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Some of the locals in Pulau Ubin have taken to worshipping a Real Haunted Barbie doll that occupies a shrine there.

At the shrine known as Lady Na Tuk Kong Shrine", you will find a barbie doll occupying the place on the altar usually reserved for the statue of a deity. Even some of the offerings left on the shrines altar by worshippers are different from the norm. There are creams, lotions, rouges, powders, small mirrors and combs.

According to Literature and History researcher Han Shanyuan (name transliterated), the story behind the shrine begins with a German couple and their daughter.

The family cleared the land in the area to establish a coffee plantation in Pulau Ubin at the beginning of the last century.

However, when World War One broke out, England was at war with Germany and the British viewed Germans as their enemies. During that time, Germans who lived in British colonies were not only unwelcome but were suspected tobe spies. Their properties were confiscated or frozen.

One day in August 1914, the British army came for the German couple and their daughter. The army caught the couple but the girl managed to escape to the mountain behind her family's plantation. Unfortunately, she fell from a cliff and died.

Locals then built the temple in order to pacify the girl's spirit.

According to the temple's keeper, at first people worshipped a porcelain altar instead of the Barbie doll. The porcelain altar is believed to contain a lock of the girl's blond hair and a crucifix that is said to be the one the girl was wearing when she died.

Three years ago, a local emigrant to Australia had the same weird dream for three nights. In his dream, a western girl led him to a shop. She then asked him to buy a Barbie doll and bring it to the"Lady Na Tuk Gong Shrine".

The man followed the directions given with a grain of salt. To his surprise, he found the shop and also the doll the girl described in his dream.

He bought the doll and brought it back to Pulau Ubin.

Today, a lot of people come to the temple to worship the Barbie doll and it is said their prayers for safety and health are answered. (Sin Chew Daily) Sinchew-i 2007.0621 http://e.sinchew-i.com/content.phtml?sec=31&artid=200706210006

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