Do you plan to travel with your ghost in the near future?

Here are a few things you should know when you plan to take your ghost or poltergeist on the family vacation.

We all or aware that some ghosts are not suited for long distance travel. Depending on how long your ghost has been a ghost and of course location some may not be able to travel as such. In that case it is always good to get a ghost sitter.

But if you must drag that ghost, poltergeist, spook or specter that you love so much on the vacation here or some import items and knowledge you should know!

Ghost Passport

A ghost or haunted passport, as it is so called . A ghost photo of your ghost and a smudged spot of ecto-plasam, slime burial cloth or in the place of a signature

Well, that's not exactly what we mean by Ghost passport. It's basically certification from your local Paranormal Investigators that your ghost is healthy and that its vaccinations are current.

Ghost passports aren't necessary for interstate travel, but if you're leaving the country, it's a good idea to have one. In fact, a ghost passport may be required by haunted paranormal law, as in the European Poltergeist and Standard Ghost Union.

Why would Ghost governments care about your Ghost? Let's say you're crossing the pond and vacationing in England with your ghost for a couple weeks. British Ghost authorities wouldn't be too pleased if that cute Ghost had an ugly case of Ghost pox or ecto drip that spread to other ghost and sparked an outbreak.

Different countries have varying regulations regarding ghosts vaccinations and quarantines. To investigate the ghost import rules of your international destination, you can consult the U.S. Ghost Embassy in that country.