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Robert The Haunted Doll Mandy The Haunted Doll Haunted Devil Baby Doll Annabelle The Haunted Doll
Haunted Zombie Voodoo Doll Harold The Haunted Doll Pupa The Haunted Doll Alice The Haunted Doll
Jollie The Haunted Doll Emilia The Haunted Doll Amanda a real Haunted Doll The Haunted Doll Mercy
Haunted Berbie Doll Caroline the Real Haunted Doll BEBÉ the haunted dolk Christina the haunted doll

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A vast number of paranormal experts and investigators spend much of their time investigating these portable haunted items. Ebay is often filled with haunted doll claims. But are they all haunted by a real ghost or is it a ploy just to make a few bucks off of the unknowing buyers. One must often believe when buying any haunted item the haunting is in the eye of the beholder. Often many find that their haunted doll is haunting them by the price they had to pay to own it. But one beliefs is that a haunted doll with a genuine ghost attached may only have an effect on a certain owner not on all who's hands it passes through. More and more paranormalist or now investigating the owners of the dolls that make their claims and their haunted babies together and forgoing purchasing them to investigate openly.

Ghosts Dolls:
While haunted doll stories are not uncommon, the case of real haunted dolls are unique in that so many claim to have witnessed their paranormal and haunted movements first-hand. Many real Haunted Doll Owners who have seen and claim to have witnessed these living dead dolls expression changing into a menacing grins, hearing the dolls giggle cry, laugh and even speak.

For reasons unknown, dolls seem to attract spirits. More troubling, dolls seem to become easily imbued with the spirit of the child to whom it most closely connected. And there is ample evidence to at least provoke suspicion that some dolls stay connected via this childhood link for years, even generations after their childhood playmate has grown to adulthood or succumbed to early death.

Today, many a haunted doll live quite comfortably, though well guarded by their owners. Visitors are welcome to see them here in the haunted doll Museum, though taking pictures has proven to be difficult for some of their owners. Cameras tend to stop working when pointed at the doll, only to resume normal function when pointed in the opposite direction.

Dolls, simple child’s playthings, primitive or highly stylized, have been around for centuries. Every culture seems to create these little imitations of humans and all seem to do so for the same purpose: to provide companionship, entertainment and comfort to our children.
With such innocent and well-intentioned origins, what could possibly bother, or, in some cases even terrify us about these loving childhood companions?

Have You Ever Experienced a Haunted, Evil, or Possessed Doll?

For some reason, dolls seems to attract ghosts or spirits. It is hard to find any scholarly reading on the subject since no one seems to have written much on the subject. Do you have any haunted dolls of your own? What prompted you to research haunted dolls? We would love to hear about some of your Haunted doll Paranormal experiences. Ghost Hunters we also would love to hear more about your Haunted projects and research. Submit your Real Haunted Ghost Doll photo Or Haunted Doll Ghost story here.

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