lusters: If You Want to See a Specter Badly Enough, Will You? - Researchers set up "haunted" room to prove an electromagnetic theory of ghost sightings. EMFs emitted by power lines and towers, clock radios and other electrical sources may help debunk myths that people or things are haunted, says Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, who has conducted research on the topic. One such study, published in 2001 in Perceptual And Motor Skills chronicles the experiences of a teenager who in 1996 claimed to be receiving nocturnal visits—one sexual—from the Holy Spirit. The 17-year-old girl, who had sustained mild brain damage at birth, said she also felt the presence of an invisible baby perched on her left shoulder. -- Scientific American

Shadow figure, unknown voices, flying objects ... - Paranomal Task Force a Missouri Paranormal Research Team completes investigation of Caledonia Wine Cottage -- dailyjournalonline.com

'The haunting' at Caledonia Wine Cottage
Bed and breakfast was former Civil War hospital - Pepper Carpenter didn’t believe in ghosts before she bought the Caledonia Wine Cottage. She was a skeptic who thought it was all in a person’s imagination. That’s all changed for the former school teacher from St. Louis. Several unexplainable events that have taken place at the historic landmark have now made Carpenter a believer. --DailyJournelonline.com

Town's history part of hayride is really haunted! - The town's history and tales of its hauntings are part of a hayride/tour offered this weekend in New Madrid, and if those along for the ride witness some paranormal activity, well, that's just an extra treat. -- standard-democrat.com

Area has ghost stories aplenty dating back hundreds of years - Forget Salem or New Orleans. If you live in MetroWest, you probably don't have to go any further than your local library, town hall, or neighborhood for a good old-fashioned haunting. -- Metro Daily News

Scary trend: Halloween now its own travel season - Once upon a time, Halloween was a one-day event. Then the pumpkins and parties started moving back to the weeks between Columbus Day and Oct. 31. Now the holiday is morphing into an entire season, at least in the tourism industry, with haunted walks, costume balls and pumpkin-carving events held throughout October. Some even start in early September, like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World, which started Sept. 5 — just four days after Labor Day, In 2004, the same event at Disney World started Oct. 1. -- Cape Cod Times, MA

Ghosts of Eureka Springs draw crowds - Specifically, the two communicate with the spirits that roam the halls of the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, which is billed as America's "most haunted hotel," making it a dandy place to spend Halloween or any other dark and stormy night. -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

Haunted Businesses - Objects moving by themselves, disembodied voices, ghostly apparitions -- who you gonna call? Forget the 'Ghostbusters.' We called a paranormal investigator and a marketing expert to find out how these haunted businesses can put their ghosts to work. -- Putting Your Ghost to Work -- aolnew

Ghost Hunters Halloween night, the team heads back to the historic Fort Delaware for the 3rd annual Ghost Hunters Live event. - LIVE from 7pm-2am on Friday, October 31. Hosted by Josh Gates (Destination Truth) and co-hosted by Steve Valentine (SCI FI's Estate of Panic), the special will feature TAPS members from both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International as well as special guest investigators Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary) and ECW Superstar The Miz. --realitytvmagazine.com

Chance of a ghost in church - Does more than just the Holy Spirit inhabit a Richmond church? That's the question that Staten Island-based Eastern Paranormal Investigation Center (EPIC) seeks to answer after returning last night to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church to continue an investigation begun in May, when the team encountered some unusual ectoplasmic activity during its first visit. -- Staten Island Advance - SILive.com, NY

A ghost huntin' we will go - You can't beat chasing spirits at Presidio La Bahia for an eerie time -- Victoria Advocate, TX

Living in a haunted house drew woman into a job as ghost chaser - hough she now chases ghosts for fun, Patty Antol never believed in the paranormal before she moved to a 1950s ranch in Coraopolis in 1992. Even after an antique grandfather's clock that hadn't worked in more than 20 years suddenly started tick-tocking in her new house -- and then stopping dead at precisely 1 a.m. -- ghosts were the last thing on her mind. -- Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA

North Wales Most Haunted show blasted as tasteless - TV ghostbusters planning to wear straitjackets at a former psychiatric hospital while being filmed for a live show have been blasted as “insensitive.” -- Daily Post, UK

Ghost budgers - When she was a child, Christina Goodman's father visited her every evening and sat and talked to her. Nothing unusual about that? Think again. Goodman's father was dead. As a child, Goodman easily believed in the paranormal because of her father's visits and other experiences. As an adult, she has set out to prove such encounters of the third kind scientifically. -- Tampa Tribune, FL

Something to fear at the Fearing Tavern? - The researchers, hosts of WBSM’s Spooky Southcoast, approached the Wareham Historical Society about investigating the haunted happenings at the historic building seven months ago, and they were very quickly given the green light from Historical Society President Carolyn McMorrow, who was intrigued about the possibility of ghosts, goblins and finding a new way to get people excited about the town’s history. -- Wareham Courier, MA

Get in the spirit at Midland psychic fair -mong the speakers is Joe L. Lawson, 34, producer of Shaw's CBS show and a paranormal investigator who has appeared on the Travel Channel's ''Most Haunted Live.'' Originally from Pontiac and now residing in Sterling Heights, Lawson said his interest in ghosts started at age 4, when he observed specters in a cemetery that served as his backyard. Since then, he has traveled across the country investigating paranormal claims, most recently visiting the haunted sites of Salem, Mass., and Gettysburg, Pa., this month. -- The Saginaw News - MLive.com, MI

Fort Walton Paranormal listening for ghosts - On Halloween, while sidewalks fill with costumed spooks, two local men will be hunkered down listening for the real thing. -- The Northwest Florida Daily News

When cemetery could be your next-door neighbor -It's been 10 years since Mike and Beth De Coss moved into their home that backs up to Oak Mount Cemetery in Healdsburg. They weren't afraid of ghosts and goblins then, and nothing has happened to change their minds. -- San Francisco Chronicle

How to spook the spooks - FROM ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, so goes the well known verse. It's coming to that spooky time of year again, Hallowe’en, when the mother-in-law gets out her best broomstick . . . oops! But how do we keep the witches and goblins at bay? Historically, with a Witch Ball. They are thought to have been around for more than 600 years. Although attractive in their own right, these objects have a deeper magical significance. Traditionally they look like a large Christmas tree ball. -- Liverpool Echo

Texas military members investigate paranormal phenomenon - "We're open to spiritual aspect but we're strictly scientific in our approach," said Joe Eversole, MPI lead investigator and an Air Force tech sergeant. "We don't believe anything until it can be measured or recorded." -- Scripps News, DC

Local paranormal experts have a scary-good time - Tonya and Randy Douglas investigate the Blanchard House in Ionia for paranormal activity. The Douglas family heads the Michigan branch of the international organization Haunted and Paranormal Investigations. -- Sentinel-Standard, MI

Haunted hallway? - Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, accounts told by some DeSoto County residents may make you think twice. Footsteps down the hall, strange voices echoing from an empty room and shadows on the wall are all images of a great ghost story. But what if those stories were true. What if ghosts are real? What if spirits do get trapped in time? Employees at the BankPlus bank branch in Hernando’s town square believe they have a ghost haunting their building. -- DeSoto Times Today, MS

The Sacred Side of Spooky - But for some Americans, ghosts, along with extraterrestrials, Bigfoot and Unidentified Flying Objects aren't the stuff of seasonal sightings or tabloid teasers. They're real -- as real as a resurrected Jesus and a devious Satan are to millions. -- Press-Register - al.com, AL

Westfield couple's tours hunt down ghosts - An interest in the paranormal and local history spurred Westfield resident Nicole Kobrowski to start a ghost tour business with her husband, Michael. Unseenpress began seven years ago and the ghost tales continue to delight. -- Indianapolis Star, United States

HAUNTED DESTINATIONS - Very real haunted locations! a slide show --msnbc

Mysterious monster hunts around the globe - Bigfoot is just one of dozens of mysterious creatures that may roam the world. Believers argue that while these so-called cryptids have not yet been catalogued by science, they most certainly exist. Out in the wilds of the world, creatures like Orang Pendek in Sumatra (a diminutive ape/human hybrid), Mokele-mbembe in the Republic of Congo (a living dinosaur) and Phaya Naga in the Mekong River (a fire-breathing snakelike creature) are lurking. - -MSNBC

Roots of Voodoo: Why Sarkozy is Getting Skewered - A controversial voodoo doll is proving to be quite the pain in the side of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The doll, which features Sarkozy's likeness and is being sold in some French stores, comes with a set of pins and an instruction manual on how to inflict voodoo curses on him. -- Livescience

Check Out The Number # 1 Paranomal Book Of the Year! Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World BY Brad Steiger-- As Voted By You !

Check Out The Number # 1 Paranomal Book Of the Year! Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World BY Brad Steiger-- As Voted By you !

Toledo residents investigate paranormal activity - Ohio Paranormal Research and Investigations (OHPRI) is a nonprofit organization that investigates alleged hauntings in the area. “Everything’s normal until proven paranormal,” the team members’ shirt states across the back. Formed in 2007, the organization enters private homes and businesses to conduct lengthy investigations and research to find the truth behind alleged haunting. The group investigates for free. -- Toledo Free Press, USA

Sci Fi Channel orders 'Ghost Hunters: College Edition' spinoff pilot - Ghost Hunters: College Edition will feature a group of college students who, led by seasoned investigators, will search for paranormal activity in haunted hotspots in America and throughout the world. -- Reality TV World, MA

Ghost Hunters in Wichita Falls - Joe Eversole, Co-Founder of M.P.I said, "I saw what appeared to me to be an apparition and it looked like it was crawling up the stairs." It makes some nauseous, others can feel the hairs on the back of their neck standup. He continued, "I have no hair on my head. That made all the hair on my body stand up." -- KAUZ, TX

Finding the normal in the paranormal - Jammie Spradlin, founder of Virginia Appalachian Mountain Paranormal Investigations, isn’t in the ghost busting business. He says he’s looking to give reality to eerie situations. -- wsls.com

Paranormal investigator to host web chat - Taking your questions will be a leading investigator from the Northern Ireland Paranormal Society (NIPS), who is no stranger to 'scary' assignments. Darren Ansell – who when he is not targeting the truth is a full-time business development manager – is looking forward to portraying a positive message to would-be detractors. -- Belfast Newsletter, UK

Paranormal investigator Brandy Stark, who you voting for? - Brandy Stark, co-founder of S.P.I.R.I.T.S. in St. Petersburg, a paranormal investigative group. She’s voting for: Barack Obama. -- Creative Loafing Tampa, FL

Author of 'Haunted Baseball' to talk about paranormal - Gordon and co-author Mickey Bradley collected stories exploring the spooky connection between baseball and the paranormal from more than 800 managers, coaches, stadium personnel, fans and players (including Jason Varitek, Bill Lee, Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Chipper Jones, Mike Piazza, Paul Konerko, David Wright and many others). -- The Daily News of Newburyport, M

Paranormal Research - Old Bryce Hospital - The Alabama Paranormal Research Team was founded by best friends Faith Serafin and Cassie Clark. The two have had experiences with the paranormal since early childhood.
"I know from personal experiences and investigating that there's something out there," Clark said. -- Planet Weekly, AL

Fort Employee Claims Paranormal Activity- Teddy Cook, an employee with Fort Knox, was closing things up after Fright Night. He says he saw a figure walking away from him in one of the hallways. He tried to talk to the figure but it wouldn't respond. He reached down for his flashlight and when he looked back up it disappeared in the alley. Cook says he knows some people will think he made the story up as a publicity stunt. -- WCSH-TV, ME

PARANORMAL ET UFO CONTACT MAY INVOLVE OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES - I learned in my many past lives that when I as a student am ready that the master will appear. This lifetime, I was given a blessing of "GOD" or the "God Particle" as those in particle physics may say. I am one who believes that science and spirit are one in creation. -- American Chronicle, CA

Paranormal Researchers Hunt for Ghosts from Battle of Westport - Thursday marked the 144th anniversary of the bloody Battle of Westport, waged along Wornall Road in Kansas City. And at the Wornall House, which was used as a hospital by both Union and Confederate forces during Civil War battle, a group of paranormal researchers have gathered in hopes that the day would stir up ghosts from the past. FOX 4's Tess Koppelman has the spooky report. -- MyFox Kansas City, MO

San Antonio ghost tours lead to the Menger Hotel - With a thermal meter in hand, I walk through the downtown streets of San Antonio, eyes glued to the bright red numbers that seem to change every few steps. When the number is high, my tour group members are my only companions. When the number drops, we might not be alone. -- DallasNews.com

Trail of the Week: Lawler Ford Road, aka "Zombie Road" - Tales of the spirits that haunt this road have been around for a century. Some paranormal history buffs say "Zombie" came from the disembodied victims of a serial killer or from a murdered boy whose nickname was Zombie. -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

Ghost hunting leaves questions about the paranormal unanswered - I spent a couple of years working for a local rag in Kentucky, and one assignment had me covering a local ghost hunter. Armed with a mini-disc recorder, a digital camera and a noticeable lack of "Ghostbuster"-esque particle beams or containment devices, I set off with Patti the Ghost Hunter and her group, Ghost Chasers International (www.ghosthunter.com), on a real-life ghost hunt. -- Virginia Tech Collegiate Times Online Edition, VA

Using science to explore the paranormal - According to studies performed for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, only 7 percent of Americans do not believe in some form of paranormal activity. With today's technological breakthroughs and our dependence on scientific innovations and analysis, this percentage is quite surprising. -- Daily Eastern News, IL

Ghosts of Gettysburg Voted No. 1 Ghost Tour - For the third straight year, Ghosts of Gettysburg has been voted the Best Ghost Tour in the Country by the readers of Haunted America Tours. -- Focus on Travel News, Turkey

Field guide to ghosts - Kathy Conder, founder of Michigan Paranormal Encounters, leads a tour of the Old Allegan County Jail Museum Friday night, Oct. 17. Conder told the participants she could possibly pick up a reading of the essence of a woman who used to serve meals to the inmates. -- HollandSentinel.com, MI

Do ghosts exist? Brad Steiger investigates - Organized into 45 topical chapters, Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places is a 640-page medium to spirits that are the good ('Ghosts that Saved Lives'), the bad ('Invisible Home Wreckers'), and the ugly ('Demonic Spirits That Whisper Commands to Kill'). Steiger's able pen also takes the reader on a scary, scenic tour of 'Phantoms on Roads and Highways' via 'Ghost Trains' and 'Phantom Automobiles' to 'Haunted Mansions' that Walt Disney only "nightmared" about. From there, Real Ghost unearths the ghastly goings-on and macabre manifestations at haunted places such as museums, churches, graveyards, restaurants, and sacred sites. -- examiner.com

Does Oliver Stone believe in ghosts? You betcha. - The “W.” director continues: “Some people believe we should let the ghosts rest and that we shouldn’t show the blood and guts of reality, but I disagree. Everyone who watches films such as mine is strong enough to take something from the bad energy as well as the good. As for ghosts, I believe in them: They have important stories to tell if we’ll just listen.” -- Los Angeles Times, CA

Host to ghosts: Texas capital home to LBJ, others - "That is one haunted city," said Fiona Broome, a psychic, ghost hunter and author who wrote "The Ghosts of Austin, Texas." The state capitol is a particular hot spot, she said. -- Times Record News, TX

Young Blond Woman's Ghost Haunts Restaurant, Legend Says - It's that time of year when Country House restaurant workers in Clarendon Hills answer as many questions about their ghost as about their half-pound burger. Missy Dupre, the restaurant's hostess, says Country House doesn't brag about its alleged haunted history, but employees are trained to talk about it if need be. As the story goes, an attractive blond woman who was dating a bartender back in the 1950s came in distraught, asking him to watch her baby. When he refused, she left, and died after driving into a tree. -- Chicago Tribune

Ghost Hunter’ speaks about past paranormal experiences - Haunted houses are not foreign territory for the woman billed as “America’s Top Ghost Hunter.” -- thepost.ohiou.edu

Bigfoot fans attend conference - Things seemed a little hairy over at Jefferson High School Saturday, and it wasn't because of the Bulldogs' shut-out of Queen City Friday night. Skeptics and believers from around the country, gathered at the 2008 Texas Bigfoot Conference to listen to experts discuss the possibility of Bigfoot, the legendary giant, hairy beast that has reportedly been sighted all over the world . -- marshallnewsmessenger

Britain releases UFO files, dispels some mysteries - Zaghetti was at the helm of a jet from Milan to London's Heathrow Airport on the evening of April 21, 1991 when a flying object streaked across his field of vision. -- YAHOONEWS

Japanese team finds 'yeti footprints' in Nepal - The footprints were about 20 centimetres (eight inches) long and looked like a human's," Yoshiteru Takahashi, the leader of the Yeti Project Japan, told AFP in Kathmandu on Monday. -- YAHOONEWS

Couple seeks the paranormal - A Warsaw couple, Ken and Tanya Harrison have launched the Northern Neck Paranormal Investigation Project (NNPIP). Using modern electronic equipment they are researching unexplained manifestations in local area houses. They investigate houses suspected of being haunted using audio and video recording equipment. They also use other equipment to measure unexplained room temperatures, as well as, electromagnetic fields and radiation levels. -- Northern Neck News, VA

The Perfumes of the Dead - James Dotson ponders the smell of ghosts. --Sniffapalooza Magazine

Ghost Adventures is back on The Travel Channel - The next "Ghost Adventures" What drives these men of mystery to confront the dark side? Find out more about investigators Zak, Aaron and Nick. -- Travelchannel.com

CRY OF THE BANSHEE - Quarrier Press is pleased to announce its latest release, the newly revised Cry of the Banshee, a comprehensive guide to the hauntings and paranormal tales in West Virginia and along the Ohio River. The stories originated with author and tour guide Susan Sheppard's ever-popular Haunted Parkersburg Tours. Recently voted as the "Second Most Up & Coming Paranormal Person" in the U.S. by the Haunted America Tours, Sheppard delves into the people and history behind the ghosts. She also reveals how to know if your house is haunted, and the 13 most likely places to find phantoms. -- hauntedamericatours.com



Produced and Directed by The Booth Brothers. This shocking documentary from "epic reality" filmmakers the Booth Brothers (Spooked, Children of the Grav e (as seen on Sci Fi Channel) will be released on DVD. " The Possessed " is a paranormal investigation into the twisted world of possession. Cases include the chilling true story, ' The Watseka Wonder ' (1877), America's first documented spiritual possession of a 13-year-old girl from the small town of Watseka who became possessed by spirits of the insane dead. While exploring an old Insane Asylum in St. Louis, the filmmakers then investigate the real 1949 Exorcist's diary, the true story behind the motion picture "The Exorcist". In depth, " The Possessed " is a terrifying look at modern day possession and it's evidence, " Demon Do Exist ! " The Possessed " will be released, UNCUT and UNRATED on DVD. Utilizing the latest in paranormal research technology and an army of paranormal professionals, the Booth Brothers search for the scariest entity known to man, " The Unholy Ghost ". Filmed on location in the actual haunted houses, churches and asylums where the events took place. Exclusive Interviews with Father Francis X. Cleary and Father Faherty, the last remaining priests of the most infamous 1949, St. Louis exorcism.

"The Possessed" coming
December 2008 on DVD

'Creepy gnome' back on prowl - A NEW sighting of South America’s ‘creepy gnome’ has caused panic among locals after a group of youngsters claimed a ‘midget monster’ ran towards them at night. The teens – who recorded footage of the freaky being on their mobile phone – said they are now “too terrified” to go out at night. Experts who examined the latest footage, taken in the town of Clodomira, province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, last week, say it is ‘credible’. (with Video)--The Sun

APPLETON: TV's Ghost Hunters add to the mystery of Marjim Manor - The mix was intoxicating Wednesday night for the television viewing of “Ghost Hunters.” The party for 180 was fun for believers of the paranormal and the non-believers, as well. “I saw somebody walk from the right side of the doorway to the left,” Jason Hawes said. “It went by quickly, so I didn’t think much of it. All of a sudden, it happened again. Grant was lucky enough to be looking that exact way with me.” -- Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, NY

Bigfoot 'Body' Sells for $250000 on eBay - -- MyFox Gulf Coast, AL

Rome workers uncover city of dead - Workers find vast complex of tombs that mimic houses and streets of real city. Shades of New Orleans! -- cnn.com

Why We Love Horror Movies - How Many Horror Movie Characters Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb? -- moviefone


Weird Missouri: Your Travel Guide to Missouri's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets (Weird)

By James Strait. Just Released – Oct 2008 Available at all major outlets! Features 2 Stories Written by Greg Myers of PTF “Zombie Road: Where Urban Legends Ring True” & “Haunting the Diamonds” . Get your copy here now!

Spooky Stories - Rodger Gerberding spent his 20s as a semi-professional paranormal investigator before settling into his career as an artist. But his interest in the unexplainable was rekindled when he worked as the curator for the Squirrel Cage Jail in the early 1990s. -- SW Iowa News, IA

Ghost hunting groups ferret out proof of the paranormal - There is one thing you should know about ghost hunting: It's not like it is on TV. Shelley Armstrong gets annoyed when people think that it is. It's just not that glamorous, she said of her hobby. -- Wausau Daily Herald, WI

Spooky turns can leave theatre patrons going cold - Stories of haunted theatres in Scotland. Cold spots are nothing new to staff at the Playhouse. An all pervasive chill has been known to descend on certain areas of the theatre in seconds ... and then dissipate just as quickly. Local folklore has it that the phenomenon indicates the presenceof Albert, the theatre's ghost – apparently he was a stage door man at the venue, who died backstage many years ago. --The Scotsman

Years of inhumane acts provide opportunity for paranormal experiences - If you are looking for a theme park setting with lots of things jumping out, loads of stage effects with guts and gore for a Halloween adventure, then this will not be worth your money or time. However, if you are looking for history mixed with paranormal activity, bring a camera and be prepared to feel your skin crawl because this will be right up your alley. -- The Advocate, OR

Ghost Hunter Lorraine Warren Gives Talk at Bridgeport's Beardsley Zoo - Lorraine Warren, who has painstakingly investigated the realm of the supernatural throughout America, Europe and Australia with her late husband, is convinced beyond a shadow of doubt of the existence of ghosts, demons, witches, Satanist, vampires and werewolves. She explains why in a lecture at the Beardsley Zoo's Carousel building at 8 PM. Doors open at 7 PM. Tickets are $20. -- Fairfield County Online, CT

Solomon Island Cabbies Talk of 'Ghost Passengers' - First it was the 'ghost caller', now there are whispers of cab drivers in Honiara picking 'ghost passengers' as night falls. -- Solomontimes

Big Foot been busy - Bigfoot appears to be on the move through the wilds of Northern B.C. A rash of three sightings between late July and August have brought about speculation from paranormal specialists as to what the creature might be up to. -- bclocalnews.com

Beware The Snallygaster! - While newer residents may be unfamiliar with the subject, many Frederick natives have memories of the mythical dragon-like beast said to inhabit Frederick County. -- Frederick News Post

Chasing spirits (who cares what kind?) - Fells Point is a hot bed of paranormal activity. Its colorful and storied past—full of drinking, fighting and whoring (oh, and let's not neglect the poisonings and deaths of homesick sailors)—ensures there are plenty of restless souls floating around this historic waterfront area. It's a neighborhood where the shadow of Edgar Allan Poe still looms and uneven cobblestone streets recall Jack the Ripper's London. -- Metromix, IL

Noted ghost hunter slated to speak in Fairview Heights- John B. Kachuba will present tales of the supernatural -- North County Journal, MO

Prince Charles set to visit haunted castle - The Duke of Rothesay is to visit a haunted refurbished Scottish castle with strong links to his family. Braemar Castle is now being restored by the village community – and Prince Charles will see the work for himself on Tuesday. The early 17th century castle, which had been closed to the public since 2005, is now in the care of the village of Braemar. Phantoms include a young blonde woman, a Scottish piper and a crying baby thought to be that of an infant murdered in the castle. -- Aberdeen Press and Journal, UK

Sarah Palin Once Blessed Against 'Witchcraft' - A grainy YouTube video surfaced Wednesday showing Sarah Palin being blessed in her hometown church three years ago by a Kenyan pastor who prayed for her protection from "witchcraft" as she prepared to seek higher office.


The video shows Palin standing before Bishop Thomas Muthee in the pulpit of the Wasilla Assembly of God church, holding her hands open as he asked Jesus Christ to keep her safe from "every form of witchcraft."
-- Aolnews

Is there a ghost in an OP gym? - (KSHB Video) Is there a ghost working out inside an Overland Park gym? Security camera's caught a white orb wandering around the gym. The orb hovers and lingers near the dumbbells. It leaves the frame, then comes back and kicked the motion sensors into action a total of 9 times between 2 and 4:30 in the morning. (Sept. 24, 2008 Reporting by Leeah Brennan, KSHB) -- Kansas City Star, MO

Herriott haunting follow-up - "SPOOKY1" reads the license plate on the white truck that sits in a gravel driveway of a farmhouse outside of Waukee, Iowa. There is nothing else to see but fields of corn and empty gravel roads. It would indeed be spooky if the sun weren't shining brightly in the cloudless blue sky. This is the headquarters of the Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team and home of Dan Berger. Berger is the IPART General Manager and TAPS Regional Manager. -- Times-Delphic, IA

House haunted? Ghost hunter answers call - Everyone knows the annoyance caused by an unwanted guest in the house, but what do you do if that nuisance guest is a nuisance ghost? One possible solution to that conundrum is amateur ghost researcher Cameron Bagg. -- Georgina Advocate, Canada

NEWFANE: Local winery attracts ‘Ghost Hunters’ - Appleton’s Winery at Marjim Manor to be featured on upcoming episode of SciFi Channel show. The Winery at has enough ghost stories to pique the curiosity of any paranormal enthusiast — and now it’s receiving national attention. The winery will be featured on the Oct. 15 episode of the SciFi Channel’s “Ghost Hunters.” A particular doorway at the Winery at Marjim Manor in Appleton has a long history of strange occurrences. -- Niagara Gazette, NY

La Vista's Haunted Hollow provides authentic spooks - . After 10 successful years of owning Haunted Hollow haunted house off 120th Street and Giles Road, Mike McCormick may have some unusual people to thank for their added help and support - the ghosts. -- Bellevue Leader, NE

Bank Takes over ‘Haunted’ Mansion Abandoned by Millionaire Family - Warren Brookes, the manager of a security firm that used to guard the mansion, supports Rashid’s claims. Brookes told the Daily Mail that many guards refused to be assigned to the home, and the guards who did work there returned with stories of “a monk walking through the grounds, a woman in the graveyard falling over, and chairs moving in one of the rooms.” The historic estate was briefly home to Charles I in 1632, and there are rumors that a “woman dressed in white” once jumped to her death from one of its windows.A year after a wealthy family in Britain fled their estate—the allegedly haunted Clifton Hall—the bank reclaims their property. -- findingDulcinea, New York

Great poet's grave stokes Civil War dispute - The dispute has arisen over whether to open the grave of Federico Garcia Lorca, widely considered Spain's best 20th century poet and playwright. -- yahoo

What Happens When We Die? - A fellow at New York City's Weill Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Sam Parnia is one of the world's leading experts on the scientific study of death. Last week Parnia and his colleagues at the Human Consciousness Project announced their first major undertaking: a 3-year exploration of the biology behind "out-of-body" experiences. The study, known as AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation), involves the collaboration of 25 major medical centers through Europe, Canada and the U.S. and will examine some 1,500 survivors of cardiac arrest. TIME spoke with Parnia about the project's origins, its skeptics and the difference between the mind and the brain. -- yahoonews

Buffalo Soldiers' mythic tale one Spike Lee fought to tell
- "In fact," Lee adds, "we shot that scene at the same place where the massacre took place--in the courtyard, right in front of the church. That was as scary as hell. Really scary. You felt ghosts and spirits. Everyone felt them." -- Timmins Daily Press, Canada

Paranormal group presents ghost tour - Marty Seibel of the Shenandoah Valley Paranormal Society talks about the old train station's rich, and presumably haunted, history -- Staunton News Leader, VA

Paranormal research investigators are critical - "Kansas City, Kansas is the most haunted city in Kansas," said Beth Cooper of Ghost Tours of Kansas. -- KTKA.com, KS

Letter: Jindal followed state’s top court -The concept of “sexual orientation” — a legally undefined term that could cover 30 fetishes, including pedophilia, bestiality and necromancy — was introduced in the 1990 draft of the American Bar Association’s Model Code of Judicial Conduct. -- 2TheAdvocate, LA

Experts 'solve' mystery of Stonehenge - Stonehenge was a kind of primeval Lourdes say two British archeologists They declared Monday that they have uncovered the core reason behind the construction of one of the world's best known and least understood landmarks. --AP

Dane Cook Gives Up Haunted Apartment! - Dane Cook has given up his fight to live in what he believes is an apartment that has a supernatural force.-- MZ.com, CA

Would you use voodoo on your boss? - Need a love potion? is your partner unfaithful? Has your boss bypassed you for promotion? Are you facing court next week? Relax! You should take a holiday. What's more, claim African voodoo practitioners, bizarre-sounding remedies may help. Tourism officials say Australian visitors to African countries are increasingly turning to voodoo - even if they sometimes won't admit it - as a way to beat problems they think western-style experts can't solve. Some countries have even turned voodoo into a tourist attraction. "Westerners are increasingly interested in voodoo," agrees Jacob Limikpo, president of the fetish market in Lome, capital of the West African nation of Togo. "I think it's part of a growing fascination with the supernatural." -- The Age, Australia

Fright Night Challenge - The Fright Night Challenge is an interactive program produced by KZBZ. This is our 3rd year and the changes we are preparing will make this one bigger and better than ever! 3 contestants will compete in a serires of challenges that will test their brains, bodies and stomachs. There are thousands in cash and prizes up for grabs to the 3 challengers. -- KFDA, TX

Haunted, Abandoned Ghost Towns - With the arrival of fall, that means Halloween is right around the corner. For those of us who are fascinated by all things macabre, that means haunted house tours, ghost walks, and if you’re really lucky, a visit to some awesome ghost towns like the seven scary ghost towns over at Cult Case. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting an official ghost town like Bodie or Helltown, but I have visited a lot of abandoned and/or haunted places over the years, including the famous Waverly Hills Sanitorium and the site of the Battle of Tebbs’ Bend. -- Popular Fidelity, CA

Woman says voodoo group after her -A woman found lying beside a St. Johns County highway early Monday told investigators she was beaten by members of a voodoo group she was connected with until severing ties last year. -- Florida Times-Union, FL

The Flatwoods Monster extravaganza - n early September many communities throughout West Virginia will be preparing their annual celebrations of pumpkins, black walnuts, apples and other folksy charms. Blue ribbons will soon adorn all manner of livestock and baked goods and the people will gather under stadium lights for demolition derbies and other hearty feats of scarcely restrained violence. The folks will smile, overeat and bask in the warmth of long-standing tradition and local character. -- Graffiti, WV

Union offers paranormal investigations leisure class - Brad Duplechein believes in ghosts. In fact, he hunts them. “I’ve seen all kinds of stuff,” he said of his unique hobby. “I’ve looked down long dark hallways and seen a silhouette form of a young girl, heard strange voices, [seen] objects move, anything other than having someone come up and slap me on the head.” -- LSU The Reveille, LA

Selling comics and hunting ghosts - Eddie Price: He was always interested in ghosts and hauntings as entertainment, but his interest in hunting ghosts surfaced when he decided that, rather than just inviting a few renowned ghost hunters and experts to his annual comic convention, he'd start Haunted Hickory and have the country's top paranormal experts come to their very own convention. -- Hickory Daily Record, NC

Montreal Voodoo conference brings a religion linked to sorcery to light - Fabienne Colas is hoping to bring Voodoo, a religion long linked to black magic, into the light. Colas is the founder of the five-day Montreal International Haitian Film Festival. -- The Canadian Press, MONTREAL

Dig pinpoints Stonehenge origins Construction of mysterious edifice dated to 2300 BC. --BBC News

Future Fury: Hurricane Effects Will Only Get Worse The development boom in coastal areas has damaged natural defenses, adding more risk. --LiveScience

Paranormal Events

'Ghosts drove me out of my mansion' - WHEN Anwar Rashid purchased Clifton Hall in 2006 he thought he had bought his dream home. But, less than a year later, he and his family have left. He says there were driven out of the 52-room mansion by ghosts. "I loved that place, I really did. It's beautiful," said Mr Rashid. "But there was no way we could stay there." -- This is Nottingham, UK

Train Victim's Cell Kept Calling Loved Ones After He Died - One local family whose loved one died in the Metrolink collision is still questioning something that happened that night. They got several phone calls from 49-year-old Chuck Peck after the crash. But they now know he died on impact. -- KTLA

Ghost Hunting - Spooky happenings captured at Mercantile - Stories of strange sounds being heard at night and even the sight of ghostly apparitions have surrounded the downtown landmark since the 1970s. -- The Turlock Journal

Mystery, Wonder and Spooky Lights near Joplin - The Coleman Theater and the Joplin Spooklight: also known as the Hornet Spooklight. -- American Chronicle, CA

Ike helps uncover mystery vessel on Ala. coast - When the waves from Hurricane Ike receded, they left behind a mystery — a ragged shipwreck that archeologists say could be a two-masted Civil War schooner that ran aground in 1862 or another ship from some 70 years later. The wreck, about six miles from Fort Morgan, had already been partially uncovered when Hurricane Camille cleared away sand in 1969. -- yahoonews

Half of Americans Believe in Angels - Half of all Americans believe they are protected by guardian angels, one-fifth say they've heard God speak to them, one-quarter say they have witnessed miraculous healings, 16 percent say they've received one and 8 percent say they pray in tongues, according to a survey released Thursday by Baylor University. -- Washington Times

The haunted house of Sir George A. Drummond - There was a widespread belief amongst many Montrealers in the early 1900s that an old, dilapidated home on otherwise majestic Sherbrooke Street was in fact haunted. -- Westmount Examiner, Canada

TENNESSEE PARANORMAL INVESTIAGATION TEAM - A group paranormal researchers from Chattanooga, Tennessee dedicated to the advancement of our field through the continuous study of the paranormal using scientific means. Interviews Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier To hear the entire interview listen here now!

Look Who's Irrational Now - The Gallup Organization, under contract to Baylor's Institute for Studies of Religion, asked American adults a series of questions to gauge credulity. Do dreams foretell the future? Did ancient advanced civilizations such as Atlantis exist? Can places be haunted? Is it possible to communicate with the dead? Will creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster someday be discovered by science? -- Wall Street Journal

Musings of a Beginning Paranormal Investigator - I recently took up a new hobby. As a middle aged woman with a career and a child at home you might expect me to take up golf, as my husband did. After all, it's easy on the joints and it would allow me to enjoy well-manicured nature while sporting cute outfits and coordinating clubs. But I went a different route, I became a paranormal investigator -- The News Journal, DE

Things That Go Bump in the Night: Old-House Ghosts - Old houses come with many quirks, but none seem to evoke as much fascination as the spirits of former owners who hang around to do a little haunting .-- Old-House Journal

Scientists study 'out of body experiences' - Claims are treated seriously in a hospital study. Doctors in hospitals in Britain and the US will study 1,500 heart attack patients to see if people with no heartbeat or brain activity can have "out of body" experiences. --The Telegraph

Angels set to be the next big thing - As financial hardship looms and religious belief fades away, people are turning to angels for guidance. It’s part of a new angelic trend, which includes shops opening across the country to meet the demand for paraphernalia, and angel books on top of the bestseller lists. As Ireland balances on the cusp of economic crisis, spiritualism and the promise of hope is selling like never before. --The Sunday Times

New Travel Website Asks for Paranormal Submissions, Debunkings - A new travel site for the entire U.S. is getting ready to be launched by Oregon Coast Beach Connection. TravelParanormal.com is asking the public to submit their tales of the paranormal from either their hometown or from their own travels. It’s also set to start a bit of controversy and tension as it’s asking for not only tales of the paranormal, but it wants to hear from skeptics who would like to - or who can - debunk those tales. -- Beach Connection, OR

Atom smasher shut down - A glitch forced scientists to stop the Large Hadron Collider shortly after last week's launch. The world's largest particle collider malfunctioned within hours of its launch to great fanfare, but its operator didn't report the problem for a week. -- yahoonews

LORETTA LYNN - LYNN CALLS IN EXPERT TO TACKLE MANSION GHOSTS - Country legend LORETTA LYNN has called on celebrity ghost whisperer JAMES VAN PRAAGH in a bid to rid her haunted mansion of spooks.
The singer has had enough of the spirits that haunt her sprawling Tennessee home, but spirit talker Van Praagh was only able to confirm the place is riddled with ghosts - before he darted for the door. --Contactmusic.com, UK

Terror Behind the Walls Opens Tomorrow Night at Eastern State Penitentiary - The Philadelphia area's premier haunted house and Halloween attraction opens tomorrow night for its 18th season within the massive, castle-like walls of Eastern State Penitentiary, America’s most historic prison in Philadelphia. The attraction will run on select evenings from September 19 to November 2, 2008. -- philadelphia.about.com

Haunted America - The supernatural has been believed in by many baseball players and fans alike. They have reported many experiences that they have had that they simply could not explain; leading them to believe that there could be forces from the beyond at work. Some stories and experiences chill them to the bone, while others warm their hearts and encourage and inspire players and fans alike. -- RIC The Anchor, RI

UFO-people visit funerals of the Zaporozhye Archbishop’s sister- The Church states UFO, aliens and extraterrestrials don’t exist. However, no one negates anomalies happened at the divine services. Some people see strange things above cupolas, we believe it’s God’s blessing, a miracle,” press-secretary of the Zaporozhye Diocese Archpriest Dimitry Shuliaka said.
-- Interfax-Religion, Russia

Girlfriend dumped Robbie Williams over his obsession for aliens! - British pop singer Robbie Williams's long-term girlfriend and American television actress Ayda Field reportedly dumped him over his obsession for aliens. -- Newstrack India, India

Halloween morphing into its own season - Once upon a time, Halloween was a one-day event. Then the pumpkins and parties started moving back to the weeks between Columbus Day and October 31. -- CNN

Entering the 'spirit' world - A RECENT TV documentary about paranormal activity, in which a team of investigators and a medium visited a pub in Somerset, reduced a man to tears.-- Weston & Somerset Mercury, UK

Has UFO fame changed Stephenville? - Stephenville calls itself the cowboy capital of the world. But look up the town in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, and there is an entire page on UFOs. -- WFAA, TX

Moving Clothes, Unexplained Images Reported At Inn - A series of strange encounters have been reported at the General Stanton Inn located at 4115 Old Post Road in Charleston, R.I. It is one of the oldest existing inns in the country, according to its Web site. -- Local6.com, FL

Day in the Life: Seizing the moment — Mothman Festival organizer Jeff Wamsley, organizer of the Mothman Festival, poses in front of Gunn Park’s Mothman Statue, which will be the site of much activity during this weekend’s Seventh Annual Mothman Festival. Wamsley has seen the festival grow tremendously over the years and described seeing people attend as his favorite part of the event. -- Point Pleasant Register, WV

Who Ya Gonna Call? - Middle Tennessee's spook chasers ain't afraid of no ghost. "This time of year, we get everything," says Donna Marsh, founder of the Adsagsona Paranormal Society. "It's definitely our busy season." -- Nashville Scene

Haunted History Tours in Selma - Members of Central Alabama Paranormal Investigations will demonstrate "ghost hunting" equipment and conduct an investigation. -- Montgomery Advertiser

The Great Paranormal Clash -- Ilford Recorder 24

Ghost month pulls down home sales - SALES of new private homes took a big hit in August as the Hungry Ghost month - considered by some an inauspicious time for big decisions - weighed on sentiment already dragged down by global economic uncertainty. -- Straits Times

Most Haunted: Live at Gettysburg in October - “Travel Channel is gearing up for a historic and unprecedented live television event, MOST HAUNTED LIVE: GETTYSBURG, on Friday, October 10th from 8:00PM – 3:00AM (ET/PT). This seven-hour live, interactive broadcast from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania will mark the team’s most significant U.S. investigation to date. MOST HAUNTED LIVE presenter Yvette Fielding and the rest of the team will conduct an in depth paranormal investigation at five historic locations in Gettysburg.” -- Cinema Blend

New series from the producers of Ghost Hunters - PRODUCERS OF GHOST HUNTERS SEEKING PARANORMAL ENTHUSIASTS FOR NEW SERIES! Are you a professional or part-time ghost hunter, spiritual medium, paranormal researcher or just a supernatural enthusiast? The producers of SCI-FI network’s Ghost Hunters are looking for someone to join a team of paranormal investigators for a new series filming VERY SOON. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with the paranormal, as long as you have unique skills to bring to the team and are FASCINATED with paranormal investigation. -- Realitywanted, AZ

For $30M: A Local Mansion. The Catch? May Come With Ghosts. - As runaway slaves swam across the Potomac River traveling along the Underground Railroad, they sought a tunnel feeding into the basement of the oldest houses in Georgetown: the Halcyon House. Today, Prospect Street’s historic Halcyon House, which went on the market on Aug. 30 for a striking $30 million, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of runaway slaves who died in the basement, as well as those of others who passed away in the house -- Georgetown University The Hoya, DC

Spooky Science: Does a Fear of Ghosts Help Keep Us Honest? - Ghosts. We're drawn to them, yet they frighten us. I mean we feel better knowing one is not lurking. But do perceived specters have a real effect on our behavior? -- Scientific American

Report: Satan Worshippers Killed, Ate 4 Teens in Russia - A VILE gang of devil worshippers has killed and eaten four Russian teenagers in a sickening ritual. - thesun.co.uk

Cameroon: Mysterious Monster Devours Bishop's Goats - He said they suspect that it could be a tiger because no blood is found on the spot where the goats are eaten.However, Abanda said it could be a human being that has transformed into a monster to eat goats. -- All Africa

Hurricane Ike Uproots Graves in Texas Cemetery - Hurricane Katrina chased bluesman Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown from his adopted home in New Orleans to his hometown here on the Texas Gulf Coast, where he died in exile. Now, another hurricane has disturbed his rest. --AP

"Ghost Hunters" Visit Forsyth Inn - Ten members of Research and Investigation of the Paranormal, or RIP, spent Saturday night and Sunday morning setting up equipment, recording audio and video and searching for evidence of ghostly activity in the 100-year-old building on West Main Street. -- 13wmaz, GA

'Voodoo-cursed' Woman is Jailed - A woman who produced human fingers in court in a bid to explain her involvement in a £925,000 tax credit fraud has been jailed for five years. Remi Fakorede, 46, from Hackney, east London, told Snaresbrook Crown Court, she had been forced into crime by a voodoo curse on her and her family. -- BBC News

Searching for signs of the afterlife - Ghost hunting: Paranormal society investigates Palmer Township tavern some think is haunted. -- Allentown Morning Call, PA

Slain couple featured on A&E's Paranormal State - A couple who were slain more than a year ago will be featured on the television show "Paranormal State" on A&E Monday night. -- Zanesville Times Recorder, OH

Could So Many UFO Witnesses Be Right? - ABC's program "Primetime" will examine the evidence for UFOs and aliens on September 16. For decades, millions of people around the world have reported seeing UFOs hovering in their skies. It is a mystery that science has been unable to solve, and the phenomenon remains largely unexamined. Much of the reporting on this subject holds those who claim to have seen UFOs up to ridicule. --ABC News

Ike Slams Texas Gigantic Hurricane Ike made landfall on the Texas Coast. Galveston’s Monster Waves. Galveston Island closed to everyone! -- Fox News

Spooky Hurricane Science - To improve hurricane forecasting, NASA engineers are spending time in a spooky room where "no one can hear you scream." There's a special room at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Researchers call it the "Anechoic Chamber" and they love to test their high-tech instruments there. Normal people think it's just plain spooky. --NASA

Women 'more prone to nightmares' - Women do often experience significantly more nightmares than men and have more emotional dreams, research suggests. --BBC News

Paranormal team finds its spooky at the pub - From the first moment the new landlady stepped into the Bracken Arms pub she felt it was haunted — now she knows it is. Angie Bailey hired the White Rose Paranormal Investigation Team to conduct an operation in her pub after feeling “a presence” there 12 months ago. -- Keighley News, UK

Ghost whisperer in our midst - Shhh! Most g-g-ghosts aren’t really sc-c-c-ary, spectre specialist Cameron Bragg says. Everyone knows the annoyance caused by an unwanted guest in the house, but what do you do if that nuisance guest is a nuisance ghost? -- Liberal, Canada

`Ghost Town': Gervais, Kinnear share spooky tales - -- In real life, Ricky Gervais does not believe in ghosts. Put them on the big-screen, however, and he's more than game to see dead people. -- The Associated Press

Federal Way women claim sexual assault by ghost - According to a police report, the two women told officers a paranormal person has been placing sensors on their bodies and having intercourse with them at their apartment ... --komotv.com

The Haunted Galveston, Texas Zombie Doll --Read all about an ongoing new Paranormal investigation here now! --ghosthuntersofamerica.com

The Librarians Call It an Anomaly (It Wasn’t Rattling Chains) - It appeared as a meandering shadow in the suspense section of the Elting Memorial Library here, pausing on the wide plank floors in front of a bookcase with titles like “Night Call from a Distant Time Zone,” “A Gathering of Ghosts” and “Still Among the Living.” -- nytimes.com

Gettysburg's haunted address --Yet Gettysburg, if you believe in this kind of thing, also can be a pretty good place to see a ghost, given how many soldiers gave up their lives. Or so I've been told. --scrippsnews.com

Priest vanishes after taking off in seat attached to hundreds of balloons --kmotv.com

FOOTAGE of Adelaide Arcade's resident ghost Francis Cluney is suddenly world famous. --citymessenger.com.au  

Fortune-tellers, mediums and spiritual healers marched on the home of the British prime minister at Downing Street on Friday to protest against new laws they fear will lead to them being "persecuted and prosecuted". -- reuters.com

Slamming doors, phantom footsteps and typewriters that type on their own are signs workers say a police station is haunted. -- 9news.com

Two Women Report Ghost Has Been Having Sex With Them- They said that the ghost has been having sexual intercourse with them. One woman said that these incidents started in Kent and continued when she moved here. The other woman said that this just started now. -- FedWay Mirror

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh's First annual rankings of the most haunted in states, metro areas and cities are considered by some in the Paranormal community as controversial.  -- Haunted America Tours

While I fed my dogs early in the morning, I saw this object up in the sky over the house across the street. My battery went dead and I was unable to capture more footage. I feed my dogs early in the morning every day. That is why I taped this early. -- Youtube.com

Alleged Attack Rejuvenates the Legend of Lizard Man - Something apparently attacked Bob and Dixie Rawson’s van in the early morning hours of Feb. 28. -- MyWebPal.com

Native American Indian Ghosts -- americanchronicle.com

Brooklyn-based paranormalists will clear out your ghosts for $20 an hour- It's Ghostbusters, Brooklyn-style. A team of self-made paranormalists is offering to come over to your house in the middle of the night to chase away any unwanted spirits. "I'm fascinated with the supernatural," says Sal Cicconi, 27. Cicconi, along with Sergio Ocasio, 20, and Samantha Ramirez, 18, have plastered Brooklyn offering their services for just $20 an hour. --nydailynews.com

'Demon Home' Grabs Our Attention - The Smurls claimed that their 75-pound German shepherd was slammed into a wall by the demon; that it had bitten Jack’s ear and shaken the couple’s mattress. They even said the spirit threw one of their daughters down a flight of stairs. ----But it didn’t stop there. --Times Leader

2008 Comeback Stories: Exorcisms?? - "To fight the devil head on," Pope Benedict XVI has sanctioned the first ever formal exorcism training, a ten-week course at Rome's Regina Apostolorum. --walletpop.com

Campaigners bid to clear the 'witch' who leaked WWII secrets about sinking battleship. - Witch? Helen Duncan, was jailed for nine months in 1944 under the Witchcraft Act of 1735. --DAILYMAIL.co.uk

NASA Baffled by Unexplained Force Acting on Space Probes-- Space.com

Mediums to Contact John Lennon Debuts on Pay-Per-View. - On April 24, famed psychics from around the world will conduct a séance to contact John Lennon from beyond the grave.-- cw47columbia.com

Texas ghost town is sold on eBay - Albert, Texas, has a new owner, but the identity is a mystery... A small, uninhabited town in Texas has been sold on the internet auction site, eBay, to a buyer in Italy for a little over $3m (£1.45m). -- BBCNews

Electronic Voices From Beyond the Grave- Professor Ernst Senkowski sits hunched over a trailing mass of wires and ageing radios in his laboratory. To the untrained eye it looks like an impossible tangle, but the Professor says it’s a machine for communicating with the dead.--News Monster

Flying saucers and aliens abductions sound bizarre to some people in South Mississippi, but 76-year-old Charles Hickson of Gautier claims he actually lived that nightmare. --wlox.com

"Eye Problems May Explain Ghost Sightings"- CENTURIES of apparent ghost sightings can actually be explained by cataracts, according to a leading Welsh surgeon. --icWales

Paranormal researchers examine the haunting legacy of Preston Castle--ledger-dispatch.com

"Lizard Man" returns? BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - After a nasty surprise Thursday morning for one Bishopville resident, she's wondering if the "Lizard Man" is back. Dixie Rawson of Bishopville sent WIS News 10 an e-mail about a big surprise she got at her home Thursday morning. "The whole front half of our van is chewed up. There are bite marks right through the front grill. Both sides of the van above the wheel wells were bitten and the metal is bent like a piece of paper." --wistv.com

Romanian cops have closed a vandalism investigation that left local houses in ruins by concluding ghosts were to blame -- dailytimes.com.pk

Fresh Tests on Shroud of Turin- The Oxford laboratory that declared the Turin Shroud to be a medieval fake 20 years ago is investigating claims that its findings were wrong. --telegraph.co.uk

In the basement of the old jail in Mount Holly, N.J., John Kurkis probes the inky darkness with a sound recorder and an infrared thermal thermometer. He's hunting for ghosts. --clarionledger.com

The 50 Thylacine reports- Most of these sightings only lasted for a minute or two, as the animal crossed a road or paddock. Most observations have been at night though others have been during daylight and all were close enough, usually only a few metres away, to enable a very good description. --abc.net.au

Ghost Attacked Me, Says Spooked Alba - Jessica Alba says she was attacked by a ghost when she was 17. The star of The Eye claims she was visited by an otherworldly being, and was so terrified afterwards she refused to stay in her house --Sydney Morning Herald

Caught on camera: The ghost of Henry VIII - Grandmother Anne Lambert was stunned when she captured what looks like the ghost of Henry VIII on her mobile phone while staying at a Tudor manor house. The 54-year-old was spending the night at Samlesbury Hall, when she heard some ghostly noises. --This is London, UK

GHOST HOSTS BRINGING SUPERNATURAL SPEAKERS TO ST. HELENA - The four-hour event, hosted by team president and Graceland Park resident Dave Weigert Sr., will feature a talk about ghost photography and electronic voice phenomena (EVP) by psychic Beverly Litsinger and a presentation by Glen Burnie native Bill Bean, author of Dark Force, about his life in a so-called haunted house.--dundalkeagle.com

Latest 'Bigfoot' Sighting - While shooting video along I-40 in New Mexico, Lindsay Lemmon and Austin McGee captured what appears to be a large moving hairy figure with "a tan round face." The two have contacted Bigfoot investigators in Atlanta and Texas to review their tape. They plan to release the video for public viewing after copyright is in place .--Chattanoogan.com.

Do you believe in ghosts? - Mark Hughes Cobb and Anna Maria Della Costa will be reviewing haunted places through October, giving readers a guide of where to get the biggest and most fun scares leading up to Halloween. Their first spot was Smith Hall on the University of Alabama campus. The ghost of Eugene Allen Smith, for whom the building is named, supposedly has haunted Smith Hall since 1955. --tuscaloosanews.com

Ghosts among the guests at these hotels? - The venerable Omni Parker House in Boston was founded in 1855 and is the oldest continually operating hotel in America. Several ghost stories are affiliated with the hotel’s third floor. At the imposing castlelike Chateau Frontenac, a landmark hotel in Quebec City, Tauck director Britta Svensson and several guests on one of her tours each saw a strange man sitting spookily on a hotel windowsill, only to have him suddenly vanish.--kansascity.com

SUPERNATURAL INSTITUTE ESTABLISHED IN PARIS - The border line between the natural and the super natural is so thin that an Extraordinary Experiences Research Institute has seen the light in Paris. According to its founders, this Institute aims at probing in supernatural phenomena that intrigued humanity since its creation, namely; the psychological status at death threshold as well as the encounter with the third type. --echoroukonline.com

Woolly mammoth hair yields 'fantastic' DNA - Finding could help overcome hurdles involved in cloning extinct animals. --LiveScience

State Police Investigating Attack on Horse - Troopers in Fredonia are looking into a report that an unknown wild animal attacked an Arabian horse around 11pm Thursday night. Investigators say the horse suffered numerous bite and claw marks in the attack in a pasture on Harmon Hill Road in the town of Pomfret. The animal was treated by a local vet and is expected to be ok. --wgrz.com

The Old Nunnery', which was destroyed by fire overnight following an apparent domestic dispute, had been haunted by ghosts, a former resident said today. John Osmaston, whose former wife bought the historic building from the Catholic Church in the late 1980s, said it was a beautiful place with a closed in verandah and kookaburras flying to the kitchen for a feed. --thedaily.com.au

Ghosts linger, long after the end of Ghost Festival in Taiwan - After a month of burning paper money and offering food to ghosts, the Ghost Festival ended in August, but to many Taiwanese, ghosts continue to live among them. Several ghost stories were reported by the media during the festival, and are believed by most Taiwanese, who are mostly Buddhists or Taoists and believe in afterlife and reincarnation. ---earthtines.com

Ghosts found and photographed in haunted Newcastle theatre - Newcastle Theatre Company commissioned Mr Overholt to spend a night at the theatre to see if he could produce evidence it was haunted. He not only found but claims to have photographed Kambrook, and uncovered more than half a dozen spiritual entities that call the theatre home, including one "bad" spirit. --abc.net.au

TV show based on Penn State student group coming to A&E in December - University Park, Pa. -- This December, a group of Penn State students will debut in a television show based on their supernaturally focused club. "Paranormal State," a half-hour television series based on a University Park student club called the Paranormal Research Society -- which investigates reports of ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal phenomena -- will begin airing on the A&E television network. --statecollege.com

Can TV solve Winchester mystery? -If any spirits still roam the grounds of the Winchester Mystery House, the Travel Channel hopes to find them. The cable channel's "Most Haunted Live" program is bringing its paranormal investigation team - including presenter Yvette Fielding and medium David Wells - to the San Jose landmark mansion for an Oct. 19 broadcast. --mercurynews.com

Ghost hunters visit motel - The Economy Inn on Santa Fe Avenue had some eerie guests Wednesday evening. They were there to see if they could find an ephemeral resident. A group of ghost hunters was informed via the internet that the place was haunted. According to members of the group S.P.I.R.I.T., legend has it that a maid was murdered while bringing towels to a man on the third floor. Reportedly, screams and footsteps can be heard in a room on the second floor. --cibolabeacon.com

Louisiana Spirits to take 65 on investigation of Municipal Auditorium - The team of paranormal investigators will take 65 people on a group investigation of the facility where some have experienced strange activity. Louisiana Spirits has collected interesting electronic voice phenomena (EVP) during past visits. One recording picked up voice that whispered "I love Johnny Cash." Another EVP picks up hand claps after an investigator asked for an applause. --shreveporttimes.com

Few homes are ghostly - Doors slam because of ghosts and slanted floors. Cold air can be an ectoplasmic experience or an open window. Ghostly whispers can be from another time or a squeaky air vent. The Rev. Darrell Gene Motal has seen everything and nothing in his quests into the paranormal world. --starbeacon.com also see: Living a haunted life

Is your house haunted? - IF you suspect your house is haunted then a paranormal investigation could be the way to get help. Warminster's own supernatural investigators, UK5 Paranormal have been chosen by ITV to carry out investigations throughout Wiltshire for a new TV show to be aired in May. Producers are now looking for homeowners and businesses who believe their property is haunted to appear on the show. --wiltshiretimes.co.uk/news

Hundreds Flock to See Image of Virgin Mary on Miami Altar -Hundreds of faithful people lined up at a South Florida church on Thursday and Friday nights, claiming to see visions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus in a cloth tapestry. The apparition is said to be appearing on the altar of St. Brendan's Catholic Church in Miami. Some people stood in line for more than an hour to see the image. --9News

Paranormal sleuths try to summon dead at bridge -Dewey Nelson, Jennifer Hall and Johnston founded the OPS in 2006 as a way to investigate local legends and ghost stories. The week before the Hell's Gate Bridge investigation, OPS members gathered in the shade of a monstrous elm tree at Edgemont Cemetery. With acres of dead serving as silent reminders of their paranormal search, OPS members Johnston, Nelson, Hall and Kevin Woodrow discussed the art of ghost hunting. --montgomeryadvertiser.com

Ghost tours show another side of Brown - As dusk enveloped Prospect Terrace Park, a group of curious customers gathered around Courtney Edge, one of the founders of the Providence Ghost Tour, and listened to a story about Providence founding father Roger Williams. His bones, Edge said, now lie directly in front of them, resting in a tomb that watches over the city. The group listened more closely as their tour guides led them away from the park - and warned them of the menacing ghosts they might encounter as they strolled past the historic buildings and colonial houses of the East Side.-- browndailyhearld.com

Ghost Hunters Primer 9.24.07: Everything You Need to Know - Your guide to the hit SciFi Channel show, Ghost Hunters. Everything you need to know about the show before the new season opener. --411mania.com

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS DEAD AT 28! --abcnews.go.com

TOP TEN HAUNTED ITEMS AND POSSESSED POSSESIONS IN THE WORLD -- Haunted dolls, haunted antiques, haunted furniture, haunted skulls and haunted paintings just to name a few of the many very ghost haunted or possessed possession that anyone might have... These spirit possessed objects just be hiding in your home. So please be warned when you take a paranormal incident concerning a common item. The possession may be haunted not your home! “A spirit might have a lingering fondness for an object and want to come visit it,” said Sylvia Browne in her book. “Every object is capable of holding an imprint that may or may not be a happy one.”-- HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS.COM

Ganesha drinking milk again - NEW DELHI: In a re-run of the September 1995 frenzy when Ganesha idols were said to be drinking milk offered to them, devotees reportedly thronged temples on Sunday night, making similar claims. This time, however, all idols were reported to be drinking milk. -- timesofindia.indiatimes.com

UFOs attacking Ukraine - The Zond center for the study of anomalous phenomena claims that Ukraine has seen an increase in UFO activity over recent years. "While in the 1990s we had 10 to 15 reports a year, now their number has increased to 20-30. Most of them are accompanied by photos and videos. Witnesses understand that if they have seen something unusual in the sky they must tell researchers about it," said Artyom Bilyk, the center's learned secretary. --en.rian.ru ---- Also To Find More UFO's in the News here!

Landlord launches probe to see if pub is haunted - A PUB landlord has launched an investigation to find out whether his new inn is haunted. Local legends say the Cross Gaits Inn, Blacko was used to imprison some of the famous Pendle witches and that the ghost of a woman with a dog has been seen sitting by the fire. Andrew Duxbury, 36, took the reins of the Beverley Road pub in June and said he has been told by different regulars that some of the witches had been held in the pub's cellar. --burnleycitizen.co.uk

Disney World's Haunted Mansion aims to make the Haunts even happier - Haunted Mansion Set To Reopen September 13. --cfnews13.com/

Torched historic house was 'haunted,' suspect says - One of 2 men accused of setting fire to Woodlea House says it was 'haunted.' Adam Allaire is a member of the Army National Guard and the son of a Lake County Jail corrections officer. Jonathan Laurence is a restaurant dishwasher who lived from place to place in Eustis and Tavares. The two young men are suspected in the torching of the historic Woodlea House. A possible motive? It was "haunted." --orlandosentinel.com

The Haskell Cultural Center & Museum Halloween Haunted Ghost Tour --Haunted America Tours

APPLETON, N.Y. — Standing behind the long wooden bar in one of two elegant tasting rooms at The Winery at Marjim Manor, Margo Sue Bittner proudly shows off her 28 wines. Her eyes twinkle as she tells visitors that she's named some of the wines in honor of former residents of the house, built in 1834, and which, she says, is home to six ghosts — five human, one dog. --usatoday.com

THE TOP TEN BEST AND MOST HAUNTED GHOST TOURS 2007 - 2008 - These ghost tours have been voted by you, America as the Top Ten Most Haunted, Best Tour to see a ghost, and Best Scariest Ghost Tours to experience in America! --Haunted America Tours

York: most haunted city in the world! Intensive research by the Ghost Research Foundation International (GRFI) of major cities around the world including Los Angeles, Paris and Brisbane has drawn the conclusion that York is the most haunted city in the World - with a total of 504 recorded hauntings! --bbc.co.uk ALSO SEE: THE 100 MOST HAUNTED SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD

It's true... UFOs really do exist out there - A TOP UK government official admitted the existence of UFOs in a secret document about a dramatic sighting. The Ministry of Defence boss made the astonishing claim after dozens of eyewitnesses reported a "hovering" flying saucer in the skies in Shropshire. --indepedent.ie

Some say there's a miracle in Minersville, while others dismiss it as an optical illusion. Each day, about 400 people in this Schuylkill County town of 4,500 come to see a mysterious image that appears on a garage door in an alley. To some, it's an image of the Virgin Mary that has appeared at 6 p.m. each day since Aug. 15 -- the day of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. To others, it's just a reflection of light from the setting sun. --mcall.com

Real UFO's In The News will be Compiled weekly By Cory Jester from news stories from around the world. --Haunted America Tours

UFO link to Grampians - VICTORIAN UFO Research Society investigators have received their eighth major sighting in the Grampians National Park in six months.
Investigator James Molesworth said a Stawell man reported the latest sighting at 5.

HIGH spirits on campus are more usually associated with student union bars than lecture halls, but one of Scotland's oldest seats of learning is offering classes studying spooks, poltergeists and demonic possession. Glasgow University will start running a course in psychical research next month, which aims to show that supernatural phenomena do occur. --news.scotsman.com

Girls of ghost hunting - On a steamy August night, four women dressed in purple shirts with the words "paranormal investigator" on their sleeves stood in a circle in a hotel hallway and debated whether the faint smell of perfume in the air indicated the presence of a ghost. It was hard to tell. Ghost hunting isn't exactly a science. The rumors about ghosts at the Heritage Inn, an old-fashioned boutique hotel at 234 Third Ave. N downtown, have been around for years. -- sptimes.com

Monster or dog? ‘Goatsucker’ tale debated - Hunter wants DNA test for remains that may explain chupacabra legend--


Also see: Chupacabras in the News -- Click Here!

Chupacabra or not, the discovery has spawned a local and international craze. Canion has started selling T-shirts that read: “2007, The Summer of the Chupacabra, Cuero, Texas,” accompanied by a caricature of the creature. The $5 shirts have gone all over the world, including Japan, Australia and Brunei. Schaar also said he has one. --MSNBC.MSN.com

Will UFOs Protect Mexicans From Hurricane Dean? --foxnews.com

Man Accused Of Battery During Exorcism Attempt
Authorities: 14-Year-Old Beaten, Bruised ... Monroe County sheriff's detectives say 22-year-old Edward Uyesugi II, a Paoli resident and an usher at the Cherry Hill Christian Center, told the boy's family he could cure the teenager of the condition. --theindychannel.com

Site archives dead MySpace members Somewhere deep in cyberspace, where reality blurs into fiction and the living greet the dead, there are ghosts. The site's "death map" charts the death locations of former MySpace members with skulls and grave markers. They live in a virtual graveyard without tombstones or flowers. They drift among the shadows of the people they used to be, and the pieces they left behind. --CNN.com

100 of the most haunted spots in the world to encounter a real ghost!

Spooky Suspicions
Workers on edge at San Bruno shop SAN BRUNO - CARMEN JOYEUX was alone, typing at her desk, when she heard boxes rattling at the other end of the room. The stock supervisor at Lullaby Lane on San Mateo Avenue figured it was another employee rifling around and went back to work. Seconds later, the empty chair next to her swiveled on its own and moved away from her. --insidebayarea.com

Chasing cows, cats and ghosts in Dodge County Members of the Wisconsin Ghost Hunters Association were confronted by officers shortly before midnight in a town of Clyman cemetery regarding their behavior, according to dispatch logs. About 9 a.m., the dispatch center received word from Town of Clyman Chairman Dave Blank that the ghost hunters would be in Eagle Cemetery on Eagle Road near County Trunk M between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., according to the log. --fdlreportor.com

For Sale: Penthouse With Wine Cave And Ghost
However, the room that generates the most interest is the wine cave. formations, genuine fossils and a "ghost" Hidden behind a cabinet door, the cave boasts a faux-stone ceiling, a fireplace, trickling waterfall, amethyst crystal formations, genuine fossils and a "ghost" that tells the story of how the wines the guests are drinking came to be. --. WJZ, MD

'Fairies kill four villagers' - document reveals ... Deadly duels fought with frying pans and pitchforks, witchcraft, will o the wisps and over eating are all blamed for deaths of villagers. --hwhitehaven-news.co.uk

In rural China, a revival of `ghost marriages' Parts of rural China are seeing a burgeoning market for female corpses, the result of the reappearance of a strange custom called "ghost marriages. --Toronto Star

Estonians are awaiting the apparition of the White Lady – the country’s most famous ghost that is due to appear on the night from Monday to Tuesday in a window of a medieval pontifical castle, around which the seaside resort of Haapsalu grew in later epochs. People from across the country and neighboring states are arriving in Haapsalu to watch the apparition. The young come in especially big numbers, since local tradition surmises that the White Lady gives particular help to the loving hearts. --itar-tass.com

Loch Ness has its monster. Does San Antonio have one, too? Strange sightings of a huge flying creature have been reported as recently as six months ago. Is it a monster or myth? Guadalupe Cantu III was busy working his newspaper route, but he says the big news of that day 10 years ago flew right over his car. He says he's seen what most have not — an unidentified flying object, one that still scares him. --mysanantonio.com

The public figures who believe in the mystical significance of numbers
Some eccentric arrangements for the forthcoming series of Prince concerts highlight an intriguing trend: surprisingly many public figures seem to believe in the mystical significance of numbers. Go figure, says Simon Usborne. --Theindependent.co.uk

Three Metro train stations were briefly closed Sunday while hazardous materials crews investigated dozens of dead birds and a substance believed to be a commercial pest poison. No human injuries were reported. --YahooNews

"According to old folklore," some people say, the second full Moon in a calendar month is called a "blue Moon." They go on to explain that this is the origin of the expression "once in a blue Moon." But it isn't true! The term "blue Moon" has been around a long time, well over 400 years, but its calendrical meaning has become widespread only in the last 20 years. --skyandtelescope.com

H.P.I. is in the Summer 2007 edition of "Haunted Times" magazine!
H.P.I. is the featured group in the Summer 2007 edition of the very popular paranormal magazine, "Haunted Times". Included is a write-up on our group, and one of our resident ghost writer, Paul Dale Robert's articles. --hpiparanormal.net

The TAPS founders recently leased about 2,000 square feet on the fifth floor of the Tower Mill for their magazine and contemplate expanding for a paranormal museum. --lubbockonline.com/

Harvey Comics Classics Volume One: Casper,” just published, is the first in a new series of Dark Horse trades that promises a retrospective tour of one of the most popular comic book characters ever. Casper the Friendly Ghost began his unlife in cartoons in 1945 and was finally given a name when he appeared in his own comic in 1949. Harvey Publications got hold of him in 1952, and the little ghost boy flew through myriad adventures with them until the 1990s. --toledofreepress.com

A group of ghost hunters (Tonya Haynes, Jason Age and Keith Age) were in Lawrence County Thursday to do some filming for a documentary called “Children from the Grave” that will appear in October on the SciFi channel. Keith is the host of the SciFi channel documentary, “Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hill Sanatorium,” which will air again in October. --TMNEWS.COM

To catch a ghost
Paranormal investigators swarm Santa Paula’s Glen Tavern Inn in search of headless prostitutes, dead filmmakers and murdered card sharks. - -vcreporter.com

Haunted restaurant thrills customers
Berry – whose parents, Al and Wendie, own the Sisters Century House Restaurant, 123 Canal Street, Canal Fulton – knows she is living with ghosts. --Massillon Independent, OH

Ghost Hunters Probe Local Places for Paranormal
As the sun sets over a remote cemetery near Superior, Ariz., a group of metro Phoenix ghost hunters starts its trek around century-old grave markers to ... --KTAR.com, AZ

Ghost World, LLC (www.ghostworldconference.com) today announced that a Supernatural Symposium will be held at the Ghost World Conference in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 20-22, 2007. The objective of the symposium is to bring paranormal investigators and parapsychologists from around the world together to discuss the state of paranormal research and to develop a centralized repository of data and findings that the global community can examine in order to draw some conclusions about the ghost phenomenon.


Witchcraft – Yesterday and Today: The Midnight Sun Witchcraft Conference, June 28th – July 1st, 2007, Vardø, Norway The witch-hunts in Europe are not only a piece of history of witchcraft but, indeed, the history of persecutions. Therefore, the question about human rights – yesterday and today – is also raised to the focus. Human rights and torture also combine the present persecutions with the persecutions in history. Other current issues are ethnicity, nationality, religion, shamanism and gender. Special attention is given to the question of the sex of the witch. There were female as well as male witches.--Businesswire

Strange Things Do Happen at Full Moon. A team of investigators from an organisation called Beastwatch could be setting up camp on Cannock Chase to search for creatures 'real or surreal'. Recent reports have included a panther, caveman, werewolf, UFOs and even a floating ghost in the cemetery. --icstafford.icnetwork.co.uk

Brain mechanism explains sense of deja vu: Scientific American
Most people have had deja vu --You know that funny feeling you sometimes get that you have been somewhere before—although you are almost certain you have not? --ScientificAmerican.com

Mystics, Spirits, Psychics Welcome Here
BATCHELOR, La. — People come and go in the homes of painter Hunt Slonem, both the quick and the dead. The mystical world of famous artist Hunt Slonem, who believes in the spiritual and doesn't mind referring to his visits from such spiritual luminaries as Rudolph Valentino. --Sun-Sentinel

Psychic Leads Friends of Lisa Stebic to Bones, a psychic contacted by friends and co-workers of missing Lisa Stebic has led those friends to a location where three bones of unknown origin have been found. --CBS2Chicago Plainfield, IL

World's First Paranormal News Web-cast Returns
Vince Wilson himself is a professional ghost researcher. For over ten years now he has studied ghosts and hauntings around the country and has written two books ... --Emediawire (press release), WA

Christopher Lee fired as ghost
Lee was to have played the gentleman ghost in Burton’s musical which stars Johnny Depp as Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This is the second time Lee lost out ... --Monsters and Critics.com, UK
also: He will receive a life achievement award at the Festroia International Cinema Festival. EPA/RUI MINDERICO © 2007

Ghost town goes up for sale
ROCKY BAR, Idaho (AP) -- Bob Johnson is offering what he thinks is a hauntingly good deal for the right buyer: a classic Idaho ghost town. --The Casper Star Tribune, WY

Ghost-hunting Skeptics
When Carol Copeland started renovating her World War II-era Stockton home a year ago, things started to happen that were unexplainable, she said. At first, when she came home to find an empty shelf ripped out of her bedroom wall, she blamed it on faulty carpentry. When she heard the sound of footsteps and her name being called aloud, she brushed it off. --Sun Post

Ghost festival puts spooky Camera Obscura in picture
From tonight, a team from Scottish Paranormal will be leading investigations at the former Ragged School on Ramsay Lane, which is due to be redeveloped as ... --Scotsman, UK


9News Special: Ghost Hunters In The Tri-state
Remember as kids, sitting under a blanket and trying to scare each other by telling ghost stories? Well, you're about to meet a group of adults who will .. --WCPO, OH

A team of British cryptozoologists from the Centre for Fortean Zoology journeyed to the swamps and jungles of West Africa, in search of a dangerous dragon-like monster known as the Ninki-Nanka. cfztv.org/gamfilm.htm

Ghosts, whether you believe in them or not, are a part of human history. For as long as man has sought for the meaning of his existence and the knowledge of what happens after a person dies, stories of encounters with the ghosts, or spirits, of loved ones have been told. For some, it is a comfort, a confirmation that there is life after death. --Americanchronicle.com

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you a fan of the Travel Channel's British TV show "Most Haunted" or other programs about the paranormal? Whether you're a ghost hunter or a down-to-earth local history buff, the Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society has a tour for you. --Capecodonline.com

Ghost Hunting Serious Business for Locals
Founded by Jack Valentine and Heidi Brumbelow, East Georgia Paranormal may not be the Ghostbusters, but they do investigate claims of paranormal and ghostly activity throughout the region, including Walton County. --The Walton Tribune

Pilgrims flock to sacred Virgin Mary ghost site ... UP to a half million Christian pilgrims flooded the town of Fatima in central Portugal on the weekend to attend the 90th anniversary of the Virgin Mary's supposed apparition to three shepherd children. -- News.com.au

Grand night out for ghost hunters
Following recent tours the theatre has been inundated with telephone calls and emails from ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts throughout the North ... --This Is Lancashire, UK

On a dark and stormy night ... We conjured ghosts in Melmore
Although supernatural investigators have come to the building on numerous occasions to look into the many reports of ghosts and unusual happenings, ...-Tiffin Advertiser Tribune, OH

Stretch Of I-4 Believed To Be Haunted Built Over Graves
After the report aired, viewers called to learn more about a photo of a ghostly figure seen in front of a crumpled sedan that was apparently taken on the "I-4 Dead Zone." With video. --Local6

Ghost Hunting in Door County
Bethany Rucinski believes in ghosts. And after watching her documentary, "The Ghosts of Door County," you just might too. --OnMilwaukee.com, Milwaukee

Woman sues over 'ghost-sighting' report... THE leader of a Hunter Valley residents' group is suing a Hunter Valley newspaper for defamation over a page one article headed "witness sees a ghost over cremator". News.com.au

The Unexplained
As children we heard stories of spooks, specters and ghosts. Most of us grow up and dismiss the things that go bump in the night. --WEAU-TV 13, WI

I Love Australians, Says John Edward
Fast-talking psychic medium John Edward looks forward to feeding off Australia's "collective energy" when he tours Australia in November... --NineMSN

Winelander Law Group Issues Statement Regarding The Truth Behind the Uri Geller YouTube Lawsuit ---According to Winelander Law Group, there are many untruths surrounding the YouTube Lawsuit beginning with the fact that the lawsuit was filed by Explorologist Ltd on May 7th in the US District Court for the Eastern Distr... --BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)

Family Shares Home With Ghosts
A GHOST of a young woman waiting for her soldier husband to come home and a mischievous little girl are just two of the strange goings on at a haunted pub, according to its landlords. --Harlow Herald


Bar Wants To Chat With Ghosts From 102-year-old Fire
Workers tell stories of doors slamming, muffled laughter. The Locker Room Saloon in Utica on Tuesday will celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the fire that destroyed the village of Utica, wiping out 50 buildings and leaving more than 150 homeless. -- Macomb Daily

Hunting Party Goes After Nessie — With Sub Cams
Evidence that the Loch Ness Monster exists could be produced next week — even if the mysterious creature decides to eat the camera technology which could discover it. --Inverness-Courier

Who you gonna call ...?
Andrew Morahan, co-owner with wife Kathy McBride of The Crystal Shed in Masterton, said the couple joined forces this year with veteran psychic investigator Kelvin Miller to source and search older buildings and homes in the region for spectres, ghouls and ghosts.--www.times-age.co.nz

Historic Shreveport Mansion Subject of Paranormal Investigation
An historic mansion in the Ledbetter Heights neighborhood of Shreveport has become the subject of a paranormal investigation. ... --KSLA-TV, LA

Happy Valley Halloween?
... Ryan Buell and the student members of one of the first university-sanctioned paranormal research groups in the country, The Paranormal Research Society, ... Philadelphia Daily News, PA

They're Settling Down To (Para) Normalcy
After the sun set on April 14, team members from Central Oklahoma Paranormal Studies (COPS) embarked on the investigation into the reported supernatural ... --Tecumseh Countywide News, OK

Castle hosts ghost 'interviews'
The venue's marketing officer, Viccie Beech, said volunteers for the paranormal investigation team would help out with evening and overnight vigils attended ... --BBC News, UK

Is this REALLY proof that man can see into the future?
But this scanner is engaged in one of the most profound paranormal experiments of all time, one that may well prove whether or not it is possible to predict ... --This is London, UK

Old school spirit refuses to die away
So when Edinburgh medium Ewan Irvine, of Scottish Paranormal, and his team carried out a recce of the building recently in preparation for an event at this ... --Scotsman, UK

Bigfoot 'endangered', says MP
NEWS.com.au, Australia - 45 minutes ago
BIGFOOT, the legendary hairy man-like beast said to roam the wildernesses of North America, is so rare it risks extinction and should be protected. --news.com.au

Pawn Shop What-Is-It?
Dave's Pawn Shop in El Paso TX claims to possess the mummified body of a Chupacabras...and they have a fascinating pic of it here to back up their claim. --Cryptomundo

Ghost Hunt Chance at Museum ... The Portsmouth Museums and Records office is opening its doors for tours in the dead of night and a few people will get the chance to spend an entire night inside the building on a ghost hunt. -- Portsmouth Today

'This Sent a Chill Up My Spine'
"I saw two ghosts – one was stood right next me, his face next to mine, but what scared me most was a black shadow I saw creeping up one of the walls – that was terrifying." --Wakefield Express


Ghost Hunters Focus on Mansion House
Peggy Schmidt, who co-owns Ghost Tours of Phoenixville, described the Mansion House as one of the most haunted locations in the borough. The house is having an open house, so if you happen to be in the greater Philadelphia area...check it out. --The Phoenix

'Ghost Whisperer' Producer & Medium James Van Praagh To Conduct Online Séance Reconnect with your loved ones this Valentine's Day with a live CBS.com "Ghost Whisperer Seance" hosted by renowned medium James Van Praagh, on Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 3:00 PM, ET/12:00 PM, PT. Van Praagh, who is a co-executive producer of the hit CBS television drama "Ghost Whisperer," will conduct a one-hour live seance where he will perform readings for the general public via streaming video on CBS.com. --Starpulse News Blog

Give ghost study a fair chance
"Has no one explained" to the writer that stating something without proof is "bad education?" Where is his proof that ghosts are "metaphorical"? ... --Victoria Times Colonist, Canada

Man Says He Didn't Mean To Hurt 'Ghost Hunting' Girl
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A man accused of shooting a teenage girl in the head outside his house told the court he only wanted to fire warning shots to scare the ... --NewsNet5.com, OH -

EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon Voices from the Dead
For those not thoroughly familar with the subject, a nice overview, with links to hear some examples. --American Chronicle

They’re Ready to Believe You
PIMPS? A feature on the La Feria, Texas-based volunteer ghost hunting group known as the Professional Investigative Multi Paranormal Society. --The Monitor

These Boots Are Made for ... Haunting
Old Mr. Boots has scared hundreds down in the Vaults under Edinburgh's South Bridge -- preferably blonde women in their mid-20s. "Men are fairly safe," says Gary, a sturdy Scotsman with a bushy red beard who's been leading groups for Mercat Tours down into the Vaults under the Scottish capital for several years --Jewish Exponent

Psychic Museum Closes Due to Unforseen Circumstances
Journalist uses this opportunity to pull out every "Didn't see that coming" crack in the book. --The Register

Ghosts Find a Home at Royal Roads
Some staff at the Royal Roads castle wondered if the building was haunted and a report on an overnight visit by occult investigators last fall seems to confirm those suspicions. -- Ottawa Citizen

Plea Deal for 3 Teens in Ghost-hunt Case
Reclusive ghosts on the Peninsula can relax. Three would-be ghost hunters in hot water with San Mateo County prosecutors agreed Monday not to trespass when seeking out the paranormal, one of their attorneys said. It started as a teenage prank on Thanksgiving night -- a ghost search at an old Pacifica elementary school, where a girl was rumored to have died. --San Francisco Chronicle

Mysterious Wis. Wonder Spot soon to go ... After more than half a century of wowing tourists (and causing probably more than a few cases of nausea), the Wonder Spot, a mysterious cabin where people can't stand up straight, water runs uphill and chairs balance on two legs, is no more. --Yahoo News

Minding the Spirit
Why do we have faith in things that we cannot prove, whether it's an afterlife or UFOs? The new Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania is using brain-imaging technology to examine such questions, and to investigate how spiritual and secular beliefs affect our health and behavior. --Lexington Herald

They ain't afraid of no ghost
Ghost hunters investigate the Shelburne Art Center, a 290-year-old building.
--Burlington Free Press

Coffins to Bear Logos of Major League Teams
Marketing Deal Allows Departed to be Fans for Eternity --Forbes.com

Stonehenge makes list in new seven wonders vote --REUTERS

BBC News 7 Plead Guilty in Stolen Body Parts Case
The seven entered their pleas in closed courtrooms and their names were withheld ... The four original defendants in the case pleaded not guilty-- Fox News

Lively tour -- at cemetery
New York graveyard brimming with mysterious tales. --Associated Press

Adding Naperville Murder Site To Ghost Tour Has Some Aghast NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- Storyteller and actress Diane Ladley says she meant no disrespect when she added a real-life murder scene to her lantern-led "Ghastly Walking Tour" of this Chicago suburb. Her customers requested the addition to the $15 tour of spooky spots. --NBC 5 Chicago

Ghost hunters to check out old Beauregard Parish jail Ghost hunters will get their chance to investigate Beauregard Parish's Old Gothic Jail, where two convicted killers were executed nearly eight decades ago. --The Daily Comet

'Survivor' Boston Rob Goes Sci Fi Route'SURVIVOR" star Rob Mariano hosts " SCI FI Investigates ," in which he and a team of investigators try to get to the bottom of a slew of spooky subjects ranging from space aliens to Bigfoot. --New York Post

Dead... Or Alive? A woman came back to life just before she was to be cremated, to the joy of her relatives. --e.sinchew-i.com



Ghostvillage.com Offers Proof of the Existence of GhostsWeb site turns seven years old, publishes 500th ghost encounter, and announces the launch of Ghostvillage Radio – a new weekly paranormal podcast. ... PR Web (press release)

Museum unafraid of a big old ghost Does the Behringer-Crawford Museum need Ghostbusters? Not a chance - the otherworldly inhabitants of the B-C are friendly spirits, assures administrative assistant Kathy Boemker. --The Cincinnati Enquirer

Bedeviled by Evil Spirits?
Try these ancient rituals to ward off bad luck and protect yourself against evil. --STL Today

'They Like to See our Ghosts'
Though still mourning the loss of Ed, Lorraine Warren is preparing to hit the road alone with their multimedia paranormal presentation. -- Norwalk Advocate

Every Country has Superstitions to Call its Own Different cultures have different ideas of what's unlucky. --Edmonton Sun

13 Bone Chilling Tales of the Paranormal Delaware is full of ghosts and haunts. --The News Journal

Vatican unveils world of the dead--cnn.com

I've Got "Spirit Eyes" When Lu Yanqing (son of famous Taiwanese spiritual healer Madam Lu) was 10 years old, he and his mother found out at the same time that they both had spiritual powers. Ever since then, Lu has been able to speak with Buddha and see supernatural beings. --e-sinchew-i.com

Fake witch doctor shopped Wal-Mart, cops say Video, Voodoo doctor From Hell -- CNN.com

WORLD’S BIGGEST GHOST HUNT SET TO BREAK THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Fright Nights, the leading UK ghost hunt specialist, is set to break the Guinness World Records by staging the World's Biggest Ghost Hunt on 31 October from 7:00pm – 12:00pm. The ghost hunt, which is to be held at the Alton Towers gothic ruins, allegedly haunted by 15 different ghosts, is expected to attract more than 2,200 people.

Ghost Whisperer's haunted set
The set of Jennifer Love Hewitt's hit TV show 'Ghost Whisperer' is haunted. --WENN

French saint's heart makes US debut
... John Vianney was a revered 19th-century French clergyman who was said to be blessed ... The heart is being brought to the US for the first time this weekend ... --Houston Chronicle

A few pointers on contacting your pet's ghost
... But Warren and local paranormal researchers Dan Jungles and Ursula Bielski say contacting your pet ghost is really quite simple. ... --Chicago Daily Southtown, IL

Ghost chasers warned not to enter inn
... After what they say are hundreds of similar break-ins, state police warned ghost hunters to stop trespassing.--Patriot-News, PA

Great Places to Sleep with a Ghost
BedandBreakfast.com's Annual 2006 Roundup of Bootiful and Spirited B&Bs. --YahooNews

Mysterious news spooks group of ghost hunters
Founding members of North East Essex Ghost Hunters were shocked when people called them to say they were sad to hear the club was closing. --Sudbury Today, UK

Ghost hunting
Last year, a Norwich Bulletin reporter spent Halloween night camped out in Norwichtown, waiting for the ghost of Benedict Arnold to appear. --Norwich Bulletin

PSU paranormal conference to start today. The success is due largely to the popularity of ‘‘tentpole’’ lecturers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, stars of Sci Fi Channel’s hit show, ‘‘Ghost Hunters,’’ which starts its third season this year October11, 2006. --Altoonamirror.com

A ghost scares the pee out of Unreal. But then we meet an extraordinary parrot, and stick it to the Webster Groves PD. riverfronttimes.com

Please tune in for the premier of Sci Fi Investigates: Voodoo at 9pm CST- 10pm
EST on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 on the Sci Fi Channel. There is more to Voodoo than tales of dolls and pins. To learn the truth about this religion, the SCI FI Investigates team heads to New Orleans to experience its practices firsthand. FEATURING SALLIE ANN GLASSMAN NEW ORLEANS MARIE LAVEAU HEADWASHING RITUAL. SCIFI.COM

Blunt Tops Funeral Song Requests
Robbie Williams' Angels is the second most popular with I've Had the ... also found 51 percent of people know what song they want played at their funeral. --newswire.co.nz


Gone to the dogs: girl who ran with the pack
Child lived with dogs for five years. --The Age
Nikola Tesla's 'Black Magic' Touring Car
Did Tesla really run a touring sedan on free energy? --EV World

Great Lakes Paranormal Researchers Conference
Calling all ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. August 5th is the Great Lakes Paranormal Researchers Conference offering the latest information on field work, techniques, and methodology.

Author Interview: Yvette Fielding and Ciaron O'Keeffe. They are used to things that go bump in the night, creaky floorboards and sudden chills in the air - but TV's ghost-busting duo Yvette Fielding and Ciaran O'Keeffe are well aware that most of the strange phenomena they experience have a logical explanation. --Ilford Recorder

Shadow Beings
Shadow beings/people currently seem to be creating their own section of study in the paranormal field. Come with me as I attempt to categorize the different reports and sightings and explore what shadow beings may or may not be. Read more » associatedcontent

A Child’s Strange Visions
Jaime Licauco attempts to help a mother of a 10-year-old child who claims to be able to see ghosts.-- INQ7

Paranormal investigators visit ghosts of the Main Street Grille, API is an Arizona-based nonprofit organization that uses its own funds to search for the supernatural. Through a combination of intuitive and empirical methods -- and really expensive electronics -- API seeks answers to strange events. Lane said formulating the results of the group's Saturday night investigation will take some time. For more information, visit API's Web site at www.arizonaparanormalinvestigations.com.--Payson Roundup

Why villagers fear rare burst of pink blossoms: According to local folklore, the blossom heralds a plague of rats that will sweep across the area, devouring rice fields and granaries. This year appears to be no exception. In the past two weeks, swarms of rats — tens of thousands at a time — have been attacking paddy fields, often destroying several acres in a few hours. -- Timesonline.com

Missing man's family says his spirit contacts them --The Daily Sentinel

Mysterious Animal Spotted In Local Community Investigation claims there is a Puma roaming one surburban Detroit neighborhood. --ClickOnDetroit

Crescent ghost stories nothing new Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs was the site of a TAPS investigation. In June, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS ) and the duo behind Ghost Hunters captured an image on film of what appeared to be a man. Staff at the hotel where the film was made say it’s a man who died in the 1880's- - Arkansas Democrat Gazette, AK

The fear of 'haunted' houses explained--abc.net

Mystery of the Min Min lights explained, News in Science 28 Mar 2003-- abc.net


WWF: True Halloween Story: Fright-Night Creatures Not So Spooky After All Ghost frogs, vampire bats, spindly spiders, mountains of maggots, leaping toads and spooky owls are ingredients in every witch's favorite recipe. But don't let the Halloween myths behind these creepy creatures haunt your sleep because these animals are beneficial to humans and the environment.-- aolnews

Researchers Find Dolphin With 'Remains of Legs'
Extra set of fins could be the remains of back legs. Japanese researchers said Sunday that a bottlenose dolphin captured last month has an extra set of fins that could be the remains of back legs, a discovery that may provide further evidence that ocean-dwelling mammals once lived on land. Fishermen captured the four-finned dolphin off the coast of Wakayama prefecture (state) in western Japan on Oct. 28, and alerted the nearby Taiji Whaling Museum, according to museum director Katsuki Hayashi. Fossil remains show dolphins and whales were four-footed land animals about 50 million years ago and share the same common ancestor as hippos and deer. Scientists believe they later transitioned to an aquatic lifestyle and their hind limbs disappeared. --Associated Press

Brains were stimulated with a gentle electric current. --New Scientist

Duo wants to teach you how to hunt ghosts Ghost hunters scour Utah and surrounding states for evidence of the paranormal. -Salt Lake Tribune

First Novi police chief Be Gole shares city's past ghost stories --Observer & Eccentric Newspapers

Dowsing for graves explained
Technique helps to establish boundaries of abandoned cemeteries. --Batesville Daily Guard

Ghosts of War Examines the Battlefields, Boats, and Planes Where ...
... The site has since grown to become one of the largest paranormal communities on the Web, receiving more than five million hits per month. ...
--PR Web (press release)

Devotes worship female cobra that committed Sati --YAHOO.COM

Exotic beasts at large in Britain
More than 10,000 sightings of wild and exotic animals have been reported in the UK since 2000 and the figure is set to grow, according to a new study. --Ananova

SLIders & the Streetlight Phenomenon
Do streetlights suddenly go out when you pass beneath them? --About.com

TV profile of haunting case includes local psychic
Haunted house photos give self-proclaimed psychic a violent headache. --The Patriot-News

Seeking the truth behind the things that go bump in the night
... literature. “I was the local ghost hunter aged 18, with ­stories in the local papers. It makes me cringe now,” he says wryly. ..--The North West Enquirer, UK

Curious visitors cut roots of 'ghost tree'
FIRST, curious visitors turned up in droves to see the wonder tree that had 'grown' a human-like face. The human-like features on the betel nut tree. -- AFP. ... --Electric New Paper, Singapore

Enchanted ravine restores years of youth
Several "enchanted spots" in Russia said to host paranormal activity. --Pravda.Ru

Mobile Order of Paranormal Investigators seeks to close gap ...
... Rd. on a Friday night, the members of the Mobile Order of Paranormal Investigators were anxious to conduct their spiritual hunt. ... --University of South Alabama News, AL

The Pulp Fiction star has vivid memories of his youth in Chatanooga, Tennessee, where ghosts would walk the streets and the dead could be heard crying out. --PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung), Austria

Weird Ohio' author to visit Blanchester library
James Willis, founder/director of Ghosts of Ohio and one of the co-authors of "Weird Ohio," makes his first area appearance at Blanchester Public Library. --Wilmington News Journal, OH

New Mt. Hood Mystery Photo
Creature photographed on June 7, 2007. --Cryptomundo

Hunt Continues to Look for Linkou's Mysterious Beast
Officials in Taipei, Taiwan, are searching for a mystery animal that has killed ten goats on a farm in the region. -- The China Post


There is a sign on the gates to Disney's Haunted Mansion Orlando that says CLOSED!

For the first time EVER Disney's Haunted Mansion has closed for total renovation, much like the Pirates ride. The ride will be closed until mid-September, or just in time for Halloween season. A huge re-opening party is planned, surrounded by Halloween festivities all October.

"It's going to be fabulous," said show producer Kathy Rogers of Walt Disney Imagineering. Disney plans to add new ghosts, update the technology and who knows what else. There is rumor that it will include some characters from their Movie starring Eddie Murphy. Disney also promised the overall storyline will not change.

For more information about Disney's Haunted Mansion visit www.disney.com

Easter ‘miracle’ as dead man returns to life
Freddie Maguire was pronounced dead by doctors, then rescued from the mortuary. --Times Online

101-Year-Old Singaporean Meets A "Fairy" On Her Deathbed' According to her 61-year-old daughter Qian Guirong (name transliterated), her mother Li Yeqi (name transliterated) was conscious the day she passed away. Li kept asking why she had been hospitalised and needed to take medicine since she was not ill. Then, Li claimed that she saw a "fairy". Half an hour later, she passed away peacefully with a smile on her face. --e.sinchew-i

Ghost hunter gets new trial date
... woman and part owner of the West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters indicted last October for allegedly posing as a licensed doctor and psychologist. --Martinsburg Journal, WV

Ghost Hunters begins a new season tonight at 9 on cable’s Sci Fi Channel, and the Rhode Island duo at the heart of the series, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, have turned the show into a mini-empire. There is now a Taps Paramagazine; they host a popular radio call-in show Saturdays night from 8 to 10 p.m. on radio station WPRO-AM (630), and now they’re looking for a new member of the team. A national search begins today as wannabe Ghost Hunters can visit www.scifi.com for information on entering the Hunt for the Hunter. Three finalists will compete live on the annual Ghost Hunters Halloween telecast. Viewers will weigh in with their choice, but Hawes and Wilson will have the final word.

Stars of "Ghost Hunters" move their
While most fans used the magazines for the Ghost Hunters Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Steve Gonsalves stars to sign, Nathan Mayer, 24, of Somerset corralled all three hunter signatures on a get-well Card. --Fall River Herald News, MA

Paranormal investigators to gather in Tahlequah
By Eddie Glenn TAHLEQUAH — Paranormal investigators from all over the country will be converging on the Illinois River, not to investigate any strangeness, ... -- Norman Transcript, OK

Surf's up in HBO's mystic new drama ... Now conjure up a dysfunctional California beach family of surf legends, the customary Milchian fusillade of ornate profanity and dark, dark humor, plus a jolt of supernatural cowabunga mysticism. --Freep.com

Group probes local places for paranormal ... The members then begin their investigation into paranormal activity. The East Valley Paranormal Society, a Queen Creek-based group of nearly 20 members, ... -- AZ Central.com

’Bigfoot’ sightings in India ... TURA, India - Authorities in India are to investigate claims by terrified villagers that "bigfoot"-type hairy giants are roaming the jungles of the remote northeast, a local official said. -- The SundayTimes.com India

Find Ghosts With Your Mobile
The Discovery Channel is offering a free download of a ghost detection application for cell phones. The application apparently measures shifts in the electromagnetic field which is deemed an indication of paranormal activity. --Switched.com

Investigators Check Reports of a Haunting
"We're going there to disprove a haunting," said Patrick Zapata, 33, the case manager for the investigators, and an assistant bridge inspector for the state. "We're skeptics who started as hobbyists, but after all we've caught on our equipment, I now believe in ghosts."-- Corpus ChristCaller-Times

Dom Villella, Paranormal Investigator
... Paranormal Investigation of NYC has been looking for ghosts since 2003. Gothamist sat down to chat with the leader of these real life ghost hunters. --Gothamist, NY

Some see dead mayor's face in sycamore tree ... Now, less than two months after his death, some say an eerie likeness of the late mayor's face has appeared in the peeling bark of a 50-foot sycamore. The image is fueling speculation and wonder in the village of 4,200 residents -- the town Stephens is credited with transforming from a tiny enclave of just a few dozen people to a bustling community with one of the nation's largest convention centers. CNN.com

Millions of Americans, particularly women, share paranormal beliefs and experiences "that don't fit under any religious umbrella," says Christopher Bader, one ... --USA Today

Face of Jesus seen in baby scan --Daily Mail

Never Seen A Ghost? Then TV May Be Your Teacher
This season's prime-time television lineup of angels, space aliens, witches and other oddities may influence people to believe in such creatures, ... --Eurekalert

Party For The Dead, Besides setting out a lavish banquet for their spirit guests, they also hired a 14 member band as the entertainment. e.Sinchew-i.com

'Ghost tree' forms human face, Scores of people are flocking to a village in northern Malaysia to see a betel nut tree which has sprouted a human-like face. --DAILY MAIL

Duke scientists set sights on cloak of invisibility
Artificial materials may make science fiction dream a reality. --Chicago Tribune

Is the ghost of the Croatan Inn gone? The local lore is that the spirit of a young woman whose family built the inn, and who passed away of natural causes, decided to call the place her eternal home. It appears that the story started circulating in the mid-1960s.
-- Outer Banks Sentinel, NC

Woman Communicated Through Her Thoughts
A woman in a vegetative state managed to communicate just by using her thoughts.
--Medical News Today

Ghost hunters roam halls of sci-fi fest
ATLANTA — Jason Hawes says he's been attacked by a ghost, stalked by another and even taped the whispers of dead people calling out from beyond the grave. --Middletown Journal, OH

Ghost town spooked by fire
HALFWAY, Ore. (AP) — A lightning-sparked wildfire crept closer to the historic ghost town of Cornucopia Friday in Eastern Oregon. --OregonLive.com

Eyewitness Testimony and the Paranormal
Much of the evidence relating to paranormal phenomena consists of eyewitness testimony. However, a large body of experimental research --Skeptical Inquirer

GHOST EXPEDITIONS(tm) the World's Original Paranormal Boot Camp United Arab Emirates -GHOST EXPEDITIONS(tm), since 1994, is the world's original hands-on, organized paranormal field investigation --CLICK PRESS

Playing doctor ‘Ghost Hunter’
MARTINSBURG — A part-owner of the Hedgesville-based West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters faces criminal charges for allegedly posing as a licensed doctor ... --Martinsburg Journal, WV

Officials: Mansion fire possibly caused by candles from seance--WTVM

Haunted Mansion fire tied to occult intruder?
Investigators find evidence of possible seance in vacant Tampary house-- PRESS REGISTER

SFist Tourist: Chinatown Ghost Tour
So, SFist Tourist has a bit of a confession: we went on the Chinatown Ghost Tour over a week ago and plumb forgot to write about it until we were watching Big ... --SFist, CA

Shopkeeper‘s run-in with Boer War ghost
By Ivor Markman. DO you believe in ghosts? Mark Holden of Cradock claims not to, but has been left scratching his head after an eerie ... --The Herald Eastern Cape, South Africa

FACETIME- I love Lucey: Ghost approves of latest book
Hudson Valley. "The place is thoroughly haunted," she says. "I was kept up by the ghost of Mrs. William B. Astor."--The Hook, VA

Back From the Dead
A group of doctors say that electricity applied deep in the brain can jolt patients out of irreversible comas. --Wired Magazine

Spirits of the night: Halloween inspires creepy cocktails for adults--THE NEWS SENTINAL

CBS 2 Investigates: Storefront Psychic Scams
Retired NYPD Det. Bob Geis told CBS 2 about a woman we'll call Mary. She's educated and too embarrassed to reveal her identity. After going for a typical $5 palm reading, Mary was conned out of $30,000, over a period of years, by a storefront psychic like the hundreds you see nestled throughout the city. Mary was lonely, uncertain of her future, the perfect victim. --CBS 2 New York

Scientists angered by telephone telepathy study
Britain's premier organisation for the discussion of science was attacked by leading researchers today for allowing believers in the paranormal to promote their views at its annual festival without challenge from the mainstream. --Times Online

Haunted spots -- fact or fiction?
List of 10 places that are rumored to be haunted.
--Contra Costa Times

Haunted houses don't always spook buyers Friendly apparitions don't seem to deter people looking for a home. --MSN Real Estate

Funny stunt to promote 'afterlife' (a show on ITV in the UK)



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