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 BIANCA THE VOODOO QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS reveals  Voodoo origins of MARIE LAVEAUS Zombi Brand  Hex candles. THIS IS A HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS EXCLUSIVE STORY. Revealed to no one outside of her Secret  Voodoo Society ever before.

Zombi Brand candles the mystery of their origin and use is finally revealed.


Bianca the reigning Voodoo Queen of New Orleans tells all!

Rare Voodoo Candles Magic lights the way


New Report Ghost Archives

by William Brawley photos by Bob Bruce


Zombi Brand candles has been around for a very long time in the New Orleans area. Sold since the early 1860's by the name of Zombi Brand their mystery and connection is quite a large part of the Marie Laveau legend or so it is said. The story of them and origin has been a urban Voodoo legend.The label has changed over the years but the same King of the Zombie Face and label lay out has always been in place in similar forms. Always with the actual spell written on the label.

Murmurs and secret talk about them has surfaced mouth to mouth over the years. But no one was ever quite certain on who made them or where they came from. They have certainly turned up on many a doorstep, or areas where a ritual had been performed. They are Quite often found before the tomb of Marie Laveau. Even placed on the steps of The City Courthouse. But no one has ever spoke of them openly before until now.

They are not sold in tourist shops or Botanicas. To find them you have to know someone from the Voodoo Secret Societies inner circle. Zombi Brand product line is reserved only for true practitioners and sold at a New Orleans secret inner circle Botanica not open to the public. This Botanica is for the soul use of those of Marie Laveaus orignal Secret Society and their clients only. You really have to know your way around the secret areas of the New Orleans Voodoo Scean. Only true followers Know it's hiding place and you need to know the secret password to even get in. Those whho do get in or those who usually do private work for themselves or clients.

Zombi Brand Candles are ritually blessed and anointed one by one by Grand high New Orleans Voodoo Queen Bianca. Bianca a modest and generation New Orleans voodooist is the daughter of the last reigning Queen and says her line can be traced back to Marie Laveaus succsessors repestabley.

The particularly rare and hard to find Zombi Brand Hex candles have been found over the many years at the white washed and X'ed haunted Cemetery tomb of Marie Laveau. They are found in or around the area of her tomb daily. Placed their with care for their own magical voodoo purpose. either to draw love back into ones life or punish an unfaitful lover. Make Money come now fast when needed.Or to destroy my enemy or a rival in love. People have pealed the labels off as a sovernier and others in tourist shops have tried to imitate them. But these pictured here are the genuine real article. And from the direct New Orleans Voodoo source. Accept no immations when purchasing them. These Zombi Brand Hex Spell Candles are the real deal !!

Bianca states that they are from the one true ritual handed down generation to generation from the secret spells of Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Their power and magical properties she states are to accomplish the impossible. And this is what Our society believes and use for all our powerful voodoo work.

With different candles for different needs. Wish Come True, Hex your Ex, Win in Court and the most ever popular Love Me Now And Forever. Many more Candle spells do exist and I am sure she will put many of them up for sale to the public soon. She is negotiating with Haunted america Tours to be her exclusive source to purchase them. They are not cheap Bianca says but the power they do hold is worth every penny you spend if you get what you want. Rmember the Price is right if it does it job.

Bianca personally gave us a tour of her private Secret Voodoo Botanica. the place is dark aned light only from the flickering candles. the air is heavy with the oils and Voodoo herbs as you enter this New Orleans sort of a members only Botanica. AndI it was said was the first Outsider to see it. Strange brewes and bottles of oils, holy statues and altar cloths. this was the occult shop voodoo pharmacy that you'd only see in a hollywood movie. treasures so rich. powers and spells so real you could feel the magic in the air. And bianca as my guide. what more could I ask for.

bianca took me by the hand and showed me and explained to me that each Zombi Brand candle has the actual specific prayer or spell (incantation) written on the labels for it's use. To use one simply think about what you want then light the specific proper candle and recite what is written on the label when ever you pass or see the candle in your home recite what is on the labile and think about what you want each time. Let it burn in a safe place. And do not leave it unattended. If you have to leave your home blow it out. Then start again when you come home. When all the candle is gone then the spell is done. Results may vary so I have been told.

Zombi Brand candle catalog is very extensive and their purported powers are certainly unique New Orleans Voodoo at it's best. There is even the perfect candles for this personal Haunted America Tour web site called To Summon a Ghost, and my personal favorite is "Ghost Chaser." I suggest to any one,you should purchase one from Bianca the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans personally. Believing in them is what makes them work. Bianca says. "They are dressed and blessed and a ritual is done on each individually" Bianca says, " I want people to know how powerful these candles really are ." Use them with care, and make sure you use them wisely she warns." Remember these are the most powerful Spell candles that exist." When you want the best you should have the best."said Bianca.

I bought one for love another to get what I want, and will let you all know soon what happened. I would like to hear from others and try to document the results. Please remember, keep an open mind it is fun to investigate Real New Orleans Voodoo. Especially if it gives you what you want.


New Report Ghost Archives

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The "Voodoo Magic" Is In "Believing"!Marie Laveaus' secret Candles and spells realeased to the Public... Bianca, The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Brings Modern Day Zombi Brand candles of Marie Laveau to the public for sale at last.
MARIE LAVEAU The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans,, Finally revealed the truth behind Zombi Brand Secret Voodoo Hex candles
This candle is said to bring love into ones life now and forever. The actual spell is actually written on the candle lable.
Candle on the altar to bring a great love into your life and make that special someone love you now and forever

There have been stories told of these Voodoo Candles granting the desires for which it is blessed. They can only be bought directly from Bianca the Voodoo Queen Of New Orleans. They are offered now for the first time to the public.
Saint Barbara (Chango also spelled Xango) looks on as Money come to me now candle burns before her.

Several tourists and locals have found these at the tomb of Marie Laveau over the many years and feel they should not be disturbed.
Many times they are left at the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau or on a doorstep.

Though no Candles seems un-alike except the different spells on the label. Many swear that they really work And of all spell canles these are the best!.
Each candle has a specific Powerful spell to do . Make sure you get the right candle for you says Bianca.






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