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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Nearly three-quarters of Americans believe in the paranormal, which includes extrasensory perception (ESP), communication with the dead and channeling spiritual entities, according to a poll last year conducted by the Gallup Organization. That's up from the half or more Americans who said they believed in the paranormal, according to a similar Gallup Poll done in 1990.

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The Dead Do Speak...

Michael Firman New York

And Michael Firman listens!

On our journey of all that goes bump in the dark of night and the light of day... We are prepared for anything to happen as we explore the world of ghosts, haunting's, and the spine tingling proof offered in EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

I am ghost hunter, a paranormal investigator I live in Dunkirk, New York, I have been a Evp investigator for four years, and what I plan to do with the info I have gathered is to share it with people. I work with two other wonderfully dedicated investigates on the team, Kenny Narducci, and Tim Carrow, both paranormal researchers dedicated to finding new technology to enhance and better understand EVP's.

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