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The Monkey and Cock

Rare New Orleans Voodoo Curio

The Great New Orleans Voodoo magic Powers of the Monkey and Cock is said to grant to it's very Lucky owner three significant wishes over a three year period.

It is also said by New Orleans Practioners and local believers in Voodoo to be the most pwerful of voodoo charms, Gris-Griss, Ju-Ju hex totem fetish to remove all spells and evil doing that is sent your way by unseen forces!

The Monkey and Cock Rare New Orleans Voodoo Curio



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story William Brawley and photos by Goldie Beals

From the dark realm of African Voodoo secrets comes the legendary tale of the Sacred Monkey and the Sacred Cock.

Passed virtually unchanged in form, generation to generation, comes this strange,"Monkey and Cock" Haunted New Orleans Voodoo curio statue. It is associated with Marie Laveau's personal Zombi Brand of New Orleans Voodoo magic only. This sacred mystic curio is deeply rooted in Yoruba mythology from the African continent.

The Monkey and Cock have long histories of bringing luck and abundance into the lives of those believers who revere their magical images on altars or in homes. Possession of the dual images entwined in the "Dance of Jubilee" is said to grant three significant wishes over a three year period to it's lucky owner.

After the wishes have been granted, those in possession of the Monkey and Cock ritually "abandon" their fortuitous friends at a crossroads or grave site where others may find and adopt them. For the new owner, the cycle of luck begins anew.

This unique item is said to have originated with the African slaves who were dispersed throughout the world during the 17th and 18th centuries. Early examples of this carving have been found throughout Haiti and the West Indies -- wherever Voodoo thrived in the New World.

The Monkey is a trickster figure of Yoruba mythology (Esu-Elegbara in Nigeria and Legaba among the Fon in Dahomey), who became Exu in Brazil, Echu-Elegua in Cuba, Papa Legba in the pantheon of the loa of Vaudou in Haiti, and Papa La Bas in the loa of Hoodoo in the United States). His power in reality is supposed that he can trick the future to what he wants it to be.

The Cock (a sign of power), In contemporary expressions of Santeria and Voodoo, the rooster is a favorite sacrifice to attract the favorable attention of the saintly spirits. The fact that cock is a common euphemism for the male sex organ adds to the fowl's appeal as a surrogate victim for the sacrificial knife. The Cock, thus, becomes the animal symbol of Ogun.

Some statues are made of stone, some of wood ,wax, clay. I have found one made of Soap. All the majority or of plaster. I have even seen them carved from sandstone, but all are similarly styled and are carved from a single piece medium. They must be carved and blessed in a very involved Voodoo ritual. Examples similar to the ones shown here have been dated back to the port city of New Orleans circa the mid- to late-1800's.

These curiosities have become a significant part of the legend of the greatest Voodoo Doo Priestess of the Americas, Marie Laveau, who is said to have revered the luck-enhancing powers of this "dynamic duo." Many of these statues have been found perched at her burial site over the years and it is widely believed that these particular carvings are placed there by direct descendants of the Voodoo Queen and her original intimate circle of followers. Some are crudely hand-carved and some are obviously purchased, but all are imbued with the same powers.

It has been said that the lucky powers of the "Monkey and Cock" statue are especially potent when given as a gift. When given to newlyweds it promotes luck in marriage and promotes true love. When given to stranger it gives good luck back to you. When given to a friend it promotes good luck to all involved. If you wish for money then you must put it in a bowl surrounded by money. Each day give it your change fill the bowl until it over flows. In a years time you will have more money then you can imagine. To find true love you must carry it with you on it's birthday and whisper in it's ear what type of lover you seek. For Protection Keep it in a safe place where no one can touch it but see it display it proudly. But it's wish making powers only work on it's birthday and you can only make one wish a year.

It does come with one warning. Set it free on it's birthday or you will loose all you wished for. This is the rule. and do not disobey it!

The day you receive this mystic curio is considered it's Voodoo birthday. On it's birthday each year it grants you only one wish. This wish will come true before it's next birthday, as long as you respect it care for it and keep it in a place of honor. If you don't it will delay it, or make your life seem to move too slow.

The vast collection you see her I have gathered over the past 3 years. Some I have found in New Orleans Cemeteries, others near the Mississippi River, or Bayou St. John. They can also be found around Courthouses, Jails, and crossroads. At this time I am in possession of 12 statues in several mediums.

It was told to me directly by Bianca the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Only those of Marie Laveaus' cult still make and sell these to order. At this time I am in touch with Bianca who says they she will personally make some to sell directly from her very soon." The great power of this charm is nothing to joke at." Says, Bianca. "No other Voodoo or Vodoun followers make this strong charm." "This is truly a secret of Marie Laveaus' and no one but her direct descendent of Queens know the secret Voodoo ritual to make this powerful wish curio statue." "As I am the now Reigning Voodoo Queen of New Orleans voodoo Secret Society, so it has been passed on to me alone." Says Bianca.

I do consider them a Voodoo curio and do believe in the three wishes. I made a wish on each. I hope I can part with them when the three years or up. Try this powerful new orleans Voodoo good luck piece and talismans to help you with all aspects of your life! Each Monkey and Cock statue curio are infused with the power of the creator--and now you can use their powers to help you through difficult times in your life. Says Bianca


New Report Ghost Archives

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