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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






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Paranormal Events Pondered At Pizza Place - Members of the Paranormal and Historical Anomaly Society of Lodi have been meeting at New World Pizza to discuss UFOs, ghosts and other out-of-this-world phenomena. "There's a lot of interesting things that happen everywhere and right here in our own back yard," said Tom Presler, a founding member of the group. -- KCRA

Is there a ghost cat in Taranaki? Ross and Donna Sowerby don't believe in ghosts but are having difficulty explaining what they caught on video. So is there a ghost cat in Hawera? Watch the video and judge for yourself. --SUFF.CO.NZ

Myndi Kumar reveals the aspects of high strangeness on the Asian sub-continent, as reported in Haunted by the Real Ghosts and Spirits of India. With videos.

Ron Weasley' Potter actor gets swine flu in Britain: publicist--yahoonews

In Memoriam: Lou Gentile
Paranormal investigator and syndicated radio show host Lou Gentile lost his battle to cancer. — Dread Central

Company Turns your Dead Pets Into Jewelry 43% of Our Users Called It 'Creepy m-- ' aol news

Jackson’s Death Provokes Memories of 'Elvis Conspiracy'
No fandom built its 'faked death' mythology with more richly honed detail than the followers of Elvis Presley.
— Underwire

CALLING ALL GHOSTS: Paranormal investigators gathering in Monterey



Public prayer ceremony dedicated to Our Lady of Prompt Succor (who has intervened historically on New Orleans’ behalf when a hurricane has threatened) and Ezili Danto (also associated with Mater Salvatoris and Moumt Carmel) to ask for protection from hurricanes

When: Saturday, July 18th. 7:00 p.m.

Where: Achade Meadows Peristyle, 3319 Rosalie Alley, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70117 (off of Rampart, between Piety and Desire)

What to bring in offering:

For Our Lady: flowers, statues, candles, religious pictures, jewelry.

For Danto: Barbancourt Rum, Clarin, Florida Water, candles, daggers, dolls dressed in red and blue with gold trim or calico prints, spicy black beans, peasant cakes, unfiltered cigarettes, pan fried cornbread with peppers, fried pork, white crème de menthe.

What to wear: Please dress in white (the color of purity), with red head scarves, or all red (the color of Petwo rites).

Your Host Sallie Ann Glassman

Mysterious 'sewer creature' sparks curiosity - Raleigh, N.C. — It's reminiscent of something from the 1958 science-fiction film, "The Blob" – a beating, pulsating, mysterious, slimy mass that has grabbed widespread attention across the Internet. -- wral.com

Mary Ellen Heibel, 71, certainly thinks so. She was giving one year to live -- six years ago. Docs can't explain her miracle recovery, but Heibel credits a long-dead man. Click for the astonishing story. AOL.COM

Texas Bigfoot Conference Announced for September 26th in Tyler, Texas. -- Texasbigfoot.org

Freaky clouds show dead singer's face? Michael Jackson revealed in bizarre clouds over New York? CNN's Jeanne Moos has her head in the clouds. -- cnn video

Psychic John Edward Welcomes Skeptics -- popeater


Archdiocese to Probe Claim of Miracle - (June 29) -- A panel appointed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore is about to take on a rare investigation -- whether prayers to a 19th-century priest miraculously cured an Annapolis, Md., woman of terminal cancer, The Baltimore Sun reported. The case is just the fifth such investigation in the archdiocese's 200-year history. If the priest, Francis X. Seelos, is found to be behind the woman's cure, it could move him closer to being declared a Roman Catholic saint. The pope will have the final say. -- aolnews

SciFi's Ghost Hunters, Roto-Rooter Launch New Bathroom Reader Book -- PR Newswire

Billy Mays was found dead by his wife in his Odessa, Florida home on June 28, 2009.The Associated Press reported that there were no indications that the house had been broken into, and that police did not suspect foul play.

According to Fox News, Mays had been on board a US Airways flight that blew out its front tires as it landed at Tampa International Airport on June 27, the day before his death. None of the 138 passengers and five crew members were severely injured in the incident, but several passengers reported having bumps and bruises, according to the station. It is unclear whether Mays' death was related to the incident.

Jackson's grim fascination with death The mortal remains of James Brown had just returned from New York when the funeral home in Georgia got a midnight request from Michael Jackson.

UFO Seen Over Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch All News Web

Bigfoot Author Links Bigfoot Racism to Michael Jackson --cryptomundo

On Coast To coast AM Michael Jackson: Drugs, Death & UFOs

Ian Punnett welcomes several guests, including Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, author Howard Bloom, and Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, for a discussion on Michael Jackson, his tragic death, drug use, and link to UFOs.

"The Top Ten Best Paranormal Experts in the world today" -- HAUNTEDAMERICATOURS

"The Top Ten Very Best Paranormal Conference- Convention Of The Year" -- HAUNTEDAMERICATOURS

UFO' seen for 10 minutes, witness says -- CNN

First-Ever Photos of God -- Perhaps the most incredible space photos ever put on view are enfolded in a great mystery known as “pareidolia.” A category of optical illusions, pareidolia is an uncertain impression perceived as something clear and distinct. The astronomer Carl Sagan thought that seeing faces in clouds is an evolutionary trait. “Confirmation bias” refers to the tendency to notice what confirms one’s beliefs, and to ignore what disagrees with them.-- BlackRaiser Reporter

Twisted Tales: The Curse of Lennon Pal Harry Nilsson's Death Crib - Nilsson took a flat in London's fashionable Mayfair district. A friend of Ringo's redecorated. When Nilsson moved in, he was dismayed to find a bad omen: In a bathroom with matching sinks, one of the mirrors had an image of an apple tree. The other had a hangman's noose.

After 'Son of Dracula' tanked, Nilsson headed back to California, where he and Lennon would soon partake in their infamously debauched "lost weekend" (which actually lasted about a year and a half) while making the album 'Pussy Cats' together. He began lending his London apartment to friends in the music business. After two sold-out shows at the London Palladium in July 1974, "Mama" Cass Elliot suffered a fatal heart attack in one of the beds in Nilsson's flat. (Contrary to the longstanding urban legend, the zaftig singer did not die from choking on a ham sandwich.)

Four years later, Keith Moon and his girlfriend retired to the same apartment after joining Paul and Linda McCartney at a screening of 'The Buddy Holly Story.' Trying to quit drinking, the Who drummer was treating his withdrawals with Clomethiazole. He died of an overdose of the sedative -- reportedly, in the same bed that Mama Cass had died in. Moon's last album with the Who, 'Who Are You,' had just been released. On the cover, the drummer was seated backward in a chair stamped "Not to Be Taken Away."

Appalled by the deaths of his friends, Nilsson sold the flat to Pete Townshend. From there, the once-prolific recording artist's career went quickly downhill. His visibility during the 1980s consisted largely of appearances on behalf of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which he joined after the murder of his friend Lennon. Nilsson released only a few more albums, all widely ignored, before his own heart gave out in 1994 - - spinner.com

Dan Aykroyd talks to AP's weekly Video Game Video about the 'Ghostbusters' game due out next week -- and about the plot of the still-in-development 'Ghostbusters 3.' (June 12)

Mysterious Inscribed Slate Discovered at Jamestown --nationalgeographic.com





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Baron Samedi: The Voodoo God Of Zombies And The Dead
Susan Sheppard: Thirteen Places Most Likely To Be Haunted By Real Ghost
Real Halloween Ghosts For You To Investigate
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More Ghostly Photograph Anomalies


Ghost Hunting Workshop in Hillsboro, MO

Come spend the evening and part of the night in Hillsboro, Missouri with Greg Myers and Paranormal Task Force for a night of educational and investigative ghost hunting fun!

The historic and haunted locations of the Fletcher House Foundation along with the experience and knowledge of the ghost hunters from Paranormal Task Force featured in paranormal documentaries "Children of the Grave", "The Other Side" and soon to be released 'The Haunted Boy" will bring you a night that you will truly remember!

Learn about Hauntings, Ghost and other things that go "Bump in the night". See hands on demonstrations of basic ghost hunting equipment, learn investigative techniques and how to hunt ghost yourself. Hear the eerie and true tales about the locations then accompany the ghost hunters on an actual interactive ghost hunting tour and even possibly have a paranormal encounter of your own!

Dates of Workshops: Saturday July 18, 2009 starting at 6:00 p.m.

Cost: $35 donation per person.

Where: Workshop will be held at the Hillsboro Presbyterian Church located at 10790 Highway 21, Hillsboro Missouri 63050 followed by the interactive ghost hunting tour of the Historic Governor Thomas Fletcher Home, Huskey Cabin and other possible locations.

*Majority of Proceeds support the Fletcher House Foundation*

To pay online visit http://www.paranormaltaskforce.com/events.html or for more information or alternate payment information, contact Paranormal Task Force at: events@paranormaltaskforce.com

- Note - An "at your own risk" liability waiver will be required to be signed by attendees. Paranormal Task Force reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone and to remove those who are disruptive to others. There is also no guarantee that anyone will witness or experience paranormal activity at this event

Ghostly Find on video Employees at the Anderson Municipal Business Center said they're seeing ghosts. They said the sightings started last month, with the latest sighting happening Thursday morning. - wyff4 .com

Montauk Monster' Mystery May Have Been Solved -- Fox News

Yoooo've been framed: The ghostly images voted best in the world -- DailyMail

SPIRIT hopes to bridge the paranormal - The group is called SPIRIT - the Shiawassee Paranormal Investigation, Research and Information Team. They formed in April, but are still waiting to get their feet wet, according to founder and lead investigator Greg Berry. "I'm not going to say the group is a hobby. I would say that it is a passion,” Berry said. The rest of the team consists of five other investigators: Amy Herald; Tom Nohel, who also does tech setup; Felicia Rodriguez, Web design; Gary Herald, tech setup; and Jayna Ferris, merchandise designer. Berry's wife Vicky also acts as the group's media correspondent. Berry said all the members have known each other for a while, and had a common interest in the spectral world. Many were also fans of television shows featuring real-life paranormal investigators, such as “Ghost Hunters” on the Sci Fi Channel.-- Argus Press 

"Ghost" Seen Lurking Inside Upstate City Hall-- WLTX.com 

Russian Girl Found Was Raised by Cats, Dogs aol news

Giant Blob Found Deep Beneath Nevada --MSNBC

ROSWELL DEBRIS CONFIRMED AS EXTRATERRESTRIAL: Lab Located, Scientists Named by Anthony Bragalia Newly discovered documents reveal that in the months immediately following the purported 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, secret government studies began on a material that was previously unknown to science. -- UFOcon

Woman Hypnotized to Believe She Had Weight-Loss Surgery
A British woman lost 55 pounds after she was hypnotized to believe that she had weight-loss surgery.
— FOX News

Is Mitcham Haunted? -- Local Guardian


Photos: Interior of an Alien Craft?

Phantoms and Monsters has posted two photos, possibly cellphone images of the interior of an extraterrestrial craft. They were posted anonymously to the MUFON report site by a couple who claimed...More

Ghost hunters of the deep -- What lurks beneath the sea? A team of skilled divers that search for the paranormal are turning their attention to a ship wreck off the coast of in St. Petersburg, Florida to find out. Ghost Pros Paranormal is the nations largest franchise of it's kind. koaa.com

Ghosts of the Santa Rita Hotel -- Arizona Daily Star 

Ghost hunters: Marsh House is haunted -- Walker County Messenger

Are Spiritual Encounters All In Your Head? - According to polls, there's a 50-50 chance you have had at least one spiritual experience — an overpowering feeling that you've touched God, or another dimension of reality. So, have you ever wondered whether those encounters actually happened — or whether they were all in your head? Scientists say the answer might be both. - - NPR.org

The Entity - Interview with Doris Bither’s son In what many consider to be one of the most intriguing and paramount cases in the paranormal, many speculations and theories arose in the paranormal community (and the outside) about what really happened in that old and small Culver City home in southern California in the early 1970s. -- ghosttheory.com




"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"

Come spend the evening and part of the night in Hillsboro, Missouri with Greg Myers and Paranormal Task Force for a night of educational and investigative ghost hunting fun!


The historic and haunted locations of the Fletcher House Foundation along with the experience and knowledge of the ghost hunters from Paranormal Task Force featured in paranormal documentaries "Children of the Grave", "The Other Side" and soon to be released 'The Haunted Boy" will bring you a night that you will truly remember!

Learn about Hauntings, Ghost and other things that go "Bump in the night". See hands on demonstrations of basic ghost hunting equipment, learn investigative techniques and how to hunt ghost yourself. Hear the eerie and true tales about the locations then accompany the ghost hunters on an actual interactive ghost hunting tour and even possibly have a paranormal encounter of your own!

Dates of Workshops: Saturday July 18, 2009 starting at 6:00 p.m.

Cost: $35 donation per person.

Where: Workshop will be held at the Hillsboro Presbyterian Church located at 10790 Highway 21, Hillsboro Missouri 63050 followed by the interactive ghost hunting tour of the Historic Governor Thomas Fletcher Home, Huskey Cabin and other possible locations.

*Majority of Proceeds support the Fletcher House Foundation*

To pay online visit http://www.paranormaltaskforce.com/events.html or for more information or alternate payment information, contact Paranormal Task Force at: events@paranormaltaskforce.com

- Note - An "at your own risk" liability waiver will be required to be signed by attendees. Paranormal Task Force reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone and to remove those who are disruptive to others. There is also no guarantee that anyone will witness or experience paranormal activity at this event

Greg Myers, Director

Website: www.paranormaltaskforce.com 
Alternate Web URL: www.catchmyghost.com
Our New Para-Forum Paranormal Network: www.para-forum.com
PTF on "I Am Haunted": www.iamhaunted.com/paranormaltaskforce 


Ghost Tech: Building a Geophone seismic meter to detect ghost steps -- Examiner.com 

Ghost hunters to raise funds for preservation- Chicago Tribune - 

'Ghost hunters' charged in theft at Westland's Eloise complex

Ghost Hunters in Wisconsin

Ghosts among us?

Ghost hunters clean up Bachelor's Grove - For ghost hunter Rhonda Schienle, of Northwest Indiana Indiana Ghost Trackers, Inc., cleaning up the graveyard seemed like a natural extension of the ...-- Southtown Star -

According to the Palm Beach Post, "at least two pairs of Marlins" shared a room during this week's series against the Brewers because they're scared of the ghosts that haunt The Pfister. Though the paper doesn't identify the spooked players, it's a well-known legend that The Pfister is often visited by the spirit of Charles Pfister, who founded the hotel in 1893. sportsyahoo.com

Breaking News From Yakima: The Munns Report Cryptomundo The Bigfoot conference underway in Washington State featured some groundbreaking information in Bill Munns' presentation last night in which he demonstrated that the Sasquatch in the famed 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film may have been taller than currently thought. With images. Meanwhile, based on "Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Opens With Controversy," the organizers (Tom Yamarone, Paul Graves & James "Bobo" Fay) and the excluded (Scott Herriott) have issued separate statements, as revealed in Yakima Organizers & Excluded Send Cryptomundo Comments.

Return to Bobby Mackey's, Part 1 of 3 -- Travel Channel

Stimulus Checks Sent Out to Dead People --aol

Astronomical Information in U.K. 2009 Crop Formations?
Part III of Linda Moulton Howe's report on Wiltshire, England's first crop circles of the year.
— Earthfiles

Ana Luisa Cid's Phantom UFO Gallery
Images include unusual craft seen in Costa Rica and Argentina.
— Inexplicata

Fish that triggers hallucinations found off UK coast
A species of bream, sarpa salpa, which can trigger hallucinations when eaten, has been been discovered in British waters due to global warming.
— The Telegraph

Can you believe what you're seeing? - Is that a ghostly face in the flames of a burning house? Or is it just  trick of the light? -- Daily Mail

Nicaraguans Fall to 'Crazy Sickness' -- Miami Herald

Nostradamus, Controversial 2012 Beliefs, And The Reality --2012 the truth

Dinosaur Blood Extracted From Bone -- World Net Daily

Jack the Ripper 'was invented to win newspaper war
Jack the Ripper was a forgery invented by journalists to link a series of unrelated murders and sell newspapers, according to a new book.
-- Daily Mail

Wisconsin woman fears husband sleepwalked into river
Cherie Merkes says she believes her husband drove in his sleep then walked into the Fox River.
--Associated Press

UFO investigators reveal possible otherworldly relic
UFO investigators held a press conference at the Roswell Civic and Convention Center on Thursday to announce that they found... something.
--Roswell Daily Record

Could the Internet become self-aware?
Yes, if we play our cards right - or wrong, depending on your perspective.
--New Scientist

A group of cavers exploring the Vietnamese jungle say they've come across the world's biggest cave.

'Ghost' Pays Second Visit to Spooked Malay Schoo l-- New Kerala

What's behind the wall? -- CNN's Eric Landford reports on the mystery of a tunnel that is being uncovered in Brooklyn, New York.

HANS HOLZER ~ The renowned parapsychologist and author is now exploring The Other Side.

Hans Holzer, 89, an Austrian-born American, who was well-known as a pioneering paranormal researcher and author, died Sunday, April 26, 2009, at his Manhattan (New York) home after a long illness.

Hans Holzer was born January 26, 1920, in Vienna, Austria. He earned his doctorate from the London College of Applied Science, and spent more than 50 years traveling the world to obtain first hand accounts of paranormal experiences. Ghostbuster Hans Holzer Dead At 89 - -UFODigest 

We here at Haunted America tours are mdeeply saddened to hear of the loss of Dr. Hans Holzer. He was truly a legend in the field of doumentation and paranomal research, and his work has inspired thousands upon thousands of serious-minded individuals to study paranormal phenomena.

Losing our bottle over spirits - Five ghost hunters from The East London Paranormal Research Society spent five hours monitoring rooms at the Masons Arms, in St Mary's Lane, using specialist video and audio recording equipment and found what they believe is a hive of spiritual activity. -- romfordrecorder.co.uk


Lawrence packs a paranormal punch - Stull Cemetery, where the devil is said to return twice a year, is located about 15 miles from Lawrence. The cemetery was named Haunted America Tours 2009 second most haunted cemetery in America. --kansan.com



A Ghostly Evening With Medium Laine Crosby- May 15, 2009
Dine with Laine at the historic Gabriel’s Inn in Ijamsville, Maryland and hear how she left the corporate world to be an investigative medium, and her “normal” life as a psychic, writer, and mother.  Laine will show her ghost pictures on the big screen and share her ghostly stories, including some from her investigations with Mark Nesbitt, on the Ghosts of Gettysburg Team. You may want a nightlight after this thrilling dinner and lecture!       

You've seen Investigative Medium Laine Crosby on the Travel Channel’s Mysterious Journeys, on Ghosts of Gettysburg episode, and she is co-owner of the Ghost Channel (www.GhostChannel.TV).  Laine works on missing person cases, and with authors, historians, archaeologists and paranormal investigators to help understand what history has not revealed.   

Where: Historic Gabriel’s Inn (c. 1862) - 4730 Ijamsville Road, Ijamsville, MD 21754 

When: Friday, May 15, 2009
7:00 pm dinner and lecture (seating begins at 6:30 p.m.)

Cost: $60 per person in advance or $65 at the door, not including tax and gratuity.      

Reservations suggested by calling 301.865.5500. For more information, visit www.lainecrosby.com.

The most Haunted Hotels In New Orleans! Manuy individuals visit New Orleans and always wonder what is the most haunted hotel to encounter a real ghost at. A paranormal research team identified four ghosts at LePavillon including a 19th century teenage girl, a young aristocratic couple from the 1920’s, and a dapper gentleman from the same era who likes to play pranks on the cleaning staff. Want to know where the ghost really are? --Travelnola

For sale on Loch Ness: Aleister Crowley's centre of dark sorcery - -Infamous home in Scotland, the site of numerous strange incidents, goes on the market again.
— The Guardian

Ghost Channel.TV Make Contact
Enter the haunted Engine House and hear the voices of the dead captured in that ... Haunted America Tours is the official sponsor.


Hallelujah or Highway to Hell? Songs to die for -- yahoo news

Local ghostbusters hunting paranormal -- New Britain Herald

Witches, ghost hunters gather in Salem -- Boston Herald

'We're Not Alone,' Ex-Astronaut Says --aol.com

E-mails from the dead -- cnn

Feeling What A Real Ghosts Feels!

'Ghostbusting' Investigators May Be Ready to Believe --You Florida Today

Atlantans will want to tune into the Sci Fi Channel’s brand-new “Titanic Terror” episode of “Ghost Hunters” tonight at 9. That’s when paranormal experts Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson creep around with flashlights after hours at the Georgia Aquarium’s popular Titanic exhibit, in search of spirits.

According to the preview Buzz caught Tuesday, they found, well, something at least. Exclaim the hunters in the clip: “A hand on my shoulder keeps pushing me!” and “Something just tugged on my sweat jacket!”

Things get more ominous when Hawes asks something: “Were you one of the passengers on the Titanic?!”

Adding to the creepiness: today is the 97th anniversary of the ship’s sinking

Windber event to explore vampire myths, more -- Hey Johnstown 

Paranormal Investigators Cleanup Texas Cemeteries -- KBMT ABC 12

Investigating the paranormal -- Park Rapids Enterprise

Ghost conference descends on Welches -- Sandy Post

A 64-year-old woman has reported to doctors at Geneva University Hospital the presence of a pale, milky-white and translucent third arm. -- swisinfo.ch

A Fool's Utopia 4.09.09: Positively Paranormal, Part 1: Ghost Shows -- 411 mania


If you have an interest in the paranormal or are part of your local ghost-hunting college group, you could join our newest team. And it doesn't matter how much you know about the supernatural-consider this to be Haunting 101!

The producers of Ghost Hunters are looking for new faces to join the NEW GENERATION of paranormal investigators. Whether you're a college student majoring in psych, engineering or journalism or just a whiz with electronics or photography, you may have a skill that could be perfect for a team of up-and-coming paranormal investigators. And if you and your friends love to explore cemeteries and old houses, then we want to teach you how to do it right.

To apply, send an email to Haunting101@gmail.com with the following information: Your name, city, phone number, current occupation, a recent photo and a brief explanation of why you want to be a part of this team. Or VISIT THE CASTING SITE to download an application. Producers are waiting to hear from you TODAY!

Mystery creature bites, claws family's SUV A creature leaves its mark, ripping a vehicle to pieces. --WCNC.com

The ghost in my synagogue -- Ynetnews

Knights Templar Guarded Turin Shroud During 'Missing' 100 Years The Australian --theaustraliannews.co.uk

2012 is it a spiritual transformation or an apocalypse... Dooms Day, Armageddon, the Mayan End Of Days?

2012 is it a spiritual transformation or an apocalypse... Dooms Day, Armageddon, the Mayan End Of Days?




Ghost caught on camera -- Times of India 

Ghost strangled me in tub, woman says, VIDEO -- CNN

Kusshi: The Mystery of Lake Kussharo
An unknown creature has long been sighted in Lake Kussharo, in the nothern island of Hokkaido, Japan. --Cryptomundo

Google Unearthly --The Sun

Ashe couple studies the paranormal -- Jefferson Post 

Loch Ness Monster Obsession Lives On--Photos, Video and Sonar Have Picked Up Unusual Shapes and Movements in Loch Nesn -- abcnews

Paranormal Enthusiasts Invade New Richmond -- Cincinnati.com 

'Haunting' gets mixed reaction -- Meriden Record-Journal

Ghost hunters intrigued by the paranormal in Salisbury -- Delmarva Daily Times

Rumors bites! Headmaster denies vampires at school--wjla.com

People Turn to the Paranormal as Economy Struggles -- KATV 

Atlantis Found? Might these be the ruins of the lost continent of Atlantis? --TIME

Victorian 'ghost' picked up by Google Street View
A ghostly figure dressed in Victorian clothes was filmed before vanishing into thin air.
--The Telegraph

PHOTO ESSAY: Five "cursed" casts from TV and film.

Psychic: Set of 'Grey's Anatomy' Plagued by Heavy-Set Ghost -- FOX NEWS

Figure in Castle Window Has Photo Experts Stumped GHOST PHOTO BAFFLES EXPERTS

Dracula star Christopher Lee on why he'd much rather have been an opera singer -- DAILYMAIL.CO.UK




2012 Apocalypse: Are We Dead Yet?

2012 Apocalypse: What if it all ended tomorrow?

2012 - Planet X / Nibiru 


Awareness Growing: 2012 Madness, The Truth!


2012 Apocalypse: the Three Most Real Theories

Surviving The Solar Storms Of 2012!






2012 Survival Supplies


2012: Aztec and Mayan Calendars

Penn & Teller invite Shannon McCabe to the “Bullshit” of 2012!

2012 EARTH CHANGES: What do you have to fear?



2012 Prophecy - Prediction: IS IT MAYAN JUDGEMENT DAY?

2012 Doomsday Prediction





Horror film draws unwanted visitors to Conn. house
Fans are making a beeline for the Southington home that inspired upcoming movie. --AP

Paranormal Task Force educates on ghost hunting history, techniques - Greg Myers, Paranormal Task Force president, displays an electromagnetic fluctuation detector to attendees of the Saline County Career Center-sponsored ghost hunting class Saturday, March 21. Paranormal activity, Myers said, often results in release of electromagnetic energy. -- Marshallnews

Twin's 'sixth sense' saves drowning sister A teenage twin believes that her sixth sense helped her to save her sister's life as she was drowning in a bath. -- telegraph.co.uk

Nicolas Cage Knows He 'Doesn't Have All The Answers'-- mtv.com


Chupacabra mascot: Illinois needs a new symbol, John Kass says -- Chicago Tribune

MoD took UFO sighting seriously BBC News - ‎-

A photo of a UFO hovering next to an RAF jet over Scotland was treated seriously, newly-released Ministry of Defence files show. ...
MoD briefed ministers over UFO The Press Association

Ghosts said to haunt Pennsylvania college -- Scripps News

Ghost hunters become nightmare for owner of 'haunted' mill -- Dayton Daily News

Man robs store, then drops dead -- Seattle Post Intelligencer

Group wants ghost house saved Paranormal investigators petition bank to protect Seven Sisters Inn --ocala

Oklahoma Paranormal Conference spotlights the unconventional -- NewsOK.com

GhoStock 7, Paranormal Enthusiasts Convention To Visit Salem ... -- prlog

'Witches' Taken From West African Nation, Forced to Drink Hallucinogenic Potions - Authorities began inviting "witch doctors," who combat witches, to come from nearby Guinea soon after the death earlier this year of the president's aunt. Jammeh "reportedly believes that witchcraft was used in her death," the London-based rights group said. --foxews

Crypto-zoologists seek to discover the unlikely -- 3 News NZ

6-Year-Old's IQ Is Higher Than Einstein's-- AOLNEWS

The Story of a Modern-Day Exorcist-- Time.com

Dead Sea Scrolls 'authors' never existed? -- Biblical scholars have long argued that the Dead Sea Scrolls were the work of an ascetic and celibate Jewish community known as the Essenes, which flourished in the 1st century A.D. in the scorching desert canyons near the Dead Sea. Now a prominent Israeli scholar, Rachel Elior, disputes that the Essenes ever existed at all -- a claim that has shaken the bedrock of biblical scholarship. Time.com reports. full story

Conn. house featured in new ghost movie - A new movie coming out later this month features a Southington, Conn home that was allegedly haunted in 1986. -- Hartford Courant

Ready for a haunted sleepover? - Maureen Carroll, an investigator with the South Jersey Ghost Research group, may not come right out and say it, but ghost hunting at 2 in the morning is a lot creepier than doing it at 8:30 at night. -- Cherry Hill Courier Post online

Lady in Blue still climbs the stairs - Morgan's Alley is rumored to be haunted by a spirit known as the Lady in Blue. --KlewTV.com

Psychics make a fortune during uncertain economic times -- USAToday

Sci Fi Channel changing name, logo -- Reuters

Students head to plantation in search of ghosts --houmatoday.com

'Borneo Monster' Truth Emerges - Suspicious images that emerged last month showing what some believed to be a legendary giant snake in Borneo have been proven to be fakes. -- aol new

Bigfoot sightings keep the legend alive in Michigan -- The Bay City Times

'Irreversible' climate change warning -- cnn

Colorado rancher says aliens killed cow -- ksd

Skeptics Throw in Towel - How Did Meier Beat NASA by 32 Years -- Topix

Do Mythic Creatures Exist? Show Me the Body. - Is it possible that a real Bigfoot lives despite the posthumous confession by the Wallace family that it was just a practical joke? Certainly. After all, although Bigfoot proponents do not dispute the Wallace hoax, they correctly note that tales of the giant Yeti living in the Himalayas and Native American lore about Sasquatch wandering around the Pacific Northwest emerged long before Wallace pulled his prank in 1958. --sciam.com

Ghost Bust-Up - A SASSAFRAS man is fed-up with being the victim of a 25-year campaign of would-be ghost busting, vandalism and garden statue thefts. Malcolm Johnson, 68, is sick and tired of people throwing stones at his house and running around his garden because they think it’s haunted. -- Star

Montauk Monster Update -

Click image for larger version.

Creature photos have generated a great deal of interest. --Cryptomundo

Memo Links UFOs and JFK Assassination
Robert Wood discusses scorched MJ-12/CIA document. --Earthfiles

The Paranormal: A New Science -- Philip Imbrogno notes the similarities of reports that span from hauntings to UFOs. --Llewellyn Journal

Host to ghosts - Poltergeist pork chops with a side of spooky succotash isn’t on the menu at Riptide By The Bay, the new Fells Point restaurant and crab house in the old Seaman’s Café at 1718 Thames St. -- Examiner.com

Daytrippin’ In Eufaula For Gators And Ghosts - If looking for gators isn't you're thing, you can come right here and look for ghosts. --wrbl.com

A month of hungry ghosts - Some of these ghosts are said to seek revenge on those who wronged them when they were still alive. These spirits are the “hungry ghosts”.-- Manila Standard Today, Philippines

Spook sleuths hunt for haunts - ob Fader and his fellow paranormal investigators have set up video cameras, voice recorders and electromagnetic meters inside the Cathedral Church of All Saints, looking for an apparition that’s said to haunt the halls, altar and pulpit of this nearly 100-year-old Anglican church in the heart of Halifax. -- TheChronicleHerald.ca,

'Montauk Monster' witnesses emerge
More coverage on the Montauk Monster (with video). --Newsday.com

The "Montauk Monster" may just be a bag of bones by now, but the people who know where it is aren't saying. -- FoxNews.com

Click here to watch the Montauk Monster's fabulous finders interviewed. hamptonsplumtv.com

Looking for a few good ghosts - “Even if there are things you can’t explain, that doesn’t mean its paranormal,” said McMillen. “You can’t just say, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s a ghost.’”-- Hey Johnstown, PA

Fear of ghost trains a sign of anxiety - Kids afraid of ghosts?Just under 20 per cent said they did not like these scary activities, and interviews with all the parents found these same children were more likely to display symptoms of anxiety. -- The Age, Australia

'Ghost ship' inquest to start next week - Jim Tunstead and his brother Peter, along with skipper Derek Batten, all from Perth, vanished after leaving Airlie Beach to sail their newly-bought catamaran Kaz II back to Fremantle, in April last year. -- Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Lawsuit Busted - The actress' former management firm has dropped a lawsuit alleging she never turned over an agreed-upon 10-percent commission for helping her secure her starring role on Ghost Whisperer, according to a request for dismissal filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. -- yahoonews.com


You say You Don't You Believe In Real Ghosts And Haunting's?
Take the Haunts of Owensboro Ghost Tour, and you just might change your mind!

You say You Don't You Believe In Real Ghosts And Haunting's?


Bigfoots and yetis and Champ, oh my !- Probably the most famous Bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire occurred in Hollis in May 1977. A Massachusetts man and his two young sons were sleeping in a camper on the side of the road when he awoke around 11 p.m. to find his vehicle rocking from side to side. When he stepped outside, he found himself face to face with a hairy, bipedal, brownish-blond beast that stood at least seven feet tall and smelled like rotting fish. The man quickly retreated to his truck and sped off with his children yelling. -- Wire, NH

A house with history - But Terri Shaffer said that everyone who visits says the place is haunted. Even the real estate agent who sold her the house said the house is supposedly haunted. There are strange things that happen from time to time.-- Waseca County News

The haunted houses of Old Town - Similarly, people in his house, are not allowed to reply or answer when they hear anybody calling out their names. "We fear that once somebody hears their name being called and replies, ghosts can capture their spirits and destroy them," says Twalib. -- Standard, Kenya

Most Haunted to give US audiences a fright- Ellen Lovejoy, senior vice president of sales at Target Entertainment, said: "The fact that original episodes will be produced in the US, using US locations, is really exciting. They are sure to be a hit stateside and will appeal to Living's core audience as well." Even more Ghosts, poltergeists and seances are expected and maybe a Devil Baby or two. - Broadcastnow, UK -

Looking for a few good ghosts - “Even if there are things you can’t explain, that doesn’t mean its paranormal,” said McMillen. “You can’t just say, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s a ghost.’”-- Hey Johnstown, PA

Fear of ghost trains a sign of anxiety - Kids afraid of ghosts?Just under 20 per cent said they did not like these scary activities, and interviews with all the parents found these same children were more likely to display symptoms of anxiety. -- The Age, Australia

'Ghost ship' inquest to start next week - Jim Tunstead and his brother Peter, along with skipper Derek Batten, all from Perth, vanished after leaving Airlie Beach to sail their newly-bought catamaran Kaz II back to Fremantle, in April last year. -- Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Dallas Psychiatrist's Paranormal Abilities to be Tested by Noted Debunker James Randi. - During a summer of superhero blockbusters, Dallas psychiatrist Colin A. Ross, M.D. (www.rossinst.com), is perfecting a superpower of his own. Dr. Ross' application to the $1 Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge has been received by the James Randi Educational Foundation (www.randi.org). --marketwatch.com

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Lawsuit Busted - The actress' former management firm has dropped a lawsuit alleging she never turned over an agreed-upon 10-percent commission for helping her secure her starring role on Ghost Whisperer, according to a request for dismissal filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. -- yahoonews.com

Bigfoots and yetis and Champ, oh my !- Probably the most famous Bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire occurred in Hollis in May 1977. A Massachusetts man and his two young sons were sleeping in a camper on the side of the road when he awoke around 11 p.m. to find his vehicle rocking from side to side. When he stepped outside, he found himself face to face with a hairy, bipedal, brownish-blond beast that stood at least seven feet tall and smelled like rotting fish. The man quickly retreated to his truck and sped off with his children yelling. -- Wire, NH

A house with history - But Terri Shaffer said that everyone who visits says the place is haunted. Even the real estate agent who sold her the house said the house is supposedly haunted. There are strange things that happen from time to time.-- Waseca County News

The haunted houses of Old Town - Similarly, people in his house, are not allowed to reply or answer when they hear anybody calling out their names. "We fear that once somebody hears their name being called and replies, ghosts can capture their spirits and destroy them," says Twalib. -- Standard, Kenya

Most Haunted to give US audiences a fright- Ellen Lovejoy, senior vice president of sales at Target Entertainment, said: "The fact that original episodes will be produced in the US, using US locations, is really exciting. They are sure to be a hit stateside and will appeal to Living's core audience as well." Even more Ghosts, poltergeists and seances are expected and maybe a Devil Baby or two. - Broadcastnow, UK -

Lockport, LA Man Says He's a Paranormal Magnet - Decades ago it was home and place of death for a women with an ornery reputation, but Rick Bolling, 61, says the blame for its spectral bustling falls squarely on his own past as a magnet for the paranormal. --Daily Comet

'Montauk Monster' Washes Up on Beach -Could it be a devil dog? The mythical chupacabra? Perhaps it's just an unfortunate pug, raccoon or turtle. A photo of a strange creature lying dead on a Montauk, N.Y., beach, fuels Web-wide speculation and amusement. -- Watch CNN Video

Blain And His Imaginary Friend Rachel - A Ghost Story -- American Chronicle, CA

Sasquatch Sighting - " Looked 8 Feet Tall" A large footprint with six toes was seen in the sighting area. On July 22, Helen Pahpasay and her mother left the Ontario First Nation, located about 80 km northeast of Kenora, to go berry picking. While driving in their truck to a spot about 25 km north of Grassy Narrows, It looked about eight feet tall and it was upright," she said. -- Winnipeg Sun.

Bigfoot: New Evidence - Hairs found in Indian jungle are of 'no known species' say scientists. It is right up there with the Loch Ness monster: the subject of claimed sightings, passionately promoted by believers, dismissed by the scientific community. But now experts say they have found the best evidence to date that the yeti might – just conceivably – be real. --The Independent

Paranormal believer Erik Beckjord dies at 69 - Noted cryptozoologist has passed away. --San Francisco Chronicle

A reporter's quest to meet a ghost - Newspaper writer spends the night at haunted theater. --Daily News Online

Improbably Divine: 10 Unconventional Religious Artifacts - Religious images seem to have appeared over the years in everything from a sliced potato to 400-year-old granite, and some lucky finds from around the world have sold for thousands of dollars on eBay and reportedly delivered divine messages. --Foxnews

Chasing Shadows - Bev Walton-Porter took a picture during a Colorado Springs Paranormal Association training session in hopes of capturing an anomaly on the digital screen. When an orb appeared in one photo, crew members debated what it might be. -- Gazette

'Yeti hairs' examined -

Hair strands thought to be from a yeti-like creature in India have been tested by scientists. --Oxford Mail

Hair strands thought to be from a yeti-like creature in India have been tested by scientists. --Oxford Mail

Dr. Edgar Mitchell Sets Record Straight - Dr. Edgar Mitchell talks on BlogTalkRadio's ShapeShifting to clarify his UFO comments. Former man on the moon Dr. Edgar Mitchell found himself in the news today regarding remarks he made on the British radio program Kerrang! about believing in alien beings - and the long-rumored UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. --UFO Digest

Real Ghost Hunting - Not That Fake Stuff on TV - Lesson No. 1: Don't believe what you see on TV. Ghost hunting is boring. There is no traipsing loudly through cemeteries. No spooky séances. No startling at every sound. Real ghost hunting requires hours of sitting in silence and a skeptical mind, explains Jan Gregory, founder of Vancouver Paranormal, to her students. -- Globe Life

Has a real Bigfoot finally been caught? - A Clayton County Police officer says he and a friend have the body of a Bigfoot.
--Fayette Daily News

Voodoo Doll Prompts Extra Security -

Video: Voodoo Doll Prompts Patrol Increase

Video: Voodoo Doll Prompts Patrol Increase

A burned-looking voodoo doll with pins stuck in its body was found in the yard of a Florida official. --Local6.com

GhostBuster- There wasn't a ghost of a chance that David Wolfe would grow up without an interest in the supernatural.

David Wolfe

As a child living in a Coshocton, Ohio, house that was more than 100 years old, he "turned over and looked up" one night and found that he wasn't alone. -- courierpress.com

Indiana woman runs sword into foot during Wiccan ceremony - LEBANON, Ind. — A woman accidentally stabbed herself in the foot with a 3-foot-long sword while performing a Wiccan good luck ritual at a central Indiana cemetery

TAPS Hunts for Things That Go Bump in the Night - Linda Blair whose portrayal of the character Regan in the 1973 horror classic “The Exorcist” was on hand to meet convention visitors as were paranormal researchers, authors and the stars of the Sci Fi channel’s “Ghost Hunters” series, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. -- TBN

New Ogopogo Sighting - British Columbia's sea monster has a fresh witness. --Cryptomundo

Who You Gonna Call? - World Paranormal Investigations search for ghosts in Louiville KY. --Kent Newsnet

UFO Disclosure from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell -


Last night was another ground breaking testimony from Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Kerrang Radio. During the interview Dr. Mitchell further elaborated on previous statements about extraterrestrial life in the universe and possible full disclosure in the near future. -- Australia.to

Archaeologists will excavate hundreds of fragments of an ancient Egyptian wooden boat entombed in an underground chamber next to Giza's Great Pyramid and try to reassemble the craft, Egyptologists announced Saturday. The 4,500-year-old vessel is the sister ship of a similar boat removed in pieces from another pit in 1954 and painstakingly reconstructed. Experts believe the boats were meant to ferry the pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid in the afterlife. --Aolnews

Do dead people watch us? Yes, author says Medium Concetta Bertoldi answers common questions about the dead (with video). --TODAY

Brazilian psychic Jucelino Nobrega da Luz prophesied that thousands of Filipinos would die in an 8.1 magnitude earthquake to strike the Philippines - UPDATE: 19 JUL 08 - No Quake for Philippines- No earthquake of a magnitude 8.1 hit the Philippines as predicted would occur on July 18, 2008 - There was a magnitude 4.8 on the 17th of July in the Philippines reported by the USGS see - Philippines 4.8 magnitude quake. There was a magnitude 7 earthquake in Japan on July 18th but still no 8.1 quake in the Philippines. --Medium Channel

Balinese royalty and dozens of other prominent Balinese from Ubud are cremated in a rare and elaborate ceremony for deceased royals on the Indonesian island. At Royal Balinese Funeral, Bodies Burn and Souls Fly --Nytimes.com

Last Tuesday, on the island of Bali, the head of the royal family of Ubud named Agung Suyasa was laid to rest in a rare, spectacular Royal Funeral - the largest in decades. Suyasa, two other members the royal family, and 68 commoners were cremated in a large Hindu ceremony - their bodies having been previously preserved, awaiting cremation, which is traditionally believed to free their souls for future reincarnation. (13 photos total)--boston.com

Congratulations Art Bell

Art Bell

Art Bell has been named as one of the inductees for 2008 into the National Radio Hall of Fame! Congratulations Art, and thanks to all who voted for him. Further details posted here.

Brazilian "Nostradamus" Predicts Earthquake for Philippines Tomorrow! - Brazilian psychic Jucelino Nobrega da Luz prophesied that thousands of Filipinos would die in an 8.1 magnitude earthquake to strike the Philippines tomorrow. Dubbed as the Modern Day Nostradamus, Nobrega da Luz has created a stir worldwide when he claimed to have predicted the death of Princess Diana and the 9/11 terror attack, the tsunami that wreaked havoc in Indonesia on December 26 four years ago, a further Tremor in Sumatra, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the winning of the soccer world championship by Italy. His predictions are reported to have been notarized for authenticity. --Medium Channel

Tracking Bigfoot no small feat for local detective -

Los Gatos resident David Paulides is photographed at his home holding a plaster impression of what is believed to be a footprint of a 'bigfoot'' on July 13, 2008 in Los Gatos, California. Paulides just finished writing a book on his research of people that have encountered '"Bigfoot" in Northern California. (By John Medina/For Cupertino Courier)

To longtime private investigator David Paulides, the legendary creature is yet another case to solve. --Cupertino Courier

'There are alien bases on earth'
Timothy Good talks about the UFO flap gripping Britain (with audio). --BBC

Ghost hunters hit Good Ground in search of paranormal -

Erica Popino, lead investigator of the Holtsville-based Island Ghost Investigations, also known as IGI, and founder of the Paranormal Activity Study Team, or PAST, had planned to investigate Good Ground Cemetery in Hampton Bays a week earlier, but inclement weather delayed her public ghost hunt until an evening in late June.

Island Ghost Investigations’ Erica Popino and Mike Taylor at Good Ground cemetery in Hampton Bays. -- Southampton Press, NY

Inner Awareness Do ghosts grow old? - Or do they stay the same? Somehow, I may be misinterpreting this idea because it’s a bit hard to think of something that may not be affected by time. --- Inquirer.net, Philippines

A Sex Curse at an Ancient Cyprus Site - "A curse is inscribed in Greek on a lead tablet and part of it reads: 'May your penis hurt when you make love'," Athens Archaeological School head Pierre Aubert told the English language Cyprus Weekly. ABCnews

English Civil War 'ghost' captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts - A ghostly figure, supposedly the spirit of a dead soldier from a key battle in the English Civil War, has been captured on film by a group of paranormal enthusiasts. --Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom

Paranormal 'experts' haunt southern Ariz. towns - The Web site for the organization states, the International Community for Paranormal Investigation and Research ``formed because of a need to allow more people access to proper training as paranormal researchers.'' All team members are chosen after meeting strict requirements and all investigations are conducted with professionalism. The group's mission is to find proof of the existence of life after death through scientific investigation. -- KTAR.com

Johnson County says no to ghost hunt - ohnson County won't be calling any ghostbusters out to the county Poor Farm and Asylum. The Carroll Area Paranormal Team wanted to inspect the site — west of Iowa City on Melrose Avenue — for ghosts using thermal imaging cameras, voice recording systems and other equipment. -- Gazette Online, IA


Video: Ghostly Goings On- FRIENDLY ACQUAINTANCE: Michael Haddy and Voula Kasdalis say Francis is a friendly ghost. --City Messenger

Psychic John Holland talks to the dead - About 21 percent of Americans believe people can communicate with the dead, according to a recent Gallup Poll. -- The Seattle Times

Psychic crackdown on the cards --Mediums are fighting new EU rules designed to protect the public from dodgy traders, fearing that honest spiritualists could be targeted-- The Guardian

Ghost hunters encounter museum spook -The Niagara Area Paranormal Society They looked like roadies getting ready for a rock show when they showed up Saturday night at the Welland museum carrying bags of electronics. But on closer examination, these were the tools of ghost hunters out on the prowl for supernatural signs. --Welland Tribune

THURSDAY ON PARAHUB RADIO -- Patrick Burns Court TVs new series Haunting Evidence host will be the featured guest. --PARAHUB.ORG

'Be Gone, Satan'- Ottawa's former exorcist, a 78-year-old priest in poor health, agreed to talk to the Citizen, on the condition he not be named.
-- Ottawa Citizen

New head of voodoo brings on the charm - Max Beauvoir, has recently been named the supreme chief of voodoo, tapping on a drum outside his home near Port Au Prince, Haiti. --IHT

The science behind dragons, unicorns and mermaids- Organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the exhibit drew almost a half-million visitors. The Field has it until Sept. 1.-- The Courier News, IL

Gazette ghost-hunting team spend night with the spirits- BLACKPOOL'S Grand Theatre is well known throughout the town for its rich paranormal history. --Blackpool Gazette, UK

TV show finds strange episodes at local mansion - One does not have to tell residents of Southeastern Ohio about Prospect Place mansion.-- Zanesville Times Recorder, OH

Event digs into Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts --pittsburghlive.com

Contactmusic.com, UK

Lingerie of the Dead- Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia have reportedly been buying up large orders of mock bras and panties -- including some with leopard prints -- to burn for the dead in a festival.
-- asylum.com

Ghostly Bounty Hunter- An estate's deadly history haunts its present, as do spirits that like to touch the unwary. Scifi's Ghost Hunters Jason and Grant and Steve on line full shows online free --hulu.com Also see : Ghost Hunters International

Pregnant man talks to People
April 3: MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell talks with People magazine's Patrick Rogers about their interview with pregnant man Thomas Beatie.

Hauntings Investigated At Homestead Police Dept. - Phantom typing heard in Homestead, PA building. --WPXI.com

Unidentified object flies Canterbury skies - Teenager captured an apparently fiery object on his digital camera. --The Press

Find Ghosts With Your Mobile Phone - In what may be the single greatest mobile application of all time, the Discovery Channel is offering downloads of a ghost detection program for compatible cell phones. As any self-respecting ghost buster knows, paranormal investigators say that fluctuations in Electro Magnetic Fields (E.M.F.) are the indicators for paranormal activity. --switched.com

ON PARAHUB RADIO -- Donn Shy in the first segment tonite to talk about what she found at the USS Hornet. Then Bob Hunnicutt from the Georgia Ghost Society will be our featured guest.--PARAHUB.ORG

Excavation starts at Stonehenge -The first excavation inside the ring at Stonehenge in more than four decades has gotten underway. --BBC News

The mechanism of poltergeist activity Physicists hypothesize changes in the brain that occur at puberty involve fluctuations in electron activity. --New Scientist

Man Believes His Dead Wife is Contacting Him Via Cell Phone--switched.com

California Group Comes to Bishopville to Investigate "Lizard Man"- Stories of the Lizard Man and the van belonging to Bob and Dixie Rawson in Lee County have hit the national mediaTom Biscardi runs Searching for Bigfoot, a group out of California that investigates experiences with creatures like Bigfoot.
. --WIS-TV

Top clairvoyant to 'cross over' at Journal event- Stephen Holbrook, dubbed "Britain's most gifted spiritualist medium" will be the star of a Journal clairvoyance evening.--granthamjournal.co.uk

Dozens of paranormal enthusiasts, ghost-hunters, psychics and an ethereal fog descended upon the St. George Hotel in the tiny gold rush town of Volcano on Saturday for Ghost Rush 2008, the inaugural American Paranormal Investigations conference dedicated to all things otherworldly. -- sacbee.com

Devil's In The Detail Of 'Haunted' House Sale - After enduring howls in the night and creaking staircases for the past three years, an Italian family is preparing to sue the previous owners of their house for not telling them it was haunted. --Telegraph

Mystical Car Crash Zones - Since the ancient times people believe in dead zones and devil places, where people get in terrible situations and lose their lives. --Advanced Autozone

Children in Voodoo's Power -In the tiny West African country of Benin, voodoo has been practised for 10,000 years, but efforts to preserve its ancient oral traditions are exacting a harsh toll on its faithful, splitting families and pushing people deeper into poverty. -- Guardian Unlimited

UFO Sighting Investigated Photos Puzzle Detectives - 'I'm Not a Skeptic Anymore'... The tiny beach town of Capitola, Calif., is buzzing about a mysterious object that appears to have been photographed on May 16 of last year. Someone using the name Raji posted images on the Web site Craigslist, answered a few questions from UFO hunters around the world, and then just disappeared into cyberspace.-- aolnews

Seeking UFOs, deep underground
Peter Davenport runs the National UFO Reporting Center from an abandoned missile complex in Washington state. --LA Times

Tom Biscardi and his Bigfoot Hunters are back in Lamar County to search once more for the elusive creature, this time with more technology and a different tactic. --theparisnews.com

Nurse Told Ill Cancer Patient She Saw A Ghost - Mrs Davies says that the nurse came running down the corridor and said that she had seen a ghost. “She said she had seen a spirit but not to worry, that she was a medium. The nurse told us that she was psychic, and that it was all right, she only saw friendly spirits.” --icWales

Pastor threatened victim with evil spirits.- upi.com

Mexico is magical to its warlocks and witches- CATEMACO, Mexico: To kill a man, Alejandro Gallegos García explains, all you need is a black cloth doll, some thread, a human bone and a toad. Oh, and you must ask the devil permission, in person, at a cave in the hills where he is said to appear. --iht.com

Man Claims He Was Molested by Bigfoot --AP

Iowa county board gives initial OK for ghost hunters to investigate asylum built in 1855 . -The building is now called Chatham Oaks, and houses people with physical and mental disabilities. Chatham Oaks officials said there wouldn't be a problem with the paranormal team coming in as long as it didn't disturb residents, said county facilities director Dave Kempf. --iht.com

Owensboro, Kentucky Ghosts, are they really... real?- Many Ghost Stories and strange encounters with the dead happen in Owensboro, Kentucky's third largest city 24/7. Some citizens openly talk about it while others keep dead quiet. Spend a few minutes and look through our web site, and you might just agree that Owensboro has a few more ghost then one might think .--hauntsofowensboro.com

Tens of thousands of ordinary people around the globe are reporting mysterious spheres of light known as ORBS, which have started appearing on their digital photographs. A few scientists are taking this phenomenon seriously and incredibly claim to have found evidence of beings from other dimensions. --newsmonster.co.uk

The Ghosts of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base- An upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters will feature a segment filmed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Buildings 219 and 70 are said to be the focus of the investigation which involves the sighting of a ghostly young boy in Building 219 and the ghost of an older woman seen in Building 70. Too bad they will not invite UFO Investigators into Wright-Patterson. Imagine what they might turn up.--opednews.com

Historic home and ghosts for sale- One of New Zealand’s oldest homes is for sale – complete with ghost stories.-- Stuff.co.nz

Ghost haunting old Town Hall— It has been confirmed by the ghost hunters, there are spirits in the ancient Town Hall in Middleboro. The next question for selectmen is what to do about them? The logical answer is to be nice and try not to disturb them. Don’t suggest they register to vote or pay a property tax. After all, the Town Hall is the “peoples’ building,” past people as well as present. The presence of the supernatural was confirmed by a company that uses various equipment to detect it. --tauntongazette.com

Beast of Bladenboro on the prowl-Half a century after hunters came by the hundreds to stake out Bladenboro’s big swamp, the elusive vampire cat is still on the prowl. -- fayobserver.com

Zombies take over city - People who scare easily should stay away from Leeds on Thursday as it plays host to the largest ever crowd of zombies.-- halifaxcourier.co.uk

Paranormal participation; Allandale Heights student tracks down spirits- Cassandra Simmons tracks ghosts in some of the scariest places in Ontario. She's only 13 years old, but she's not even a wee bit nervous about the job. She might have be a bit perturbed when some mysterious communication upset disconnected her audio from Ghost Trackers command headquarters, if she'd known about it. But only the television viewing audience and host Joe MacLeod were aware of what happened. --The Barrie Examiner

Ghostly Image Caught on Camera- The York Street jail is nothing but a pile of rubble now, as crews cart away the remains of the 120 year old landmark. The last inmate was imprisoned there 16 years ago. But a snapshot may prove that at least one spirit never left.--cbs3springfield.com

GIVING THE DEVIL HIS DUE- Real-life case of demon possession documented - Woman levitated, spoke other languages, showed paranormal powers --worldnetdaily.com

Ghost whisperers- The small group of investigators came across this WWI soldier’s ghost during one of their investigations around Westford. --Westford Eagle, MA

A Ghost is Born - Is there really a ghost in James Boone's photo of York Street Jail? We have reason to believe it is -- after all, it happens to us all the time. The Republican - MassLive.com, MA

See ghost hunters in Waverly- The Waverly Opera House will host a gathering of folks from across the country who spend their time searching for things that go bump in the night. The program, "The Ghost Hunters Return: The Just Say No to Orbs Tour," is planned for 7 p.m. today and Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday. Paranormal researchers will present photographs, video and audio recordings from their investigations, including information from local "hauntings." Tickets cost $8 for adults, $5 for seniors and students. For more information or to reserve a spot, call (570) 565-8714. -- Elmira Star-Gazette, NY

Stage is set to flush out theatre's resident ghost -- Scotsman, United Kingdom

American actor Zac Efron was scared out of his wits when he apparently spotted a ghost on the set of the new movie 'Me And Orson Welles'. The 'High School Musical' star, who was the highest paid teenage actor and who has his own SAS guards to keep him safe from screaming girls, was quite shaken with the experience. -- entertainment.oneindia.in

Kurt Cobain: Ghost or ID Theft Victim?
Con men bought a $3.2 million mansion in New Jersey last year using the Social Security number of iconic Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. --Dark Reading, NY

A TOWN in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a 'creepy gnome' that locals claim stalks the streets at night. With video--The Sun

Indians gather to save the planet
North American Indians assembled in the shadow of ancient Mayan pyramids Monday. --AP

UFO Snapped over Thames
A student was left shocked when she checked her tourist snaps and spotted what looks like a flying saucer. --The Sun

Only Fools and Goatsuckers- Only Fools and Goatsuckers by Jonathan Downes recounts the adventures of Jon, and Graham Inglis and a film crew, in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Miami in early 1998--CFZ

Ghost rider expected to arrive in Ohio town - Forget Nicolas Cage! The town of Elmore, Ohio has its own ghost rider to contend with -- and he's expected to arrive on March 21. The apparition is supposed to be the ghost of a First World War soldier who crashed his motorcycle on March 21, 1919. Residents say the ghost returns each year as a ball of light on the anniversary of his death if drivers flash their headlights three times followed by three honks of the car horn. --canada.com

Ghost hunters to visit Bama Theatre
Research group to scout historic theater for paranormal activity --Crimson White

Halloween in March- Do you believe in ghosts? Darin Durden, president of the San Angelo Paranormal Studies group, didn’t. At least, not until he moved into a new house three years ago. --sanangelolive.com

Ghosts of Winnipeg- These eerie photographs are part of the University of Manitoba's most popular private collection--National Post

Builders working in the old Lewis's building, in The Headrow, Leeds took this photograph of what they claim is a ghost.

GHOST PHOTO  --www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk


UFO Sightings on the Rise - "Whatever people believe about UFOs, the Government is releasing some of the most fascinating material in its files. Sceptics and believers alike should welcome this." -- The Independent

As the Year of the Pig ends, followers of Chinese superstition will be scurrying to consult fortune-tellers, astrologers and feng shui geomancers to guide their year ahead.- HONG KONG (AFP) - The Year of the Rat threatens to see a build-up of international tensions, natural and air disasters, and a more turbulent stock market, soothsayers and analysts say. -- Yahoo News

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Dies- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a guru to the Beatles who introduced the West to transcendental meditation, died Tuesday at his home in the Dutch town of Vlodrop, a spokesman said. He was thought to be 91 years old.
-- AP

Man Says He Was Performing Exorcism When Wife Died - A man accused of killing his wife said he was holding her facedown on the floor during an exorcism when the devil entered his body and caused her to die, according to a probable cause statement. - mywesttexas.com

The Ghosts of New Orleans Mardi Gras - New Orleans Mardi Gras is well steeped in years od tradition, from Mardi Gras Balls to elaborate floats and and costumes of the selected royalty. Yet" the Most Haunted City in America" also has a few haunted secrets that few outsiders have come to know. And may dare not wish to witness. --Haunted America Tours

Ghosts with the Most - If you missed the broadcast of Southern Haunts: Ghosts of the Low Country on ETV last October, fear not. DVD sales of the popular award-winning documentary -- Charleston City Paper, SC

No ghosts on the set of 'Medium' says Arquette- While her show dives into the world of murder and the paranormal, actress Patricia Arquette tells CTV.ca that she isn't around when things get intense. ... CTV.ca, Canada

Family Sees Virgin Mary on Livingroom Wall --WFTV-TV

Mysterious Object Captured On Camera- SEATTLE -- A picture taken by a 12-year-old Kirkland girl during the holiday week in December surprised her -- kirotv.com

Possible First Authentic Drone Video -- The conversation recorded in the YouTube video referenced in the story below is in a Brazilian Portuguese dialect, probably from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. The taping is being done by an adult. -- unknowncountry.com

Are Your Christmas Toys Haunted? As children, all of us had our favorite playthings: dolls, teddy bears, toy soldiers; the list goes on. But how many of us ever suspected that those same toys might have been haunted? -- The Naughty American

Are Your Christmas Toys Haunted? As children, all of us had our favorite playthings: dolls, teddy bears, toy soldiers; the list goes on. But how many of us ever suspected that those same toys might have been haunted? -- The Naughty American

Ghost Hunters Uncover Old Murder- A team of paranormal investigators from Lancashire got more than they bargained for on their second visit to an Inn in Leyland. During the investigation the team undertook an experiment where they asked the spirits to move a table. --Lancashire Evening Post

Haunted House Stumps Rationalists- It all started 13 days ago when family members found water on the floors where none had been spilled. Even beds and mattresses were moist. Banerjee’s daughter Varsha complained of seeing shadows moving across rooms. --Times of India

They're on a mission to find Bigfoot in CA A San Juan Capistrano man hopes to make history as the discoverer of Sasquatch. --Orange County Register

Alien-Themed Tourism Ads Cause Uproar - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (Nov. 26) - Instead of highlighting New Mexico's picturesque desert landscapes, art galleries or centuries-old culture, a new tourism campaign features drooling, grotesque office workers from outer space chatting about their personal lives. -- AOL News

Disneyland workers were recently forced to close the "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction after a ride security camera caught a woman apparently dumping human remains, in what may be a growing trend. --wkmg Orlando

Seeking Activity in Old Jail The East Valley Paranormal Society spent the night at the old Gila County Jail in historic downtown Globe. The EVPS were investigsting reports of unexplained activity within the jail. -- Arizona Silver Belt

Mayor Claims He Was Abducted by Satanists -- CENTERTON, Ark. -- The mayor of an Arkansas town resigned on Wednesday, claiming he was abducted and brainwashed by Satan worshippers nearly three decades ago. -- wftv.com/news

Map Lets You Go Away With the Fairies - Tourists who enjoy seeing where famous Britons live can now visit the homes of some of its most ancient and mysterious inhabitants – fairies. --Metro.co.uk

Woman Drowns During Exorcism -- A 22-year-old woman died during an exorcism ritual in New Zealand, drowning at a relative's home as up to 40 family members looked on, police said today. --Ceremony Guardian Unlimited

Mystery surrounds a ghostly image in the form of a strange blue cloud that has been caught on a security camera at a petrol station. The cloud was seen floating and darting around customers at the garage before stopping still for 30 minutes and then speeding off. --metro.co.uk

I touched a UFO: ex-air force pilot
A group of former pilots recount seeing strange phenomena in the sky. --smh.com.au

New Cryptid Ape Reports in Florida
The little town of Glen St. Mary, FL is in an uproar over a mystery creature (with photos). --Cryptomundo.com

Ex-pilots, military officers call for new UFO probe - Something's out there. Just ask the 14 seemingly respectable and sane men gathered in a conference room two blocks from the White House. All say they've had a close encounter of the extremely unsettling kind. -- ABC.net.au

Korean student believes in ghosts - in Korea there are so many ghost stories so you have to believe in it, I guess. I heard, I really doubt it, but I heard one of my friends talking about that his roommates went to Ogden and they had this one kind of cemetery, and this one guy took everyone around and he called out a ghost, or something like that, from the graveyard. --USU The Utah Statesman

Jack Dee called exorcists over ghosts --digitalspy.co.uk

Spawn of the Jersey Devil - The general consensus is that maybe it's a deformed flying squirrel," Laubert said of the freakish mummy-thing. "Maybe it's a salamander - but it has hair! Maybe it's a chipmunk - but it has a fish tail! When I first saw it, I thought it was a mudskipper - but it has teeth! - pressofatlanticcity.com

Govenor Asks God For Rain --AJC.com

Estes Park Trail Gazette - “I do, I do, I DO believe in ghosts” — Spirits walk and talk --
Estes Park Trail Gazette, CO

Don’t confuse souls with ghosts--Catholic priests- The Catholic Church is calling on the faithful to offer sincere prayers for the souls of their departed relatives on All Souls’ Day (November 2), instead of scaring themselves with the usual ghost stories.-- Inquirer.net, Philippines

The ghosts of Pike Place Market - The participants in Mercedes Yaeger's Paranormal Pub Crawl looked around Pike Place Market Wednesday night and saw things differently. --Seattle Post Intelligencer

Revealed: What is the secret of Silbury Hill? Archdruid Terry Dobney offers his explanation for the mysterious Silbury Hill. Pagan burial site? Too boring. UFO landing pad? Too bonkers. So what IS the secret of Silbury Hill? Terry the Druid reveals all --Daily Mail

Plane spooky: A flight attendant's horror stories - Bizarre tales, unexplained coincidences that will send shivers up your spine --MSNBC.msn

Mysterious animal found by rancher identified DNA results indicate the animal is in the coyote family. --KENS 5 Eyewitness News

Ghost hunters - On the trail of Sacramento’s scary monsters and super creeps - Newsreview.com

Piano notes answer questions - Researchers claim evidence of supernatural activity at Long-Banta House. --Daily Journal Online

Haunting image - Paranormal investigator from St. Ann receives recognition for ghostly photo For most of us, tonight is the time for seeing ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night - especially when we open our front doors. But for Tom Halstead of St. Ann, any night can be a good night for observing paranormal activity - if the apparitions are willing to be seen, that is. -- North Countuy Journal

Do you believe in ghosts? - "How would you like to go ghost hunting in Newry?"
That was the question put to me by the Armagh Down Tourism Partnership.
Before I knew it they had me booked in for an overnight visit to the city, with several spooky events lined up.-- News Letter, UK

Area society hunts the unexplained - Mysterious orbs float around Michael Riley’s head as he tries to communicate with spirits using an electromagnetic field finder at Sierra’s Land -- timesreporter.com

Tracking Toledo's ghosts: Area crews leave no tombstone unturned ... - Standing in a cemetery after dark is eerie enough when you're not searching for ghosts. When you're on the lookout for the paranormal just weeks before Halloween, it can be downright spooky.-- Toledo Blade, OH

They're dead serious about ghosts- Most ghost hunters live for the thrill of having a spirit from beyond grab their hand or hearing a haunted voice tell them to "get out." But members of a paranormal investigative team based in the Mon Valley are just as happy to inform their clients an old pipe - rather than an angry ghost - is causing the creepy clanging in their walls. Meet "Haunted Fayette County," a team that travels in search of folklore, ghosts and mysterious places. -- Monessen Valley Independent, PA

White House, Capitol Haunted by Ghosts of Politics Past - he nation's capital isn't just your average scary place — it's haunted, too. From a congressional demon cat to the ghost of Abraham Lincoln living out his afterlife at the White House, the 2008 candidate who settles in at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. once the election cycle is over might have more than the unfinished business of the last Congress spooking him or her after the move to Washington. --ABC news

Haunting tales fill island city - Galveston's historic Strand district is known for its shopping and restaurants, but there's more that meets the eye. The city is teeming with ghost stories -- so many, in fact, that Galveston has been called the third most haunted place in America and the seventh most haunted place in the world. -- KTRK

Pennsylvania hunter by the name of Rick Jacobs claims he photographed Bigfoot. - Rick Jacobs, a hunter from Pennsylvania, claims that he has taken a picture of Bigfoot. The animal on the picture certainly does not look like a bear. The photo of Bigfoot by Rick Jacobs was posted on the website of the Bigfoot Research Organization (yes, there is one) and according to one of the members of the organization, the photo appears to be one of a juvenile Sasquatch. --ogpaper.com

Elijah Burke goes Ghost Hunting - If there are any ghosts haunting the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, they better prepare for a real experience on Halloween night. ECW’s Elijah Burke plans to bring the Elijah Experience to Waverly Hills on Wednesday when he’ll be a special guest on the Ghost Hunters live, all-night show on Sci Fi. --wwe.com

“Am I scared? I am absolutely not scared,” ECW's Elijah told WWE.com, explaining that he’s watched Ghost Hunters and finds the stories intriguing.

“Am I scared? I am absolutely not scared,” ECW's Elijah told WWE.com, explaining that he’s watched Ghost Hunters and finds the stories intriguing.

Long-Banta House haunted? - On Sept. 8 a paranormal group investigated alleged supernatural phenomena at various locations in Potosi. In addition to the Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR), a Daily Journal reporter along with the newspaper’s information technology manager participated in the investigation. The following is the first of a three-part series that deals with the investigation.
-- dailyjournalonline.com

GREEN FUNERALS: Putting aside embalming and tombs
Some believe that services at home and simple caskets gradually will change how society deals with death. --mainetoday.com


Fiery UFO Blows Up Off N.J.
A mysterious giant "fireball" was spotted exploding over the ocean off the Jersey Shore last night. --New York Post

$100 million skull
A diamond-encrusted platinum skull sells for $100 million, a record price for a work sold by a living artist.--yahoonews

Supernatural San Francisco - Come discover the many supernatural happenings in San Francisco with the San Francisco Ghost Society's SUPERNATURAL SAN FRANCISCO PODCAST! Episode: Supernatural San Francisco - Episode 5 Ghost Gadgets. --sfgs.podomatic.com

Ghost Hunting Workshop at the Haunted Pythain Castle! - a Ghost Hunting Workship at the "Haunted" Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO. The Missouri Paranormal Research division (www.paranormaltaskforce.com/MPR.html) of Paranormal Task Force will be conducting a Ghost Hunting Workship at the "Haunted" Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO on Saturday September 15, 2007 & Saturday November 3, 2007! --News-Leader.com

Rock legend Alice Cooper will be the featured guest tonight at a haunted house in Homer, about an hour's drive east of Kalamazoo. --MLive.com

The Times / Vintage Classics Ghost Story Competition - As Vintage reissues six classic Hallowe’en tales, we invite readers to write their own ghost story in our fantastic competition. But first some tips from Susan Hill. --entertainment.timesonline.co.uk

Tracy, Ca - A local writer and paranormal investigator needs more than 20 actors for her screenplay "Haunted," a story based on local ghost stories. -- TracyPress.com

Night in a haunted hotel - So call me crazy, but when offered the chance to copycat Cusack’s role in the film and spend a weekend at a haunted hotel - I said yes. With the perfect ingredient of curiosity, courage and scepticism pumping through me, I arrived at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel in Ascot a little apprehensive. --TheSunonline.com

UFO riddle hovers over Gorleston - IT'S the sort of sight you would expect to see in an episode of Doctor Who - a strange black object with a light coming from it floating silently in the twilight sky. But this is exactly what council worker Stewart Davis witnessed while on his rounds closing parks and cemeteries on Friday night. The father-of-two was driving along Brasenose Avenue in Gorleston at about 8.15pm after locking the Magdalen Way car park when he glanced skywards and noticed something unusual. --greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk

A new book suggests that South Wales is one of the most frightening places on earth – STORIES of ghoulish goings-on in South Wales have been serialised in a new book. Steve Cluer, chairman of the South Wales Paranormal Research group (SWPR), has written Haunted Cardiff and the Valleys, featuring the most spine-chilling stories from across South Wales. --icwales.icnetwork.co.uk

Women fear ghost at night in Haryana village - Gita, one of the village women, said: "The ghost visits anybody at its will and is visible only to those girls or women on whose cots (bedding) it sits. It misbehaves with girls and with daughter-in-laws." Villagers say that the presence of such a weird 'shadow' in the village has terrorised everyone, and most of them appear to have lost their peace of mind. --dailyindia.com

Harry to rise again - A GRANDFATHER who co-founded the second oldest ghost tour in York is set to return as Haunted Harry, The Village Drunk. Harry Mercer, of Fulford, York, died in April at the age of 79 after spending his final days at St Leonard's Hospice, in Tadcaster Road. Now his family want to remember their treasured grandad by holding a charity event to raise money for the hospice that cared for him. The Haunted Harry Charity Evening will take place on Wednesday, October 24, when all of the city's ghost tours will donate their tour profits to the hospice. --thisisyork.co.uk

Ghost haunts policemen - An invisible object regarded as 'a ghost' is suffering policemen of a Police Post at Samari VDC-1, Samari Bhanjyang in Nuwakot district for the past some weeks. It sounds unpleasant to hear, however it's true that the incident is being occurred regularly in the police post for the past longtime. In every midnight, an invisible object snatches neck of any policeman deployed in the post. According to a Head Constable, Tikaram Thapa, policeman falls unconscious for five to seven minutes when the invisible object snatches his neck. The person also can not speak. --gorkhapatra.org.np

Photos: Taiwan's Hungry Ghost festivities - It is believed by worshippers that the gates of hell are opened during the month and the dead ancestors return to visit their relatives. --nzherald.co.nz

Could a Child's Imaginary Friend Actually be a Ghost? Could it be possible that some children's imaginary friends may be more than just products of their own imagination? What if a supernatural entity such as a ghost somehow made contact with a child? Especially if very young a child would not think anything out of the ordinary. They would see the entity as being real and in most cases would be unafraid. Since the adults would most likely not be open to recognizing or perceiving the ghostly entity it would be assumed that the child simply had a vivid imagination. --American Chronicle

Self-described medium to tell his story at Atlantic Fringe Festival - George Leblanc is like the kid in the Sixth Sense: he sees dead people. "I also speak to them, and they speak to me," he said. "But, I am as sane as you. I eat, and drink, and I can put on my pants one leg at a time." Leblanc says he is a medium, and will talk about his abilities in an Atlantic Fringe Festival show called Confessions of a Medium. His is one of 33 productions being mounted at five venues during the 17th annual festival, which runs tomorrow through Sunday, Sept. 9. --hfxnews.ca

Bobby Zoeller of Louisville, Ky., wants folks to know that he believes that Keith Age is nothing short of a quack. Once a ghost hunter, Zoeller and his wife worked with the society for about three years until they opted to leave the group and expose Age and other ghost hunters to the rest of the world. --tmnews.com - Also see: MY STORY AS A PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR IN THE LOUISVILLE GHOST HUNTERS SOCIETY by Bobby Zoeller

Hungry ghosts on the prowl - Hong Kong has turned into a 'ghost town': millions of "hungry ghosts" have ascended from the depths of hell and are prowling the bustling streets. At least, that's what the Chinese believe happens during the Hungry Ghost Festival, a Buddhist/Daoist tradition during which offerings are made to ancestors who have "shuffled off this mortal coil". --dnaindia.com

It is most natural that the dead should choose such an in-between time to return to the world of the living – if only briefly – from their silent abode in the realms beyond.

Shooting on Common sent tourists running for cover - Terrified tourists on a Ghosts and Gravestones haunt walk through Boston Common got a bigger scare than they bargained for when they saw a lone gunman spray two teenagers with bullets, the Herald has learned. --bostonherald.com

Ghosts All Around Us - ARE THERE REALLY ghosts all around us? Can we communicate with them? Do they talk to our children? Melba Goodwyn believes so. As an experienced parapsychologist, member of the Texarkana Paranormal Investigators and author of Ghost Worlds: A Guide to Poltergeists, Portals, Ecto-Mist & Spirit Behavior, Melba provides her personal insights into ghost and haunting phenomena. --paranormal.about.com

The Man to Contact - Frank Drake discusses his famous equation, alien messages, and the search for alien life. --Astrobiology Magazine

Special - ‘Por Tor’ or Hungry Ghosts Festival, 29-30 Aug. - During the 29th and today the 30th August Chinese families in Phuket are celebrating and holding an ancient ceremony called the ‘Por Tor’ Festival. The large and active ceremonies are at Ranong Road in town or at Bang Niew shrine near Sapan Hin. In today’s special report we look at the legend of the festival: --thaisnews.com

A pub full of spirits! -The Rummer Tavern is believed to be one of most haunted pubs in South Wales. --icWales

Ghost lights that dance on Banni grasslands - Strange light phenomenon on the Banni grasslands in India can be seen on any dark night. --Express India

Ghost hunting at Charleston's Old Jail
Ghost Busted: If there are any spirits in the room, touch them, not me! The Southern Paranormal investigators have chased after Bigfoot and witnessed exorcisms. They've investigated claimed hauntings in hotels and abandoned mental hospitals, but this is the group's first jail.

TOP TEN BEST GHOST PHOTOS OF 2007- Voted by the many Readers and visitors of Haunted America Tours. These Reported Real Photos are believed to be actual proof that real ghosts can be captured on film. Visit here and you decide for your self. --Haunted America Tours.com

Canadian UFO Sighting Reports - January - August 2007 ... *HBCC UFO Research* and *UFOINFO* together have received 293 written UFO sighting reports from January 1, up until August 27, 2007 and I am sure the total number will climb as we still have four months left in 2007. Not included in the total number of reports is approximately 26 telephone interviews which we done and the reports have not been written up as of yet, these would include sightings from British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta. -- americanchronicle.com

Hearing noises in your attic after midnight? Seen a spirit or two wander your halls? Who are you going to call? The Historical Society of Smithfield recently called the Pawtucket Paranormal Society to investigate unknown happenings at its headquarters, the historic Smith-Appleby House, 220 Stillwater Road. --zwire.com

Joseph Tittel can't escape his job no matter how hard he tries. ... A couple of Halloweens ago, Tittel of Bristol Township stopped by Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for the former prison's annual scarefest, Terror Behind the Walls. Instead of meeting sheet-clad ghosts and goblins, the psychic medium came face-to-face with the real thing.--phillyburbs.com

Paranormal investigators are looking into reports of strange activity in several Manitou Springs businesses. Mike Olson is a local Private Investigator turned Ghost Hunter. He says, "What I say to the skeptics is definitely give us a call and come out with us and I will make a believer out of you!" He uses the latest video and audio recording equipment to try to collect scientific evidence to prove paranormal activity. They have not yet found any evidence from their weekend search, but Olson says they are still investigating. --fox21news.com

TOP TEN 2007 BEST MOST HAUNTED, SCARIEST CREEPY SPOOK HOUSES -- Halloween is almost here and the fight nights are starting up all over America. As cast by votes from the many visitors to Haunted America Tours so here are their favorite Ghost filled Spokiest, creepiest frightening haunted Houses to visit for the Haloween season of 2007. HauntedAmericaTours.com

Nothing weird about paranormal at UFO expo in California ... Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., a practicing ear, nose and throat specialist from Montana, told a rapt audience of the day in 1947 when his father, an Army intelligence officer, purportedly returned to the family home in Roswell, New Mexico. His dad, Marcel said, was first on the scene of history's most famous flying saucer crash, and he brought some of the wreckage home to show his son. --iht.com

Love Hewitt cries over 'Ghost Whisperer' ... The actress plays Melinda Gordon, a young woman who is able to communicate with the dead, on the CBS series. However, she refuses to watch back her performances because she gets too emotional when she does so. --digitalspy.co.uk

German Scientist Von Braun Was at Roswell During Crash ... In 1947, a controversial event took place in New Mexico near the town of Roswell. The "Roswell Incident," as it has come to be known, remains the paramount case in UFO crash/retrieval history. In addition to the claims of a downed alien ship, alien bodies were said to have been recovered from the debris. --agoracosmopolitan.com

Women in Sangoi Village of Haryana's Karnal District are spending sleepless nights for the past one week, fearing a ghostly shadow that targets only girls or the newly-wedded women. The women keep themselves restricted to their homes by the time it's dusk. All of them fear the 'shadow,' which is said to generally appear before any female in the village when it's dark. --dailyindia.com

More Taiwanese using `ghost money' burning services ... More people are taking advantage of free services that help them burn "ghost money" during Ghost Month, the Environmental Protection Administration said yesterday. "Ghost money" is paper made to resemble bills and is burned as an offering to ghosts. A traditional Chinese belief holds that ghosts emerge from the lower world during the seventh month of the lunar calendar. -- taipeitimes.com

Ghost Hunt In Eufaula ... Ghosts and spirits aren't everybody's fancy, but a group of paranormal experts kept an open mind while visiting the historic Shorter Mansion in Eufaula. The mansion is long-believed to be the site of paranormal activity. A few News Three staffers agreed to go along for the hunt. -- wrbl.com

The Chinese 'Hungry Ghost' festival today ... THE Hungry Ghost Festival or "Zhongyuan Jie" is an occasion that is taken seriously. There are also a number of superstitions that are associated to this festival. One such popular superstition is that one should not go swimming during this month as a ghost might try to drown you. Others include that children shouldn't stay out late and that weddings shouldn't be held that month. People wouldn't want to have extra "guests" for these occasions. --bruneitimes.com.bn

Getting to know Virginia City's lively ghosts ... For years, Virginia City billed itself as "the West's Liveliest Ghost Town." So, it's not surprising that the former mining town would be the focus of a great many ghost stories. In fact, there are at least two books on the subject, including "Haunted Nevada" by Janice Oberding and "Comstock Phantoms" by Brian David Bruns. --lahontanvalleynews.com

Is aviation museum haunted?
Sam Tyree and his team from Great Plains Paranormal Investigations recently spent a night at the museum to look into some unusual incidents. --kansas.com

A German man has returned several stolen pharaonic carvings to Egypt in the hope that his stepfather's soul can now rest in peace after he was reportedly struck down by the curse of the pharaohs. --Kooky.com

Camp for those who see dead people ... WONEWOC, Wisconsin (AP) -- They see dead people on Spook Hill. "Oh yeah, they're all over the place," says Judy Ulch, a jovial 60-year-old who claims not only to see dead people but also receive messages from them that she passes on to their loved ones who pay $40 per half hour for her services. --Cnn.com

Does a Chelsea FC ghost haunt Roman Abramovich's Lowndes Square empire? Residents claim to have encountered a spectral white-haired lady who sits by the kerb and pulls faces at anyone who looks at her - although now we know the Chelsea FC owner has acquired much of the site there seems a simpler explanation. Could the ghostly figure actually be predecessor Ken Bates? --telegraph.co.uk

Witches charged after raccoon entrails left on doorsteps... SALEM, Mass. --Two witches have been accused of tossing a raccoon head and entrails on the doorsteps of two businesses as part of what a witness called an internal Wiccan community feud Sharon Graham, 46, a self proclaimed high priestess of Salem witches, and Frederick Purtz, 22, pleaded not guilty at their arraignment Wednesday in Salem District Court on charges of malicious destruction of property. Graham also was charged with intimidating the witness, allegedly telling him she would "make him pay" if he didn't keep quiet. --Boston.com

Shadow Creatures Weird Beings of the Paranormal Realm ... The shadow creatures seem to be attracted to negative energy, they also seem to herald some trouble brewing. It's almost as if these shadow creatures feed of the negative energy or take some sort of delight in misery and sorrow.- americanchronicle.com

Ghostly 'show' at theatre ... An all-night paranormal investigation at famous theatre. Ghost hunters will descend on Morecambe's most famous theatre this week to take part in an all-night paranormal investigation. The Winter Gardens Theatre on the promenade is steeped in history and said to be quite an "active" location. Ghostly presences there are said to include a caretaker called Stan who bustles around the theatre and a woman who sits in the theatre stalls. --lep.co.uk

Reputed 'haunted house' demolished ... ERGENNES TOWNSHIP -- Murder. Blood stains. Ghostly presences. Tall tales, says the owner of a reputed "haunted house" that was demolished today. Attention, all ye late-night seekers-of-the-undead: You can cross the house at 11768 off the list of scary destinations. It is no longer standing. Township officials say they are glad to be rid of the neighborhood nuisance. Neighbors have complained for years about teens roaming the property at all hours. Trespassers repeatedly tore down boarded windows and a fire was set earlier this year. -- mlive.com

Haunted hotel in top 10 Most haunted - Ludlow's Feathers Hotel A Shropshire town has been named as one of Britain’s scariest holiday destinations, according to a lifestyle magazine. --shropshirestar.co.uk

ROBBIE Coltrane continues his tour of B-Road Britain with a visit to Chillingham Castle which is being shown on ITV1 at 9pm on Wednesday. Chillingham Castle's previous guests include Edward I, James I and William Wallace and it is allegedly the most haunted in England. --berwick-advertiser.co.uk

GHOST HUNTERS ... What people do in their hours away from the office is usually not much of a surprise. Except for the case of Bethany Rucinski, an East Side resident and writer/producer at Zizzo Group Advertising in downtown Milwaukee. In May, Rucinski headed to Door County for nine days of ghost hunting as part of her new television project, "Ghosts of Door County." --gmtoday.com

Ghosts to disappear from 'Field of Dreams' site ...Ghost players will walk out of the corn at the Field of Dreams baseball movie site for the last time Sept. 30, ending a cinema-inspired era at one of Iowa's most recognized tourist attractions. --desmoinesregister.com

Derek Acorah's near-death on the Nile ... He’d encountered several scary ghosts in Britain filming spooky series Most Haunted, but something told him Egyptian spirits were on another level entirely. Acccording to Derek a strange force struck him hard on the face – leaving him unable to breathe and fearing for his life as colleagues looked on helpless. The terrifying ordeal, which lasted several minutes, will be screened next month on Living TV’s Paranormal Egypt. --Thesun.co.uk

High spirits-- ghosts, that is-- on high seas ... You have until the end of this month to book a spot on a spooky, high seas voyage this December on the Supernatural Caribbean Cruise. It's a four-day journey with ghost writer Troy Taylor and ghost storyteller extraordinaire Diane Ladley, who also runs Naperville Ghost Tours. The December 10-14 trip departs from Miami and heads into the infamous Bermuda Triangle on Carnival cruise's ship, Fascination. --suntimes.com

It has come to be known as the Spooky House Incident: A group of teenagers in this quaint older suburb who tried to scare themselves on a "ghost hunt" and a recluse who responded with gunfire, leaving two lives wrecked. A pretty blonde high school cheerleader, Rachel Barezinsky, is crippled for life. Allen S. Davis, roused from an eccentric but otherwise unoffending existence, was sentenced last month to 19 years in prison for what he describes as defending his home. --hosted.ap.org

New York ghost hunters search old city jail Bernadette Peck is a skeptic. It's a rather unusual description for a person who actively seeks out ghosts. "I'm not impressed with orbs for the most part," said the founder and president of Ghost Seekers of Central New York (GSCNY). --standard-freeholder.com

FIREFIGHTERS are renowned for their valour, but they have been left unnerved inside their fire station in Drove Road. Poltergeists are said to haunt the building, which lies on the route of the old canal, in which people are thought to have drowned. --thisisswindon.co.uk

Somerville’s ghost hunters Paranormal team hot on trail of the unexplained The Somerville paranormal team has conducted seven investigations since it was formed 10 months ago. The team has conducted two investigations at the old Morgan County Courthouse. --decaturdaily.com

UFO sightings in Russia... In a report that was provided by two Russian UFO investigators, Dr. Yuliy Platov and Colonel Boris Sokolov, in 2000, it was clear that the 13 year study had revealed very little to support the existence of Aliens, at least in Russia. However, they did admit that there were some cases that remained unexplained. --americanchronicle.com

HUNTER OF GHOSTS IS SPOOKED AT HOSPITAL DAY ROOM A Group of people who search for paranormal activity have strengthened claims that a disused hospital which is in the process of being demolished is haunted. --thisisderbyshire.co.uk

SPIRITS ON THE LOOSE --The gates of Hell are now open for spirits to walk the earth — it’s the start of the Hungry Ghost festival. --nst.com.my

Fox Reality to debut 'The Search for the Next Elvira' on October 13 ... Following The Search for the Next Elvira's second episode on Saturday, October 20, those in the studio audience will be able to vote for their favorite contestant who will be chosen as the new "Mistress of the Dark" during the series' live finale on Halloween night. --realitytvworld.com

On the hunt for the elusive tiger ...THE LAST documented thylacine - Tasmanian tiger - died at Hobart Zoo in September 1936, and the species was declared "presumed extinct" in 1986. But is it? Travel anywhere on Tasmania's west coast and you will meet locals who tell tales of some of the 4000 claimed sightings of the mystifying marsupials over the past 70 years.--smh.com.a

Ghost Hunter's Night is a spooky tour for patrons of the Jerome Grand Hotel, paranormal enthusiasts, history buffs and curious minds in general. The tour looks at the haunted history of the Jerome Grand Hotel and Liberty Theatre. The hotel was built as a hospital in 1926 by the Phelps Dodge Mining Corp. Perched on the side of Mingus Mountain, it is the tallest structure in the Verde Valley and was closed in 1950 as mining operations ended. --azcentral.com

‘Ghost ship’ drops off immigrants, fishermen claim ... Traditionally, fishermen around the world have always been associated with unlikely tales of strange phenomena encountered upon the waves: sea-monsters, mermaids, phantom ships and other such superstitious oddities. And in recent months, a number of Maltese fishermen claim to have encountered a mysterious apparition which, although not exactly paranormal, remains more or less unexplained. --maltatoday.com.mt

Mangalore: 'Ghost in City' - Residents Press Panic Button ... While almost the entire city is getting ready to retire to bed, a few hundred people are keeping a vigil on Thursday August 16 night to accomplish a mission. Reports reaching to Daijiworld office just now informed that people have gathered in big numbers in front of an under-construction building near Shree Devi College at Ballalbagh here after rumours spread that there have been problems from ghosts in the building for two days.--daijiworld.com

Ghost Month Incense could be harmful to health, EPA officials warn --taipeitimes.com

Our guide to Sydney ghost tours ... TALES of things that go bump in the night are not just the stuff of childhood campouts and sleepovers - they're also the inspiration behind numerous ghost tours. And judging by their popularity, it's not only children who are fascinated by spooky stories.--news.com.au

Paul Cucinelli, 61, of Essex said he and his eldest daughter share a connection with the spirit world. A retired state trooper, Cucinelli and his wife, Anne, 49, recently returned from Cheyenne, Wyo., where Cucinelli said he shared ghost stories with Sitting Bull's great-great-grandson, a painter named Billy Sitting Bull. Cucinelli said he experienced ghosts in the condominium where he lives. Anne Cucinelli believes her husband, though she said she has never seen the ghosts, like a strawberry-blond woman in a 19th-century blue dress. Paul Cucinelli said he felt something brush across his legs just before leaving for Citro's show. Fortunately, the Cucinellis don't scare easily. --burlingtonfreepress.com

Entertain the dead, CHARM THE LIVING ... 1965, the year Singapore gained independence, according to getai organiser Peter Loh, 56, who has been in the business for 38 years. The goal is to entertain ghosts, released from 'hell' and are on 'vacation' on earth. --newpaper.asia1.com.sg

How to keep safe during the Hungry Ghosts Month ... The seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, usually August, is believed to be the most inauspicious time of the year. It is called the Ghost Month, and it climaxes on the 14th day of the month when the Chinese celebrate the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. They believe that hungry ghosts are ghosts of people that did not find everything they need to survive in their after life. If a ghost passes on, but does not have enough food, water, shelter, and other material things, it will come back into the world of the living to scare people and feed off their energy and fear. This month is believed to be the time when the gates of hell are opened to free the hungry ghosts who then wander not only to seek food on Earth but also to cause misfortune to the living. -- manilastandardtoday.com

Hungry Ghosts may spook property boom ... The subprime crisis half a world away — coupled with the Hungry Ghost Festival in Asia — may mean a quieter month for property agents in Singapore. August — traditionally a slower month because of superstitious house-buyers — will be hit by the double whammy of poor purchasing sentiment that's spilling over from the US because of the subprime saga, said analysts. --channelnewsasia.com

Fredericton Honours World-Renowned Flying Saucer Expert
The city of Fredericton is proclaiming today as Stanton Friedman Day, an homage to the 73-year-old UFOlogist who has talked and written his way to the top ring of the galaxy of believers who say Earth is being visited by aliens. --thechronicleherald.ca

Fenghuang: Mothman in China?
The breaking news out of China of another bridge collapse can be linked to an ancient cryptid bird. --Cryptomundo

Mystery within Cameron Lake Sightings over the years could mean there’s a monster Is there something strange living in Cameron Lake? Bridgette Horvath isn’t sure, but she says she saw something very odd in the water when driving by the swimming area recently, and others say they’ve either seen it too, or heard from others who have. --pqbnews.com

Investigators uncover ghosts in Old Town Dayton When Sandie LaNae and Marilyn Laffoon walked into the historic general store building in Old Town Dayton, you could feel their excitement. They looked like a couple of kids in a candy store. But they weren't looking for candy -- they were looking for spirits of Dayton's past. LaNae and Laffoon are partners in Thin Veil Investigators, a business that as LaNae's business card aptly puts it, involves "Discreetly encountering your ghosts." --rgj.com

Experts uncover Orkney's new Skara Brae and the great wall that separated living from dead NEW evidence has been unearthed suggesting Orkney islanders once built a physical barrier between the land of the living and the spirit world. Archaeologists are working on a Neolithic settlement, dating back nearly 5,000 years. --.scotsman.com

Haunting Linked To Crime Posted ... ‘Investigator’ Believes Spirits Feed On Vault’s Electric Field Shea Willis, who will move her businesses, Ravenwood Café and Ravenwood Gallery, to "The Triangle Building," 233 Main St. in Dayton, says the building is haunted. Willis, lead investigator with the Shenandoah Valley Paranormal Society, says she saw proof one night when she walked into the bank’s old vault. --dnronline.com

How to write a ghost story What's the secret to writing a great ghost tale? Following are 13 tips -- an appropriately spooky number -- on how to bring the spooktacular to your storytelling. Some apply to writing a collection of stories, but most offer insights that will help you even if you're writing just one tale. --Quad-Cities Online

Ghost trackers always in spirit to go hunting indy Sarault has seen ghosts, and Saturday night she helped take small groups of people on a ghost hunt in Greater Lafayette. "I haven't seen a whole body apparition. It's mostly shadows. But when you see a tall, naturally shaped shadow with a hat ...," said Sarault, director of the Lafayette chapter of Indiana Ghost Trackers, which held an open house Saturday afternoon at the Tippecanoe County Public Library. --jconline.com

Ghost hunter on TV series this week
Rob Conover A Pekin man will be featured on a Discovery Channel show this week, and it's just one of his numerous national television appearances. His unique talent? He can see and sense ghosts, and when he does, he drives them out of homes and other places. --hoinews.com

Chinese couples are staying away from photo shoots for their wedding during the upcoming Hungry Ghost Festival for fear of accidentally capturing “spiritual images”. Wedding planners claim this is the latest taboo among couples. --Malaysia Star, Malaysia

Haiti UFO Video
Watch video footage of UFOs purportedly shot over Haiti on the evening of August 6, 2007.


Halifax Ghosts to be Rescued
Haligonians worried about abandoned or neglected local ghosts will be happy to read that the Rescue Mediums, aka Jackie Dennison and Christine Hamlett, ... --Halifax Live, Canada

Adam Levine Appreciated Ghosts At Houdini's Haunted Mansion
Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is glad he recorded his new album at the former mansion of legendary magician Harry Houdini - the ghosts there helped them ... --Post Chronicle

The remains of an animal - around 11-foot-long and some five feet wide - are lying in a house of Santosh Mandol at the nondescript Manmathanagar in Gosaba's Bipradaspur village. Santosh and his youngest daughter Shubha stumbled upon the bones while digging the banks of the pond adjacent to their house. -- Timesof India. Indiatimes.com

Nessie Footage Questions Focus On Filmmaker
Gordon Holmes has admitted that he has filmed fairies, seen apparent alien black cats, taken electrical spectrograms. --Cryptomundo

Don't Take Adrian Beltre to a Haunted House
Via Inside the Dodgers, I was informed that Adrian Beltre once complained about a hotel in Milwaukee being haunted. And no, I'm not joking. -- AOL SPORTS, NY
Ghost town: No word from the Dodgers of any haunting at the team hotel this week.

According to the team's press notes, some Dodgers claim the Pfister Hotel is haunted. During a stay there in 2001, Adrian Beltre heard knocking noises on his door, while the television and air conditioning repeatedly turned on and off. He also claimed to have heard pounding noises from the other side of his headboard like a man hitting his open hand against the wood. --milwaukee.brewers.mlb.com


IF you see a bottle bobbing in the sea, do not pick it up and take it home ? no matter how pretty it is or how curious you are about the message that will invariably be inside. For chances are that the bottle contains a trapped spirit, imprisoned to stop it from bothering the living. -- Malaysia Star, Malaysia

Paranormal Awards voting
Voting for the 2007 Paranormal Awards is open to the public on the Ghost World Conference Web site. --York Daily Record, PA

'Anybody down there?'
The six team members at the Gettysburg case, though serious about their investigations, are not full-time ghost hunters. --The Evening Sun, PA

House Proud Southern Gothic: Ghosts Welcome
Man of Many Mansions Hunt Slonem, a painter, right, bought an 1832 plantation house although he already owns one, as well as three other homes. -- New York Times, N

Reader spots connection in ghost hunters’ find
BY PAM DAILEY Staff writer. MILTON — In a two-part article about the Central Pa. Paranormal Research Association’s investigation of the Standard Journal... --Milton Daily Standard, PA

Elmwood's extra residents
He moved up the staircase, decades of memories passing with each step, and talked about the house he loves and the ghosts who haunt it. --York Daily Record, PA

Ghosts may be your roommates at the Stanley Hotel
My sister and I checked in to the Stanley Hotel as much for the ghosts as for its spectacular setting just a few miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, ... --Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX

A rash of 'caveman' and 'werewolf' sightings near Stafford could have a rational explanation - after one expert claimed REAL wolves could survive on Cannock Chase. Paranormal investigators around the globe are in a frenzy after the Post revealed reports of a 'strange creature' on the beauty spot were growing. --icstafford

Something Strange in the Neighborhood? Call Ghost Hunters
Group shares fascination for occult, belief in spirits --Detroit News

Man Says His Video Shows Loch Ness Monster ... EDINBURGH, Scotland (May 31) - The Loch Ness monster is back - and there's video. A man has captured what Nessie watchers say is possible footage of the supposed mythical creature beneath Scotland's most mysterious lake.--YorkshirePost

He's Got the Power! icSeftonandWestLancs
DISCOVERING you can see dead people must be a frightening experience, especially if you’re just a child. --icSeftonandWestLancs

It is most natural that the dead should choose such an in-between time to return to the world of the living – if only briefly – from their silent abode in the realms beyond.

George Noory Hosts SciFi Special
A programming note: Coast-To-Coast AM host George Noory steps in front of the camera June 13, on the SciFi Channel for "Into the Unknown With George Noory." You may want to get to the remote early that night. -- TVSquad.com

Pirates of the Paranormal
The cutlery-abusing 70's icon got bent out of shape recently after a video clip debunking his paranormal abilities surfaced on YouTube. --InfoWorld, CA

Corpse Brides: 6 Women Killed And Sold As Brides ... A man in Hebei killed six women and sold their bodies as brides to those wishing to hold "spirit weddings" for their dear departed.--Kooky.com

11 school kids hospitalized after talking about ghost stories ... UJI, Kyoto -- Eleven junior high school students suffered hyperventilation and were rushed to hospital after talking about ghosts on a bus during a school... --Mainichi Daily News, Japan

Ghostly goings on
SPECULATION over the presence of ghosts has surrounded Smithills Hall since a local preacher was interrogated there in the 1500s. --This Is Lancashire, UK

They film dead people
Instead, this is a local documentary entitled Ghosts - The Singapore Hauntings, made by paranormal group Organisation For Supernatural Research and ... --Electric New Paper, Singapore

With Hawaii undergoing a building boom, big corporations such as Wal-Mart and Whole Foods Market are running into an obstacle almost as formidable as the environmentalists and the protectors of the islands' laid-back charm: the dead. --YahooNews.com

Conditions at graveyard upset relatives... Run down conditions at a New Orleans cemetery have some relatives of those buried there upset. Some say they see a ghost at the start of the video at about 17 to 20 seconds --WWLTV.com

Ghostbusters paying visit to theatre
Ghosthunters Paranormal Site Investigators (PSI) will be looking into an alleged haunting at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon on Saturday. ... --Gazette & Herald, UK


'Friends' Co-creator Looking Into Paranormal Reality Series
By Melissa Wilson | Published Today | Television | Unrated. Marta Kauffman, one of the minds behind NBC's Friends, is stepping into reality tv -- sorta ... --Firefox News, AZ

Scary idea: Ghost seekers, skeptics explore creepy jail
Much like the gulf between the human and spirit realms, the atheist-humanist members and the ghost hunters mingled little in their four-hour stay. ... --Charleston Post Courier (subscription)

Muse: "'Twixt Two Worlds" celebrates the supernatural
Geared toward the spiritualism phenomenon that took rise in England and the United States in the late 1870s, the exhibit shows the possibility that ghosts ... --The California Aggie Online

Psychic Only Hurts Family of Victims
There is an old saying that defines an “expert” as being someone with a briefcase who is more than 50 miles from home. By that definition when Robbie Thomas came to Bardstown last week to weigh in on what caused the horrible fire Feb. 6 at 135 Guthrie Drive, a blaze that claimed the lives of 10 people, he was speaking as “an expert.” --Kentucky Standard

Joan of Arc remains 'are fakes' Bones thought to be the holy remains of 15th Century French heroine Joan of Arc were in fact made from an Egyptian mummy and a cat, research has revealed. -- BBCNEW

100 of the most haunted spots in the world to encounter a real ghost!

Real Voodoo for Computer technicians; Computer users; Computers; the Internet; Schoolchildren; and Students Saint Isidore Of Seville The Patron Saint of the Internet. --hauntedamericatours.com

A GHOST TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM ... A couple who held their wedding at Scotland's most haunted hotel were stunned when they were gatecrashed by a mysterious green phantom. It was taken as guests relaxed in the cocktail bar in the castle - a room where ghost hunters have already detected high levels of supernatural activity. --Glasgow Sunday Mail

Loch Ness Monster 'Nessie' Myth Rears Head Again
The Loch Ness Monster, or "Nessie" as its affectionately called by its fans and believers, is a finned, long-necked beast said to live in the depths of ... --Post Chronicle

Weather fails to dampen search
More than three dozen Bigfoot hunters got a taste of Mother Nature's bad side this weekend, battling the elements for what most said was a successful --Paris News, TX

Ghost hunters attempt to solve 37 year old murder ... Denver, Colorado) In 1970, a double murder took place at the Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado that still remains unsolved.--openpr.com

The ghostly Angel of the Vatican
Image shows a 'guardian angel' above the heads of visitors to St. Peter's Basilica. --Daily Mail

Anna Mitchell-Hedges, claims to have found this crystal skull in Belize during her father’s 1924 search for the lost city of Atlantis. Temples, human sacrifices and a mysterious crystal skull draw visitors to Nim Li Punit, Lubaantun --Toronto Star

Psi Experiments Announces Its Second Psi Experiment
Everyone is invited to participate in this second psi experiment and spread the word among your friends. The more participants, the more reliable will be the results. --Mind-Energy.net

Gibbons: It's Time to Fix the 'Haunted' Clock at the Mansion
It's said that if you stand near the clock, you can feel a cold breeze. Wiemer, first hired at the mansion in 1991, said she became a believer when a whisk of cold air rushed by her one night when she was walking downstairs. --Gazette-Journal

Bomb squad determines device brought to courthouse is harmless
Eula Vee Wallace of Vancouver died Sept. 20, 2005. According to her obituary, she loved animals, ceramics and reading tarot cards. So, did she foresee Wednesday's commotion outside the Clark County Courthouse? --The Columbian

Raising their Spirits? Paranormal group focuses on old orphanage
“Most people were pretty satisfied with what was going on there,” said Maryanne Brown, the director of the paranormal society. “A lot of people were able to ... --Marquette Mining Journal

When Homer the Ghost Dog returns, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) calls on "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan, raising these questions: Do hounds go haunting? Will a spectral spaniel still sit? Can a poodle be a poltergeist?--STLTODAY.COM

Seeking answers about the hit-and-run accident that killed her sister on Interstate 95 this summer, Shanell Francis is hoping a nationally known psychic can give her a glimpse of the truth. --GREENWHICHTIMES.COM

Hong Kong To Begin Burying People Wrapped In Paper ... Traditional wooden coffins are expensive, time-consuming to make and consumes energy during cremation – so why not just use one made of paper? e.sinchew-i.com

REAL HAUNTED AMERICA WEB SEARCH: Searching the web for "Real haunted information, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Chupcabras"? IT'S HERE !--hauntedmaericatours.com

They exposed M'sian bigfoot hoax
Charles said API aims to propagate the belief that most paranormal events can be explained by the application of analytical thinking. ... --Electric New Paper

Mulder and Scully reunion
... two FBI agents investigating everything from paranormal to the downright creepy -- while fending off mysterious, back-room efforts to block their work. ...--The Envelope

The site, which has been running for two years and is updated fortnightly, is a collaboration between Phil and husband and wife paranormal investigators Joe ...--Mid Sussex Today

Walter the ghost turning off the beer in Halifax's haunted pub?
By Virginia Mason. Sometimes there's a strong smell of burning and at others the air is heavy with the old-fashioned scent of lavender. ... --Halifax Today, UK

Hum thing spooky is happening here
Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe, a "parapsychologist" on Living TV's Most Haunted, will attempt to prove that low-frequency noises are responsible for ghostly goings on ... --Scotsman, UK

11 arrested trespassing at 'haunted hospital'
The long-abandoned infirmary, which started life as a tuberculosis sanitarium in 1938, is widely known on the Web as a "haunted hospital" and seems to ... --The Saratogian

There's Something Out There: A Bigfoot Encounter
A CTV Original documentary examines how a fluke encounter with a Bigfoot has changed a man's life and a small Manitoba community. CTV

Listen to past Parahub Radio shows or individual interviews with some of the top Investigators, writers and film makers in the field.

Edo Period Drawing of Kappa, a Mythical Creature in Japan
A brief look at the Japanese equiviant to a chupacabra/"little people"-blend mystery creature from the 17th century. --Neatorama

After a 17-year-old boy died, oil began seeping through his bedroom walls and ash appeared on the floor. Some now believe he was a messenger of God. --todaytonightyahoo.com

Pennsylvania One of Top States for Bigfoot Sightings
Pennsylvania ranks fourth among states in the number of alleged sightings of the elusive human-ape creature, members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society said. The claims were made during a program titled "Have You Seen Bigfoot?" presented Saturday at Yellow Creek State Park by Friends of the Parks. --Indiana Gazette

Cumbrian 'Nessie' spotted
SIGHTINGS of a suspected monster in one of Cumbria’s lakes have prompted claims that it could be the English equivalent of Nessie. --Whitehaven News, UK

Peterborough launches 'ghost-cam' to spy on haunted museum
... said to be the 'Lonely ANZAC', First World War soldier Thomas Hunter who died in the building in 1916 from wounds received in France. --24dash.com, UK

Blenheim Palace brings ghosts to life
A ghostly apparition will guide visitors through a new exhibition (from May) at one of England's finest stately homes. --Europe Travel News

Can You Live With the Voices in Your Head?
A support group for individuals who hear voices in their head shows how varied and pervasive the phenomenon is in our world. --New York Times

Minnesota men find travel niche in haunted places
Dave Schrader of Circle Pines and Tim Dennis of Burnsville are leading groups as large as 220 people on trips to haunted hotels, spooky cruise ships and abandoned prisons... --LaCrosse Tribune, WI

Sasquatch sighting stories move to Internet
NANAIMO -- The creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch is covering a whole new territory -- the Internet -- after a Texas man, a self-styled Bigfoot ... --Victoria Times Colonist

Lizzie Borden House Ghost Hunt... "We've had Christopher Moon of Haunted Times Magazine here six times, people from TAPS (Ghost Hunters) and Fangoria Magazine," said Wilber. "There has been a number of psychics and mediums that have been inside the home, and it is an extremely active house." --www.zwire.com

The 18-year-old claims he has long been in contact with the spirit world, saying his first contact with "the other side" was when his dead grandfather used to appear to him at the age of six to read him bedtime stories. --www.wiganonline.co.uk

BRAVE fundraisers are needed to spend the night in a haunted museum on Friday April 13 to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust., Peterborough Museum is reputedly one of the most haunted sites in the city, with many ghosts said to be lurking around the building. --ely-standard.co.uk

Animal Psychic Listens to Pets
Hearing loss made communicating with people difficult when she was a kid, but the family pets were always willing to listen, Donetta Zimmerman says. -- Cincinnati Enquirer

Firefighter lets spirits lead him in ghost-busting gig ... As a kid, Rob Fennessy was fascinated with cemeteries and old schoolhouses, anywhere that might be haunted. As an adult, not much has changed. --BRADENTON.COM

John Bindernagel, a biologist and the author of the book North America's Great Ape: the Sasquatch, is concerned that the ability to post videos by anyone claiming to have footage of a Sasquatch will damage efforts to do genuine scientific research into the phenomenon. --Canada.com

Caught up in occult fever
Today, you have most established religions addressing the issue of "supernatural beings" — ghosts and devils and such — things that you can’t rationalise. .. --New Straits Times, Malaysia

Five-million-year-old Whale Skeleton Turns Up In Tuscan Vineyard... The skeleton of a five-million-year-old whale has been found in the Tuscan vineyard that produces the world-famous Brunello di Montalcino wine.-- e.sinchew.i

Travalnola, New Orleans and the world!

Tales of ghosts, love stories and foreign travelers
Docents have reported numerous unexplainable events that have led them to believe that one or more ghosts must inhabit the old structure. ... --Valencia County News Bulletin

Seeing 'ghosts' in the Maine woods
For an animal that’s supposed to be extinct in the eastern United States, mountain lions have sure been getting around the Maine woods. --MaineToday.com

Church With Mysterious Orbs Sees New Miracle ... Analysis of photos and video presented. HALTOM CITY Last year, many people responded to reports of strange light orbs appearing at Haltom City's Riverwalk Fellowship Church. One year later, more evidence has come to light, this time with international implications.
--CBS 11 News

Ghostbusters Wanted: A Haunted Police Station?
Is Birkirkara, Malta facing an eerie mystery? A few weeks ago, a man sitting in the town police station’s corridor saw a lady in black walk towards a door, and head straight through it… without opening it. -- MaltaStar

Psychics 'hired to find Bin Laden'
Psychics were recruited by the Ministry of Defence to locate Osama Bin Laden's secret lair. --Daily Mail

Guadalupe Rodriguez, who discovered the Virgin Mary image. Virgin Mary image draws throngs. Metal baking sheet at an elementary school yields apparent likeness on Ash Wednesday. --Houston Chronical

GHOSTS, ghouls and ectoplasm are some of the things you might find at a paranormal investigation at the former secret nuclear bunker at Kelvedon Hatch next month . --Newsquest's audited local newspaper network

Parapsychologist Rhea A. White Passes at 75
Rhea White, founder of the Exceptional Human Experience Network, died this morning, February 24, 2007. --Sun Journal

On Thursday, February 22nd, the Burial Chamber Haunted Complex is taking part in a sold out Haunted House tour that includes visitors from as far away as Tokyo. The visitors will be bussed from Transworlds’s Haunt and Attractions show, held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago for a full day of haunted education. --wfrv.com news 5

University puts psychic archive on Internet ... An incredible collection of séance images and related material has been made available.
--Paranormal Review

Do You Believe in Ghosts? Now You Can Find Out Why .
Mysteries such as what makes men and women disagree and why people believe in ghosts are set to be explained at the Capital's annual science festival in UK. -- Scotsman.com

Afterlife Sentence
Paranormal investigators and amateur ghost-hunters are frequent visitors to the tours offered at the West Virginia Penitentiary, which was closed in 1995. -- News & Observer

Bat-like demon blamed for attacks Men in parts of Tanzania's main city, Dar es Salaam, are living in fear of a sex attacks from a bat-like demon. The attacks are being blamed by some on a demon called Popo Bawa, meaning winged bat, reports the BBC. --ananova

Priest bids to count ghost out
Scottish financial firm calls in priest after being targeted by a suspected ghost. --Scotsman

Crane Used To Haul Coffin: It's not often that you see construction machinery being used for a burial, but that's exactly what happened at a funeral held last Friday afternoon on the 27th of October.--e.sinchew-i.com

haunted new orleans tours...SHHH!

Decades later, the Dover Demon still haunts... Dover --Twenty-nine years later, William Bartlett stands by his story of what he saw on Farm Street that night. It was an eerie human-like creature, he said, about 4 feet tall with glowing orange eyes and no nose or mouth in a watermelon-shaped head. --Boston.com

Did An Angel Appear Over the State Fair? South Carolina woman captures unusual photos atop a ferris wheel (with video). --WLTX.com

Dismemberment Murder Rivets New Orleans New Orleans is a city fascinated ... Carriage drivers regale French Quarter tourists nightly with phantasmagoric tales of black magic, debauchery and murder. --CBS News, New York

Ft. Apache reports spur Bigfoot hunt
The legendary creature purportedly has been chased by police officers, spotted by campers. --Arizona Republic

CELEBRITY psychic Uri Geller is convinced a clairvoyant helped US troops ferret Saddam Hussein out of his Iraq hideout three years ago. --news.com.au

Ghost hunters: The Gulf State Paranormal Society is mostly made up of Jefferson and Shelby County residents, who investigate “haunted” places like King House twice a month. In the last year, the group has visited Sloss Furnaces, Moundville Archeological Park, and the civil war prisoner of war camp in Andersonville.-- Shelby County Reporter

Rte. 65 Trouble Could Be A Supernatural Matter People who’ve been living in the Emsworth area bordering the Wal-Mart property think the answer may be supernatural. Before they ever began excavating for the Wal-Mart Super Center, the Dixmont State Mental Hospital stood on the property for more than 100 years. --kdka.com > SEE VIDEO ALSO<

A TV cameraman claimed he was attacked live on air by spirits as TV show Most Haunted explored vaults under Edinburgh. -- THE DAILY RECORD

Turn Your iPod Into a Ouija Board
Techies discover a novel new mediumesque use for your iPod. --CNET

Ghost Hunters Live Scares Up Big Ratings For SCI FI Channel Ghost Hunters Live (October 31/November 1, 11pm-5am), a never-before-attempted, live, 6-hour Ghost Hunters investigation delivered impressive Halloween-night. --Reality TV Magazine The startling evidence gathered from Ghost Hunters Live will be presented in a brand-new episode airing on Wednesday, November 8 at 9pm, "Best of the Stanley Hotel."

Scientists Shine Light on 'Speaking in Tongues' The language center of the brain found not to be under control of subjects. - Newswise

Duo wants to teach you how to hunt ghosts Ghost hunters scour Utah and surrounding states for evidence of the paranormal. -Salt Lake Tribune


Scientist pours cold water on Loch Ness theory Plesiosaur would have been unable to lift its head up, swan-like, out of the water. --The Scotsman

Videotape of Apparent Ghost In Graveyard Louisville-based investigators release intriguing footage (with video). --WAVE 3

VIDEO http://www.wave3.com/Global/story.asp?S=5614176&nav=0RZF

Paranormal Researchers Investigate Haunted Bar Some happenings remain unexplained. --Channel 3000

Behind the house calls of a ghost investigator--49abcnews.com

People at bars are known to tell stories, but ghost stories? The Stone Cellar brewpub is supposedly haunted. Post-Crescent

Ghost Photos: A Close Look at the Paranormal By Benjamin Radford-- LiveScience

Halloween Season Articles on Hauntings, Ghost Hunters and Tours
Ghosts are on this syllabus (South Bend IN) and Gilbert woman looking for Arizona ghost stories and University plays host to paranormal activity (Montevallo AL) and Spooks and thrills: Woman says house is haunted (Waterford NY) and At UAA, ghosts are on the playbill (Anchorage, Alaska) and Who You Gonna Call? (Bonita Springs FL) and 10 most real life ghost photos and Do-it-yourself ghost busting and Pursuing The Paranormal (Tolland CT) and Do the ghosts of prisoners haunt the old W. Virginia Penitentiary?. --THE ANOMALIST

Man Bat Sighted by LaCrosse Area Man and Son CNB-Scene.com


Do you believe in ghosts?
By JENNIFER FREEZE ~ Southeast Missourian

Salem Woman Says Witches Have Rights At 73, Laurie Cabot is a proud witch and she's fighting for her civil rights. SALEM, Massachusetts (Oct. 30) - She brews potions, wears flowing black caftans and says she can speak with the dead and cast spells with a gentle wave of a wand. --Scotsman, United Kingdom

Nearly three-quarters of Americans believe in the paranormal, which includes extrasensory perception (ESP), communication with the dead and channeling spiritual entities, according to a poll last year conducted by the Gallup Organization. That's up from the half or more Americans who said they believed in the paranormal, according to a similar Gallup Poll done in 1990.

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Medium Hosts New Morning Radio Show New York medium Mary Occhino – known to many as “Mary O” – is to host a new radio show on the Sirius Stars channel. --Pranormal Review

Ghost Hunting Van on eBay Ready to go big-time in the world of paranormal investigations? They you need this van...or at least TV shows want you to beleive that.--boingboing.net

King Tut's cold case solved?
A CT scan refutes the theory that the Egyptian pharaoh was killed by his enemies.» Find out the results--

Ghost Hunting in the Heartland
(BENTONSPORT, IOWA) "I've had spirits visit me in the night," said ghost hunter Chris Moon of his visits to the Mason House Inn. Now that may sound hard to believe but some say that indeed happens often at the Mason House. --KTVO-TV Kirksville

The ghosts of London past, Walking tours trace Jack the Ripper's trail and other famous dead. Most want to hear stories about the Tower's famous prisoners, such as Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes and Sir Walter Raleigh, and the beheadings that took place.--therecord.com

The paranormal phenomenon of glossolalia, commonly known as speaking in tongues, is a mystical experience that has been around for thousands of years .--AAAS

Indonesian witch doctor tries to jinx Bush trip, An Indonesian man claiming magic powers drank animal and snake blood today as part of a ritual he said would jinx the forthcoming visit of US President George Bush.-- Irish examiner.com

Appalachian Ghostwalks' Amongst The Top Ten Ghost Tours in America, TRI-CITIES, Tenn - "Appalachian GhostWalks" celebrated it's first anniversary on September 1, 2006 with the announcement that they have been voted into the top ten companies in America offering haunted historic ghost tours. --WAFF48NEWS

Freeing spirits from houses
Henrico resident says she cleanses dwellings in which the presence of the past has yet to go away --TimesDispatch.com

'Haunted' theatre calls in the ghostbusters
ONE of Rotherham's oldest buildings is going to be examined by paranormal investigators after a series of spooky goings-on were reported by staff. ... --Yorkshire Post Today, UK

Coming Sunday: Haunted houses?
Some people would call BJ Wall a psychic, but she calls herself a communicator. She says she sees and talks with spirits. She is ... --Richmond Times Dispatch, VA

Haunted house 'ghost' revealed
Pretoria - Barefoot, wearing just a shirt and hugging one of his five dogs, 60-year-old Desmond Smit watched in silence while police searched and later removed ... --News24, South Africa

Ghostly beings, Schoolchildren of varying generations might have heard that one around the autumnal playground or, more appropriately, in the dimly lit rooms of a slumber party. It was a purportedly fact-based tale of an evil spirit who would claw your face or worse if you professed belief in her before a mirror. --SCN1.COM

Soldiers' widows sue for pagan symbols on headstones, The widows of two combat veterans sued the government Monday for not allowing Wiccan symbols on their husbands' military headstones. -- cnn

Not another ghost story
We've all heard ghost stories around the campfire of things that go bump in the night, like the severed hand that haunts the whole village and the lonely ... --Diamondback Online

Wanted: Volunteer to live on reputedly haunted island
Drowning victims' ghosts supposedly haunt Devils Island--canada.com Network.

Ernesto Becomes Category 1 Hurricane. --Reuters

Hertzberg hauntings marked by voices, steps, clanking keys - San Antonio

Bigfoot Beware
Volunteers repair damage to the nation's only known Sasquatch trap (with photo).
---Mail Tribune

Spontaneous Human Combustion -- thothweb.com

Sun's Next Stormy Cycle Starts
A backward sunspot has signaled that the next solar cycle is beginning. --Space.com

Organizers set schedule festival of the Mothman, POINT PLEASANT - The countdown is on. Literally. In fact, a timer at www.mothmanlives.com is slowly ticking off the seconds until the start of the fifth annual Mothman Festival in downtown Point Pleasant, and in 22 days, the red-eyed creature will make his much-anticipated return to the area.--Point Pleasant Register

Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes...
Katrina: one year later-- Why don't we prepare? --Time Magazine

Hurricane John strengthens to Category 4, PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico - Hurricane John strengthened into a dangerous, Category 4 storm Wednesday and forecasters predicted its center would come closer to land during its march up Mexico's Pacific coast, where its outer bands already were lashing tourist resorts with heavy winds and rain.-- yahoonews

Scientology nearly ready to unveil Super Power
In the works for decades, the closely guarded spiritual training program will be revealed in Clearwater. --St. Petersburg Times

Ghost Caught on Cam? - Video http://www.filecabi.net/video/ghost-door.html 

Scientists angry after conference gives platform to paranormal investigator
- Leading scientists have criticised Britain's premier public forum on science for hosting a series of lectures on controversial research into the paranormal that suggests the possibility of mental telepathy and the existence of consciousness after death. -- The Independent

Man Accused Of Shooting Ghosthunting Girl Says He's Innocent
ClevelandA man accused of shooting at a group of teens trespassing on his lawn has pleaded not guilty to five counts of felonious assault, NewsChannel5 reported. -- NewsNet5 via Yahoo! News

Bump in the Big Bear night
Super sleuths Amy Carthon and Margy Nauer gave The Grizzly the tip. “Amhurst,” a suspense thriller, is being filmed in what locals believe to be a haunted house in Big Bear City. --Big Bear Grizzly

Ghostly business
Lafayette has T-Frere’s House and Sunset has Chretien Point Plantation, but New Iberia may have a haunted house of its own. The LeBourgeois building, which houses Lagniappe Too, is where Robert Jordan, 23, claims he recently saw a ghost. --
The Daily Iberian

'Ghost town' enjoys rebirth
Seven hundred Confederate soldiers and 28 Union soldiers died on the grounds of the former Civil War hospital. Perhaps their souls were still wandering up and down the creaky wooden staircase, she explained, setting up her own ghost. --Richmond Times-Dispatch

Fright fans will have to find new place for their thrills
MADISON HEIGHTS -- After scaring the stuffing out of Metro Detroiters for decades, Mutilation Mansion is giving up the ghost this Halloween. --Royal Oak Daily Tribune

'Ghost Hunters' explores scientists' interest in the supernatural
In the fall of 1889, the philosopher William James, prominent Harvard professor and brother of the distinguished novelist Henry James, invited an unusual guest to his family's vacation home in New Hampshire. --Boston Globe

Ghost Stories Haunting Indiana Middle School
For some, it's like the ghost of Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter tales. CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports that a seemingly similar story lurks in the halls of Kahler Middle School in Dyer, Ind. --CBS 2 Chicago.................. see the actual
video news story http://cbs2chicago.com/video/?id=25833@wbbm.dayport.com

Mussolini exhumation called unlikely-- Reuters yahoonews

Another beer goes foreign
SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- The old brick headquarters of Moosehead Brewery in downtown Saint John is said to be haunted by the restless spirit of a long-dead brewmaster. --winnipegsun.com

MUSEUM: A place to learn, have fun and discover - Happy 75th birthday Peterborough Museum , PETERBOROUGH Museum is celebrating 75 years spent at its Priestgate home – and has got more treasures than ever on display, despite the legendary ghost and ghoulies said to tread its floorboards. Feature writer Jemma Walton paid a visit. --The Evening Telegraph

Appease spirits and sell your home
Spiritual cleansing can help both sellers and buyers overcome fears about even the eeriest homes.
--Contra Costa Times

Napa River Inn said to be haunted
Room 208 and its neighboring rooms have seen numerous reports of paranormal activity.
--Vallejo Times-Herald

Telephone telepathy- I was just thinking about you
Rupert Sheldrake shares results from his latest experiments. --Reuters

Soccer Team Wants to Leave 'Jinxed' Stadium
Romanian National Team Wants to 'Go Elsewhere' Romania's players have asked the soccer federation to move future matches away from the Constanta stadium, which they believe is now jinxed.
-- Aol sports news

Stingray Kills 'Crocodile Hunter'
Steve Irwin Dies While Filming in Australia-- ABCNEWS

Everybody is a psychic
JAIME T. LICAUCO - My answer? One hundred percent! It is my belief that everybody is a psychic. --INQ7.net

Goodbye to a ghost hunter
MONROE — Bagpipes played and a light drizzle fell as friends and family laid Ed Warren to rest Saturday at the Stepney Village Cemetery. --Connecticut Post

Physics proves horror movies get it wrong
A theoretical physicist writes that when it comes to things supernatural, the figures just don't add up. --ABC Science Online

Ghostly figure in Haunted House in Singapore-- Google video

No 'God Spot' in the Human Brain
Study finds no specific region in the brain designed for communication with God. --LiveScience

Urban Legends: How They Start and Why They Persist --LIVESCIENCE.COM

The Ghost of the USS Forrestal --thothweb.com

Australian gets go-ahead to deep-freeze himself and parents--PHYSORG.COM

Katrina ignites scientific storm over trends
Are hurricanes becoming more vicious or more frequent? --AFP

Monroe Ghosthunter dies
A look at the lives of Ed & Lorraine Warren. --Connecticut Post

Ghost Crossing


Obit: John Beloff
Scientist who put parapsychology on the academic map. --Guardian U.K.

What Lies Beneath?
Tracking down the monster myth of Italy's Lake Maggiore. --Fortean Times

The Blood Still Boils
St. Januarius' blood has been liquefying with baffling regularity. --Fate Magazine

Cop hears murdered prostitute speak
Voice recorded on psychic's tape recorder.
--Edmonton Sun

Great Lakes Paranormal Researchers Conference
Calling all ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. August 5th is the Great Lakes PAranormal Researchers Conference offering the latest information on field work, techniques, and methodology.

Lake Erie Ghost Hunters Society
Got Ghosts ? Paranormal Research in Northern and Central Ohio. Free Investigations! Audio and Photo editing software downloads. Photos, EVP’s , Discussion Boards.

Christchurch’s ghost whisperers investigate 6
Christchurch company Spooks Paranormal Investigations is heading to the site next month – armed with electro-magnetic sensors, cameras, and voice detectors intended to monitor any supernatural activity, to try to confirm whether the reported ghost is myth or reality.

Word Spreads About N. Oregon Coast Mystical Legend
(Wheeler, Oregon) – If you’re an addict of the ABC show “Lost,” with all its strange, intertwined coincidences, you may be interested to know there’s a place on Oregon’s coast that has its similarities.

They ain’t afraid of no ghosts
On a recent cool Saturday evening at Fort Lincoln in Point Lookout State Park, a half-dozen souls walked slowly in and out of the replica buildings. Following up on legends and rumors, the group, known as Southern Maryland Paranormal, was in search of spirits, not the alcoholic type.

Municipal Auditorium "haunted," drawing more ghost hunters
Todd Weaver, case manager for ghost-hunting group Louisiana Spirits, said Monday the results of a June 5 investigation show "there’s definitely activity" at the auditorium.

Do ghosts love it at Levitz? The haunted location is the warehouse attached to the Sam Levitz Furniture store, 3430 E. 36th St. Ghost sightings have taken place for the past six years in the area of the warehouse where furniture is stacked on racks towering 70 feet high.- - Arizona Daily Wildcat Online, AZ

Valentown Apparition Caught on Video
Recently, Western New York Paranormal was asked to investigate Valentown in Victor New York. t is one of the state’s first self enclosed ghost towns - and they caught more than they bargained for.

Mystery beast blamed for killing 3 dogs --cbc news

Ghosts Paranormal Video



Haunted police station? Though he tried to convince everybody that nothing would happen to him, the chair started shaking all of a sudden and he was thrown out of the chair by some invisible force. --ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK

'Eureka' to debut on the SciFi Channel
New TV series "Eureka" explores weird physics in top-secret town. --American Chronicle

Scientists Study Mystical Effects of Mushrooms
Popular drug of the 60s eyed for its powerful emotional changes (with video). --ABC News

Air museum may have its own friendly ghost
His name may not be Casper, but it seems the Mid America Air Museum may have its own friendly ghost. --SOUTHWEST DAILY TIMES

Official: Jack the Ripper identified
Scotland Yard has taken possession of a policeman’s memoirs which names the serial killer.
--Times Online

Who is haunting the Red Dog?
Researchers called to investigate reported paranormal sightings in the historic pub.

Spotlight: Supernatural sightings?
'The P-Team' claim to have tracked down and captured a Bigfoot in Cambodia three years ago.
--New Straits Times

The Monster Detectives
On the trail of the ninki-nanka. --Independent U.K.

Hotel staff believe they will soon find out whether they have a noisy ghost or fanciful imaginations.

Ghost appears on TV
A woman claims she has a ghost in her TV discovered by her 18-month-old. --Ananova

Reverse Speech and Electronic Voice Phenomena
The use of technology as a means of contacting the spirit world. --Phenomena Magazine

Déjà Vu, Again and Again
People with syndrome called déjà vécu spend much of their time living through experiences they are convinced have happened before. --NY Times

Brain sensor allows mind-control
Implant in a paralysed man's brain has enabled him to control objects by using his thoughts.
--BBC News

New Orleans Voodoo HURRICANE CEREMONY IX Saturday, July 15th. 7:00 p.m.
--Haunted New Orleans Tours

Wanted: Haunts and Ghosts, Stacey Allen McGee of Unicoi is going around literally looking for ghosts. He is the founder of Alternate Realities Center and Tour Director of Appalachian GhostWalks, which provides walking tours of historic haunted sites in the area. These groups are members of the Northeast Tour Association and the Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce. -- Valley Beautiful Beacon, TN

Dracula theme park plan dropped Romanian authorities scrap project for an amusement park dedicated to Dracula. --AFP

Press Release: The Most Haunted Graveyard - Videos Online

19-Year-Old Says His Touch Can Cure Diseases
Profile of Adam, the Canadian who has had this power since the age of 15. --KLTV

Celestial Secrets
The hidden history of the Fatima cover-up.


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